B.B. King & Eric Clapton / Riding With The King / hybrid SACD


Audio Fidelity will reissue B.B. King and Eric Clapton‘s Riding With The King on hybrid SACD at the end of this month.

The Grammy winning long player was originally released in 2000 and was the first full album collaboration from the famous guitarists.

This doesn’t appear to include the 5.1 mix that was previously issued on a DVD-A, which is curious, but Steve Hoffman has handled the stereo remastering using original analog session mixes, bypassing the digital cutting master from which all other released versions have been created.

Riding With The King will be released on 29 June 2015.

1. Riding with the King
2. Ten Long Years
3. Key to the Highway
4. Marry You
5. Three O’Clock Blues
6. Help the Poor
7. I Wanna Be
8. Worried Life Blues
9. Days of Old
10. When My Heart Beats Like a Hammer
11. Hold On, I’m Comin’
12. Come Rain or Come Shine

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  2. Julian H says:

    “You are posting comments too quickly. Slow down.”


  3. Julian H says:

    I can understand that this is a nice release for the audiophiles but to be honest, what we really need is a serious and thought-out reissue campaign of BB’s work. Now that he is no longer with us, the chances for that may have risen a bit (as there is now more interest in his older albums) but c’mon, there was enough time for nice remasters with comprehensive bonus tracks, liner notes and all the recording info and nothing has happened?! Only a handful have been re-released; outside of the three box sets everything there has been seems half-assed and certainly not what the man and his legacy deserved.

  4. Andy says:

    He is driving the King to the grave of his hero Enoch Powell to preach him on the good of racism.

    • Julian H says:

      Please, leave things out of this conversation that a constantly drunk, young, completely out-of-it Eric Clapton has said some forty years ago. I’m sure B.B. wouldn’t have approved of that. We all make mistakes right? Certainly this album isn’t a high point of either guys’ career but Eric couldn’t have done more of a favour to a hero of his (B.B.) as this was a hugely successful album.

  5. Leslie Hanagan says:

    It should be noted that Mobile Fidelity prices are noticeably more expensive. But like Paul S. says, it is a niche product for a specialist market.

    • richie says:

      Thanks for the tip on `importcds` Leslie.

      I have paid £30 for SACDs in recent months but I am certain I only paid about £12 for the Dylan & Stones SACDs. I know that was a few years ago but the price of CDs, maybe not SACDs has remained the same if not lower. Granted for smaller production runs the price may be higher but I see the forthcoming Beach Boys SACDs are £30+ and I`m sure they won`t be a limited run. I suppose we don`t have to by them but………

  6. Leslie Hanagan says:

    I get mine from in the States. They usually work out around £17 or £18 including postage. They take around 10 days to arrive.

    • Paul Soper says:

      Do you normally get changed import duty from importcds?

      • Leslie Hanagan says:

        No, never have done. But like you said, you can also get them from Amazon marketplace sellers like ‘all your music’ for pretty good prices.

  7. Paul Soper says:

    These SACD titles are usually available post release via Amazon marketplace sellers at more reasonable prices.

  8. richie says:

    Paul, why is it that SACD`s are so expensive? I can understand £15-£18 but almost £30 is taking the p… .

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Even the non-SACD 24k Gold CDs were always £25+ I guess it’s just due to being a niche product, small production runs, small label etc. I guess it’s a specialist product created with some care and attention.

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