Blank & Jones announce so80s 10


Blank & Jones hit double figures with their long running SoEighties series, with the announcement of so80s 10, another three-disc compilation of extended versions of from the best decade in pop, the 1980s…

The tenth edition in this series contains over 30 remixes including the near 12-minute long version of the Sisters Of Mercy This Corrosion,  Pat Benatar’s Love Is A Battlefield,  and Laura Branigan’s Self Control. Sade make a rare outing on a remix compilation with the extended version of Sweetest Taboo, and the Pet Shop BoysLove Comes Quickly, which somehow peaked at a lowly number 19 in the UK back in the day, is included in full-length Shep Pettibone Mastermix guise.


The extended version of The Cure’s Boys Don’t Cry is apparently gets its CD debut here and this set includes some favourites in the shape of the 12-inch versions of The BanglesWalk Like An Egyptian and Soft Cell‘s Tainted Love/Where Did Our Love Go.

This comes with a 40-page booklet featuring all original cover art and many pictures of original tapes used for this compilation (no vinyl rips).

so80s 10 is released on 10 June 2016.

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Blank & Jones

So80's (So Eighties) 10




01 Love Comes Quickly (Shep Pettibone Mastermix) – Pet Shop Boys 7:37
02 Self Control (Extended Version) – Laura Branigan 5:04
03 What’s On Your Mind (Pure Energy) (Club Mix) – Information Society 7:54
04 Blue Monday (Original 12″ Version) – New Order 7:29
05 Love Is A Battlefield (Extended Version) – Pat Benatar 06:27
06 Jane’s Getting Serious (Full Length Version) – Jon Astley 04:24
07 Wishing Well (The Cool In The Shade Mix) – Terence Trent D’Arby 07:51
08 The Sweetest Taboo (Extended Version) – Sade 05:28
09 City Rhythm (Full Length Version) – Shakatak 07:14
10 Healing (Full Length Version) – Feltman Trommelt 04:03
11 Everywhere (12″ Version) – Fleetwood Mac 05:47


01 This Corrosion (Long Version) – The Sisters Of Mercy 11:16
02 Boys Don’t Cry (Resung & Club Mixed Feb ’86 Extended 12″ Dance Version) – The Cure 5:32
03 Rain In The Summertime (Through The Haze Mix) – The Alarm 8:35
04 Love Is A Shield (Extended Version) – Camouflage 5:21
05 Tainted Love/Where Did Our Love Go (Original 12″ Version) – Soft Cell 8:54
06 Secrets (Full Length Version) – Fiat Lux 3:28
07 Paranoimia (Extended Version) – The Art Of Noise feat. Max Headroom 6:41
08 Forgotten Town (12″ Version) – The Christians 6:14
09 Is This Love (L.A. Mix) – Alison Moyet 5:25
10 The Look (Big Red Mix) – Roxette 7:35
11 Walk Like An Egyptian (Extended Dance Mix) – The Bangles 5:51


01 The Magician (Pecky Plus Mix) – Secession 6:57
02 Would I Find Love (Extended Version) – Dizzi Heights 6:00
03 Big Man Restless (Club Mix) – Kissing The Pink 7:08
04 Masimbabele (Original 12″ Version) – The Unknown Cases 5:50
05 In Dreams (High Velocity Mix) – Pete Bardens 8:46
06 Your Heart Keeps Burning (Burning Mega Mix – The Glory Radio Drama Part 1) – Blind Date 8:00
07 I Want A New Drug (12″ Mix) – Huey Lewis & The News 05:33
08 Roam (Extended Mix) – The B-52´s 5:26
09 Soul Food To Go (Extended Version) – The Manhattan Transfer 08:11
10 Touché D’Amour (Special Extended Remix) – Chris Rea 6:11

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  3. 2wicky says:

    Piet has answered a couple of times already that this is not possible currently due to complicated customs regulations – why don’t you just try discogs or amazon – I can see various offers for most of the so80s releases, some volumes can even be bought from US sellers.

  4. Jon says:

    Another colonial customer here – please, Piet, is there a way to ship to the USA?

  5. memoryboy says:

    Ok Neil, thanks for that info. I live in the U.S. (California) and can not buy from their online shop (Piet said they don’t ship here) so I guess I am out of luck. I am wondering if perhaps there is a date on the new Remasters that might indicate? Hmmm, maybe the release date might be more recent than the original release date for those first four releases… I won’t give up! :)

  6. memoryboy says:

    @Neil, I hear you, and so my question remains, does it indicate any info on the CD cover or packaging itself that says it’s the New Remastered Release. I would be happy to pay for a used copy of any of those. I will give up my search once I find out about the info on the album sleeve/art/packaging. So I guess my question remains. …

    • Neil says:

      No sign of the covers anywhere apart from on there online shop and they are identical to the original releases. I’m sorry to say but the only way to ensure you are getting the new remasters is to buy it from their shop. There isn’t even a catalogue number you could check to see if you were getting the correct version either.

  7. memoryboy says:

    I am wondering if anyone can tell me if the newly remastered so80s CD’s Vol. 1 to 4 say anything on the package/cover art/sleeve anything about it being the new remasters? I am looking for these over here in the U.S. and just want to know if it indicates this info so when I am shopping around it might help and make it easier. @Piet, would you know if it states this info at all? Just to be clear I am wondering if there is anything on the package info that would be mentioned in the description on websites such as Amazon or e-bay, etc… Like the word “REMASTERED” in big letters on the cover, or the words “New Remastered Edition”, otherwise it will be impossible to know what I am buying online here in the U.S. Thanks for any info, much appreciated

    • Neil says:

      They are only selling them on their website so unless you buy them from there you are highly unlikely to find them anywhere else except for used copies.

  8. robert smith's hairdo says:

    @Piet or whoever can contribute :

    By using the TT Dynamic Range Meter :
    What’s the difference/score between the new mastered and the old versions ?

    By the way, by using this tool it seems that Vol.5 also should get a re-remastering treatment.

  9. Griffin says:

    @Piet, pre-ordered Vol.10 today ;) Thank you telling the difference(s) in recognizing the new remastered vol.1-4 from the first issues.

  10. Chris Squires says:

    In the “I know it’ll never happen” corner. I would love these to come out on Quad (or more) Vinyl. Going through ebay it’s amazing to see how many large multi-vinyl box sets were put out in the 70s and 80s. Something like the Abba Reader’s Digest 5-LP box set which I think is lovely (for £10). 25 minutes a side and a nice 12″ booklet. Problem is of course what would have been a 5 LP set for £13.99 in 1985 would now be £99.99. Look at Pure McCartney £70 at it’s cheapest for 4 slabs of plastic.

    So a 5 LP set of each SO80s and keep it under £40…OK? Heaven.

