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Get outta your dreams and dive into Billy Ocean’s new two-CD compilation of cover versions, greatest hits and a couple of new tracks.

Here You Are: The Best Of Billy Ocean has a rather cute cover photo of the young Leslie Charles who would grow up to become big Billy O, Grammy-award-winning artist, and the audio content of this double CD released by Sony Music CMG is designed to reflect his – as they say on X Factor – ‘journey’.

The first CD has 12 tracks including his new single, A Simple Game, and a selection of cover versions of classic songs chosen by Billy for their influence on him both personally and professionally, including interpretations of Cry Me A River, A Change is Gonna Come and High Tide Low Tide.

The accompanying 19-track ‘bonus disc’ is a crowd-pleasing, career-spanning collection of his biggest hits, and Billy has had his fair share. He had six UK and US top ten singles, notching three platinum albums (two of which went double platinum) in the Seventies and Eighties, and has enjoyed worldwide sales of over 30 million. All the familiar songs are here, including Suddenly, Love Really Hurts Without You, Caribbean Queen, which topped both the US R&B and Billboard charts, and wedding reception staple When The Going Gets Tough, The Tough Get Going which was the UK number one for four consecutive weeks in 1986, all of thirty years ago.

Explaining the album’s title, Billy Ocean says: “It just seemed to fit perfectly; the songs that made me into the singer I became, and where those songs took me to. Hence, Here You Are.”

So there you go.

Here You Are: The Best Of Billy Ocean is released today.

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Ocean, Billy

Here You Are: The Best Of Billy Ocean



CD 1:

  1. A Change Is Gonna Come
  2. Cry Me A River
  3. No Woman No Cry
  4. High Tide Low Tide
  5. You Send Me
  6. Here You Are
  7. A Simple Game
  8. It Was A Very Good Year
  9. Time And The River
  10. Having A Party
  11. These Foolish Things
  12. Judge Not

CD 2:

  1. When The Going Gets Tough, The Tough Get Going
  2. Suddenly
  3. Get Outta My Dreams, Get Into My Car
  4. Caribbean Queen (No More Love On The Run)
  5. Love Really Hurts Without You
  6. Red Light Spells Danger
  7. Stop Me (If You’ve Heard It All Before)
  8. There’ll Be Sad Songs (To Make You Cry)
  9. Loverboy
  10. L.O.D. (Love On Delivery)
  11. The Long And Winding Road
  12. Love Is Forever
  13. Calypso Crazy
  14. Are You Ready
  15. Bitter Sweet
  16. Mystery Lady
  17. Love Zone
  18. The Colour Of Love
  19. Love Train

22 responses to Billy Ocean / Here You Are + The Best Of

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  2. Tyrone Tudor says:

    The new price tool is a fabulous addition thank you
    Not being a wet blanket but today the price has gone to £9.99 and not reflected in the widget.

    Great value though – ‘best of’ bundled with a new album.
    Much like Peter Gabriel bundled the ‘Play’ DVD hits with the Live in Athens Bluray.. be aware though the price for this Blu ray has doubled since and I missed out :/

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Thanks for feedback. The widget should pick up cheapest Amazon price including from marketplace sellers. So at the moment is correctly showing £8.50.

  3. Jon Hank says:

    Looking forward to this. “Here You Are” was a great release in 2013. As for the Greatest Hits…it’ll be worth it if it includes the single remix (never on CD) of “Bitter Sweet”.

  4. Paul English says:

    Matty – European Queen can be found on the CD Hot And New ’85.

    Review here –

  5. Auntie Sabrina says:

    Matty, there is a version of European Queen on Billy Ocean ‎– The Collection which is a Music Club deluxe 2 CD set that came out in 2013.

  6. john T says:

    Limited Edition signed copies are available from Billy’s website (via Townsend Records) if anyone is interested…

  7. Paul English says:

    Matthias – “it’s the abridged single versions”

    And that’s how it should be on a Greatest Hits / Singles Collection / Best Of.
    They should include the radio edits, 7″ mixes as that’s what we heard at that time.

    If you want the album versions, listen to the albums.

  8. Richard Z says:

    Not really a Billy Ocean fan but I was curious to hear if “A Simple Game” was indeed the Moody Blues song. I like his version but then I like all the versions so far, such a great song. The song has come some way from initially being just the B side to “Ride My see-Saw”. Then ofcourse the Four Tops made it famous.

  9. gwynogue says:

    You’d think they could’ve kept ‘Here You Are’ (acoustic) from the original 2013 issue.

    I’m always a bit cynical when a studio album gets re-packaged with a ‘hits’ collection – it just puts me off for some reason. I had a similar gripe when Pretenders ‘Break Up The Concrete’ got bundled with a ‘best of’ – especially as it didn’t include any of the bonus tracks from the US versions.

  10. Matty says:

    When will we get “European Queen” on CD? Worth hearing on YouTube if you haven’t. Does anyone know if it is only available on vinyl?

  11. bob says:

    I love that album cover.

  12. Gordon Downs says:

    But you need to add £1.26 to marketplace sellers orders (UK ) so true cost is £9.94 – could the app take this into account? Apologies if someone else has mentioned this but how can pre-orders be in stock? (Only trying to help!)

  13. Auntie Sabrina says:

    My mistake, thanks for clearing that up.

  14. Auntie Sabrina says:

    £9.99 not £8.68 at

  15. Matthias says:

    Man, that is one cool new song! The man’s still got it. I wish it was 12 new songs, instead of one + 11 cover versions. I’ll give this a spin, but just judging from “Simple Game”, I really think Billy Ocean has it in him to release one kickass new album of original material.

    As for the greatest hits… Meh. Yeah, they’re all there, but it’s the abridged single versions. I’m holding on to my copies of Suddenly, Love Zone and Tear Down These Walls. The deluxe editions of the first two even include the great extended remixes.

  16. Boaz Halachmi says:

    Hmmm… why not make it a 3CD set and add a DVD with the videos?

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