The Beatles 1+ blu-ray confusion for Amazon UK pre-orders

The Beatles / 1+ Deluxe CD+2blu-ray with restored videos and remixed audio have today sent some customers emails advising that the CD+2xblu-ray deluxe edition listing for The Beatles forthcoming 1+ release may “not have been clear”…

Fans who pre-ordered the top-of-the-range three-disc edition have been surprised to see what was previously a correct listing, change to a CD+2DVD listing. However, the original CD+2DVD listing still exists here for a cheaper price (the DVD version was always a bit cheaper).

When you visit the official Beatles website pre-order page and click on the Amazon link for CD+2blu-ray it takes you to the now changed listing.

The email note Amazon are sending out is along the lines of  ‘…the product description on the title may not have been clear when you placed your order’. This blog believes this is incorrect and that Amazon have inadvertently changed something that was fine all along. There is now NO listing at all for the CD+2blu-ray edition of 1+ and two for the CD+2DVD edition. That can’t be right.

SDE has alerted Amazon to this situation who are in turn checking internally and with Universal Music. Best advice would be to do nothing at the present time. In this writer’s opinion the orders are likely to be correct, and even they are not, you aren’t going to have any issue returning them.

SDE will update when we know more. The Beatles 1 release is due out on Friday.

Latest Update: Amazon have confirmed to SDE that anyone who pre-ordered the CD+2xblu-ray 1+ will get that version. It seems that human error was the issue behind the change of the listing and the emails. Amazon have now reverted the listing back to being CD+2xblu-ray. Unfortunately, is seems that there was no need to cancel any orders, although I know some of you have done this and are now shopping elsewhere.



1+ Deluxe CD + 2 x blu-ray


1+ Deluxe CD + 2 x DVD


2LP vinyl with stereo remixes


1 standard edition CD + blu-ray


1 standard edition CD +DVD


1 single blu-ray only


1 single DVD only


1 CD only (with new stereo mixes)



The Beatles 1

CD + Bluray / CD + DVD

  • 1. Love Me Do
  • 2. From Me To You
  • 3. She Loves You
  • 4. I Want To Hold Your Hand
  • 5. Can’t Buy Me Love
  • 6. A Hard Day’s Night
  • 7. I Feel Fine
  • 8. Eight Days a Week
  • 9. Ticket To Ride
  • 10. Help!
  • 11. Yesterday
  • 12. Day Tripper
  • 13. We Can Work It Out
  • 14. Paperback Writer
  • 15. Yellow Submarine
  • 16. Eleanor Rigby
  • 17. Penny Lane
  • 18. All You Need Is Love
  • 19. Hello, Goodbye
  • 20. Lady Madonna
  • 21. Hey Jude
  • 22. Get Back
  • 23. The Ballad of John and Yoko
  • 24. Something
  • 25. Come Together
  • 26. Let It Be
  • 27. The Long and Winding Road

Video Extras:

Paul McCartney audio commentary

  • Penny Lane
  • Hello, Goodbye
  • Hey Jude

Ringo Starr filmed introductions

  • Penny Lane
  • Hello, Goodbye
  • Hey Jude
  • Get Back


The Beatles 1+

CD+2Bluray or CD+2DVD

Disc 1 (same as above)

Disc 2 Video (DVD or Blu-ray)

  • 1. Twist & Shout
  • 2. Baby It’s You
  • 3. Words Of Love
  • 4. Please Please Me
  • 5. I Feel Fine
  • 6. Day Tripper *
  • 7. Day Tripper *
  • 8. We Can Work It Out *
  • 9. Paperback Writer *
  • 10. Rain *
  • 11. Rain *
  • 12. Strawberry Fields Forever
  • 13. Within You Without You/Tomorrow Never Knows
  • 14. A Day In The Life
  • 15. Hello, Goodbye *
  • 16. Hello, Goodbye *
  • 17. Hey Bulldog
  • 18. Hey Jude *
  • 19. Revolution
  • 20. Get Back *
  • 21. Don’t Let Me Down
  • 22. Free As A Bird
  • 23. Real Love

* alternate version


Paul McCartney audio commentary

  • Strawberry Fields Forever



105 responses to The Beatles 1+ blu-ray confusion for Amazon UK pre-orders

  1. Dan Yesindeedy says:

    How Limited Edition is 1+ Blu-Ray Version,Is it Limited to a Specific Number?

