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  1. Phil Cohen says:

    Every Christmastime we see a “Copyright Extension” set(or sets) from Motown in its’ “Motown Unreleased” series. These releases are typically MP3 or 44.1Khz/16-bit FLAC download releases (though “1966” was released as a limited edition 4-CD mail order edition). Recently, “1969”, a 60-song collection appeared ,apparently leaked onto the internet. It is offered as High Resolution 96 Khz/24-bit, a format that has never before been supported in the “Motown Unreleased” series. If that download doesn’t have (originally) legitimate origins (in some territory) it is likely Universal will soon move up the official release date.

  2. deceased says:

    Hello Paul

    Will the Super Furry Animals Guerrilla 20th reissue be getting a mention on your (excellent) pages?

  3. Phil Cohen says:

    Bob Dylan’s “The Bootleg Series Vol.15:1967-1969 with Johnny Cash” to be released November 1st. Artwork revealed, but no tracklisting.

  4. bruce kelso says:

    hi , is there a new release of love , four sail with a arthur lee mix? rhino has mention of it but in the recent shindig mag on love they state love four sail ,arthur lee mix. any help will be appreciated,

    • The Golden Age Of The Phonograph says:

      Hi Bruce, it’s a Rhino release that was put out on green vinyl about 2 months ago. It was available on Am UK for around £18. Amongst Love fans it’s been praised with many preferring it to the original mix. It is Arthur Lee’s mix, I have it and it is great but then again it was recorded by a great band.

      Check out Amazon, it may still be available but the last time I looked it was going up in price.

      • bruce kelso says:

        hi golden age,thumbs up for the info. ordered today , cost $ 20.23 free shipping, get import cds. why wasnt this mentioned else where.

  5. Aaron says:

    You’re In My Heart: Rod Stewart with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. 2CD deluxe edition will be available:

    Disc: 1
      1. Maggie May (with The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra)
      2. Reason To Believe (with The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra)
      3. Handbags and Gladrags (with The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra)
      4. Sailing (with The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra)
      5. Tonight’s The Night (Gonna Be Alright) [with The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra]
      6. The Killing Of Georgie, Pts. I & II (with The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra)
      7. I Don’t Want To Talk About It (with The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra)
      8. The First Cut Is The Deepest (with The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra)
      9. You’re In My Heart (The Final Acclaim) [with The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra]
      10. I Was Only Joking (with The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra)

    Disc: 2
      1. It Takes Two (with Robbie Williams and The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra)
      2. Stay With Me (with The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra) – Rod Stewart / Faces
      3. Young Turks (with The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra)
      4. What Am I Gonna Do (I’m So In Love With You) [with The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra]
      5. Every Beat Of My Heart (with The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra)
      6. Forever Young (with The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra)
      7. Downtown Train (with The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra)
      8. Rhythm of My Heart (with The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra)
      9. Have I Told You Lately (with The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra)
      10. Tom Traubert’s Blues (Waltzing Matilda) [with The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra]
      11. If We Fall In Love Tonight (with The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra)
      12. Stop Loving Her Today (with The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra)

  6. Marcus says:

    Just in case anyone is interested, the Kate Bush vinyl boxes are currently at 37.99 € at, quite a bargain considering their original prices.

  7. Nick says: sells the Guns N’ Roses “Appetite For Destruction” 2LP Deluxe Set (The one with the hologram) for €19.90. Without VAT this cost me €16.80.

  8. Royce says:

    I don’t know if this was already mentioned but the Rolling Stones’ “Honk” (3-CD Limited Deluxe Edition) is only 7.99 Euros in Amazon Germany.

  9. Thorsten says:

    Frank Zappa Halloween 73 Super Deluxe Box to be released 25th October. Can’t finde it here on SDE?

  10. Glenn says:

    Sparks reissuing ‘Gratuitous Sax & Senseless Violins’ (3CD, LP or LP+2CD) November 15

    Official store:

    New Best Of coming as well.

  11. Tim O. says:

    Peter Gabriel released a digital Album called Flotsam and Jetsam consisting of all b-sides, Soundtracks, various other non- Album releases ( Phil Collins Other Sides Album it is a digital release only which is a shame and another wasted opportunity. Collecting music used to make fun but isn’t anymore. It is all a frustrating digital mess.

  12. Glenn says:

    New Pet Shop Boys single released:

    Looks like this will be their first to not have a physical release (similar to OMD’s recent ‘Don’t Go’ single). Sad.

  13. Stan Butler says:

    Demon have just announced a deluxe 3CD version of T-Rex’s Dandy In The Underworld. 36 bonus tracks – 20 unreleased.

  14. Aaron says:

    New Ringo Starr album “What’s My Name” out on Oct 25. Includes Ringo’s cover of John Lennon’s Grow Old With Me with Macca on bass and backing vocals. Also has a cover of Money (That’s What I want). The album was produced by Jack Douglas who also produced Double Fantasy.

  15. Robert Laversuch says:

    A new five track EP available on 25/10 by Shakespears Sister on CD and white 12”vinyl and signed if you get it through Townsend records.

  16. Len Read says:

    The 50th anniversary of James Brown’s October 1, 1969 homecoming concert in Augusta, Georgia, will be celebrated with “the first-ever release of the complete show” , newly mixed and including seven never-before-issued performances. Available now for preorder on CD, 2LP vinyl, and digital audio, Live at Home with His Bad Self will be released on October 25 by Republic/UMe.

  17. KevinK says:

    A new Freddie Mercury compilation “Never Boring” is due mid-October on CD and vinyl. There’s also a 5 disc box set which will add remasters of Mr Bad Guy & Barcelona on CD and a Blu-Ray/DVD.

  18. Philip Birtwistle says:

    Next Marillion reissue is Afraid of Sunlight. Good news is that all 8 EMI albums are coming. From their email :

    “As you may know, Warner Music are in the process of releasing the 8 studio albums from our EMI days in Deluxe Editions.
    They have already released Misplaced Childhood, Brave and Clutching at Straws and now we’re very pleased to announce Afraid of Sunlight has been given the same treatment.
    The Afraid of Sunlight Deluxe Editions are a 4CD/Blu-ray set and a five-LP box.
    Both collections open with a new version of Afraid of Sunlight that was remixed earlier this year by the wonderful Michael Hunter. The CD/Blu-ray set also includes the original mix by the album’s original producer Dave Meegan.
    Both sets also have a live recording of Marillion performing at the Rotterdam Ahoy Arena on September 29, 1995 during the tour supporting Afraid of Sunlight. Six of the songs were originally released in 1996 on the double live album Made Again.
    The Blu-ray features several versions of Michael Hunter’s new mix (48/24 LPCM Stereo; 48/24 DTS 5.1; 48/24 LPCM 5.1).
    Video content includes a new documentary about Afraid of Sunlight featuring interviews with the whole band and the promo film for “Beautiful”.
    The Blu-ray disc also collects the nine bonus recordings from the remastered edition of the album that was released in 1999, plus 17 previously unreleased songs that include studio jams and early versions of Afraid of Sunlight tracks like “Beyond You”, “King”, “Out Of This World” and “Beautiful”.
    It is available to pre-order now and we will be hand signing a special A4 sized print for anyone who orders from us (limited to the first 4000 orders).
    Release date is November 1st 2019.”

    • Neil says:

      It’s bloody annoying that they have put those 17 previously unreleased songs on the Blu-ray only as Blu-rays are very difficult to rip the audio from compared to DVD’s. It would have made more sense to omit the original album CD which you would presume everybody has and put those unreleased tracks on that instead. It’s on Amazon for £28.99 so not as cheap as what i paid for Clutching At Straws which was only £22.

  19. Glenn says:

    Camouflage Methods of Silence 30th Anniversary reissue (2CD or 3LP)

  20. bruce kelso says:

    where is the hendrix band of gypys box set of the dec 31 late show/jan 1 early show and jan 1 late show.if exp Hendrix doent have the the whereabouts to release this, then its over for archive Hendrix live sets. its been 50 years.

  21. Aaron says:

    Ex Genesis & Stiltskin front man has a 2 cd career spanning collection coming in November

    Upon My Life – includes two brand new tracks, Come The End Of The World and I Wait And Pray. Pretty comprehensive track listing. For anyone not cottoned on to his excellent solo work this is a great place to start.

    Come The End Of The World
    Lemon Yellow Sun
    Take It Slow
    Ought To Be Resting
    Constantly Reminded
    American Beauty
    Wait For Better Days
    Bless Me
    Show Me The Way
    Easier That Way

    I Wait And I Pray
    Another Day
    Song For A Friend
    Not Long Till Springtime
    She’s A Queen
    Ever The Reason
    Along The Way
    The Actor
    Goodbye Baby Blue
    First Day Of Change
    Makes Me Think Of Home
    On The Other Side

  22. Aaron says:

    audio book of “Hey Grandude!” read by Macca will be out on 12/9/19 – only 6.99 on amazon. The Audiobook is free if you start a Prime trial…which is nice.

  23. Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five Star says:

    David Byrne new book limited *signed* editions at Rough Trade UK

  24. Phil Cohen says:

    Seems like you haven’t permitted any reader comments to appear here for a while. Why?

  25. Michael says:

    Four post-Lou-Barlow-Dinosaur Jr.-albums will be re-released in September:

  26. christian says:

    Parlophone are releasing this and billing it as “the most complete version available”.
    Would you be able to check in and see what it contains that’s not on the version currently on spotify?
    It’s the same songs (which were all also previously available on the official dvd) so presumably it has extra dialogue.
    It would be good to know exactly what is extra before pre-ordering.
    And personally i’d like to know if it’s a new master or the original cd master pressed to vinyl.

  27. CraigH says:

    Unlikely I know, but any news on a 25th anniversary release for The Stone Roses Second Coming later this year?
    I’ve got a load of the demos /rehearsals on bootleg but I’d love them officially released. Geffen couldn’t care less I suppose.

    It’s still one of my most played albums 25 years on. Feeling old now!

  28. kittens69 says:

    Only Bjork could have created this wonderful looking box set for sale!

    Unboxing and details here.

    Charming (and at 500 pounds ruddy expensive, but somehow all that effort and thought seems reasonable!).

  29. IGM says:

    Is HMV resurrecting the on line store ?

    “in development and pre orders only”

  30. Tom says:

    Just got an email from Massive Attack saying that the long-delayed Mezzanine 3LP box set is now not going to be released.
    Mad Professor dubs will be released as a single LP pink vinyl.
    Refunds being issued to those who ordered the 3LP set…they have had my money for almost a year, though.
    Paul – I don’t suppose you have any info from the record company on this?

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Yes, that is indeed the case. 2CD is still going ahead, and we should get our stock next week (finally!).

  31. Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five Star says:

    UPDATE: Deluxe Stereophonics *signed* CDs from amazon UK too…

  32. Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five Star says:

    Stereophonics have a new album coming out called “kind”. Signed prints, CDs and vinyl available from their website…

  33. horslips says:

    Not sure whether this works out or not but The Beatles “”Let it Be Naked” vinyl is on UK Amazon for a shade under £40. Long, long time since I have seen it as low as that.

    Problem, though, is that it says 1 to 3 months delivery. Would be a nice addition to the Deagostini Beatles Vinyl Collection if it comes through.

  34. Phil Cohen says:

    Britain’s Dutton-Vocalion label mines the Sony Music vaults for more 4.0 Quadraphonic mixes for release on SACD. The latest releases include 2 “Two-fers” by the Canadian group “The Guess Who” (“American Woman”/”Share The Land” & “The Best of The Guess Who Vol.2” / “Rockin”), an album by Japanese symthesizer artist Tomita (“Firebird”) and a Two-fer by Paul Revere & The Raiders (“Indian Reservation”/”Hard & Heavy With Marshmallow”). While the Quadraphonic mix of “Indian Reservation” was released in the 1970’s, The Quadraphonic mix of “Hard & Heavy with Marshmallow” went unreleased until now. 9 of the 11 songs were mixed for Quadraphonic as far back as February 1969 (Before there was even a quadraphonic tape or vinyl format to release the mixes on), but this 1960’s mixdown effort (likely experimental) was abandoned two songs short of complete. Luckily, the multitrack tapes still exist, and Sony Music engineer Mark Wilder mixed the remaining two songs for Quadraphonic in 2019.

    • Dave H says:

      I have a few of their pop/rock releases. They’re great value, two albums for £11.99.

      Most SACD’s play on Sony blu-ray players using its HDMI connection.

  35. Dave H says:

    Bruce Springsteen Bridge School 86 acoustic concert now available from his website, various formats includes CD.

    • Phil Cohen says:

      Be cautioned that the new Springsteen download release is merely a 55 minute guest appearance at one of Neil Young’s “Bridge School” benefit concerts, it is an acoustic (mostly solo acoustic) performance, and Springsteen struggles with monitor system issues during the first few songs. This is for avid fans only.

  36. wesley mc dowell says:

    New Robbie Robertson album entitled Sinematic to be released on the 20th of Sep.Cd and Vinyl as well as a Deluxe vinyl edition in Oct. Van Morrison features on one track. Should be good .

  37. Glenn says:

    Belle Stars – Turn Back The Clock 3CD / 1DVD due out September 13 (includes live CD)

    • Robert Laversuch says:

      Perfect – ordered. Also out on August 30 4 CD box of Bonny Tyler RCA albums plus in September Echo & the Bunnymen Peel Sessions

  38. What?McCartney? Worry! says:

    McCartney book read and sign

    London – Waterstones (6th Sept) – tickets on sale Mon 12th August


    prize draw

  39. Jon says:

    It’s now the second week in August, is it possible they’ve decided not to carry on with the David Bowie boxsets? Weren’t they all announced in July and released in October!

  40. Mark G says:

    I take it you’ve seen the new “Factory” box sets?

    One involves the early singles and various bits (first time for the actual “Factory Sample” to be rereleased?) but that’s about £180

    The other involves an LP version (8 albums) of the “Factory Communications” CD box. £120


  41. Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five Star says:

    New Elbow Album in October – Amazon have signed copies of the CD for £10.99

  42. Phil Cohen says:

    The next Rolling Stones video release: “Bridges to Buenos Aires”. 140 minutes. No bonus material. The set has been registered with German film classification authorities. That’s how avid fans discovered the disc’s existence.
    In other news, there will be no concert download release this month from Bruce Springsteen. Bruce usually releases a concert every month.

  43. Aaron says:

    fairly confident the Bowie box will be announced in the next 2 weeks..and it will be called You Belong In Rock n Roll 1989 – 1993.

    It will include TM, TMII, OVB, BTWN, BOS, ReCall 5 + a Sound+ Vision live set + Use Your Wallet (unreleased TM live album…but may just be the Live At The Docks audio) + BTWN Remix set…

    You heard it here first…!

  44. Aaron says:

    Dave Davies has announced the Kinks Arthur box set. It looks amazing!

  45. Phil Cohen says:

    It looks good for “Classic Rock” archival boxed sets for the late Autumn. Definitely, we’ll see sets by The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Steve Miller Band, Jethro Tull, The Kinks, Caravan & The Doors.
    Also possible: Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen, King Crimson

    • bruce kelso says:

      hi phil. wonder what the experience hendrix will do for the 50th anniversary of the band of gypsies fillmore east shows. they already did the 12/31/69 early show . would love to see a boxed set of the remaining 3 shows but……….. I doubt it.

      • Phil Cohen says:

        No news from Expereience Hendrix lately. They had been working on an audio & video release of the 1970 Maui concerts, but the project seems to have been abandoned.

  46. Robert van Dam says:

    Is there any news on forthcoming releases from David Bowie, Pink Floyd and Tears For Fears ?

    • Phil Cohen says:

      Apparently, there will be a Pink Floyd boxed set “The Later Years” Focusing on the group’s final line-up (David Gilmour/Richard Wright/Nick Mason). It will contain surround sound remixes, video material & concert recordings.

  47. Aaron says:

    Davy Jones Live In Japan is a comprehensive collection of both of Davy’s officially released and long out of print ‘Live in Japan’ albums, along with several singles and rarities released in the early 80s. The 2CD + DVD set features Davy’s two original Japanese album releases, including 22 bonus tracks consisting of alternate mixes and original Japanese single releases. All recordings have been digitally remastered for optimum sound quality and have never sounded better. The set comes with a comprehensive 24 page colour booklet, including

  48. Peter Muscutt says:

    Hi all, the soundtrack to the new Tarantino movie Once Upon a Time in Hollywood is released on 27 Sept via Rough Trade as a double orange LP set with gatefold sleeve and poster… I believe they don’t take payment until items are despatched so good time to get a pre order in? Double black vinyl available also.

  49. bruce kelso says:

    beatles abbey road deluxe 4 cd announcement aug 8

    • Phil Cohen says:

      Paul McCartney’s next two “Archive” sets (“London Town” & “Back to The Egg”) postponed until 2020. And there was never any indication of any further John Lennon or George Harrison “Product”.

      • DaveM says:

        Hi Phil, is there any reason behind the decision to postpone BTTE/London Town? Are they trying to boost AR50 sales or do you think they may follow Let it be 50 next year?

        • Phil Cohen says:

          I would think it is an attempt to protect the sales potential of the “Abbey Road” 50th anniversary boxed set. We will recall that Paul McCartney’s original reason for vetoing the Beatles outtakes album “Sessions” was to protect the sales potential of his album “Give My Regards to Broadstreet”. Fortunately, The Beatles “Anthology” series contained everything from “Sessions”, and, in some instances, in better mixes.
          As for the lack of George Harrison archival releases, it is because Dhani Harrision wants to focus on his own musical career, and not be known merely as the compiler of his father’s music, yet Olivia Harrison seems reluctant to let anyone other than Dhani compile George’s music.

          • Paul Sinclair says:

            Paul happily sneaked out both reissues last year after The White Album and immediately sold out of the Wings 1971-1973 box set. Not sure why he wouldn’t do that again…Phil, what is the source of your info?

          • Phil Cohen says:

            There’s no “Reply” button under your latest comment,Paul, but the info about the McCartney “Archive” postponements is from the moderator of the IMWAN forum.

          • Paul Sinclair says:

            Thanks. Not exactly confirmed then, just something someone has heard…

  50. Phil Cohen says:

    Sony Music has released 96Khz/24-bit download releases of the complete 1969 Woodstock sets by Blood,Sweat & Tears, Mountain, Melanie, Tim Hardin and Sha Na Na*
    * Well, almost complete: One song from The Sha Na Na set was either not recorded or was mostly lost due to reel changes, so is not included,

    • The Golden Age Of The Phonograph says:

      I doubt very much that we will see physical releases of individual acts from Woodstock ’69 apart from the 50th Anniversary releases of Jefferson Airplane and Creedence Clearwater Revival sets. Why? Because the time to release these sets is NOW!

      As Phil says Sony are making downloads available from Woodstock and that dear reader is, I suspect, unless you buy that beautiful big box, the only way you will be able to get the full performance from your favourite band/singer.

      • Phil Cohen says:

        But, don’t forget the 10-CD Sony Set (Released 10 years ago) “The Woodstock Experience”, which paired the complete Woodstock performances with the then(in 1969) latest studio albums by Santana, Jefferson Airplane, Janis Joplin, Sly & The Family Stone & Johnny Winter. And Universal Music released a CD of the Joe Cocker set.

        • The Golden Age Of The Phonograph says:

          I have all 5 of those 2xCD sets with posters, very nice but the mastering of the 3CD, 10CD and 38CD Sets is on another much improved level.

          I still doubt we will see individual physical releases from The Band, The Who, C,S.N&Y and many more other than those already releaased and the CCR & J. Airplane 50th releases.

  51. Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five Star says:

    Debbie Harry *Signed* hardcover autobiography available for preorder via Waterstones – only £20 free postage

  52. Aaron says:

    Looks like Cherry Red are continuing with the Patrick Moraz reissues one pre month!

    Refugee’s album (3 disc set) comes out next month and then the Mainhorse album follows after that.


  53. hamslice says:

    All Dinosaur Jr. 90s albums getting expanded reissues, 2 x CD and 2 x Coloured Vinyl!

  54. Aaron says:

    Godley & Creme’s Consequences 5 disc box set coming in August

  55. Dave H says:

    Hi Paul,
    Thought you’d be interested in this Madonna story.

  56. bruce kelso says:

    heres some real GREAT news. dave davies has been quoted as say he and ray are getting ready to release the 50th anniversary deluxe edition of arthur. it will include un finished trax with new overdubs and more. also they have been in the studio recording new songs and other songs that they have only had in demo form. drummers mick avory and rob henrit are also involved. no bass player has yet been inlisted yet. as for a tour mmmmmmm?

  57. Robert says:

    Big NEWS….more DOORS on the way.
    The SuperDeluxe 50th anniversary edition of The Soft Parade coming soon.
    Lots of “one of a kind” stuff on it.
    Order early from The Doors website and get a free lithograph.
    (I still like The Doors more than Queen, second only to The Beatles)

    This video sez it all about The Doors:

  58. Phil Cohen says:

    All of your July 17, 2019 boxed set deals were almost immediately gone. Within less than 24 hours.

  59. Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five Star says:

    Allan Clarke Original singer with the Hollies has a new album out and signed copies are available on Amazon UK

  60. Len Read says:

    A new deluxe edition of Gregg Allman’s 1973 solo album Laid Back is to be reissued as a double CD. It includes 26 bonus tracks of previously unreleased or rare songs or new mixes. Early mixes of all eight songs are featured alongside the remastered album on disc one while disc two includes demos, outtakes, alternates and a solo acoustic live performance of “Melissa” from the Capitol Theatre on April 13, 1974. There is also a vinyl reissue of The Gregg Allman Tour live album. Both out August 30.

  61. bruce kelso says:

    ringo confirms 50th anniversary deluxe edition of abbey road.

    • Phil Cohen says:

      The “Abbey Road” box will be 3 CD’s + 1-Blu-Ray. Apple/Universal’s other “Product” for the Christmas shopping season will be a vinyl boxed set with reproductions of the group’s UK 7 inch singles. Why would anyone want such a thing?

      • Chris Squires says:

        Oh I don’t know, I really quite like singles boxes, I have (sadly) actually played all of the ones I own. From Kate Bush’s original singles box to ELO. It’s plainly not about the music for me as I have the albums but it’s maybe more about the process, the memories, putting “Sweet talkin’ Woman” on as a 7″ takes me right back to when I did it in the 1970s after rushing back from Woolies.
        Some might see it as an anachronism but I have a fair bit of fondness for them. It’s like the scene in Ratatouille where Anton Ego eats the Ratatouille in the modern restaurant and is taken back to his childhood and being comforted after falling off his bike.
        All rather misty and beautiful in this cold modern world of ones and zeros.

  62. Carlos says:

    Following on from the other David Bowie Space Oddity anniversary releases, have you seen this . . . !! Ha!

  63. Aaron says:

    Lost Miles Davis albums “Rubberband” & “The Lost Quintet” to be issued in Sept.

  64. tom m hans says:

    Just a FYI –
    GNR Appetite minibox is 40.00 minus 4.00 with code GNR10 at the website – Take another 10% off if you use the code GNR10 at checkout. Note that this is the version that had an original retail price of $180.
    I got free shipping to FL

  65. Phil Cohen says:

    Coming up in August: The Nazz-The Complete Nazz”, a 3-CD set from the American label Purple Pyramid. The Nazz were Todd Rundgren’s late 1960’s band. Plenty of bonus tracks, but likely none unreleased. Complete it certainly is.
    In September, UK Decca releases “Caravan-The Decca Deram Years”, a 9-CD set. Lots of bonus tracks, including BBC sessions. Not being an expert on this progressive Canterbury group, I can’t tell you how much is unreleased.

  66. christian says:

    New radio 2 documentary to be broadcast on Saturday July 13th.
    The description references “full, exclusively to this programme, for the very first time, the earliest known demo of Space Oddity – performed as a duo with Hutch, but with different lyrics and arrangements.”
    Can you check in with your Bowie connections to see whether this is the version that there was an extract from in the Spying box?
    And if so, why it wasn’t included in full?
    I’m sure running time for the side of a 7 inch will be the reason given, but how about updating the streaming version to have the full track, or a high res download?

  67. Aaron says:

    Jon Anderson & Rick Wakeman’s albums “The Living Tree” & “The Living Tree In concert” will be issued as “The Classic Albums – Vol 1” in September.

    Not sure why its Vol 1 as they only made those 2 albums! Wakeman did put out a “Ken Russell Soundtracks – Vol 1” collection last month, and the cover designs are the same, so must be part of some Wakeman reissue campaign…any one know anything?

    Both are great albums!

  68. Aaron says:

    the Who And I

    limited edition box set from the director of classic film, The Kids Are Alright, contains a signed certificate, book, spoken word double CD, read by Tony Klinger himself, and reproduction of Who and the Kids are Alright film memorabilia. Limited to 250 Units world-wide, and signed by Tony Klinger.

  69. wesley mc dowell says:

    China Crisis’s Gary Daly has a solo album avaliable on cd and vinyl,entitled Gone from here.This was a complete and nice suprise for me only found out about it through one of my fave mags Classic Pop.Find it at daly/

  70. Dibyaroop Ghosh says:

    As part of the ongoing celebration of their 50th anniversary, on September 6th, the ALLMAN BROTHERS BAND Recording Company–caretakers of the original band’s unreleased catalog–in conjunction with distributor The Orchard will release a four-CD set titled Fillmore West ’71, culled from an epic weekend of live music recorded at the legendary San Francisco venue. The Grammy-winning, Rock & Roll Hall of Fame band (formed in March 1969) were in great form on this weekend, where they were the middle act playing between headliners Hot Tuna and the 24-piece opener Trinidad Tripoli Street Band. This will be the debut release of these recordings. The packaging contains a front cover photo of Duane Allman from Jim Marshall Photography (taken at these shows) that has rarely been seen before.

    Complete article link –

  71. Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five Star says:

    Liam Gallagher new album artwork confirmed and deluxe sets preorder

  72. KevinK says:

    To nobody’s surprise, Soft Cell are releasing their 40th anniversary/farewell show as a 28 track 2CD+DVD box set. “Say Hello, Wave Goodbye – Live At The O2 Arena” is scheduled for release on 26th July.


    The Official Charts Company Midweek Sales Flash is in, and Will Young is in pole position in the albums chart.
    The singer is at No.1 with Lexicon (13,398 sales), with Lewis Capaldi’s Divinely Uninspired To A Hellish Extent at No.2 on 12,146 sales. Bruce Springsteen’s Western Stars (10,462 sales) Two Door Cinema Club’s False Alarm (8,445 sales) and Mark Ronson’s Late Night Feelings (8,340 sales) make up the Top 5. So, no Madge then…

  74. bruce kelso says:

    on sept 6 the allman brothers band will issue the fillmore west 4 cd set. recorded jan 29/30/31 1971 from the original 2 track master tapes.go to hittin the note for complete track listing. this has been circulated in portions for a longtime but dis iz the REAL THING. no real surprizes in the tracks but ……… essential.

  75. Aaron says:

    new Status Quo studio album coming in Sept – Backbone. CD, Deluxe CD, vinyl and box set. Deluxe CD has 2 extra tracks. Box set has the deluxe cd + t-shirt + live album recorded on the Last Of the Electrics tour.

  76. AndreasL says:

    Very nice looking Janet colored vinyl & bundle set. Tempting –*/*/Exclusive-Five-Album-Coloured-Vinyl-Bundle/66E80000000


    The Official Charts Company Midweek Sales Flash is in, and Bruce Springsteen has passed 40,000 sales for new album Western Stars.

    With 44,139 units sold, Springsteen leads the way, with Madonna’s new entry Madame X (24,038 sales) and Lewis Capaldi’s Divinely Uninspired To A Hellish Extent (16,734 sales) also in the Top 3. Bastille’s Doom Days (13,782 sales) and Joy Division’s Unknown Pleasures (7,383 sales) complete the Top 5.

  78. Aaron says:

    40th anniversary edition of Fairport Convention’s classic live album “Farwell, Farwell” with 4 bonus tracks, coming in July

    • Aaron says:

      In The Air Tonight / The Roof Is Leaking (Demo) included
      The upcoming July issue of the German Rolling Stone Magazine contains a special goodie for Phil Collins fans: A 7″ Vinyl-single of Phil Collins’ most popular hit, In The Air Tonight. The B-side is The Roof Is Leaking (feat. Eric Clapton on guitar, demo version). The magazine will be delivered automatically to those who have a subscription, but it can also be ordered individually via the Rolling Stone web shop. The shop section is available in German and English language. At the moment we do not have any information whether or not this is an offer by the German Rolling Stone magazine only.

  79. Phil Cohen says:

    There will be more Bruce Springsteen CD releases this year. You may ask how that can be when Bruce recently released “Western Stars”. But “Western Stars” was recorded back in 2016, but held back from release until recently by a management decision.
    Former Steve Miller Band drummer Gary Mallaber (who drummed on Bruce’s 1992 album “Lucky Town”) has stated that he was recently back in the studio with Bruce, adding finishing touches to some vintage unreleased recordings, for an archival boxed set to be released later this year, and Bruce himself has stated that he is working on a new album with The E Street Band.

    • The Golden Age Of Emperor Trump and Bumpkin Boris says:

      The unreleased recordings are to be part of a ‘Tracks II’ box set.

  80. wesley mc dowell says:

    Just discovered Ross William Wild is no longer in Spandau Ballet.It also looks like the whole band is on hold.Any body Know what’s going on ? Their website reveals very little .Although Gary kemp now has his own website.Both websites look fantastic by the way.Also does anybody know where to get hold of a cd copy of Rusty egan’s Welcome to the dancefloor album?

  81. Auntie Sabrina says:

    The pure hmv scheme will be returning (soon) and any previous points balances reinstated.

    Brief details are at:-

    Respond by 26 July 2019

  82. Dibyaroop Ghosh says:

    I Think there is some problem with the Rolling Stones Rock and Roll Circus Box set….i had preordered it from after reading SDE post…..the initial date of delivery was 11th June 2019….and since then they have changed the delivery date thrice, latest mail received today mentioning date as 9th July 2019….surprising that RS release being delayed like this :(

  83. Aaron says:

    Linda McCartney’s Wild Prairie will be reissued on colored vinyl soon. Looks pretty great.

    Also Yes 50 Live is a new Yes live album coming on Cd and vinyl.

    • Aaron says:

      Since John Wetton’s passing in January 2017, his family, friends and management have been working on finding a fitting tribute to such a remarkable man and iconic artist. The result of this labour of love is a box set entitled “An Extraordinary Life”, dedicated entirely to John’s solo career.

      The project has the full support of John’s wife, Lisa, and his son, Dylan, who are wholly involved with compiling the contents.

