Blancmange / The Blanc Tapes: limited edition 9CD box set with signed print

500 copies only, complete with signed print

The Blanc Tapes is a new Blancmange nine-CD box set that contains expanded three-disc editions of the albums Happy Families, Mange Tout and Believe You Me – all of which contain previously unreleased demos, remixes and BBC sessions.

The expanded version of 1982’s Happy Families within this box, contains 12-inch mixes and a non-album B-side, as well as nine previously unreleased demos and rehearsals from Neil Arthur’s own collection. The third disc for this album contains two previously unreleased BBC Radio 1 sessions (featuring two otherwise unrecorded songs) and a BBC live concert.

Mange Tout (from 1984) features the hits Don’t Tell Me and their version of ABBA‘s The Day Before You Came, which was a bigger hit than the original! Again, here we have 12-inch mixes, B-sides,  five previously unreleased demos and rehearsals from Neil Arthur’s own collection (featuring two otherwise unrecorded songs) and more BBC sessions and live concerts.

Believe You Me was issued in 1985 and produced by Stewart Levine and follows the pattern of the other expanded versions with remixes, demos and BBC sessions and live concert audio.

This special Blanc Tapes package, places each three-CD media book editions (also available separately) in an outer rigid slipcase. Each of these editions features notes by Neil Arthur, plus photos and lyrics.

The Amazon Exclusive Edition (UK only) offers a print signed by Neil Arthur and Stephen Luscombe. There are only 500 of these available – once sold out, that’s it.

To be clear, there is no non-signed box, but you can buy the three media book expanded sets separately, if you wish. However, as things stand there is no price advantage for doing so, so there’s no logic in *not* getting a them with the outer ‘Blanc Tapes’ slipcase and signed print!

The Blanc Tapes will be issued on 4 August 2017

Update: Blanc Tapes outer box/signed print now SOLD OUT! Individual 3CD ‘media book’ packages available to pre-order.

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Happy Families - 3CD Media Book Edition


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Mange Tout - 3CD Media Book Edition

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Believe You Me - 3CD Media Book Edition


Happy Families

CD 1

1. I Can’t Explain
2. Feel Me
3. I’ve Seen the Word
4. Wasted
5. Living On The Ceiling
6. Waves
7. Kind
8. Sad Day
9. Cruel
10. God’s Kitchen
11. Living On The Ceiling [extended version]
12. God’s Kitchen [12″ mix]
13. Feel Me [12″ instrumental]
14. Waves [original version – no strings]

CD 2

1. Sad Day [original version]
2. Feel Me [extended 12″ version]
3. Business Steps
4. Black Bell [demo]
5. Melodic Piece [demo]
6. Your Hills [rehearsal]
7. I Can’t Explain [demo]
8. Waves [demo]
9. I’ve Seen The Word [1979 demo]
10. Holland [demo]
11. I’ve Seen The Word [demo]
12. Feel Me [Mike Howlett dub version]

CD 3: At The BBC

RADIO 1 SESSION [13.2.82]

1. I Would
2. Living On The Ceiling
3. Waves
4. Running Thin

RADIO 1 SESSION [5.6.82]

5. God’s Kitchen
6. Feel Me
7. Kind
8. Cruel


9. God’s Kitchen
10. Living On The Ceiling
11. I’ve Seen The Word
12. I Can’t Explain
13. Waves
14. Feel Me

Mange Tout

CD 4

1. Don’t Tell Me
2. Game Above My Head
3. Blind Vision
4. Time Became The Tide
5. That’s Love, That It Is
6. Murder
7. See The Train
8. All Things Are Nice
9. My Baby
10. The Day Before You Came
11. Game Above My Head [long version]
12. Blind Vision [long version]
13. Don’t Tell Me [extended]
14. Vishnu [short version]
15. Blind Vision [Martyn Ware demo]

CD 5

1. Time Became The Tide [demo]
2. If You Want To Be Hip
3. It Never Rains [demo]
4. Murder [demo]
5. Heaven Knows Where Heaven Is
6. On Our Way To?
7. That’s Love, That It Is [extended]
8. Vishnu [full length]
9. Get Out Of That
10. All Things Are Nice [version]
11. The Day Before You Came [extended]
12. Don’t Tell Me [remix]
13. That’s Love, That It Is [remix]
14. Blind Vision [instrumental/dub version]

