Bananarama reissue track listings


As we revealed earlier this month, Bananarama‘s first six albums are being reissued as 2CD+DVD sets on 21 October, presented in luxurious ‘casebound book’ packaging.

There has been much debate around what would be on these sets, and we can now reveal the full track listings for each reissue…

Bananarama 2CD+DVD reissues / Deep Sea Skiving

Deep Sea Skiving 2CD+DVD
• UK Pre-order: Deep Sea Skiving (Bonus DVD)


  • 1. Shy Boy
  • 2. Doctor Love
  • 3. What A Shambles
  • 4. Really Saying Something
  • 5. Cheers Then
  • 6. Aie A Mwana
  • 7. Young At Heart
  • 8. Na Na Hey Hey (Kiss Him Goodbye)
  • 9. Hey Young London
  • 10. Boy Trouble
  • 11. Wish You Were Here

Bonus Tracks:

  • 12. He’s Got Tact
  • 13. Girl About Town
  • 14. Tell Tale Signs
  • 15. No Feelings
  • 16. Aie A Mwana [Extended Version]
  • 17. Really Saying Something [Extended Version]
  • 18. Shy Boy [12” Mix]
  • 19. Cheers Then [Extended Version]
  • 20. Na Na Hey Hey (Kiss Him Goodbye) [12″ Version]

CD2 – Bonus Tracks:

  • 1. Aie A Mwana [7” Version]
  • 2. Really Saying Something [US 7” Mix]
  • 3. Shy Boy [US 7” Mix]
  • 4. No Feelings [Alternative Mix] *
  • 5. Give Us Back Our Cheap Fares
  • 6. Boy Trouble [Extended Version]
  • 7. Girl About Town [Extended Version]
  • 8. Tell Tale Signs [Extended Version]
  • 9. Aie A Mwana [US Extended Version]
  • 10. Really Saying Something [US Extended Version]
  • 11. Shy Boy [US Extended Version]
  • 12. Give Us Back Our Cheap Fares [Extended Version]
  • 13. Aie A Mwana [US Dub]
  • 14. Shy Boy [US Dub]
  • 15. Na Na Hey Hey (Kiss Him Goodbye) [Na (Dub) Hey]
  • 16. Aie A Mwana [Dubwana]

DVD – Promo Videos:

  • 1. Really Saying Something
  • 2. Shy Boy
  • 3. Cheers Then
  • 4. Na Na Hey Hey (Kiss Him Goodbye)

Bananarama at the BBC:

  • 5. Really Saying Something [On ‘Top Of The Pops’]
  • 6. Shy Boy [On ‘6:55 Special’]
  • 7. Boy Trouble [On ‘6:55 Special’]
  • 8. Na Na Hey Hey (Kiss Him Goodbye) [On ‘Saturday Superstore’]


Bananarama 2CD+DVD reissues / Bananarama

Bananarama 2CD+DVD
• UK Pre-order: Bananarama (Bonus DVD)


  • 1. Cruel Summer
  • 2. Rough Justice
  • 3. King Of The Jungle
  • 4. Dream Baby
  • 5. Link
  • 6. Hot Line To Heaven
  • 7. State I’m In
  • 8. Robert De Niro’s Waiting
  • 9. Through A Child’s Eyes

Bonus Tracks:

  • 10. The Wild Life
  • 11. Cairo
  • 12. Push!
  • 13. Live Now
  • 14. Cruel Summer [12” Version]
  • 15. Robert De Niro’s Waiting [Extended Version]
  • 16. Rough Justice [Extended Version]
  • 17. The Wild Life [Extended Version] *
  • 18. Cruel Summer [’89 Swing Beat Dub]

CD2 – Bonus Tracks:

