Pink Floyd UPDATE / Andy Jackson Q&A on Immersion Editions

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A few weeks ago we reported on our our first listen to some of the forthcoming Pink Floyd remasters from the stunning setting of David Gilmour’s houseboat studio ‘Astoria’.

We encouraged you to submit your questions and since then we’ve been in communication with legendary Pink Floyd engineer Andy Jackson, who did his best to provide some answers. Many questions were around release plans and archive material which Andy did not have any information on. At the time of writing we are waiting to hear from management/EMI on these other questions.

Two key points of interest:

• The BluRay discs in both the Dark Side of the Moon Immersion Edition and Wish You Were Here Immersion Editions WILL feature h-res Quad Mixes and hi-re Stereo Mixes contrary to the current press release/ online track listings. This has been personally confirmed by Andy Jackson.

• Work has already commenced on remixing and replacing instrumentation on A Momentary Lapse of Reason for possible future release on an Immersion and/or Experience Edition

Q&A with Andy Jackson

Superdeluxeedition (SDE): Why don’t the Immersion sets include ALL of the audio in high resolution on the Blu-Ray discs? Especially the quad mixes.

Andy Jackson (AJ): The quad mixes are on the blu-ray now along with the stereo & 5.1 of the albums. No the non-album tracks are not on there. Obviously one issue is disc space, apart from that it’s a management/ record company decision

SDE: Why no 5.1 mix of The Wall on the Immersion set?

AJ: There is no 5.1 mix of the Wall at this point, potentially it could be done, presumably by James [James Guthrie], but he’s a busy boy! ……I think that a 5.1 of the album is on James’s schedule somewhere, but I don’t know any more [than that].

SDE: About the Wembley shows: Echoes was played too. Is it going to be included in another set?

AJ: I don’t know. By the time I got to the project the transfers were done & I was only dealing with the DSOTM and WYWH parts. The only reason I know Echoes was the encore is that I was there as a paying member of the audience, aged 15!

SDE: How do you and James Guthrie coordinate your efforts given the logistics of being an ocean (and several time zones) apart?

AJ: The wonders of telephones! Anyway James and I very [much] sing from the same song sheet about sound, so it’s never going to be too far apart and I always refer back to the albums for a reference point so they match (for example Wish You Were Here with Stephane Grappelli I matched to the album version, same thing with say the 1972 rough mix of the album)

SDE: Will A Momentary Lapse of Reason be remixed for an Immersion box set? David Gilmour has mentioned before his interest in “mixing the 80s out of it”

AJ: Interesting point. A Momentary Lapse of Reason is an odd one out inasmuch as it’s the only album that was trying to be ‘of the time’, which now means it sounds dated, rather than timeless. We have started this process a while ago, doing new drums with Nick with a much more “Pink Floyd classic” approach. If & when we’ll pick it up I don’t know.

SDE: (reponse to above): Very interesting…. one assumes that if there was to be an Immersion Edition of A Momentary Lapse of Reason then this process would probably be completed. Is it just the drums that have been redone so far?

AJ: Yes and yes. It was our intention to remove some of the 80’s synths and get more Rick hammond on it. Obviously not possible for him to do it now, but we started the process of pulling some of his playing from gigs of those songs. Just a lot of editing/syncing to do on that, but it should work

Short, but we hope you will agree, sweet.

For those of you who might have submitted a question, please assume that Andy couldn’t provide an answer, if it isn’t addressed above. We are hoping EMI will provide some further information on all other questions. Since this could take time we thought we’d share what we DID know now!

Please leave a comment and let us have your thoughts on what you have read.

Order The Dark Side of the Moon Immersion Box by clicking here.

39 responses to Pink Floyd UPDATE / Andy Jackson Q&A on Immersion Editions

  1. Theresa Johnson says:

    I was wondering how do I legitimize an album I’ve held onto for over 20 yrs. It’s a clear yellow vinyl album with some old school songs, I believe Syd Barret was still a member of the band during this demo! It was never made for public release, and on the “b” side, you can hear the guys doing experimental sounds for future albums, I believe. In the center is just a plain red label with nothing written on it. I’ve been told it’s very valuable to certain people. I’ve kept it in immaculate shape and have only listened to it a few (less then 6) times. But I have no idea what to do with it. I found it in a pile of records in a garage sale, and something told me to buy it. I’m a huge PinkFloyd fan, and I really don’t want to get rid of it, and it only came in the sleeve, no album cover. If anyone could give me some info on it, I’d be very greatful

  2. Mike says:

    Any news on the Animals Immersion/Experience ?? Any “high-quality” recordings of Floyd’s 1977 “In the Flesh” Tour to be expected ?? Thanks to all who provide the info & updates !!

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  5. Andrew from Italy says:

    Some of the original footage are STOLEN.
    The director Adrian Maben say that in dvd interview.
    It seem reel of One of his days, in fact almost images are taken
    from Mason shot and other member shot are taken in Paris studio in blu screen…

  6. Robert from Chicago says:

    I’m a huge fan of the Live at Pompeii disc and was hoping there is a chance that it will be on blue ray soon? Was it shot in 35mm? I’m asking because from what I gather that would make it a great candidate for the higher resolution product. Any encouraging info would be appreciated! BTW, a good friend and huge fan told me that all the original prints and extras from the Pompeii film have been lost forever…unbelievabe! Is that true? If so, at least we have what we have.