CD 6: At The BBC

RADIO 1 SESSION [17.3.83]

1. Time Became The Tide
2. Murder
3. Blind Vision
4. Vishnu


5. Living On The Ceiling
6. Game Above My Head
7. I Can’t Explain
8. My Baby
9. Blind Vision
10. Don’t Tell Me
11. God’s Kitchen
12. Murder
13. The Day Before You Came
14. That’s Love, That It Is
15. Kind
16. Feel Me

Believe You Me

CD 7

1. Lose Your Love
2. What’s Your Problem?
3. Paradise Is
4. Why Don’t They Leave Things Alone?
5. 22339
6. Don’t You Love It All
7. Believe
8. Lorraine’s My Nurse
9. Other Animals
10. No Wonder They Never Made It Back!
11. John
12. Lose Your Love [7″ single version]
13. I Can See It [extended]
14. Lose Your Love (This Club Mix)
15. Mixing On The Ceiling [Megamix]

CD 8

1. Side Two
2. A Remedial Course [demo]
3. Believe [demo]
4. Scream Down The House
5. Gentle On My Mind [demo]
6. M Diver (Alternate Dream) [demo]
7. River Of Life [demo]
8. Lose Your Love [extended]
9. What’s Your Problem [extended]
10. Don’t You Love It All [demo]
11. Lose Your Love With Helen [demo]
12. Reaching Out [demo]
13. I Can See It [7″ single version]
14. Lose Your Love In London [unreleased mix]

CD 9: At The BBC

RADIO 1 SESSION [29.9.85]

1. Believe
2. Don’t You Love It All
3. Lose Your Love
4. Paradise Is


5. Don’t Tell Me
6. What’s Your Problem
7. That’s Love That It Is
8. Don’t You Love It All
9. Why Don’t They Leave Things Alone?
10. God’s Kitchen
11. Lose Your Love
12. Paradise Is
13. Other Animals
14. Game Above My Head
15. Living On The Ceiling
16. I’ve Seen The Word
17. Kind
18. Blind Vision

134 responses to Blancmange / The Blanc Tapes: limited edition 9CD box set with signed print

  1. david stokoe says:

    i just picked up mine from my mothers in theUK and no SIGNED print as far as I can see. the set was sealed, anybody else have a similar issue, the sticker on the outside said media book editions?

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      The print is inside the sealed box.

      • david stokoe says:

        i have checked, just the 3 boxes, i did order the signed version from Amazon. Guess i will have to write to Amazon or Edsel

        • Paul Sinclair says:

          It should be inside the outer slipcase, not any of the individual booksets. Lots of people were caught out, so do double/triple check!

          • david stokoe says:

            checked again, the label on the shrink was blue, did not say Amazon exclusive or anything.

          • Paul Sinclair says:

            None of them say Amazon Exclusive on the front. But if you’ve looked throughly and it’s not there then there must be an error, I guess.

  2. Thorsten says:

    Only 12 left in stock (more on the way) – i thought its a limited edition, how can there be more on the way? The not-limited edition is in stock.

  3. Chris Squires says:

    Oh dear, my “Amazon Exclusive” has just turned up, but it seems to be just the normal box. For those that do have the signed print is it on the outside? As I haven’t broken the plastic yet and kind of assumed the print would be outside the main box. It would seem some numpty has put these normal boxes into the count for the exclusive box… ho-hum.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      The print is inside the box.

      • Chris Squires says:

        Boy do I feel sheepish.

        yes, the signed print is inside the outer box. When I saw it wasn’t outside I kinda assumed it was missing as most of these things the “added extra” is just that, *added* after the packing, but if I recall the outer boxes were originally meant to only be available with this print…so I guess they made them…*then* sealed them.

        My cancellation is cancelled. It’s called a saga. Looks beautiful.

        Now kinda stunned they couldn’t sell 500 of this box….