      The set will include definitive, remastered editions of each of his six solo albums, with bonus tracks and artwork selected by John towards the end of his lifetime, and in some cases expanded to two discs:

      1. Caught in the Crossfire
      2. Battle Lines
      3. Arkangel
      4. Sinister
      5. Rock of Faith
      6. Raised in Captivity

  84. Phil Cohen says:

    A year or two back, BMG purchased(outright) the “Ready Steady Go” films from Dave Clark, though, in the end,BMG did nothing with the films. But, interestingly, BMG recently released a 24-bit download of the 28-song “Dave Clark Five-The Hits” compilation , so “BMG Rights Management” may be the new owner of the Dave Clark Five recordings. It would be understandable for Clark to sell his recordings. He’s 80 years old, never had any children and has no obvious descendants. However, be cautioned that BMG’s 24-but download is merely a 44.1/24-bit to 96Khz/24-bit upconversion. If I had paid for such a download, I’d feel deceived and shortchanged.

  85. Aaron says:

    Echo in the Canyon movie and soundtrack out on June 28. Movie features interviews with loads of the greats…Including Tom Petty’s last interview. Soundtrack features Jakob Dylan performing 60s classics with a guest…

    Track Listing for ‘Echo in the Canyon’ Soundtrack
    “Go Where You Wanna Go” (feat. Jade Castrinos)
    “The Bells of Rhymney” (feat. Beck)
    “You Showed Me” (feat. Cat Power)
    “She” (feat. Josh Homme)
    “In My Room” (feat. Fiona Apple)
    “Goin’ Back” (feat. Beck)
    “Never My Love” (feat. Norah Jones)
    “It Won’t Be Wrong” (feat. Fiona Apple)
    “No Matter What You Do” (feat. Regina Spektor)
    “Questions” (feat. Jakob Dylan, Stephen Stills)
    “I Just Wasn’t Made For These Times” (feat. Neil Young)
    “Expecting to Fly” (feat. Regina Spektor)
    “What’s Happening” (feat. Neil Young)

  86. Callage says:

    Tip Alert:

    Propaganda – The Eight Testaments Of Propaganda (Record Store Day 2019) is currently available from Amazon US at $15.99 and priced on Amazon UK at 16.46 GBP (total with shipping and tax = 22.19 GBP).

    Surely some mistake?

  87. Jose says:

    Everybody, I need to share this MASSIVE Deal!!!

    Pink Floyd – The Early Years box set has an overall 74% discount in Amazon Mexico!

    The product has 64% discount, apply code HOTSALE19 for the adidtional 10%.

    This is a flash sale, so hurry up!!! I’ve already bought mine!

  88. Phil Cohen says:

    Effective today, May 29,2019 : Warner Brothers Records, R.I.P. /The affiliation between Warner Brothers Records & the Warner Brothers Movie Studio ended 15 years ago, and the record company was given a 15-year license to use the Warner Brothers name & logo. That license has now expired. The record company will now be known as “Warner Records”, and its new logo looks like a big white sun sinking into the horizon. Also, the company is moving out of its long-time Burbank, California headquarters.
    It almost would have been better to re-brand the Warner Brothers Records back catalog using the name of one of its sister labels such as Rhino, Atlantic or Elektra. In any event, the heyday of the Warner Brothers records label is long gone. All of the executives, producers and nearly all of the artists have exited long ago.

  89. Graham says:

    Heaven 17 replacement cds are being posted.

  90. Dave H says:

    An article from the Liverpool Echo about its closing record shops. Although its about Liverpool, it could be about any city. I thought you may want to read it.

  91. DaveM says:

    Looks like Paul McCartney will reissue WOA, Amoebas Secret, The Russian album and Paul is Live in July on CD and vinyl. Hoping for Japanese mini-LPs to be available as well.

  92. Phil Cohen says:

    Sony Music’s “Fleetwood Mac-Before The Beginning:Live 1968-71” postponed until October, and Esoteric’s expanded 3-CD edition of Procol Harum’s “Broken Barricades” postponed until July.
    Last Autumn we had a prolific outpouring of Classic Rock archival boxed sets, but in the first five months of 2019, things have plummeted down to almost nothing. Yes, there’s a few worthwhile classic rock boxed sets upcoming such as Bob Dylan’s Rolling Thunder 14-disc set and a huge King Crimson box (though largely comprised of 21st century material), but by drastically reducing the amount of archival releases aimed at Classic Rock fans, the labels are creating a self-fulfilling prophecy; one that will have the executives saying that in 2019, CD sales dropped further, and they will cite those statistics as justification to further reduce their support for “Physical Formats”.
    In light of all this, in 2019, I’ve redirected my disposable income towards upgrading my audio & video equipment. Usually, June & October/November are when labels release expensive Classic Rock archival boxed sets, but this June is going to be abnormally quiet. (I don’t count vinyl box sets that are merely verbatim reissues of an artist’s catalog, such as Traffic, Free & James Taylor, as being archival projects. There’s no unreleased material. In the case of those artists that I mentioned, it’s because of artist permission and/or contractual issues)
    Will archival activity increase near the Christmas shopping season? I don’t know. Perhaps there will be Pink Floyd(late 1980’s to mid-1990’s material) or Beatles (group & solo) material, but it is hardly certain. Beatles insiders (who post on the Steve Hoffman forums but are severely restricted by Apple Corps in what they are permitted to reveal), have already hinted, that while there will be some Beatles product later this year, it now appears unlikely to be an “Abbey Road” boxed set. I would note that the outtakes from the “Abbey Road” album are largely identical in arrangement to the released versions, though the album would have sounded superb in surround sound.
    Last Autumn’s outpouring of Classic Rock Archival material raked in plenty of money for the labels. It would obviously be profitable for the industry to continue in that direction. The Classic Rock marketplace still likes outtakes from the Good “ol Days. Give the people what they want.

  93. Wayne Klein says:

    Atlanta Rhythm Section: The Polydor Year’s. Eight disc set with their albums during their hit making years. Being reissued from Carolin 8nternational and remastered by Andy Pearce.

  94. Aaron says:

    Tony Banks – Bank Vaults the albums. Complete tony Banks album box set coming soon!!

  95. Aaron says:

    Bill Bruford’s Earthworks Complete – reissue of the entire back cataloge

    24 disc set:


    • Aaron says:

      Some more bad news on the Phil Collins releases coming

      To promote Other Sides, the track The Man With The Horn was released last week. Today, the track Homeless was released – but instead of the demo of Another Day In Paradise, which was first released as a b-side of I Wish It Would Rain Down in 1990, they have released a late studio version (!) of the track (with a running time of 5:35, it is 13 seconds longer than the 5:22 on But Seriously, this “alternative” version of Another Day In Paradise has a different beginning and a rough ending). At this moment we do not know whether this mistake will be corrected and how this will happen

  96. Aaron says:

    12 Bars [Score from Eric Clapton Documentary] by Gustavo Santaolalla – coloured vinyl coming at end of May. Looks pretty cool actually.

    • Aaron says:

      The Ken Russell Soundtracks – Volume 1 coming. Includes Rick Wakemans soundtracks for Crime Of Passion and Litzomania

  97. Roel Glas says:

    Hi Paul
    Love the website and all the things you do for us.
    Just a little query regarding the price widgets. Do the prices quoted continually update automatically or are they just fixed at the time that you put the story up?
    Thank you

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Thank you. The widgets are constantly being updated, but there are so many of them, it can take up to a day to get round them all. Also, they show the very lowest price available including marketplace, so sometimes the ‘main’ price on Amazon can seem more expensive that what the widget shows.

  98. Michael says:

    Looks like there will be reissues of Robert Forster’s solo-albums on Needle Mythology:

  99. Tim O. says:

    Phil Collins will release the b-sides and 12″ mixes missing from his deluxe-edition-re-release series on May 31 called Other Sides and Remixed Sides! It’s 18 tracks each and seems to cover almost everything want fans expected the Deluxe Edition to have included! The very bad news is that Phil or his Management decided to release these albums only in digital Format to download or as stream. There will be NO physical format (No CD, NO Vinyl) for whatever reason. That is a shame and hard to understand as most of his fans will want to have a physical format in line with the other Deluxe and reissue releases in the PC series. I do not believe that most fans welcome the thought to spend money on mp3 files when a physical release would be the favourite format.
    Paul, maybe you can check with Warner why, if or when a physical format will be released? Maybe Phil needed a quick release in time for the start of the European leg of his tour; so they may want to hold back the physical releases to cash in on the Xmas market?

  100. Phil Cohen says:

    Manfred Mann’s “Creature Music” label have released four volumes of “Radio Days” covering his groups’ BBC recordings from 1964 to 1973. Additionally, Vol. 3 includes some of Manfred Mann (and his group members’) work for advertising jingles & film soundtracks. All (excepting the 1-CD Vol.4) are 2-CD sets. The collections are also available on vinyl

  101. Aaron says:

    Phil Collins “other sides” and “remixed sides” coming soon. I’m concerned they might be streaming only… no physical release… can you confirm this?

    • Aaron says:

      Roger Daltrey to release The Who’s Tommy Orchestral on June 14

    • Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five Star says:

      Phil Collins will release two albums on 31st May 2019. One is called Other Sides and contains B-Sides, the other one is called Remixed Sides and contains Remixes of his hits. Both albums will be available in digital format only. They will not be available on CD. The tracks have not been remastered for this release.

  102. christian says:

    I hope that the delay in posting the Space Oddity 7 inch single box set news is because you are drafting a 3000 polemic against Parlophone.
    Enough is enough surely.
    Yes, don’t buy it etc.
    But ignoring exploitation does not stop that fact that this is a terrible way to manage the catalogue.
    I literally cannot think of a worse example of a posthumous release campaign.
    For me, Bolan was the worst, with remixed songs and a constant stream of random releases.
    But Bowie is now sadly becoming a joke.
    It would be good to track down whoever is running the show, get some readers’ questions, and ask them to answer them and try to defend the logic of this strategy.
    I can see the strategic value to the shareholders, but not to the legacy of David Bowie.

  103. Aaron says:

    John Lennon’s How I Won The War movie coming to blu Ray for the first time in the Uk on May 20th

  104. Phil Cohen says:

    Though the 50th anniversary Woodstock festival is not to be, Rhino Records will be celebrating the 50th anniversary of the original 1969 Woodstock festival with 2-CD, 10-CD and (Limited Edition) 38-CD + Blu-ray boxed sets. The 38-disc box is limited to 1969 sets, and will be sold directly by Rhino Records for $799.
    All that will be missing is the mud, the rain and the “Bad Brown Acid”(*)
    * a joking reference to the onstage announcement by Woodstock MC (and lighting director) Chip Monck, who was trying to warn the audience not to consume some badly manufactured Psychedelic drugs.

  105. AndyB says:

    Just notice on Amazon that a Def Leppard Vol 2 box (vinyl and CD) is coming soon. Will you be posting soon?

  106. robert tyrrell says:

    hi Paul

    I wonder can you help? seem to not be supplying music or film to Ireland anymore. Is this Brexit or something else?

    thanks in advance


    • Phil Cohen says:

      There are also certain CD’s that they won’t supply to people in the U.S.A. /Usually, relents as the release date gets nearer.

  107. Erik says:

    Hi Paul, I have read that Kool & The Gang are working on a “large” box set? Have you heard anything about that? Thanks

  108. bruce kelso says:

    hi, I am amazed that there was ONE missing 50 year anniversary box set that was not released it was CREAMS wheels of fire. this would of been a nice large box consisting of the regular issue remastered plus all the studio outakes ,example being white room early version no wah wah, the u.k. ibc studios early versions before being worked on at alantic in n.y the horn over dub not used for born under a bad sign.also the lp in mono which was a U.S promo and a U.K issue. the rest could be all 3 live shows from Oakland and san diego 68 and the the rest would be the march 68 shows from fillmore west and about that’s say 8 discs or more. enclose a dvd of tv shows ,beat club . revolution club ,smothers bros, glen campbell etc. what a great tribute to this band that has been neglected in this reguard. sad to say a HUGE opportunity missed.

  109. Alastair says:

    Simple Minds are disaggregating their Rejuvenation box set, with releases of individual albums on vinyl and CD. The CDs are a mix of single and 2cd sets with extra tracks and notes.

  110. Alastair says:

    A small number of Peter Gabriel’s ‘Rated PG’ RSD19 pic disc release will be on sale from his webstore on Monday afternoon. It is also available to stream or download now, and will get a wider vinyl and CD release later in the year.

  111. Aaron says:

    another Bowie demos set coming in June – The Mercury Demo’s on LP

  112. Aaron says:

    Emmylou Harris’ The Studio Albums, 1980–83, a vinyl set of classics—Roses in the Snow, Evangeline, Cimarron, Last Date, White Shoes—and a bonus 45 with Roy Orbison, released on Record Store Day, is now available in the Nonesuch Records Store.

  113. wesley mc dowell says:

    Dave Sharp orginal guitarist with the Alarm has a new solo album out.It was a nice suprise for me to find out he had made a new cd as its been a long,long time since the last one .His debut back in 1991 Hard Travelling still remains in my top ten albums to this day.Spirit Days the new album is available from ordered my copy on monday a snip at £10.98 !!

  114. Phil Cohen says:

    A few years ago, Sony Music let go of most of their staff, replacung them with new people who were conversant with “new technology”(streaming & downloading), while assuring the public that Sony would still issue “Physical Product”(I.E. CD’s & L.P.’s), but now, those new executives have decided to end Sony’s licensing to most CD reissue labels. This amounts to lashing out in rage against those long-time, lifetime music collectors who refuse to accept music rental/hire by smartphone. In their smugness, Sony is leaving money on the table; the money that reissue labels pay to Sony to release recordings under license.
    And for Britain’s Dutton/Vocalion label, who releases audiophile SACD’s derived from Columbia.Epic. CTI & RCA label 1970’s 4.0 “Quadraphonic” mixes, this could be the end. Everything that Dutton/Vocalion releases is licensed by Sony Music. The last batch of titles that Sony Music licensed to Dutton/Vocalion were unsaleable “Easy Listening” titles which would only be of interest to consumers over 80 years old.
    With America’s “Audio Fidelity” label now defunct, the only remaining outlet for Sony Music’s Quadraphonic recordings is with very, very occasional releases by Sony in Japan. Why stop the remainder of Sony Quadraphonic mixes appearing on SACD. After all, those “Modern Technologies” that Sony Music is so enamoured of (Streaming & Downloading) are incapable of delivering surround sound, whether it is vintage 4.0 Quadraphonic or modern 5.1 surround.

    • Roel Glas says:

      This is indeed very sad news Phil. I recently purchased Dutton/Vocalion’s 360 degrees of Billy Paul SACD and it is superb.
      I do not understand Sony’s logic here. They don’t need to do anything, there’s no cost to them – just hand over the tapes, receive the money & make sure they get the tapes back!!!

  115. Tom says:

    Doves just announced numbered, coloured vinyl re-issues of their first three albums, out at the end of May.

  116. Hakan Falt says:

    This deal from Sweden should be interesting for someone quick on the trigger.
    Says only few on stock!

    Brian Eno Music For Installations limited super deluxe (1500) for SEK 999 (a 76% discount).
    That´s approx €96 + freight. EU freight is €14 (For example list this for €379.99)

  117. Dave H says:

    The Rush Hemispheres 40th anniversary box set is currently £89.42 on Amazon US. With standard delivery to the UK and import fees deposit, the total comes to £114.

    The current price on Amazon UK is £172.20.

  118. Phil Cohen says:

    The Bob Dylan 14-CD set of 1975 concert recordings has gone into limbo, because the related film is not ready yet. I’m puzzled by Sony’s decision, since the film is aimed at the streaming market, and the 14-CD set is for consumers of “Physical Product”. These are two unrelated markets.
    With a drought of Classic Rock boxed sets (so far) in 2019, this is highly disappointing. I would have bought the Dylan box.

    • The Golden Age Of Brexit, Where Would We Be Without It? says:

      Phil, won’t The Netflix Documentary also become a physical DVD/Bluray release? I doubt it not being release in a physical format, hopefully with many goodies as extras. I will leave those to the imagination of others.

      My Amazon Espania order for the 14 CD box is still alive.

  119. Stan Butler says:

    A selection of six classic Nazareth 1970’s albums will be released by Salvo, on coloured vinyl with gatefold sleeves, on the 26th April. They are:
    Razamanaz (Yellow)
    Loud ‘N’ Proud (Orange)
    Rampant (Blue)
    Hair Of The Dog (Purple)
    Expect No Mercy (Pink)
    No Mean City (Green)

  120. Tom says:

    She Paints Words In Red by The House of Love out on white vinyl in May on Music On Vinyl.
    Ltd Edn of 1000, including one vivyl-exclusive track

  121. Ian says:

    Hi Paul,
    Just received the Andrew Poppy set I ordered. Not bad considering I only ordered it Sunday afternoon!
    I’ve already played it via Spotify (who says streaming and physical copies can’t co-exist?) Great stuff.

    Many thanks

  122. Dominik says:

    JPC has an incredible spring sale on vinyl boxsets:

    You can for example get the Little Richard Mono box for 23 Euro, Human League Anthology for 20 Euro.


  123. MarkH says:

    Hey Paul, I just received Girlfriend by Mathew Sweet from the SDE shop, its got a delivery note inside with a handwritten line saying ‘thanks for supporting the SDE shop’ … my pleasure, its a great website, great shop and great service :) And the note has gone inside the record, so whoever owns it in 50 years time will have a little bit of history with it.

  124. Tom says:

    New Hot Chip album announced, due out on 21st June in a number of formats – CD, black vinyl, coloured vinyl.
    Some signed coloured vinyl available on the band’s website.

    And the deluxe 2018 remaster of Massive Atttack’s Mezzanine has been put back to the same date “due to unforeseen production issues”. I ordered it on 13th Sept last year, so hoping to get it before the first anniversary. Anyone know what’s going on?

  125. gwynogue says:

    I’m a huge Donna Summer fan, so am interested in getting the ‘Another Place And Time 30th’ (when – if – the price drops!). But I’m being put off by rumours of errors/faults. The trouble is…when I go looking for details/reviews, I can only find complaints about the content rather than any technical problems. Can Paul (or anyone) tell me if there are GENUINE flaws I should be weary of, or is it just people griping because they don’t like a certain remix?

  126. michael59 says:

    there will be another nice falco vinyl re-issue: sony packed his first and third album together under the “original vinyl classics” series:

    it will be released tomorrow.

    best wishes

  127. Phil Cohen says:

    The word is that Mick Jagger’s health problems, which caused the postponement of The Rolling Stones tour is a problem with one of the valves in his heart, and this will require an operation. Hopefully, Mick will be O.K., and he will finally realise that it’s time to get serious about adding his voice to (some) of the hundreds of backing tracks in The Stones’ vaults. Or perhaps completing the album that the Stones have tinkered with in recent years.
    Jagger is very very old. He says 75, but others have suggested that 77 is closer to correct.

    • bruce kelso says:

      hi paul, after what don was and mick did to the bonus tracks on exile, I diasgee with you bout adding new vocals to old tracks. its been long enough for the expanded issues of goat head soap, its only rock n roll and black and blue not to be issued. in fact my idea is to have a rolling stones studio archive series. starting in the year june 1970 after the decca contract had expired. they will be a two disc sets comprising of demos, backing tracks ,alternate versions/vocal/overdubs and different final mixes. starting with sticky fingers onto goats then rock n roll and finally the black and blue.with every tape now labeled and all in one storage place it would be no problem to do. just keep don was outa the mix . the stones as a band have in my opinion nothing really new to offer . if that’s they way they choose to end their original music with the awful big bang lp I say we are better off,open the archives before its to late.

  128. Aaron says:

    assistance required!

    i’m considering getting the Abba – The Albums box set. What if any original released tracks are missing (B-sides, foreign language singles etc). Its a pretty good deal compared with the Complete Studio Recordings Box so I’ll probably get it anyway

    • Walter says:

      You’re right about The Albums box set not having all released ABBA tracks. Compared to Complete Studio Recordings you’ll be missing about 33 tracks.

      Both boxes have the same mastering… which to me sounds just loud without much dynamic range. I find it quite hard to listen to them as full albums. Just the occasional track is ok-ish.

      To read about a bare minimum ABBA collection you could visit:

      which includes all the info you need about which tracks can be found on which release as well as lots of other ABBA info on the other pages of that website.

  129. Phil Cohen says:

    Aubrey Powell, co-founder (with the late Storm Thorgerson) of the graphics design firm “Hipgnosis:, has revealed that he is working on artwork for two upcoming Pink Floyd projects. One of these projects is based around the album “Animals”, and the other project is called “The Later Years”. “The Later Years”, expected in November 2019, will consist entirely of recordings made after Roger Waters left the group. No release date estimate for “Animals”.

    • Roel Glas says:

      @ Phil Cohen
      Great news Phil. A lot of people are hanging out for an “Animals” project.
      On a side note, now that Parlophone have issued (a newly remastered) Made In Europe on vinyl last year , is there now a chance for the long delayed Made in Europe box set?

      • Phil Cohen says:

        If you’re refering to Deep Purple’s “Made in Europe”, it is unlikely. The situation of “Deep Purple Overseas Ltd.” has not been resolved, so no unreleased 1968-1976 material. Existing releases stay in print, though.

  130. Aaron says:

    couple of interesting autobiographies coming this year:

    Elton John – Me
    Andrew Ridgley – Wham! George & Me
    Francis Rossi – I Talk Too Much

    • wesley mc dowell says:

      Yes very interesting, but what about Do I Owe You Money ? The collected memoires of Ian Mosley, Marillions very own drumming legend !!! Now your talking !!

    • Glenn says:

      Ranking Roger who just passed away yesterday has one coming out as well – I Just Can’t Stop It

      Sad to hear the news

  131. wesley mc dowell says:

    UK band MY LIFE STORY ,readers might be interested to know that their new studio album can be pre-ordered from their new website don,t order from Pledgemusic as I think they are about to collapse.Its due in August and will be titled Milkteeth.

  132. Phil Cohen says:

    The next Procol Harum expanded reissue from the “Esoteric” label will be a 3-CD edition of the group’s 5th album “Broken Barricades”, to be released at the end of May. Included will be unreleased studio alternate takes & mixes, plus radio concert material from the UK, U.S.A. & Sweden.

  133. Liam Bastick says:

    The inimitable Scott Walker has died. No regrets, but the sun ain’t gonna shine anymore. Still active with VOX LUX, he will be missed. RIP Scott.

  134. James Sanders says:

    The Release Calendar is possibly mans greatest invention, thank you!. Could we add Edwyn Collins new release to it? Richard Hawley? Cheers

  135. Phil Cohen says:

    I’ve just received (from Japan) my Rolling Stones “Voodoo Lounge in Japan” Blu-ray + 2 SHM-CD set. This is a legitimate Universal Music/Eagle Rock release. There is no indication on the packaging of any region coding. The video quality is a dramatic improvement over the 1990’s Laserdisc set. The audio has been remixed for surround sound.
    The only problem :Universal’s decision to release this set only in Japan means that Stones fans will pay double (what they would have otherwise paid) to own this product. and ,no, I don’t know if the DVD edition is region coded.

  136. Aaron says:

    Status Quo 10 disc – The Vinyl Singles Collection 2000 – 2010 coming in April.

    Looks good!

    Disc: 1
    1. Mony Mony [Side A]
    2. Gerdundula (from the Shepherds Bush Empire) [Side B]
    Disc: 2
    1. Old Time Rock and Roll [Side A]
    2. Forty-Five Hundred Times (Live) [Side B]
    Disc: 3
    1. Jam Side Down [Side A]
    2. The Madness [Side B]
    Disc: 4
    1. All Stand Up (Never Say Never) (Single Edit) [Side A]
    2. You Let Me Down [Side B]
    Disc: 5
    1. You’ll Come ‘Round (Single Edit) [Side A]
    2. Lucinda [Side B]
    Disc: 6
    1. Thinking of You (Album Version) [Side A]
    2. Something ‘Bout You Baby I Like / Break the Rules [Side B]
    Disc: 7
    1. The Party Ain’t Over Yet (Album Version) [Side A]
    2. Gerdundula (Live 2005) [Side B]
    Disc: 8
    1. All That Counts Is Love (Steve Evans Radio Mix) [Side A]
    2. I Ain’t Ready [Side B]
    Disc: 9
    1. It’s Christmas Time [Side A]
    2. Beginning of The End (Live from Oxford) [Side B]
    Disc: 10
    1. In the Army Now (2010) [Side A]
    2. Caroline (Live from Ipswich Regent Theatre 17/02/2009) [Side B]

  137. Aaron says:

    Cherry Red continue the Wetton/Downes Icon remasters with 2 live albums in May:

    Never In A Million Years – CD
    Acoustic TV Broadcast – CD/DVD

    I think that just leaves the Heat of The Rising Sun set followed by the aforementioned career box set.

    Good reissue campaign so far for these.

  138. Jumble Monkey says:

    Curio time… Kiefer Sutherland’s new album is available as a UK exclusive deluxe signed edition from for £12, it’ll probably sell out in 24 hours! (boom boom)

  139. Aaron says:

    interesting couple of Cilla Black releases coming soon – featuring a bonus track of the original demo recording of Step Insidde Love with Paul McCartney on acoustic guitar:

    Sher-oo! / Modern Priscilla, 2CD Expanded Edition
    Cilla / In My Life, 2 Disc Expanded Edition

  140. johnny says:

    Primal Scream singles collection coming on 2CD, and 2 x 2LP sets (Vol 1 and 2)

    Maximum Rock ‘n’ Roll: The Singles

    Signed items on their website…

  141. KevinS says:

    New Edwin Collins album due 29th March.

    Some bundles available at his website

  142. Aaron says:

    Bjork is rereleasing all her albums on limited edition coloured cassettes. Available individually and as a bundle of nine.

  143. Phil Cohen says:

    The Rolling Stones have yet another multi-disc greatest hits package coming, this one titled “Honk”. In its most deluxe incarnation, the set adds a one disc compilation of recent concert recordings. Do the Stones need another hits collection so soon after “Grrr”? I guess they’re too lazy to record a new album after all these years. It requires absolutely no effort to throw together a piece of “product” like “Honk”.

  144. Aaron says:

    Francis Rossi (with Hannah Rickard) – We Talk Too Much album out on 3/15/19

  145. Cédric (Switzerland) says:

    Belinda Carlisle: The Singles 1986 – 2014 (Signed Exclusive) currently at £34 at amazon UK. Says “Usually dispatched within 1 to 2 months.” but at this price, I can be patient :)

    • Chris Squires says:

      Thanks Cédric, much appreciated tip.

      £34 for 29 singles is the definition of a no brainer, particularly as it is the signed edition.

      I have had more luck with these 1-2 or 2-3 month delay things than I should by rights. I think I am about 4-1 up.

      Latest victory was the Police box set for a ridiculous £93. It took 9 weeks but it came.

  146. Phil Cohen says:

    Legendary American session drummer Hal Blaine has died at age 90. Part of the group of Los Angeles studio musicians known as “The Wrecking Crew”, Blaine, born in Chicago in 1929 as Harold Belsky played (between 1960 & 1980) on 375 U.S.A. top- 40 hits; 40 of them number one. Ever heard The Ronettes “Be My Baby”, The Beach Boys’ “Little Deuce Coupe”, “California Girls”, “God Only Knows” & “Good Vibrations”, The Byrds’ “Mr Tambourine Man” and Simon & Garfunkel’s “Homeward Bound” & “Bridge Over Troubled Water”? Then you’ve heard Hal Blaine. Blaine was the drummer on Phil Spector’s “Wall of Sound” records and the actual drummer on 75% of Beach Boys records made between 1963 & late 1966, including 9 of the 13 songs on “Pet Sounds” plus all of the “Smile” recordings. But, for Blaine, a University trained musicians who studied piano & voice, it was his drumming that producers wanted him for. Blaine(whose first love was Jazz) was the first studio musician inducted into the Rock n’Roll Hall of Fame. He once said, “I’ve played with Count Basie, but the thing that I’m best known for is playing on Beach Boys records”. He also once remarked to his British counterpart Bobby Graham, “We don’t stop drumming because we get old. We get old because we stop drumming.”

    • Peter Stanton says:

      Very sad to hear this. He has played on so many outstanding records and he played a massive part in an incredible era for music.

      I shall be back to mono with Spector’s Wall of Sound records tonight.

  147. Phil Cohen says:

    Now in its third postponement (until May 29th): Repertoire’s 4-CD + DVD “Yardbirds” box (“Live and Rare”). With the exception of some of the material on the DVD, all of the other material has been offered elsewhere, so it’s no loss to Yardbirds fans.

  148. bruce kelso says:

    hi , can you paul or anyone else help me. yesterday my cassette tape of manfred mann chapter 111 vol 3 was eaten up by deck. sadly that was my only tape copy. I don’t own a cdr recorder so I never burned one. I looked this up on various sites but to no avail.any help would be welcomed. thanks

    • KevinK says:

      Are you sure it’s “Vol 3”? I thought only two volumes were released (in 1969 and 1970), although a few tracks from an unreleased third volume cropped up on the “Mis-takes and Out-takes” compilation in 2005. The first two volumes are readily available on CD, with bonus tracks.

      • bruce kelso says:

        hi kevin . the one that I had on tape was the unreleased manfred mann chapter 111 vol 3 . it was never issued and was rejected by either manfred or polydor in the U.S. or by vertigo in the u.k. . that’s what was on my cassette. 3 songs were on the manfred mann odds and sods collection . it has 10 tracks.

    • KevinK says:

      The first volume wasn’t called “Volume 1” when originally released, the dark green LP cover just says “Manfred Mann Chapter Three”. Howevr it’s original record number was VERTIGO V 03 – is that the one you had on cassette?

  149. Aaron says:

    looks like there could be a new version of Big Audio Dynamite’s No 10 Upping Street out in May…new listing on amazon.

  150. Scott G says: are now listing Analogue Productions release of Pink Floyd’s Dark Side Of the Moon SACD.

    I don’t think it has been remastered and it is not particularly difficult to find a copy.

    Will their be any change to the current SACD release?

  151. Phil Cohen says:

    Another Bob Dylan mega-box is to be released in May. It’s concert recordings from the 1975 “Rolling Thunder” tour.

  152. Steve F says:

    Elbow – Seldom Seen Kid Live at Abbey Road, half-speed mastered double LP. Out April 19th. I have it on DVD and it is great.

  153. Liam Bastick says:

    Keith Flint dead!? – I have just seen him in concert. Stunned. Breathe no more. RIP.

  154. Gary Hunter says:

    The Prodigy frontman Keith Flint has reportedly died, aged 49, just announced, he was found dead at home.

    Another gone to soon.

  155. Robert Laversuch says:

    Hi just read that erstwhile Cure drummer Andy Anderson passed away from cancer on Feb 27. He was with the Cure for the album The Top plus assorted singles like The Lovecats. R.I.P.