  11. Marco says:

    I just need to say this: In a time where I get more and more annoyed by the misuse of comment sections and stupid ratings this discussion is just great, everything worth reading, lots of great suggestions. Hats off to everyone…

  12. angeliczg says:

    1 I enjoy these comments almost as CD itself :)
    2 getting response from Paul & Piet here is EXTRA value
    3 Is This Love (L.A. Mix) from master tape? – worth buying this comp more than Australian extra rare & expensive compilation
    4 I bought some compilations for 1 or 2 tracks – but I found out that it’s more than that in the end and that’s why we have Vol 10

  13. FrankieP says:

    Hi Piet,
    Since the source comes from the original tapes, are they already EQ’d and mastered? I’m assuming it is or are they premastered versions? If so, how do you guys go about “remastering” this compilation? Does it just involve level matching with light compression? Just curious…

  14. Sal M says:

    Hi Piet,
    Is there any way to tell apart the new versions from the old versions of Volumes 1-4 from the cover or CD label?

    Anyone know if these Talk Talk mixes from the vinyl ‘It’s My Mix’ mini lp has ever made it to CD.

    Life’s What You Make It (US Remix) (7.57)
    Living In Another World (US Remix) (8.19)
    Why Is It So Hard (US Remix) (6.08)

    • piet blank says:

      from the outside you can divide the new version from the fact that the booklet is NOT in the inlaycut, but is just packed, so you decide for yourself if you want to put it in the thin inlaycut.

      talk talk: we have tried to re-issue the italian “it’s my mix” albumfor many years…already while emi was in operation…but it was always denied by TT management…emi wanted to release it as well and supported us…i think TT never really like remixes…they also stopped the whole 90s remix album, which was done without their permission…so i am almost sure that the italian remix album in the 80s was also “just done”, without the knowledge of the band…in the 80s many european bands just agreed to have made remixes for the us market, just to break in…they thought it was a club tool only, so they did not care…some with nik kershaw etc…if you speak to them today or read interviews (see paul’s excellent here on this page), they just never liked them and sometimes thought they were promo mixes only…

      • Dr. Beat says:

        So let me get this straight – if I would like the order the remastered versions of the first four so80s comps I have to be on the lookout for copies that have the booklet on the outside of the jewelcase? How does that work? Are these still factory sealed copies or are they packaged differently?
        I must admit that initially I skipped these series as a whole after reading several comments about the maximized and sometimes distorted sound of the first few issues. Although I liked the track lists of the sets I thought these were not for me since I’m very picky about brickwalling. But it seems like you have come around and if the recent Alphaville comp is anything to go by, things really must have gotten better. That Alphaville 2CD comp is excellent in every way – both for the way that it’s compiled and for sound quality.
        So kudos to B&J for listening to the buyers – not many people would re-issue a CD set for sound quality alone.

        So I’m thinking of buying these sets after all, but only the remasters of the first four comps. I hope that Piet can elaborate a bit on how these are packaged with the booklet outside the jewel case.

  15. piet blank says:

    so sorry…just read your comment about your location…we tried so hard to ship to overseas, but it’s just not possible with our little shop…we have to fill out complete customs papers for every package and are liable for any possible custom charges (not the receiver). plus the post will take very long and is crazy expensive…i honestly don’t know a way to get the cds to you, so sorry….in the past the so8os collections have made it somehow to amazon usa, but i can’t say if they still have old stock or some of the new editions….i am so sorry that i can’t give you a better answer.

    • xrey says:

      Yeah Piet, I work with my audio processing/streaming expert friend who has some major clients (one named after a popular ‘tree fruit’) and I completely understand the mysteries of international shipping. We can order a $5 computer part from Asia and it ships free and arrives next day where the same device costs US $30 at a Fry’s retail store in Orange County, or takes a week to arrive locally from down the street and shipping is 3x more than from Taiwan. Plus when we ship to international clients I fill out the tedious customs forms, pay outrageous shipping charges, and wonder how we can run a ‘garage start-up business’ and make a profit.

      Readers should also thank Blank & Jones for the tireless effort to source these tracks in the best quality available at the time the comp is released. If one purchased each track separately on 12″ (as I did when a club & radio DJ) the cost of an import was at least $8.99 at any Los Angeles retail store. Many US 12″ releases were limited promo-only runs given to record pools and radio stations so finding them was always an exciting and expensive challenge. Take an average 30 songs from any given B&J 3-CD comp, if purchased separately on 12″ or Maxi-CD singles, could easily have cost the collector/DJ/music fan USD $269.70 before taxes.

      I applaud you and other great compilation experts like Aaron K (Steppenwolf, Grassroots original mono hit singles mixes) who spend countless hours sourcing record industry archives for these elusive rare tracks in the best quality. Sure, better sources will always turn up for one song when researching a completely different project. It’s the nature of the beast. The tape boxes are easily mislabeled, reels switched or often not labelled at all. (Elvis Presley’s lost stereo mix of the #1 hit “Suspicious Minds” was accidentally discovered this way in the early 80’s.)

      I personally thank you & your team for your dedication to detail. Your work is truly a labor of love!

  16. memoryboy says:

    Ok, thanks Piet. I will plan on buying the first four volumes again, but I can’t read the language or understand the prices, I guess that’s what my question was, paying for the shipping and all that is no problem, I am thrilled that you guys have remastered these first four.

  17. memoryboy says:

    (2) I should add, I live in California USA, where can I get/order the REMASTERED versions of so80s Volume’s one to four? Not sure how to order them on the Blank & Jones website from USA (Is it possible?)

  18. memoryboy says:

    Question: Where can I buy/order the so80s CD’s/Downloads that have been re-issued and remastered? Didn’t someone say that volume’s one to four have been remastered over again to fix sound quality? Are these out and available now? Someone please let me know, would greatly appreciate it. And am I correct that so80s Volume’s five and up have been remastered correctly and sound better that what came before?

  19. colin says: Shipping to Uk is £5.99, but free P+P with Amazon if your total order is over £20

  20. colin says:

    sorry Paul/SDE I had not noticed you had already added the Amazon UK Link!

  21. colin says:

    Now available on Amazon UK (£18.77) at time of writing this reply. ( I have to say I am very impressed reading all these replies with the knowledge of the people posting. I too have the KLUB 80’s compilation cd’s and they are essential purchases for anyone that is into the remix of the extended kind. Hats off to all replying on this post. Very enjoyable reading!

  22. hechicero says:

    ….unfortunately many of the collectors are not available in the shop anymore….sorry….

  23. hechicero says:


    Almost all of the French Songs you mentioned above (incl Capitaine abandonne, divas du dancing, Africa, Partenaire Particulier etc) you can buy here in very good Quality:
    I bought all those samplers and a few of the artists CDs as for example FR David, Desireless and Do Piano.
    All Sound great !!! They deliver fast and secure.

  24. memoryboy says:

    The Cars “Heartbeat City” was just reissued/remastered and released (And sounds damn good if I do say so myself)

  25. Kauwgompie says:

    Piet, thanks for taking the time to respond to some of our comments. I think this is probably the best feedback forum for 80’s reissues. Picky to a point where it’s beyond annoying, but always with the best intentions I’m sure. It’s always great to hear some background around certain decisions you guys made. Many of us don’t realize how difficult and frustrating it is to put these compilations together. Since we got your ear, I’m throwing some suggestions out.

    -It would be great to have a So80s with just megamixes. there are many out there, some offical, some not. Also, a so80s with just instrumentals and dub versions would be very much appreciated!!

    -A remix compilation of Den Harrow is much needed. A few of his remixes are only on the Blanco Y Negro label on the “I Love Disco Diamonds” series.

