Alphaville / Forever Young super deluxe

Remastered • 3CD+DVD+LP package • Includes rarities, remixes & demos

German synthpop band Alphaville‘s 1984 debut album Forever Young will be reissued as a five-disc super deluxe edition in March, for its 35th anniversary.

The singles pulled from this album include the international hit ‘Big in Japan’, the anthemic title track, ‘Sounds Like A Melody’ and ‘The Jet Set’.

The album has been remastered (for the first time, apparently) and this package comes with two additional CDs, one with original single versions, B-sides and remixes and the other with 16 original demos. The fourth disc is a DVD which boasts a documentary and promo videos.

This new super deluxe edition also includes the new remaster on vinyl and comes complete with a 24-page vinyl-sized booklet, created by the art director of the original album in close collaboration with the band and contains a variety of rare and unpublished photos, sleeve notes and various other testimony.

Bernhard Lloyd from the band says: “The production of the Forever Young album was a great adventure back then, and the result was almost perfect for us. Our focus was on the vinyl album, because in 1984 CD mastering was still in its infancy. Fortunately, I was still able to find all the original analog master tapes, which were actually only recorded as safety at the time. With the new mastering, the album now sounds much warmer, rounder and more transparent – just as we had imagined back then. ”

This is being issued by Warner Music/Rhino, so the package is likely to be consistent with their Fleetwood Mac / Ramones reissues. A two-CD deluxe edition and single vinyl LP of Forever Young will also be available. All are released on 15 March 2019. The band will also tour this year in Germany to celebrate this anniversary. The super deluxe seems well priced right now in the UK.

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Forever Young - super deluxe box


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Forever Young - 2CD deluxe


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Forever Young - vinyl remaster


Forever Young 3CD+DVD+LP super deluxe

CD 1 – Original Album Remastered

  1. A Victory Of Love
  2. Summer In Berlin
  3. Big In Japan
  4. To Germany With Love
  5. Fallen Angel
  6. Forever Young
  7. In The Mood
  8. Sounds Like A Melody
  9. Lies
  10. The Jet Set

CD 2 – Original Singles, B-Sides, 12″ Versions

  1. Big In Japan (Single Version)
  2. Seeds
  3. Sounds Like A Melody (Single Version)
  4. The Nelson Highrise Sector 1-The Elevator (Single Version)
  5. Forever Young (Version Rapide)
  6. Welcome To The Sun
  7. The Jet Set (Single Remix)
  8. Golden Feeling
  9. Big In Japan (Extended Remix)
  10. Sounds Like A Melody (Special Long Version)
  11. The Nelson Highrise Sector 1-The Elevator
  12. Forever Young (Special Extended Dance Mix)
  13. The Jet Set (Jellybean Mix)
  14. Big In Japan (Extended Instrumental)
  15. The Jet Set (Dub Mix)

CD 3 – Demo Versions

  1. A Victory Of Love (Demo Remix)
  2. Summer In Berlin (Original Demo)
  3. Big In Japan (Demo Remix)
  4. To Germany With Love (Original Demo)
  5. Fallen Angel (Demo Remix)
  6.  Forever Young (Demo Remix)
  7. In The Mood (Demo Remix)
  8. Sounds Like A Melody (Original Demo)
  9. Lies (Original Demo)
  10. The Jet Set (Original Demo)
  11. Leben Ohne Ende/Seeds (Original Demo)
  12. Traumtänzer (Original Demo)
  13. Blauer Engel (Original Demo)
  14. Romance (Demo Sketch)
  15. Colours (Instrumental)
  16. Into The Dark (Demo Remix)


  1. Documentary “Never grow up – The story of Forever Young”
  2. Forever Young
  3. Big In Japan
  4. Sounds Like A Melody

LP – Original Album Remastered

Side A

  1. Victory Of Love
  2. Summer In Berlin
  3. Big In Japan
  4. To Germany With Love
  5. Fallen Angel

Side B

  1. Forever Young
  2. In The Mood
  3. Sounds Like A Melody
  4. Lies
  5. The Jet Set

Forever Young2CD deluxe edition

CD 1 – Original Album Remastered

  1. A Victory Of Love
  2. Summer In Berlin
  3. Big In Japan
  4. To Germany With Love
  5. Fallen Angel
  6. Forever Young
  7. In The Mood
  8. Sounds Like A Melody
  9. Lies
  10. The Jet Set

