Basia / London Warsaw New York 2CD deluxe edition on the way


Cherry Red are to reissue Basia‘s 1989 album London Warsaw New York as an expansive remastered two-CD deluxe edition at the end of March.

This was the Polish jazz/pop singer’s second long-player and like her debut (Time and Tide) it enjoyed much success in America, in particular.

As with 2013’s expanded version Time and Tide, DJ, composer/producer and general pop music enthusiast Vinny Vero has produced this reboot of the album and amongst the 24 bonus tracks are extended remixes, seven-inch edits, B-sides, instrumentals and even a handful of previously unreleased demos. See the image below for all the details.

London Warsaw New York is reissued as a deluxe edition on 16 March 2015.


Track listing – click to enlarge

18 responses to Basia / London Warsaw New York 2CD deluxe edition on the way

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  2. Beverly Larkin says:

    THANK YOU FOLKS SO MUCH!!!! Vinny – thank you for being the man in getting this baby together for us Basia fans!

  3. Jose Escobar says:

    Amazing, can’t wait

  4. Cyrille says:

    Wow, this is an incredible tracklisting !

    I’m eager to discover the unreleased instrumental mixes & the demos. Thank you Vinny Vero !

    I hope one day there will be a remaster of Matt Bianco’s album “Whose Side Are You On” and that such care is taken to put everything that is available on it ! There are too many b-sides and 12” mixes that are worthy of a 2-CD release…

  5. Wax Monster X says:

    I’m all over this!! Fantastic! Can’t wait.

  6. kokachoo says:

    Is “Until You Come Back To Me (That’s What I’m Gonna Do) – Single Remix” the remix by Umberto Gatica??? That’s the only mix I’m missing from her!! Fingers crossed

  7. Vinny Vero says:

    As always, thank you very much for the publicity, Paul. I appreciate it greatly. More to come!

  8. PAC says:

    Loved ‘Time and Tide”.. can we get a leader on how the new Bjork opus is working out, physical options.. anything special planned ?

    Thanks Paul.

  9. Kiki says:

    whaoh ! seems great !!! I was wondering whe this would came out ! Now we have a date !!!
    For Mike : Contains “Masquerade ” and “Come To Heaven”, the 3 versions of “Until you come back to me”, 2 mixes “Baby You’re Mine” and 1 of “Brave new hope”.
    In the instrumentals part, only “Copernicus” is not here.
    Also comes with 4 demos…

    The setlist is just amazing….

  10. Mike the Fish says:

    Hey Paul

    Click to enlarge doesn’t enlarge!

  11. claudio says:


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