Art of Noise / In Visible Silence / two-CD deluxe edition track listing

China Records debut reissued with unreleased material and remixes

As revealed by Gary Langan on SDE last month, the Art of Noise‘s 1986 album In Visible Silence is soon to be reissued as a deluxe edition and we now have both the date of release and the full track listing…

Their first post-ZTT long-player, In Visible Silence was released on China Records and saw ‘the band’ reduced to three members – Anne Dudley, J. J. Jeczalik and Gary Langan. The album was the first (and only) Art of Noise album to spawn two UK top 20 hit singles – Peter Gunn and Paranoimia – although the actual Max Headroom single version of the latter wasn’t featured at first.

As can be seen below, the original album is remastered and this reissue features 26 extra tracks above the very original vinyl LP edition of In Visible Silence. It includes all the original A-sides and B-sides and for the first time ever on CD Hoops and Mallets and an unreleased version of Backbeat, originally recorded for the 12-inch of Paranoimia.

The second disc features eleven previously unreleased tracks and a section called ‘The Mixes Stop Here!’ which features 12-inch mixes

All tracks are taken from the original master tapes and the remastering sessions were overseen by Anne Dudley, JJ Jeczalik and Gary Langan. Expanded versions of In No Sense? Nonsense! and Below the Waste will follow later in the year.

In Visible Silence deluxe edition will be issued on 19 May, six days before Dudley, Jeczalik and Lagan ‘reboot’ the album live on stage in Liverpool.

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Art of Noise

In Visible Silence (Deluxe Edition)


In Visible Silence / 2CD Deluxe Edition


The Original Album:

  1. Opus 4
  2. Paranoimia
  3. Eye Of A Needle
  4. Legs
  5. Slip Of The Tongue
  6. Backbeat
  7. Instruments Of Darkness
  8. Peter Gunn featuring Duane Eddy
  9. Camilla
  10. The Chameleon’s Dish
  11. Beatback

The Singles:

  1. Paranoimia featuring Max Headroom (7″ Mix)
  2. Legs (7″ Mix) *
  3. Hoops and Mallets *
  4. Something Always Happens
  5. Why Me? *
  6. A Nation Rejects
  7. Backbeat (Reprise) **


The Making Of…:

  1. World War II **
  2. The First Leg **
  3. Happy Harry’s High Club **
  4. Chameleon 4 **
  5. Beddoo-Bedoo **
  6. Panic **
  7. Camel **
  8. Second Legs **
  9. Trumpton Boogie **
  10. Chameleon 1 **
  11. A Nation Regrets **

The Mixes Stop Here!:

  1. Legs (Inside Leg Mix) *
  2. Legs (Last Leg Mix) *
  3. Peter Gunn featuring Duane Eddy (Extended Version)
  4. Peter Gunn featuring Duane Eddy (The Twang Mix)
  5. Paranoimia featuring Max Headroom (Extended Version)
  6. Paranoimia featuring Max Headroom (The Paranoid Mix)

* Previously Unreleased on CD

** Previously Unreleased

59 responses to Art of Noise / In Visible Silence / two-CD deluxe edition track listing

  1. Mark Wilson says:

    The “Paranoimia (The Paranoid Mix)” includes a hidden track at 8.03. Also “Backbeat (Reprise)” includes a hidden track at 3.12.

  2. Douglas Bailey says:

    “Paranoimia (The Paranoid Mix)” is *not* sourced from vinyl this time around; the liner notes specifically point this out.

    More interestingly, it’s included as a full-length edit of 9.38, rather than in the 6.40 form found on the original 12″ single. I suppose they had room; I’ll have to see about editing a copy to match the original for completeness’ sake.

  3. JUE says:

    Thanks so much to everyone involved in this – first and foremost Ian Peel and of course Gary, JJ, and Anne. The sound quality and depth is simply stunning. So many subtleties that were lost or muffled in the original release. On top of that, the extra material is impeccably selected and truly exhaustive, especially considering the news that there will be a total of 6 releases based on the China years. Ian already has been my hero for curating the ZTT library releases with near perfection, and this is just as lovingly done as all those releases. Looking forward to the next one!

  4. Neil says:

    I would be happy if Amazon ever got round to posting this to me. I should have got it from pledgemusic.