  • 1. Cruel Summer [’89 Swing Beat Version]
  • 2. Robert De Niro’s Waiting [7’’ Version]
  • 3. Rough Justice [7” Version]
  • 4. Hot Line To Heaven [7” Version]
  • 5. The Wild Life [7” Version]
  • 6. Cruel Summer [Cruel Dub]
  • 7. Rough Justice [Original 12” Mix] *
  • 8. King Of The Jungle [Unsegued Version] *
  • 9. Dream Baby [Unsegued Version] *
  • 10. Push! [Extended Version – Link / Push!]
  • 11. State I’m In [Extended Version]
  • 12. Cruel Summer [Summer Dub]
  • 13. The Wild Life [Dub Version]
  • 14. State I’m In [Instrumental] *
  • 15. The Wild Life [Instrumental] *
  • 16. Cruel Summer [’89 Swing Beat Instrumental]

DVD – Promo Videos:

  • 1. Cruel Summer
  • 2. Robert De Niro’s Waiting
  • 3. Rough Justice
  • 4. Hot Line To Heaven
  • 5. State I’m In
  • 6. The Wild Life
  • 7. Cruel Summer ‘89

Bananarama at the BBC:

  • 8. Cruel Summer [On ‘Top Of The Pops’]
  • 9. Robert De Niro’s Waiting [On ‘The Russell Harty Show’]
  • 10. Rough Justice [On ‘Top Of The Pops’]
  • 11. Michael, Row The Boat Ashore [On ‘Saturday Superstore’]

Bananarama 2CD+DVD reissues / True Confessions

True Confessions 2CD+DVD
• UK Pre-order: True Confessions (Bonus DVD)


  • 1. True Confessions
  • 2. Ready Or Not
  • 3. A Trick Of The Night
  • 4. Dance With A Stranger
  • 5. In A Perfect World
  • 6. Venus
  • 7. Do Not Disturb
  • 8. A Cut Above The Rest
  • 9. Promised Land
  • 10. More Than Physical
  • 11. Hooked On Love
  • Bonus Tracks:
  • 12. Too Much Of A Good Thing *
  • 13. Vicious Circle *
  • 14. Ghost
  • 15. White Train
  • 16. Scarlett
  • 17. Riskin’ A Romance
  • 18. Set On You

CD2 – Bonus Tracks:

  • 1. Do Not Disturb [Extended Version]
  • 2. Venus [Extended Version]
  • 3. More Than Physical [Garage Mix]
  • 4. A Trick Of The Night [The Number One Mix]
  • 5. Ready Or Not [Pettibone & Forest Mix] *
  • 6. Venus [Fire & Brimstone Mix]
  • 7. More Than Physical [Musclebound Mix]
  • 8. A Trick Of The Night [Dub]
  • 9. Venus [Dub]
  • 10. More Than Physical [Dub]
  • 11. Ready Or Not [Pettibone & Forest Dub] *
  • 12. Venus [Original Mix]

DVD – Promo Videos:

  • 1. Do Not Disturb
  • 2. Venus
  • 3. More Than Physical
  • 4. A Trick Of The Night [UK Version]
  • 5. A Trick Of The Night [US Version]
  • 6. Venus [12” Version]

Bananarama at the BBC:

  • 7. Venus [On ‘Top Of The Pops’]
  • 8. More Than Physical [On ‘Wogan’]
  • 9. The Making of ‘A Trick Of The Night’ [On ‘In At The Deep End’]

Bananarama 2CD+DVD reissues / Wow!

Wow! 2CD+DVD
• UK Pre-order: Wow! (Bonus DVD)


  • 1. I Can’t Help It
  • 2. I Heard A Rumour
  • 3. Some Girls
  • 4. Love In The First Degree
  • 5. Once In A Lifetime
  • 6. Strike It Rich
  • 7. Bad For Me
  • 8. Come Back
  • 9. Nathan Jones
  • 10. I Want You Back

Bonus Tracks:

  • 11. Clean Cut Boy [Party Size]
  • 12. Mr Sleaze
  • 13. Ecstasy
  • 14. Amnesia [12” Extended Version]
  • 15. I Heard A Rumour [Horoscope Mix]
  • 16. Love In The First Degree [Jailers Mix With Intro]
  • 17. I Can’t Help It [Extended Club Mix]