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Not sure but I really don’t think it’s that limited. They’ve already done a second production run as far as I understand…

      • Dan Yesindeedy says:

        They (JB Hi-fi) put the Blu-Ray 1+ version up for Pre-Order and within a Week or two ,they took it down. In Australia the Largest Music Supplier is JB hi-fi. I rang up a few times and they told me that the ones who Pre-Ordered that specific Version will get a copy and that the UK manufacturer didn’t expect it to sell out,so they are filling that order by making in factory etc. He also told me that anyone who tried to order it after it was taken off their website til this day has no opportunity to get it,only standard 1 versions not 1+. Apparently I was the 2nd one who ordered my 1+ Blu-Ray copy in the store. So I am Guaranteed a copy to which my Version came in the other day,I just need to pick it up!
        He also told me it is “strictly Limited Edition” My way of thinking is that the people who ordered 1+ in the first week or so get a copy hence why they haven’t released an Official Statement to how many are made yet because they are still producing them for the fans that Pre-Ordered in that small time slot but I don’t know for sure? If/When you find out how many Actually did get manufactured will you do a story on it? Great site by the way. I’m 34 and grew up with Vinyls,than Cassettes and CD’s. I prefer to buy Deluxe Editions because owning a Physical copy to me portrays who I am as a person,No downloading or ripping for me. My bands are part of My Identity! :)

  2. Derek Langsford says:

    It’s now unavailable from Amazon UK except through Marketplace sellers. I hope it comes back and doesn’t disappear forever like the Simple Minds Sparkle in the Rain box which was withdrawn by Amazon UK after the problems with the initial pressings emerged and has never been listed as being available directly from them since.

  3. David says:

    More confusion, the listings for the single DVD and Blu-ray on state they will not play in North America! That has to be wrong surely?

    • Neil says:

      The Blu-Ray is region free so i would assume the DVD’s will be as well. I wouldn’t go with the rubbish they write on Amazon.

  4. Andy Vizor says:

    Hi Paul

    Just wondering if anyone else has contacted you re the Beatles BD doing odd things. Don’t know how techy you are :-) my copy from Amazon is an NTSC disc so runs at 60Hz (US TV standard), which I expect they all are. But the title frames in between the videos are running at 24 Hz (the true frame rate of proper film) the result is that every time a video ends the TV & Amp have to rehandshake to/from 24 or 60 Hz, thus causing the TV to lose sync every time – frankly it’s a pain in the bum!! Fully appreciate I’m a geak but yet again appears Universal has employed the services of a muppet to master the disc. I’ve tried this on 3 BD players, inc Panasonic & PS3 – it’s pretty much unwatchable. Anyone else having issues? Cheers

  5. Alan King says:

    I love the 2 Blu Ray set, but wish there was a Blu Ray audio disc instead of the cd with it.

  6. Julian Hancock says:

    I see that the single CD/DVD can be had for about £12/13, so it seems the second DVD effectively costs about £20, given the CD/2DVD package price of £32 or thereabouts. I know the material is restored and all that, but it seems a bit steep.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      You get enhanced packaging… a book etc. so it’s not ‘just’ the DVD. Also, I seem to remember buying crappy bootleg VHS tapes of Beatles videos in Camden for £10-15 about 25 years ago, so £20 for a pristine DVD with 5.1 sound doesn’t seem a bit steep to me.

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  8. Gary C says:

    There are no European versions of the CD/2 Blu-ray editions in any record stores in Hong Kong, everything but that. The HMVs don’t have any editions at all.
    The IFC store I visited did have the Japanese import but wanted 80 GBP, despite the yen price of 9800, which is around £52.