  4. Auntie Sabrina says:

    The disc holders for the bonus discs are very flimsy/fiddly and the discs fall out and are loose and scuffed. I returned my (UK) Mange Tout set. Amazon pay the return postage costs so possibly they have over-reacted in order to limit any costs on their part.

  5. Wax Monster X says:

    Pre-ordered this on the day announced. Amazon said it shipped on 8/3, Should have been here by 8/18. They then pushed the arrival date to 8/28 and now I get an Email stating they are refunding my order for no apparent reason. WTF? Waiting for a reply from CS. Why did I pre-order? NEVER AGAIN!

    • Bulldog says:

      Damn, this was exactly my story, so I just checked my email, and I too, got a cancellation!! Paul, any idea what’s up?

      • Bulldog says:

        Robitic customer service email says the package was damaged, which is absurd. I’ve ordered countless things from Amazon, and the only things that haven’t shown up are things I already suspected were well sold out to begin with (not a couple weeks old). Also, the notion that the item was halfway out the country, and then recalled (on multiple customer orders) for damage, doesn’t fly. Amazon cares, but they don’t care THAT much. That’s why they’re so good with returns. And even if that were true, that kind of efficiency would suggest replacement, not cancellation and cutting me out of my pre-order price (considering it still looks to be in stock). Fishy.

  6. Glenn says:

    Mine arrived perfectly today here in Canada (no dents) and a couple days early! The signed print was not stuck and none of the cds came out! Very happy!

  7. Steve says:

    Too bad about the Amazon Exclusive sticker, they actually did a reasonable job making it match the release.

    But hey! My Blanctapes arrived today in Michigan! With only one corner very slightly dented – and it’s sure to receive worse treatment, now that I’ve got it.

    The real question from me: did they include CD-Text metadata on the discs? Yes! They did! Thank you, Edsel!

    What mix of The Day Before You Came did they use for Mange Tout!?

    • richard says:

      cd text media is great since it shows up when I play my discs…I think everyone’s corner of the box got dented..mine too

  8. Thorsten says:

    I should call myself “lucky” then because my box was “only” damaged at the front corner. Looks a bit depressing and a corner of Happy Families is damaged too. Next time i should buy these things in a local shop, not from Amazon anymore, but then i sure will have to pay more, but that will be worth. Makes no sense anymore to order online with the postal hooligans destroying everything.

    • richard says:

      my front corner was also crushed but I did figure how to set the bonus discs into the holders. scarce Local shops in USA do not sell these sets. I had no choice & ordered quickly for the limited box sleeve. CDs had smudges but played fine which is weird as disc one which was set in the holder nicely, was smudged.

  9. carsten hansen says:

    received mine yesterday and I am not happy I got my the amazon edition ,when I open the box with the 3×3 cd and got I all out of box ,all the bonus disc (cd 2+cd 3) end on the floor and to the person who came the solution packing for cd 2 and cd 3 ,that is a redo.
    some of the plastic parts was already on my floor (believe you me)
    “believe you me ” got a dark spot ” I my collection first time it came out on cd ,my copy had small holes I the silver, the remaster from 2008 no music when I received it and this time the box are damaged.

    I wonder why the 3 boxes in the box was unsealed ,I know the whole box was sealed,if the 3 small boxes were sealed as well, we might not end up with cds on the floor

  10. Paul Briden says:

    Georg I believe you are correct. As far as I can make out the differences between the exclusive and standard versions, apart from the signed print, are minor and sticker related.

    1) An X suffix on the catalogue number (i.e. BLANCBOX01X) as it appears on the front blue sticker (and also on the protective plain cardboard container the set came in). Note: This X suffix does not appear on the catalogue number actually printed on the box.

    2) A modified barcode sticker on the bottom back of the box placed over the barcode printed on the box. The two versions have different barcode numbers.

    There is no mention of the signed print, being an Amazon exclusive or a limited edition.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      That graphic amazon used with the ‘amazon exclusive’ motif, was simply generated to distinguish one product picture from another. It was never a physical sticker which would be attached to the product.

  11. steveasian says:

    Received mine today and expecting the “Amazon Exclusive” sticker on the box but none.
    After reading some postings, I decided to open the box to check if the print is in it and bingo, it’s in there. I wonder why the sticker wasn’t there as described in pre-ordered pictures.