  5. Rob Kirby says:

    Hats off to Ian Peel and everyone involved in this latest chapter (or should one say ‘Adventure’ now!) of the Art of Noise resurrection and restoration. Lovely to hear all the tracks from the Paranoimia 7″double pack and 12″ on CD at last – and an early version of the sublime A Nation Regrets too, we’ve been spoilt! Brings back happy memories of purchasing those back in the 80s. Warm summer days and all that.

    I’m also intrigued by the reference to, ultimately, six albums in this series, rather than just the expected three studio albums. I guess the unlocking of the China vaults at last has seen some forgotten treasures come tumbling out. I could guess at Kiss being a collaborations album, which seems logical, but why spoil the surprise?!

    Well done – very happy with this.

    • David McCallum says:

      Ian Peel (@letitbeep) tweeted about 2 weeks ago that Art of Noise reissues are coming for all 3 China releases. “140 tracks, 6 discs, 33 unreleased”.

      I think it might just be three albums of two-disc sets.

      • David McCallum says:

        Ooops. Sorry. I may be having a conversation with myself but the liner notes of this re-issue do mention five more “adventure” releases – In No Sense? Nonsense! (Adventure Two), Kiss (Adventure Three), Below the Waste (Adventure Four), Inspiration (Adventure Five), and Reboot (Adventure Six). Speculating that last one might be a live recording of the recent concerts.

  6. Kiffa says:

    I hope that this will have the full-length version of “Something Always Happens” (which ends cold) instead of the fade-out version that has been featured on all of its CD appearances to date. It’s only a few seconds longer, but I always liked that ending and found the existence of a fade-out version pointless.

  7. RJStevene says:

    Acton Art does actually hint at a number of unreleased tracks, for example the original AON recording of what became Spies with Duane Eddy. I can’t wait.

  8. Marko G. says:

    Fantastic news. I’m so happy. Been waiting for this for sooo long. Thank you to everybody involved. :)

  9. Ged says:

    Acton Art had more ideas in 2 minutes than most albums have in 40 so any unreleased material…wow!

  10. David says:

    I’d prefer INSN to follow the CD order, as for me that’s the definitive version. I guess it just depends whether you bought it on CD or vinyl at the time. And I’d love to hear more from the Ely choir. Their contribution lifts that album above the other AON LPs for me.

    I too have the vinyl releases from this period ripped to a CD, which has been my go-to AON disc for many years now. I don’t know what I’ll make of versions without the pops!

  11. Neil Young says:

    I’m really pleased this is coming out. The tracklisting is impressive. Very well thought out.

    I have to admit though this album has never been off my playlist ever! Even to the point where I copied the vinyl versions of 12 inches and b sides previously unavailable on CD and cleaned them up digitally. It really is a special album.

    The bonus making of tracks are a very welcome addition. I was worried that all the China archives may have been lost. Thankfully not.

    I’m intrigued to know what’s in store with In No Sense. I’d imagine there’s a lot of extra material around from that era, particularly the Ely sessions. I just hope they follow the original album format and not the CD version that reverses A Day At The Races and Ode To Don Jose.

    Well done to all involved!

  12. Rob Kirby says:

    A huge tonic after a terrible week of illness that meant missing a valued work colleague leaving my team (there are only two of us, so you see my sadness there) – this album takes me back to a warm summer in my second job when I picked up the Paranoimia 7″ double pack :)

    Good to here upgrades of its successors are in the works too!!

  13. Just for the record, the bundles with prints were limited to 150 copies each, and just over 1/3 of each have been sold so far.

  14. JJ says:

    In addition to bertielego’s comment above, Pledge music is currently the cheapest place to get the Double CD from, as well as having a couple of collectible packages.

  15. Nate says:

    A deluxe reissue of this album has been the top of my list for a very long time. Added excitement for a previously unreleased ‘Backbeat’ version!! Looks like this will be a good year of AON reissues. An ocean and a continent away, I’ll have to miss the concert though.
    Any chance the new show will be recorded or filmed for release? It would be a great package with Re-Works and the original concert film.
    Thanks SDE for all you do!

  16. bertielego says:

    Pledge Music offers a bonus set of five different 12″×12″ limited edition artwork prints of the album’s single releases: Legs (Last Leg Mix), Peter Gunn (Extended), Paranoimia, Legs (Inside Leg Mix) and Peter Gunn (Twang Mix). Each on 350gsm matt card, Legs signed by Anne Dudley, Peter Gunn signed by JJ Jeczalik, Paranoimia signed by Gary Langan. Strictly limited edition! Be quick!