  9. Gary C says:

    Mine was on order from Canada Amazon, and they are OOS before they’ve fulfilled all the pre orders. No matter, I ain’t at home.
    I’m in HK till tomorrow and have visited a couple of my irregular haunts and still no sign of any of the various editions. There’s one more place to try in IFC, he gets most of his stuff from Japan.

  10. Eric says:

    The blu-ray box has not been delivered to shops in Belgium apparently due to a manufacturing issue. All other versions are available…

  11. Ben in Colorado says:

    I rec’d mine from today. It is a great set. I watched both discs, and the time just flew by. Amazing.
    I was hoping to see more of Ringo playing the drums “live” on the later material, because it is such amazing work, but the videos are, of course, overdubbed. Even the “live” Hey Jude is dubbed, except maybe for Paul’s singing.
    The remix, with the vocals in “the center” is amazing too. How many thousands of times have I heard all these songs, yet this mix brought out a new feel. Love it.

  12. Bob says:

    I pre ordered mine back on Sept 2015 from Apparently they are “Out Of Stock”. Probably never had it in stock. What’s the point of pre ordering if they don’t have it in stock on release day? I’ll phone my local HMV store, if they have it I’ll probably cancel my Amazon order.

  13. Phil says:

    My CD+2 x Blu-ray Deluxe Edition just arrived from Amazon – as ordered back in September. Sound & picture quality is superb – if you’re a Beatles fan and you haven’t yet taken the plunge, buy with confidence!

  14. Neil says:

    Got it today well chuffed just a small niggle though i wish they wouldn’t put the sticker on the cellophane as i destroyed it trying to get it off.

  15. Craig Hedges says:

    HMV in the Bull Ring Birmingham are selling the Blu Ray version of 1+ for £33.99 – cheaper than Amazon! They had about 6 copies.

    • Mic Smith says:

      Same deal in Liverpool.
      Did anyone catch Watchdog last night on BBC1?
      Amazon apparently have been cancelling people’s accounts if they “return too amny items” – they offer no help in knowing how many “too many” is and when genuine customers with genuine complaints try and get this decision reversed they are turned down flat.
      I’ve had many years of great service from Amazon (in several territories) but this sort of report has put me even further off them. I won’t boycott them completely but I will shop around before I place future orders at least until they start getting some better press.

      • Paul Sinclair says:

        That report was rather unscientific. At no point did they say what the returns were for each person as a percentage of all their orders. Surely THE most pertinent statistic. Amazon don’t get it right all of the time (hello, Beatles 1+) but I thought it was a bit unfair. If I ran a music store (I may well do very soon) I probably would not be too happy if a customer was returning 50% of items, for example.

        • Mic Smith says:

          Noted Paul, but if you were one of the people unfortunate enough to be suspended would you be so forgiving? I took away the impression that Amazon are not adhering to consumer law in their handling of this problem. Plus they were given an opportunity to quantify the scale of the problem but declined to comment. Just saying……

          • Paul Sinclair says:

            No doubt it would be a bit of a nightmare if your account was disabled/closed down. But in general people know when they are taking the p*** and its not a God-given ‘right’ to be able to shop anywhere. Could be wrong, but I doubt anyone who behaved reasonably would have their account cancelled.

          • Andrew Mogford says:

            One person got his account disabled for living with someone else who had their account disabled.

            I’m a big Amazon customer and we buy around 10 items a month minimum. However, I have noticed a sharp drop off in customer service in the last six months. I just wish there was a viable alternative.

  16. Mark Carroll says:

    Received my Deluxe Edition Blu-ray from Amazon yesterday no problem. Still think they’re a slightly overrated band though…

  17. Le Baron says:

    Just received mine (Paris, France).
    The whole 2Blurays + CD set is gorgeous. The 130+ page-booklet is stunning as well.
    Can’t wait for a volume 2 ! :)

  18. Will W says:

    CD/2 Blu Ray version purchased from my local HMV, no problems. Glad I cancelled my Amazon pre order.