  7. Mikkel Frank says:

    Hello Paul,

    It sounds great that work is in progress for ‘A Momentary Lapse of Reason’ Experience and/or Immersion release. Great news!
    An AMLoR Immersion box will hopefully contain ‘Delicate Sound of Thunder’ concert CD (REMASTERED) as well as a DVD/Blu-ray version of the earlier released VHS ‘Delicate Sound of Thunder’ concert.
    What are ‘the news’ about a possible AMLoR Experience and/or Immersion release, Paul?

    Will ‘Delicate Sound of Thunder’ (remastered CD and/or DVD/Blu-ray) be included in such a release?

    Thank you for your answers.

    Best wishes, Mikkel

    • Julian says:

      Not only should they remaster the “Delicate Sound” CD and video, but also add the omitted material (“Terminal Frost”, the shortened solo of “Comfortably Numb” on the VHS…)

      And, of course, the song that didn’t make it onto AMLOR: “Peace be with You”!

  8. Andrea says:

    Thanks for your answer(s)! And that Floyd postcast is really great, thanks for posting and sharing!!

    ‘By the way’, I personally received a mail from Mr. Vernon Fitch (I think I can share this without disclosing any secret) stating that – quote – Yes, there are soundboard recordings of the Animals tour in existence. They
    are in the hands of the band – unquote.
    So – yes, as you say, let’s just hope they’ll be released ‘before’ our own great gig in the sky. Cheers!

  9. Bofsensai says:

    If you still checking back on your posts here, check the other WYWH comment threads associated here: something that may assuage your understandable desire for ITF sounds is ‘out there’:
    and if the obviously close to insiders who have contributed here have any influence/care I (high!) hopes that ‘one of these days’ pretty darn soon, this treasure is released properly (fair revenue rewarding) before some of us earlier/original/senior (etc.) fans have to go to our own great gigs in the sky – having never got to bloody hear it properly in all the wonderfully audiophile glory of how the players originally presented it!!!

  10. Andrea says:

    Too bad no question asked about the existence and quality of 1977 “in the flesh tour” recordings!!…
    Mr. Jackson could have shed some light as there is much speculation among fans about this subject:
    Are there no soundboard recordings at all?
    Are there only 2-track recordings on Nakamichi cassette decks?
    Or is it true that ALL the 1977 In the Flesh shows have been recorded in high-quality, as Vernon Fitch is quoted to have confirmed (UNCUT Magazine, october2011, Nick Mason interview)?

    All very good questions IMO!!
    Animals-era Pink Floyd are my absolute favourite, and I know I’m not alone in this… An expanded edition of Animals would be great news.

    • Keith says:

      Yes I completely agree on the comments about Animals getting the Immersion treatment, and even more tantilizing would be the ITF ’77 tour (highlights at the very least).

  11. Pip Squeak says:

    Is there going to be an Immersion edition of Animals? Hopefully with the Montreal Olympic Stadium 1977 show in it’s entirety. i would die happy as I was there.

  12. Richard van Oosterhout says:

    Are the soundtracks of The Committee and/or La Carrera Panamericana going to be released on CD?
    Also the same, but I am not sure if this was Pink Floyd or David Gilmour solo, for the soundtrack of The Colours Of Infinity?

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  14. Will there be a Blu-Ray release of Live at Pompeii? And will it ever feature audio commentary track by the surviving members of the band to talk about the Pompeii-era?

  15. Mikkel Frank says:

    Will ‘Delicate Sound of Thunder’ and/or ‘P.U.L.S.E.’ be re-released as well?

  16. Joe Siegler says:

    I’d like to know what’s inside the large box with the 14 albums/16 discs. Is it jewel cases, paper sleeves, digipaks, or some mutant packaging that puts the discs themselves in the box?

  17. Carlos says:


    I read an interview to Mr. Waters about a year or two ago, where he mentioned a complete footage from “the wall” tour concert (era 80-81) will be released at some point. Is it true? If so, will it be released any time soon? I think it would be an appropriate time to do it, given the current world tour where he’s redoing the show and the reissues to come.

  18. Mike Lang says:

    Is it Nick playing or a group consisting of Andy Newmark, Jim Keltner and Carmine Appice? :o)

  19. Sigma6 says:

    Something I forgot to ask but maybe if you have another chance to ask EMI. What downloads will be included with the Download Card and in what format/s?

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      That question (or a similar one) is already on the list…. maybe we’ll get hi-res downloads similar to the McCartney deluxe editions…

  20. Jason says:

    I know that this is way off topic, but I was wondering about the vinyl editions. Remastered? Also, any idea on release date and whether all albums (studio and/or live) will be released? Thanks.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Hi Jason – not sure about vinyl – still waiting to hear from EMI regarding original batch of questions…. if we get the opportunity to ask any further questions will certainly put the vinyl question forward. Thanks, Paul

    • Julie Skaggs says:

      Acoustic Sounds is currently listing vinyl versions of DSotM and WYWH and The Wall for release on September 27th, November 8th, and February 28th respectively.

