Belly / Star 2LP white marbled vinyl


American alternative rock band Belly‘s 1993 debut album Star is being reissued by 4AD in this special double vinyl edition…

This gatefold vinyl set features the album (remastered) spread across two white marbled LPs, with updated artwork. As a great bonus, this also includes a CD of the album.

The album features the single Feed The Tree which was a minor hit in the UK, although the album did pretty well peaking at number 2 in Britain.

The band announced a reunion earlier this year and a UK and US tour ticks off this Friday in Glasgow.

The 2LP of Star is released on 15 July 2016.

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Star [VINYL]




A1. Someone
A2. Angel
A3. Dusted
A4. Every Word
B1. Gepetto
B2. Witch
B3. Slow Dog
B4. Low Red Moon
C1. Feed The Tree
C2. Full Moon
C3. White Belly
C4. Untogether
D1. Star
D2. Sad Dress
D3. Stay

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  2. Jose says:

    The site lists it as:
    Star-White Vinyl [Vinyl LP]
    Belly Format: Vinyl
    5.0 out of 5 stars 1 customer review
    Price: EUR 21.99

    Vinyl (15 July 2016)
    Number of Discs: 1
    Label: 4ad/Beggars Group (Indigo)

    Its says its only one vinyl while the description here is 2 lps… is not getting the details right or is it another version?


  3. auteur55 says:

    No remastered CD deluxe edition for us that don’t do vinyl. Shame but this is happening more and more.

  4. RJSWinchester says:

    I always found this to be an underwhelming album but I’ve always liked Tanya Donelly’s voice.

  5. The Cat says:

    For the Pixies fan, their albums were remastered and available, I think as SHM-CD’s and SACD’s in Japan. The only way the remasters were available elsewhere were in a box set that was available for a short while. The box was pretty, but an incredibly stupid design, with the discs housed in super thick cardboard like a child’s book, making it unwieldly to handle and super heavy and ridiculously expensive to ship…

    still seems to be available in the US amazon:
    read the first review for the contents, cause it is a weird combination of blu-ray, dvd and dvd audio, and cd, go figure.
    at near a couple hundred dollars, it was pretty much the only choice for those who refused to pay the at the time over 600 bucks, now over twice that price if you can find it Minotaur super deluxe set with the same material plus vinyl versions with autographs and more attractive packaging.

    If you’re in the UK, one amazon seller seems to have the cheaper version for 130 pounds odd, so would jump on it before it disappears.

    The Doolittle 25 box with remastered album, b-sides and Peel sessions is affordable and worth getting:

    Remember seeing Belly way back in the early nineties (?) at a pub here in Sydney, Aust. with a reputation for being rough, the sound mix was pretty crap, though the performance was good. For some reason have this idea that a member of L7 was on bass on the tour. Or was that the Fall? They may have even been on the same bill. It all kinda blends together…

    Sadly, the Pixies never toured here before breaking up. They came over just once after “re-forming” but played an exorbitantly priced outdoor festival with no-one else playing I wanted to see, so gave it a miss. Good thing there’s some concert discs out there.

    Wonder if Belly will tour anywhere else? If they do Japan (usually worth the effort for bands), they might sneak down to Aust., but very much doubt it.

    • Steve F says:

      All the Pixies albums have been remastered on hybrid SACD by Musical Fidelity Sound Labs in the US. Well worth the price.

      Bassist Gail went onto be in L7 after Belly split.

  6. Rik says:

    Hi Paul – do you know if the CD is remastered too?

  7. Simon Taylor says:

    Aaaah, good point on 45rpm. Something I am not a fan of. My turntable is a bit of a pain to change from 33 to 45 hence i never change it but i have recently bought some vinyl which has turned out to be 45 but not advised as such on the adverts. That is something record labels should advise us of.

  8. The vinyl looks great. I just bought this a couple of months ago on the US label Plain Recordings. 1LP though and nothing special, mastering or packaging-wise. Any idea who did the mastering for this? Also, is it going to be at 45rpm?

  9. memoryboy says:

    This album was a big hit here in the US and I had the CD back when it was released in the 90’s. The marbled vinyl looks great!

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  11. simon taylor says:

    Just to add as my comment above seems a bit rushed. I thought 4AD would make more fuss about this release. Thanks for advising us of it, I knew nothing until now. Very pleasant surprise. And as much as I shouldn’t keep falling for the coloured vinyl this does look gorgeous :o)

  12. Peter Yarrow says:

    It’s €21.99 on and JPC, so with shipping it isn’t as good a deal as might have been the case earlier in the day. Paul, I did wonder whether the Euro to GBP exchange rate is up to date on the price comparison tool or if it’s a timing issue?

  13. Kevin says:

    Hmm, it’s good to see 4AD issuing remastered titles. They’re known for reissuing arguably their most popular titles (Pixies/Breeders) that were not remastered.

  14. Marcus says:

    Thanks, Paul, for this great news! This was (and still is) one of my favourite records of the Nineties.

  15. simon taylor says:

    Ah man, I tried not to but ended up pressing the order button. I had this on cassette back in the 90’s but never got it on cd. Big fan of Throwing Muses/The Breeders/Pixies but never quite went so big for Belly. But just listened to some of the track on youtube and also the amazon previews and have to say, I want this! The order doesn’t seem to work out quite so well price wise. Came up with £23.60 I think so in the end went for just to get the download and quicker delivery. Seems quite late notice for this release if its out on Friday, would’ve expected more fuss before now.

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