  19. Mikko Suhonen says:

    My local Finnish retailer apologised for not being able to supply the 1CD+2BluRay special edition on friday. Their representative told me, that the major European wholesaler is out of stock so it might take one or two weeks before they get more of the set. I hope this does not mean that around Europe people will be disappointed tomorrow.

  20. Boaz Halachmi says:

    …if I order from Germany, will the book be in German or English?

  21. tonk says:

    Info from Universal Sales site – tell them an indie shop sent you

    CD/BLU-RAY CD+2Blu-Ray 4756781 00602547567819

  22. Neil says:

    Order shipped today by HMV i just hope to hell they don’t send the DVD’s with all this confusion going on.

  23. Paul E. says:

    Mr. Sinclair, you sir, are the best. Each time there’s some mix up be it a listing (as is the case here), defect (i.e. Simple Minds’ last SDE), etc. you set us all straight! Providing a resource for remedy, returns, ordering or whatever else is needed. Just wanted to state the obvious again, toot your horn, and thank you again.

  24. peter says:

    Paul, I see you said you have the 2 Bluray promo, are you allowed to say anything about it, or do you have to wait till the 6th as far as how do the 5.1’s sound, are they in the same league as Steven Wilson,Elliot Scheiner mixes, meaning are we going to be really happy?

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      I think you are going to be really happy….despite the groovy 5.1 (better on the later stuff, as you’d expect) it’s the quality of the visuals that is the real treat!

  25. William says:

    I picked my bluray copy up today, it’s a thing of beauty ☺ very happy with it indeed

  26. Neil says:

    HMV are saying my payment was successful for the Deluxe CD + 2 x blu-ray but it’s worrying that it’s now saying it’s been discontinued before it’s even been dispatched. As for Amazon i only buy stuff now from marketplace sellers as they have turned into a total farce with their crazy pricing and stuff.

  27. Eric says:

    Reassuring (in a way) to know I am not the only one who experiences a lot of damaged items from Amazon. Whenever I point out the reasons for so many returns (yes, they chased me up on it recently), that it’s down to poor/inappropriate packing materials and packaging methods, they just repeat the mantra that the packaging they use has been proved to be the best.

    If I get the Beatles set, you can be sure I’ll buy it in HMV.

  28. Mike Sutton says:

    I got the email, checked the link and saw CD/DVD and I cancelled right away. I had the Blu-Ray on pre-order since it was announced and didn’t want to risk it being messed up. I’m picking it up tomorrow from a shop instead.

  29. Hans says:

    Here in Germany nearly all new Metal CDs I do have on my wish list show a price of 19 euros or more now. When wowhd was an alternative the prices have been quite lower.

  30. Craig Hedges says:

    Just spent half an hour on the phone to Amazon customer services as I panicked when I saw the email and I cancelled my original order and reordered. The chap on the phone wasn’t convincing I would get the bluray and having spent the last few weeks getting excited for this weekend, sadly this has spoilt the build up.
    Paul do you know how limited the bluray is surprised to be? Are we likely to be able to buy it in stores on Friday because I really want to cancel my Amazon order now.

  31. darkroman says:

    On the subject of Amazon, I’m seriously beginning to lose a lot of love for Amazon. For example, when I pre-order a CD or BLU RAY months in advance, I then don’t get it until a few days or a week after release! With the case of the A-ha deluxe editions, I ordered all three together, but I got two a week after release and the third a week after that! This just isn’t on and doesn’t meet consumer expectations. BUT then I discovered something really interesting…. for ages I had avoided HMV because they are so expensive, BUT (again) HMV has had an overhaul and got themselves a little more consumer focused. For example, I buy loads on Amazon and I have compared ALL prices to HMV. All prices were either the same or less BUT never more! So, from now on, I will be buying my new releases from HMV on the day of release – JUST LIKE THE GOOD OLE’DAYS BEFORE THE INTERWEB :-)

    • RJSWinchester says:

      For the past 18 months, HMV have been matching and in a lot of cases beating Amazon. Look around in the shelves too, not just the new releases – you quite often get CDs going for £2.99 and £3.99. You even have to subscribe to Amazon Prime to buy some physical releases direct from Amazon nowadays!