  21. Steve says:

    I would like to know why there is no bonus unreleased material for either, ‘The Piper at the Gates of Dawn’ or ‘A Saucerful of Secrets’ ? There is certainly enough unreleased Syd Barrett-era songs (both studio and demos) which, fans have been clamoring for many years now that could finally be released. Also, 1967-68 BBC material could be included in this as well.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      There is no bonus material on any of the reissues in ‘Discovery’ form. Only three albums have been announced in either ‘Immersion’ or ‘Experience’ editions and that’s DSOTM, WYWH and The Wall. If and when these other editions get announced for ‘Saucer’ or ‘Piper’ I would expect previously unreleased archive material to be released.

    • Phil Cohen says:

      Nick Mason has stated elsewhere on the internet that he would like to see “A Saucerful of Secrets” be the next title(after the 3 scheduled sets) to receive the Experience & Immersion treatments, but decision is not solely his decision.
      I should advise all of you not to expect a surround sound version of “A Saucerful of Secrets” & “The Piper at The Gates of Dawn” because most of the group’s 1967-1968 multitrack tapes no longer exist. There are some unreleased songs and versions(some of them instrumental backing tracks) which exist via existing stereo & mono mixes, and we could potentially get high resolution stereo & mono mixes of those two albums.
      As for “A Saucerful of Secrets” outtakes and rarities, of course, there’s the widely bootlegged “Scream Thy Last Scream” & “Vegetable Man”, the backing track “In The Beechwoods”, and also several notably different mixdown variations on “Corporal Clegg”, including the keyboardless mix from the mono “Saucerful”, and another variation(with a radically different ending) that the group lip-synced to on Belgian television

  22. Paul Sinclair says:

    thanks Phil – Ultimately they are now working together on these reissues so I doubt Money would get omitted from an international reissue, assuming The Delicate Sound of Thunder is included in an AMLOR immersion set…

  23. Phil Cohen says:

    Obviously an immersion edition of “A Momentary Lapse of Reason” would include “The Delicate Sound of Thunder” video program. It is crucial to make Andy Jackson aware, that due to the hostilities which then existed between David Gilmour and Roger Waters, that the song “Money” was omitted from UK/Europe releases of the video program, but included in U.S.A. VHS & Laserdisc editions. American fans will be very disappointed if “Money” is not included in a reissue.

  24. Jack says:

    Nice to hear more news! Personally I find that there would be more important PF albums to… “Experience-ize” and “Immersion-ize”. I think Meddle, Piper at the Gates of Dawn and Animals would come before AMOR, as much as I love the album. I hope their will be another part, because I would love to have a release of The Wall with all extended songs and such.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      I don’t think due to the work needed AMLOR is unlikely to get high priority – there are probably ‘easier’ albums to ready for the Immersion treatment

  25. Paul,

    If you speak with Andy again, ask him, in regards to the possible A Momentary Lapse of Reason boxed set, if there are plans to include the film Delicate Sound of Thunder. It was shot on 35mm film, and has the greatest potential for a high resolution transfer of probably anything the Floyd have sitting in their archives.

    Also be sure to ask him if there is anything live from the Animals tour 1977 in the vaults suitable for release. EVERY Floyd fan is dying to know…

    Best Wishes,


    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Hi Joseph – with regards to A Momentary Lapse of Reason it’s far too early to speculate to be honest. Andy didn’t even know if the reworkings would see a release although you’d assume they would, otherwise why do them? Also they have only done the drums so far, so clearly a lot of work do.

      IF they do an Immersion set of AMLOR then you’ve got to imagine they will get this work finished, although it could conceivably be ‘CD2’ of a double-disc set.

      My guess is that AMLOR will be at the back end of the release schedule given what is needed to get this work done. Paul

  26. Julie Skaggs says:

    Thanks Paul for extending us this opportunity and to Andy for taking the time to answer our questions!

    I wondered if maybe Andy might have the time to address an interesting parallel…in regards to the AMLoR project, was it in any way inspired by Kate Bush’s reimagings via Director’s Cut (and also with the remaster of The Red Shoes from the analogue back-ups which was performed by James and Doug Sax)?

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Hi Julie – I guess it’s a possibility! I get the feeling that the new drums were done years ago rather than recently but I think some of the Director’s Cut stuff was done quite a while back also.

      It’s easy to imagine Kate and David sharing a glass of wine over dinner and talking about not liking the mix of their respective records! Paul

  27. Ben Craven says:

    Hi Paul – thanks for following up on Momentary Lapse Of Reason. That’s terrific news! It’s extraordinary they’ve already been recording new drum tracks with Nick Mason. Looking forward to the next instalment!

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Hi Ben – yes, interesting revelation! I get the feeling they have been proceeding a very leisurely pace with no deadline to complete this work so I wouldn’t expect anything for quite a while. Let’s face it, the earliest we will see anything post The Wall is probably summer 2012 and I very much doubt that AMLOR is FOURTH in their priorities, if an Immersion box is indeed on the cards (no guarantee). Paul

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