CD2 – Bonus Tracks:

  • 1. Love In The First Degree [Love In The House Mix] *
  • 2. I Heard A Rumour [House Mix]
  • 3. I Can’t Help It [The Hammond Version Excursion]
  • 4. Reason For Living [12″ Master] *
  • 5. Some Girls [12” Version]
  • 6. Strike It Rich [12” Version]
  • 7. I Heard A Rumour [Original 12″ Mix] *
  • 8. Nathan Jones [Original 12” Mix] *
  • 9. I Want You Back [Original 12” Mix] *
  • 10. Ecstasy [Chicago House Stylee]
  • 11. I Heard A Rumour [Dub]
  • 12. Mr Sleaze [Rare Groove Remix]

DVD – Promo Videos:

  • 1. I Heard A Rumour
  • 2. Love In The First Degree
  • 3. Mr Sleaze
  • 4. I Can’t Help It
  • 5. I Want You Back
  • 6. Love, Truth And Honesty
  • 7. Nathan Jones
  • 8. Help!
  • 9. I Can’t Help It [12” Version]
  • 10. I Want You Back [Alternative Version]

Bananarama at the BBC:

  • 11. I Heard A Rumour [On ‘Top Of The Pops’]
  • 12. I Want You Back [On ‘Going Live’]
  • 13. Love, Truth And Honesty [On ‘Top Of The Pops’]
  • 14. Nathan Jones [On ‘Wogan’]


Bananarama 2CD+DVD reissues / Pop Life

Pop Life 2CD+DVD
• UK Pre-order: Pop Life (Bonus DVD)

CD1 – ‘Pop Life’

  • 1. Preacher Man
  • 2. Long Train Running
  • 3. Only Your Love
  • 4. What Colour R The Skies Where U Live?
  • 5. Is Your Love Strong Enough?
  • 6. Tripping On Your Love
  • 7. Ain’t No Cure
  • 8. Outta Sight
  • 9. Megalomaniac
  • 10. I Can’t Let You Go

Bonus Tracks:

  • 11. Heartless
  • 12. I Don’t Care *
  • 13. Some Boys *
  • 14. Only Your Love [Milky Bar Mix]
  • 15. Tripping On Your Love [Dance Floor Justice Mix]
  • 16. Preacher Man [Original 12″ Mix] *

CD2 – Bonus Tracks:

  • 1. Only Your Love [Monkey Drum Mooch]
  • 2. Preacher Man [Ramabanana Alternative Mix]
  • 3. Long Train Running [Alma De Noche Version]
  • 4. Tripping On Your Love [Euro Trance Mix]
  • 5. Ain’t No Cure [Alternative Version]
  • 6. What Colour R The Skies Where U Live? [Paco’s Revenge Mix] *
  • 7. Tripping On Your Love [Smoove Mix]
  • 8. I Don’t Care [Tony King Remix] *
  • 9. Ain’t No Cure [Original 12″ Mix] *
  • 10. Tripping On Your Love [Silky 70s Mix]
  • 11. Long Train Running [Sparky’s Magic Button Mix]
  • 12. Tripping On Your Love [Sweet Exorcist Remix]

DVD – Promo videos:

  • 1. Only Your Love
  • 2. Preacher Man
  • 3. Long Train Running
  • 4. Tripping On Your Love

Bananarama at the BBC:

  • 5. Only Your Love [On ‘Wogan’]
  • 6. Preacher Man [On ‘Top Of The Pops’]

Bananarama 2CD+DVD reissues / Please Yourself

Please Yourself 2CD+DVD
• UK Pre-order: Please Yourself (Bonus DVD)

CD1 – ‘Please Yourself’

  • 1. Movin’ On
  • 2. Last Thing On My Mind
  • 3. Let Me Love You One More Time
  • 4. More, More, More
  • 5. Is She Good To You?
  • 6. Only Time Will Tell
  • 7. Give It All Up For Love
  • 8. You’ll Never Know What It Means
  • 9. You’re Never Satisfied
  • 10. I Could Be Persuaded