CD 2 – Original Singles, B-Sides, 12″ Versions

  1. Big In Japan (Single Version)
  2. Seeds
  3. Sounds Like A Melody (Single Version)
  4. The Nelson Highrise Sector 1-The Elevator (Single Version)
  5. Forever Young (Version Rapide)
  6. Welcome To The Sun
  7. The Jet Set (Single Remix)
  8. Golden Feeling
  9. Big In Japan (Extended Remix)
  10. Sounds Like A Melody (Special Long Version)
  11. The Nelson Highrise Sector 1-The Elevator
  12. Forever Young (Special Extended Dance Mix)
  13. The Jet Set (Jellybean Mix)
  14. Big In Japan (Extended Instrumental)
  15. The Jet Set (Dub Mix)

LP – Original Album Remastered

Side A

  1. Victory Of Love
  2. Summer In Berlin
  3. Big In Japan
  4. To Germany With Love
  5. Fallen Angel

Side B

  1. Forever Young
  2. In The Mood
  3. Sounds Like A Melody
  4. Lies
  5. The Jet Set

114 responses to Alphaville / Forever Young super deluxe

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  2. kikujiro0208 says:

    Finally the Super Deluxe Remaster (emphasis on remaster) that I have been waiting for soooo loooong…
    Together with Hunting High and Low (A-Ha) and Songs from the Big Chair (Tears for Fears), my favorite 80s albums!

  3. Paco says:

    No “Jet Set” video on the DVD???

  4. Ray says:

    Hi Paul,

    I’ve sent you a couple of emails regarding CD+DVD sets, but no reply so not sure if you get them or have time to read them?

    As i said before, so happy for the Paul Young CBS Years, and for the Alphaville release! I collect the DVDs to get the promo videos which are rare to find on DVD these days for some artists. Especially as most of them sit gathering dust in a vault, its better they get a new lease of life to die hard fans.

    So, could we possible ever see some CD+DVD sets released for some of the following 80s and 90s bands:

    1980s 1990s

    Kate Bush Space (Liverpool band)
    Thompson Twins Lightning Seeds
    Kim Wilde Wannadies
    The Belle Stars The Beloved
    FYC M People
    Blow Monkeys

    I know its probably a NO for some of them, but no harm mentioning it.


    • Mark says:

      Kim Wilde, Kate Bush & The Beloved DVD’s waaaay overdue. And Cathy Dennis whilst we’re at it. All VHS/Laserdisc only :(

  5. Neil Potter says:

    Many thanks for the heads up on this SDE Paul.
    For those who are constantly bemoaning the inclusion of ‘pointless’ Vinyl in these collections – get a grip and stop sulking. The facts are clear for everyone to see:
    As someone who purchased synth-pop vinyl in the 80’s using the money left over from my £25 YTS giro cheque after paying £10 ‘keep’, it’s nice to see these SDE’s being remastered and released to allow us to hear original, rare and un-released music from one beautifully packaged source. The artwork and lyric sheets included in these coffee table books etc. allow me to actually read them without the use of a magnifying glass!
    Now in my early 50’s I have more disposable income available which permits me to indulge in these releases. I don’t mind if I get a CD/DVD or Blu-Ray thrown in, the more the merrier in my eyes. Upon opening each of the SDE Box Sets I’ve purchased in recent years, I’ve experienced the same excitement as I did when as a 16-17 year old I ‘found’ a Limited Edition or Imported Vinyl amongst the crates at my local record store.
    P.S I think it’s ‘Fan-bloody-plastic’ to hear HMV will remain on our High Streets with more focus on Vinyl!

  6. Ray says:

    So VERY excited by this news! As a collector of 80s music videos on DVD – I can finally have ‘Big In Japan’ on DVD! Sounds trivial, but been waiting what seems like FOREVER ;)

  7. thoston says:

    I would actually be very happy if there was a 24bit download available.
    These days, the possibility to hear the album as close to the mixing board as possible is amazing.

    Do wish there was a multitrack stems or instrumentals released to enjoy the production in all its glory, but maybe this is not meant to be

  8. Isaías says:

    Since Dreamscape and Crazyshow boxes are Alphaville self release I think it’s too much easier to reissue it because the band (Marian Gold, I suppose) owes the rights and it can be deal with Warner/ Rhino a possible re-release. If you pay attention the Forever Young box third CD (demo versions) has exactly the same tracks of Dreamscape first CD. What it means!? We (or I) do not know if the following albums will receive the same treatment, if so the logical thing is to continue the sequence then there’ll be no need to put Dreamscape and Crazyshow out again although doing it much of its material will be left aside. As a die hard fan of Alphaville I really love these boxes to be available again since I didn’t have enough money to buy it at the time. But it’s just wishes and who am I to decide what’s must be release or not. The real thing remains to be seen as time goes by. Last but not least I think Marian Gold solo albums So Long Celeste and United should have receive a deluxe version also, it’s so great as Alphaville ones. Please let me know what you think about it!