  12. Georg says:

    Is it correct that the signed print isn’t even mentioned on the box? Or “Amazon Exlusive”?
    Just wondering looking at my “Amazon Exclusive” box …
    The only difference is the “X” of the catalogue number on the front sticker?

  13. Simon says:

    I would have complained had i not checked here and now I have found my print. Thanks Dave and Paul B, and hopefully Peter you have found yours now. But, the packaging for discs 2 and 3 is crap; all of mine fell out as soon as i took the books out of the slipcase and i cannot gently get them to sit safe again. Otherwise, it all looks very lovely. Thank you Paul S for worrying us to the limited edition.

  14. Dave says:

    Ditto – was about to complain, then found the print stuck to the interior of the sleeve/box. If you weren’t digging for it, you wouldn’t know it was there, so anyone who thinks theirs is missing – take another look at the box interior.

  15. Peter Nicholas says:

    So much for ordering the limited edition with the print, mine has arrived without the print. Thanks a lot Amazon, not very impressed.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Disappointing, although Amazon are pretty good when things go wrong.

    • Paul Briden says:

      Same here – my “Amazon Exclusive Edition” arrived today with no signed print. Basically just the standard version.

      • Paul Briden says:

        Oops – I stand corrected – it was stuck to and very much looked like it was the inside of the box – only found it some hours later when someone mentioned this possibility. It was quite well stuck.

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  17. Philip says:

    Okay folks. If you missed out I have come to the conclusion that I can live without this. Rather than but it and sell for a profit on EBay, I shall cancel my order at 11 am UK time tomorrow.

    If you’re signed, I’m surre Amazon will send you the email that one is available, unless they’re arsing us around and have sold more than they have in the hopes that folk’ll cancel………………

  18. Auntie Sabrina says:

    Maybe wait for the reviews then Sam, this is a Demon Music Group release. Maybe it uses the previous masters for some of the tracks released on the previous Edsel and Music Club Deluxe CDs which some were not happy with.

    They are very nicely presented releases so hopefully everything’s OK with them.

  19. Sam says:

    Rats! I missed the 500 but you can bet I’ll buy the separate packages! Lots of great material here I’ve never had or just have 2nd -rate copies. One of my favorite unsung bands of the 80s. :)

  20. Philip says:

    What happens if someone cancels their order?? Does it go live again on Amazon straight after?

    • Michael G says:

      If someone cancels it should go live again,just click on the listing and type your email in contact me when this item is available again box.
      Amazon will send you a email if it suddenly appears again.
      Good Luck

  21. Auntie Sabrina says:

    There’ll be some on ebay no doubt though.

    Thanks very much…

  22. Auntie Sabrina says:

    Maybe it’s better to contact Edsel regarding the 9 dusc boxset edition selling out! I’m sure if it was pointed out to them that it sold out pretty quickly, they might produce some more…

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      I spoke to Edsel. It’s a Blancmange management decision, I think. 500 is it. There won’t be any more.

  23. Thorsten says:

    Knockers22 you find this under: The Blanc Tapes – not under Blancmange, and it said i have ordered it on… and yes it is in my account.

    • Knockers2 says:

      Cheers Thorston I checked the blanc tapes just now and all it says is currently unavailable I wonder should I contact Amazon to complain that I ordered this but now it’s vanished from my account or maybe I should have taken screen shot phot to have proof that I ordered, this is unfortunate. I’ll be much more vigilant when ordering exclusive editions like this in future.

      • Paul Sinclair says:

        It’s a bit strange that you didn’t get an email and it’s not in your recent orders. Definitely get in touch and see what they say…

  24. Knockers22 says:

    I ordered this I was pretty sure order went through but now no sign of me having ordered it at all now just wondering if anyone else have same thing happen

  25. mr fuzz says:

    Paul – I reiterate the point made by Glenn above ,, I received an email notification from the Blancmange site re the release of this project , that was yesterday .. The boxset had long gone by that stage . I too am not prepared to purchase individual sets . Would be good if you had any input with Neil & Stephen as to consideration given to making further boxsets available . Even if further issues came without signed cards , as was done with further Sophisticated Boom Box CD Boxsets . Perhaps the right person at Amazon could reassess this , given the rapidity of the set having sold out .