  156. Aaron says:

    some good looking items for RSD:

    My favourite:

    Bob Dylan – Blood On Te Trakcs – New York Test Pressing
    Brian May – New Horizons
    CSNY – 4 Way Street (Expanded Edition)
    Bowie – The World Of + Pin Ups Pic disc + Revolutionary Song 7″
    Fleetwood Mac – Fleetwood Mac Alternative
    Green Day – Woodstock 1994 Live
    Joe Strummer – The Rockfield Studio Tracks
    John Lennon – Imagine (Raw Mixes)
    Noel Gallagher HFB – Wait And Return EP
    Peter Gabriel – Rated PG Picture Disc (Any idea what this is?)
    Prince – the Versace Experience Cassette + His Majesty’s Pop Life
    Queen – Bohemian Rhapsody Soundtrack Picture Disc – this looks awesome!!
    The Streets – Remixes & B Sides Too

    • Aaron says:

      the Peter Gabriel set is a selection of tracks written for movies:

      That’ll Do
      Written by Randy Newman.
      Performed by Peter Gabriel featuring Paddy Maloney and The Black Dyke Mills Band.
      Produced by Bob Ezrin.
      Taken from the film Babe 2: Pig in the City, directed by George Miller.

      Down to Earth
      Music by Peter Gabriel and Thomas Newman, lyrics by Peter Gabriel.
      Performed by Peter Gabriel, featuring the Soweto Gospel Choir.
      Produced by Peter Gabriel, L.A. Sessions Produced by Thomas Newman. Recorded by Richard Chappell assisted by Mat Arnold. Mixed by Tchad Blake.
      Taken from the film Wall-E, directed by Andrew Stanton.

      This Is Party Man
      Written by Peter Gabriel, George Acogny and Tori Amos.
      Performed by The Worldbeaters and Peter Gabriel.
      Produced by George Acogny and Peter Gabriel. Engineered by Richard Chappell and Rod Beale.
      Taken from the film Virtuosity, directed by Brett Leonard.
      * This is a new version of the song. Previously unreleased.

      The Book of Love
      Written by Stephin Merritt.
      Produced by Peter Gabriel with Bob Ezrin. Arranged by Nick Ingman with Peter Gabriel and Will Gregory. Orchestrated by Nick Ingman. Engineered by Richard Chappell.
      Featured in the film Shall We Dance?, directed by Peter Chelsom.
      * This is the film version of the song, which is different to the version on Scratch My Back.

      Written and performed by Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan and Peter Gabriel.
      Produced by Peter Gabriel and David Bottrill.
      Taken from the film Natural Born Killers, directed by Oliver Stone.
      * A new edit of the song, previously unreleased.

      Written and produced by Peter Gabriel.
      Mixed by Richard Chappell.
      Taken from the film Birds Like Us, directed by Faruk Sabanovic and Amela Cuhara.
      * Previously unreleased.

      Walk Through the Fire
      Written by Peter Gabriel.
      Co-produced by Nile Rogers and Peter Gabriel. Engineered by Glenn Tommey.
      Taken from the film Against All Odds, directed by Taylor Hackford.

      Speak (Bol)
      Written and produced by Peter Gabriel with Urdu vocal arrangement by Atif Aslam.
      Performed by Peter Gabriel with Atif Aslam.
      Engineered by Richard Chappell.
      Taken from the film The Reluctant Fundamentalist, directed by Mira Nair.
      * Previously unreleased.

      Written and produced by Peter Gabriel.
      Engineered by Richard Chappell and Richard Evans. Mixed by Richard Evans.
      Taken from the film Les Morsures de l’Aube, directed by Antoine de Caunes.
      * Previously unreleased.

      In Your Eyes
      Written by Peter Gabriel.
      Produced by Daniel Lanois and Peter Gabriel. Engineered by Kevin Killen and Daniel Lanois. Featured in the film Say Anything, directed by Cameron Crowe.
      * This is the film version of the song. Previously unreleased.

  157. Peter Stanton says:

    I keep watching The White Album 6 CD for a price drop and it has just jumped to £250 on Amazon.UK!

    Perhaps £100 wasn’t so bad.

  158. Gary Hunter says:

    Reports that Mark Hollis of Talk Talk has passed away at the age of 64.

    Very sad news.

  159. KevinS says:

    A big month coming up for Frank Sidebottom.

    ‘Being Frank – The Chris Sievey Story’ is due for cinema release on March 29th

    Also the Being Frank Soundtrack album is being released on limited edition picture disc (500 only) and CD (unlimited)

    A little plug for a truly great artist, musician, comedian would be really welcome.

    You know it would, it really would.

    Thank you.

    • The Golden Age Of Winter Heatwaves says:

      Thanks KevinS, ordered the picture disc LP.

      Also thanks Imogen, that’s great news about TFf-Seeds Of Love S.E. Bet you’re chuffed also Paul.

  160. Imogen says:

    Classic Pop Magazine is giving details of TFF 30th Anniversary Seeds Of Love Deluxe Box, is a 2019 release confirmed?

  161. Aaron says:

    Stevie Nicks 3 disc set Stand Back 1981-2017 coming in March

  162. Philip Cohen says:

    The “Esoteric” label cotinues to “exploit”(in the most positive sense of the word), the formerly EMI/Harvest catalogs that they purchased(from Warner/Parlophone) in 2018. They’ve recently completed their work on the catalog of “Third Ear Band” (the group’s debut album “Alchemy” gets the expanded/remastered treatment in late March), and Esoteric now returns to the catalog of “Be Bop Deluxe” to give the group’s 1975 album “Futurama” the 3-CD/1-DVD boxed set treatment in late April. New surround & stereo remixes, studio outtakes etc.(similar to the boxed set of the group’s “Sunburst Finish” album that Esoteric released late last year).

  163. Mij says:

    Reposting this as it wasn’t published yesterday. Cherry Red have a 3CD “Inevitable Records” set coming out on 26th April. It includes early Dead Or Alive, Nightmares In Wax, It’s Immaterial, Wah! Heat, China Crisis and more. There’s also a disc of Peel Sessions:

    • Neil says:

      Interesting that the studio version of Be Suspicious by China Crisis is on this yet they didn’t include it on the recent reissue of Difficult Shapes.

  164. Auntie Sabrina says:

    Five HMV/Fopp stores (Glasgow Braehead, Fopp Glasgow Byres/Fopp Bristol, Bluewater and HMV Meadowhall) have re-opened as the new owner has renegotiated rents and terms of the leases.There are plans to try to re-open some of the other 27 stores including their flagship London store.

    • Paul Waddington says:

      On the subject of HMV, has anyone else received a letter from KPMG, the administrators, detailing the Administrator’s Proposals? I’m wondering whether it’s because I pre-ordered two Blu Rays from their Premium Collection that never got released. I was of the impression that you only actually pay for pre-orders when they are issued, so I wasn’t too worried about it, but this letter has me wondering whether they had taken the money and I am now a creditor? If so, I will be mightily pee’d off, as I had already lost the equivalent of £30 of vouchers in the loyalty scheme that I was saving up, so it will put me at £60 down, rather than £30. I can’t check, because their website for the shop seems to have disappeared. Anyone else received one of these letters?

  165. Imogen says:

    Howard Jones new album ‘Transform’ up for pre-order on amazon

  166. SimonP says:

    No HMV update, Paul? Some of the doomed stores have been re-opened.

    The Bath store that was on the closed list is now open again. It was only shut for a week before the new owners negotiated a deal with the landlord. All the staff are different, though, so the original lot must have been made redundant and never returned.

  167. Aaron says:

    There is a reissue Of John & Yoko’s Wedding Album coming in March on cd and white vinyl. The vinyl includes all the original inserts etc…

  168. DaveM says:

    The forthcoming Kiki Dee Rocket Years box set is available on Amazon UK as a Collectors Edition with a signed card. It’s out on March 29th.

  169. Imogen says:

    Mike and the Mechanics new album signed options on their website

    • Aaron says:

      It’s kind of a new album/ hits collection. I think 3 new tracks plus 9 hits. Deluxe edition has an extra disc with 6 re-recorded acoustic version of some more older tracks.

    • wesley mc dowell says:

      I think they are in danger of being done for breaking the trade description act ! 3 new songs does not a new album make.Its not as if there,s never been a compilation before,there have been 3 to date and now this.It shows a real lack of confidence in their new material,I will be buying this but I am really disappointed in the band ,label are however is too blame.A great shame I feel.

  170. Carl Myerscough says:

    Hi Paul,
    Thanks for the info on the Dido signed CD at Amazon. Whilst I was ordering mine, I noticed that they also have an Amazon Exclusive signed version of the new Bryan Adams CD Shine A Light. They have listed it as Shining Light by mistake, so many fans might not know about it or be able to find it, but its the same price as the standard unsigned CD and due out on 1st March 2019.

  171. Aaron says:

    Here’s an interesting one for Beatles/Macca completists…

    Animal Requiem by Rachel Fuller (wife of Pete Townsend) includes a version of The Beatles original version of Blackbird but with overdubbed orchestration from the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. First time an original Beatles track has been overdubbed in this way. Here is a piece regarding the album/track

    The CD will be released on March 8th

  172. tony quiggly says:

    starting to get a bit fed up of these constant Bowie releases…i can see why they are being released, his name being used to bolster the new wave of the vinyl buying world…but lets be honest he also wrote some right unlistenable shite !

  173. Andreas says:

    Cardigans double LP of bsides to be released this year according to Cardigans reply on their site. YEAH!!

  174. Len Read says:

    Optimistic interview with the new Canadian owner of HMV Doug Putman on LBC. Plans for turning around the chain include stocking a lot more vinyl as “that’s what customers want” and also more depth with music back catalogues. He says he wants to give shoppers the chance of discovering unknown gems.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Yes, like “Tango in the Night” or “Tusk” which are an interesting definition of ‘unknown gems’ :)

      • Len Read says:

        At least he outed himself as a big FM fan, Paul ! To be fair, he did indicate he thought HMV was too mainstream and it was music lovers he wanted to attract.Also wants more bands doing signings/live music to pull in punters

  175. Robbert says:

    WHAT MEMORIES WE MAKE ~ THE COMPLETE MAINMAN RECORDINGS 1971-1974- Dana Gillespie March 29, 2019.
    .Dana Gillespie first made her name as a teenage singer (and songwriter) in the 1960s, with a string of memorable singles and albums for Pye and Decca..In 1971, she teamed up with David Bowie’s management company MainMan, joining Bowie at RCA Records. It would be two years before her next record – but it was worth the wait. Weren’t Born A Man was a wonderful amalgam of pop, soul and some wonderful songwriting from Dana. The title track, for example, wouldn’t have sounded out-of-place on Dusty In Memphis, while Dana’s twist on Bowie’s ‘Andy Warhol’ (the song had actually been written for her) was unique. Both these album highlights were issued as singles..Dana swiftly followed up with a second album for RCA, Ain’t Gonna Play No Second Fiddle. The recordings were bluesier in places than on its predecessor but still equally impressive. The LP was promoted by a single, ‘Really Love The Man’, but thereafter Dana parted ways with MainMan before building an enviable reputation as a blues singer of some renown..Issued with the full support and involvement of the artist and MainMan, What Memories We Make is the first proper retrospective of Dana’s recordings for MainMan/RCA. Many album tracks make their debut on CD and have been joined by a raft of rarities and previously unissued material..All five tracks from the legendary BOWPROMO album from 1971 are included: this was an album circulated by MainMan featuring rough mixes by David Bowie on one side (made prior to him signing with RCA) and Dana Gillespie on the other. .Also present is the semi-mythical, previously unheard original demo of ‘Andy Warhol’ featuring backing vocals from Bowie, and the rare Libido single (issued on Mooncrest in 1973), plus sessions from late 1974 for what would have been Dana’s third album for RCA/MainMan. .Housed in a plush Digipak with lengthy sleeve-notes by David Wells within a 24-page booklet also boasting an embarrassment of photographic riches, What Memories We Make is a long overdue tribute to a rare British singing/

    Disc: 1
    15. ALL GONE

    Disc: 2
    4. DON’T MIND ME
    10. NEVER KNEW
    11. MAN SIZE JOB

  176. Aaron says:

    Kiki Dee 5 disc set “The Rocket Years” coming in March 29 2019. contains 5 albums plus bonus tracks including Don’t Go Breaking My Heart…

  177. Len Read says:

    Mercury/UMe is realising a 7CD box set of Barry White’s Love Unlimited Orchestra. Called the The 20th Century Records Albums (1973-1979). There will be new vinyl LP reissues for three of the group’s albums, plus two albums by Love Unlimited, the female vocal trio produced by Barry White. The Love Unlimited Orchestra box set brings together all seven albums the group recorded for the label, newly remastered from their original analog master tapes.Release date is March 29.

  178. fenwick says:

    New Elvis Costello deluxe reissue of Look Now.

    1,000 standard deluxe editions.

    50 signed test print versions

  179. motte says:

    Sparks – No1 in Heaven
    Two CD and two coloured vinyl

  180. Phil Cohen says:

    In late March, the Esoteric label completes its expanded/remastered series of the Third Ear Band’s EMI/Harvest catalog with the group’s debut album “Alchemy”. The bonuses included BBC sessions, pre-EMI demos and Abbey Road Studios outtakes. Esoteric bought the group’s EMI/Harvest catalog (from Warner/Parlophone) at the same time that they purchased the EMI/Harvest catalogs of “Be Bop Deluxe” & “Barclay James Harvest”

  181. Chris says:

    Any idea what is happening with Paul Young’s CBS Singles – Amazon across Europe out of stock – are Demon making any available without the signature?

  182. Len Read says:

    Just announced that Peter “Lord of the Rings” Jackson is to work on a new version of the Let It Be movie. Says film will be “based around 55 hours of never before seen footage” . He also has 140 plus hours of audio to work with. Sounds as if he has carte blanche to do with as he wants. No idea yet on release dates.

  183. Dibyaroop Ghosh says:

    Any recommendations for the 10 disc Robin Trower studio albums to be release on Feb 8th….i have the 3 disc A tale Untold Chrysalis years which covers 4 out of 10 albums….but this new box doesn’t have any bonus tracks…hence looking for suggestions to go for it or not
    Heres the link:

    • Roel Glas says:

      @ Dibyaroop.
      You probably have the best 5 of RT’s 70’s output on A Tale Untold although the next 3 albums (In City Dreams, Caravan To Midnight & Victims of the Fury) are also worth getting. I didn’t much like his collaboration with Jack Bruce on the next 2 but that’s just my opinion. I was going to suggest to buy the “A Tale Untold’s” companion set, “Farther Up The Road” but just saw the price “from GBP 33” (might be oop judging by that price??). In view of that suggest you go for the “Studio Albums” set – I mean at GBP 2.50 per disc you can’t go wrong with Trower.
      ps. Of the next 6 studio albums, only In City Dreams & Victims of the Fury had bonus tracks (1 each)
      Hope this helps.

  184. Ross Baker says:

    Archive are releasing a fairly extensive ‘best of’ including eight new tracks in 4CD / 6LP+10″+7″ boxes with 160 page book. The 4CD + book set is priced at an astonishingly cheap £20:

  185. Aaron says:

    Rick Wakeman’s previously unreleased soundtrack to the 1986 World Cup film…”Hero” will be released on cd on Feb 22.

  186. Steve Miller says:

    New Jenny Lewis album announced with a rather expensive Ltd Vinyl version. And a new Stephen Malkmus electronic album announced yesterday. I’m finding it difficult to not spend money this month!

  187. Yani P says:

    I see the 2 ABBA songs release has been delayed to after the summer – but they are already talking about a 3rd song as they had so much fun!

    • Phil Cohen says:

      I’m a fan, but maybe it is better for ABBA to stick to their previous “no reunion” stance, and not release the two new songs. As Bjorn once said, “Yes, we could reunite and tour endlessly. But, by not reuniting, people will remember us when we were young and vibrant.”. Maybe they could release some vintage outtakes instead, and their reputation would remain intact. There must be good reason why ABBA are reluctant to release the two new songs.

  188. Roel Glas says:

    For those who don’t have it yet, there is a great deal on Amazon AU at the moment for The Beatles – Sgt Peppers Super Deluxe set – AU$110
    (about 60 GBP) and it’s in stock.
    (Amazon AU only ship within Australia)

  189. Phil Cohen says:

    The next Rolling Stones video release: “Voodoo Lounge in Japan”, previously released only in Japan in the 1990’s as a now-rare 2-disc “Laserdisc” set. The DVD & Blu-ray will be released in March.

  190. Tom M says:

    New Bananarama album “In Stereo” on April 19, 2019. Cd & vinyl (basic black and clear with autographs).

  191. Aaron says:

    For those of us who missed Revolutionary Song on A New Career In A New Town – Cherr y Red will reissue the complete Just A Gigolo soundtrack on March 19…complete with 3 versions of the track…2 with Bowie on lead vocals (part 1 & 3). Amazingly this soundtrack has never been released on CD before – and now has 7 bonus tracks…a must buy from me!

    1. JUST A GIGOLO – Marlene Dietrich
    2. SALOME – The Pasadena Roof Orchestra
    3. THE REVOLUTIONARY SONG (Part 1) – The Rebels
    4. JOHNNY – The Manhattan Transfer
    5. THE STREETS OF BERLIN – The Gunther Fischer Orchestra
    6. CHARMAINE – The Pasadena Roof Orchestra
    7. JUST A GIGOLO (Instrumental – Piano) – Marlene Dietrich
    8. DON’T LET IT BE TOO LONG – Sydne Rome
    9. THE RAGTIME DANCE – The Ragtimers
    10. JEALOUS EYES – The Manhattan Transfer
    11. THE REVOLUTIONARY SONG (Part 2) – The Rebels
    12. I KISS YOUR HAND, MADAME – The Manhattan Transfer
    13. JUST A GIGOLO (Outtake) – Marlene Dietrich
    14. KISSING TIME – The Gunther Fischer Quintet
    15. BLACK BOTTOM – The Pasadena Roof Orchestra
    16. THE REVOLUTIONARY SONG (Part 3) – The Rebels
    17. AUF WIEDERSEHEN GIGOLO – Marlene Dietrich & Choir
    18. JEALOUS EYES – The Barnabus Orchestra
    19. EASY WINNERS – The Ragtimers
    20. THE REVOLUTIONARY SONG (Part 4 – Instrumental) – The Rebels
    21. JUST A GIGOLO – I AIN’T GOT NOBODY – Village People
    22. JUST A GIGOLO (Club Mix) – Marlene Dietrich

  192. Tom says:

    New Bob Stanley/Pete Wiggs compilation, called Three Day Week: When The Lights Went Out 1972-1975 available for pre-order on Ace Records
    Released on 29th March – see what they did there?
    If it’s half as good as Paris In The Spring and State Of The Union from last year, it should be an essential purchase.

  193. wesley mc dowell says:

    Unfortunately Paul there seems to be trouble brewing in the Tears for Fears camp.If you go to Curt Smiths Twitter account you will be able to make you own assessment.You don,t need to print this paul.I just hope they can keep it together it would be a great shame otherwise.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      I’m aware…. not sure what’s going on. I did reach out to Roland, but haven’t heard anything…

  194. Le Baron says:

    Paul McCartney – Flower in the Dirt Super Deluxe 60% price Drop!

    Pink Floyd – The Early Years 1965-1972 60% Price Drop !!

    Have a nice musical day !! :)

  195. Fenwick says:

    Hey Paul

    Paul McCartney Red Rose Speedway just had a MASSIVE price drop over here at Amazon US

    • The Golden Age Of Bargains, 'Til Brexit That Is. says:

      I nearly bought that Miles Davis set forgetting I had the Deluxe S.E. with the double LPs. It’s a fabulous set and at that price on Amazon a bargain!

  196. Peter de Beaux says:

    Hi Paul

    Bananarama are issuing expanded versions of their last couple of albums if you would like to cover that? That still doesn’t make it all of their albums expanded now though….pft!
    And Sophie Ellis-Bextor has an interesting take on her tunes in a greatest hits package (with a variety of bundles) available to pre-order.

    And whatever happened with the expanded re-issues from Shakespear’s Sister. Such a shame – really wanted them.

    Will the wallet ever cease to bleed : )

    Cheers Then

  197. Aaron says:

    Paul did you catch the Bros documentary over Christmas? Can’t watch it over in the States but it sounded like comedy gold!

  198. Aaron says:

    Paul… any chance of an update to your 2014 post regarding Macca’s deluxe editions? Great read and would like to see your overall thoughts on how the series has progressed since then and thoughts for the future of the series?

  199. Auntie Sabrina says:

    Sounds like HMV may be in trouble again. The Doncaster branch has up to 50% reductions as it is “Relocating”. Time to spend those gift vouchers methinks…

  200. Tony says:

    Sleeper new single limited edition of 500 white vinyl signed on the Sleeper HQ website along with signed bundles as well.

  201. Phil Cohen says:

    For the third time(in recent memory), has imposed a ban on letting people in the U.S.A. preorder upcoming CD’s on the “Esoteric” label. Quite what think that they are achieving is unknown. Certainly there are dozens of independant UK record shops who will cheerfully sell these discs to me, or I could order them directly from the record company at .The only reasons that I prefered to order them from, is because Amazon’s shipping charges are low, they don’t charge the customer until the product is dispatched, and they subtract the VAt when selling to customers outside the UK.

  202. Aaron says:

    Neil Young to issue a 2 cd version of ragged glory in early 2019. 2nd disc of previously unreleased tracks from the sessions called Ragged Glory II. Can’t wait to see the track list for this!!

  203. Aaron says:

    McCartney just released 2 free downloads on his website of tracks not included on the Wildlife and Red Rose Speedway boxes

  204. Alastair says:

    A couple of items on my wish list are showing up on HMV, and matched by, as reduced:

    Beatles ‘White’ SDE £99.99
    Paul Simon ‘Blue Light’ cd

    Likely to be more, but I haven’t looked exhaustively.

    Merry Christmas everyone, and thanks Paul for the excellent work.

  205. Len Read says:

    Cat Stevens is releasing multi formats of his 1978 album Back To Earth , the final LP before he quit the music business. As well as single CD ad LP variants there are 6 CD, 1 Blue Ray 2 LP box sets starting at just under £100n rising to £225 for a limited edition. It is being plugged on Pledge Music with a May release date schedule.No track listing yet. 315mm x 55mm x 315mm Box

    Here is how the “cheap” box set lines up:

    CD ONE: Back To Earth: Original Album Remastered.
    The 1978 album remastered from original analogue tapes to stunning effect at Abbey Road Studios

    CD TWO: Return To Earth: The Original 2001 Stereo Master.

    CD THREE: Distant Planets: Unearthed Gems.
    Back To Earth live tracks, rare demos and two beautiful, completely unheard recordings.

    CD FOUR: Alpha Omega (A Musical Revelation)
    Completion of the circle. Yusuf helps his brother David realise his own musical ambition by producing the 1978 album Alpha Omega, featuring the much loved ‘Child For A Day’

    CD FIVE: UNICEF Year Of The Child Concert at Wembley Arena 1979.
    The last love song. Yusuf performs, what he believes will be his final farewell at UNICEF’s 1979 Year Of The Child charity concert at London’s Wembley Arena.

    DVD Blu-ray ONE: UNICEF Year Of The Child Concert at Wembley Arena 1979 footage + High Res Original Album remastered

    LP ONE: Original Album Remastered

    LP TWO: UNICEF Year Of The Child Concert at Wembley Arena 1979

    Plus a 50 page hard back book and exclusive memorabilia.

    Happy Christmas everyone !

  206. Gordon M. says:

    Expanded editions of two Bananarama CDs are coming January 25th, 2019. ‘Drama’ (2005) and ‘Viva’ (2009) are being released with non-album tracks and remixes:

    • James E says:

      On 17/12/18 @19:54 GMT

      The Beatles | The White Album 6 disc cd/bluray box set Euro 107.08 – c. £96.30

  207. Carlos says:

    George Michael’s Listen Without Prejudice 4 disc deluxe is GBP 20.99 at Amazon UK

  208. Stephen K says:

    Is it time to start speculating on the 2019 releases we’ll get?

    I’m hoping for a 35th anniversary Heaven 17 “How Men Are”. It surprisingly missed a 30th anniversary release, but “The Luxury Gap” is getting toured this year, so maybe a bit of luck for us in ’19, eh?

  209. Robert says:

    David Bowie’s “1. Outside” will be released on Blue & Green vinyl on January 4, 2019.

    • Andreas says:

      Yes, saw that. Double LP with tripe gate-fold! 2 color variations available. Similarly with Hours (though 1 lp). Bit steep in price, but double Outside LP tempting.

  210. hendry doran says: offering a decent deal on 2 of the recent Macca/Wings vinyl albums. Wild Life and R.R.S. (reconstructed as it is described) coming in at £53 including all fees to the UK

  211. Roberto R says:

    Pink Floyd | The Early Years 1965-72 Euro 299,99 -5%
    King Crimson The Road to Red 24 CD EUR 99,99
    King Crimson Larks’ Tongues in Aspic 14 cd EUR 79,99

  212. Dibyaroop Ghosh says:

    correction Feb 2019

  213. Dibyaroop Ghosh says:

    Robin Trower The studio Albums 1973-1983 A 10 disc set out on February 2018

  214. joel ivins says:

    erasure releasing “wild” deluxe version in March 2019

  215. Michel D. says:

    Both Bowie’s Loving the Alien and Five Years box sets at $99.99 each at Amazon Canada right now (as of Friday 7 December)!!

  216. hendry doran says:

    Apologies if already mentioned but Amazon de selling Status Quo vinyl singles boxes at attractive prices:
    1984-1989 55 euros
    1980-1984 42 euros

  217. Francis says:

    Sad news: Pete Shelley of the punk band Buzzcocks has passed away, aged only 63.

  218. Phil Cohen says:

    Two Beach Boys “copyright extension” download releases have been released.
    “Wake The World:The Friends Sessions” & “I Can Hear Music:The 20/20 Sessions” are each equivalent to a 2-CD set.

    • Craig Hedges says:

      Thanks for letting us know Phil.
      Absolutely no promotion unlike the rubbish RPO album.
      It’s a shame that their output during this period is so overlooked, their post SMiLE material is some of their best especially Sunflower.
      Why only mp3? CDs cost nothing to press up these days, Does anyone know if there are hi res files for download?

      • Phil Cohen says:

        The two new Beach Boys download releases are also being offered as lossless FLAC, if you know where to look. As for Hi-Rez FLAC release, that is unlikely. It is said that a download release of 1968 Beach Boys concert recordings will follow within 1 to 2 weeks.
        Also from Universal Music, “Various Artists-Motown Unreleased 1968” download with 88 songs, to be released December 14th.

  219. Andreas W. says:

    yesterday I received Egypt Station Spotify green vinyl edition, yes it exists ;-)

  220. Aaron says:

    Phil Collins continues the reissue campaign with the 2 live albums remastered in February. Serious Hits Live & Hot Night In Paris

  221. Phil Cohen says:

    “copyright extension” download-only releases from The Beach Boys & Various Artists Motown are still on the way, though Universal Music is still maintaining secrecy concerning the contents. These collections must be released no later than the third week of December 2018, if they are to extend the UK/Europe copyright on these recordings for another 20 years.
    There’s something perverse in releasing recordings merely to make a legal “statement” with the hope that consumers WON’T buy them..
    The only things that Motown compiler Keith Hughes has revealed about “Motown Unreleased 1968”, is that he started with 100 songs, but expected to lose some songs due to legal clearance issues. Those clearance issues didn’t occur, but some songs were dropped for a different reason. Some songs featured poor performances, incomplete performances or recording faults, and Hughes and his engineers hoped to “fix it in the mix” with modern technology. Some tracks proved irreparable. They couldn’t be salvaged.
    The Beach Boys release (or releases) will feature both live and studio material recorded in 1968.

    • Dave H says:

      Is there any chance “Motown Unreleased 1968” will be released on CD like 1966 or will it fall by the wayside like 1967.

      CD japan has listed a new batch of High-res MQA x UHQCD which includes albums by George Harrison, Ringo Starr, Carpenters and Queen.

  222. Roel Glas says:

    For those who may have missed it (and I certainly did) and are interested in that wonderful “Collected” series by Universal nl.
    Robert Cray Collected 3CD was released late October . Decent price @ Grooves in Germany for about 14 euro. No vinyl release yet.

  223. Phil Cohen says:

    The one month postponement (until the 30th of November) of The expanded editions(from the “Real Gone” label) of Badfinger’s “Badfinger”(5th album)” & “Wish You Were Here” was due to poor sound quality. Ultimately, “Real Gone” went ahead and (belatedly) released the discs, with the hope that fans wouldn’t object to the bad mastering.
    But there have been widespread complaints, and the “Real Gone” label intends to put things right. My discs are presently in route, and I intend to not un-seal them when they arrive.
    I await the announcement of how the “Real Gone” label intends to address this problem.

    • Roel Glas says:

      Really surprised to hear that “Real Gone” released these if they knew the sound quality was poor. I have quite a few of their releases and the quality control / sound was always very good. I’m sure Badfinger fans wouldn’t have minded waiting a couple more months if Real Gone came out up front and said ‘” Hey, we’re not happy with the sound and are re-looking at the mastering”

    • Phil Cohen says:

      Contact “Real Gone Music” boss Gordon Anderson via the label’s website. Replacement Badfinger discs are being presssed, and they will be supplied as soon as they are available. The wong masters were used, and by the time this was discovered, it was too late to stop the distribution of the discs. I supplied my address and a photo of my discs as proof of purchase.

  224. Vicent Olaso Sendra says:

    Hi, Paul. Is there any way to know whether the super deluxe editions of ‘Village green …’ and ‘Odgen’s nut …’ have anything new with regard to their previous three-CD incarnations?

    • Phil Cohen says:

      Nothing new in the “Ogden’s Nut Gone Flake” CD + DVD set , excepting one promotional video.
      There’s plenty of previously unreleased mixes and versions in the “Village Green Preservation Society” box.

  225. Foxee says:

    Heads up on the Bananarama deluxe editions of Drama and Viva released by Cherry Red in January – track listing for 2-disc Viva is superb, but 3-disc Drama just might be overkill with two discs of mixes for just two songs!!!!

  226. Yani P says:

    Did anyone else manage to pre order a copy of the limited edition version of the kate bush lyric book? Had my order accepted and confirmation received so looks ok.

  227. Aaron says:

    Next Anthony Phillips reissue coming from cherry red in January:

    Esoteric Recordings is pleased to announce the release of a 4 Disc Clamshell re-mastered boxed set of the album “Seventh Heaven” by Anthony Phillips and Andrew Skeet. Originally issued as a double CD set in 2012, “Seventh Heaven” was a primarily orchestral work featuring the City of Prague Orchestra and was recorded in various locations in London and Prague. A gorgeous and evocative collection of compositions, the album was hailed by Classic FM radio and is one of Anthony’s enduring works. This new edition of “Seventh Heaven” features the original album newly re-mastered, along with a bonus CD featuring nine previously unreleased recordings, alongside the rare 1973 recording of the hymn ‘Take This Heart’ (written by Anthony Phillips and Mike Rutherford for the Charisma album “Songs for a Modern Church”), recorded at Charterhouse School and featuring the Charterhouse Choral Society. Also included is a DVD featuring a new 5.1 Surround Sound mix of “Seventh Heaven”. This clamshell boxed set features an illustrated booklet with a new essay by Anthony Phillips archivist Jon Dann.