  32. darkroman says:

    I think Amazon is having serious problems. They keep getting product SKUs wrong. For instance, when I pre-ordered the TWO different versions of the new Janet Jackson CD, my email confirmation was correct, and my online account was also correct. Two weeks before release, my online account looked like I’d ordered TWO deluxe editions and not ONE standard and ONE deluxe. All editions on the website were skewed! I alerted Amazon and they admitted to mass confusion and I received the wrong product. It is so important for ecomm companies to manage SKUs correctly.

    • ZoetMB says:

      I think several things happened here. The original Universal descriptions for this product were not all that clear in the first place – don’t know if that was Apple’s fault or Universal’s fault. As is becoming more common, there are two many different versions of the package – it’s nice to have something for everybody, but it’s becoming a bit ridiculous. Too many people, including people in the industry, refer to Blu-rays as DVDs because they don’t really understand the difference. Companies, in an attempt to save money, are hiring unexperienced idiots. And Amazon does not use and does not list the original package industry standard SKUs (EANs in Europe or UPCs in the U.S., or ISBN’s for books which are now compatible with EANs) as they use their own proprietary number, leaving room for even more confusion and errors. I think one reason for that is so it’s hard to compare different online sites with each other and/or harder to compare an Amazon price with a physical store price.

  33. Joe Wiz says:

    I wonder what happened here? Why has the image changed and the price increased? Very odd.

  34. Malcolm says:

    I cancelled after the email earlier today. But have reordered now the title of the listing says blu-ray. Had to do the online chat to get price adjusted down from £35.99 to £33.99 Bit of a hassle as they wanted old order number and they did finally adjust the price down claiming it was an ex-gratia price match !

  35. Phil Cohen says:

    In my country(U.S.A.), it appears that there is a product shortage on the CD+ 2-Blu-ray edition. The merchant that I’m buying from (Bull Moose) is receiving limited quantities, and they’re supplying to everyone who preordered to date, but they have, for now, stopped accepting more preorders.

  36. Guido Hoffmann says: shows the DVD Cover Artwork on The 1+ Blu-ray Edition page. Confusing too…

  37. peter chrisp says:

    Sit tight and hope i guess

  38. Michae says:

    Like some others I had already changed my order to Base £32.99 (still that price)

    It shipped today. Despite cancelling my previous Amazon order I still revived their warning this morning.

  39. Mark says:

    Just called Amazon and they confirmed the blu Ray set is available and will sell it for £30.99 to me. Fingers crossed!!!!

  40. Shaun says:

    Like many others having received the email I decided to cancel my order, however there was a positive I re-ordered from YouwantitWegotit via for the sum of £28.88 (use code SUPER2) with £8.25 in points to use against future orders.

  41. Mic Smith says:

    Too late. They’ve lost my custom on this one and no doubt on future orders too. I have four other items on pre-order that are coming over the next three Fridays but I’m taking my business elsewhere if there are any issues with the rest of my orders expected this month.
    The £20 free postage limit is a joke, confusing and apparently incorrect emails are time wasting, damaged goods or poorly packaged items are getting worse (it took 3 copies of the Mike Leigh Film Collection before I got a copy I was happy with) and fluctuating prices that leave you totally uncertain as to what your final bill might be. I’m going to try a few alternatives and see how they measure up.

    • richie says:

      Mic do not “cut off your nose to spite your face”.

      Regarding your final price, it will NEVER be bigger than the original price.

      I totally agree about the packaging. I had to send back the Steve Hackett box set because the box was damaged. That`s an item that`s selling for over £90 made useless because they couldn`t be bothered using `Bubble Wrap` costing 10pence.

      All these returned parcels must be costing a lot of money, I`ve returned over 6 items in the last couple of months to Amazon and obviously I`m not the only one.

