Alexander O Neal / Debut album Tabu 2CD expanded edition

Alexander O'Neal / Debut album as 2CD Expanded Edition

Demon Music have announced the details of the first release in their Tabu catalogue reissue campaign.

Alexander O’Neal‘s 1985 debut is to be issued as a two-CD set on 8 April 2013, packaged as a casebound book, which contains the song lyrics and an essay. The original studio album is on CD1, whilst CD2 includes additional remixes and alternate versions of the singles.

Demon have said that they will be “re-issuing the entire Tabu catalogue on expanded re-mastered CDs, digital, a selection of 180GM vinyls, and some amazing boxsets”.

Original Alexander O'Neal LP with bonus remix album

This 10″ bonus remix album is not replicated in full on the new  2CD (click to enlarge)

It is a shame that “The Remix Album” a ten-inch vinyl special given away with early copies of the vinyl record back in 1985 has not been replicated in full on the bonus disc of this reissue. Saturday Love (Extended Remix) and Saturday Love (Acappella) are both missing. They are clearly being saved for the expanded reissue of stablemate Cherrelle’s High Priority.

Hearsay will follow in May with All Mixed Up slated for a June release.


Deluxe CD

180g Audiophile vinyl with download card

Alexander O’Neal reissue track listings


  • 1. A Broken Heart Can Mend
  • 2. If You Were Here Tonight
  • 3. Do You Wanna Like I Do
  • 4. Look At Us Now
  • 5. Medley: Innocent / Alex 9000 / Innocent II
  • 6. What’s Missing
  • 7. You Were Meant To Be My Lady (Not My Girl)


  • 1. If You Were Here Tonight [soft version]
  • 2. Innocent
  • 3. Innocent [extended dance remix]
  • 4. You Were Meant To Be My Lady (Not My Girl) [extended dance remix]
  • 5. What’s Missing [remix]
  • 6. Are You The One

9 responses to Alexander O Neal / Debut album Tabu 2CD expanded edition

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  2. simon says:

    Perhaps they are keeping it behind for the limited edition box set ,they best be.why is innocent on the CD three times,will anyone listen to a 7 inch single mix when you have a 12 inch mix on the next track.overkill city.

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  4. Adam K says:

    Saturday Love is from Cherrelles project it was never on Alexanders debut project.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      As pointed out in the post, two remixes of “Saturday Love” were included in “Alexander O’Neal: The Remix Album”. I understand it is a Cherrelle record, but Tabu put it on an Alexander O’Neal release back in 1985.

  5. Simon says:

    If that is a definitive final tracklisting then I add my disappointment to the voices above.

    I’m very happy that the Tabu back catalogue is being re-released and am surprised to see that this even includes releases by Kathy Mathis who never meant anything in the UK as far as I know.

    Hopefully someone from Demon will be reading these comments and take some positive action.

  6. Saad says:

    Continuing where they left off with the Fine Young Cannibals debacle. I fail to understand when Demon/Edsel did such a fine job with The Beat’s back catalogue that they now seem to have lost their way with these re-issues.

  7. mike says:

    its for the incompletist then :)

  8. fred smith says:

    What’s Missing..?Acapella,remix and party mixes of ‘You Were Meant To Be My Lady (Not My Girl)’ (all from the UK 12″ )& ‘What’s Missing {instrumental’ again from the UK 12″ Of ‘What’s Missing’ for the completist then

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