  9. carsten hansen says:

    I Don`t think “dreamsapes” and “Crazyshow” will be re-released/remastered because
    these are self-released

    and again do i need another lp-vinyl of this again
    i went down to my local secord-hand record store today and ask if they had copies on vinyl
    of Alphaville-Forever young at the moment 5 different press and 43 copies in total

    if only the record labels would let the fans choose what they would like in the box.

    they could do a 8 week pre-order campaign called “mix your own box”

    let`s say you could choose from 1cd 2lp 1cd 1 bluray 1cd demos/remixes 1dvd if you and 1cd live cd
    you could pre-order a box of 1cd 1bluray and 1live cd if you like or 2lp ,1dvd if you like

    and after they have sent out All the pre-orders.

    only the full box available.

    i think the record-label would sell more that way,but i has never been done so i`m not 100% sure

    i was just one of mine crazy idea

    • Craig Hedges says:

      Where’s your local second hand record shop? I’ve been looking for this vinyl for ages

    • Dean O says:

      Just an idea – possibly the larger companies involved are using this as an opportunity to introduce ‘remastered’ vinyl to those from the old vinyl/cd group (we’re probably all in at least our 50’s).

      I still have my original vinyl, I play it on cd and have no use for remastered vinyl. Personally I don’t get excited about dvd’s in these packages – usually some live performance and the appropriate videos – I’m not that into video/picture quality so I can watch this material on YouTube…. Single version/7″ versions I don’t care for because they are redundant, there is very little difference between these and the version already on the album. The draw for me to these packages is missing/unreleased material…those unreleased demo’s at the end are almost making me think of buying the whole set…..but why, surely the larger format will cost more to ship too….for three or four demo’s?

      I’ll probably do my usual and just get the 2 cd set…I can’t get over the ‘on -line’ shenadigans to get people to buy vinyl again. Some of it is beautiful (Nitzer Ebb), etc. but I have trouble shelling out $ 40 + for a vinyl album/single when I can get the cd for $15 or so. The prices they’re charging for vinyl is unbelievable… don’t get me started on the remastered, re-re-re-remastered….btw Blank & Jones did a great job with Alphaville. Another band with great b-sides, I remember turning the vinyl over and hearing The Nelson Highrise and Seeds for the first time……..

      I’m looking forward to hearing my fave album tracks and b-sides with improved sound.

    • Manuel Carvalho says:

      Carsten, that is a great idea. I would love to have the booklet, the CDs and the DVD, but I do not want the LP…. so, I’ll just buy the CD edition. If I could choose….

  10. Steven Roberts says:

    If they’d included a 5.1 mix, this would have been a no-brainer (even given the inclusion of the redundant-to-almost-everybody vinyl).

    As it is, the fact that the vast majority of this box has already been released on CD (I can live without a couple of 7″ mixes) makes it a reluctant pass :(

    INXS – Kick 35 – now *that’s* how you do a super deluxe edition….

  11. Straker says:

    Love, love. LOVE Alphaville so this is a no-brainer. I’ve no use for the vinyl but I look at the overall package as similar to the A-Ha Hunting High and Low SDE which was a comparable price IIRC so I don’t feel like they’re bilking punters on the cost by padding it out with an LP. I went to play my CD of this recently and the bloody disc is missing so this will be a timely re-release!

    I say Forever Young is one of the finest tracks of their career and is one of the defining synth-pop tracks ever. There’s a stunning live version on their Stark Naked concert release. If it doesn’t bring tears to your eyes you’re made of stone.

    I would happily commit to an ongoing SDE re-release campaign from them.

  12. imsparky4u says:

    Any idea if this will be made available on Amazon US? I don’t know when/how those decisions are made.

  13. xymox970 says:

    This album is certainly a classic. One of the best releases of 1984 – and there was no shortage of great material in that particular year.

    Correct me if I am wrong, but I have a feeling that Alphaville kind of lost “that special something” (as Limahl would put it) when Frank Mertens left.
    Was he indeed the secret ingredient that meant so much to them ?
    Although one cannot really say that the following releases werent that good, it does sound like that magical sound was gone with Mertens gone at the end of 1984.