  26. negative1 says:

    It says edsel on the pictures, so i expect them to be the same remasters.


  27. Paul Chapman says:

    any news on the mastering as yet?

  28. Auntie Sabrina says:

    Adris, thanks for the info. We wait with baited breath for the track times to hopefully clarify things…

  29. Adris says:

    @Auntie Sabrina

    No, it’s not the Remix,

    it’s this release:

    Side A: Extended with verse 1 and verse 2 Time: 6:31
    Side B: Extended with verse 2 Time 6:31

    All Blancmange-compilation-CDs contain the version on Side B

    I hope maybe the new boxset contains the mix on Side A.

    Don’t Tell Me (Remix) is the Dance Remix, on CD it can be found here:

  30. Glenn R. Kennedy II says:

    I love Blancmange but only 500 made and rapidly sold out already…. seriously? And by the time I found out about it, they were all gone! I definitely wanted that 9 CD box, but there is no way I am going to shell out for the individual releases, there is no fun in that for me. I guess I am going to have to try like hell and pay a fortune for it from someone on EBAY. Paul you definitely need to speak to Neil & Stephen and pick their brain as to why such a low number when there are obviously a lot more fans than just 500 and all around the world.

  31. Eric says:

    So grateful to have received SDE notification of this boxset. I would have been truly devastated to have missed out on this one! Thanks a million Paul!

  32. negative1 says:

    I’m a huge fan. and i missed out on the deal. will get the separate ones.

    but if one shows up on ebay, will get that eventually too.

    as pointed out, there are missing tracks. but all the exclusive
    stuff makes up for it.

    there are remasters of irene and mavis, so if you want those, you can get that.
    honestly those tracks aren’t that great, so you’re not missing out.

    nice to see these albums getting the expanded deluxe treatment after
    the ok remasters that are out already.

    good times for blancmange fans.


  33. Auntie Sabrina says:

    Well William_M if there’s any fault with the discs, wrong tracks etc or the items damaged those eBay sellers would have to replace/refund the discs/money paid.

  34. William_M says:

    It’ll be an absolute top seller on eBay, a good few people are going to make a hefty profit #Scalped

  35. Auntie Sabrina says:

    Jon, that version on the last Edsel CD was the 7″ edit. The original LP version is around 6 minutes. No timings yet, maybe someone from Edsel will read this and let us know.

  36. Jon says:

    Anyone know which Day Before You Came will be on the first disc? (The version on the original LP and Euro CD is not the one on the fairly recent two-disc set. )

  37. Auntie Sabrina says:

    Is the version of Don’t Tell Me? with the 2 verses called the Don’t Tell Me? Remix..?

  38. Francis says:

    I notice the track “Elected (Live)” is missing even though it was on the lesser expanded reissues that Edsel released a few years back.

  39. David McCallum says:

    I’m excited for these but…

    I don’t understand the compiler’s mind sometimes. I don’t mind dipping again if things grow, expand, and get better and better. For some reason, one or two tracks from Edsel’s 2008 EDSS 1026 and EDSD 2023 are kept off these longer 3CD sets. Frustrating and weird.

  40. Adris says:

    Don’t Tell Me (Extended)” with both 1st AND 2nd verse only can be found on 12” ???
    Or does anybody know if it is available on cd anyhere?

  41. 2wicky says:

    My favourite Blancmange track has always been Game Above My Head (Long version) – the B-side of the UK/European 12” of Waves. I had bought the Edsel 2cd release which claims to feature this track, however they used the US-Remix instead which I think is an inferior mix that doesn’t build up as well as the original UK long version.

    The UK version can only be found on the canadian pressing of the ‘Mange tout’ compilation so far.

    My guess is that once again on this new set the US version will be featured if it’s true that this release is managed by Edsel – another missed opportunity to finally feature both US and UK versions.

  42. Neil says:

    I would be very wary about buying these as the sound quality on those 2008 remasters wasn’t that good unless they have remastered these again. Another thing to look out for is tracks being sourced from mp3s which was littered with them on The Very Best Of compilation from 2012 which was released by Edsel.

