Best of the Doors SACD


Audio Fidelity’s multi-channel SACD release schedule gathers pace with what is likely to be the most popular disc issued to date: Best of The Doors.

This is the eleven-track compilation that was originally issued in 1973, and the hybrid SACD includes both the original Quad Mix and the two-channel stereo mix. The Doors’ music has been issued in surround before of course, for the Perception box set back in 2007 but that was 5.1 and this is the original 4.0.

The Best of the Doors SACD is released on 2 June 2015.

Track listing

Who Do You Love
Soul Kitchen
Hello, I Love You
People Are Strange
Riders On The Storm
Touch Me
Love Her Madly
Love Me Two Times
Take It As It Comes
Moonlight Drive
Light My Fire

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  2. LedMan says:

    I’ve preordered this and although I have “Perception” and the Acoustic Sounds hybrids as well as a decent collection of Doors on various formats, I’m really looking forward to hearing this quad mix and agree this will probably be the biggest seller of AFs quad series to date. There’s a thread on the Steve Hoffman Forum where music fans can request which quad releases they would like to own and if the label can license the rights and there’s enough interest from the lists of potentially available quads, then there’s a chance the albums will be released at some point in the future. I’ve mentioned previously that some of these sold out quickly and have already been repressed. For those that aren’t aware, these do come packaged in cardboard slipcases and are numbered with a gold foil sticker.

  3. peter chrisp says:

    Paul your thoughts would be ideal this is one of my fave music sites enjoy
    getting updates almost everyday i am lucky i have been buying a few classic albums on shm-cd, especially a couple of classics, The Eagles “Hotel California, Asia their first album, Steely Dan “Gaucho” and
    Creedence’s “Cosmo Factory” what i do like besides sounding quite good
    and even better they always include lyrics, but with the sacd best of”s
    The Doors & The Guess Who, i feel we are being short changed, with so many greatest hits and best of’s by these 2 artists we only get an 11 tracker,
    and with these 2 great bands, we all know they had more than that, as the cd format is usually around 78 minutes could they have chosen a much better greatest hits with more tracks released in the passed? Paul your thoughts would be great,

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      The point with The Doors SACD was to make use of the original Quad mixes. They only exist for the tracks listed. not for 78 minutes worth of tracks.

  4. Dean says:

    Honestly, speaking as someone who is not into mainstream classic rock and pop, these releases are just plain sad. I’m all for audiophile, but the lack of imagination shown in their choice of releases keeps me away from handing over my money.

    I mean really, The Doors Best of? Miles Davis with “Rear Ambience”. WTF? Love Miles, love Kind of Blue…. but seriously….

    • Mike the Fish says:

      Kind of Blue wasn’t an Audio Fidelity release; it was released by Sony. The album was recorded onto three track, so there wasn’t a lot that could be done in the 5.1 arena.

  5. Mark B. Hanson says:

    The original reason for the format of the slip covers is from the days when Audio Fidelity (read: Steve Hoffman’s DCC) developed the package for their gold disc line. The package would show the playable side of the gold disc, with the cover shot.

    This was their attempt back in the ’90s to compete with Mobile Fidelity, who did much the same thing with their packaging.

  6. michael1984 says:

    Any idea if the Mono Strange Days will be released on CD anyone? I know there’s a vinyl release set for RSD 2015.

  7. CJ Feeney says:

    I’ve never bought an Audio Fidelity SACD. I always think the covers look cheap and nasty. Do they come with proper booklets?

    I have the Analogue Productions SACD of Wish You Were Here which is a beautifully put together package. Are Pink Floyd the only ones who care about how third party labels package their music?

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      If they’re like the gold Gold CDs then you do get a proper booklet which gives you a ‘full’ front cover etc.

    • Greg Sinclair says:

      Yes, full proper booklets. Their art department doesn’t seem to work many overtime hours. For some reason, probably monetary, they choose these generic slipcases. I too would love to see more sophisticated artwork, but if the margins are so slim that standard jewel box is what keeps releases coming, so be it.

  8. John Sayers says:

    I’ve not heard this mix, but these old quad mixes can really make for some fun listening, much different, and sometimes “busier” than the newer 5.1 mixes. I’ll be picking this up for sure.

  9. Tman says:

    fans love the Doors

  10. bruce garber says:

    I am not underwhelmed by the sacd quad releases so far. I have bought most of them. The Doors will be a big seller. I have the perceptions box set but I’ll buy this disc too.

  11. Leslie Hanagan says:

    I forgot to add that it seems that the long awaited Audio Fidelity SACD release of Jon & Vangelis ‘Friends Of Mr Cairo’ has been put on hold. Some problem with Universal I understand.
    Shame as I was looking forward to that one.

  12. Leslie Hanagan says:

    I think some of AF’s more recent releases have been rather underwhelming (America, Guess Who). I may take a punt at this one. By the way in case you haven’t yet mentioned it Paul, the other AF title to be released on this date is Joe Cocker ‘With A Little Help From My Friends’.

  13. Steven says:

    Wow. The Doors. Again.

    Can another release of Kind of Blue be far behind?

    • Philip Cohen says:

      Well, if its a reissue of the 3.1(+ rear ambience) surround “Kind of Blue”, I’d buy it(though I have an unofficial ISO/SACD download of it)

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