Hear unreleased Queen outtakes from the forthcoming News Of The World box

Queen‘s 40th anniversary News Of The World box set is issued next month and the band have just made available a couple of previously unreleased outtakes from the ‘Raw Sessions’ disc (CD 2 in the box), namely We Will Rock You and We Are The Champions. Take a listen to both tracks (below):

The 40th anniversary box set of News Of The World is released on 17 November 2017. You can read more about it here.

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News of the World - 40th anniversary box set


VINYL LP: The Original News of the World Album – new Pure Analogue Cut.

Side One
1. We Will Rock You (May) 2:01
2. We Are The Champions (Mercury) 2:59
3. Sheer Heart Attack (Taylor) 3:26
4. All Dead, All Dead (May) 3:10
5. Spread Your Wings (Deacon) 4:34
6. Fight From The Inside (Taylor) 3:03

Side Two
1. Get Down, Make Love (Mercury) 3:51
2. Sleeping On The Sidewalk (May) 3:06
3. Who Needs You (Deacon) 3:05
4. It’s Late (May) 6.26
5. My Melancholy Blues (Mercury) 3:29

CD 1: The Original Album (Bob Ludwig 2011 master)
1. We Will Rock You (May) 2:01
2. We Are The Champions (Mercury) 2:59
3. Sheer Heart Attack (Taylor) 3:26
4. All Dead, All Dead (May) 3:10
5. Spread Your Wings (Deacon) 4:34
6. Fight From The Inside (Taylor) 3:03
7. Get Down, Make Love (Mercury) 3:51
8. Sleeping On The Sidewalk (May) 3:06
9. Who Needs You (Deacon) 3:05
10. It’s Late (May) 6.26
11. My Melancholy Blues (Mercury) 3:29

1. We Will Rock You (Alternative Version) 2:29
2. We Are The Champions (Alternative Version) 4:33
3. Sheer Heart Attack (Original Rough Mix) 4:17
4. All Dead, All Dead (Original Rough Mix) 3:08
5. Spread Your Wings (Alternative Take) 4:56
6. Fight From The Inside (Demo Vocal Version) 3:08
7. Get Down, Make Love (Early Take) 4:02
8. Sleeping On The Sidewalk (Live in the USA, 1977) 3:49
9. Who Needs You (Acoustic Take) 2:46
10. It’s Late (Alternative Version) 6:44
11. My Melancholy Blues (Original Rough Mix) 3:36

1. Feelings Feelings (Take 10, July 1977) 1:55
2. We Will Rock You (BBC Session) 1:36
3. We Will Rock You (Fast) (BBC Session) 2:52
4. Spread Your Wings (BBC Session) 5:33
5. It’s Late (BBC Session) 6:39
6. My Melancholy Blues (BBC Session) 3:13
7. We Will Rock You (Backing Track) 2:03
8. We Are The Champions (Backing Track) 2:59
9. Spread Your Wings (Instrumental) 4:23
10. Fight From The Inside (Instrumental) 3:02
11. Get Down, Make Love (Instrumental) 3:49
12. It’s Late (USA Radio Edit 1978) 3:52
13. Sheer Heart Attack (Live in Paris 1979) 3:35
14. We Will Rock You (Live in Tokyo 1982) 2:55
15. My Melancholy Blues (Live in Houston 1977) 3:48
16. Get Down, Make Love (Live in Montreal 1981) 4:35
17. Spread Your Wings (Live in Europe 1979) 5:20
18. We Will Rock You (Live at the MK Bowl 1982) 2:08
19. We Are The Champions (Live at the MK Bowl 1982) 3:32


24 responses to Hear unreleased Queen outtakes from the forthcoming News Of The World box

  1. Gary Niemela says:

    Well, great visually and outtakes are quite nice, but this release really shouts for the Houston concert dvd. Queen documentaries are always a joy to watch.

  2. Martin Kilroy says:

    Hi Paul,
    I received the box-set on Friday and discovered that “two further CDs of recently unearthed outtakes and rarities” is actually one further CD of recently unearthed outtakes (which is brilliant by the way) and one of previously released rarities (it actually says so on the back of the box but sadly it was in my possession from amazon and unboxed by the time I read it.)
    You might want to amend your blurb (I’m assuming that you cut and pasted from a press-release) as I feel slightly sick that I have essentially just paid £100 for one CD! The remaining members of Queen should be informed that not all their fans earn as much as they do!