    The re-mastered and expanded edition of Seventh Heaven is due for release date on 25th January 2019 and is available to pre-order now

    • Neil says:

      On a similar subject to this whatever happened to the rest of those Tony Banks reissues from Esoteric ?

      • Aaron says:

        He came out last year during interviews for Five and said it wasn’t happening… their was a possibility that Strictly Inc and Bankstatement might come out as they had been remixed but it was very unlikely now. Very disappointing. I really think there must be a market for us stuff… especially Still…

      • Phil Cohen says:

        Don’t blame Tony Banks for the end of Esoteric’s CD + Surround DVD series. According to Banks, Esoteric lost interest, Sales must have been deemed to low.

  228. Tom says:

    Les Negresses Vertes 3CD/DVD signed box set available on PledgeMusic, along with vinyl releases of their 5 albums

  229. Liam Bastick says:

    At last!

    It’s not that Amazon is the be-all and end-all but all choice had gone. Further, the likes of Australian high street retail stores (e.g. Harvey Norman who at least some of us are boycotting now) have lobbied to cause problems for online retailers and once they made it Mission Impossible then started charging up to THREE TIMES what people outside of Australia could order things for. Perhaps they should look at their own business model rather than try and prevent competition. has been “shaky” to put it mildly and its customer service has been appalling. I have had no end of people tell me that they have had orders cancelled for the items only to go back on sale at higher prices. Once or twice fair enough, but so many times is an insult to intelligence.

  230. EW99 says:

    Kathryn Williams box set
    10 albums from 1999-2015 on CD each with an extra CD of bonus material. Signed versions and art prints also available.

  231. Phil Cohen says:

    In February 2019, the Repertoire/UK label releases “The Yardbirds-Live and Rare” a 4-CD + DVD set. The DVD (region-free) features 14 performances from British,French & German television. No tracklisting has been revealed, though the set promises 21 previously unreleased BBC radio performances (from off-air recordings).
    I wouldn’t be surprised if the box’s contents overlaps substantially with the (now-deleted) 5-CD box “The Yardbirds-Glimpses”(released by the “Easy Action” label). The more important question is whether Repertoire has uncovered any better sounding tape sources for the radio broadcasts. For me, the DVD may be sufficient reason to buy the set. It can be preordered at

  232. Aaron says:

    One more for the odd Christmas album list…. Christmas With The Fizz…By the Fizz… with Cheryl Baker, Mike Nolan and Jay Aston…

  233. Phil Cohen says:

    Compiler Alan Boyd has confirmed that a Beach Boys “copyright extension” release is coming (Mid to late December). “20/20” & “Friends” sessions plus mid-1968 concert recordings. Unfortunately, the release will be download-only.

  234. fenwick says:

    New Van Morrison – The Prophet Speak due in December

    The album cover is……. interesting…..

  235. hendry doran says:

    For all out there waiting on the Egypt Station Spotify green vinyl a friend has just emailed me to say that his order has been cancelled due to limited supplies.
    Any light you can shed on this, Paul?

  236. Aaron says:

    New Roy Orbison with Philharmonic orchestra out next week…unchained melodies.

  237. Jose says:

    Hi Paul! Any update on the Sowing The Seeds of Love Super Deluxe Box Set? I’m a huge TFF fan and that’s my favorite album. I know it was originally planned for a 2016 release, and that you actually had a hand in the production of the box set. Any new info you can lay on us? Thanks bud!

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      I *think* it will probably come out next year now for the 30th. Although you can’t say anything with certainty with Tears For Fears… Yes, I had a big hand in it; Interviewed everyone for the sleevenotes, did a lot of tape research for the bonus audio etc. Here’s hoping…

      • Neil says:

        Obviously you know what extra stuff is on it but won’t divulge that information. My guess considering they weren’t many b sides for that album would be live stuff and a DVD. I wish they would go back and sort out the sound on Everybody Loves a Happy Ending a decent album totally ruined by brickwalling.

      • Chris Squires says:

        Without divulging specifics, what, when a product is so obviously ready for release, holds something like this up? Is it generally legal? The Artist? The Company? Are they waiting for the bigger number? 30th does sound much more impressive than 27th anniversary edition. But then why have a 5 year lead in that would have cost a bundle and is dead money until launch and that cash can be recouped.

        It has to be the oddest of stories in my time here (4 years or so). It’ll be a big seller, they must know that…what on earth is the hold up?

        • Paul Sinclair says:

          It’s normally to do with the artist… and/or their management. Priorities, strategy, negotiation, leverage all come into it. Labels can release things without the artists permission, but these days they tend to prefer a longterm view of working WITH artists and not against their wishes.

  238. Chris Squires says:

    Interesting short article about Nick Cave and the issue of grief and the loss of his son on the BBC website today.

    Hopefully people will be able to access that page sorry if you can’t (overseas?).

    I only came to Nick Cave late and entirely due to recommendations from SDE and with so much to catch up on he is right up there with my favourite artists.

  239. Philip Birtwistle says:

    “Peter Stanton says:
    November 2, 2018 at 10:06

    My SDE ordered Bob Dylan box set arrived safely and excellently packaged at 9.40 this morning.”

    Some guys get all the luck. Satuday post post and still no sing of mine. Post Orifice is no use either, they will only tell me when my parcel is delieverd, not where it is. Ah well, I expect a card behind the door on MOnday telling me they’ve got it hidden somewhere at The Sorting Orifice!!!

    Keep up the good work Paul!

  240. Dave H says:

    Hi Paul,
    Some videos regarding future releases on youtube.

    Eddie Kramer talking about 5.1 mix of Electric Ladyland

    A couple of Paul McCartney tracks
    Live And Let Die Take 10

    Indeed I Do (unreleased)

  241. Aaron says:

    I’ve heard there is a Low In High School deluxe edition coming with extra studio tracks and live tracks… you seem the video for Back In The Chain Gang cover with Morrissey playing guitar…which I assume is a joke!! 7” Single coming with Gilbert O’Sullivan’s I Didn’t know what to do on the b side…also heard there might be a covers album next year…:

    • Stan Butler says:

      There is a covers album in March 2019. The deluxe Low in High School is vinyl only (for now) and out in December. It contains “Chain Gang”. Haven’t heard about the Gilbert track but as a fan of both, I’d love to hear Moz cover it.

      • Glenn says:

        Morrissey cover album California Son tracklist (release date TBD, maybe March):
        01. Morning Starship (Jobriath)
        02. Don’t Interrupt The Sorrow (Joni Mitchell)
        03. Only A Pawn In Their Game (Bob Dylan)
        04. Suffer The Little Children (Buffy Sainte Marie)
        05. Days Of Decision (Phil Ochs)
        06. It’s Over (Roy Orbison)
        07. Wedding Bell Blues (Laura Nyro)
        08. Loneliness Remembers What Happiness Forgets (Dionne Warwick)
        09. Lady Willpower (Gary Puckett & the Union Gap)
        10. When You Close Your Eyes (Carly Simon)
        11. Lenny’s Tune (Tim Hardin)
        12. Some Say I Got Devil (Melanie)

  242. Philip Birtwistle says:

    News from Sony that there are four pages missing from the book in the Bob Dylan boxset. All they are offering is this link :

    No reprint………

  243. Peter Stanton says:

    Following on from my last email re More Blood More Tracks.

    I had pre-ordered this from Amazon UK, but cancelled this to get it from you.
    However, I have just got an email from Amazon allowing me to play or download it.

    Opening myself up to ridicule, CDs are about as modern as I get and I have never downloaded any of the physical ‘product’ that I have bought. Is this available ad infinitum or does it have a cut off date?

  244. Peter Stanton says:

    My SDE ordered Bob Dylan box set arrived safely and excellently packaged at 9.40 this morning.

    Excellent service and price, so many thanks Paul.

    na . o

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Great stuff. Thanks Peter :)

      • The Golden Age Of The Genius Of Ray Davies says:

        I didn’t get mine today Paul, no worries though, the LP & single CD arrived from the Dodgers together with my Moody Blues box set and The Kinks 331/3 Village Green…. book. The book was ordered to go with the VGPS box which I can’t stop playing so plenty to keep me occupied. SDE of the year so far and I’m including the Imagine SDE and a whole lot more. Then again Zimmie’s box will arrive tomorrow then there’s The White Album, Jimi’s Electric Ladyland, Tulls SE and a few more to come. If any of those are better than VGPS then they will truly be great.

      • The Golden Age Of Robert Allen Zimmerman says:

        My copy arrived today Paul, nicely and safely packaged, as expected. Thank you Paul.

        My box had none of the CD glue issues that some on the Steve Hoffman Forum have experienced. Now to print off those missing pages, I see Sony have apologised but these things should not happen with items costing £90-£110.

        The music is SUPERB!!!

  245. Johan says:

    Hi Paul,

    Did you know that on October 5th Roxette released a 30th Anniversay edition of Look Sharp? Didn’t find any mention on your site.
    They include a box set containing the LP Look Sharp (Original Album), CD Look Sharp! The Demos and a DVD The Making of Look Sharp. Also a 2 CD Set, a vinyl LP and a 4 DVD Box Set.

  246. Phil Cohen says:

    What would you like first; the good news or the bad news?
    First, the bad news: the “Real Gone” label’s expanded/remasters of the two Warner Bros. “Badfinger” albums have been postponed four weeks until the 30th of November.
    Now, the good news: it appears that I spoke too soon in predicting that King Crimson wouldn’t have any product for this year’s “Classic Rock” archival market. It appears that a 50th anniversary boxed set edition of the group’s 1969 debut album “In The Court of The Crimson King” is on the way. What it could offer beyond the contents of the 2009 40th Anniversary Edition remains to be seen. But the group’s boxed sets have always been curated to a very high standard.

  247. wesley mc dowell says:

    A couple of intresting releases
    live x-propaganda cd available from Claudia brucken,s website and new ep by Fish featuring new studio and live tracks available on tour and from his website.

  248. Peter Stanton says:

    Just heard that my order in May for West Coast Seattle boy £11.67 is still hanging in there. Won’t hold my breath, but who knows.

  249. John Toll says:

    The Specials are to release their first new album in 37 years. Called ‘Encore’ available in February 2019. Pre-order only from HMV so far.

    • Dave H says:

      A pity it took so long to get some new material out since they got back together. Of the six original members who re-formed I think there’s only three members left in The Specials as it currently stands.
      I have no idea if there’s any contribution from the other three members though.

  250. Peter Muscutt says:

    Hi Paul

    Just a heads up that the Damon Albarn side-project The Good The Bad & The Queen have their second album ‘Merrie Land’ out on November 16th…looks like its available on CD/vinyl, deluxe CD hardback book, limited green vinyl and a super deluxe set.

    There seems to be good prices through Rough Trade, but not sure what their postage rates are like…Also, they don’t seem to have the super deluxe set which might be a band webstore exclusive? No links to anything other than the standard CD/vinyl on Amazon yet.

  251. AndyB says:

    New Van Morrison in December! Very, very strange cover artwork. Can’t wait to see your link on this!

  252. The Golden Age Of British Politics says:

    Hi Paul, I’ve ordered the More Blood More Tracks from your store even though my Amazon France order came in cheaper, only a couple of quids. I’m surprised you’ve managed to get copies because this is a strictly limited edition and when they’ve gone that’s it.

  253. Len Read says:

    Judie Tzuke has her (almost) complete 24 album career issued in £99.99 CD box set due out on November 2. Runs from her Elton John Rocket label debut welcome to the Cruise to last year’s Peace Has Broken Out. The set includes her live albums. Missing are two home recording Song Club albums available to her fans only at the time. However a few songs from these two releases are featured on a box-set only exclusive disc titled More From the Moon but no track listing has yet been issued for it. Pre-order is already up on Amazon

  254. Gorecki says:

    Manic Street Preachers: This Is My Truth sets out in time for Christmas – er – the 20th anniversary! ;) Release date: 7th December.

  255. Liam Bastick says:

    Manic Street Preachers signed “This Is My Truth – Tell Me Yours” bundles out now: – there will be the usual rush for these. Made sure I got my order in before letting you know :-)

    At least they deliver to Australia – no one I know over here could get the Bowie boxed set, Police or Suede. It’s ridiculous.

  256. Len Read says:

    Neil Young has just confirmed on his Archives website that next archival release will be the 1976 Crazy Horse world tour acoustic compilation Songs For Judy. It is named after some audience banter regarding Judy Garland who Neil imagines is sitting in the front row of a show. The 23 tracks were originally recorded via the soundboard by guitar tech Joel Bernstein from the solo set that preceded each night’s band performance. At the time there were a number of unreleased songs and there are many bootlegs in circulation. Interestingly , Neill says the compilation was picked by Bernstein and journalist turned movie director Cameron Crowe, a big NY fan. The release date is November 30 and Campaigner can be streamed from his site now. There is an image of the album art showing a sketch of , presumably, Garland, flicking through some papers.

  257. Aaron says:

    3 Live At The BBC sets coming at the end of October:

    The Hollies – looks like an edited down version of “Radio Fun”
    The Shadows
    Gerry & The Pacemakers

  258. Vishal says:

    I just wanted to let the friends of SDE know, especially who do a lot of pre-ordering from Amazon US – there is a new trend of them showing coupons like “Save an extra $x.xx at checkout.” randomly which are temporary and when compared to the pre-order price will come out cheaper but your pre-order will never reflect this change so in the end you will end up paying more :( There has been some chatter around this on other music related forums as well and in my personal opinion this is a disservice to loyal buyers who do a lot of pre-ordering and also kind of against the “pre-order price guarantee” they claim.

  259. hendry doran says:

    Bar codes have been allocated to the various formats of Red Rose Speedway and Wings Wildlife, the next albums being released in the McCartney Archive Collection. Saw a suggested release date of 7/12/18 but no idea if that is official

  260. Len Read says:

    Something from Neil Young himself regarding the long awaited (nine years and counting!) Archives 2 set. On his website he has a “letter to the editor ” section. On October 1, someone asked for a “ballpark” estimate of a release date for Archives 2. Bearing in mind there had been rumours that Neil had scrapped the idea of a physical set replaced by high-res streaming, he replied:”May 2019 the NYA V2 CDs and a separate book by Toshi Onuki will be available. Blu Ray is no longer viable for economic reasons. NYA can give you what the blu ray had though by including High Res audio. Thanks, NY”. I actually bought the Blu Ray Archives 1 set mainly for the visual content. Interesting though that there is a CD package on the way.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Thanks Len!

      • Len Read says:

        Thanks, Paul. You do a grand job ! I checked out Toshi Onuki and he has been Neil’s art director since 2002. He has created sleeves for CDs, both new and archive, as well as graphics for reissued videos such as Rust Never Sleeps. I am guessing the book will be more a visual documentary along the lines of the recent Led Zeppelin release.

  261. Stephen Maynard says:

    Junodownload have the Loving the Alien box set at less than £10 currently

  262. Aaron says:

    New Gary Numan live cd/dvd set coming soon. Live at Brixton Academy 2cd/dvd set. Bundle on his website also includes The Fallen EP on cd + vinyl

    Savage – Live At Brixton Academy CD/DVD


    1. Hide (Intro) (Live)
    2. Ghost Nation (Live)
    3. Metal (Live)
    4. The Fall (Live)
    5. I’m An Agent (Live)
    6. Bed Of Thorns (Live)
    7. Dead Sun Rising (Live)
    8. Down In The Park (Live)
    9. Pray For The Pain You Serve (Live)
    10. Here In The Black (Live)


    11. Mercy (Live)
    12. Love Hurt Bleed (Live)
    13. My Name Is Ruin (Live)
    14. Cars (Live)
    15. When The World Comes Apart (Live)
    16. Prayer For The Unborn (Live)
    17. Films (Live)
    18. Are ‘Friends’ Electric? (Live)


    1. Hide (Intro) (Live)
    2. Ghost Nation (Live)
    3. Metal (Live)
    4. The Fall (Live)
    5. I’m An Agent (Live)
    6. Bed Of Thorns (Live)
    7. Dead Sun Rising (Live)
    8. Down In The Park (Live)
    9. Pray For The Pain You Serve (Live)
    10. Here In The Black (Live)
    11. Mercy (Live)
    12. Love Hurt Bleed (Live)
    13. My Name Is Ruin (Live)
    14. Cars (Live)
    15. When The World Comes Apart (Live)
    16. Prayer For The Unborn (Live)
    17. Films (Live)
    18. Are ‘Friends’ Electric? (Live)

    • Peter Muscutt says:

      Nice one Aaron – saw Gary live in the Isle of Man earlier this year, great gig and the album is great too.

  263. Imogen Jumbles says:

    The Who fans, The preorder of Roger Daltrey’s Hardback edition of “Thanks a lot Mr Kibblewhite: My Story”(Limited Signed Edition) is only £12 on WHSmith website. WHSmith also have a current 10% off books voucher code live at the moment.

  264. Dibyaroop Ghosh says:

    Today on Instagram Ian Anderson announced “The Ballad of Jethro Tull” the first official Jethro Tull Book, its an illustrated, oral history of the band. You need to register at for updates, the chance to have your name printed in the book, an early bird discount when the book goes on sale.

  265. Wolfgang says:

    Does anyone here know why Talk Talk´s 30 year old album Spirit of Eden is among the best selling vinyl records on Amazon right now? It is probably selling more copies today than when it was released! Paul, do you know why?

  266. Andrew b in the place to b says:

    Cherry red releasing entire catalogue vinyl box set for carter the unstoppable sex machine includes x2 unreleased albums. No CD.

  267. Aaron says:

    Looks like the next one of these Philharmonic Orchestra albums will be a Cilla Black one…includes her 3 Beatles covers… step inside love, love of the loved and it’s for maybe a bit of interest there…

  268. Stan Butler says:

    I noticed that a number of McCartney items, including the Egypt Station CD, are now exclusive to Prime members on Amazon UK. Non-Prime buyers have to get them from market place sellers. Does anyone know if this is just applicable to McCartney? I checked a few other big names andcouldnt find a similar exclusion. I know it happens for non-musical items but this is he first time I have seen it applied to music.

  269. Dominic Smith says:

    Now that KB’s ‘Aerial’ is finally getting the vinyl re-release the next album on my list is The Cardigans ‘Gran Turismo’. Long (long) promised by the band (apprently waiting on Universal) and still no sign. Any chance of email to Universal Paul?

  270. hendry doran says:

    Traveling Wilburys volume 1 being issued as a limited edition picture disc on 2 November. The sound of vinyl and udiscovermusic carrying photo and blurb about the album. Price is £18.99

  271. Stu says:

    Cast vinyl collection boxset has dropped to £35.99 on Amazon which is a great price.

  272. Sandy Yoss says:

    I received “Imagine – The Ultimate Collection” and I have discovered two issues/errors with the Blu Ray Discs:

    1) Blu-Ray Disc 1 “Imagine The Ultimate Mixes” — The Out-takes are only available in Stereo 24-96. However, both the back cover and the sleeve that contains the discs list these sixteen tracks for both 5.1 and Stereo 24-96 Mixes. There is not an option on the Blu-Ray menu to select 5.1 or Stereo, as there are with the other tracks listed with a 5.1 option.

    2) Blu-Ray Disc 2 “In The Studio and Deeper Listening” – The disc appears to “freeze up” and become unplayable in “The Elements Mixes” portion of the disc.

    • Phil Cohen says:

      I hope that I’m luckier with my John Lennon boxed set, which is on its way to me from
      I’ve seen some criticisms (of technical problems on the Blu-ray discs in the boxed set) which were absurd (one reviewer on Amazon complained that they couldn’t play the Blu-Ray discs on a MAC computer. It was the late Steven Jobs’ wish that Apple Computers NEVER support the Blu-ray format, and his corporate heirs have abided by his wishes.). Jobs described the Blu-ray format as “A bagful of hurt”, an apparent reference to the fact that Blu-ray’s authoring & encryption standards are never finalised, but, rather, are subject to firmware updates.
      As for consumers who received sets with some scratched CD’s, that would upset me too. But perhaps SDE could ask Universal Music whether all the materials on the Blu-ray discs (other than the master album takes) are intended to be available in 5.1 surround sound, and whether, for certain parts of these discs, the 5.1 option must be selected via the “audio” button on the disc player’s remote control.
      If there are legitimate issues with the Blu-ray discs, I hope that Universal Music will provide an easy way for consumers to obtain replacements. Sending a large and heavy boxed set back to the UK is something that I’m not looking forward to. (I’m in the U.S.A.)

      • Phil Cohen says:

        Today, I’m seeing further reports (on the internet) of playback issues with both CD & Blu-ray discs from the John Lennon “Imagine” box, as well as niosy playback from the Clear Vinyl 2-L.P. set (available only directly from Universal Music). Too bad that for a major release such as this that Universal Music gave the project to a shoddy pressing plant. Of course, the Clear vinyl release is also on its way to me.
        Maybe, we should expect similar problems with The Beatles’ “White Album” set.

        • Robert says:

          @ Phil Cohen

          I had plans to buy the John Lennon “Imagine” box. But after I have red your post I am going to wait a little while, untill I have more information if everyone has problems playing the CD & Blu-ray dics. Let us know what your experiece with this boxset is.

  273. Phil Cohen says:

    ABKCO’s Blu-ray reissue of The Rolling Stones “Rock n’Roll Circus” has been postponed until an unspecified date in 2019. The disc will have previously unreleased John Lennon content, but no unreleased Rolling Stones content.
    Universal Music has released an expanded 96Khz/24-bit download of 2017’s “The Beatles-Sgt.Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band” boxed set. This time, it includes the entirety of CD’s 1,2, 3 & 4 albeit at high definition.
    The Canadian band “Rush” are going to released a Deluxe boxed set of their album “Hemispheres”, including CD’s, L.P.’s and a 5.1 Blu-ray audio disc & a book. There will be unreleased live recordings in the set, but as per Rush’s policy, no unreleased studio material. The rumour is that Rush’s entire career has produced less than 30 minutes of unreleased studio material, and the group is unlikely to ever permit its release.

    • Rob says:

      The promo material for the new Rush box set does not mention who did the 5.1 mix. (On last year’s “Farewell to Kings” box set they prominently mentioned that it was a Steven Wilson mix.)

      Paul, can you ask around and find out if this is a Steven Wilson mix also? I know Steven is a huge Rush fan, but he has said recently that he wants to back away from doing a lot of surround mixing for other artists as it takes time away from creating new music of his own.

      • Rob says:

        Update: Steven Wilson has tweeted that he did not do the 5.1 mix for Hemispheres. :-(

        I’d still love to know who did the mix though!

  274. eric says:

    it appears that either there is available backstock of the 3LP Half Speed Master or it is being reissued. Either way, like the Tom Petty Live Anthology, this has skyrocketed in price on the secondary market. I just bought it on the site.

  275. Phil Cohen says:

    A major disappointment for Rolling Stones fans: According to the Music Tap website, the upcoming reissue of The Rolling Stones’ “Beggars Banquet” album is a single disc remaster. No bonus material. What a waste of plastic. Obviously, The Stones will never agree to let ABKCO release unreleased 1964-1969 studio material, though it is being rampantly bootlegged, and is gradually entering UK/Europe public domain. The Stones’ bitterness towards Allen Klein (and his heirs) matters more to The Stones than loyalty to the fans.
    In reality the best of the “Beggars Banquet” and “Let it Bleed” outtakes were released on the 1975 outtakes album “Metamorphosis”.

  276. KevinK says:

    Great pre-order price on the Barry White 20th Century Records Albums (1973-1979) 9CD set on Amazon US at the moment … just over $18.

  277. Tom M says:

    Bananarama limited edition colored vinyl coming in October. I believe a CD is included with the LP. Getting to be an expensive year.

  278. Alan Kading says:

    Joe Strummer 001
    The very lovely box set arrived this morning but the “driving licence” is superglued to the side of the box. Anyone else have this issue?

  279. Yani P says:

    At last the Yuka Fujii book Like Planets is available !! A no-brainer must have for any David Sylvian collector. Managed to grab a numbered signed version (now sold out) but the £50 regular version still available.

    • Chris Squires says:

      It interesting to see the many posts moaning, on the main news thread, about costs for particular items. And here we have a 170 page book for £50. If this was musical equivalency it would be, at 170 pages, no more than, what? A 2CD with half an extra disc of out-takes or remixes for £50?
      Heads would explode. It shows, to me at any rate, how people do not value music any more. Everything is a rip-off or the current favourite saying, a “cash-grab”.

      Thank goodness there are companies willing to produce these kind of things and there are people willing to buy them in the world of books. It’s sad to hear people whining that £50 is too much for a 5CD or 3 or 4 LP set that has involved dozens of talented people that all have mortgages to pay and they will wait for it to drop to £20 before they buy something they actually want. As much as Amazon is damaging things, it is this cheap-as-chips attitude that is wreaking even more havoc on the world of physical music.
      Sylvian is art in human form.
      Art has a value, not just a price.

  280. Phil Cohen says:

    More news concerning the Cherry Red group of labels. They’ve ordered to not sell most of Cherry Red’s upcoming releases to people in the U.S.A.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Not sure they can ‘order’ Amazon to do anything, to b honest…

      • Phil Cohen says:

        The situation was apparently a glitch in the website. All Cherry Red CD products are now available to ship to the U.S.A. again. This situation was corrected shortly after I placed an order and was forced to omit an item.

  281. Phil Cohen says:

    I guess that the Esoteric label must have bought up more formerly EMI/Harvest recordings than just the Be Bop Deluxe and Barclay James Harvest catalogs . Now, they’re also going to give the (very) Deluxe Expanded treatment to the catalog of ” Third Ear Band”, an odd acoustic group with a Two Cellos/ Oboe/ Tabla line-up who often performed at Rock Festivals circa 1969-1971. Their debut album, “Third Ear Band” sometimes refered to as Elements” gets the 3-CD expanded treatment (23rd of November) with lots of unreleased material from both the BBC and German radio, as well as unreleased outtakes from Abbey Road Studios. The group’s sound is somewhat monotonous, but hypnotic, and probably sounded good to stoned hippies and those rock festivals nearly 50 years ago.
    Also upcoming from Esoteric: “Procol Harum-Procol’s Ninth”, a 3-CD set with previously unreleased studio alternate takes and rough mixes plus two radio concerts.
    Note: of late many upcoming releases from the Cherry Red group of labels are available to preorder only through Cherry Red’s website, but not through Amazon. This means substantially higher shipping charges than Amazon. Also, Cherry Red does not subtract the VAT when selling to people outside the UK.

  282. Phil Cohen says:

    On the 2nd of November the DERAM label releases “The Moody Blues-In Search of The Lost Chord” 3-CD + 2-DVD boxed set. This will contain both audio & video material, plus the original stereo mix, a new stereo mix, a few mono single mixes and the album’s first-ever 5.1 surround mix, plus BBC radio & television performances.
    In 1972, when 6 of the group’s 7 “Classic” albums were mixed for Quadraphonic Reel to Reel & 8-track cartridge release, this album wasn’t amongst them. Engineer Derek Varnals would explain, that for this album, recorded on 4-track, that after the various “bounce downs”(reduction mixes), what remained was a 4-track tape with 2 tracks of vocals and 2 tracks of instruments, and this was not considered sufficient to create a quadraphonic mix. apparently, they must have found 4-track tapes from earlier recording stages and synchronized them to make a 5.1 mix possible (something that would have been highly difficult in 1972, when the group’s quadraphonic mixes were created)
    The packaging will be in a box similar to that which Universal has used for “The Who-Maximum A’s & B’s”, “Big Country at The BBC” & “Mike Oldfield-Crises”
    Another amazing classic rock archival release in a season that may bankrupt some consumers!

    • The Golden Age Of Whatever says:

      That`s another to add to the list of SE`s I have on pre-order, add to that The Stones next `From The Vault`, Monkees Xmas, Knopfler`s newie but not the SE.
      It takes my spending into well over four figures and I ain`t joking. However the new Golden Age Of policy dictates room must be made for new releases and the selling of LPs/CDs I no longer play nor will play ever again are sold to finance new purchases. I ain`t no millionaire senator`s son. This policy has worked extremely well in it`s first implementation.

    • Dave H says:

      Thanks for the info Phil. A pity it couldn’t be located earlier for massive Timeless Flight box set but better late than never.
      Yes, you’re right there’s a lot of amazing releases out for the Christmas market this year. The worse part is not knowing which ones will be still around to buy at a later date.

  283. John T says:

    New Suede Blue Hour Album released yesterday. Signed vinyl at their webstore. Signed CDs already sold out.

  284. Chris Squires says:

    It may not mean much to those beyond our shores but today the UK lost a genuine talent.
    Chas Hodges from Chas & Dave has passed away.

    “Ain’t no pleasin you” is probably, alongside Vienna, the best UK no.2 single ever made.

    RIP Chas.

    • Peter Stanton says:

      Well said Chris. He played on so many records and had an amazing history. Saw him last in Hyde Park supporting Eric Clapton.
      I shall have a beer for Chas tonight.

  285. Jason says:

    Chris Cornell career spanning releases.
    4 cd box set
    2 Lp + Litho
    4 cd – bluray – 7lp box set – Lithos – slipmat – 66 pg Hardback book

  286. Phil Cohen says:

    The Rolling Stones-Voodoo Lounge Uncut (from Eagle Rock Entertainment) will be available as either Blu-ray + 2-CD or DVD + 2-CD. Amazon is showing artwork, but no info as to the contents. The Blu-ray will be upconverted from standard definition.
    Meanwhile, Britain’s Dutton Vocalion label has become the home of Sony Music’s vintage quadraphonic mixes. Recently released hybrid SACD titles include “Weather Report-Tale Spinnin'”, a two-fer by “Poco” (“Cantamos” & “Seven”) and a Two-fer by Jazz-rock group “Chase”(“Ennea” & “Pure Music”). Chase were a promising horn-driven group, not unlike Chicago, but their career abruptly ended after 3 albums, when the group’s leader, trumpeter Bill Chase (and one other group member) were killed in a plane crash. Also recently released on Quadraphonic Hybrid SACD by Dutton Vocalion: a two-fer by Brazilian percussionist Airto and several titles by Philadelphia soul vocalist Billy Paul.

  287. David says:

    New Mark Knopfler album on the way – with deluxe editions:

  288. Aaron says:

    One for Beach Boys fan…Mike Love has a new Christmas album coming out called Reason For The Season…will be giving this one a miss but some may be interested!