    • Shawn C says:

      I thought the band still had the “special something” through Prostitute, even without Mertens. But they did lose it when Ricky Echolette left after Prostitute. The band’s sound changed thereafter. Salvation was a very good album, but that was the last in my opinion. Bernhard Lloyd left after Salvation, which was extremely apparent on the, IMHO, very disappointing Crazyshow. Everything since is essentially a Marian Gold solo project, which is good for what it is, but isn’t Alphaville, in my opinion.

    • eli says:

      I fear you may have a valid point

  14. dazzler says:

    Now that’s what I call a deluxe release. The original album on the first disc and the official bonus material on the second one. Who wants more can buy a bigger box with a third disc filled with unreleased stuff, a dvd and a vinyl copy. So much more efficient as the Howard Jones deluxe releases.

    • SimonP says:

      I’d say they were pretty much the same. The Howard Jones ones are everything with vinyl chucked in or 2 CD with a DVD or single CD or vinyl on its own. Apart from the DVD with the 2 CD sets they’re very well matched…

  15. Robert Morgenstern says:

    Missing the Torsten Fenslau Remix of Big in Japan in this set. Okay i think it was produced much later than the album was released.

  16. Robert Morgenstern says:

    Thank you Paul. Ordered immediately the box. Love this debut. Happy that both (Vinyl and CD) formats in one set. So i don’t have to buy both seperatly which is mostly more expensive. I am a fan of both formats (analogue and Digital). I know i am in the minority.

  17. Glenn says:

    Seems to be several 80s synthpop reissues lately (Camouflage, Cetu Javu, Xymox, upcoming Red Flag release). Nice to see this continue with this one. Great to see it on the major label with Blank and Jones’ involvement. Would have liked a 2CD/DVD option… Hoping they do Afternoons in Utopia and include the dub mixes of Sensations and Red Rose which were omitted from the so80s Presents Alphaville 2CD set.

  18. EPM says:

    Why is Rhino packaging vinyl within the box set when there is a stand-alone release? What would the Super Deluxe box retail for with optical discs only? I cannot isolate the logic here. Do not most of us fall into one medium camp or the other?

    No matter the physical media you prefer (And thank you for preferring physical releases), you should not have to purchase a vinyl copy in order to own ALL the CD/DVD content. Where is the disconnect here? Which thing is subsidizing the other?

  19. Isaías says:

    I been waiting for it too many years, believe me !!!!!
    Nothing is perfect. It’s a short album! Why in the hell bonus track was NOT included in the first CD??? Then there would be enough space to put many more material only available in Dreamscape box released decades ago!!!!

    Needless to say all of we (die hard fans) want more: Afternoons In Utopia, Breathtaking Blue and Prostitute as deluxe box set also!!!

    It’s clear that a enormous quantity of material will be missing if the reissue back catalogue program goes on. I really think it’s a perfect moment to put Dreamscape (8-CDs) and Crazy Show (4-CDs) boxes out again since it was available as very limited editions at the time. Alphaville and Rhino should consider it.


    • Jim says:

      But which part of ‘limited edition’ is hard to understand?

      • EPMC says:

        No part. However while the term “limited edition” implies limited quantity, when initial stock is depleted and there is sufficient demand for a second run, to my mind, that is a logical argument in support of. Certainly if profit derived from these releases could be increased by doing a second or larger run, I cannot fathom why an artist would be in favour of disenfranchising a supporter, which is what usually happens. Then guess where our money goes instead, and in larger amounts than we can often truly afford or justify. See SAINT ETIENNE.

    • EPMC says:

      You’re right-DREAMSCAPES and CRAZY SHOW need reissues. I have only second-hand copies of the latter and have yet to be able to afford the former in its out-of-print status.

      Both items are a wealth of quality Alphaville material and pre-dated the “Super Deluxe” box set parade. The scope of these boxes is amazing and show that comprehensive sets are of interest, appreciated and supported by the lovers and collectors of physical music.

      Since it now seems likely that little of the material from these sets is going to resurface on any Super Deluxe Edition of the Warners albums, we should push for a crowd-funding campaign to get a second run of DREAMSCAPES and CRAZY SHOW. I’m in for two copies of each.

      Thank you for bringing up the subject and thank you, Paul, for the Alphaville coverage. My copies ordered via your portal.

      • Shawn C says:

        Dreamscapes was indeed a treasure trove of great stuff – I absolutely devoured it when I bought it. Personally, however, I thought Crazyshow was a disappointment and really overpriced at the time.