  3. Adey says:

    If they brought it out without the vinyl, and at a reasonable price, i would buy it, and I’m sure many others would too. Surely if they cut the rip off prices, they would make MORE money in the long run.
    Its no wonder so many people turn to torrent sites or “cheaper” chinese knockoffs on a certain online auction site.

  4. Klaus says:

    I think this is comparable to the 4 Fleetwood Mac-SDEs. I got those for between EUR 25 (Rumours) and EUR 55 (Tusk). So NOTW currently is massively overpriced in my opinion.
    Not sure though if the angry comments this is getting will already minimize the numbers made of this. So i’m gonna wait patiently for a price drop.

  5. Nick says:

    I’ll wait for Amazon to drop it to £35 before I buy it….. They Will when it doesn’t sell!

  6. Journstyx says:

    Initial offerings in The Netherlands go as high as € 144,99. But no matter how nicely put togther it’s overpriced, specifically as these are mostly CD’s plus a DVD. Now, if these would all be on vinyl, I could see the price justification. I agree with earlier comments that if you put additional stuff on there it should cover roughly the same period as when the original album was released. Also hopefully Queen and co have the sense of putting together a resonable 3CD set only with a nice booklet. That would make more sense and generate quite a few more sales

  7. Mark turrell says:

    Didn’t they get the message from the 2cd debacle. We don’t want scattershot single live songs from 4-5 years later. Putting live tracks from 1982 on a boxset representing 1977 is just stupid. Queen were one of the best live bands, so why not give us one complete concert from 1977.
    I’ve got the original vinyl, the 2cd reissue and the BBC release like any uberfan, so who exactly is going to shell out for this? Jiminy cricket.

  8. Mike the Fish says:

    Queen certainly know how to deliver a minimum for maximum cost. The contempt they’ve shown to their fans over the years with half baked reissues is disappointing, and now something more interesting appears and they totally overcharge for it!

  9. LedMan says:

    This release is too expensive. The main format I want is the all analog vinyl LP although at the moment I can’t justify paying the asking prices for this set.

  10. Daniel (from Adelaide) says:

    I might be in the minority, but I really want this release. However I don’t want the vinyl, so I can’t help but wonder if the band will ever let it out as a CD only set.

    This is what they should have done with the two CD sets years back, just put it all out. It’s not like anyone is beating the door down to buy their ‘new’ product.

  11. Andreas says:

    MarcVP, thanks… I was obviously exaggerating a bit. And I must admit that I am more familiar with the Beatles catalog. But nevertheless I think the variations on the Pepper box set are more striking than here. I am trying to find reasons that would justify this pricey box set. And I am also disappointed that there is no reasonably priced alternative. CD 3 contains some previously released material if I am not mistaken. So the really new material is spread over 1,5 CD’s. I don’t think that moderate fans will shell out that amount for this – they will find another solution.

  12. MarcVP says:

    WWRY: completely different vocal take + different guitar solo
    WATC: completely different vocal take + diff. guitars everywhere + extended instumental outro + proper ending

  13. Dave says:

    Hey Paul ! Any drop outs on this if so I’m out OK !!! Lol

  14. Andreas says:

    Where is the difference?

  15. Ty Tudor says:

    90% of Freddie on the demo of We will rock you made the actual record. 10% was omitted.
    The drums are the same also. Apart from the first few seconds.
    To my ears anyway

    Nice to get a chance to hear them.
    A welcome post

    • Ty Tudor says:

      Correction ‘version’ not ‘demo’.


    • Steve says:

      WWRY Sounds like a completely different vocal take all the way through to me? I enjoy listening to these but agree with others that say it’s not worth the price tag. Maybe when and if it comes down in price

  16. Steve Gilmour says:

    Who honestly is going to buy this rip off???

    • Musicmacca says:

      Just like the Beatles anthology after hearing the same version all through your life your brain and ears become conditioned.
      Then suddenly a phrase or note is different. That’s worth the entry ticket alone .

  17. Fred B. says:

    Too bad we only get these 2017 rankenstein’ed versions and not the stuff that really got recorded.

  18. Roel Glas says:

    Should’ve included this guitar solo in the finished product of WWRY.

  19. Alexander says:

    Sorry, but I don’t think that such outtakes are really worth 100 British pounds.

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