    1. Celestial Celebration
    2. Finally It’s Christmas (feat. Hanson)
    3. Little St. Nick
    4. Must Be Christmas (with Ambha Love and Christian Love)
    5. Jingle Bell Rock
    6. Alone On Christmas Day
    7. Reason For The Season
    8. Do You Hear What I Hear (with All Love)
    9. Away in a Manger (with All Love)
    10. Bring a Torch (feat. Hayleigh Love and Brian Love)
    11. O Come All Ye Faithful (with All Love)
    12. O Holy Night (feat. Ambha Love with All Love)

    • KevinK says:

      There’s a new Monkees seasonal offering on CD too, Christmas Party, via Rhino on Oct 12th

      1. Unwrap You At Christmas
      2. What Would Santa Do
      3. Mele Kalikimaka
      4. House Of Broken Gingerbread
      5. The Christmas Song
      6. Christmas Party
      7. Jesus Christ
      8. I Wish It Could Be Christmas Every Day
      9. Silver Bells
      10. Wonderful Christmastime
      11. Snowfall
      12. Angels We Have Heard On High
      13. Merry Christmas, Baby
      Target exclusive tracks:
      14. Riu Chiu
      15. Christmas Is My Time of Year

      • Aaron says:

        Great target exclusive tracks…track 14 is from the Christmas episode of the tv show and track 15 was a one off 1976 single…

        Would be interested to hear the version of the Macca track too!

        Thanks for the info..

        Lots of Christmas album oddities coming out this year it seems!!

        William Shatner
        Eric Clapton
        Mike Love
        …anyone else??

  289. Craig Hedges says:

    It’s been confirmed that the new Abba songs won’t be released this year :(

  290. Michael says:

    Some rumors concerning The Beatles’ “White Album”-anniversary-reissue (taken from a German forum where somebody quotes the Steve-Hoffman-forum…):
    “Yes, the magic number is seven for the big box, actually what was posted some days ago was a ‚copy and paste‘ thing directly from one of the earlier memos. 2 disc new remix, 1 disc demos, 3 discs outtakes (2 hours 45 mins) + BRD adding extra minutes of outtakes NOT on the CDs (besides 5.1. of the new mix, mono, etc, etc) plus the 70 minutes aprox of Esher it will be a good amount of new material.
    The 3 CD version will be limited as well. 2 LP (180gr) of the new stereo mix of course with contents faithful to the original (but not detailed if will be also numbered), no word now on the colored or any colored vinyl and also a special standalone release also limited edition. (Plus the 2 CD version of the new stereo mix).“

  291. Phil Cohen says:

    A while back, I told you about an upcoming Sony/Legacy project for Big Brother & the Holding Company’s 1968 album “Cheap Thrills”; the album that brought vocalist Janis Joplin to stardom.
    Rather than follow the usual album plus bonus outtakes formula , Sony is going to release something better: “Sex, Dope & Cheap Thrills” (the album’s original intended title, which was vetoed by label executives), which will be a 2-CD set consisting entirely of outtake versions, almost all of them previously unreleased. Not only will it include alternate takes of the original album’s 7 songs, but also outtakes of the many other songs attempted at the sessions, including “Catch Me Daddy”, “Misery’n”, “Harry”, “It’s a Deal”, “Easy Once You Know How”, “Flower in the Sun”, “Magic of Love”, “Farewell Song”, “Roadblock” and more.
    The group originally wanted the album to be recorded live in concert, but attempts to record the group live had not proven to be musically satisfactory, so the group recorded the music mostly in the studio, adding audience sounds to two of the studio tracks. Though the album cover boasted “Live material recorded at Bill Graham’s Fillmore Auditorium”, in fact, only the album’s final song “Ball & Chain” was actually recorded at a concert. With no studio version of “Ball & Chain” to present, the new collection offers a “Live at Winterland” version. All the other songs in this 2-CD collection are from the John Simon-produced New York sessions that resulted in the “Cheap Thrills” album.
    The album was truly a landmark in the late 1960’s San Francisco music scene.

    • Peter Stanton says:

      Thanks Phil. As I, and others, have said before your updates are always of great interest to us more mature readers with a prime interest in the 60s, Beatles, Stones, West Coast music etc.

    • Roel Glas says:

      Thanks for the info Phil, looking forward to this

  292. Aaron says:

    New Jon Anderson album A Thousand Hands due soon. Based on songs he’s been working on for 27 years.

  293. Len Read says:

    Eric Clapton’s excellent Life In 12 Bars double CD is currently 4.99 on Amazon UK.

  294. Phil Cohen says:

    5th of October, ABKCO releases a remastered DVD & Blu-Ray of The Rolling Stones’ film “Sympathy For The Devil”.

  295. Phil Cohen says:

    Bad news: The Doors-Waiting For The Sun” 2-CD + L.P. boxed set contains what are (likely) the first major label U.S.A. CD’s to be encoded with the controversial MQA process. If you connect your CD player to an MQA-equiped Digital to Analog converter, you’ll get MQA’s (somewhat) lossy approximation of High Resolution audio. But without MQA decoding, the MQA system reduces CD’s usual 16-bit audio to a mere 13-bits.
    It looks like the record companies intend to try to force MQA upon the consumers. This is bad news. If consumers find this unacceptable, it will speed the demise of the CD format. Only one disc player (Oppo UDP-205) is equiped to decode MQA discs without external equipment, and of course,Oppo is defunct. I only became aware that this Doors product was MQA encoded after I ordered it. If had known this, I wouldn’t have ordered it.

  296. Cédric (Switzerland) says:

    Not about a release, but about packaging from Amazon. I recently received a vinyl (PSB Bilingual) with absolutely no protection, packaged in a wayyyyy to big box with some wrinkled paper above it. The result is that the cover is bended on 2 corners, which looks absolutely horrible… I complained with Amazon and since it was the second package within 3 weeks that got in with damaged goods (I returned the first one and got an exchange), I finally was reimbursed fully without having to send the item back (I told them that going to the post office had to be during my office hours, that I did it already once a few weeks ago, and that if I had to go again, I would gladly invoice them with my missing work hour…).
    My question is: is there any way to get a decent packaging from Amazon? Maye some well-hidden option? I’d gladly pay 1-2£ more to make sure the items arrive in one piece…
    They sometimes have these nice “frustration free” packaging for vinyl or steelbook blu-ray, but that’s not the case for every item. I bought 3 brand new Pet Shop Boys vinyl at the same time, 1 was in a “frustration free” packaging”, the other 2 not.
    Does anyone have tips? Asking for full refund without returning the item won’t work everytime I’m afraid…

    • The Golded Age Of Postal Deliveries says:

      I received the first Roxy Music SE 4xCD Box Set with a minor ding in one corner from Amazon USA. However a ding is a ding and it was caused by being sent in a large box without padding. I contacted Amazon USA, recieved an apology, was told to keep the item and reimbursed in full! I was expecting to get 10% refunded which I would have accepted. I have since ordered a few items from Amazon USA and they have all been perfectly packaged.

  297. Aaron says:

    Have you seen anything about the new Fall compilation coming soon. Called 58 Golden Greats and looks like an old Johnny Cash cover

    • Chris Squires says:

      It looks like a pastiche of the Elvis 40 Greatest hits on Arcade records that was released just before his death (Elvis’s, not Mark’s)

      • KevinK says:

        Good spot. That would make sense, since it’s an update/expanded version of the earlier Fall compilation “50,000 Fall Fans Can’t Be Wrong – 39 Golden Greats” which had an Elvis pastiche cover.

        • Stan Butler says:

          This is from Daryl Elsea in March’s Record Collector. Golden Greats was the original idea for the 50,000 album.

          Knowing what an influence Elvis Presley had been on MES, and the fact there is the picture of the album on the back of the Grotesque sleeve, I wrote an email to Hammonds: “I had a cover idea – do you remember the K-Tel Elvis 40 Golden Greats LP with the illustration of his head in the middle of it in front of a golden 40? Get an illustrator to do the same with MES on it!” The designer, Becky Stewart, couldn’t locate the Golden Greats image but came up with a marvellous parody of the much-loved Elvis comp, Gold Records, Volume 2: 50,000,000 Elvis Fans Can’t Be Wrong, using multiple copies of Kevin Cummins’ 1978 “diamond jumper” shot of Smith. I laughed on seeing Becky’s creation and suggested the title 5,000 Fall Fans Can’t Be Wrong. The most important thing about the collection was that it was fully endorsed by Smith himself; and he made one significant change – upping the number of fans by 45,000. He wanted the number to be nearer a batallion as 5,000 seemed too small.

  298. Phil Cohen says:

    Badfinger’s two Warner Bros. albums (“Badfinger” & “Wish You Were Here”) get the expanded treatment (10 bonus tracks per album) on the 2nd of November fThe projects have been supervised by Badfinger historian Dan Matovina.

  299. Aaron says:

    Anyone interested in a William Shatner Christmas album?

    Shatner Claus (Great Title!) – is out on Oct 26 and features Henry Rollins, Billy Gibbons, Judy Collins, Brad Paisley, Rick Wakeman, Iggy Pop, Todd Rundgren, Joe Louis Walker and more…not sure if this was produced by Billy Sherwood who did Ponder The Mystery but that one was surprisingly great…

    a 7″ single Jingle Bells (Punk Rock Version) feat Henry Rollins b/w Silent Night feat. Iggy Pop is out on the same day.

    Eric Clapton also has a Xmas album out on Oct 12 – bet the Shatner one will be more interesting.

    Will SDE be covering the Shatner release in greater detail? Unboxing video?

    I probably will not be allowed to post again on here…. :)

    • Phil Cohen says:

      Well, if Bob Dylan, Barbra Streisand, Barry Manilow, Kenny G, Phil Spector, Herb Alpert & Carole King can record Christmas albums, then so can William Shatner.

      • Aaron says:

        Oh believe me, I completely agree and will likely be getting both the Shatner and Clapton releases. Like I say I thought the Ponder The Mystery album was pretty great. Like Yes but with Captain Kirk on vocals! :)

  300. Tom says:

    New Bob Stanley & Pete Wiggs (St Etienne) compilation of rare American tracks from the late 60s/early 70s just announced on Ace Records. CD and Blue Vinyl. Out late Oct.
    If half as good as the previous two (English Weather and Paris In The Springtime), it’ll be a corker.

    • KevinK says:

      Thanks for the heads-up, that looks an amazing line-up of artists. Roy Orbison’s Southbound Jericho Parkway has long been a favourite of mine – probably because it’s slightly off-the-wall.
      Worth noting the CD has to drop one track (Give Peace A Chance) to fit it on one disc.

  301. Golden Age Of _ _ _ _ _ _. ' _ says:

    Hi Paul, I’ve just ordered the new David Crosby LP ‘Here If You Listen’ for the bargain price of £10.87 at Amazon UK. It’s released on October 26th.

    • Aaron says:

      4th album in 5 years….what a run by the Croz. Seems falling out with Nash and Young has done him a lot of good.

      The 3 previous albums have been top drawer and the single from this one Glory is pretty awesome too…

      Nash and Stills should take a leaf out of his book and up the output….this is Neil levels of productivity!!!

  302. Alan says:

    Hi Paul, do you know if the Barry White album box set due soon is going to include any unreleased stuff.

  303. Caroline says:

    Semi-secret project from Tom Bailey has appeared on Bandcamp this morning – might be of interest to SDE readers…

  304. Dibyaroop Ghosh says:

    Dear All…..i needed some guidance here…..I have ordered regular and deluxe sets from UK, US, France, Germany Amazon sites. I always opt for standard shipping. So there is a product cost and additional is shipping cost….now the product can be sent thru regular post of the originating country or via courier (amazon told me that its system randomly decides the mode of shipping when standard shipping is selected)…..My query is that in either case will i be charged import duty when the destination country is not one of UK, US, France and Gemany….so far in most cases i haven’t been charged import duty….but in one case i have been charged….the product cost i paid for was 73 Euro….it was shipped to Norway from Germany……DHL norway said that the product price was mentioned as 114 Euros as per amazon germany invoice….and they calculated 25% of 114 Euro as duty instead of 73 Euro…any iputs/direction would be helpful

    • Tax man says:

      Norway is not part of the EU so any item bought from abroad is subject to import tax. If it’s anything like the UK, it’s pretty much hit and miss whether import duty is added. I guess there’s too many items to add duty on every item.
      As for the charge itself, there is also a handling charge to pay on top of the duty. This can be quite high.

      • Dibyaroop Ghosh says:

        Thanks a lot… even with the fabulous deal alerts here, the import duty and handling charge can step up the price really high….so much for staying in a country outside EU or US…..

  305. Roel Glas says:

    Hi Paul,
    Just wondering if you could share this with all your Aussie readers who have been missing out on your deal alerts due to geo-blocking.
    Amazon AU have the soon to be released Led Zep. The Song Remains The Same Super Deluxe Set at a pre-order price of $149.99. It was $160 when I pre-ordered. That’s less than half the UK price and a little over half the US price. It definitely the 9 disc version. Here’s the link:


  306. Robert says:

    Maybe missed it but not review of the Bridges LP (a-ha) that came out this month?

  307. Phil Cohen says:

    The official announcement of the editions and contents of The Beatles’ “White Album” expanded reissues will be at a press event on the 26th of September. What little we know is that “Lady Madonna” will be included, as will the “Esher Demos”, pre-production demos recorded on 4-track at George Harrison’s house.

    2019 will see “Abbey Road” get the deluxe treatment.

    • Roel Glas says:

      Great news Phil. Can’t wait for this one. Abbey Road would be very welcome also. By the way, thank you for all your informative posts. Cheers.

    • The Golden Age Of _ _ _ _ _ _ ' _ says:

      The announcement will probably be earlier Phil. The 26th September is the date of the 3rd ‘listening party’ in N.Y. City. I don’t know the date of the first two, I think the first is in London, so it seems logical to me that details will be announced prior or on the same date as the first.

      Then again this is Apple.

  308. Darren says:

    The rumoured The Police vinyl 6LP boxset makes its first appearance:

    I read somewhere else that the release date is 26 October.

    Nothing to get excited about. The extra LP has b-sides (but only the studio recordings, none of the live ones). The good news is that it looks like A&M have found the Truth Hits Everybody ’83 remix that they lost when assembling “Message In A Box”. But that comes at the expense of losing The Bed’s Too Big Without You (Mono), I Burn For You, Fall Out, Nothing Achieving and Don’t Stand So Close To Me ’86.

    No sign of any CD reissues yet, nor the rumoured Police Around The World DVD.

  309. Aaron says:

    Cherry Red’s excellent Anthony Phillips reissue series continues with Field Day on 2x CD/ DVD in October. This time they’ve skipped over quite a few albums chronologically so I can only hope they go back and do Tarka, Sail The World and all the rest! Ordered it straight away anyway!

  310. Kevin says:

    Paul, any details on the R.E.M. Live at the BBC set that Slicing Up Eyeballs called attention to last week?

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      I’m monitoring the situation closely :) If anyone does want to put a ‘banker’ pre-order in, there is the link >

      • Kevin says:

        I was thinking about doing it, but not knowing the DVD Region, I’ve yet to pull the trigger. I’ve been frantically checking that link to hopefully discover at least an image. Can’t really complain about that pre-order price either!

  311. Phil Cohen says:

    The Series of Jethro Tull 4-disc sets(from the Rhino label) featuring surround sound remixes by Steven Wilson continues in November with the group’s 1968 debut album “This Was”. 2019 will see the group’s 1978 album “Stormwatch” album get similar treatment.
    The “This Was” set also includes BBC recordings, the original stereo & mono mixes and a few unreleased outtakes. Wilson has created a 4.1 surround mix from the album’s original 4-track muktitracks

    • Dibyaroop Ghosh says:

      Wow…that’s wonderful news….I have the Songs From The Wood, Aqualung and Too Old To Rock’nRoll Box sets…..Waiting for a deal alert on Heavy Horses but no luck yet…this news uplifts my spirit

    • Philip says:

      Just seen it for sale on Amazon. Thought I was the first one to notice (but maybe not!)

    • KevinK says:

      “This Was” up on Amazon UK (including tracklisting) – initially £44 but I assume that will fall before the 9th Nov release date.

  312. David says:

    Have you seen the new Lenny Kravitz’ album “Raise Vibration”? It’s being released in so many versions. There’s a cd and a deluxe cd in a book. There’s a standard 2x lp, a coloured 2x lp, a picture disc 2x lp, a set with 2x lp and cd. And there’s even a cassette. If I’m not wrong all of the different versions includes 12 songs.

  313. Phil Cohen says:

    Two drummers have announced archival projects from their respective bands, but (of course) not providing a release date or any other details. Fleetwood Mac’s Mick Fleetwood has announced a Fleetwood Mac 50th anniversary box, saying that it would include the group’s early blues-based music.
    Big Brother and The Holding Company’s Dave Getz has announced that Sony Legacy will release a 50th anniversary edition of “Cheap Thrills”, the group’s 1968 album, which marked the commercial breakthrough of vocalist Janis Joplin. Getz promises unreleased songs & versions, and liner notes by San Francisco music luminaries such as Joplin’s friend Grace Slick. Joplin’s career was brief (4 albums; one of them released unfinished), so the “Cheap Thrills” sessions are the only remaining source of unreleased Joplin studio material.

  314. Mij says:

    I’ll try again on this as my previous comment wasn’t published. Sony release ELO “Original Album Classics 2” 5CD set on 14th September. It features the following albums and retails for around £15.99:

    Jeff Lynne – Armchair Theatre (1990) / ELO – Zoom (2001) / ELO – Zoom Tour Live (recorded 2001 released 2013) / Jeff Lynne – Long Wave (2012) / ELO – Mr Blue Sky Very Best Of (re-recorded hits) (2012).

  315. Aaron says:

    Dave Davies to release Decade an album of lost 70s tracks, some have been finished off with vocals and extra music.

    Cradle to the Grave
    Midnight Sun
    If You Are Leaving
    Web of Time
    Mystic Woman
    Give You All My Love
    The Journey
    Within Each Day
    Same Old Blues
    Mr. Moon
    This Precious Time (Long Lonely Road)

  316. Auntie Sabrina says:

    RIP Lindsay Kemp

  317. Gerbrand says:

    Since a few books have been mentioned here at SDE recently (Bowie, Lennon) it may be worthwile to mention the issue of a “cheap” version of Daniel Kramer’s photographs “Bob Dylan – A Year and a Day” by Taschen (€50). To read and look at while listening to Bob on The Cutting Edge 1965-1966 or The 1966 Live Recordings.

  318. Phil Cohen says:

    …and more from the “Esoteric” label on 26 of October: “Be Bop Deluxe-Sunburst Finish” 3-CD + DVD box with new 5.1 surround and stereo mixes, the original mix, 6 unreleased outtakes, BBC radio & T.V. recordings, an unreleased Harvest promo video & a 68-page book. This 1976 album, the group’s 3rd, was the first to feature the group’s classic line-up of Bill Nelson(guitar,vocals), Simon Fox (Drums), Andy Clark (Keyboards) & the late Charlie Tumahai (Bass,vocals)

  319. Phil Cohen says:

    On the 26th of October, Cherry Red’s “Esoteric” label releases a 3-CD +L.P. 50th anniversary edition of the Self-titled debut album of “The Crazy World of Arthur Brown. Included will be the stereo & mono mixes, pre-Crazy World recordings and BBC sessions. On the same day, Esoteric also releases “Procol Harum with the Edmonton Stmphony Orchestra” with 5 bonus tracks, two of them previously unreleased rehearsal versions.

    • DaveM says:

      @Phil, thanks as ever for the excellent updates. Tell me if you can, is Procol Harum’s Edmonton the only album they are reissuing in October? Thought maybe Broken Barricades, Ninth or Something Magic may have been planned with Edmonton.

      • Phil Cohen says:

        For the moment, “Live with The Edmonton Symphony Orchestra” will be the only Procol Harum album reissued, but I would expect the remaining titles (Thus far not included in Esoteric’s series) to eventually follow.

  320. Phil Cohen says:

    In July, The Rolling Stones signed another lucrative mega-deal with Universal Music, and this one includes the reissue (with bonus material where possible) of all of the group’s presently out of print concert videos. Certificates obtained by Eagle Rock from Germany’s film classification board establish that the first fruits of the new contract will be “Voodoo Lounge Uncut”. At least 3 shows were professionally video recorded during that tour, so it’s unknown which one it will be.

  321. Rob says:

    The Joe Strummer 001 set with the book is £8.06 on Amazon France.
    Your link takes me through to the product web page which shows the book in the picture, so I’ve ordered, anticipating a cancellation!

  322. john T says:

    Not sure why some of my comments never get posted, usually just a ‘John T Deal Alert’
    Sting 57th and 9th Coloured vinyl only £6.97 at amazon UK
    Cheers John T

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      You posted it 3 minutes ago. Give the moderator a chance.

      • John T says:

        Hi Paul, I wasn’t complaining at all – your site is a great source of information and interest to me and I visit multiple times daily. I was just stating that there have been times over the last couple of weeks when my posts have never appeared. I was assuming it was either a problem my end, beccause the post was not of interest or because I included a link – but I was unsure exactly why hence my recent post. I think I may have provided some fairly decent deal info over the last couple of day? Keep up the great work. All best John

        • Paul Sinclair says:

          No worries John. There is a slight problem right now in that people aren’t seeing the ‘your post is awaiting moderation’ message. Working on this, but rest assured, even if you don’t ‘see’ comments before they are published, they are in the queue.

  323. DJ Salinger says:

    Cocteau Twins: Fontana Years box set out 12 October. Four discs including the two albums for that label, plus b-sides, sessions and the promise of period rarities. Haven’t seen the track listing yet or if the material is newly remastered.

  324. Phil Cohen says:

    Paul, I am still (somewhat) convinced that there is some technical problem with your forums. In the past, after I posted something, the post would still be visible to the person who posted it, albeit with the words “Awaiting Moderation”, but now my post totally disappears, in most cases never to reappear. I tried to let you know about BMG/Sanctuary’s late October SDE of “The Kinks are The Village Green Preservation Society”, which will have Three L.P’s, Three 7″ singles, Five CD’s, a Book, a poster & various pieces of memorabilia. Though it is a UK release, preordering is (so far) only available at Amazon’s U.S.A. site. On the positive side, that site provides a complete tracklist.
    And one more thing: on the 9th of November, there will be a 4-CD SDE of “Jimi Hendrix Experience-Electric Ladyland” from Sony Legacy.
    The status of the various John Lennon “Imagine” releases (CD, 2-CD, 2-L.P., 2-L.P. colour vinyl, DVD ,Bluray & Super Deluxe 4-CD/2-Bluray Audio) is still unknown.

  325. Auntie Sabrina says:

    RIP The Queen Of Soul Aretha Franklin

  326. Philip Birtwisle says:

    Just read an interview with Fish in Classic Rock that states :

    “There’s also the new anniversary edition of the final album he made with Marillion, Clutching At Straws, which is released with an accompanying DVD in November.”

  327. Stu says:

    The single cd version of ‘Revamp : the songs of Elton John and Bernie Taupin’ is only £1.65 on Amazon at the moment.

    Tracklisting/artists doesn’t look great, but i’ll give it a go at that price.

  328. Emilio Lafarga Giribets says:

    Yesterday I got my Alan Parson’s Eye in the sky bluray audio and the disc is labeled as disc 4. I guess that’s how it must be in the deluxe edition, so they didn’t bother to erase that for the standalone bluray edition.

  329. Peter Stanton says:

    Hi Phil
    I am of a similar age (66 in fact) and have similar tastes to you, so always look out for and appreciate your posts.
    I have been a record collector since 1964 and my first 45 and, sadly, I am something of a luddite and have yet to experience the apparent joys of blu-ray, sacd, surround sound etc. etc. despite the fact that I now own, mainly thanks to SDE, some of these.

    Heres to more “Beatles, Dylan, Kinks & Rolling Stones releases”.


  330. Phil Cohen says:

    There are increasing reports on the internet, that the “John Lennon-Imagine” boxed set has gone into limbo, likely until sometime next year. Oh well. I would have enjoyed the surround sound mixes, but approximately 5 hours of full fidelity outtakes have been in circulation(and in my collection) since the 1990’s.
    There’s been indications that the upcoming Christmas shopping season was going to be the greatest-ever for “Classic Rock” boxed sets, but perhaps not. How much longer does the industry think that they have, to sell these outtakes to the (now) old geezers in their 60’s & 70’s (I’m 62) who lived during that era.? I’m prepared to be disappointed when The Beatles, Dylan, Kinks & Rolling Stones releases fail to materialise. The positive side: I’ve saved quite a bit of money.

  331. Aaron says:

    Oh joy. Cher is releasing an ABBA covers version album next month called Dancing Queen. Even the cover is pretty awful. Does anyone anywhere want this!!??

  332. Ben in Colorado says:

    Burning Shed just announced that XTC Skylarking and Apple Venus 1&2 are coming out on 180 vinyl.

    • Yani P says:

      Its actually 200g vinyl

      Mastered by Jason Mitchell at Loud Mastering from tapes approved by Andy Partridge. (according to Burning Shed)

      Release September 21st

    • KevinS says:

      Really pleased about the Apple Venus/Wasp Star releases.

  333. Helmut Applebaum says:

    Hey Paul,


    Was just thinking of replacing some old Generation X Vinyl and saw this:

    Generation X package release for Xmas 2018

    worthy of a look?


  334. DaveM says:

    The Elton John mini-LP SHM Japanese CDs of his output from Empty Sky through to and including Blue Moves (and the two Greatest Hits albums from the seventies), have been put back for a second time and will now be released on October 10th.
    However, there is a silver lining, they are now CONFIRMED as 2018 remasters from the original UK master tapes. This is great news as some of these haven’t been remastered since 1995.

  335. moog_man says:

    Deal alert – Amazon UK has dropped the price of Gorillaz “Humanz” – deluxe vinyl with the hardback book. It’s now £29.55.
    When I noticed the price, there were 3 copies left. I purchased what was displaying as the last copy but it looks like they are restocking in 1-2 days.

  336. Aaron says:

    couple of great looking Joni Mitchell items on the way:

    1. Joni Mitchell: The Norman Seeff Sessions – Hard Cover book out on Dec 4 2018
    The culmination of their partnership. Timed to release on Joni’s 75th birthday, this collection of familiar and rare imagery tracks the pair’s history together through these exclusive moments captured on film. A combination of album artwork and candid shots reveals Joni’s personality in ways few have managed to capture before or since. It is $60 though!

    2. Both Sides Now – Live at The Isle of Wight Festival 1970 – Blu Ray – out on Sept 14 2018
    This was the final film from Murray Lerner, who sadly passed away not long after the films completion. Tracklisting: 1. That Song About The Midway 2. Chelsea Morning 3. For Free 4. Woodstock 5. My Old Man 6. California 7. Big Yellow Taxi 8. Both Sides Now 9. Gallery 10. Hunter 11. A Case Of You – $20.85

    Also, coming to Blu Ray/DVD – the US Generation 1982 Festival – features performances by Tom Petty, Fleetwood Mac, The Ramones, the Police, Talking Heads, The B-52s, The Cars & Santana – released Aug 10th – $19.98

  337. Dibyaroop Ghosh says:

    Hi Paul,

    Can we have a few articles curated by you and experienced readers on the following subjects:

    1. Best music box sets released between 2000 and 2018 which are rich in content and value for money (lets say 10 of them not necessarily ranked)
    2. Best music box sets or reissues till date (might sound similar to point#1 but for me Fairport Convention Live at the BBC would fall under point#1 where as Pink Floyd: The Early Years 1965-1972 would come under point#2
    3. Best rated books on music albums, musicians or bands.

    Do let me know what do you think about it.

  338. Philip Cohen says:

    As most of you know, my prefered music style is “classic rock”. It is the music of my generation.
    Anyhow, we are presently at somewhat of a lull in archival “Classic Rock” release,s awaiting the start of an avalanche of releases to begin in October.
    In the meantime, I’ve gone back to my list of items that I wanted to buy in the past 2 years that I couldn’t fit into my budget at the time. There’s no shortage of stuff to buy. I recently bought “Pink Floyd-The Early Years”, and yesterday, I ordered a “Star Trek-The Next Generation” Blu-ray box. Next month, I may buy the “Paul McCartney-Flowers in The Dirt” SDE, or perhaps several Rolling Stones Blu-ray discs (Leeds, Havana) that I don’t presently have.
    At the moment, most of the major labels are “Stonewalling It”* concerning the contents of upcoming archival CD releases or not confirming that some of these releases are going to happen at all. I’m expecting that these labels will relent by mid-September.
    (* “Stonewalling” -adamantly refusing to reveal information.)

  339. Phil Cohen says:

    Of late, no one’s new posts (Mine or anyone’s) are actually appearing on your site. Is there some technical glitch at your site?

    • Dibyaroop Ghosh says:

      My post dated July 31st is still awaiting moderation….so i’m relieved to see that in between there were no other posts except yours

      • Paul Sinclair says:

        There have been over 500 comments published since July 31st, with lots of people reply to them. Are you saying you have an issue seeing new comments? The Michael Jackson picture disc post has 29 comments, can you see them?

    • Dibyaroop Ghosh says:

      Now both my earlier reply to your post and my original post is gone

      • Paul Sinclair says:

        Dibyaroop – if by ‘reply’ you mean the comment posted 5 minutes before THIS post, it wasn’t ‘gone’ it was just not published. Please be aware that NO comments by anyone get published immediately. There is always a time delay which can range from 10 seconds (if I happen to be moderating at the time) to 8 hours (I have to sleep). This is because comments are manually moderated on SDE.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      You’ve posted loads of comments in the last few days, which have been published, so I’m confused by this comment. I have been manually approving all comments as usual, so there is nothing going on. The odd comment might get missed here and there, or go to spam for some unknown reason… but that’s par for the course, really.

      • Dibyaroop Ghosh says:

        I understood your point loud and clear….maybe my articulation was inadequate….my post on 31st Jul’18 was awaiting moderation till today (i understand that it needs time for all the posts to get moderated and then approved for post; which is fine)…..but when i posted my reply to Phil cohen, i couldn’t find that reply tagged as “awaiting moderation” and in addition to that my earlier post was also not visible…..It maybe how the workflow is devised for the comments but i’m no technical expert. Looking at the popularity of this site it really feels rather unusual that between 31st Jul and today no one posted in the “get in touch” section…..maybe that was compensated by the over 500 posts in the other specific topics that have been posted since then….i myself have been greatly benefited by your deal alerts, informative posts and detailed product information, so wishing your site all the very best…always

        • Paul Sinclair says:

          The ‘get in touch’ post doesn’t really get that many comments to be honest, although Phil is a regular :) The whole comments area of this website is getting a major overhaul very soon. I do realise it’s far from perfect, and look forward to giving everyone an enhanced experience in the near future.