    -I already mentioned Alison Moyet above. I think it’s probably difficult to realize (for some reason?) but nonetheless, it’s much wanted.

    – I know the 12″ of “Square Rooms” by Al Corley is already on some obscure compilations but it would be nice to have a definitive, good sounding So80s version. The same for “Cold Dresses”.

    – There are several French 80’s songs that are really quite good and the 12″ versions can only be found on some hard to find french compilations. Here are a few that I believe would please many:
    -Gold – Capitaine Abandonne
    -Philippe Cataldo – Les Divas Du Dancing
    -Rose Laurens – Africa
    -Jean Michel jarre – Zoolookologie (Kevorkian Remix)
    -Jean Michel Jarre – 4eme Rendez-Vous
    -Partenaire Particulier – Partenair Particulaire
    -Corynne Charby – Boule De Flipper
    -Le Club – Un Fait Divers et Rien De Plus
    -Alain Chamfort – Rendez-Vous
    -Jakie Quartz – Vivre Ailleurs
    -Desireless – John
    -Buzy – Body Physical
    -Francois Feldman – Rien Que Pour Toi
    -Indochine – Des Fleurs Pour Salinger
    -Jeanne Mas – Sauvez-Moi
    -France Gall – Hong Kong star
    -Etc, Etc, there are many. You could do a whole special volume on them if you wanted.

    -Jermaine Jackson & Pia Zadora – When the Rain begins To Fall (FunkyTown Grooves remastered the album and added a remix of this song but that was not the original 6’06’ Version which is much better
    -Max Coveri – One More Time
    -Aneka – Japanese Boy
    -Marilyn – You Don’t Love Me (12″ mix left of the Cherry Pop Reissue, apparently
    Marilyn doesn’t like that song)
    -Eddy Grant – I Don’t Wanna Dance + Give Me Hope Joanna
    -The Vapors – Turning Japanese
    -Santana – Say It Again
    -Jean Beauvoir – Feel The Heat
    -Tina Turner – One Of The Living + We Don’t Need Another Hero (12″‘es left of Private
    Dancer Reissue)
    -ZZ Top – Sleeping Bag
    -Kiss – I Was Made For Loving You
    -Edelweiss – Bring me Edelweiss
    -MC Miker G – Show ‘m The Bass
    -MC Miker G & DJ Sven – Celebration Rap
    -Nathalie – My Love Won’t Let You Down (Peter Godwin did that one)
    -Everything Peter Godwin!!
    -Risque – Girls Are Back In Town
    -Rockwell – Obscene Phone Caller + Peeping Tom
    -Nik Kershaw – One Step Ahead
    -Jayne Collins – Madonna’s Eyes
    -Video – Somebody
    -Wax – Building A Bridge To Your Heart
    -Xalan – I Only Move For Money
    -Loz Netto – Fadeaway
    -Helen Terry – Now You’re Mine (12″ left of of Cherry Pop Reissue)
    -Herb Alpert/Janet jackson – Diamonds
    -Anya – Moscow Nights
    -Azul Y Negro – The Night
    -Berlin – Dancing In Berlin
    -Bernard Wright – Who Do You Love
    -Break Machine – Break Dance Party
    -Cars – Heartbeat City
    -Centerforld – Dictator
    -Code 61 – Drop The Deal
    -Commodores – Animal Instinct
    -Double – Tha Captain Of Her Heart
    -Fantastique – Mama Told Me
    -Funhouse – Dancin’ Easy
    -Grace Jones – Victor Was A Jazz Musician
    -Information Society – Walking Away
    -Inxs – Disappear
    -Joe Bataan Rap-O-Clapo

  26. Griffin says:

    Vinyl rips (in general, unless mint/sealed was used) are very hard to clean or (remastered)! Most new/young/generation engineers did a lousy job. It could be a very time consuming job. That’s why people hate them. The source was analog/digital before pressing on vinyl. So if you can get the source/mastertapes why bother with the vinyl rips (unless mastertapes are lost/misplaced, mint/sealed copies was used & experienced engineers are involved)! People, buying CD/Blu Ray audio only/download, are expecting mastertapes. If labels deliver vinyl rips they have to mention it avoiding misadvertising.

    • memoryboy says:

      @Craig, I have the remixes for “Nevermore” by Plus One, and it’s somewhat rare, although I found it on e-bay years ago…. but the remix found on Richard Blade’s CD Compilation is one I can’t find. And I had no idea the 7″ was on iTunes, I will have to go look and check that out. It’s a great track, and surprisingly was more of a US states track played on the Alternative radio back in the 80’s. Great song.

  27. Mark Reed says:

    For those of you who are bothered, the Boys Don’t Cry New Vocal 7″ mix has been released digitally, but only on the DVD of 2001’s “Greatest Hits” video compilation.

  28. Craig says:

    I was going to request the +1 track Nevermore also…there is a 12″ mix on one of the Richard Blade compilations, but I know there are different mixes out there. An independent label in Ventura did a vinyl 12″ back around 1988-ish which I have somewhere.

    I remember the first time I heard it at Marilyn’s and the DJ told me it was from Sweeden and looked and looked for it forever. There is a single version you can download off iTunes.

  29. memoryboy says:

    (2) also should add… have you heard of a band called Until December? They were a local band here in San Francisco, California, and they had some great stuff from the 80’s…. check out the track “Until December”, released in 1986, that would be awesome to see on one of your compilations…. they had other great songs like “We Are The Boys” and “Secrets” and “Heaven” and “No Gift Refused”

  30. memoryboy says:

    I see people making comments about vinyl rips. I personally think vinyl sounds better than anything else, and most vinyl sources sound amazing. I welcome vinyl as a source, and can’t see what the fuss is about. If there is something rare or hard to find and vinyl is the source by all means use it. I also think it’s great you guys are gathering these remixes from the original master tapes as the source. But I don’t get why making a statement such as “Vinyl rip free” is necessary. I’m sure a few people have maybe complained about that in the past? If so, well you can’t make everyone happy and just because a few people complain doesn’t necessarily mean you need to change what you are doing to please those few. Why exactly would a vinyl rip be an issue? I just don’t get it. Vinyl sounds great in my opinion, usually better than digital sources. But I am pleased to see you guys are gathering from the master tapes, that is good news. In the end I love your so80s series Piet, Loved the Hubert Kah and Culture Club compilations as well as the Alphaville and Falco. VERY Excited at the possibility of something from THE CURE. Question: Have you ever heard of the band PLus One? They had a local hit here in California area called “Nevermore”, and would love to see a remix of that on one of the so80s, also a few other suggestions: Cetu Javu “Situations” (12″), Mike + The Mechanics “All I Need Is A Miracle” (12″), Berlin “No More Words” (12″), Phil Collins “Sussudio” (12″), … or a Dead Or Alive Remix Compilation would be a dream come true!