  43. Auntie Sabrina says:

    Adris, it’s an Edsel release so maybe many of the tracks were on the previous Edsel releases…

  44. MikeW says:

    Some might also like to know that in around 2 weeks Neil’s collaboration with Benge (John Foxx & The Maths, Wrangler…) is released, as the new partnership Fader. The sample tune available is quite harsh electronica, so more for the cold-noise Foxx fans I suspect, but definitely Neil! A nice stop-gap until early August…..

  45. Adris says:

    I hope “Don’t Tell Me (Extended)” is the correct Extended Mix with both 1st AND 2nd verse,

    All the Extended Versions on other compilations are the version which misses the 1st verse and starts later wird the 2nd verse.

  46. Straker says:

    500 seems a ludicrously small amount to press up. Struggling to see what that accomplishes other than to annoy Blancmange fans #501 and on.

    Is the aim to supply the eBay flippers with stock that somehow makes the individual releases sell better because they look cheap by comparison? Don’t understand the thinking here.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      It’s the outer box and the signed print that are limited to 500. The three expanded ‘media book’ reissues that sit within the outer slipcase, are widely available.

      • Straker says:

        Yes, I got that but the hard-core fan is always going to want the Ltd/Special/Deluxe editions of “whatever” and there are more than 500 Blancmange obsessives. It just seems with this that it’s been artificially restricted to a smaller amount than makes much sense. The economies of scale alone mean it would be more cost-effective for them to do at least 1000 without any real risk of oversupply. Fair enough if Amazon only asked them to do 500 but if that’s the case it’s one of the smallest runs of any Amazon Exclusive I’ve ever seen. The Dead or Alive set for instance was 1000 copies and retailed for twice the price of this Blancmange set.

    • Rudi says:

      I was more annoyed to see, that this was a UK-offer only.

      • Paul Sinclair says:

        Anyone could buy it!

        • Chris Squires says:

          Also….. as it was signed, it would kinda be up to the artist how many they would sign. Never having been asked to do more than one signature at a time on a cheque I have no idea how onerous signing 1000 copies of something would be. But I guess it would begin to grate after a short while.

          The other thing to think about is the bubble we live in makes us think there are more of us “obsessives” than there really are. My favourite artist struggled to sell more than a couple of hundred copies of his last set of re-issues, which were brilliant, and I thought there were 1000s of us “obsessives” turns out there’s only dozens of us but we made a lot of noise in our bubble.

          Admittedly 500 does now seem low in hindsight, but that’s the flip-side of doing 1,000 or 2,000 with the associated wrist ache and having 80% still sat on shelves in a year’s time if you mis-judge your estimates.

          Finally there is no musical difference, so it’s a “nice to have”, rather than having three tracks unique on the limited edition that aren’t on the individual sets…. now that WOULD be annoying.

  47. Steven Roberts says:

    Aren’t Edsel owned by the BBC? That would explain all the BBC session/live tracks (which are very welcome) in these deluxe packages….

  48. Nick Preece says:

    Sold Out!

  49. Neil McL says:

    No sold out glad got one in time thanks Paul

  50. Daniel says:

    Ordered when I first saw the email, and it was only 60UKP after VAT was removed WITH shipping to the US!! I’m most interested in the BBC/live material. Looks great!!

  51. Derek Langsford says:

    Well that just makes my day. I got rear-ended on my way to work this morning, broke a glass when I got home, and now find I missed out on the signed boxed set of one of my favorite bands of the 80s.


  52. Steven Roberts says:

    A bit surprised that the signed edition sold out quite so quickly – I didn’t think there’d be that many Blancmange fans out there frankly thirty years on…

    Or do you suppose some of that is down to speculators looking to flip them on eBay?

    • richard says:

      doubt it Steven Roberts, in the USA there are tons of devoted fans including me who are buying for keeps.

  53. Bulldog says:

    Wow, that went fast. I swear, I check this website for new content SO often, after missing out on things, and it’s always like “Urgh! No new news!” Then I take a nap and everything has already happened…

  54. Martyn Alner says:

    “Running thin” missing still?