      • Philip Cohen says:

        The responses to the Michael Jackson article(32 of them) are indeed there, and most of my recent posts have belatedly appeared. When I origianally posted some recent posts, the usual Awaiting Moderation statement didn’t appear, and my post disappeared (not visible to me). That’s why I was concerned.

    • kook says:

      This actually looks really decent – I’ve just pre-ordered the ‘exclusive’ 10″ box so hopefully it won’t show up on Amazon later at half the price!

  340. Aaron says:

    Heard some rumours on a Van Morrison Healing Game 20th anniversary special edition. Any news?

  341. John T says:

    Guns n’ roses fans might be interested in the new Slash album coming this September. Deluxe version and bundles available.

  342. Philip Cohen says:

    The Quadraphonic mix of Jazz-Rock fusion classic “Miles Davis-Bitches Brew” comes to Japanese SACD on the 9th of August from Sony. The Hybryd 2-disc SACD set contains both the 1970’s Quadraphonic mix and the latest mastering of the stereo mix. I would think that the stereo mix will be the 1990’s mix which has been used on all CD releases. The only presently available release of the 1969 stereo mix is on a vinyl record in the 3-CD/DVD/2-L.P. “40th anniversary” SDE(released in 2010), where it is taken from a 2nd generation tape…the best that now exists for the 1969 mix, hence the new mix for the CD era.

  343. Aaron says:

    Yoko Ono has a new album coming out – Warzone on 19 Oct

    similar to the new Paul Simon album Yoko revisits and reimagines 13 songs from her past work, spanning 1970-2009. I will wait to judge which one will be better…

    1. Warzone
      2. Hell In Paradise
      3. Now Or Never
      4. Where Do We Go From Here
      5. Woman Power
      6. It’s Gonna Rain
      7. Why
      8. Children Power
      9. I Love All of Me
      10. Teddy Bear
      11. I’m Alive
      12. I Love You Earth
      13. Imagine

  344. P. E. says:

    Hi Paul,

    Love, love, love the site and your hard work. Any chance you’ll put up a mention of the forthcoming Siouxsie and the Banshees vinyl reissues that start mid-August with four of their eleven studio albums. (Unsure if they intend to release their classic live album Nocturne in this set.)

  345. joel ivins says:

    alison moyet is supposed to release some information involving yazoo tomorrow…something about four pieces

  346. baptist says:

    MC5 have outlined plans to celebrate the 50th anniversary of their debut album ‘Kick Out The Jams’.
    The seminal Detroit band lit the charge for the punk rock explosion, reducing rock ‘n’ roll down to its most visceral thrills.
    New box set ‘Total Assault’ is the perfect primer, featuring ‘Kick Out The Jams’ (red vinyl), ‘Back In The USA’ (white vinyl) and ‘High Time’ (blue vinyl), housed in a hard slipcase with new art and previously unseen photographs.
    Out on September 21st, ‘Total Assault’ will be complimented by a new memoir penned by guitarist Wayne Kramer.

  347. Aaron says:

    ELO the Uk singles volume 1 includes 15 singles plus the elo ep

    Steve Hackett – Steve announces ‘Broken Skies – Outspread Wings (1984 – 2006)’ limited edition 6CD/2DVD collection – release date 5th October 2018!

  348. David Cox says:

    Hi Paul,

    I new this book was coming out but did not realise there was an deluxe version. Thanks for the tip off just ordered the deluxe version.

  349. Philip Cohen says:

    There will indeed be a John Lennon “Imagine” boxed set, including Blu-ray releases (with remixed 5.1 sound) of the video programmes “Imagine” & “Gimme Some Truth” , audio presentations(via CD & Blu-ray) of the original “Imagine” album in stereo, remixed 5.1 surround and vintage 1970’s 4.0 Quadraphonic, and large quantities of outtakes (newly mixed for stereo & 5.1). The word is, that some Yoko Ono songs that were recorded at these same sessions will also be included. The remixing will be by former Abbey Road Studios engineer Paul Hicks (son of Hollies lead guitarist Tony Hicks).
    There will also be a vinyl reissue of the “Imagine” album, to be offered on both Black vinyl and Colour vinyl. Whether the vinyl will be a 1-L.P. release of the original tracklisting only remains to be seen.

  350. Aaron says:

    The next in the Peter Banks estate releases is on the way from cherry red. The complete and unreleased Harmony In Diversity recordings…includes all recording by the band, including the semi-released Trying album along with unreleased sessions and live recordings. 6 discs and only £17.99…A must for all Yes fans!!

  351. Aaron says:

    Pop Will Eat Itself 4 disc set coming from cherry red

  352. Philip Cohen says:

    Charly Records’ 3-CD + DVD reissue of “Small Faces’ “Ogden’s Nut Gone Flake” has been scheduled yet again, for 28th of September, and a tracklisting has been supplied by “Spin CD’s”, an internet dealer with a rogue reputation.
    The set contains the stereo & mono mixes, a CD of related rarities (The exact same selections that were included in Charly’s previous 3-CD edition, but in a different running order) and a DVD containing the BBC “Colour Me Pop” performance and a promotional video for the song “Lazy Sunday”. That promotional video is the only previously unreleased material in the entire set. Thus continues compiler Rob Caiger’s tradition of teasing the fans for years with projects that promise much and ultimately deliver much,much less. The reality is that the bottom of the barrel has been scraped. There is no further unreleased material (excepting breakdown back track takes) by “Small Faces”. The BBC “Colour Me Pop” performance has already been released in the UK & U.S.A. in a Small Faces documentary DVD “All or Nothing”, where it appears complete in the supplemental section.
    Do I believe Rob Caiger’s claim that he holds “Yardbirds” multitracks and unreleased songs? Absolutely not.

  353. David Wishart says:

    After listening to Kate Bush’s Before The Dawn, then reading about what recordings are available for Kate Bush, I thought she might not be aware of how good a SDE can be. Does she have awareness of you and your work for other artists?

  354. Philip Cohen says:

    Compiler Andrew Sandoval reports today that The Kinks have signed off for his latest multi-disc upgrade of “The Kinks Are The Village Green Preservation Society” to be released in October by BMG. When asked if Ray Davies vetoed any potential inclusions, Sandoval said “He Always Does, It’s his album.”

  355. Philip Cohen says:

    In September, Atlantic/Rhino releases a 4-CD box of Phil Collins’ work as a sideman and guest frontman called “Plays Well With Others”

  356. Roel Glas says:

    Deal Alert for those in OZ. Amazon AU have the Fleetwood Mac (S/T) Deluxe Box set for the crazy price of $21.99 (about 13 pounds). Get in quick

  357. Philip Cohen says:

    By the way, for those of you in the UK & Europe who are lamenting Eagle Rock/Universal’s decision that the Yellow, Red & Black vinyl edition of “The Rolling Stones-From The Vaults:San Jose ’99” will be U.S.A.-only, and that the UK/Europe edition will be black vinyl only, consider this: I bought the Yellow/Black/Red vinyl edition, and the only one of the 3 records where the grooves are on-center on both sides….is the black vinyl.
    There’s no reason why it should be more difficult to properly align both halves of the stampers when pressing red or yellow vinyl, but the red & yellow records each have a side where the grooves are off-center. On the yellow record, it’s not enough to be audible, but on the red record, it becomes audible towards the end of “It’s Only Rock n’Roll, But I Like It”.
    It’s not for nothing that, these days record company websites don’t let you contact them, nor do they put a company address on the L.P. sleeve. The pressing plant needs to take more care when aligning the stampers. Only Eagle Rock/Universal can communicate this to them.
    It’s unfortunate, because, otherwise the 3 L.P. set has clean pressings and excellent overall sound quality. Admittedly, I bought the vinyl mainly as a collectors item(I also bought the Blu-ray + 2-CD edition), but I found that this music actually sounded quite good on vinyl. I wasn’t expecting it to sound as good as it does.

    • Mark Phillips says:

      Daryl Easlea – unfortunate or just sloppy?

      Daryl Easlea is listed as the compiler of all of the new 3 CD Top of the Pops compilations on UMC that have been appearing over the last couple of years. In general this has been a good batch of comps including

      – 8 3cd sets that covered half a decade each from 1964 when TOTP started to 2006 when it ended.
      – Single year 3cd sets from 1974-1986 (the last released in the last month)
      – A number of themed 3cd sets such as 70s Rock, New Romantics etc.

      However, there are a couple of what I consider awful mistakes on a couple of these sets, and I would really like Mr Easlea to explain what happened and if he had no control over the finished product.

      First off, in no fewer than three instances a terrible re-recorded version of Althea & Donna’s seminal Uptown Top Ranking is used. Once is regrettable but doing it three times on 3 different comps including the new TOTP Reggae without someone spotting and correcting it? And this version is not just bad, it stinks. It’s worse than when they had to sing live to the TOTP Orchestra struggling to play reggae on the backing track.

      Another set 1964-1969 has no fewer than three wrong versions on the same disc. Re-recodings of Tom Jones and Lulu, plus Georgie Fame’s Yeh Yeh sung in German. Why?

      I suppose what I should be asking is does anyone care that these are wrong, or is it just me? If there are lots of us we might get some movement instead of the tumbleweed silence so far.

      I’d love if Paul could ask Universal how these mistakes slipped through their rigid? Quality control and do they feel like fixing them.

      Rant over! Join me @wondermouse if you agree that it’s infuriating.

    • Robert says:

      @ Philip Cohen

      Is there a reason why only people in the U.S.A. can get the Blu-ray + 2 CD edition. I live in the Netherlands and I can only get the DVD + 2 CD edition. By the way … how is the video and sound quality of this Blu-ray ?

      • Philip Cohen says:

        You’re asking me about the “The Rolling Stones-From The Vaults: San Jose ’99” ?. The video quality on the Blu-ray is good, but it it is upconverted from standard definition. The surround sound audio is genuine 5.1 surround sound.

        • Robert says:

          @ Philip Cohen … Thanks for your answer !

          Yes, I did ask you this question about “The Rolling Stones-From The Vaults: San Jose ’99”. I only wish that the Blu-ray + 2 CD edition was available here in the Netherlands. I think I am going for the separate Blu-ray.

          I wish that Eagle Rock/Universal would change their policy, and that they would give European fans the chance to buy the Blu-ray + 2 CD editions.

  358. Philip Cohen says:

    ABKCO will have some Rolling Stones product for the Christmas shopping season, but, until and unless we hear otherwise, assume that this will be deluxe packaged collectors product, which will have no previously unreleased content, I.E. not unlike the “Their Satanic Majesties Request” stereo/mono package and “The Rolling Stones in Mono” LP & CD boxes.
    The new product will likely be Blu-ray releases of the movies “Sympathy For The Devil” & “Rock n’ Roll Circus”.(Yes, I’m aware that, in several territories there are already Blu-ray editions of “Sympathy For The Devil”, but some fans claim that they are upconverted from standard definition).
    Also on the agenda: a 50th anniversary edition of the 1968 album “Beggar’s Banquet”, but, though such a project has been under negotiation for decades, any release (by ABKCO) of unreleased material(even material recorded during the Decca/London/ABKCO years) requires Mick Jagger & Keith Richards’ permission. It could ultimately be nothing more than the stereo & mono mixes in deluxe packaging (like “Their Satanic Majesties Request”) or an expanded edition (like “Exile on Main Street”) with 21st century vocals, lyrics and lead guitar overdubs onto unfinished backing tracks.
    The “Sympathy For The Devil” & “Rock n’Roll Circus” films and the “Beggar’s Banquet” album all mark the final contributions from rhythm guitarist/multi-instrumentalist Brian Jones. (Though his guitar is mixed out throughout the “Sympathy For the Devil” film, and during parts of the “Rock n’Roll Circus” film.)

  359. Darren says:

    The Blue Nile – High (Deluxe Edition).
    On 2nd Feb 2016 The Blue Nile website announced the mastering of this was complete for an impending release.
    Does anyone know what happened?

  360. Rob says:

    Hi Paul
    No coverage of the A Flock of Seagulls reunion and the orchestral boxset?

  361. Aaron says:

    Cherry Red has acquired the rights to the Witchwood Media catalogue. This would include all the Strawbs albums, as well as Dave Cousins solo & Wakeman-Cousin’s albums amongst others.

    Oh and Cherry Red are now the shirt sponsors for Wycombe Wanderers for next season. SDE should get into that! Who is the most Rock n Roll team you could sponsor? Leicester Nirvana from the United Counties League Premier League perhaps?

  362. Robbert van Deursen says:

    Angela Bofill – Angie & Angel of the Night [SACD Hybrid Stereo]
    Johnnie Taylor – Ear-ga-sm & Rated Extraordinaire [SACD Hybrid Multi-channel]
    Airto – Fingers & Airto/Deodato in Concert [SACD Hybrid Multi-channel]
    Poco – Cantamos & Seven [SACD Hybrid Multi-channel]
    out on Dutton/Vocalion now!

  363. Robbert van Deursen says:

    The Pet Shop Boys “Behaviour”, “Very” and “Bilingual” 2CD Further Listening Editions (Parlophone/Rhino) released August 31, 2018.

  364. Aaron says:

    New rod Stewart album Blood red roses coming soon .

    And a remixed version of Bob Marley’s Kaya album for the 40th anniversary. Hopefully will not be as bad as the Graceland remix!’

  365. Glenn says:

    Cowboy Junkies – All That Reckoning CD July 13
    Neil and Liam Finn – Lightsleeper CD August 24

  366. Aaron says:

    2 new Status Quo albums on the way on the same day…August 17th. On CD/LP/DVD I believe..

    1 is acoustic and 1 is electric…

    Down Down & Dignified At The Royal Albert Hall
    Down Down & Dirty At Wacken

  367. purpledaniel says:

    Amazon had listed several editions for The Doors Waiting for the Sun but now they have pulled the links

    -Regular box set
    -standalone remastered cd
    -standaone vinyl
    -standalone 2 cd

    It would be cool if Paul and SDE could check this with the label.

  368. Aaron says:


    According to the NME – the Kinks are “officially” back together and recording an album…Ray, Dave and Mick Avory…this would be amazing if true!

  369. Aaron says:

    Moldy peaches debut album is being rereleased on August 10 on cd and red vinyl. Vinyl comes with bonus 7” and the cover has been updated to make the drawing of the girl on the cover red! Great album.

  370. Aaron says:

    couple of cool looking Dylan related releases coming soon…

    A Tree With Roots – Fairport Convention And The Songs Of Bob Dylan – August 3rd – only £7.29 on amazon
    1. Si Tu Dois Partir
      2. Jack O’diamonds
      3. Lay Down Your Weary Tune
      4. Dear Landlord
      5. Open the Door Richard
      6. I’ll Keep It With Mine
      7. Percy’s Song
      8. Ballad of Easy Rider
      9. George Jackson
      10. It Ain’t Me Babe – Sandy Denny
      11. Tomorrow Is a Long Time – Sandy Denny
      12. Down in the Flood
      13. Days of 49
      14. All Along the Watchtower
      15. Too Much of Nothing – Fotheringay
      16. Million Dollar Bash
      17. Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door

    Things Have Changed – Bettye LaVette – this just came out I think
    1. Things Have Changed
      2. It Ain’t Me Babe
      3. Political World – Bettye LaVette, Keith Richards
      4. Don’t Fall Apart On Me Tonight
      5. Seeing The Real You At Last
      6. Mama, You Been On My Mind
      7. Ain’t Talkin’
      8. The Times They Are A-Changin’
      9. What Was It You Wanted – Bettye LaVette, Trombone Shorty
      10. Emotionally Yours
      11. Do Right To Me Baby (Do Unto Others)
      12. Going, Going, Gone

  371. Phil Wilson says:

    The Doors – Waiting for the Sun – 50th Anniversary 2 CD + vinyl to be released 14th Sept. Disc one is a remastered version of the album, disc 2 contains:

    Disc: 2
    1. Hello, I Love You (Rough Mix)
    2. Summer’s Almost Gone (Rough Mix)
    3. Yes, The River Knows (Rough Mix)
    4. Spanish Caravan (Rough Mix)
    5. Love Street (Rough Mix)
    6. Wintertime Love (Rough Mix)
    7. Not To Touch The Earth (Rough Mix)
    8. Five To One (Rough Mix)
    9. My Wild Love (Rough Mix)
    10. Texas Radio & The Big Beat (Live at Falkoner Centeret, Copenhagen 9/17/68)
    11. Hello, I Love You (Live at Falkoner Centeret, Copenhagen 9/17/68)
    12. Back Door Man (Live at Falkoner Centeret, Copenhagen 9/17/68)
    13. Five To One (Live at Falkoner Centeret, Copenhagen 9/17/68)
    14. The Unknown Soldier (Live at Falkoner Centeret, Copenhagen 9/17/68)

    £36.48 from:

  372. Philip Cohen says:

    It’s official: Universal Music announces “The Beatles” (AKA “The White Album”) Super Deluxe to be released 9th of November. No further details, of course.

  373. Aaron says:

    New Elvis Presley cd coming- where no one stands alone

    Where No One Stands Alone celebrates the power and passion of Elvis Presley’s gospel recordings. Produced by Joel Weinshanker, Lisa Marie Presley and Andy Childs, Where No One Stands Alone introduces newly-recorded instrumentation, rare alternate vocals from Elvis, and backing vocal contributions from music legends who’d performed on-stage and/or in-the-studio with Elvis such as, Darlene Love; Cissy Houston; Terry Blackwood, Armond Morales and Jim Murray of The Imperials; and Bill Baize, Ed Hill, Donnie Sumner and Larry Strickland of The Stamps Quartet.

    The album also includes a reimagined duet with Elvis and his daughter, Lisa Marie Presley, on the album’s title track and spiritual touchstone.

    Where No One Stands Alone provides new musical perspectives on 14 of the singer’s favorite pieces of gospel music, from the reverential to the celebratory, with song selections including Presley’s beloved enduring gospel classics (the 1965 Top 5 smash “Crying In The Chapel,” “How Great Thou Art,” “You’ll Never Walk Alone”), praise-filled gospel-rockers (Jerry Lieber and Mike Stoller’s “Saved”) and traditional hymns and spirituals (“So High,” “Stand By Me,” “In The Garden,” “Amazing Grace”).

  374. Erik says:

    Hello, Can any A-Ha fan tell me which greatest hits package of theirs “sounds” the best? Thanks!

  375. Graham says:

    Hi Paul,

    I presume that you will do one of your live reviews of the David Byrne concert last night. How good was that? Best gig I’ve been to in years (and I go to lots) and definitely in my top ten of all time.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Very good. Not definite on the review… will see how things go… but he was amazing. Very inventive staging and what about how good all those musicians sounded?!

      • gnskzs says:

        hello paul,do you have any idea of how p!nk’s vinyl reissues sounds like?
        i want to have the MISSUNDAZTOOD album ,so let me know
        about your opinion.

  376. Gerbrand says:

    Bob Dylan Live 1962-1966 Rare Performances from the Copyright Collections.

    Originally reported as Japan-only release now available for pre-order on all amazon sites. Double-cd for only €9,99 (

    Track listing :

  377. Aaron says:

    The House Of Love: 30th Anniversary Deluxe Hardback Edition – 5 Disc set covers the complete Creation Recordings from 87- 88. Out Sept 28th

  378. Adam Shaw says:

    Hi Paul .
    Thought you might be interested that there is a BBC radio 4 extra program on Wednesday night 20/06/18 about the 12” single , including interviews with Trevor Horn and Paul Morley . I don’t know if it’s an old program though .

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      I think it is a repeat because I’m pretty sure I heard it the first time. Memory is not as good as I’d hoped, but still worth a listen!

  379. Michael G says:

    Will you be giving any comment on the Killing Joke vinyl and Cd Box Sets due later this year,or are they just to expensive for most people to consider buying.
    Your thoughts would be welcome!

  380. Aaron says:

    Yes featuring ARW have lots of releases planned to celebrate the Yes 50th anniversary

    Quintessentially Yes a 2CD / 3 lp Yes anthology curated by Jon Anderson will be out in August

    Live cd/dvd from Manchester in March 2017 will be out in sept

    New album planned for late 2018/ early 2019

  381. Auntie Sabrina says:

    The uDicover Music Store have vinyl LPs on sale from £6.00 plus p and p*/Summer-Sale/

  382. gwynogue says:

    Did Dead Or Alive’s “Sophisticated Boom Box” ever get a full CD/DVD repress? I don’t mean the replacement discs, I mean a full, complete, bells-and-whistles reissue? I’ve been searching online and it only seems to be vinyl editions available. On the rare occasions I find the CD/DVD format, it’s a third-party seller at RIDICULOUS prices. It appears to be quite rare now. I have now ordered it from Amazon France because they had the best(ish) price ($214 AUD), but it’s only a back-order and they don’t know if they’re getting any more stock.

  383. Alexander says:

    Good news for Rainbow fans : Ritchie Blackmore”s Rainbow Stranger In Us All will be released on 17.07.18 as double vinyl set exlusive in Russia

  384. Horslips says:

    Hank Williams – Mother’s Best 15 CD and DVD. £32.78 plus postage.

    Never seen it this low in price but this Amazon seller seems to have plenty of copies (even if it not the radio version):

  385. Tom M says:

    Anyone else enjoy The Cowsills? A new album is coming along with an acapella disc of their earlier hits. I think they deserve a lot more recognition that they have received.

  386. Philip Cohen says:

    Early (Blues-era) Fleetwood Mac guitarist Danny Kirwan has died in London at age 68.

    • BSR says:

      I see that Killing Joke will be releasing a massive LP and CD box set for their 40th anniversary.
      I’m very curious as to everyone’s thoughts and/or interest in it…?

  387. Aaron says:

    Any thoughts on the Peter Gabriel Spotify lists?

  388. Steve Miller says:

    Probably not news, but Out of Time reissue vinyl is £7.99 at HMV. (lots of other stuff at £7.99 and £9.99 as well, but that’s what I bought)

  389. hendry doran says:

    Big sale of vinyl at Albums from £5 and some nice box sets too

  390. Philip Cohen says:

    In recent days, there had been some rumours of major upcoming Pink Floyd product, to be announced 12th of June, but, as it turns out, it will be some vinyl reissues of back catalog solo albums by drummer Nick Mason. Mason is currently on tour with “Nick Mason’s Saucerful of Secrets”, a group which plays tribute to 1967-71 Pink Floyd music.

  391. Aaron says:

    Carl Palmer’s ELP Legacy Live CD/DVD set out on June 29th. Features 2 different ELP Legacy gigs across the CD and DVD. The DVD is the tribute show to Keith Emerson features guest appearances from Steve Hackett and Mark Stein.

    Disc: 1 (CD)
      1. Rondeau des Indes Galantes / Ride of the Valkyries (Live)
      2. Toccata and Fugue in D Minor (Live)
      3. Mars, The God of War / 21st Century Schizoid Man (Live)
      4. Tarkus (Live)
      5. America (Live)
      6. Knife-Edge (Live)
      7. Trilogy (Live)

    Disc: 2 (DVD)
      1. Introduction (Includes ‘Hoedown’ Track Audio Excerpts; Live)
      2. Peter Gunn (Live)
      3. Karn Evil 9 (Welcome Back My Friends) [Live]
      4. The Barbarian (Live)
      5. Bitches Crystal (Live)
      6. Jerusalem (Live)
      7. Romeo & Juliet (Live)
      8. 21st Century Schizoid Man (Live)
      9. Clair De Lune (Live)
      10. Knife-Edge (Live)
      11. Hoedown (Live)
      12. Take a Pebble (Live)
      13. Carmina Burana (Live)
      14. Pictures At an Exhibition (Live)
      15. Fanfare for the Common Man / Drum Solo (Live)
      16. Nutrocker (Live)
      17. Behind the Scenes At the Tribute to Keith Emerson (Live)

  392. Dan says:

    Apparently Parlophone are no longer honouring the offer to provide replacement discs for the Bowie Box Set ‘A New Career In A New Town’ –

    “The offer for replacement discs of “Heroes” from the David Bowie box set “A New Career In A New Town (1977-1982)” has now come to an end. We apologise for the inconvenience, and understand it must be disappointing. However, the version of the album with the updated “Heroes” is available from all streaming and download services, as well as on individual CD and LP via all good physical outlets.

    Your Warner Music Customer Service Team”

    So I guess they’re just going to leave the faulty ones on sale at £90 a pop and punters will just have to lump it. Nice.

    • Philip Cohen says:

      I guess Warner Music is going to do the same thing to people who buy “Pink Floyd-The Early Years” and encounter the unplayable Blu-ray discs. I had considered buying the Pink Floyd box on several occasions, but now it’s a risk that I’m unwilling to take.

    • Chris says:

      Hi Dan,

      Agreed, and what version are we supposed to buy. Here’s my Warner’s service experience.
      Received in April.

      Hello Chris,

      Thank you for contacting us regarding your replacement Heroes CD/LP.

      Here is your case number: 3842672

      We are currently working through all requests so may not be able to respond to you immediately.

      Once your replacement has been processed, we will provide you with an order confirmation email so that you know that your copy is being arranged for you.

      We’d like to apologise for any inconvenience caused by the delay.

      If you have any questions about your replacement please respond to this email.

      Kind regards,

      Warner Music Customer Services.

      And then in May!!!!!!

      Request Update Request ID: 3842672

      Hello Chris,

      The offer for replacement discs of “Heroes” from the David Bowie box set “A New Career In A New Town (1977-1982)” has now come to an end. However, the version of the album with the updated “Heroes” is available from all streaming and download services, as well as on individual CD and LP via all good physical outlets.

      We apologise for any inconvenience caused.


      Your Warner Music Customer Service Team

      Unbelievable. They are not getting a penny more from me. That’s it. I have plenty of records anyway. Just sucks the fun out of it as they clearly don’t give a crap.

  393. John T says:

    Roger Daltrey is donating £5 from the purchase of his lasted SIGNED CD to Teenage Cancer Trust. Available from

  394. Michael G says:

    Quick question will you be doing a review of the Wishbone Ash Box Set ?
    Anytime Soon!

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Yes! I have it and have been working my way through it. Definitely an unboxing vid… maybe more…

  395. Kevin S says:

    Some more Sainsbury’s ‘ExclusiveColoured Vinyl’ out now.
    I don’t have an exhaustive list but there are at least two Small Faces (Small Faces and Ogden’s) and a Zombies (Odessey)

    Some pics here

    • Philip Cohen says:

      Speaking of Small Faces, for now, all we’re going to see from the group (or any other “Immediate Records” artists) will be limited edition colour vinyl L.P.’s or singles (with the singles sometimes containing one slightly different mix). “Immediate” & “Charly” Compiler Rob Caiger’s CD projects involving “Immediate” recordings have now been in limbo for more than 4 years; a situation that is unlikely to change, and which Caiger is obviously not at liberty to discuss.
      But with the avalanche of “classic rock” vault material coming from other labels for this upcoming holiday shopping season, there’s no reason to cry over spilt milk. Yes, I would have wanted to hear the remaining “Small Faces” vault material (That is, if there really is any), but there’s nothing we can do. Caiger also claims to hold unreleased material by The Yardbirds, but I am highly doubtful, considering a photo of some tapes boxes(that Caiger posted on Twitter) which obviously held copy tapes and simulated stereo versions.

  396. Roel Glas says:

    Hi Paul,
    Just need some info please. I live in Australia and about to order some items from and have them shipped to my daughter in London. Will she be liable to pay any import duties/Royal Mail processing charges? Is there a monetary limit before charges kick in? My order will be for about 40 Euro.
    Many thanks

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      No, because Germany to UK is within the EU. The goods aren’t being exported anywhere that levies import duty etc.

      • Roel Glas says:

        Thank you Paul. This also maybe a work around against the “Aussie Amazon Fiasco” for your future deal alerts. I know I won’t get the VAT deduction but it will still work out cheaper than Australia (if it’s even available in Aust.)

  397. Tony says:

    Who store have SIGNED Roger Daltrey cd at a great price. Just ordered one. Very limited I suspect.

  398. Steve Miller says:

    REM – Document available on very expensive gold vinyl.

  399. Yani P says:

    Like the look of the Travis/Fripp 3 CD complete concert compilation Between the Silence
    Only a tenner as well

  400. Michael G says:

    Pete Shelley (Buzzcocks)The Genetic Years Ltd to 500 vinyl Box Set Signed has just appeared on Amazon U.K.

  401. johnny says:

    Thanks, Paul, I will have to try that…. It was The Who Track Singles box, I bought… Quite a surprise to open it, and find only 11 singles instead of 15 !!

  402. johnny says:

    Help needed please. If I buy from 100% respected ebay seller a brand new, sealed 15 disc set, and 4 of the discs are missing, do I go back to the seller (it’s hardly his fault) or do I go to Universal Music (as it’s one of their defective products..)? I am absolute sure it’s defective product, not a scam by seller.

    I’ve emailed contact at umusic dot com 2 weeks ago, and again last week, and had no response. Is there any particular email or phone number I should be using? Or do I simply complain to ebay and force seller to refund me (which a seems a bit unfair to seller)

    Many thanks for any help that SDE readers can give me : )

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      You go back to the seller. He has supplied you with an incomplete product. Whether he knows about it or not, it’s his responsibility. He should either offer you a refund or re-supply the correct product. He has sold the item to you, so it’s not really for you to start trying to contact universal directly, unless you are aware of some kind of replacement programme in existence.

  403. Chris Squires says:

    Has anybody heard anything positive about the arrival of the George Harrison Concert for George deluxe box?

    I have had nothing since the delay email in February…..

  404. Philip Cohen says:

    According to Robbie Robertson, guitarist/songwriter for “The Band”, a 50th anniversary edition of The Band’s “Music From Big Pink” will be released in late summer.
    Also, according to Richard Alderson, Bob Dylan’s 1962-66 soundman (who recorded the mono soundboard tapes of Dylan’s 1966 tour, as heard in Sony’s 36-CD set “The Complete 1966 Live Recordings”) expect two Bob Dylan projects later this year. One of them will be an upgrade of the 1962 “Gaslight Tapes”, which has been made possible because Alderson came forward with better and/or original tapes. Sony had released a 10-track edition some years ago (for sale only through Starbucks coffee shops in the U.S.A.), but it was neither complete nor from the best existing tapes. Long available bootlegs had 17 tracks. Dylan was just starting to write original songs and introduce them into his shows. Even in the 17-track bootleg, only four of the songs were original Dylan compositions. Most of the others were traditional folk songs. Alderson CLAIMS that the other Dylan project will be the New York sessions from “Blood on The Tracks”, but it should be noted that there has been no official announcement from Sony. Though Alderson has obviously been in contact with Sony and Dylan’s people, he has not actually spoken to Bob Dylan since the end of the 1966 tour. I doubt there was a falling out. Dylan got injured in a motorcycle crash, and, excepting a few isolated shows, didn’t perform a full tour again until the mid-1970’s. By then, live sound equipment had become more complex.