    • piet blank says:

      in the process of transferring vinyl you always have to work on the file as you have the basic vinyl hissing which is not included on the tape (though the tape has also some hissing, but by far less). in order to delete this vinyl hissing, plus the one or the other cracking noise, you have to work on the frenquencies…if it’s done properly i would agree with you to use a vinyl transfer (rip is an ugly word). BUT only if that is the only source. the problem is: what happens if you one day discover that there is a master tape? we had this for example with “smalltown boy” from bronski beat. we got the master from warner in 2010 and used it for so8os 2 that year…the quality was not ok but had some lows, but we thought it was the best possible as it was passed to us officially by warner…5 years later we learned that all releases incl the sommerville re-issues used the same low master, but there was a copy of much better quality…we transferred it at our own cost and used it for a small re-edition of so8os2 (which is sold in our own webshop)…the result was, that we got a lot of bad comments telling that we were ripping off collectors by charging them twice…same with howard jones: we received a mono file as master from warner and years later got the stereo file from howard himself…if you once used a source that is not master tape, the risk is always there that you find a better one…and my heart bleeds if i find it and can’t use it…so we decided to wait until we can be 100% sure that the original tape does not exsist anymore…this was the case for two billy idol mixes from the so8os artists edition for him…after it was confirmed by all archives in the US, UK and australia (where one of the mixes was released only) we decided to go for a vinyl transfer and also put that in the labelcopy notes to make it clear!

      thank you for the track suggestions…always welcome…we love to discover or re-discover songs which we might not have in our own collection…

    • Scott says:

      Vinyl transferred to CD should be a last effort, and it’s rarely if ever done well. In the ten years I have been doing freelance sound engineering/remastering for various indie labels, my specialty has been remastering from vinyl when masters are not available. Done properly, it can take a good amount of time. One track on an upcoming project I worked on came from a test pressing acetate that had been nearly destroyed with a bad stylus. It took me over 10 hours of work for that one track alone but I literally rebuilt it. I was surprised by the end result because I really thought there was no hope. But if vinyl is your secondary mastering ability, it’s going to be detectable. Mine are not detectable and I’ve perfected the process over the last 20 years. But if I have my choice I would ALWAYS choose a master tape over a vinyl transfer for countless reasons. The reason so many people want confirmation if a product is from masters or not is because of how detectable most transfers from vinyl are. Other than this post, I’ve not found anyone who finds the distortions from a poor stylus, clicks, pops and turntable rumble an asset to a track put to CD.

    • Carlos says:

      A good compilation with some remixes you mentioned above, is ‘Rare Rock Mixes’ which includes Mike + The Mechanics “All I Need Is A Miracle” (Extended Remix Version) and Phil Collins “Sussudio” (12″). Also, you’ll find other great mixes like ‘Hello Again (Remix Version)’ By The Cars, Foreigner ‘That Was Yesterday (Extended Version)’, and Fleetwood Mac ‘Little Lies (Extended Version)’ Edited on CD by Warner Special Products in the U.S.

  31. Oh, I wasn’t aware they had remastered the first four volumes – there’s nothing about that on Discogs or other sites I’ve looked at.

    But that’s great news, so then this forthcoming compilation should also sound as great as the latest releases they’ve done. :)

  32. Rick E says:

    Thanks very much for another great compilation and taking the time to comment here, Piet. Don’t worry too much about them as you can never please everyone :-) I am very happy to see “Everywhere” included which includes additional vocals by Stevie Nicks like all Tango 12″-es. Will vol. 10 also be able to order from the B&J website? Would love a signed copy :-)

    • Foxee says:

      Totally agree – that moment on the Big Love 12″ mix when Stevie belts out ‘Well it’s a big big love – YEAH!’ is the best bit, as are her ad libs on the end of the Little Lies 12″. According to a contemporary interview with the remix producer, her vocals were supposed to be prominent on the 12″ of Family Man but Lindsey Buckingham didn’t want them there. Let’s face it, Tango would have been crap without the honey of Nicks poured over it.

  33. Kauwgompie says:

    Jeee, Blank & Jones do everything to please the fans (I don’t believe these compilations earn them a lot of money) and then people here use the word “ruined” or whine about the cost? How about everybody profusely thanking B&J for their unbelievably exciting contribution to releasing 80’s remixes???? Some folks really take it too far here. Pls realize that the only ones who actually get what they want is us. B&J don’t make much money off off these compilations and we’re the ones enjoying their releases everyday on the way to work, working out or sitting in our living rooms. For the record, B&J, THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Michael59 says:

      that’s totally true! these releases really can’t make much profit, they purely exists because of the love of b&j to this series. thanks from me too

  34. To Piet Blank:
    Great selection, but can I ask that you go easy on the compression when you remaster the tracks?

    A good example of how you have “ruined” some of the tracks on previous compilations is “Send Me An Angel (Extended Version)” on vol. 3, which is so compressed that it actually audibly overdrives in many places.

    On the other hand e.g. your Alphaville compilation sounds great, so you clearly know how to remaster tracks and make them sound good enough for 2016. Hope you can think about this in the future!

    Thanks and keep up the good work. :)

    • Neil says:

      To be fair they have addressed the situation with the compression which has been evident from so8os Vol.8 onwards. They have also remastered the first 4 volumes but asking people to fork out for them again is a bit much.

  35. Michael59 says:

    personally, i am a bit disappointed by the selection. but i think this is because, as piet already said, many big artists (like madonna, eurythmics, peter gabriel, bruce springsteen, prince, kate bush etc.) won’t allow 80s remixes to appear on such compilations. so what else is there? the only alternative for compilations like so80s therefore is a) to use lesser known artists and songs where it is much easier to get the rights for and b) use remixes which were already compiled on several compilations but in a much poorer quality. so this is what so80s volume 10 is: remixes which are little known and which have never been on CD and remixes which were used many times before but are here presented in a better (master tape) quality.
    i guess we will to live with this situation with all 80s compilations in the future as long as many remixes will be blocked by artists who do not wish to see them on CD.

    (by the way: as a big falco fan, how about using some yet digitally unreleased mixes in future volumes? “the sound of musik (12” Edit, 7:12 min) or “body next to body (extended other version, 6:22 min) would be great among others)

  36. Mike the Fish says:

    Dizzi Heights?! I’ve not heard that in years – what a surprise! I don’t think it charted in the UK. Did it do better in Europe?

    • piet blank says:

      i am afraid not…but we never followed chart notations…we just loved this track so much…it was a long process to find this tape as it was lost between warner and universal after the emi split…it has such a good vibe…almost balearic…just a great groove…as far as our research went dizzi now works as a postman in manchester..we hope to send him a cd…will post the tape box pic soon!

  37. Neil says:

    Instead of Tainted Love for the umpteenth time could you not have put Loving You, Hating Me (Special Mix) on this which has only appeared on a US promo 12 inch and has never seen the light of day on any CD.

  38. SG says:

    This comment section is a real interesting read. Thank you Peit for sharing your stories here. It is indeed a shame that it is so difficult to release these old recordings the artists or labels have shown little interest in for decades. A Cure compilation would be a great thing indeed, rounding up those truly difficult to find mixes like the extended version of Primary.

  39. JUE says:

    Piet – awesome lineup as usual. One question about the Art of Noise track. Is this the rare Paranoimia mix with a lot of Max Headroom talk that was for the first time on the Influence compilation from ZTT/Ian Peel (called Paranoid Mix on that but sadly from a vinyl rip) or the common extended instrumental version that was on the Best of Art of Noise 12” CD? And if it is the former, did you guys get access to the master tape?