  20. Shane says:

    Ok sorry to harp on this but I am genuinely asking: why are there so many sets nowadays where they chuck in the vinyl LP with the CD? They don’t belong in the same package. They never have. This is a new trend that I’d like for someone to explain.
    Now, I know that some completists want everything, and I was one of them until now that I basically couldn’t care less because I have no interest in a most-of-the-time lesser quality print (or xerox copy) of the sleeve and awful newer digital replica fond that look out of place on the LP.
    So, those people who are actually positively interested in the all formats I really don’t think are the majority of us out there so why is it that this is the format being put out? (please don’t say there is a 2CD version) I feel the same way about those BluRay-DVD combo of movies: even though they are usually priced the same as the standalone BR or DVD, what is the actual purpose behind it? People who have one BR player but maybe in the second flat only have a DVD?
    I have reached a place in my life where I don’t want the useless vinyl of these packages, so being “forced” to have it because I want all the rest is irritating (no, selling it online I have no time for).
    Yes I am truly thankful that they are putting out an SDE package but really the mandatory vinyl is just silly, as are all those recent reissues that are priced double what they used to be, just because people buy them.

    Paul, please don’t be offended by my complaining, but just like you know what we got labels to change releases and add missing tracks because WE TOLD THEM and ANNOIED THEM ENOUGH, it means that the public must feed back what they feel so that there is a fair distribution of formats. I am not alone and I think you should allow us to voice our frustration just like we do when we feel we are being underchanged by omissions.

    I’m interested in a real answer / theory. Thank you

    • EPM says:

      Neither do I want vinyl and CD in the same package. It doesn’t make sense for either the vinyl collector nor the CD collector, but it imposes a greater share of the cost on those who want only CDs. A download code to accompany the vinyl edition would satisfy most folks.

      It may simply come down to the record company minimizing or streamlining initial investment. I really would like to think that it’s not a matter of decision-makers at the labels unable or unwilling to acknowledge the cry of the market for physical audio and video product.

      Because of vinyl inclusion I have passed on sets by OMD and Howard Jones. Not easy decisions.

    • Julian H says:

      I’m with you on this and think Paul should use his influence to highlight the issue more. Alas, I think he’s not as bothered as a lot of us readers of his blog are. It’s often a pointless excercise. For the buyers of digital formats, the CDs and DVD would be enough. The vinyl lovers only get the main album, none of the bonus tracks – this is why separate vinyl releases featuring ALL the audio (as e.g. “Fresh Cream” by Cream or the Marillion sets have shown is possible) make much more sense to me, and those who really want both formats can still get everything. They have to buy for twice the packaging and artwork, granted, but as has been mentioned a download code accompanying the LP set could probably satisfy a lot of people too.

      There will never be an ideal situation, but it’s definitely gotten out of hand. Ironically, I often end up buying nothing at all, because I feel like I’m missing out on half the audio I would like to have, when I buy the smaller deluxe editions. Examples of box sets that I wish would be reissued without the vinyl:

      Mike Oldfield – Tubular Bells (one of the first sets to commit this ‘sin’?)
      Supertramp – Breakfast in America (at least the difference between deluxe and super deluxe wasn’t quite as big here)
      Eric Clapton – Slowhand
      The Alan Parsons Project – Tales of Mystery and Imagination & Eye in the Sky

      Some of these releases also featured rather questionable (=very loud) remastering, so an improved reissue would be interesting in any case.

  21. Scott says:

    I don’t think I’ve been this excited about a release in many years! I got this LP for Christmas 1984 and it’s been a staple in my collections since. I never would have expected Rhino would put forth such an impressive effort for Alphaville. And I’m holding great hope for the sound quality because Bernhard Lloyd was instrumental in ensuring the So80’s collection of B sides and 12″ mixes was not compressed or brickwalled, so if he’s pleased with the sound of the new remastering than I’m hopeful most everyone else will be. And a DVD of the promos, wow. I’ve read before they’ve not been fans of most of their videos so I’m happy to see this get the DVD treatment as well. And yes, I do hope they do similar with Afternoons In Utopia.

  22. Neil says:

    Interestingly this album was released in the UK at the time and failed to chart even after the success of Big In Japan which was a one hit wonder.

  23. Peter says:

    Apart from a couple of single versions on cd2 there is nothing ‘new’ on this box.
    All the demos have already been released on the Dreamscapes box-set.
    The rest is on the so8os compilation.