Bonus Tracks:

  • 11. Another Lover
  • 12. Treat Me Right
  • 13. More, More, More [7” Mix]
  • 14. Movin’ On [Bumpin’ Mix]
  • 15. Last Thing On My Mind [Hi-NRG Mix]
  • 16. More, More, More [12” Mix]
  • 17. Nueva Dirección [Movin’ On – Spanish Version] *
  • 18. Last Thing On My Mind [Extended Version] *

CD2 – Bonus Tracks:

  • 1. Movin’ On [Movin’ Mix] *
  • 2. Is She Good To You? [7” Remix] *
  • 3. More, More, More [Original 12” Mix] *
  • 4. Only Time Will Tell [Garage Version] *
  • 5. Movin’ On [Original 12” Mix] *
  • 6. Is She Good To You? [12” Club Mix] *
  • 7. More, More, More [Extended Version] *
  • 8. Movin’ On [NRG Mix] *
  • 9. Last Thing On My Mind [Xtra NRG Mix] *
  • 10. More, More, More [More Tech No Dub] *
  • 11. Movin’ On [The ‘Norty’ Banana Mix]
  • 12. Last Thing On My Mind [FXTC Dub]
  • 13. More, More, More [Remix Dub]

DVD – Promo Videos:

  • 1. Movin’ On
  • 2. Last Thing On My Mind
  • 3. More More More

Bananarama at the BBC:

  • 4. Movin’ On [On ‘Top Of The Pops’]
  • 5. Last Thing On My Mind [On ‘Pebble Mill’]

* previously unreleased

71 responses to Bananarama reissue track listings

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  9. Saar Freedman says:

    My only small complaints is that once again the SAW ‘No 1 mix” of ‘trick of the night” is featured (previously released on Cd at least twice and the Jolley&Swain Single Mix and “Tricky mix” remain unreleased on cd
    given the tricky mix is rather horrid but still it deserves to be curated as well, same for the single mix. so lets hope there indeed is another “Remixes and Rarities” compilation in the works
    or paul, since you did such an excellent work with the recent R&R sets, maybe you could pitch the idea yourself to Edsel etc :)
    I am sure we fans can help pitch Ideas…

  10. cool post – thanks! I just ordered 2 of these from Amazon so hey, I guess this site is good for something after all *lol* :)

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  12. Carsten Feldmueller says:

    Anyone else having a problem with the video of “Love, Truth & Honesty” on the re-issue of “Wow”? It’s totally unwatchable – the lips and the music is out of synch on my DVD

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  15. Patrick says:

    According to release date is oct 28!!! Please say it isn’t so!!!! If released on the 21st,they would have had time to get delivered to me for my birthday (oct 25)….with an entire weekend free to listen to all 6 sets….if they come out on the 28,I may get them for the weekend after,but I’ll be working! I know it’s only a week more to wait…but it still sucks! I hate it when releases get pushed back….

  16. michael says:

    Cant wait.!!! shame the last 4 albums ulraviolet, exotica, drama, and viva arent included in this package, some faboulous bonus tracks from these albums exist. And judging by how fast bananaramas facebook and twitter page is growing the public still have a love of all things bananarama.

    • Patrick says:

      Even though it would be super nice to get special editions of those 4 albums…lots of love for bananarama” does not mean ”lots of cash” …and almost all the mixes from those albums are already on cd…it would really be WORTH it if they had the few ”vinyl only” mixes we’re missing,the ”download only” tracks..and of course LOTS of unrealeased tracks…wich all fans know to exist..we’ve all heard the demos online over the years.

      But not right now lol!!!

      Maybe in a few months to give fans ”and their wallets”a chance to breathe a bit…we can always hope..maybe if the 6 we’re getting now sell really well….i hope overseas sells count this time….the last 2 albums didn’t chart that well due to overseas sells not counting…and most fans didn’t wait to see if it would be released in their country… when there’s new stuff from the Nanas..we want(NEED) it NOW!!! LOL!