  42. Andy Vizor says:

    Hi Paul, Ive just checked, 17.26, Nov 4th & it is now showing “CD+Blu Ray” at £35.99, so looks like the confusion is sorted…. for now…. The text at the bottom says DVD, but thats not unusual as they have just cut n pasted the generic blurb.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Good news. This will hopefully reassure people. As I said Amazon confirmed to me that people will get what they ordered.

      • Tom Gardner says:

        Thank you for your efforts, Paul. Its a pity the matter had to be resolved only following your intervention.

        Can’t wait to see what actually arrives this weekend from Amazon UK.

  43. Simon F says:

    Pre ordered the CD/2xDVD set from HMV way back in August when this was first announced. No email as yet to say this has been dispatched. Cutting it a bit fine maybe?

  44. adam shaw says:

    Got my Blu Ray set on Monday from local record shop .
    All goood , Cleaned up Shea Stadium and Let It Be clips must prove the whole films are ready and waiting to go .

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Amazon have confirmed to me that anyone who ordered CD+2xblu-Ray will get exactly that. In other words ignore that email!!

  45. henry says:

    The blu-ray is still listed on the Beatles Store but there’s not a order/ pre-order button there at the moment.
    Apologies if I’ve missed something but it’s just a deluxe edition, not necessarily a limited edition, so presumably there’s no major need to panic?

    • richie says:

      I agree Henry.


      If you get sent the wrong item by Amazon (which I doubt) you send it back at no extra cost to yourself. OK if you live in India it will be a ballache.

      Don`t worry be happy!

  46. Galley says:

    My Amazon U.S. order for the CD/BD version is preparing for shipment.

  47. colin says:

    The only reason I have not pre-ordered this yet is I have to leave ‘Something’ for Jill (better half) to get me for Christmas.

    By The way am I the ONLY person that thinks 8 different versions of this being released is way too much. Thankfully I dont have a Blu-Ray player so its just the CD / 2 DVD version on my Christmas list!

  48. Richard says:

    Amazon description now changed to just “Box Set” and while they were at it they increased the price to £35.99

  49. Friso Pas says:

    I didn’t take any chances and cancelled my 2 blu+cd version. Don’t want to take the risk of getting the dvd-version. I saw that the price in my country is more or less the same, so I’ll just get it here on friday, which is also a few days sooner!

  50. Neil Hendry says:

    The official Beatles store in the UK is still offering the CD and 2 x Blu-Ray version for £40

  51. Steve says:

    I too got the email and started an online chat with Amazon uk – what a waste of time that was! I was informed that the cd/2 bluray was out of stock! Sure got the impression that they don’t know what they’re doing! I’m currently in the USA so I’ve ordered from

  52. Rob Wilcock says:

    Yes, the single blu ray is still available and The Beatles online store have the deluxe still available at £40. Amazon had their deluxe at £33.99 but it is now £35.99 but the picture and description show it as a DVD/CD version.

  53. Gary Mason says:

    I agree Paul, but that is why this thing is all the more confusing. Had Amazon told me there was a problem with the product, I would have been unhappy but understanding. Now I feel like I am dealing with an inept company and trying to buy a mythical product!

  54. Don says:

    Since other stores have pulled the 2-BluRay version, and not just amazon, I’m guessing this is an issue with Universal. Or maybe a manufacturing issue with the 2-BluRay version? It’s not just amazon.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Even if that’s true (Universal issues) the communication should be about a “delay with your item” – not pretending you may have made a mistake with your order and not bothering to tell you that they’ve changed the listing, thereby creating the confusion.

  55. David says:

    8 (EIGHT) different versions! No wonder they (we) get confused. I expect they hope some “completists” will buy them all.

  56. Terence Delaney says:

    I ordered the bluray/2CD from do i have to cancel or what? anyone know? TIA :)

  57. Stefano says:

    We really need the SDE-store! Not only for the secure packaging, but also for avoiding these misunderstandings…

  58. Victor says:

    I have cancel the order in amazon UK after to recieve the e-mail.
    Finally I have ordered in Beatles Store UK, with the best price to send products to South America

  59. Tom says:

    It is strange how all the big retailers have got this messed up.

