Belinda Carlisle signing Anthology certificates for fans


Belinda wonders (Dr) who chose the wallpaper

Belinda Carlisle being kept busy today at Demon Music HQ as she personally signs 500 Certificates of Authentication exclusively for fans who order the forthcoming five-disc Anthology through her web store. It’s not too late, apparently, to get a copy with the signed certificate, you just select ‘Ultimate Fan Bundle’ from her shop.

4 responses to Belinda Carlisle signing Anthology certificates for fans

  1. Peter Chrisp says:

    Jyo you can go directly to the Amazon UK site and buy a copy of the ultimate edition cd/dvd box set the 5disc edition is available there, i am not sure though but the price tag may be a little too high, and as suggested
    she may have a copy directly from her own web-page, unless already sold out.

  2. Jyo says:

    …but it seems that you can’t get the “Ultimate Fan Bundle” in the US.

  3. edward says:

    beeing a large fan of the doctor, I like the background a lot :-)

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