  17. MAD says:

    Great news indeed!
    It was high time to replace the original China discs. This new edition is chockful of tracks. Cannot wait for the next releases as well :D

  18. John Pettigrew says:

    Do we know for sure if there will be rereleases of the other albums? Or is it a case of wait and see?

  19. Matt NYC says:

    The four fingers in the cover art has always creeped me out.

  20. RJStevene says:

    Oh, and to make a correction Legs 7″ was included on the Influence cds and while A Nation Rejects was on the ambient album it was mixed over by other noises so this will be the first cd issue of the original ‘clean’ version of the track. Really looking forward to hearing the unreleased version of Backbeat which I’m guessing is a rerecorded/remixed version. Always loved that track.

  21. RJStevene says:

    Sheer bliss! I was worried this album would never get remastered with all the problems with China records. This was AON at their most dynamic and chart friendly. As Gary, Anne and JJ were the real creators of Who’s Afraid of … anyway and were released from the fetters of Horn (e.g. The original first album Worship being reduced down to its best of parts for WAO.. which Gary, Anne and JJ weren’t as happy with plus they gave up waiting for him to have any time to do anything new with them) and Morley’s (who’s only involvement was giving the track names and doing the words on the sleeves) control what you get are the real AON doing what they wanted to and getting hits too. While WAO.. is basically the three hits plus abstract bits and pieces IVS is a much more coherent and quality album where a number of the tracks could easily have been singles (e.g. Backbeat, Instruments, Camilla and Dish) and even the B sides are better than many of the tracks on WAO… It will be wonderful to finally have a remastered digital version of Hoops, Why Me and Nation (which was later rerecorded with Duane Eddy) rather than my vinyl rips, and 12 unreleased tracks to boot, I’m in heaven! Fantastic news that INSN (which recreated the original idea for Worship) and BTW will get the same treatment. If they can also include unreleased tracks that would be amazing. To clarify the live show would fit with INSN as it was a performance by Anne and JJ as Gary was too busy producing the likes of Spandau Ballet, though Why Me and Nation didn’t involve Gary either. Opus III is just the live recording of Opus 4 anyway. Here’s hoping they include the Espionoise mix of Spies on one of the following sets. At least I don’t have long to find out if the other two are to be released later this year as well. It’s been a long time coming but worth the wait.

    • Mushroom says:

      Good that you made reference to the Espionoise mix of “Spies” on Duane Eddy’s self-entitled album, I have that vinyl… Do not forget Duane did his own cover of “A Nation Rejects” on that album under the title of “Lost Innocence”.

  22. Yeah, this looks interesting. I’m pleased it’s being released.

  23. T e y o somewhere from the Netherlands says:

    H u r r a h !
    Too bad Opus III is missing, hopefully we’ll get that the next time. Besides that, very very happy with this release. Welcome back Art of Noise!

  24. Gareth says:

    Finally! Why has it taken so long?

  25. Derek says:

    No US release….first Trump and now THIS

    • Billy Dojcak says:

      Does your computing device lack the capacity to connect with retailers across the world? I am sure Amazon and other US based music sellers will have this for sale online. As for your local musitorium, pester them and they may order one for you at a greatly marked up price.

  26. Garry says:

    Yep – looking forward to this, but got to add another shout for a vinyl reissue – as my original has been a bit ‘too loved’ over the last 30 odd years!

  27. John Pettigrew says:

    Fantastic news, I hope this release does well and we get the same treatment for In No Sense? Nonsense! and Below The Waste.

  28. David McCallum says:

    Thirty years! That’s wild. The track list looks great but, yes, let’s hope that the AON China reissues continue and include some visual material. Funnily enough, there is music on this release that I’ve had within arm’s reach for decades but have never heard. Many years ago, I bought and framed the picture disc of “Paranoimia”: without every listening to the b-side “Why Me?”

  29. Adam says:

    YES!!! FINALLY!!!

    Who’s Afraid will always be my favorite, but this one holds a special place in my heart because of the tour I was lucky enough to see. (Not so lucky with the one new date this year, but that’s life.)

    And to whoever tipped Hoops and Mallets, totally agree about its outstanding quality. And the Legs extended mixes to go with it… bliss!