    I wonder how many people have cancelled their orders because of this Amazon email.

  60. RJSWinchester says:

    Amazon are getting worse. You’re going to need an Amazon Prime subscription to order psychical CDs direct from them if this “Exclusively for Prime Members” listing of the Bootleg Series Volume 11 two CD set is anything to go by:

    • Justin Isbell says:

      Good spot…what do they think they’re doing? What’s so special about it that they can only sell it to prime members at that price. Very strange indeed. Do they do this with any other CDs I wonder?

    • Gavin says:

      That’s in hmv for a fiver

  61. Paul says:

    Got a feeling it`s only a 1 BD Version and a 2 x Dvd Version.

  62. DaveM says:

    Hi, I got the mail and had only ordered the standalone CD version.

  63. DJ Control says:

    I’m sitting tight as well but a well known bricks and mortar store here in Australia have also removed the cd + 2 Blu-ray listing. I hope it hasn’t been canned.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      It definitely hasn’t been canned.

    • Justin says:

      I have a pre-order in with the yellow store, but they told me that the deluxe release had been put back to the 13th. Sanity had it listed for the 6th a couple of weeks ago but it was $17 more?

  64. Narendra Kumar A says:

    Had pre-ordered it from Amazon UK when it was announced for GBP 37 (without VAT). Cancelled it after that mail from Amazon and ordered it on Amazon Germany for Euro 39 (without VAT). Returning it from India can be quite a chore!

  65. Sarah says:

    I got the email and that persuaded me to get it elsewhere.

    I’ve started avoiding Amazon due to the price fluctuations on Amazon getting annoying and virtually every cardboard case deluxe edition I order arriving crushed in Amazon’s unsuitable envelopes, which by their very design squash whatever is inside, aren’t even bubble-lined and offer zero protection.

    Last week for example I had ordered XTC – Oranges & Lemons, King Crimson – THRAK and Gentle Giant – Octopus. They were all crammed into a tiny envelope and were all damaged. Found them all in HMV in perfect condition and for the same price so sent the damaged items back to Amazon for a refund.

    Not going to bother pre-ordering anymore either as the price is always better a week after release (THRAK Box already down by £10 since Friday) and if the item is the same price in HMV then I will get it from there.

    • Tom Gardner says:

      Re Amazon packaging last Sunday I got 5 boxes / packages from Amazon.

      In one box measuring 3 ft by 6″ was a single Bruce Springsteen CD that cost £6/

      In the largest box which was 2ft by 15″ there was the vinyl album of Live At Tokyo Dome by the Rolling Stones.

      Then there were 3 envelope packages each with 1 CD in them even though all 3 discs came from the same order.

      It appears when it comes to properly packaging items they go from 1 extreme to another.

      I suppose I shouldn’t complain at least its not like when they sent vinyl albums through the post with a label stuck to it and absolutely no packaging whatsoever.

    • Justin says:

      Yes I’ve had CD’s and books all damaged in the past, some books even turned up wet with the pages warped and stuck. Was not happy.

  66. Jonathan says:

    I got the email, sitting tight at the moment, awaiting further notice, it was definitely the Blu-Ray edition I ordered. I’m sure too that Amazon have messed up, due to them now listing two CD/DVD editions, one with the original Blu-Ray price.

    • Tom Gardner says:

      I definitely ordered the CD/2 BD version.

      Just when you think Amazon UK can’t get much worse…

      To be fair HMV appear to have lost the listing for the CD/2 BD version as well.

    • Ian Wood says:

      I was about to place an order a couple of weeks ago and the description clearly said “2 Blu Ray” in the heading but the details stated 2 DVD and the image was of the DVD version (despite it clearly being the Blu Ray price). I ended up ordering it from the U.S. site as the Blu Ray version had disappeared from several other retail sites around the world and it was much cheaper out of the U.S. than to buy it out of the UK or here (in Australia) due to a promotion when purchasing with American Express.

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