  24. william says:

    Never thought they would make this a super deluxe release. A regular deluxe one I was hoping for, but this is a lot better.

  25. Kauwgompie says:

    In case Piet Blank reads this, Piet why no 5.1 surround version on the DVD, no budget? So frustrating. This album is worth an amazing surround sound version. Thanks for all you do. I know it comes from a good place.

    • J T says:

      I really want to second Kauwgompie on this. Especially given Bernhard Lloyd’s comment about having gone in with the intent of making a transparent recording, and with all those distinctive sounds, if ever there was an ’80s synth album that deserved a 5.1 surround mix this is one. Give us “crystal bits of snowflakes all around my head and in the wind”!!!

  26. negative1 says:

    nice package, nice price,
    and comprehensive tracklistings.

    just the way to to do it, along with the videos
    and the book.

    will be getting it at some point, when the
    price drops.


  27. Marc says:

    “Seeds” is up there as one of the best b-sides ever…. remember buying the 7 inch single ( yes I am that old !) & playing it more than a-side. Looks a decent package…

    Totally off subject but praying for a decent deluxe version of anything by Kingmaker ( criminally overlooked 90’s band from Hull )… Paul can’t you pull some strings?

  28. DeluxeRipper says:

    Highly overrated we-desperately-want-to-sound-so-british-band with just three hit Singles in a row and then nothing for the next 35 years.

  29. Luke says:

    If only New Order would look at this boxset … that’s how you treat the fans! ;-)

    Already have the so80s 2CD 12 inch set from a couple of years ago, but will definitely go for the 2CD option here.

  30. David says:

    Forever Young was also pulled from the album as a single.

    • AndyB says:

      If you read the line about the singles pulled from the album, Paul does state “the anthemic title track.” Although, structurally, it could be interpreted that the song “Sounds Like A Melody” is the anthemic title track (how I first quickly read it.) But that isn’t the title track. Stupid English sentence structure quirks!

  31. Chris says:

    So happy to see this release, and I’ve pre-ordered the 5 disc version from your link. I’ve no real interest in vinyl, but I do love the larger format box-sets for the artwork.

  32. laigool says:

    i heard a version of “forever Young” which was titled as space version or remix. SUPER COOL!! It was featured in the Givenchy men’s fall winter 2011 runway show as a soundtrack. Not sure if it was one of those remixes.

  33. Lenny K. says:

    Finally! The first ever digital appearance of “The Jet Set (Single Remix)”!

  34. Andre says:

    Wow! I was only listening to this last eeek thinking why hadn’t they remasters it in an elaborate box set – and my prayers were answered! Love the combo of vinyl, CD and DVD; at a fair price too! Classic album that reminds me of my teenage years! Would love a similar AIU box set to follow! (Please?!!!)

  35. Paul says:

    I remember Peter Powell playing ‘Big in Japan’ a few months before it became a hit. I went into Leeds the next day to buy it from Jumbo records, I had to beg for the only picture sleeve copy they had in the window! A classic synth pop track and one that I still play a lot… and the album was just perfect too. There really isn’t a track to skip. Seems a tad expensive for a (remastered) double CD re-issue but I’m still buying it for sure!

  36. John says:

    Here’s where I ask, once again, “is the DVD NTSC or PAL? Region 0? (I’ll most likely just get the 2CD, but curious regardless).

  37. Mike the Fish says:

    I know a lot of us don’t like double dipping with vinyl, but at least Warners are showing a decent price on this and the package, if like the Macs, will be fairly slimline – like a triple album. 3 CDs, a DVD and vinyl for around £50 (and likely to be lower at some point) is pretty good. Also, the most diehard fan material being in the super deluxe and the rest available as various options has an air of common sense and value. Universal – take note!

  38. Francis says:

    The ‘So80s Alphaville 2CD’ compilation suits me because it has all the 12″ Mixes and B-Sides as featured on this release along with other ones that are not and I am not really worried about Demos and certainly not a Vinyl LP.

  39. Kiki_ says:

    The single version of “Sounds Like A Melody” is one of the hardest version to find! It was only available in ONE german CD compilation at the time (which had become very expensive).
    I Think it will be great to have all the single versions, B sides and 12″ on one CD! A great idea for 2019 !!!

  40. mike williams says:

    One of my favourite albums. Pleased for this release as the CD I’ve got is really tinny sounding. Bought a second hand vinyl last year which is much better, but think I’ll go for the deluxe set.

