Bananarama / Live at the London Eventim Hammersmith Apollo

2CD+DVD and 3LP vinyl sets commemorating their first ever tour

Bananarama reunited last year and completed a successful 22-date UK tour. The evening at London’s Eventim Hammersmith Apollo, in late November, was recorded and filmed and will be issued as a 2CD+DVD set next month.

This new package features 19 songs performed live by Sara, Keren and Siobhan, including early classics like ‘Robert De Niro’s Waiting’, ‘Cruel Summer’, ‘Rough Justice’ along with later hi-energy hits like ‘Love In The First Degree’ and ‘I Heard A Rumour’. These are included across the two CDs and a DVD.

The audio for this Hammersmith Show (the venue is technically just called the ‘Eventim Apollo’) is also available across a triple vinyl set and there’s even a 2CD+DVD+blu-ray photobook package, although at £130 in the UK that’s likely to be of limited appeal.

This set will be released on 14 September 2018 and was previously available on PledgeMusic with some different/extra configurations.

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Live at the Eventim Apollo 2CD+DVD


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Live at the Eventim Apollo 3LP vinyl

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Amazon usa   72.99
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JPC de   48.99

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Live at the Eventim Apollo 4-disc deluxe photobook


CD 1
1. Nathan Jones
2. Robert De Niro’s Waiting
3. Rough Justice
4. Aie A Mwana
5. Cruel Summer
6. A Trick Of The Night 2017
7. Shy Boy Trouble
8. Really Saying Something
9. Cheers Then
10. Stay

CD 2
1. Preacher Man
2. I Heard A Rumour
3. More Than Physical
4. I Can’t Help It
5. I Want You Back
6. Venus
7. Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye
8. It Aint What You Do…
9. Love In The First Degree


1. Nathan Jones
2. Robert De Niro’s Waiting
3. Rough Justice
4. Aie A Mwana
5. Cruel Summer
6. A Trick Of The Night 2017
7. Shy Boy Trouble
8. Really Saying Something
9. Cheers Then
10. Stay
11. Preacher Man
12. I Heard A Rumour
13. More Than Physical
14. I Can’t Help It
15. I Want You Back
16. Venus
17. Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye
18. It Aint What You Do…
19. Love In The First Degree


38 responses to Bananarama / Live at the London Eventim Hammersmith Apollo

  1. JF says:

    The standalone Blu Ray has now been removed from Amazon. Strange.

  2. Prices have dropped on most version on Amazon UK!

    CD – £9.99
    CD/DVD – £14.99
    Blu Ray – £15.42

    And finally, the SDE is now a more reasonable £89.99!

    The vinyl is resolute at £37.99.

  3. Andy Hawkins says:

    Looks like a stand-alone Blu-ray is listed at Amazon and HMV now

    • I just noticed that! :-)

      So I may just downgrade my CD/DVD pre-order to the CD and pick up the standalone Blu Ray and then we’re good to go.

      Unless someone sees sense and drops that SDE book/CD/DVD/BR package down to at least the £75 they were asking on Pledge.

    • I just noticed that! :-)

      So I shall probably downgrade my CD/DVD pre-order to the CD and pick this BR up instead.

      Unless someone sees sense and drops the ludicrously overpriced SDE down to at least the £75 they were asking for it on Pledge.

  4. I simply can’t comprehend the £115 price difference between the SDE edition (2xCD, 1xDVD, 1xBR and book) and the £15 2xCD/DVD edition.

    There is no way that a hardback book and one Blu Ray equates to £115 by any stretch of the imagination.

    I know I should’ve been quicker off the mark and bought my Blu Ray from Pledge, but this is a ridiculous cash grab.

  5. Tom Tom says:

    Happy about this release. I was fortunate to see this tour in New York City, Times Square. Siobhan was introducing Cruel Summer and said last time she saw the other two perform in NYC as Bananarama she had to watch from the audience and it was so very sad. Sarah interrupted her and said “Your choice.” Your could hear ever fan gasp it was hysterical.

    My question is I see the audio version of this show can be preordered on itunes in US. Do you think the HD digital version of the concert will also be available to purchase? Wishin’, Hopin’, Thinkin’, Prayin’.

  6. Adolfo Franco says:

    technophobe question-i understand preferring blu ray to dvd when it comes to movies, but why so picky when it comes to a concert recording?

    still the picture quality or is the sound quality also better?