  405. Aaron says:

    Anthony Phillips latest reissue – Private Parts & Pieces Vol 3…actually managed to reach 37 in the charts…making it his first charting entry ever! This box marks the exact half way point in the reissuing of his albums by Cherry Red – 17 out of 34 albums…

    Really hoping the campaign continues as i am loving all of the albums and the sets themselves are amazing, lots of extra (unreleased) tracks, the booklets are really great too, interviews with Ant, posters, single sleeves…Great work by all involved so far!

  406. AndrewM says:

    I wonder if any of you good folk on here can help me? I am after the 2cd/1dvd book version of Jethro Tull’s Stand Up Elevated Edition released 2016. I have the previous version in the digi pack with 2cd/1dvd however want the Elevated version as it matches all the other deluxe remasters I have. I have searched pretty much everywhere and have found nothing! If you know of any stock anywhere reasonably priced please let me know?


  407. johnny says:

    Hi Chris
    It’s part of HMV vinyl week, which begins Friday 8 June…I should have said that the limited editions are available instore only from Sat 16 June (that’s the theory anyway)

  408. johnny says:

    @Chris Squires The Lock Stock OST is getting a vinyl reissue on 8 June, exclusive to HMV,. for now…It’s a yellow/black splatter vinyl. Limited to 1000 copies.

    • Chris Squires says:

      Thanks Johnny…

      I wonder how the HMV exclusivity thing will work them. It all seems to be a bit hit and miss with exclusivity. Stuff ends up on Amazon, or another retailer has a different coloured exclusive.

      I wonder who is doing it, Universal…nah, they would be through their own online stores. Music on Vinyl? Maybe, sounds like their kind of thing, but why HMV… curious.

  409. Philip Cohen says:

    Expect more upgrades of 1960’s artists and albums later this year. Compiler Andrew Sandoval is working on a 50th Anniversary edition of “The Kinks Are The Viillage Green Preservation Society” containing some newly discovered lower generation source tapes for some songs and a few previously unreleased things.
    Meanwhile, former EMI Records Group/North America compiler/engineer Ron Furmanek (who in the past 20 years has worked in the business of licensing vintage rock music film footage) has returned to CD archival work, and is presently mixing up to 52 unreleased Hollies tracks, including tracks with Graham Nash and tracks with his successor Terry Sylvester.
    The projects have not been finalised, but may be released via CD + L.P. sets. Furmanek did some excellent first time stereo mixes of numerous 1960’s EMI artists, but his work didn’t find favour with EMI/UK executives, and ultimately was issued only in the U.S.A. . Hopefully, now under Warner Music, the present day Parlophone label will be more receptive to Furnamek’s work.

    • John Miller says:

      52 unreleased tracks???? Are they alternate mixes of released tracks? Didn’t think there was much left in the can by the Hollies. Hope he proves me wrong-love the Hollies Nash era and later! Please let it be true!

  410. gogandmagog says:

    5 Albums Box set Peter Murphy

    This 5 disc box set celebrates his first solo albums, Should The World Fail To Fall Apart, Love Hysteria, Deep, Holy Smoke and Cascade. Each album features additional bonus tracks of rare versions and mixes with one previously unreleased recording titled Critic s Choice which is an early, abandoned demo. The CD set is packaged in a hard cover book and is a tribute to the first decade of Peter Murphy as a solo artist

    I copy pasted Amazon UK!!!

    • wesley mc dowell says:

      Great news.Looking foward to this .Will The waking Hour by Dali,s Car be re-issued at some point? That would be well worth re-visiting for all peter murphy and mick karn fans.Thanks for the info gogandmagog!

  411. Dajong says:

    Great Price at for the Dusty Springfield – Simply Dusty and Marvin Gaye – The Master carreer-spanning EarBooks. Each at 9,99 € at the moment. That means you get a big book (28 x 28 x 2 cm) with 4 CDs.

  412. Chris Squires says:

    Any news on a Re-issue of the soundtrack to Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels? The original Simply Vinyl edition goes for stupid money. But there seems to be one up on eBay for sensible money with a future release date of 8th June but it has now disappeared from the listings…. did someone jump the gun? Is it happening or is it not?

  413. Aaron says:

    tracklisting for the Beach Boys with Royal Philharmonic Orchestra….Kokomo…**Shiver**

    Disc: 1
      1. California Suite
      2. California Girls
      3. Wouldn’t It Be Nice
      4. Fun, Fun, Fun
      5. Don’t Worry Baby
      6. God Only Knows
      7. Sloop John B
      8. Heroes And Villains
      9. Disney Girls
      10. Here Today
      11. In My Room
      12. Kokomo
      13. The Warmth Of The Sun
      14. Darlin’
      15. Help Me Rhonda
      16. You Still Believe In Me
      17. Good Vibrations

  414. Yani P says:

    I see Juno still have a decent amount of Record Store Day stuff left if anyone is missing something they wanted.

  415. johnny says:

    I’m sure you’ll be covering this, Paul, but HMV are doing Vinyl Week again 8 – 17 June 2018

    No titles yet, but worth keeping an eye on it, for some exclusives and bargains (although last year’s selection was quite poor; hopefully better luck this time)

  416. John T says:

    Who fans… Roger Daltrey’s new album is available as limited edition autographed copies from newbury comics.
    Cheers JT

  417. Aaron says:

    Gene Clark Sings For You :

    For longtime Gene Clark fans and aficionados, the tracks on this remarkable archival release are the stuff of legend. Since word first spread in the 1980s about the discovery of these 1967 recordings on a rare acetate in Liberty Records’ vaults, fans have come to regard Gene Clark Sings For You as nothing less than the Holy Grail of the singer-songwriter’s extraordinary body of work. Shrouded in mystery and the subject of much speculation and conjecture, few have ever had the opportunity to hear these forgotten gems from one of Gene Clark’s most prolifically creative periods. Until now. —from the liner notes by John Einarson, author of Mr. Tambourine Man: The Life And Legacy of The Byrds’ Gene Clark Finally available, the legendary Gene Clark Sings For You acetate appears on CD, 2-LP, and Digital June 15, 2018. In addition to the Sings For You 8 songs, this new release also features an additional five demos from a second acetate lent courtesy of The Rose Garden’s John Noreen, as well as one further demo of the song “Till Today.” The Rose Garden acetate and the “Till Today” demo were submitted to the band, The Rose Garden, with whom Clark had grown close, for consideration for their debut Atco album (also being reissued in expanded form at the same time as Sings For You). Produced for release by Grammy®-winning producer, Cheryl Pawelski with restoration from Grammy-winning engineer, Michael Graves, this historic release features previously unseen photos and an essay by Gene Clark biographer, John Einarson.

  418. Luis Armando says:

    New release from the from the vault series of the rolling stones : no security san jose 1999.

  419. Roel Glas says:

    For those in Australia, Amazon AU have the Gary Moore – Blues & Beyond 4CD box set for the crazy price of $19.99 (again). Snap it up whilst you can. I got mine about 2 months ago & they did honour the price. Sorry folks, Amazon AU only ship within Australia at present.

  420. Philip Cohen says:

    In The tradition of recent Elvis/Aretha/Roy Orbison albums with orchestral overdubs, The Beach Boys will soon release a similar set. Yawn.
    And an ex-Beatles publicist has confirmed a Deluxe Edition of John Lennon’s “Imagine” album for this autumn. No further details (of course).

  421. Philip Cohen says:

    According to “Beatlefan”, the next two Paul McCartney “Archive” boxes will be “Wings-Wildlife” & “Wings-Red Rose Speedway”, both for release near Christmastime. I’d better start saving for these, as whatever Apple Corps.’ Beatles product will be(if any), it will be released at roughly the same time of year.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Yes, saw that. I’d expect McCartney to avoid clashing with The Beatles.

      • DaveM says:

        Someone ‘in the know’ on Hoffman says that Macca fans are in for an expensive back end of the year, so we may see RRS, WL and the White album. Also there is mention of a cherry on top of these. Intriguing indeed.

      • WILLIAM ENGLAND says:

        McCartney’s twitter page is asking fans to nominate their favourite tracks from Flaming Pie and Red Rose Speedway…. could this be a hint of what’s to come next?

        • Paul Sinclair says:

          I always thought Flaming Pie would be next, but everyone now seems to think Wings Wild Life and Red Rose Speedway are the pair coming soon. As a pairing FP and RRS would be a bit weird…

  422. Eric says:

    Cherry records is releasing a 4CD deluxe of Big Country’s WHY THE LONG FACE.

  423. Aaron says:

    Any love for The Darkness out there?? Thought the 1st 2 albums were great…never picked up when they go back together though…anyways…Live At Hammersmith out June 15th on CD/Vinyl…

    Disc: 1
      1. Open Fire (Live)
      2. Love Is Only A Feeling (Live)
      3. Southern Trains (Live)
      4. Black Shuck (Live)
      5. One Way Ticket (Live)
      6. Givin’ Up (Live)
      7. All The Pretty Girls (Live)
      8. Barbarian (Live)
      9. Buccaneers of Hispaniola (Live)
      10. Friday Night (Live)
      11. Makin’ Out (Live)
      12. Every Inch Of You (Live)
      13. Solid Gold (Live)
      14. Stuck In A Rut (Live)
      15. Get Your Hands Off My Woman (Live)
      16. Growing On Me (Live)
      17. Japanese Prisoner of Love (Live)
      18. Christmas Time (Don’t Let The Bells End) (Live)
      19. I Believe In A Thing Called Love (Live)

  424. Aaron says:

    Yet another one of those “..With The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra” releases in the pipeline…this time its The Beach Boys…haven’t seen the track-listing yet but i’m scared! California Girls with strings???

    The Wrecking Crew was the only orchestra Brian needed!

  425. Donal Murphy says:

    Damien Rice fans, his debut album “O” is up for Pre-order on vinyl now.

    It is being released on June 1st on vinyl for the first time, the original release never had a vinyl version cd only, it’s a double vinyl which includes the hidden tracks on the cd version, and some b-sides are added also.
    I managed to nab one of the Delux Editions, limited to 1,000 copies worldwide and hand numbered by Damien himself, only heard about it earlier today, the Delux Edition went on sale at 14:00 and was sold out by 14:15, more details here:

  426. Eric says:

    I just found this on Amazon Australia, LPs -buy one , get one free.

    Amazon is new here and yet to order from them. Looking at the Chris Squire box and it’s still cheaper from the US, even with shipping.

    • Roel Glas says:

      Eric – I have now ordered 4 times from Amazon AU with no problems although a lot of their stuff is out of stock. If you don’t mind the wait – it’s no problem. As you know, vinyl is super expensive in Oz but 2 for 1 is a good deal if you choose carefully. For instance, I got The Beatles Red & Blue vinyl albums (normally $38 each) for $38 in total ($19 each – can’t beat that). They also had a crazy deal on Gary Moore’s Blues & Beyond 4CD Box For $19.95 at one stage. Also picked up Procol Harum’s 5CD + DVD box set for $30 – got it today but took 4 weeks to send. That deal is still there. It’s GBP 73 in the UK!!!!
      Unfortunately for our overseas friends, Amazon AU don’t ship outside of Australia (yet)

  427. SimonP says:

    Why no mention of this century’s hottest release, Paul?

    Harry and Meghan’s wedding is to be released on LP! Hopefully on blue blood coloured vinyl…

  428. pjm says:

    For fans of Rory Gallagher are selling the double live album Irish Tour 74 for just over £12 delivered to UK.

  429. Auntie Sabrina says:

    22 June 2018 Universal will re-release Donna Summer’s 1979 double LP On The Radio: Greatest Hits I &II on pink/purple vinyl.

    Currently listed at £25.71 but not yet available to pre-order.

    The Broadway musical is doing quite well too…

  430. Philip Cohen says:

    Rhino/Warners will issue a 5-CD set of Buffalo Springfield albums in June. “What’s That Sound” will include “Buffalo Springfield”(mono: 1966 song line-up), “Buffalo Springfield”(stereo: 1967 song line-up), “Buffalo Springfield Again”(Mono & stereo versions) & “Last Time Around”(Stereo). No rarities, and the stereo mix of “Baby Don’t Scold Me” is not included. A rather lazy product.
    In other news, Charly Records compiler Rob Caiger is again floating the possibility of releasing a 3-CD + DVD edition of “Small Faces-Ogden’s Nut Gone Flake” in late June. Maybe it’s June 2019, June 2020 or June 2021. Will it happen? I predict “No”.

  431. Yani P says:

    Great to see that the vinyls of David Sylvian & Holger Czukay Plight and Premonition and Flux and Mutability are being released as a double LP package on June 22nd

    Genius pieces of music !!!!

  432. John T says:

    I know SDE may not be a fan of GES but they are offering a signed deluxe vinyl boxset of Libertines Anthems For Doomed Youth for only £22*/Boxset/Anthems-For-Doomed-Youth-Signed-Vinyl-Boxset/4VJM0GPJ000

  433. Christian says:

    Tom Bailey of the Thompson Twins has a new album coming out in June. Go to the Pledgemusic website for more details!

  434. Philip Cohen says:

    Universal in Japan has scheduled several MQA-encoded CD’s, all of them familiar titles by Steely Dan & The Rolling Stones. With a CD player connected to an MQA-equiped Digital to Analog converter, the music decodes to audio that approximates 176Khz audio. The discs are priced higher than a regular CD but lower than a SACD. The Japanese have already offered all of these titles on SACD. I would opt for the SACD’s, since the audio is truly lossless and can be played by digital connection….something that the MQA system prohibits.

  435. Aaron says:

    Cherry Red continue the Geoff Downes/John Wetton Icon Reissue campaign with Icon I, Icon II & Icon III all out on June 1. Bonus tracks include all the tracks from the Heat Of the moment EP as well as Japanese only bonus tracks.

    The campaign will continue with the live sets…presumably to include Never In A Million Years, Heat Of The Rising Sun & Acoustic TV Broadcast…it will culminate in a career spanning boxset.

    I had actually sent a suggestions a few years back to Cherry Red’s suggestions about this – not saying this is my doing but you never know!

    I sent one at the start of this year suggesting a reissue campaign for Trevor Rabin’s Rabbitt era albums/singles/eps… so fingers crossed on this one!

    I am also going to suggest a reissue of Chromium’s Star To Star…which is an album put out in 1979 by Trevor Horn & Geoff Downes before they became the Buggles…never before issued on CD

  436. Philip Cohen says:

    The Esoteric label titled their recent 8-disc(5-CD + 3-DVD) Procol Harum Boxed set “Still There’ll Be More”….and so there WILL Be More. On the 29th of June, the label issues “Grand Hotel” (expanded CD + DVD), “Exotic Birds & Fruit”(3-CD set including two previously unreleased radio concerts) and an expanded 1-CD edition of the group’s 1990’s reunion album “The Prodigal Stranger”.
    Also, Esoteric’s parent company Cherry Red will be releasing a 4-CD boxed set edition of Big Country’s “Why The Long Face”.

    • DaveM says:

      Philip, isn’t the second disc on the forthcoming Exotic Birds & Fruit on Esoteric the BBC Live in Concert that was released on Strange Fruit in about 2000? Even if it is, still good news though, if its remastered.
      I won’t be selling my old Prodigal Stranger, as Gary Brooker has signed it and I have a photo of me and him while he did it. Priceless.

      • Philip Cohen says:

        Dave, you are correct. The BBC March 1974 material(to be added to the forthcoming reissue of “Exotic Birds and Fruit”) is the same concert that was released on the Strange Fruit label. However, the KZEW Dallas concert will be new to official CD release. The existing bootleg is less than full fidelity.
        The Esoteric label has, or soon will be reissuing most existing Procol Harum broadcast material. However, they have overelooked the BBC concert recorded at the time of the “Home” album, an American radio concert from New York recorded while touring behind “Broken Barricades”, and most importantly, approximately one hour of mostly live 1967-68 material from French T.V. featuring the musician line-up heard on the group’s first three albums.(Gary Brooker/Matthew Fisher/Robin Trower/David Knights/B.J. Wilson)

  437. Liam Bastick says:

    Killers clear vinyl box set available:*/The-Killers/?utm_campaign=Storeemail&utm_medium=email&utm_source=Storeemail . “Limited” but no idea to how many…

  438. Darren Pillans says:

    The Blue Nile – High (Deluxe Edition).
    On 2nd Feb 2016 The Blue Nile website announced the mastering was complete for an impending release…
    Does anyone know what happened?

    • Think there might be a minor site issue. I always come to it via my bookmark (, b ut doing so now shows no new posts since 13/04/2018. If you look on your ‘Deals’ post of April 8th, you’ll notice a couple of comments from today (20/04/2018) wondering why there’s been no new activity, so it can’t just be me.

      It just dawned on me to search for newer articles via Google ‘cos I knew there had to be something about the TFF cancellation on here but nothing beyond April 13th was showing on the front page. I’ve now found the newer stories though.

    • Rich says:

      It’s been released. See eBay item 401451242354

  439. MN says:

    Check this …: KING: REMIXES & RARITIES

    • Chris Squires says:

      Hi…King Who?

      Please tell me it’s the Coventry based 1980s band fronted by Paul King that came out of the Reluctant Stereotypes? If so that would make my day. All over it like a cheap suit, They are utterly brilliant.
      Any other King (Ben E., Crimson, Diamond, Gizzard) – meh!

    • Chris Squires says:

      Research done – Signed 2CD bought in a heartbeat.
      Suddenly it’s 1985 all over again…thanks for the heads up MN.

      Had my first ever car crash (true story) on my way to see them at the Birmingham Odeon in ooh…. I wanna say early 1986?

  440. Alastair says:

    7″ pic disc of original version of Prince Nothing Compares 2 I apparently being made available

  441. Aaron says:

    I thought you’d have been all over that Mick Ronson Cd/vinyl/blu ray release but my comment wasn’t approved…

    Couple of Bowie rarities on the soundtrack album too.

  442. James says:

    Small quibble, but the latest news items are not making the front page of the site.

    Only found the updates when hitting ‘news’ section, which is the first time I’ve had to look in 4 years!

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Hi James… sorry about that. Please try clearing your browser cache and/or quitting and restarting your browser. That should fix the issue.

  443. Aaron says:

    David Bowie 2nd Deram album Occassional Dreaming…wouldn’t it be great if this ever saw a release…great cover too..

    Occasional Dreaming – album scheduled for November 1968 release (briefly listed in the September 1968 ‘Forthcoming Releases from Decca’ dealer sheets) Produced by Tony Visconti. Deram SML 1027 (stereo). DML 1027 (mono).

    Side One:

    01 ~ Let Me Sleep Beside You – (a ‘test mix’ by Visconti from late 1967 is totally acoustic/orchestral – and not at all ‘rock’ and a great seductive album opener)

    02 ~ A Social Kind of Girl (68 rewrite of 1967’s Summer Kind Of Girl – demos exist for both versions)

    03 ~ The Gospel According To Tony Day Blues (the song was originally registered with this title) The 1967 studio session for this track contains several variants of the ‘character role call’ and it has a sardonic Brel/theatrical feel to it. Given that DB returned to songs frequently at this time, honing and improving them (Silly Boy Blue/Love You Till Tuesday/In The Heat of the Morning et al) – it’s not beyond the realms of possibility that this song would be revisited…

    04 ~ Life’s a Circus (Bunn/Mackie) performed by DB in his cabaret act and by Feathers in 1968

    05 ~ When I’m Five – written in 1968, performed by DB as late as 1969

    06 ~ C’est La Vie – DB original that he demoed many times – the last demo probably from 1968

    07 ~ Next (Brel). performed by Feathers in 1968

    Side Two:

    08 ~ London Bye Ta Ta – Decca 1968 version

    09 ~ Angel Angel Grubby Face – 1968 demo

    10 ~ Pussy Cat (Marnay, Popp, Stellman) – VERY European theatre/Lindsay Kemp type number – English lyrics to ‘Manchester et Liverpool’

    11 ~ Going Down (1967 demo – “Goin’ down, I’m high up above you so pull me down….”

    12 ~ Occasional Dreaming – (the hand written title on the tape box for ‘An Occasional Dream’ demo)

    13 ~ In The Heat Of The Morning – Decca 1968 version

    14 ~ Lover To The Dawn – written and probably performed by DB/Feathers in late 1968

  444. Lorenzo says:

    For all the fans of colored vinyl Bjork has a new single. The color would be,”Slug Genitalia”.I don’t think that is a Pantone color.Bjork remains unique!

  445. Aaron says:

    Biffy Clyro have a CD/DVD set coming out in May of their MTV Unplugged performance.

    Glad to see Unplugged making a comeback in CD form! Some great albums back in day..Macca, Neil Young, Dylan, Clapton, Springsteen, Nirvana et al….

    SDE fancy doing a ranking of all the official Unplugged albums?

  446. Auntie Sabtina says:

    Boy George is to “make an anouncement” on BBC Radio 2 in the next few minutes. He’s either getting married to some lucky lady, he’s got a new hat, or he’s on tour with the Thompson Twins and Belinda Carlisle then…

  447. Philip Cohen says:

    The latest “news” from Charly Records compiler & Executive Rob Caiger, is that his long-delayed (more than four years for “The Autumn Stone”) expanded editions of Small Faces “The Autumn Stone” & “Ogden’s Nut Gone Flake” are being re-scheduled to coincide with the publication of drummer Kenney Jones’ autobiography(to be published in the UK in May, and in the U.S.A. in September)
    Given his history of promising archival CD’s which promise much, and deliver considerably less (if they are released at all), shall we believe Mr.Caiger now? I’m afraid not. That ship has sailed.

    • Dave H says:

      Forget any reissues from Charly, any Small Faces fans should pick up the book “Smalls” by Jean-Noël Coghe with includes a live soundboard recording from January 1966. For a live recording over 50 years old, it captures the band and atmosphere of the concert well and includes some unreleased tracks.
      More details here

      The setlist
      Ooh Poo Pa Doo
      You Need Loving
      Plum Nellie Medley (includes Baby Please Don’t Go and Land of 1,000 Dances)
      What’Cha Gonna Do About It
      Coming Home Baby
      E Too D
      Come on Children
      Grow Your Own
      Please Please Please
      You Need Loving
      Coming Home Baby
      E Too D
      What’Cha Gonna Do About It

      • Philip Cohen says:

        The CD with the French language book about “Small Faces” is a good audience recording, not a soundboard. It was transfered from a deteriorating tape (with occasional drop-outs) that could not withstand further plays.

  448. Aaron says:

    Jon Anderson’s first 3 solo albums (Olias, Song of Seven & Animation) used to be sooo expensive on Amazon, even secondhand. Now the prices have dropped way down…could this mean a reissue is heading our way??

  449. Aaron says:

    Lindsay buckingham has been fired from Fleetwood Mac and replaced with Neil Finn and Mike Campbell!!! WTF!!

  450. Mij says:

    Lindsey Buckingham has left Fleetwood Mac, replaced for their tour by Mike Campbell and Neil Finn!

  451. Neil says:

    There is a 3 CD box set of The Cure’s Mixed Up being released on the 15th June single disc as well. Both are listed on Amazon but no track listings yet.

    • Douglas Bailey says:

      Overpriced Killing Joke 40th-anniversary set on PledgeMusic:

      £550 on vinyl or £150 on CD; no mention of remastering, so I’m guessing the CDs, at least, are the same as the most recent individual releases. Which means fans like me who already bought those re-issues are essentially being offered 8 new previously-unreleased tracks (and some nice art, and tchotchkes in the vinyl set) for those prices.

      • Neil says:

        I noticed they are using the restored mixes for Brighter Than A Thousand Suns again and i wonder if they will bother to remaster it this time. Still annoying they never remastered the Julian Mendelsohn mix.

    • Neil says:

      The Cure’s Mixed Up is being released as a Deluxe Edition on 15h June. This 3CD set has been remastered by Robert Smith and features the original album, a second disc of rare remixes from 1981-1990 and a 3rd disc of brand new remixes by Robert Smith.

    • negative1 says:

      Here’s one that I saw:

      DISC ONE : Mixed Up – Remastered 2018

      01: Lullaby – Extended Mix – 2018 remaster ( 7:43 )
      02: Close To Me – Closer Mix – 2018 remaster ( 5:44 )
      03: Fascination Street – Extended Mix – 2018 remaster ( 8:47 )
      04: The Walk – Everything Mix – 2018 remaster ( 5:27 )
      05: Lovesong – Extended Mix – 2018 remaster ( 6:19 )
      06: A Forest – Tree Mix – 2018 remaster ( 6:55 )
      07: Pictures of You – Extended Dub Mix – 2018 remaster ( 6:41 )
      08: Hot Hot Hot!!! – Extended Mix – 2018 remaster ( 7:01 )
      09: The Caterpillar – Flicker Mix – 2018 remaster ( 5:40 )
      10: Inbetween Days – Shiver Mix – 2018 remaster ( 6:22 )
      11: Never Enough – Big Mix – 2018 remaster ( 6:07 )

      DISC TWO – Mixed Up Extras 2018 : Remixes 1982-1990

      01: Let’s Go To Bed (Extended Mix 1982 – 2018 remaster) ( 7:44 )
      02: Just One Kiss (Extended Mix 1982 – 2018 remaster) ( 7:15 )
      03: Close To Me (Extended Remix 1985 – 2018 remaster) ( 6:31 )
      04: Boys Don’t Cry (New Voice Club Mix 1986 – 2018 remaster) ( 5:29 )
      05: Why Can’t I Be You? (Extended Mix 1987 – 2018 remaster) ( 8:07 )
      06: A Japanese Dream (12″ Remix 1987 – 2018 remaster) ( 5:47 )
      07: Pictures of You (Extended Version 1990 – 2018 remaster) ( 8:06 )
      08: Let’s Go To Bed (Milk Mix 1990 – 2018 remaster) ( 7:13 )
      09: Just Like Heaven (Dizzy Mix 1990 – 2018 remaster) ( 3:42 )
      10: Primary (Red Mix 1990 – 2018 remaster) ( 7:10 )
      11: The Lovecats (TC & Benny Mix 1990 – 2018 remaster) ( 4:39 )

      DISC THREE – Torn Down : Mixed Up Extras 2018

      01: Three Imaginary Boys – Help Me Mix by Robert Smith ( 3:21 )
      02: M – Attack Mix by Robert Smith ( 3:07 )
      03: The Drowning Man – Bright Birds Mix by Robert Smith ( 4:29 )
      04: A Strange Day – Drowning Waves Mix by Robert Smith ( 5:05 )
      05: Just One Kiss – Remember Mix by Robert Smith ( 4:57 )
      06: Shake Dog Shake – New Blood Mix by Robert Smith ( 5:11 )
      07: A Night Like This – Hello Goodbye Mix by Robert Smith ( 4:24 )
      08: Like Cockatoos – Lonely In The Rain Mix by Robert Smith ( 3:49 )
      09: Plainsong – Edge Of The World Mix by Robert Smith ( 4:33 )
      10: Never Enough – Time To Kill Mix by Robert Smith ( 3:34 )
      11: From The Edge Of The Deep Green Sea – Love In Vain Mix by Robert Smith ( 6:21 )
      12: Want – Time Mix by Robert Smith ( 4:44 )
      13: The Last Day of Summer – 31st August Mix by Robert Smith ( 5:44 )
      14: Cut Here – If Only Mix by Robert Smith ( 4:25 )
      15: Lost – Found Mix by Robert Smith ( 3:59 )
      16: It’s Over – Whisper Mix by Robert Smith ( 4:54 )


  452. Chris Squires says:

    Back in the rear end of January in the Saturday Deluxe that featured the sad death of Stacey Young a chap called Mark mentioned that there was a 3CD 30th Anniversary edition of Born to Run on Amazon for £3.79. It was listed as a new release for this week. I ordered two copies (mad not to at that price) thinking they won’t be honoured….lo and behold they have just turned up.
    It seems to be a fresh re-issue of a 2005 release as even my rudimentary maths can work out that 2018 is not 30 years from 1975. It seems to be a carbon copy other than updated copyright and legal stuff. So, result. Pricing error is honoured. £7.58 well spent!

    Not sure why you would re-issue a re-issue 13 years after the event. I would have thought it would have been wiser to wait two years, update it a bit and have a 45th Anniversary release. Oh and it obviously isn’t 3CD it’s 2 DVD and 1 CD.

    Any Springsteen heads here know what this is about? Why would Sony do this?

  453. Darren Pillans says:

    The Blue Nile – High (Deluxe Edition).
    Does anyone know what happened to this release?
    On The Blue Nile website 1-2 years ago they said the mastering was complete for an impending release, but it still hasn’t happened.
    Anyone know what’s going on?

  454. Lorenzo says:

    See the bad news at The Digital Bits. OPPO no more. I hope my player lasts.

    • Philip Cohen says:

      My BDP-105D (Purchased 2015) is still working great, I sent my old (no longer working) BDP-83 to Oppo for repair on April 5th. and on April 3rd, I ordered a UDP-205 at a reasonable $1499. It will arrive Monday April 9th. All are “region-free” units. By Friday April 6th, the dealer had increased the price Twice; From $1499 to $2600, then to $3499. Vultures (including sellers on Ebay and Amazon) are exploting a product shortage. The highest price(for a UDP-205) as I type this is $3699!! Now, Oppo says that they are CONSIDERING one last production run of the UDP-205, to be available in July or August. I hope that they make their intent known soon. Collectors of audiophile digital disc formats(especially DVD-Audio & SACD) are in a state of panic and need back-up (duplicate) disc players to ensure that they can play their existing collections in the future. After I receive my UDP-205 and my BDP-83 comes back from the repair shop, I’ll have 3 players, two of which will be stored as spares.
      My “Man Cave” has become a “Physical Format” “Bomb Shelter”. To the music industry (who intend to abolish the consumer’s ability to permantly posess music recordings), I say “No Way,Jose !”

  455. Aaron says:

    Arctic Monkeys announce new album ‘Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino’ – May 11th

    Crazy song titles:

    1. Star Treatment
    2. One Point Perspective
    3. American Sports
    4. Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino
    5. Golden Trunks
    6. Four Out of Five
    7. The World’s First Ever Monster Truck Front Flip
    8. Science Fiction
    9. She Looks Like Fun
    10. Batphone
    11. The Ultracheese

    Miles Kane (Turner’s Last Shadow Puppet’s band mate) – also has a new solo album coming – ‘Coup De Grace’ – tracks co-written with Jamie T & Lana Del Rey

  456. Aaron says:

    Bob Dylan has contributed to a new compilation that turns classic tracks into “same-sex wedding anthems”.

    ‘Universal Love’ will be released on Friday (April 6) and features the likes of Dylan, St Vincent, Kesha, Bloc Party‘s Kele Okereke, Death Cab For Cutie‘s Ben Gibbard and Valerie June.

    For the six-track EP, Dylan takes on American classic ‘She’s Funny That Way’ (popularised by Frank Sinatra and Nat King Cole), changing the song to be ‘He’s Funny That Way’.