  55. Michael says:

    That’s how deluxe reissue albums should look. I’m sure everyone wishes Purple Rain looked like these. Mange Tout looks especially striking. Loved that album.

  56. John Moore says:

    Yes lovely set and despite there being an abundance of great releases over the last couple of months this had to be ordered- thanks for the info! A true must!

  57. Philippe says:

    Beautiful ! I wish the 3 Visage albums could be reissued this way…

    • Trash says:

      Now you are talking – I still cant quite understand why the first two Visage albums (which sold pretty well at the time) have been so neglected. I like their third too but I dont think sold anything like the first two (not that that means much).

    • Daniel ( from Berlin ) says:

      yes this would be the BEST things for me.
      polydor held back the originals 12”ers and the new VISAGE box set comes without
      all original 12” mixes.
      thats why i hope they plan own deluxe editions from the 3 first albums.
      i HOPE !

  58. Kauwgompie says:

    $77 for everything including shipping to NYC. What a bargain!! Thanks Paul!!!
    I have the Edsel re-issues, maybe time to sell them now.

  59. Kauwgompie says:

    I think I just spit out my coffee. Will definitely buy this!!!

  60. Trash says:

    P.S. I was at the Hammersmith Odeon Concert – it was a blinder!

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Nice! A friend of mine used to play football with Neil Arthur in South London, back in the 1990s…

  61. Trash says:

    I didn’t even look at the pictures before ordering (just clicked on the link in the email alert that I received while I was out and about).
    Having got home and looked at the images you have on the sight it looks even better. I particularly glad it focusses purely on their first three (and best) albums. I think with Blancmange each release has been slightly less good than the previous one.

    Thank you for the alert Paul – very much appreciated!

  62. baward says:

    I always loved the Coronation Street theme trumpet sample quote, as well as the real trumpet solo on The Day Before You Came.

  63. JuzzyB says:

    Would have been nice to have stuck Irene & Mavis in.
    There’s always one, isn’t there?

  64. Daniel ( from Berlin ) says:

    great collection !!!
    but i have the following 12” remixes of “mange tout” in my archives
    and i think some of them are sadly missing:

    the day before you came ( 12” extended remix ) – 7:59
    the day before you came ( 7” remix ) – 4:25
    game above my head ( u.k. 12” ext version ) – 7:14 ( 1st verse begins at 2:13 )
    game above my head ( u.s.12” extended remix ) – 7:13 ( 1st verse begins at 0:54 )
    blind vision ( 7” single mix ) – 3:59
    blind vision ( 12” long version ) – 9:39
    blind vision ( promo u.s.12” instrumental dub mix ) – 6:47
    that’s love that it is (u.k. 12” new dance mix ) – 6:56 ( 1st verse begins at 1:23 )
    that’s love that it is (u.s. 12” new dance mix ) – 7:34 ( 1st verse begins at 1:34 )
    that’s love that it is ( 12” extended version ) – 6:35
    don’t tell me ( 12” extended mix / dub ) – 6:25
    don’t tell me ( u.s.12” dance remix ) – 6:51
    vishnu ( 12” full length version ) – 5:20
    vishnu ( u.k. 12” instrumental version ) – 4:53
    feel me ( 12” live version ’84 )
    your time is over ( outtake ) – 5:44

  65. Philip Cohen says:

    I ordered too. Too bad that there isn’t any video material included. I never understood why the group’s original recording career ended so quickly, and while they were still successful.

  66. VanceMan says:

    Thanks for highlighting this one. My order has been placed.

  67. Dorian says:

    Ordered! I was just finishing the process of collecting everything left off the 2008 Edsel remasters. Doh! I’m still happy though. ‘Tis a shame it doesn’t include the Irene & Mavis EP, “Living On The Ceiling” (Flexidisc demo), and the track “Ecstacy and Electricity” from the rare cassette: Electronic Soundmaker & Computer Music – June 1985 ‎(Cass, Comp). Of course they couldn’t satisfy everyone though. :)

  68. Michael G says:

    Ordered thanks for your help!

  69. Wax Monster X says:

    Done and done. Can’t wait.