  7. I’m still waiting for my copy to arrive. I traveled to the UK for the first time ever just to see this reunion, and I was lucky to actually be at this recording in Hammersmith. If there was a blueprint on how to do a reunion tour THIS was it. As a fan I can’t really ask for more. The show was fabulous, they did every song, every dance move, they still sound amazing. Older outdated songs like It Ain’t What You Do was given a fresh swing take. They did the outstanding Shakespear’ Sister song Stay, and to my surprise, Siobhan picked her favorite Bananarama song after she left the group, the best one “Preacher Man”. I actually got to meet the girls and they were just as nice and funny in person, even on stage the reunion look genuine like they were best friends having the time of their lives A++++

  8. Neil Kelly says:

    Watched the Blu ray a number of times and caught the gig at Brighton. Very good it is too! The non hits make it for me, my favourite of which is ‘Cheers then’

  9. HS says:

    I just received the photo book edition and the vinyl from Pledge, along with a personally signed card by the girls. I saw the show live in London and it was fantastic – can’t wait to watch the Blu-ray!

  10. Daniel ( from Berlin ) says:

    what is with a release of “love generation” to promote the reunion tour cd ?
    there are many good songs in the bananarama vaults.
    where is the “drama remixes volume II” ? long forgotton.

  11. I received my deluxe 2CD/BluRay/DVD/Photobook from PledgeMusic just over a week ago — preceded by an autographed thank you note from the Nans!

    I LOVE it all. I was most impressed with the live vocals — they sounded great. And the Blu-Ray of the performance was all well done. (The CDs sound great to me)

    It’s all been a long time coming. I’ve been a fan since the beginning (even here in the States) and followed their career throughout. I thought things would have climaxed back when the 2CD deluxe reissues and single box set were released — but then all this happened. And, of course, the promises of a new album. Terrific!

    BTW — their renditions of all the hits were excellent… but “A Trick Of the Night 2017” really stood out to me — even Siobhan (I think it was Siobhan) mentioned the nod to the SOS band.

  12. Bridge says:

    No Blu-ray or 4k, no buy. It still blows my mind that in this day and age they are still producing DVDs. Blu-ray has been out forever and already on its way to being replaced by 4k. You can’t tell me this concert wasn’t filmed in, at minimum 1080p.
    I’m very disappointed this wont be released on 8track and VHS!

  13. MINO says:

    Not even a new song to promote the release? A pity!

  14. Michael says:

    Wow what a phenomenal return it has been for the rams reissues of past glory albums chart re entrys as well as a fab extended tour with many laughs .With new material due by he rams in 2019 its full steam ahead for the nearing 40th annivessary of a band who were wrote off from the beggining .

  15. Kauwgompie says:

    Great band, great memories. Sorry I missed them in NYC. Hopefully they will be back.

    • Jose says:

      The duo that is Bananarama is touring the US in early 2019. I have a ticket for San Diego on Jan. 27th. Keep your eyes peeled.

  16. Sammy Waslow says:

    I saw the Belfast show, the first night of the tour. Great fun. Stay really was magnificent. And of course, being the opening night, we didn’t know they’d do it.

    • Max says:

      Hi. Did you by any chance take a video/audio clip of “Dream Baby”, the only song they only performed in Belfast?
      Thanks. Max

  17. Darren Howard says:

    Got the deluxe from Pledge and it came with a thank you card addressed to me by name, signed by all three. It’s a great record of a brilliant night/s (Glasgow & Edinburgh Castle)

  18. Simonf says:

    This all sounds like great fun and a definite must have to file alongside my ‘Nana Edsel reissue collections. CD+DVD for me!

  19. Daryl says:

    Is Stay the Shakespeare’s Sister song?
    Apologies if I’m being stupid…

    • DERK says:

      YES ,was at this show and the one in New York both fantastic…..

    • PaulL says:

      Yes it is

    • Alan says:

      It is. In the show, Cheers Then ends with Siobhan departing, mimicking her 1988 exit. Sarah and Keren then perform Marcella’s parts in Stay, with Siobhan returning for her solo section of the song. Afterwards, she notes that she returns after three minutes rather than 30 years!

  20. PaulL says:

    I bought the Newcastle concert from Pledge and got it in December. Had it in my car cd changer for six months! A lot of fun, mostly great renditions with a few clunkers. Got the Hammersmith cd and blu ray last week. Recommended!

  21. CD/DVD price is currently £15.18 on Amazon UK

  22. Steven Robertson says:

    I’ve got the 4 disc set from Pledge. Only coast me £80.

    Its a great fun album.

    They know they aint the best singers, but when I saw them in Glasgow, it was one of the most fun gigs I’ve been to.

    Not watched the Blu-ray yet.

  23. Martin Power says:

    A 3lp Bananarama live set – Now that’s something I never thought I would live to see in my lifetime….. Blimey

  24. Auntie Sabrina says:

    I would have liked separate liked a blu-ray version…

    • Yup, a big shame that they dropped the standalone Blu Ray/DVD version which was part of the Pledge line up.

      I saw the girls on this tour and it was a properly good show.

      Guess I’ll have to make do with the CD/DVD package. That deluxe set is WAY too much :-(

    • Tom M says:

      I’ll bet the blu-ray is coming soon, the work is already completed on it.

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