      I’m surprised we’re getting all 6 sets in one shot though!!! When Depeche mode released their special editions for their first 10 albums…they waited about 2 to 3 months between releases..releasing 3 sets at a time the first 2 times,and 2 sets the last 2 times…With Bananarama releasing all 6 in one shot..i had to decide between getting the cds or going to see them live at the Olympic stadium in Montreal…since they are sharing the stage with Pointers sisters and Blondie,they’ll probably sing no more than 10 tunes…so even though it kills me and i will gegret it I’m sure when the time comes..i opted for the cds.At least i was front row center back in 1989 when they played the Metropolis..i was actually leaning on the very stage..that was cool! Keren even slipped on the program i had bought and placed on the stage lol! Good thing she didn’t fall on her face…

  17. Stephane P. says:

    Only one mix for Preacher Man… That’s really sad :(
    4 Shep Pettibone mixes are still only available on the promotional twelve inch…
    PREACHER MAN (Shep’s Dub Mix) 4’44”
    PREACHER MAN (Shep’s Instrumental) 3’00”
    PREACHER MAN (Ramabanana Dub) 4’35”
    PREACHER MAN (Bonus Beats Dub) 5’49”

    But the unreleased Pettibone & Forest for Ready Or Not! This is Funktastic!!!

    • Patrick says:

      Hey Stephane

      The ”Shep’s dub mix” and ”Shep’s instrumental” can both be found on the UK Preacher man 12”(nanx23) and the ”Bonus beats dub” can be found on the UK Preacher man 12” remix(nanxr23)

      Never heard of the ”Ramabanana dub” before… on wich promo is it found? I seem to recall only one UK promo 12” to exist,and it had the same tracklisting as the regular 12”(nanx23).I’d lean more towards the ”unreleased” category for that dub,but then again i could be totally wrong! lol! Can anyone clarify?

      I’m also psyched about the ”Ready or not” mixes….it’s one of my favourite tracks on True confessions…guess that means it was maybe considered as a 4th single..or at least a b-side? Could be they scrapped the idea cause they were almost ready to lauch a first single from Wow!

  18. Patrick says:

    I was curious about the release date… finally put up some info and tracklistings,but theys till say sept 30…so i went to cdwow’s website some of you talked about..and they say oct 21….but then i noticed something…about the video says that right??? can anyone confirm this?! That would be great..i wouldn,t have to find a new PAL able dvd player (my old one died on me).

    • Patrick says:

      Think i just answered my own question….i looked up Belinda Carlisle’s deluxe releases on and looked at the says dvd NTSC region free! So Bananarama’s should be the same…YEAH!!! :) that would mean only 3 videos are not available on dvd…

      I found love
      Careless whispers

      And to think less than 2 years ago…bananarama had no dvds!

  19. Gordon says:

    Edsel have confirmed every single one of the 188 tracks are sourced from masters so no vinyl rips whatsoever – it really couldn’t get much better surely. These are amazing!

  20. Patrick says:

    That SUCKS!!!!!!! Ah well….nothing we can do about it! If I’m lucky they’ll be my birthday present to myself….amazon usually ships their cds the saturday or sunday before the release date…and it usually takes 3 to 4 work days to get here in Montreal…Would be hot if they were in my mailbox on the 25th(my birthday) when i got home from work!!! Yeah i work on my birthday…

    I’m actually listening to the 81-93 tracks right now….haven’t done that in a while….makes me more excited to hear the unreleased tracks and mixes….and the vinyl only mixes i can’t listen to….ah The wild life(dub mix)…my favourite dub mix EVER!!!!Lucky for us canadian… being an exclusive to our country! We rarely got exclusive things in Canada back in the good old vinyl days..but with Bananarama we did get a few…unless I’m mistaking?