    Thanks for the efforts. Hope those rumors of a So80s ABC dedicated edition are true!

    • Kauwgompie says:

      The mix from The Best of Art of Noise clocks in at 6.40. Above it says that the So80s 10 mix is 6.41 so most likely it is the mix from The Best of Art of Noise.

  40. Griffin says:

    @Piet, I do have a/some request(s): So80s presents Nick Kamen (with all 7″/12″/instr/dub released or unreleased, Cherry Red left off a few like Each time … 7″ instr & Nobody else dance mix fade out)! Eighth Wonder. Martika. Debbie Gibson. Prince. Sheila E. Five Star (some mixes still unavailable on CD)!

    • gb says:

      great choices. esp Eighth Wonder, Martika, Debbie Gibson.
      Martika would be really perfect. so many great mixes

  41. Griffin says:

    Please don’t give B&J the hard time. Piet is on our side. They listened closely to what we fans want. 3CD’s with only a few duplicates of released mixes isn’t a big deal. I’m pretty sure the mastering is better than the ones on CD’s before. It is those repetitive 80’s remixes compilations from the big labels you have to boycot (no heart/soul/care)! Vinyl rips, bad or no remastering, incorrect mixes, fade out, missing a few beats at intro, skips etc. If their compilations are not going to sell. They will be happy if B&J request them & granted the access to those gems or even better the archives with unreleased mixes :D

  42. Griffin says:

    Thank you Paul S. for this post. Piet, thank you both (B&J) for this So80s series & your behind the scene story (i always like to hear them why a mix isn’t included, not that the compiler did a lousy job but label/artist turned down your requests)! I was wondering when the next 80’s related project will come out. And finally ;) Although I already have most of mixes of the songs I like & the others I’m not familiar with. But I still will buy this to support you guys (hoping the next volume perhaps will include rare/unreleased mixes of songs I like and I haven’t already got them yet)! The price for 3CD’s full of unmixed 12″ mixes isn’t bad at all (it’s quite cheap)! If you don’t 1 of the rip off reissues (no 12″ mixes, lots of live or demo) then you can easily afford this great CD-set :P

  43. Nubben says:

    I seem to remember reading somewhere that they remastered all the older compilations. Is that correct?

  44. Neil says:

    Tainted Love/Where Did Our Love Go (Original 12″ Version),Blue Monday (Original 12″ Version) and Walk Like An Egyptian (Extended Dance Mix) must surely have appeared on more than 300 compilations by now so why again ? Is it too much to ask to include mixes that have never appeared on CD before ?

  45. Stefano says:

    Hi Piet, please know that we deeply appreciate your hard work. Thanks for sharing some comments again! Very thankful for this great new set.

  46. jopla2 says:

    Kate Bush “Cloudbusting (Organon Mix)” appears on the 1990 box set “This Woman’s Work” – I remember the sound being really tinny on the bonus tracks discs.

  47. Superdoc says:

    Hi Piet,

    As you have access to the Warner archives (you did a fantastic job with Alphaville), why not releasing a 2 or 3 CD set from CHRIS REA.
    Warner released great remixes like in the 80s and 90s like “Let it Loose”, “I don’t know what it is but I love it”, “Josephine (french mix)”… until “All summer long” (end of 90s great remixes).
    Most of them aren’t available on any Chris REA compilation.

    Cheers from Lothringen (France)

  48. FrankieP says:

    This for me is worth the price alone!

    Your Heart Keeps Burning (Burning Mega Mix – The Glory Radio Drama Part 1) – Blind Date

  49. cory eling says:

    @ piet blank, nice tracklist thanks
    Let’s try and keep the SQ out of the red this time around and keep some dynamics intact, eh em ‘OMD’… :)

  50. elliott buckingham says:

    not saying the set isn’t worth the asking price but there is a lot on there I want with a lot of stuff I don’t like the backissues are very expensive to pick up even at used prices blank and jones did a great job on the artist specific releases but sick of hearing the extended mix of dancing with tears in my eyes the American 12″ is far better also the billy idol disc was great but too much flunctuation in sound quality over the various tracks. hopefully with the tango in the night mixes now appearing on various 12″ comps warners might actually provide a decent deluxe reissue of the album

  51. AudioDile says:

    I know you guys are trying but there’s so many cases where you feature a track by an artist that is widely available versus not at all.. examples:

    Love Is A Battlefield (Extended Version) – Pat Benatar
    Already on the excellent Dance Classics series. But we still have no remixes of Invincible or Sex As a Weapon.

    Everywhere (12″ Version) – Fleetwood Mac
    Already on Pop & Rock Klub80 V2. Still no Big Love, Seven Wonders, Family Man anywhere.

    I Want A New Drug (12″ Mix) – Huey Lewis & The News
    Already on the Japanese release Super Selections. Hip To Be Square has never been released, nor has the 12″ Special Mix of Heart and Soul.

    Roam (Extended Mix) – The B-52s
    Already has it’s own CD single release. What about criminally overlooked Girl From Ipanema?

    Most of the following have never been on a non-bootleg CD:

    B-52’s – Girl From Ipanema Goes To Greenland (12” Mix or Extended Mix)
    Dan Hartman – I Can Dream About You (Jellybean 12″ Mix)
    Fleetwood Mac – Big Love (Extended Remix), Seven Wonders (Extended Version)
    Oingo Boingo – Weird Science (Extended Dance Mix)
    Daryl Hall & John Oates – Adult Education (Special Club Mix – 6:05)
    Stevie Nicks – I Can’t Wait (Dance Mix – 6:21)
    Peter Gabriel – Sledgehammer (Dance Remix)
    Dead or Alive – Something In My House (US Wipe Out Mix or Flamenco Mix)
    ABC – Be Near Me (Ecstasy Mix)
    ABC – Vanity Kills (Mendelsohn Mix)
    Art of Noise – Legs (Inside Leg Mix)
    Bruce Springsteen – Dancing In The Dark (Blaster Mix)
    Eurythmics – Would I Lie To You (ET Mix – 4:52), Who’s That Girl (Remix)
    Artists United Against Apartheid – Not So Far Away (Dub Version) – this is the epic version of Sun City
    Dazz Band – Wild & Free (Fresh Mix)
    Pebbles – Giving You The Benefit (Extended Vocal – 7:21) – the Shep Pettibone mix
    Club Nouveau – Lean On Me (Ben Liebrand Mix)
    Prince – Pop Life (UK 12” Mix)
    Con Funk Shun – Too Tight (Extended Version)
    Billy Crystal – You Look Marvelous (Extended Version)
    Debbie Gibson – Only In My Dreams (Dream House Mix)
    Dolby’s Cube feat. Chery Bomb – Howard The Duck (Mega Mix)
    EBN-OZN – AEIOU Sometimes Y (Long Version)
    The Fixx – Secret Separation (Long Version)
    Harold Faltermeyer – Fletch Theme (Extended Version)
    Culture Club – The War Song (Ultimate Dance Mix – 6:47)
    Escape Club – Wild Wild West (Dance Mix)
    Fine Young Cannibals – She Drives Me Crazy (Louie Silas Extended Version or Justin Strauss Remix)
    Georgio – Lover’s Lane (Club Mix or Georgio’s Love Dance Mix)
    Harold Faltermeyer – Axel F (London Mix)
    Huey Lewis & the News – Hip To Be Square (Extended Mix), Heart & Soul (12″ Mix)
    Joe Jackson – You Can’t Get What You Want (Specially Remixed Version)
    Kate Bush – Cloudbusting (The Organon Mix)
    Kim Carnes – Crazy In The Night (Dance Mix)
    Lene Lovich – It’s You, Only You (Extended Dance Mix or Extended Version)
    Lindsey Buckingham – Go Insane (Extended Remix)
    Melissa Manchester – Energy (Power Mix), You Should Hear How She Talks (Extended)
    Michael Sembello – Automatic Man (Extended Remix)
    PP Arnold – Electric Dreams (International Dateline Mix or Esperanto Mix)
    Robbie Nevil – Dominoes (The Dance Mix), Wots It To Ya (Rusty’s 12″ Dance Mix)
    Scritti Politti – Perfect Way (Way Perfect Mix)
    Sinead O’Connor – Mandinka (Extended Version)
    Tee Vee Toons – Jane Get Me Off This Crazy Thing (Late Night Dance Mix) <– so rare
    The Truth – Weapons Of Love (Aggro Mix)
    Wang Chung – Don't Let Go (Extended Remix)
    Kraftwerk – The Telephone Call (Remix)

