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Little over a week ago SDE highlighted some great deals on Amazon UK for the forthcoming Rolling Stones ‘From The Vault’ series: The Marquee Club Live in 1971. Although the prices were very cheap, some readers were rather confused by inaccurate and confusing listings which didn’t really make clear which product was which.

SDE reader David Hayes contacted Amazon and they have amended/corrected their listings so that it is crystal clear which product is the DVD+CD combo and which is the DVD+LP. If you’ve already got your order in, I’m glad to say that we had it correct in the first place, so no need to worry on that front.

Even better, the prices are now even cheaper than they were last week with the DVD+CD set now just £9.50 and the DVD+LP a barely believable £11.75. Even the standalone ‘SD’ blu-ray has dropped to £9 meaning it’s a whisker over £30 now for the lot! Again, if you’ve pre-ordered already you will get the cheaper prices.

Thanks to David for getting Amazon to sort this out. This Rolling Stones release is out on 22 June. Prices above are correct as at 4pm 7 May 2015.



Standalone SD Blu-ray

Standalone DVD

Track listing

  • • Live With Me
  • • Dead Flowers
  • • I Got The Blues
  • • Let It Rock
  • • Midnight Rambler
  • • (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction
  • • Bitch
  • • Brown Sugar


  • • I Got The Blues – Take 1
  • • I Got The Blues – Take 2
  • • Bitch – Take 1
  • • Bitch – take 2
  • • Brown Sugar (Top Of The Pops, 1971)

22 responses to Amazon clear up Stones confusion

  1. fan says:

    cheaper price? MY ARSE

    that guy from Bengladesh I got on the phone created a replacement item with THE SAME F.CKING WRONG ITEM !!!

    Fortunately the difference between 9.50 and 11.75 is not big :-)
    Refunded,have to create new order,hope it’ll be the good item this time

  2. LedMan says:

    I pre-ordered the DVD/LP and Blu-Ray editions. If anyone has ordered any of the previously released DVD/LP versions and played the LP, I’m curious if the vinyl are quality pressings? Thanks

  3. Paul Wren says:

    This LP/DVD price is like time-travelling back to c. 2006/2007 – in the ten year or so run up till then, much new release vinyl was typically priced at about £12 to £15. Oh, for those golden days of only modest profiteering by the record companies. And I’ve ordered my copy via Ebay – absolute bargain!!

  4. Rick Marino says:

    Still doesn’t explain why there’s no U.S. edition of this release? Everything by the Stones gets released in the U.S. Not risking buying a DVD & having it be region 2. All the UK Amazon listings have it listed as region 2.

    • Rick Marino says:

      & yes I have a region free DVD player. But say I want to bring this to my friend’s place & she doesn’t have a region free player? (which she doesn’t). ;-)

  5. Robert says:

    Don’t book that parade route yet to celebrate.
    When you click on the Amazon link for CD + DVD, there is
    no mention of “CD” in the Amazon description.
    It does mention 2 discs.
    Finally, I recommend the Japanese Edition which includes not
    only the CD of the Marquee Club, but the CD edition (2 discs)
    of the Brussels Affair.

    It is “pricey” but then, it is The Stones

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      The DVD+CD is confirmed in the ‘reviews’ section at the bottom. Amazon have categorically confirmed that the ‘other’ listing is DVD+LP, and there is only one other two disc set with a DVD, so I really don’t think there is any doubt.

  6. Peter says:

    Not often I complain about Amazon. Ordered weeks ago, item, dvd+lp for £9.50 inc postage

    Due to mis identification, cancelled and re-ordered @ £11.75′ but free postage offer now gone as rules changed, so now have to fund £1.24′ so increase of £3.49 on my order. But still a great price.

  7. Leemer says:

    BTW – that’s for the LP+DVD edition.

  8. Leemer says:

    I must say that is incredible. Currently due to price protection my total amount is 11GBP including S&H. That’s less than 17 to my door in the USA. Fantastic!!!

  9. Paul English says:

    Can’t understand why people still hesitate when it comes to music DVDs i.e is it PAL / NTSC / hope I can play it etc.

    A cheap multi-region DVD player costs about €30 – €40. That’s all!

  10. noyoucmon says:

    I’m barely a Stones fan and have been turned off by the garish cover art since it started appearing here daily, but at under twelve pounds that baby is mine!

  11. Alan Fenwick says:

    I still find it very odd that people don’t have a multi-region DVD players these days. I remember my first player back in the day where I had to have a mod chip placed inside it, however it’s a lot simpler these days (and cheaper)

    Even if your player can only play your specific region of the country you live in, it’s so easy to find the information on the internet on how to do it, quite often it’s free and just requires you to press buttons on your remote control in a certain sequence. Some of the more modern DVD players require a special remote control to do the job, but we aren’t talking much money for them (easily claw it back in cheap UK Stones DVD Imports)

    Don’t get this confused with Blu-Ray multi-region, that is a far more difficult one to achieve (and is costly)

    Back on topic a bit more, those prices are fantastic, can’t leave the vinyl on the shelf at that price, it would be rude.

  12. Mark says:

    This is still a mess. My amazon order says I purchased the “From The Vault: The Marquee – Live In 1971 [Dvd + Lp] [2015] [NTSC]”. When I click on that item it takes me to the ambiguous listing of
    which BTW doesn’t even mention “CD”.
    When I follow the link for the CD+LP it doesn’t say I purchased it already even though it is listed on my order.
    It’s more of a mess than it was before.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      The DVD+LP was always incorrect, as explained before. That was the DVD+CD. the new ‘ambiguous’ link is definitely DVD+CD.

  13. Steven says:

    Rick – Why do you need a U.S. Edition? They all play in the and th LP / DVD ships to your door for $19. I’m in the U.S. and while my order will
    Arrive maybe 4 days after those in the UK, still Affordable

    • karl says:

      Hey Steve,

      Hey sorry to be the bearer of bad news but according to the information posted these bluray and dvd releases are only playable in region 2 which is europe. North America is region 1 but the vinyl is good anywhere.

      • Jeremy Earle says:

        The description on Amazon’s website (under the ‘Reviews’ section) says that that DVD is “NTSC Region 0”, which means it will play in North America. Amazon does indicate that it is Region 2 under the ‘Product details’ section, which is confusing…

        Has anyone received any clarification from Amazon on what exactly the DVD region code is for this release?

      • Paul Sinclair says:

        Eagle Vision DVDs are always Region 0, NTSC. I have the Hampton Coliseum 2LP+DVD and the DVD is region 0, NTSC. Anyone in the US interested in a LP+DVD for $15 plus shipping should order with confidence!

  14. Rick Marino says:

    But NO U.S. EDITION???

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