  41. Thorsten says:

    Project coordination by Blank & Jones

  42. Kauwgompie says:

    This is certainly in the top ten 1980’s electro albums, top 5 actually. Not a bad song on the album. Equal to the best Yazoo, Erasure and Depeche Mode output of that era.
    Unfortunately except for the demos there is nothing new here. All remixes and B-sides are on the So80s Alphaville 2cd (excellent release) and the DVD is a dud. When I saw the DVD I got excited but there is no surround sound and nothing interesting. What a huge shame. So I’ll get it for the demos on a deal alert. The rest I already have. This should have included a 5.1. release

  43. Gary C says:

    Big fan of that album, the 2cd version should be fine for me.
    Can’t think of a band going into the studio were the aim was to ‘….sound transparent’

  44. Sean berry says:

    For everyone complaining about the vinyl – you could always sell it on eBay or elsewhere. Of course you’d no longer have the complete SDE but it does bring the overall cost down a bit…

    • Craig Hedges says:

      If it’s like the Fleetwood Mac deluxe then the Lp cover houses the CDs/dvds so you would lose all the packaging. The Vinyl isn’t in a separate sleeve. Not sure anyone would buy it.

  45. Heath says:

    Finally, I emailed their management like 10 years ago about this!

  46. poptones says:

    Never been a fan of that band or particular album but it’s indeed a classic LP of the 80s with 3 big singles. The box set is reasonably priced.

    Talking about synth-pop, I’d like to have a similar reissue of Comsat Angels albums.

  47. Paul says:

    ‘Big In Japan’ was a massive single in 84, and one of my favourites from the best year of pop in my humble opinion. Always took the glory, but ‘Forever Young’ is an underrated classic by this band…glad to see these finally re-mastered.

  48. Mighty Maomoondog says:

    It is really incredible that it has taken so long to see a remastered release of FY, a landmark of synth-pop and 80s pop generally. The Blank & Jones release of the b-sides and extended mixes is excellent but doesn’t make up for proper album releases. Hopefully Utopia follows before too long; it should greatly benefit from remastering as well.

    • Shawn C says:

      Mighty – appropriate name! Definitely agree – I’d love to see both Utopia and Breathtaking Blue get the deluxe treatment. Personally, I think Afternoons in Utopia is even better than Forever Young – “Sensations,” “Voyager” and “Universal Daddy” are just great.

  49. Shane says:

    Rich I completely agree. I have no desire for a vinyl in the box. I dont need it if i get the cd also. Just a ploy to raise the price. Id get the twoCD version but i want the dvd. And book. Do like Kylie with multiple versions or at least two

  50. Alan B says:

    The price of this puts the New Order box set to shame.

  51. Chris Squires says:

    Paul? What is it with you and Germany at the moment? Are you after a European passport?

    I heard these guys back in the day because I was mad about Japan / Sylvian and the title of their biggest hit made me sit up and notice. I might be way off beam of course but I also felt that a lot of Mike Oldfield’s mid / late 80s direction sounded very similar to bands like this. (plus I also felt he was riffing on ABBA a lot but that’s a different story). Maybe groups like Alphaville were influencing him or he was influencing them, it’s all about timelines, but there is a massive Germanic influence in Earth Moving / Islands…. or it could be just my mind playing tricks and it’s just a personal, irrational feeling that is way off beam.

  52. Gareth Jones says:

    Would love more info on the documentary, mainly the length of it! I’ve splashed out deluxe releases before to get the DVD, only to find it lasts about 15 minutes!!

    • piet blank says:

      the dvd documentary is about 60 minutes long – interviews with the original producers colin pearson and wolfgang loos. also with the original art director ulf meyer zu kueingsdorf. and of course in depth interviews with marian and bernhard. there was also a day filiming in the studio of bernhard where he tells about the original album production by playing from the multi tracks. all filmed exclusively for this doco late last year.

  53. Oystein says:

    Looks like all the demos are taken from the Dreamscapes box set. Well, fair enough, that’s long deleted anyway.
    Still, if you have that and the Blank & Jones-curated ’12” and b-sides’ compilation, you won’t find much here you don’t already have.

    • Stefano says:

      Well, I think that CD 2 tracks 5, 7 and maybe even 11 are new to CD. Very happy with the single remix of ‘The Jet Set’ in master quality finally. That mix is far better than the album version (to my taste).

  54. Craig Hedges says:

    Instant purchase, been waiting 20 years for this.
    Now can we have Afternoons in Utopia as well please?

  55. Rickjapan says:

    Love them love them love them!