    I’m hoping the rest (Legacy, etc.) are collected and packaged with a DVD of the Visible Silence video, but for now, I’ll take this for sure.

  30. Philip Cohen says:

    I’m looking forward to this. It contains everything from the old 1-CD Japanese expanded edition….and much much more!
    Hopefully, there will be more expanded editions in the future.

    • Michael says:

      For sure!!!! Below The Waste and In No Sense? Nonsense! hopefully soon.

    • Pascal says:

      What expanded edition are you referring to? I only know about the standard European editions and the 1992 Japanese edition including the extended version of Peter Gunn as a bonus track.

  31. MANKIDZ says:

    At last this time came!
    Reboot AON !

  32. Craig Small says:

    Is there any word on a vinyl release of the original album? This is one of my all-time favorite albums and I’d love to get my hands on a remastered vinyl edition.

  33. Jayson Green says:

    Been hoping for this release for a long time. Very happy with the track listing, really hoping that In No Sense Nonsense gets a Deluxe makeover too

  34. newmusicmark says:

    Looks like a great collection! Glad to see the early singles b-sides on there as those are fantastic. I also like that songs that are early versions of album cuts have the song name listed in the parenthesis. That always annoyed me about the ZTT unreleased material; you never really knew what you were going to listen to until you put the track on…glad to hear/get them but was always frustrated to find out it was the 32nd version of Beatbox or whatever. :)

  35. Seth Hollander says:

    Besides no live tracks from Re-Works, there’s no Legacy mixes at all. Could a separate non-album compilation (legacy/Kiss/Dragnet89/Paranoimia89/etc.) be in the future?
    This collection looks GREAT!

    • Charlie D says:

      look at jj’s instagram account. He recently posted a picture of the 3 Mona’s… so apparently re-works is in the works…so that’s where the legacy mixes would fit in.

      • Seth Hollander says:

        That would be great! The other option was to pad the In No Sense Deluxe with the Legacy/Reworks stuff. And I kind of hate In No Sense… But I will yearn for the Dragnet remixes and will probably end up buying it…

  36. Jesper Hall says:

    Love it. I wonder if tracks like “paranoimia – paranoid mix” are sourced from vinyl as the were on the recent ztt discs.

  37. Kauwgompie says:

    Phew, only half the world was waiting for that one! Glad it’s finally coming out. It will be a nice addition to my collection. This is a great album. Looks like most of the extended mixes are on there. Great news all around.

  38. Ronald says:

    Unfortunately, not the Ben Liebrand remixes on this release. For the rest I will get it for sure.

  39. Steady State says:

    Hoops. And. Mallets. — THIS is the key deep cut from the sessions from this otherwise underrated AoN album. “Hoops” prototypes IDM/Aphex in many ways. And it’s nice to see the 12″ versions of “Legs” finally get a proper reissue. They’re quite different from the single or album versions in many ways, especially the extended codas.

    I’m very excited for this, especially given the lavish treatment the ZTT reissues gave Art of Noise fans. Hopefully In-No-Sense? Nonsense! will get a similar treatment soon after.

  40. Paul says:

    Inclusion of the live tracks from “Re-works of Art of Noise” would have been nice, maybe even the whole Hammersmith Odeon performance in all its video clunkiness. But you can’t have it all, I guess. Leave them wanting more…

    • Charlie D says:

      Hi Paul, jj’s instagram account shows a picture of mona and that he’s apparently working on that separately – this could be why no “legacy” remixes are included. So, more to come! But very very good news.

      • Mushroom says:

        I was going to comment there were no Legacy mixes and “Opus III”. Glaring omission to me but hey, very happy to see unreleased material and the B-sides on disc. :)

        • Nick King says:

          From their Pledge site:

          “Yes, although their exact place is not yet defined. In Visible Silence’s tracklist has been kept ‘pure’ to that project, at DJL’s insistence.

          Legacy very much came after, and with Reworks and the Visible Silence tour.

          But after In Visible Silence (Deluxe), Ian Peel will move on to compiling/curating In No Sense? Nonsense? and then, of course, Below The Waste. Which means exactly where to place Legacy (and Visible Silence, Reworks and, indeed, the likes of Paranoimia ’89) remains the subject of daily discussion in Faversham… All views welcome!



  41. Chris says:

    Really happy about this news. Most of the non album tracks are new to me so I’m looking forward to hearing them for the first time

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