    1: 24”x36” poster in Deep sea skiving Lp..never saw a poster in any other country
    2:Extended mix of Tell tale signs on the Kiss him goodbye 12”
    3:The wild life..commercial 12”(with pic sleeve)..with Dub mix
    4:Set on you 12”….that was a weird release….The Do not disturb sleeve…on the A side Set on you(UK b-side to Trick of the night)on the B side Ghost(Uk b-side to Do not disturb) amd More than physical(Musclebound mix)./ tracks that were not avaiable to Canada,but it kinda sucked when you had the UK vinyls already lol!
    5:Ultraviolet cd…completely different sleeve than the other countries got..and one of the cheapest I’ve seen in their discography.
    6:Every shade of blue 5”cd single…again completely different..and cheap as hell! lol!

  21. Patrick says:

    So what is the right release date????..on it says sept 30 and on PWL’s facebook page it says oct 21….

  22. Mike says:

    I’m not a big Bananarama fan, but I’ve got to say this looks impressive. It’s great when a label caters to the fans.

    Calling major labels: use this as a template of what people want when they are buying stuff again! (That said, well done EMI for the Rio deluxe edition.)

  23. Steven says:

    Sorry, I haven’t read the whole thread – but has it been confirmed that the bonus tracks wil be sournced from master tapes (as opposed to being vinyl rips)?

  24. Rob says:

    Im in the states and order from Amazon UK all teh time, just ordered one of the Belinda Carlisle re-issues as well as Kim Wilde’s Close re-issue.

    I am a HUGE Bananarama fan and I cant wait to get these!! They are and continue to be one of my all time favorites. I cant complain about the track listings and I just hope the DVD’s are region free.

  25. Patrick says:

    You can get the Miami mix of I heard a rumour on the 2002 very best cd ..but you gotta get the double cd edition….there were 2 editions..the first one had only 1 cd and at the end had the tempest fugit mix( a megamix)..a few months later i found a double cd edition..the 2nd cd had a dozen mixes(wich had all been available on cd before) but the first cd was different than the first edition..they replaced the tempest fugit mix by I heard a rumour (miami mix)…so i don’t really mind that it was ommited from the Wow box set…i wanted the house mix and the corporation dub wich were only on vinyl…and i at least got the House mix..maybe the corporation dub will be in that ”supposed” rarities box set?

    Hope it helps you out David :)

    • David says:

      I will try and look that cd up but I expect its not easy to come across. I must admit to bring quite a casual fan and was hoping that the Miami mix would be on this cd and more importantly available to download as an individual track on iTunes, Amazon etc.

  26. David says:

    I was really hoping for the Miami mix of I Heard A Rumour. Reminds me of dancing to it at Heaven back in the day. I hope that is on the next collection talked about on here.

  27. Patrick says:

    The house mix of Love in the first degree was only found on the 5” cd single for I want you back…but it wasn’t faded out……..the only way you could get the full mix with a cold end was to get the disconet (dj service) vinyl wich had the complete mix that lasted almost 2 minutes more and had the Penthouse dub made by the guys at disconet.

    So i also think (and hope) the Love in the house mix is the full mix finally on cd.

    I’m also outside the Uk..I’m in Montreal,Quebec,Canada..i ordered all 6 sets from and it ads up to 122$ canadian….not that much considering we are getting 12 full cds and 6 dvds…and the amazon price may go down before release date.If that happens,they give you the according refund.

    As for how many mixes that are still not on cd(not counting megamixes)..there are 28 by my count…let,s hope that other set comes out and is not just a ”Ru-ru-rumour” :)

  28. Mike says:

    I think we believe it is the same mix.

  29. Mikael says:

    Can anyone tell me why the excellent Pete Hammond house remix of “Love in the first degree” is not included on the re-issued and expanded CD? OR can this version be the same as they refer above to: Love in the house remix?!?!