    To be honest, although I’m not a demon collector, I think most of this extra stuff has been put out already in other releases and downloads, such as the dreamscapes collection, but I’m definitely in for it, because I just love the band, and there’s a remastered version of the original album, which is definitely old.

    However, as usual, I wish they wouldn’t mix CD and vinyl. I want to get all the CD material but have no need for (and can’t play) vinyl, so it might as well be thrown away. But, to get all the CDs and DVDs, I have to get fleeced. Would be nice to get a choice (how many times have we heard this all before…….)

    And for anyone who thinks they’re a two hit wonder (Forever Young, Big in Japan), I would definitely direct you to their album Prostitute, a real hidden gem, among others of course.

    Their recent 2017 album, Strange Attractor, is kind of peculiar but weirdly beguiling (it doesn’t feel like an instant masterpiece, but for some reason I keep coming back to it), although of course only Marian Gold is left from the original lineup.

    Hopes for the anniversary of Afternoons in Utopia??

  56. matt says:

    yay !
    a great album, been hoping for a reissue of this for a long time. Super deluxe for me & sensibly priced too!!

  57. Olek says:

    Well, there is another Alphaville box in preparation. I mean – it is to be released on 15th of January – contains whole event from last May, when the band played two nights in a row in Whisky A Go Go in LA. The box includes book with photos, BD discs, DVD discs and audio CD discs. They also played the whole ‘Forever Young’ album during these nights. This box is rather expensive, but there’s not many copies left anyway. Here you can find more info about it:

    • Richard Cosgrove says:

      I got my copy of this (“Live at the Whisky A Gogo”) this week and have to say it’s superb. The packaging is top notch, the sound on the CDs and Blu-ray are great (haven’t played the DVDs), and the track listing over the two nights is to die for (assuming you’re a die hard fan like me, of course).

      The presentation box is very sturdy, in the shape of the Whisky, and lavishly illustrated inside and out. and the accompanying book is lovely too.

      Not cheap, but a real treat for fans. Recommended!

  58. Bjarne says:

    Fantastic! I’ve really been waiting for this! Great album!

  59. Paul Hewitt says:

    I grew up in Germany in the 80s and this is one of my favourite albums and a little overlooked in the UK where they are seen as one hit wonders. Really looking forward to this! Any chance of getting hold of some signed copies Paul? :-)

  60. bertielego says:

    Perfect album, classic singles, typical 80’s 12inch version, very good b-sides…
    …and a proper SDE!
    Excellent news.
    Thank you, Paul!

  61. Jonathan says:

    Hmmm, demos I’d probably listen to once, same for dvd watch once and not particularly bothered about this on vinyl so double cd set for me. If you’re a mega fan (which I’m not) then £48 for the whole package is, I think, good value.

  62. rich says:

    Will there be a version that has all discs & NO BLOODY VINYL? This vinyl combo releases are starting to get really annoying

  63. AdamW says:

    Purchased right away. MUCH more reasonably priced than the New Order Movement box, which doesn’t even have an extra CD with all the singles/remixes/B-sides like this one does.

  64. Shawn C says:

    Very excited about this, though primarily for the remastering and vinyl. I imagine many of the bonus tracks were included in the Dreamscapes boxset from the late ’90s. I managed to track down an Israeli vinyl pressing of the album a few years ago, which is great, for what it is. Ordered today!

  65. Rotem says:

    So – if you want the demos you must get the box, this means pay again and TWICE, for an album and singles that you already HAVE in your collection and in more than one edition…

    I love this album, but I’ll skip this release.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Please, do we need to have ‘so you need to get the box to get X,Y or Z’ comments for EVERY release!!

      • EW99 says:

        Does anyone think a standalone CD of 16 Alphaville demos is going to exactly fly off the shelves?

      • Billy D says:

        This isn’t pick ‘n’ mix. You have to buy one of their choices. Rhino packages these according to what might have the most sales. And why should I buy this again? Because your original cd & lp are from 35 year old masters. I am for certain this new edition will sound way better. I had emailed just about everyone I could think of for a reissue with no reply. I’d like to think that every obsessive fan had a hand in this.

    • Richard Cosgrove says:

      I agree. I only want the documentary and demos, so going to pass for now until the price drop.

      (Sorry Paul :-) )

  66. Gary Hunter says:

    An interesting release and price is very good considering what content you get.

  67. Robert tyrrell says:

    Best synthpop band ever in my opinion. Coming to Ireland and u.k. in October suppossedly. But the new band are not very good unfortunately…

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