    There are dozens more, most all of them songs that were popular at some point. Where are they? :(

    • eoin hall says:

      Scritti Politti – Perfect Way (Way Perfect Mix) is on a U.S 1994 compilation called Lost Mixes Extended Ecstasy.

      • AudioDile says:

        It was, but there was also a 7:27 length version of this mix which seems to be unreleased, perhaps a promo. Way Perfect Version also has never been on CD.

        • Jim says:

          That version was only released on the US 12” promo. It is also listed on the label incorrectly as 7:27. It is 7:21.

    • Peter says:

      Peter Gabriel – Sledgehammer (Dance Remix) is on a rare 1995 spanish compilation cd called Meto2 De Baile Vol. Dos

      What is really needed by Peter Gabriel is the US 12” version of In Your Eyes.

      Bruce Springsteen – Dancing In The Dark (Blaster Mix) is on a rare 1985 brazilian compilation cd called The Remix Tape, even if the sound quality leaves much to be desired. That compilation cd is also the only digital source of Philip Bailey/Phil Collins – Easy Lover (Extended Dance Remix), this time in great sound quality.

    • piet blank says:

      that is truely a great list…thank you for posting…and believe me…i have tears in my eyes everytime i get a “denied by artist” or “only available for license in the album version” mails from the record companys…durning the release for so8os 9 i already wrote some lines about the licensing policy of many master owners here on SDE …maybe you want to get in the archive…paul also recently interviewed dave stewart from the eurythmics…it’s a shame that it’s not possible to do anything with the fantastic 12″ catalogue of the eurythmics..believe, we tried…stevie nicks was requested but denied by artist…same with gabriel, genesis, springsteen (arthur baker mixes), prince, madonna, kraftwerk, kate bush, sun city artists…the list so long…but we have to accept it…fleetwood mac: only songs written by christine mcvie have a chance for compilations…no buckingham written tracks…don’t ask me why…but sometimes it’s worth trying a long time…the master for kissing the pink was lost, until someone at atlantic usa found it and informed us…it was originally requested for so8os 7 five years ago…we have a beautiful picture of the tape box and will post it soon…what i am trying to say is: we love searching for these master tapes and sometimes we are lucky…but the search goes on!

    • Carlos says:

      Dan Hartman ‘I Can Dream About You’ (Jellybean Mix) is found on Canadian CD Single edited by UNIDISC Label.

    • Glenn says:

      FYC She Drives Me Crazy – Justin Strauss Remix is on this US Promo CD:

      Oingo Boingo Weird Science Extended Dance Version is on this Canadian comp (also includes Danny Elfman – Gratitude – Extended Dance Version)

      Would be great to get an Oingo Boingo rarities/mixes comp (or reissue series)

    • Paco says:

      Bruce Springsteen’s blaster mixe was included here …
      ..veeery rare release, but official…

  52. Glenn says:

    Excited about this one. Have the other 9. Would be great to get more ‘so80s presents…’ releases. Dead or Alive for example.

  53. gb says:

    meant to say. def getting this Paul. was sold as soon as I saw all the tracks you mentioned. heck I’d buy for PSB and Laura alone. looking forward to hearing Sade, never heard that before. the whole thing looks great. and as a sisters fan, I already know their 12’s are great.

  54. Dennis says:

    Looking forward to this, good mixture, although obiously I could have lived without Soft Cell + New Order that have been compiled/re-released so many times. But I guess those selling points to the ‘general’ (without being negative here) audience have to be. Will be interesting to hear what B+J have managed to get out of the ‘Boys don’t cry’ mastertape. Always great to see bands like Secession and Fiat Lux on such a release.

    As already mentioned above by Paul E., it would be nice to some day have maybe a kind of special So80s release dealing with just singleversions and/or radioedits that are still unreleased on cd. With ‘Blue Monday’ it would perhaps be more interesting had it been the 7″ version from 1988 that can only be found afaik on the CDV sompared to the usual original 12″. Hopefully such a release is possible one day (

    Kudos to Piet for taking the time + answering a few questions here already.

    • probablyrustin says:

      You mean the 7″ version included on the brickwalled “Single” compilation? It’s out there, whether or not it sounds good is another question.

      • Dennis says:

        no, not that one – I mean the one that is on the CD Video of Blue Monday ’88 which is supposed to be slightly different to the version that is on 7″/Maxi-CD/… and so far exclusive to that release (at least if you believe discogs).
        Let’s better not talk about that mess that is the ‘Singles’ release…

  55. Tom Elliot says:

    I wasn’t aware of this series, thanks for bringing it to my attention.

  56. Martin says:

    Great track selection, I am particularly pleased about the inclusion of PAT BENATAR. Would be great if her track Invincible would find its way to Vol.11!!

  57. Kauwgompie says:

    Thank you Piet, as always, you guys get it right. I completely understand the price point and am more than willing to pay for these rare versions and the hard work you guys put into it.

    I have been looking forward to this for a while and so glad it’s coming out. I’m particularly happy with the Alison Moyet Mix. It would be a dream to have a So80s Alison Moyet artist release with all her mixes. The public is so ready for that. Not sure if it is her or her record company who is holding it up. The 12″ of Love Resurrection to my knowledge is still not available on CD. I hope you guys get that corrected on future releases of So80s.
    The PSB version of Love Comes Quickly is new to CD I believe because it is not the Dance Mix. from Further Listening. I think there are probably a bunch of remixes from that song coming out on CD this year as they are reissuing “Please”. I still love the Blank & Jones Mix you guys did of Love Comes Quickly, it was on the bonus Remix Disc of Pop Art. Totally out of the box. Will there be any So80s artist albums coming out later this year? Always massively looking forward to those too of course!!! Thanks for all you do!!