  30. Roelant van Zevenbergen says:

    My 80’s heart skipped a beat reading those superb tracklisting, so I’ll surely order my copies of these terrific packaged re-issues. I am still enjoying the EBTG output from Edsel! And the Aztec Camera series I’ve won participating in a contest from SDE, the best site to keep yourself informed about all extraordinary releases. Much appreciated, Paul!

    Another tip for all Bananarama fans where to buy: the next 24 hours you can pre-order your copies through CD WOWHD (.nl, .com, for only € 15,29/$21.21/ £12.74. Free shipping!

  31. Matthew P. says:

    I pre-ordered the first 4 re-issues through AmazonUK, I live in the U.S so Sainsbury is a no-go for me. So happy to finally see these discs released and given the love they deserve!

  32. Mike F says:

    I think the sets are amazing. Getting the unreleased tracks included is awesome and so many rarities also. I hope they do release the rest of their missing catalogue. I would buy it digital or physical. Who could really complain after such a great set of reissues :-)

  33. Mike says:

    There is another ‘set’ coming that will feature missing stuff according to the pwl facebook page, we dont know if its physical or digital though.

  34. Francis says:

    No audio versions of “Love, Truth and Honesty” on any of the CDs (7inch or 12inch), yet the early and later 1989 versions of “Cruel Summer” all get included! How could this have happened to a great set of reissues? This is one vinyl record I will have to keep because I can not update it to CD which I was hoping to do with this set, but unfortunately it has been missed off! Oh Dear!

  35. Francis says:

    Oh no, I have realised there is another disappointment, no audio 7inch or 12inch versions of “Love, Truth and Honesty” but just a promo video (not much use if I want to only listen to the track). It seems that I will need to keep my 12 vinyl of this track, though it would have been nice to have it in CD quality. This is a hell of a let down to an otherwise great set of expanded reissues! Edsel, how could you leave off such a good track and a chart hit single?

  36. Francis says:

    My only downer is that the extended 12inch version of ‘Help!’ has not been included on the “WOW!” edition, but apart from this I think they are all brilliant reissues!!!

  37. Gazelle says:

    I’m impressed: the ‘Deep Sea Skiving’ reissue’s track-listing appears to contain ALL the b-sides, remixes and additional songs issued worldwide during the era that the original album was released, plus a previously unreleased alternative version of their Sex Pistols cover ‘No Feelings’ thrown in for good measure!

    The only omission is the alternative 7″ version of ‘Girl About Town’ that was included as an bonus track on the 2007 reissue of ‘Deep Sea Skiving’ – although this version is really no more than a curio, offering just an additional four bars before the instrumental break.

  38. Mike says:

    Think they look great and will be the pop reissues of the year (bar Breathe?) but as a couple of people have said why keep pushing amazon – they are currently 4.41 more expensive per set than Sainsburys…. Is SDE bankrolled by Amazon :)

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      One downside of Sainsbury’s is that they don’t ship to the US and we need to consider our global audience… I know many from the US buy from often, and get the VAT deducted.

      But it’s a fair point that Sainsbury’s have extremely competitive prices for UK residents.


    .This reissue is great, but I missed the cd NOW! aprece not the theme Love, Truth & Honesty in any of its formats 7 “and 12” and Remixes, is an important ruling by Edsel Records-

  40. Gordon says:

    Love, Truth & Honesty was never on ‘Wow!’ It was the lead for ‘The Greatest Hits Collection’ in 1988. I suspect that one, along with the single mixes of ‘Nathan Jones’, and ‘Help!’ as the 3 singles from the ‘Greatest Hits Collection’ era are three of the tracks being saved for the hinted at collection still to be announced. It’s not likely a ‘remixes & rarities’ collection would include a DVD, so the promos have found their way onto these. I guess the compiler want to give as much as possible.

    Also worth noting from the comments so far that Bananarama do have a fairly good sized fanbase still, as well as some broad appeal, and although they were at their biggest in the 80s [weren’t we all], have in fact been active non stop since 1979 [34 years!] and are currently recording their new 11th studio album – there’s very few acts been around that long and active the whole time.