  70. Ern says:

    Ordered, thank you Paul for the info.

  71. Matthijs says:


  72. Jon C says:

    Ooh, sweet! And I’ll be in London when it comes out, so maybe I’ll swing by Sister Ray and pick it up if they have it. :)

  73. Benoit says:

    almost everything. 2 US remixes (published after in the UK missing). Impressive

  74. Graeme Black says:

    Superb,ordered &cheers for the info Paul.

  75. Rob Kirby says:

    Ordered. Any idea if the albums ARE the albums as originally released, this time? Last time around, Edsel swapped out LP versions for single versions. Just curious :)

  76. Gareth Pugh says:

    Looks lovely – and as one who has bought the previous generation of expanded reissues on Edsel there is still loads of new content in here I haven’t already got. I’ll be interested to see which version of ‘Heaven Knows Where Heaven Is’ surfaces on the Mange Tout set – although the same length, the 7″ and 12″ carries slightly different versions, one being purely instrumental, the other featuring some strange spoken overdubs (‘what a beautiful day!’) which sounded like they were spoken by Neil inhaling in a helium balloon!

  77. Richard Starkey says:

    Wow, these guys are wild….Never heard of ’em before, but I like ’em…! Takes me back to the sounds of the good old 80’s..!

  78. Ian Murphy says:

    Great looking set and ordered straight away. Taped the 1986 In Concert off the radio and played it for years – great to see it available. Thank for the update Paul

  79. DJ says:

    Is the horrible “Amazon exclusive” going to be part of the actual cover or just a sticker?

  80. Auntie Sabrina says:

    Sorry to play Devils advocate, but wasn’t the previous Edsel deluxe release of Mange Tout edited compared to the original LP?

  81. Scott says:

    I’d be curious to know if this has been remastered and from what sources. Some of the previous sets included MP3 transfers from the masters or vinyl rips of 12″ mixes.

  82. RobC says:

    Wow! Very nice – curios as to why Your Time Is Over wasn’t added to Believe You Me? It’s appeared on several of their hits collections and would have fit nicely on Disc 1 or 2? Otherwise plan on buying!

  83. MikeW says:

    ..unless they have actually found Alan Coulthard’s megamix at long last!

    Also, I’ve never been sure if the Extended 12 Version of “Feel Me” and the John Luongo Remix (as per the US 12″) are different? If they are it looks like the Luongo mix is missing, as that was listed on their Music Club Deluxe 2cd compilation a while back.

    Happy Families is the album for me, so will wait and see how the price changes later!

  84. David says:

    Thanks Paul I just ordered,my wife will probably kill for ordering it.

  85. Ken says:

    I’ve always thought the “Mixing On The Ceiling [Megamix]” was a bit misleading. I was expecting a megamix of all the songs on the album, not a bad remix of “living on the ceiling” which is not even originally on this album in the first place. odd choice for an extra track for this album in my opinion.

  86. Steve Bliss says:

    Ordered! Thanks, Paul (is there an echo in here?)

    Crazy that they’re doing a limited SDE for no increase in price. But I’ll take it. I don’t have any Blancmange on CD, just my old LPs. This is a great way to upgrade!

  87. Peter says:

    Thanks Paul. Love Blancmange now just got to wait till August.

  88. Chris Squires says:

    Orderrrrrred. Love me a bit of Blancmange….. Thanks Paul….

  89. Paul Chapman says:

    great stuff !

    any details whether the first two albums are getting a fresh remaster?

    Thought the previous sets were somewhat sonically lacking…

  90. Wayne C says:

    Ordered! Thanks for this info – can’t wait!

  91. José Ramón says:

    Ordered ;)

  92. Simon says:

    This appears to be a thing of rare beauty. Ordered.

  93. Stevo says:

    Got mine ordered, wow!

  94. Phil G. says:

    Cheers for the heads-up, Paul.

    Just when I think 2017 can’t have any more desirable box sets…in comes The Blanc Tapes. My credit card is really getting a battering this year!

  95. Jan V says:

    Ordered. Thanks for the info, Paul.

  96. Gary C says:

    Brilliant, ordered this, cancelled everything else…

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