Beck / new album ‘Colors’

Beck will release his 10th studio album, Colors, in October.

The follow-up to 2014’s Morning Phase was largely produced by Beck and Greg Kurstin during the last four years. It will be available in four physical formats: CD, red vinyl, deluxe 2LP red vinyl and an ‘indies-only’ yellow vinyl pressing. There is no black vinyl version.

The deluxe red vinyl is a pressed on two records and plays at 45RPM. The gatefold spined sleeve (see image above) is die-cut at the front, and this comes with with four red transparencies to allow you to change the colour of the sleeve.

Colors will be released on 13 October 2017.

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colors - 2LP deluxe red 45RPM vinyl


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colors - standard red vinyl LP


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colors - CD Edition


1. Colors
2. Seventh Heaven
3. I’m So Free
4. Dear Life
5. No Distraction
6. Dreams
7. Wow
8. Up All Night
9. Square One
10. Fix Me

36 responses to Beck / new album ‘Colors’

  1. Trash says:

    Not liking the UK Amazon price at all…

  2. ed says:

    Really want the cassette version but I think this is US only and not really willing to pay £20 for a cassette. let me know if anyone spots anywhere selling the cassette version for a reasonable price :)

  3. Trash says:

    @Paul – Is it looking like Amazon will. Not be stocking either of the vinyl versions of this release.
    Anyone have any ideas for a decent stockist in the UK (not keen on ordering from Amazon france – a few bad experiences…).
    Thank you in advance…

  4. Michael says:

    First of all, I’ve been a real fan of Beck, but the debut song, “Dear Life” with the enticing Beatle-like piano riff, is lyrically vague, repetitive and feels somewhat banal. Why is Beck holding on for ‘dear life’, without any explanation or insight for the listener? Is Beck now preferring to create a detached observation; a statement about feeling disconnected in the 21st century? Even the uninspiring album cover art (with the boring white framing) again cloaks his face like a mask with splashes of colour (or ‘color’, if you prefer) similar to the superimposed graphics over his photo-portrait for the cover of “Sea Change,” which IMO is still his masterpiece.

    • James says:

      Check out the generic song titles too – especially from a guy who once titled a record ‘Stereopathetic Soulmanure’. Maybe it’s a rock music trivia game: how fast can you think of other songs with the exact same title?

  5. Warren Mason says:

    Also Cheap Trick arguably missed out by naming their seminal release In Color versus In Colour

  6. probablyrustin says:

    I like the concept of the cover design, but the white framing of the vinyl versions kills it…

  7. Marty says:

    Target US has an “exclusive” version with different colors (but no extra tracks):

  8. Edward D says:

    For what it’s worth there’s both a Barnes & Nobles and a Target exclusive pending, one of them is white vinyl, not sure about the other and even less certain than they’re available to non-Americans/overseas buyers.

  9. BillyD says:

    This was supposed to be out a year ago, but for some reasons the release day was changed then dropped. I know because my wife tells me every day! Just release the damn album already.

  10. Jyo says:

    (America is racing downhill in a gold-plated handbasket, and you’re wondering why they _spell_ funny? Really?)

    I loved Morning Phase — thought it was the best thing he’d released in years, possibly all the way back to Sea Change. I hope this new album doesn’t disappoint.

  11. Colin Fletcher says:

    I coldn’t say

  12. Jim says:

    Not all North Americans. We Canadians know how to spell ‘colours’.

  13. Neil says:

    Why do North Americans keep omitting the letter U from words ?

    • Gary C says:

      Fck knows

      • Gareth Pugh says:

        Google ‘Noah Webster’ (or look him up on Wikipedia). The dropping of the ‘u’ was a deliberate gesture around the time of American Independence, Washington etc. A piece of cultural cutting of the ties and a message to the UK (if my memory of history lessons serves!)

      • Ten For - Zero Against says:

        Hur, hur, hur!

    • Nicholas Love says:

      We stopped using the Queen’s when we stopped having a queen. Been about 241 years. When about 225 million of the 360 million English speakers worldwide speak American English as their primary, makes you wonder who’s actually right now.

      • Meadowmeal says:

        There’s a wonderful song titled “The English U” on Alison Moyet’s latest album.

      • Ten For - Zero Against says:

        For at least 120 million of those 225 million that you quote Nic, apologies if Nic is not to your liking Nic, anyhow back to your comment. At least 120 million of those 225 million have Spanish as their primary language. So U are wrong and 240 million of of Us are right. Please take this factual comment in the jest it was given, Peace & Love TFZA.

        • Paul Sinclair says:

          If anyone wants to start a blog on the English language, please do so and continue this discussion there! ;)

        • Nicholas Love says:

          I did come off a bit snippy TFZA, sorry about that! No harm no foul, I did subtract the Spanish speakers from my total though and only used the people who speak English as their primary language :-)

    • An American says:

      In Colours? Because it looks stupid, too long and we say it differently.

      • Warren Mason says:

        The band name Living Colour would not have been anywhere near as cool as Living Color in my view. Great artistic decision there!

        • CJ says:

          Grew up in America but on the border with Canada, so all the educational programming I watched as a pre-schooler set me up for some rather upsetting confrontations when it came to school spelling tests.

          And the U is cool. We have a history of doing stupid things to try and make ourselves seem more ‘merican. Freedom Fries still makes me want to punch someone in the face.

    • Greg says:

      Wourds. There you go.

    • Sean says:

      Not in Canada

  14. Trash says:

    Hmmm waiting for the UK Amazon links to go live…

    Thanks for the info Paul. Been waiting for this since I first heard ‘Dreams’…

  15. ant says:

    Morning phase double vinyl 45rpm after this vinyl release would be no hesitation

  16. Ten For - Zero Against says:

    Ordered from Am. Fr. but I hope the price drops.

    Special offers and new releases are keeping you busy in that Volo camper Paul. Good work and much appreciated.

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