    • probablyrustin says:

      This version was included on “Disco” in 1986 – but of course has not been remastered since.

  58. Mike Pendlebury says:

    Thanks so much for including Laura Branigan! I’ve bought the first nine collections and her inclusion makes this a dead cert!

  59. I’d love them (or anyone) to do a comp of all Shep Pettibone mixes. As far as I know, there isn’t one and that’s a crying shame.

    • piet blank says:

      yes…you are right…we once played with the idea to start something like that with arthur baker…but sadly its pointless in reality as you will never get permission for the rolling stones mix of too much blood (we checked)…same with shep…it would never include madonna for example…really sad that small collectors projects like this will never be possible due to major rec policys or artist decisions…

      but let’s look on the bright side…we finally have a PSB track on so8os…we are patient people…some things happens in time : )

      • Adam says:


        I’ve always wondered, what is the deal with Arthur Baker’s remix of Too Mich Blood? It didn’t even appear as part of the Rolling Stones’ own singles box! I was so disappointed!

        Thanks for any insight.

    • Reed says:

      Don’t know if it is an official release but there is a compilation called Remixing the 80s – Shep Pettibone Remixes Collection.

      • stuze says:

        it’s a booty call….various versions with Shep, Morales et al, picked up one in Germany which I think was a bootleg of a collectors release! Have a C&C one somewhere on a hard drive but levels were all over the place!

  60. Mr T says:

    Paul S, I agree your
    with your comments about the cost of new releases. Maybe it’s a generational thing. Those over 35 remember the bad old days of cd prices, certainly in the 1990’s. Beatles red and blue on release £29.99 sir. My copy of the wall…£27.99 from dear old woolworths. or how about use your illusion one £ 10.99 on tape ! At hmv Manchester and that’s in 1991. With inflation the mind boggles… The last hurrahh for the record companies before God in his wisdom gave us the Internet.
    My point being, makes back catalogue albums now and I suppose new releases , seem if not cheap, then certainly affordable to some .. Only cause of the high costs we associated with buying music in the past.
    Same goes for the cost of lp’s in the 70’s.

  61. eoin hall says:

    Alison Moyet`s Is This Love is on a 1991 australian compilation called More New Fashioned Love Songs Vol. 4 but it is very rare and expensive.

  62. chris says:

    @Paul – agreed, nice to see Fiat Lux on CD. Wonder if we’ll ever see their shelved album see a release in physical or digital format. First time I’d heard their music was on this various artist comp called Debut LP Magazine – Issue 01. Some great tracks on there.

  63. Paul English says:

    It’s the 7″ mix of Boys That Cry (New Voice 1986) that’s still unavailable on CD. It should have been included on Standing On A Beach instead of the original 1979 version.
    It entered the charts 30 years ago this week.

    Nice looking set from Blank and Jones. The most important thing is that they seem to have ditched the concept of CDs greater than 80 minutes – which is a big red flag to me.

    • piet blank says:

      of course we transfered the whole the 7″ is safe ; )….maybe there will a so8os edition complete dedicated to THE CURE in the future…been working on it for quite some time….fingers crossed…

      • Michael59 says:

        a so80s presents the cure would be great!

      • Marc G says:

        Oh,that sounds promising as there are still some rare Cure gems that are only available on vinyl. Would be nice to have that stuff nicely remastered on CD.

    • Dennis says:

      Would have just made sense to stick it to the end of ‘Standing on a beach’ as the idea was to compile all singles so far released in the UK chronologically, so it would have been out of place had they included it instad of the original version.

    • probablyrustin says:

      Interesting… I didn’t realize there were even CDs coming out beyond 80 minutes!

    • Neil Kelly says:

      I noticed that. What’s the deal with CD’s over 80 minutes then?

  64. Tim says:

    I would prefer to see more projects like the ZTT mix project that Blank and Jones did a couple of years back. You know, with Lexicon of Love Mach II on the horizon an ABC set along those lines would be most welcome….

    • piet blank says:

      i would get my hands on the lexicon of love in a second if i could…one of the best pop albums ever…if not THE best…sorry, we don’t have any contact…but thank you for the kind words on the ZTT project…we still hope to release it on vinyl box one day…

      • Moloch says:

        Piet Blank, for what you did with the ZTT project, you are my hero(es). I can see (hear) that it was a labour of love. I will buy it in vinyl a second!

      • Tim says:

        Nice to see one of the curators of the set commenting Sorry to hear about ABC!

      • xrey says:

        An audiophile/audio processing designer friend has several of the various “Lexicon” releases and, out of all of them, swears the original Mercury import pressing is the cleanest, most “open” version of them all. (no brick wall limiting or other processing artifacts)

        The original was one of the earliest CD’s ever pressed…way before the US had built CD plants. The original may have been pressed in Germany, IIRC.

  65. piet blank says:

    i checked on the canadian release and it is clearly a vinyl rip. we got the original master as you can see from the archive. i can confirm that the whole collection is “vinyl-rip-free” ; )

    • Neil Kelly says:

      Great news once again and congratulations Piet on this series reaching Volume 10! I think the only issues with price is that many of us here in the UK usually dig around 30% of the tracks on each volume so have to make a decision whether we can justify our money on the products. Of course the issue is that fans of your series are around 35-45 years of age and have kids draining our money! I’m glad that you have turned your back on bad mastering and also vinyl rips. Personally i’d like to see a So80’s UK with all three discs featuring tracks that haven’t appeared on CD and make them all top 40 hits in the UK. Secondly i’d like to see as someone mentioned a box set of the So80’s 1-10 in 2017 for under £100 which include the new versions of the early volumes. I’d sell the 3 i have and buy the box for certain! Maybe an idea for you to consider… BTW i’ve heard of 16/32 of these tracks so 50% this time. I’m interested in 14. That includes both ‘Blue Monday’ and ‘Tainted love…’ if they are the best transfers to date! Great to see a B’52’s in there although it’s a shame it’s not an earlier one unreleased on CD. I bet your transfer of ‘Roam’ is infinitely better than what’s gone before though! Oh how i’d love a So80’s The B-52’s double CD set!

      • piet blank says:

        what i can tell you now is that so8os 1-5 will be deleted this year when stock has sold (likely this summer). in the compilation business it is only possible to license tracks for various artist comps for 3 max 5 years. we already re-newed the license once, but due to the sale of emi to univresal and in parts warner it is not possible to keep these five collections in the market. they will become collectors items.
        so there will also be no box with volumes 1-10…but stay tuned for more news…

      • Foxee says:

        Definitely second the plea for a B-52s double CD set – we haven’t had any product from them for a very long time, and another studio album seems unlikely, even though Funplex was a superb collection of new songs and did quite well in sales.

        Also, picking up the Fleetwood Mac threads, apparently their producer Ken Caillat has just finished remastering 1982’s ‘Mirage’ for a deluxe boxset release this summer (according to the Fleetwood Mac news website), so one can only hope that a ‘Tango’ deluxe set will be next on the release schedule – and we all know how highly anticipated that one is!!

      • Damon says:

        B-52´s Roam charted in 92, 80s?