    Executive producer Rob Kaplan said Dylan was quick to agree to the project: “It wasn’t just ‘yes, I’ll do this’. It was ‘hey, I have an idea for a song.

    The vinyl looks pretty cool…not sure if it will be available on cd though…

    • Aaron says:

      Had a listen to the Dylan track on Spotify – pretty good actually, he does a great job with it.

      Even though I liked the last 3 albums…still hoping this will be the last Sinatra cover he does though!

  457. Auntie Sabtina says:

    HMV online (and in my local store) have UB40’s Deluxe Edition CDs of Present Arms and Labour Of Love for £9.99 each…

  458. Nate says:

    New Claudia Brucken and Jerrome Froese collaboration album ‘Beginn’ to be released June 15th on Cherry Red label.
    Deluxe double vinyl version includes 2 bonus tracks, covers of Fleetwood Mac songs “Sara” and

  459. Aaron says:

    Bill Wyman’s Rhythm Kings puts out “Studio Time” in April. Features 15 previously unreleased tracks from 8 sessions dating back to 1987!

    Does anyone have the various Rhythm King/ Wyman box set volumes – always considered picking them up as they look pretty good.

    • Darren Pillans says:

      The Blue Nile – High (Deluxe Edition).
      Does anyone know what happened to this release?
      On The Blue Nile website 1-2 years ago they said the mastering was complete for an impending release, but it still hasn’t happened.
      Anyone know what’s going on?

  460. DJ Salinger says:

    Good news for lovers of Ballardian dystopias set to the sound of ice-cold synths!

    Yep, John Foxx is re-releasing ‘Metamatic’. Yet again. Only this time expanded to a deluxe three discs, which must be about as definitive as you can get with this album, surely? Well, until next time, anyway.

    Looks good though. Out 25 May, pre-order button duly clicked.

  461. Philip Cohen says:

    As you may know, the Esoteric label recently purchased a number of formerly EMI/Harvest recordings from Warner Music. The first fruits of these purchases will be a 3-CD + DVD edition of Barclay James Harvest’s self-titled 1969 debut album, to be released 25th of May. Included will be the album and related non-L.P. singles in both original and new remixed versions, a 5.1 surround mix(from the original Abbey Road Studios multitracks) plus the group’s 1968-69 BBC recordings (one of which is previously unreleased), an unreleased solo demo from keyboardist Wooly Wolstenholme, a short promotional film, plus a book (in a slipcase), reproduced memorabilia and a vintage press release. The 1968 BBC sessions are quite significant, in that they feature more than an album’s worth of original songs that the group never again attempted after they signed with EMI.

  462. Aaron says:

    Rick Wakeman’s G’ole! Soundtrack to the 1982 world cup to be remastered and reissued on cd in April. Anyone else old enough to remember this tournament? Will always be remembered by me for David Narey’s howitzer against Brazil…and still failing to qualify despite putting 5 passed New Zealand and drawing with Russia!!

  463. Aaron says:

    Just found out that the Japanese edition of Steve Hackett’s Wuthering Nights CD/DVD sset comes with 3 new Studio Bonus Tracks:

    The Road To Kiev
    White Dove

    White Dove is an acoustic piece, the other two are “electric”. The Japanese version is available as an import only. Anyone know why this is still a thing that happens with Japanese releases? How do they have the rights to include additional material that the rest of the world is not?!

    • Neil says:

      What’s even worse is that it’s been released in the US as a 2 × CD + Blu-ray and isn’t even available to purchase on his site.

    • Phil Wilson says:

      As far as I know the reasons are the same as they were back in the day. Import CDs are much cheaper in Japan, so they add additional material to the “home” releases, to encourage the Japanese to buy them. Would be interesting to know what percentage of those are exported though.

  464. spot says:

    The Cure – Acoustic Hits 2LP is just EUR 14,99 at amazon France. Best price so far.

  465. Aaron says:

    Wynton Marsalis has a new album coming with guests including Bob Dylan, Eric Clapton, Willie Nelson, James Taylor amongst others…

    United We Stand
    1) The Last Time (feat. Blind Boys Of Alabama)
    2) It Takes A Lot To Laugh, It Takes A Lot To Cry (feat. Bob Dylan)
    3) I’m Gonna Move To The Outskirts Of Town (feat Ray Charles)
    4) I’m Not Rough (feat. Eric Clapton)
    5) Creole Love Call (feat. Audra McDonald)
    6) Milk Cow Blues (feat. Willie Nelson)
    7) I’m Gonna Find Another You (feat. John Mayer)
    8) My baby Don’ Tolerate (feat. Lyle Lovett)
    9) The Worst Thing ( feat. Natalie Merchant)
    10) Please baby Don’t (feat. John Legend)
    11) Mean Old Man (feat. James Taylor)
    12) Are You Gonna Go My Way (feat. Lenny Kravitz)
    13) Fool’s Paradise (feat. Jimmy Buffett)
    14) Empty Bed Blues (feat. Carrie Smith)
    15) I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel To Be Free ( feat. Susan Tedeschi & Derek Trucks)
    16) What Have You Done?

  466. DJ Salinger says:

    Paul, may be on the SDE radar already but these look good.

    First three Wire LPs are, um, rewired in May with extras in hardback book packaging:

  467. Philip Cohen says:

    After 4 years of postponements, now another five months postponement(until 28th of September) for Charly Records’ CD & L.P. reissues of “Small Faces-The Autumn Stone”. The 1970 2-L.P. set was basically a greatest hits collection with a number of previously unreleased tracks. In truth, if you bought all of the Universal, Charly & Sanctuary Small Faces CD’s & boxed sets released in recent years, you could assemble “The Autumn Stone” on your computer or CD-R burner….and I long ago did. And I burned a good bonus disc too (from songs and mixes not included on any of the Caiger-supervised CD’s.)
    Rob Caiger’s ill-fated reissue would have (at most) included one unreleased track, an instrumental jam (If it wasn’t merely a re-titling of one of the Small Faces backing track tunes already released in the 1990’s by the Repertoire label). As for the non-release of Charly’s reissue, it is much ado about nothing.
    Rob Caiger’s credibility (for any of the other projects that he announced on Twitter) is in doubt. Let’s all move on to other labels and compilers; people and record companies that know how to deliver the goods.
    If Caiger actually has access to all those master and multitrack tapes (as he claims), too bad that they are stuck with a compiler and label that is unable to turn them into real life CD & L.P. product.

  468. Aaron says:

    Roger Daltrey has a new solo album out in June this year…Townshend appears on 7 tracks..

    Legendary frontman of The Who, Roger Daltrey returns with his 9th solo album ‘As Long As I Have You’. The album produced by Dave Eringa, best known for his work with the Manic Street Preachers and on Roger and Wilko Johnson’s album ‘Going Back Home’ and features Pete Townshend’s inimitable guitar on 7 tracks as well as guest performances from Mick Talbot on keyboards (Dexys, The Style Council) and Sean Genockey on lead guitar who has worked with Suede, Shame and The Proclaimers).

    Work on ‘As Long As I Have You’ was started shortly after the top 5 gold selling ‘Going Back Home’ was released and continued during breaks on The Who’s record breaking 50th anniversary tour ‘The Who Hits 50’.

    The album is a mixture of self-penned tracks such as ‘Certified Rose’ and the soulful ballad ‘Always Heading Home’ along with songs that have inspired Daltrey over the years including Nick Cave’s ‘Into My Arms’, ‘You Haven’t Done Nothing’ by Stevie Wonder, Stephen Stills’ ‘How Far’ and the title track originally recorded by Garrett Mimms in 1964; the year that Daltrey, Townshend, Entwistle and Moon changed their name from The High Numbers and became The Who

  469. Roel Glas says:

    Just a heads up for all the Aussies on SDE that Amazon AU have an Easter vinyl sale “Buy one get one free”. As you know, vinyl is NOT cheap in Australia but managed to pick up a few bargains like: The Beatles Red & Blue double vinyls for total $38 (normally $38 each) and a couple of Dire Straits albums for total $28 (normally $28 each). There are some box sets in there as well, like the past 2 Bowie sets. Free shipping on orders over $49. As usual, the cheapest is the free one.

    Paul, you may like to share this amongst the Aussies out there. At this stage, Amazon AU does not ship outside of Australia

  470. AndyB says:

    Wire deluxe editions of first 3 albums coming soon! Totally psyched!

  471. richard says:

    HI Paul just wanna thank you for a perfect looking ROXY interview magazine from your hand.

    a great addition to the Roxy deluxe box set thanks for all your work in this edition

    Richard den Besten

  472. hendry doran says:

    Amazon Italy are showing the latest in the McCartney coloured and black vinyl reissues. Scheduled for 18/5 are New, Thrillington, Chaos and Creation and a Greatest Hits album.

    Will be interesting to see if the likes of Amazon are allowed to sell the coloured vinyls this time around especially since the initial releases are still available from Udiscover and thesoundofvinyl

  473. Philip Cohen says:

    Coming in May from Universal: Glenn Frey-Above The Clouds”, a 3-CD + DVD set. It will contain two CD’s of hits and key album tracks(no rare material), a CD containing his pre-Eagles album with “Longbranch Pennywhistle”, and the first-ever DVD release of the video program “Glenn Frey-Strange Weather:Live in Dublin”.
    Too bad that there’s no studio rarities included, because Frey issued plenty of Japan-only bonus tracks.

  474. Auntie Sabrina says:

    Sorry to see your recent Morrissey article has gome MIA. Keep up the good work, fantastic blog and and an honour and privelidge to read and to be able to comment on the music industry.

    Kindest Regards.

  475. Philip Cohen says:

    Rhino is planning another “Quadio” box (reissues of vintage 1970’s Quadraphonic mixes). It will contain The Doobie Brothers’ four Quadraphonic albums.

  476. Coln says:

    Just announced:

    The Feeling: Twelve Stops And Home (3CD/1DVD Box Set) on the 29th June via Cherry Red:

    Also one off Live date on the 15th April


  477. Philip Cohen says:

    Still no release date or tracklisting for any of Charly Records’ upcoming Small Faces CD product, but the reissue of “Ogden’s Nut Gone Flake” will be 3 CD’s + a DVD. Fans have speculated that the DVD will contain the group’s (mostly mimed) performance of “Ogden’s Nut Gone Flake” from BBC’s “Colour Me Pop” T.V. show.
    And compiler Rob Caiger assures me that there will be reason for fans to purchase Immediate Records’ various artists Blues compilations again via Charly’s upcoming boxed set. Charly’s 1996 boxed set had been dubbed from vinyl. Caiger’s new effort will be from the master tapes and contain some unreleased mixes and songs.
    Charly also plans some upcoming vinyl product for Record Store Day, including a white vinyl 7″ single that reissues Nico’s lone single for the “Immediate” label, a Small Faces yellow vinyl 7″ single with an exclusive mix, and a compilation L.P. by Humble Pie.

  478. Andre Denis says:

    Cherry Red Records is going to release om 27 April:
    Bram Tchaikovsky: Strange Men, Changed Men: The Complete Recordings 1978 – 1981, 3CD Boxset Edition

    It seems to be as it is a remastered edition.
    This is wonderful news as I Always liked their poppy sound

  479. Philip Cohen says:

    Archival activity for Jethro Tull’s 50th anniversary: A Steven Wilson remix(stereo & 4.0 surround) for the group’s debut album “This Was” is set for November. Also this year: “50 For 50”, a 3-CD collection of live and studio tracks.

  480. Karl says:
    The Monochrome Set “1979–1985: Complete Recordings”
    6LP+6CD or just 6CD Box Sets
    Sounds great, nice booklet, all lyrics etc.

  481. Steve Miller says:

    Expanded 15th Anniversary release of Frengers, by Mew.

  482. Philip Cohen says:

    The latest mastering/compiling effort from Charly Records’ Rob Caiger (though when or if it will see the light of day is unknown) is an upgrade/remastered box set of Immediate Records’ four blues music anthology albums. Charly already released a 4-CD set of this material(“The Immediate Blues Anthology”) in 1996, which was filled out with Blues-flavoured tracks from Immediate’s rock & pop artists. What, if anything a new edition could offer is unknown. The music on the four original 1968/69 vinyl albums was all mono or (in some countries) fake stereo. I would have tried to make Caiger aware that Charly has an unreleased true stereo mix of one of the Eric Clapton/Jimmy Page instrumentals(“Draggin’ My Tail”)……..but it’s too late.

  483. Philip Cohen says:

    Japanese Sony will release a Cheap Trick CD + DVD set “Japanese Singles Collection” on the 4th of April. The DVD will contain the same videos and live clips as the programme “Every Trick in the Book”, albeit in a different running order. The CD will be manufactured with the “Blu-Spec CD2” technology.
    in other news, April will see the release(from Purple Records via Cherry Red) of a 3-CD edition of the 1974 album “Roger Glover and Friends-The Butterfly Ball”, by the (then) ex-Deep Purple bassist. Basically, the 3-CD set will combine everything from the Repertoire label edition, plus a U.S.A. promotional interview album. The vocalists on the album include Ronnie James Dio, Glenn Hughes, Tony Ashton and David Coverdale. It’s a concept album based on a book of illustrations for children. It’s not heavy metal music. But the music is good. One of the bonus tracks is a demo version of the album’s UK/Europe hit “Love is All” as a vocal duet between Ronnie James Dio and (The normally non-vocalist) Roger Glover. Glover was wise to let Dio do the entire vocal on the released version.

  484. Chris Squires says:

    A Massive Rory Gallagher box and individual albums for release soon and uDiscover have a box set limited (and numbered) to 300 copies for *just* £207 inclusive of UK postage.
    15 albums inc. one double live is not bad for £200 or so particularly with the numbered slip case.

  485. Gary Hunter says:

    Hot off the press this one Paul. A 3 CD Set of the John Foxx album “Metamatic” is out 25th May

  486. Aaron says:

    New Neil Young live album coming in April. Tonight’s the night live. Available as 2 lp and a cd. Cool cover too.

    • Aaron says:


      “Time, is waiting in the wings…”

      Parlophone announces the following three David Bowie exclusives in conjunction with David Bowie is at the Brooklyn Museum.

      ~ Time (U.S. single edit) / The Prettiest Star – silver vinyl picture sleeve 7” single

      ~ Live In Berlin (1978) – 8-track orange vinyl mini-LP

      ~ iSelectBowie – 12-track red vinyl LP

      Go here for the full press release:

      #DavidBowieIs #davidbowieisbkm #DBisNYTime #DBisNYBerlin78 #BowieiSelect #BowieVinyl

  487. purpledaniel says:


    In regards to the Doors Isle of Wight release, many fans have cancelled their order when facts about the quality begun to emerge. There´s motorcicle sounds, fake audience and guitar and drum overdubs everywhere. Maybe warnig people about this in SDE will make people at the Doors camp reconsider how bad they are presenting archive releases.
    Thanks in advance

  488. DaveM says:

    Dire Straits Complete Studio albums box set coming on CD and Vinyl. Really interested to know about the new mastering (if any) on these as the existing remasters seem to get a bad press.

  489. Chris Squires says:

    Warm Leatherette 4LP Vinyl is now only £28.33 on, that’s £13 lower than the last 40% sale in January. It’s a stupid price for a brilliant boxed set.

  490. Carl Noonan says:

    Hi Paul

    Toto have a career spanning box set due in October which includes remastered albums, cd’s, rarities etc.
    You may be aware of this already so apologies if you are. If you weren’t here’s a link to the store which gives some details.



  491. DaveM says:

    News from PIL official that a new career spanning box set is coming later in the year.

  492. Aaron says:

    Next Anthony Phillips reissue on the way in April. Private Parts & Pieces volume 3 – 4 disc clam shell box, contains IX-XI plus bonus disc of 18 unreleased tracks…really looking forward to this!!

  493. Aaron says:

    Neil Young’s Harvest Moon to be released on vinyl for the first time ever!

  494. Adam Shaw says:

    Hi Paul
    Just had delivered 2 x Art Garfunkel SACD from Vocalion (Angel Clare and Breakaway) both have the original quad mixes on them .
    Also pre ordered the Barry White singles box set . Maybe worth mentioning on your site .

  495. Aaron says:

    Interview with Tony Banks here where he talks about the new album and gives an update on the reissues of his back catalogue…looks like it’s not happening..real shame

    GNC: Let’s talk about you solo stuff in general. You started to rerelease your albums remastered and in 5.1. What happend to these releases?
    Tony: I don’t really know. Perhaps Esoteric got cold feet. I wanted to do the A Chord Too Far boxset. I wanted to have something out there that included the best things I have done. I was of course very happy when they wanted to put out the individual albums as well. I just think it cost them more money than it should have. They may come back to them, I suppose. I’d like to do Bankstatement and Soundtracks. We did those already when we were working on A Chord Too Far. They are quite easy to do and could come out any time, whereas Still and Strictly Inc will be much more of a problem as they are very long and we have to remix them from the beginning. It would have to be very worthwhile to do that. I’m not sure that’s going to happen. It’s a shame but I think it’s not going to happen now.

    Full interview here…

  496. Paul E. says:

    Hi Paul, I just read some great news on The Alarm. Their site states two new remasters are set for release on March 16th to coincide with a tour: “Eponymous” and “Declaration”- both 2 CD sets. Can you help dig for further information and ask if they have plans to keep these coming as I’d love to have “Strength” included. Thanks in advance!

    • Neil says:

      On the subject of Eponymous i notice this new reissue is 2 CD’s when the remaster from 2000 was only one disc with the exact same tracks.

  497. Sven says:

    Hi Paul
    do you have any insight into Rhino’s plans regarding future a-ha deluxes and re-issues?
    Or – do you have a contact in Rhino whom you could pass on the following ideas?

    1) MEMS: The demos would be most interesting, as well as any stuff that may stem from post-Memorial Beach. Live versions are not so important as the 2001 Valhall concert saw a DVD release (on which however Angel was missing).

    2) Lifelines: Not their best album despite a few great songs. Hence, more important than demos and different mixes would be the whole Ulleval concert from spring 2002 on CD and DVD/BR. It was apparently recorded back in the day but never released. They played a few songs there that were eventually skipped for the autumn leg of the same tour, or that did not make it on the Live CD “How can I sleep with your voice in my head”, such as Afternoon high, Locust and You wanted more. Also, it would be great to get hold of Dark is the night sung by Annelie Drecker in Brazil, and of the 2002 version of The blood that moves the body.

    3) Memorial Beach on Vinyl would be brilliant, or what about a 25 years super deluxe edition….


  498. KevinK says:

    The Elvis 60CD RCA Albums Collection box set fom a couple of years ago is currently available for a bargain £100 on Amazon UK ( )

  499. Derek says:
    has Berlin and Wang Chung remasters (with bonus tracks).

    The Wang Chung ones come out this week, and the Berlin have been out for a week or so.

    • Neil says:

      These look dodgy and it’s worrying they aren’t for sale anywhere else. £10 postage to the UK makes them £19 each which means import taxes stuff that.

      • Derek says:

        More than a month after supposed release and they haven’t made it to Australia.
        No response to emails.

        Certainly seems dodgy now that I’m about $60 out of pocket.

  500. Aaron says:

    Steve Hackett and Djabe have a new album available only thru djabe’s Website. It is never the same twice…Ltd to 500 copies dvd digipak. I bought my copy already so you better hurry if this appeals! I’m looking forward to hearing if This Is Not America is the Bowie track!

    New Live CD/DVD-package limited to 500 copies
    Hungarian Jazz/Fusion band Djabe and Steve Hackett collaborated on various occasions and have released a couple of albums together, such as Summer Storms And Rocking Rivers (iTunes Link) and the more recent Life Is A Journey. On 15th February, Djabe released yet another interesting live CD/DVD digipak: It Is Never The Same Twice.
    It contains two recordings: The CD was recorded at Ady House of Culture in Miskolc (8th June 2017), while the DVD was recorded in Budapest, Jazz Club, 3rd June 2017. Both recording feature Djabe and guest musicians Gulli Briem and Steve Hackett.
    The Digipak is strictly limited to 500 copies (!) only and is available on Djabe’s website.

    Tracklist CD:

    Lava Lamp
    The Steppes
    Pain Forest
    In That Quiet Earth
    Awakening City
    Last Train To Istanbul
    Fly On A Windshield
    Please Don’t Touch
    Miskolc Jam
    Extra Dimensions
    Cloud Dance
    Los Endos (closing section)

    Tracklist DVD:

    Lava Lamp
    The Steppes
    Pain Forest
    In That Quiet Earth
    Awakening City
    Last Train To Istanbul
    Steve’s Acoustic Set
    Walking Away From Rainbows
    Ace Of Wands
    Firth Of Fifth
    Fly On A Windshield
    Please Don’t Touch
    Budapest Jam
    Hang Drum Song
    This Is Not America
    Clouds Dance
    Los Endos (closing section)
    Extra Dimensions
    Distance Dance

  501. Philip Cohen says:

    Capitol will soon release the first (of two) non-chronological colour vinyl boxed sets by The Steve Miller Band. The musical contents are exactly as on the original releases.

  502. Robert says:

    At the end of last year you made an unboxing video of the coloured vinyl of Paul McCartney. Did you also get the Japanese vinyl replica CD’s ? I was hoping that you would make an unboxing video of these CD’s too …

  503. Peter Stanton says:

    Dylan Bootleg 13 is 97.90 euros on Amazon Italy at present

  504. Bob says:

    Hi –

    Interview with Shirley Manson in today’s “i” newspaper (page 36) – has a release date of May 11 for the “20th anniversary reissue” of Version 2.0… but no further details.

  505. Philip Cohen says:

    …..and more WHO-related CD product: an expanded 2-CD edition of Pete Townshend’s debut solo album “Who Came First” to be released in April by Universal. It will have 8 previously unreleased tracks.

  506. Philip Cohen says:

    To be released 20th of April: “The Who-Live at Fillmore East April 1968”.

  507. Len Read says:

    Re the Chicago live album mentioned by Phil.
    Apparently it has the bands entire Isle of Wight set from 1970 on the first two discs. There is also a DVD from a German TV special.
    This from the band’s website:

    4CDs + 1 DVD – Includes:
    • Chicago’s Amazing Headlining Show From The Isle of Wight 1970
    • 18 Additional Unreleased Live Performances From 1969 To 2014
    • A Complete 1977 German TV Rockpalast Performance On DVD
    • 24-Page Booklet With Rare Images Selected From The Band’s Vast Archive.

    Chicago has been a concert force for more than 50 years, thrilling its legion of fans with performances that never disappoint. This spring, the Rock and Roll Hall of Famers will celebrate their live legacy with a 4CD/1DVD collection of previously unreleased concert recordings, which includes several deep cuts that have never appeared on any of the band’s live albums.

    CHICAGO: VI DECADES LIVE (THIS IS WHAT WE DO) will be available on April 6. The songs in the collection were recorded between 1969 and 2014, including the band’s entire performance at the Isle of Wight Festival in 1970. The DVD features a concert that was originally broadcast on the German music television show Rockpalast in 1977. The set comes with a 24-page booklet illustrated with rare images selected from the band’s vast archive.

    The first two discs are dedicated to Chicago’s headlining performance at the Isle of Wight Festival on August 28, 1970. It’s a snapshot of the band on the verge of superstardom and captures them in top form, playing songs from their first two albums – “Beginnings” and “Ballet For A Girl In Buchannon” – as well as “Mother” from their third album, which was unreleased at the time. The other two headliners on this 3-day festival were The Doors and Jimi Hendrix.

    The remaining discs include live performances selected from six decades, starting with a trio of songs recorded in Paris in 1969: “Poem For The People,” “25 Or 6 To 4” and “Liberation.” Other highlights include deep tracks like “A Hit By Varèse” (1973), “Takin’ It On Uptown” (1977) and “Forever” (1987), in addition to songs from Chicago’s 1994 big band tour: “In The Mood” and “Don’t Get Around Much Anymore.”

    On February 12, 1977, Chicago played live on the German music television show Rockpalast. The entire concert is included here on DVD. An amazing overview of the band’s career to that point, it boasts unforgettable performance of “Saturday In The Park,” “Just You ’n’ Me,” “Call On Me” and “(I’ve Been) Searchin’ So Long/Mogonucleosis,” plus covers of the Beatles’ “Got To Get You Into My Life” and The Spencer Davis Group’s “I’m A Man.” As a bonus, the DVD also includes the band’s fan favorite performance of “What’s This World Comin’ To” from the 1973 ABC television special, Chicago In The Rockies.

  508. Philip Cohen says:

    Maybe I shouldn’t relay the latest updates from compiler Rob Caiger. Certainly, he’s always in the studio working on projects, though when any of them will be released is unknown. 3-L.P. & 2-CD editions of “Small Faces-The Autumn Stone” still appear likely for late April, though Caiger still won’t reveal the tracklisting for the CD edition, other that to say that the running order and song contents will slightly differ to the vinyl edition. anyhow….
    Caiger is working with the Immediate Records recordings by Humble Pie (the group recorded two albums for “Immediate”, “Town and Country” & “As Safe As Yesterday Is”) and guitarist Peter Frampton & drummer Jerry Shirley are cooperating. However, I’ll note that some years back, Castle/Sanctuary released “Humble Pie-Natural Born Bugie(sic):The Anthology” which had 9 unreleased tracka mixed down under Jerry Shirley’s supervision, so how much more vault material could exist?
    And last week, Caiger found further Yardbirds tapes(muktitrack & master) recorded at Advision Studios & De Lane Lea Studios, but it is questionable whether Charly could release materials from De Lane Lea, unless they are unreleased performances that would be public domain in the Uk & Europe. Charly owns the Yardbirds recordings from 1963-May 1966, when the group was under Producer/manager Giorgio Gomelsky. The Yardbirds(via Wadecircle Ltd.”) own the June 1966-Nov. 1966 recordings when the group was produced and managed by Simon Napier-Bell. The 1967 recordings produced by Mickie Most are now owned by Warner Music. I explain all of this so I can mention that The Yardbirds didn’t record at De Lane Lea Studios during the period covered by Charly’s ownership, but they DID record at De Lane Lea Studios under both Simon Napier-Bell & Mickie Most. There are singles produced by Napier-Bell & Most that have been available only in mono sound. The De La Lea tapes may enable those songs to be remixed for stereo, but permission from Wadecircle Ltd. or Warner Music would be required for Charly to release such remixes.
    Caiger’s first Yardbirds project will be an expanded edition of The Gomelsky-produced 1964 album “Five Live Yardbirds”, recorded March 1964 at The Marquee. Caiger says that he’s found another, never-heard concert recorded a few months later, but I predict that it will be the same concert already released by Castle under the name “Live Blueswailing, July 1964”. I tried to alert Caiger to that via Charly’s website, but got no response.

  509. Philip Cohen says:

    30th of March will be the release date for a 5-CD set “Chicago-VI Decades Live” from Rhino. I’m hoping that it be mostly vintage recordings from the group’s heyday. The present-day line-up has only 3(of the 7) original members(Robert Lamm, James Pankow & Lee Loughnane), though Walter Parazaider still participates in the studio.

  510. Davide Guerrini says:

    Dear Paul
    Any news regarding the rumored THE POLICE complete recordings/remasters/deluxe editions expected in 2018 ?
    Band’s guitarist Andy Summers said about this some months ago…
    I thank you for your attention

    Davide Guerrini

  511. Aaron says:

    Paul – Have you heard about Chery Red Bespoke?

    sounds pretty interesting:

    Inspired by collectors’ demands, fan requests and our collective imagination, we’re bringing a range of must-have releases – vinyl and otherwise – direct to our customers, and with our new platform, we are giving you, the discerning music fan, the power to drive, influence and decide which deluxe projects are realised.

    To kick off, we have 3 deluxe vinyl titles from Spencer Davis Group, Jah Wobble and Theatre of Hate launching as of today! Read more about each project and pledge here.

    We’ve laid the groundwork for the projects, in terms of track choices and packaging and now it’s over to you the discerning music fans to make them a reality. Each project will launch with a three month (90 day) crowdfunding period. If the project reaches 100% within the timeframe, it’s all systems go!

    We’ve a forty year history of crate digging, excavating and reissuing, and direct conversation with fans, customers and collectors from all over the world has always been a source of inspiration and something very close to our heart. So please do get in touch with questions and suggestions – we actively encourage it.

    Cherry Red Bespoke is about giving you what you want, and we’re always interested in hearing your ideas!

    If you have a suggestion for a deluxe project you’d like the opportunity to see become a reality, email us at ideas(@)

  512. Philip Cohen says:

    Those of us who love to purchase and permanently posess music on so-called “Physical” formats must be thankful that consumers in Germany and Japan have overwhelmingly rejected streaming and continue to prefer CD’s and vinyl, because the survival of physical formats may ultimately depend on CD & vinyl pressing plants in those two countries.
    CD collectors in the U.S.A. were shocked by several announcements in this past week. Two of America’s biggest CD pressing plants are set to close down by mid-year. They are CINRAM(formerly WEA Manufacturing in Olyphant,Pennsylvania) and Sony’s Digital Audio Disc Corporation(DADC), formerly CBS Records in Terre Haute, Indiana. Furthermore, American “Big Box” retaler “Best Buy” announced that they will no longer sell CD’s, effective in July, though they will honor existing committments to sell vinyl for two more years. “Best Buy”, who specializes in selling T.V,’s refrigerators and washing machines, once had an impressive selection of CD’s & DVD’s, which has, in recent years, dwindled to nearly nothing. And furthermore, “Target”, an American department store specializing in clothing and food, has announced that they will, henceforth accept CD’s (from the labels) only on a consignment basis.(I.E. the record company only gets paid when and if the CD is sold.)
    The record companies obviously want to change over to music rental (or as you say “Hire”) via streaming, and ultimately what they seek is pay-per-play on a per-song basis. And it seems that the record companies have been trying to sabotage the sound quality of the CD format for some time, whether it is via “Loudness Wars” processing or (perhaps in upcoming years) by the MQA system, which if used on CD’s would reduce the CD format’s resolutiom from 16-bit to 13-bit.
    I know that I speak for many music collectors when I say, that if the day comes when I can no longer purchase music to posess it permanently, then I will no longer be a customer for the music industry. The avid collectors who want physical product, and who buy all releases by their favorite artists, are customers that the industry can rely on during periods of economic downturn. It would be foolish for the industry to arrogantly jettison these customers.

    • Roel Glas says:

      Well said Philip. I agree with you 100%. The industry should not be biting off the hand that feeds it. To me, there is no enjoyment in streaming music & I have rarely used it (usually only to sample an album & then go & buy the physical version.

    • Robert says:

      I also agree with you 100%. I don’t like streaming music, I want to be able to buy th physical product. I hope that the CD & vinyl pressing plants in Germany and Japan are going to be there for a very long time !

  513. Philip Cohen says:

    In late March, Rhino will release expanded/remastered editions of The Cars’ “Shake It UpR