  41. tim says:

    Where is Love Truth and Honesty on the Wow! album? Too bad no remixes for that one too.

  42. Ranasakawa says:

    I am stunned to be honest why anyone would buy these? Bananarama ? To me it’s 80s pop i’d rather forget.

    • Francis says:

      Bananarama had better songs than a lot of the “same sounding” majority of music that gets released these days! Most of todays music seems to be R&B based or have some rap or constant repeated lyric, constant drum beat or swear word thrown in. Also, unlike a lot of music today, Bananrama and other 1980s genres will be remembered and still played in many years to come. I doubt artists such as Will.I.Am, Rizzal Kicks, Jedward, Lady GaGa, Justin Bieber, X-Factor ‘wannabies’ and others like them will be remembered!!!

    • NeilKelly says:

      I think you’re clueless TBH…

  43. Mike says:

    Omar, you shouldn’t expect any vinyl rips – with so many tracks being completely unreleased, there is no vinyl to rip them from! It seems to me these will be all directly from the archival masters

  44. omar says:

    I will no doubt end up getting these at some point ,but sorry to be a Debbie Downer regarding all the additional material. I’m guessing that there’s gonna be several vinyl rips as much of these unreleased mixes have never been on cd before. I hope I’m wrong ! a lot of vinyl transfers in recent years have sounded crappy. Hopefully Edsel will do a good job .

  45. Gordon says:

    I am actually properly blown away by how amazing these look. They’ve clearly been a labour of love by someone who has their finger on the pulse of what is wanted by both Bananarama fans and casual purchasers. The sheer number of unreleased tracks, mixes etc is quite overwhelming, and as if that wasn’t enough, we have a tongue firmly in cheek but overt hint on the packaging [and from PWL] that there is yet more to come – ‘remixes and rarities’ box set perhaps!? It’s a great day to be a Bananarama fan, and these are for me at least the Deluxe Reissues of 2013. thank you to all involved.

  46. Avner says:

    A major and overdue upgrade from the 2007 Rhino reissues. There is a lot to look forward to, as Anfunny points out. Very excited.

  47. Anfunny says:

    These are brilliant! Very well done. Aside from the original albums and all promo videos, I count a total of 70 exclusive audio tracks; 5 unreleased songs, 28 unreleased remixes and 37 previously unavailable on CD tracks/mixes. Plus, 6 exclusive videos, 19 vintage BBC performances and, based on the recent Belinda Carlisle sets, excellent packaging. Impressed!

  48. Kickup80s says:

    Forget Amazon – they’re very rarely the cheapest these days

    All of the Bananarama reissues are £8.99 on Sainsbury’s website with P&P included.

    • Francis says:

      Not everyone is fortunate enough to be able to get to a Sainsbury’s store. I live in rural Pembrokeshire and there is no Sainsbury’s nearby (the closest being about 100 miles away) and although they have their online store, they do not deliver to my area. Therefore, it will have to be Amazon or Play.Com for me and probably the same situation for many others wanting to purchase these sets. Do not assume everyone lives in cities and towns.

      • dominic edwards says:

        Sainsbury’s Entertainment is a different website completely to Sainsbury’s grocery.

        Your CDs & DVDs are delivered by post, not as part of a grocery van delivery.

      • NeilKelly says:

        Oo… Get her… They deliver all over surely? Maybe not food but this is a posted item lol. So your post office doesn’t deliver? How do you get your mail?

  49. jamesgiraffe says:

    I think these look great. I’m sure there will be some moaning that some things have been left off, but they look pretty jam packed to me! I’m no banana expert though. I’m really looking forward to them. My favourite album is Deep Sea Skiving.

    • paul marry me karen b says:

      9 and 1/2 out of 10 . all the original cd plus a million mixes . one of cds single has a movin on (spag-ana mix) which isn’t here . the cds are hard to get out of the front and back but the cd in the middle paper sleeve is innovative and agreta idea. love the pictures , awesome dvd .the girls looked gr8 in red dresses on totp .

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