Bill Wyman / White Lightnin’ – Limited edition vinyl box with SIGNED print

Limited Edition Bill Wyman box comes with a SIGNED print

The autograph of a Rolling Stone isn’t to be sniffed at and that’s exactly what you get if you’re quick-off-the-mark with this newly announced Bill Wyman White Lightnin‘ vinyl box set, since a small quantity (500 to be exact) come with a SIGNED print.

The autograph is on a 12 x 12 ‘framable’ print and is included as part of the four-LP box which features all four solo records on by Bill Wyman on vinyl: Monkey Grip (1974), Stone Alone (1976), Bill Wyman (1981)  and Stuff (1992). The eponymous 1981 album boasts Wyman’s one and only really big hit (Si Si) Je Suis Un Rock Star and this set also marks the debut of Stuff on the format (it was originally a Japan-only release).

The records are presented in a sturdy outer slipcase and new inner sleeves feature all the lyrics and the musician credits. The SIGNED edition is an Amazon UK exclusive. A non-signed version is also listed, so there’s no confusion about whether you have secured a signed edition or not. While the signed listing is live, a signed edition is what you’ll get.

This White Lightnin’ – The Solo Box 4LP vinyl set is out on 12 May 2017. Signed editions now SOLD OUT.

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Bill Wyman

White Lightnin - standard edition


Monkey Grip
1. I Wanna Get Me A Gun
2. Crazy Woman
3. Pussy
4. Mighty Fine Time
5. Monkey Grip Glue
6. What A Blow
7. White Lightnin’
8. I’ll Pull You Thro’
9. It’s A Wonder

Stone Alone
1. A Quarter To Three
2. Gimme Just One Chance
3. Soul Satisfying
4. Apache Woman
5. Every Sixty Seconds
6. Get It On
7. Feet
8. Peanut Butter Time
9. Wine And Wimmen
10. If You Wanna Be Happy
11. What’s The Point
12. No More Foolin’

Bill Wyman
1. Ride On Baby
2. A New Fashion
3. Nuclear Reactions
4. Visions
5. Jump Up
6. Come Back Suzanne
7. Rio De Janeiro
8. Girls
9. Seventeen
10. (Si, Si) Je Suis Un Rock Star

1. If I Was A Doo Doo Doo
2. Like A Knife
3. Stuff (Can’t Get Enough)
4. Leave Your Hat On
5. This Strange Effect
6. Mama Rap
7. She Danced
8. Fear Of Flying
9. Affected By The Towns
10. Blue Murder (lies)

15 responses to Bill Wyman / White Lightnin’ – Limited edition vinyl box with SIGNED print

  1. Daniel Wylie says:

    The nicest guy in Rock N Roll? You’re having a laugh. He’s a pervert who had a sexual relationship with a child of 14. Apologists should feel ashamed.

  2. Andreas says:

    “#1 Bestseller in Blues / Rock”. Sold out now.

  3. Rory says:

    Great heads up! These types of posts are making this site a must visit for me!

  4. Billy Dojcak says:

    I don’t even listen to this music, but I’ll get one anyway.

  5. joel rabinowitz says:

    got it for 49.99 pounds plus 3.50 pounds shipping to Canada!!!

  6. Ian Fry says:

    i’m in! big thanks for the heads up…

  7. Michael G says:

    Brilliant alert on this item!

  8. Marty Holleran says:

    My son and I had dinner with Bill and his daughter in London in 2005. The nicest guy in Rock’nRoll.

  9. Leemer says:

    Quite the interesting find. Thanks Paul!

  10. eric slangen says:


  11. Jono says:

    Fab! Will go with my signed copy of Stone Alone, the autobiography! Thanks for the nod.

  12. Avitom. says:

    In fact it is the same as the 4 CD box set that came out a while ago sans the bonus tracks.

  13. Andreas says:

    This is a no-brainer :-) Thanks for the heads up…

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