        • piet blank says:

          i bought the 12″ in 1989 in germany…not sure about other countries

          • Neil Kelly says:

            Wow thanks for reply Piet. Doubt you’ll see this now! As for you, Damon, at least try and talk sense. Love shack / Roam / Channel Z / Deadbeat club (that was from memory, BTW) are from their 1989 album, Cosmic thing. 1992 was Good stuff with Good stuff / Tell it like it T-I-S / Is that you Mo-dean? / Hot pants explosion (i had to Google that for the 4th single bloody memory…)

  66. Peter says:

    Is it the first time that Fleetwood Mac Everywhere 12″ Version makes it on cd?

    • piet blank says:

      according to warner: yes. it was the first time that the original master tape was requested for transfer.

      • Peter says:

        That’s great to know!
        Please don’t forget the 3 other hit singles off Tango In The Night for your next so8os installments (Big Love, Seven Wonders and Family Man), they have never appeared on cd in extended version afaik.

      • Tassos S. says:

        Everywhere (Extended Version) also on Pop & Rock Klub80 Vol. 2

        • Paco says:

          The “Everywhere” rip on Pop & Rock Klub80 Vol. 2 is a nasty Vinyl rip…heavy filtered to clean hiss and noise, a wasted opportunity…. :(

  67. probablyrustin says:

    Some nice selections. Perhaps it’s time to start checking these sets out… Though major eye roll at them picking Blue Monday to include!

    And Paul I hear you re: well-curated and thoughtfully done compilations. The best examples I can think of are recent purchases from labels like Soul Jazz Records (my new favorite) and Analog Africa – both worth a look if you aren’t already familiar. So much time and energy put into digging up the music, remastering it, and conducting extensive research – ending up with massive booklets and great design. I’m happy to pay more for these sorts of sets because the value is definitely there.

    • piet blank says:

      i know…the blue monday and tainted love thing….but if you look at so8os as a closed series, we couldn’t leave these two 12 inches off this series….everytime we get asked what’s your fav 12″ of the 80s we pick one of these two…so please take it as guilty pleasure from our side…tainted love is a complete new transfer from the original tape…i still hope that at an average song price of around 80 cent you forgive us this luxury ; )

      • Roelant says:

        Nice to see you yourself participate in the discussion about one of your OWN releases once again, Piet! If you do look at the so80s als a closed series… What about a sde box set vol 1-10 ? Nicely packaged, maybe even with some bonus content… I would certainly dig that.

        I’ve acquired the artist only collections of Falco, Hubert Kah (as Well as Kajagoogoo & OMD). You’ve did a great job there too!! During the Easter Weekend I have enjoyed the music of Die Neue Deutsche Welle once more with a friend of mine in Vienna. Guilty pleasure? However, It made me wonder what your take on that would be…

        • Kaugompie says:

          I believe Piet has commented on that earlier. A volume 1-10 boxset is not possible due to licensing issues. There is too much time between the first volume and now. Licensing is only for a certain time, once that is over, apparently you have to start all over again. It’s a nightmare. I believe Piet said that volume 1 thru 4 is going to be out of print soon.

      • probablyrustin says:

        Definitely forgiven! And both great tracks regardless. The rest of the new-to-me material more than compensates :)

      • SG says:

        There actually is an alternate 12″ mix of tainted love that appeared on a compilation called extended 80’s. It was likely included by mistake, like the alternate version of sledghammer by Peter Gabriel that was also included in the set. The tainted love section is definitely a different mix than the standard 12″ and does not crossfade into where did our love go.

        • Neil says:

          The mix of Tainted Love on Extended 80s is the normal 12 inch mix and does crossfade into Where Did Our Love Go as i just double checked it in case i had missed something. Where did you get this information from that it was an alternate mix ?

          • SG says:

            Well…I have the CD “Extended 80’s” and it is definitely a different mix. Sounds to be the vocal version that was remixed at the same time as tainted dub. Just do a side to side comparison, there is no snare on the drum intro, instead it sounds more full and the bass is deeper, the clapping is on the right channel, it’s a totally different mix, with wider stereo separation. It actually sounds a bit slower running at 9:06 compared to 8:56 and the vocals are set further back, which may be why it was not used. At 2:46 the normal version cross-fades into the remix, and the stereo imaging suddenly opens up, on the extended 80’s version it does not, cross-fade it is the complete re-mix. As far as I know none of the other soft cell CD’s out there have this version, not non-stop deluxe, not the remastered disc, not the twelve inch singles, not the CD single.

        • Mike the Fish says:

          It might be the 90s remix.

          • -SG- says:

            Ok before you comment on the mix you need to listen. I’m actually really surprised no one ever made a fuss over it since it is really fairly obviously an unreleased alternate version remixed in 1981 unless Blank and Jones snuck in one of their brilliant authentic to the era type mixes. If you honestly can’t hear the difference perhaps there are two versions of extended 80’s. For clarity it is tainted love/where did our love go, it is NOT the 91 remix, it is the full length remix with the first 2:46 of the song -the tainted love part- remixed instead of crossfaded/poorly edited into the mix. If Paul or someone at SDE wants to PM me I will gladly provide evidence.

          • Adris says:

            I have the CD “Extended 80’s”, and I can confirm it is a different mix.
            Also the opening drums are different, the normal version has an hall, on the version
            “Extended 80’s” the drums are without hall and the other parts are like -SG- has described.

  68. Steve F says:

    I hope the inclusion of Fiat Lux spurs someone like Cherry Red to release their lost album. I’m not holding my breath, though.

  69. seikotsi says:

    Great to see
    03 Big Man Restless (Club Mix) – Kissing The Pink 7:08
    04 Masimbabele (Original 12″ Version) – The Unknown Cases 5:50

    and there are quite a few I don’t know which isn’t a bad thing…

  70. elliott buckingham says:

    id like blank and jones to remix prince like the ztt cd they did

  71. richard says:

    Nice to see Alison Moyet’s Is This Love (LA Mix) finally make it to a CD

  72. Allrey says:

    the resung and remixed version of the cure’s boys don’t cry was included in retro-active compilation before.

  73. Paul says:

    Fantastic to see Fiat Lux ‘Secrets’ and Secession ‘The Magician’ getting inclusion on this. If they had included either This Island Earth or Leisure Process from the mid 80s too I would have been in total heaven! Quite an eclectic mix though, The Manhattan Transfer?!?

  74. Daneil says:

    The Cure track has been on CD before; it was included on a Canadian various artist compilation called”Retro:Active” released in 2004.

  75. Jonathan says:

    These are by far IMHO the best 80’s remix collections and if anywhere near as good as the previous sets are well worth having.

  76. elliott buckingham says:

    would like these but they are very expensive

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Only compared to major label remix sets, where in the main they don’t have to incur the costs to license the music and where they can plug into a cost-effective manufacturing supply chain which will offer economies of scale.

      This isn’t directed specifically at you Elliott, but I do get tired/depressed at people constantly stating that patently great value music products are ‘expensive’ – a 5CD set is expensive if it’s not under £15. Or a 2CD set is ‘expensive’ if it’s over £10 or £11. Compared to other things in life (buying a magazine: £5, a pint of beer: £3.50, a night out with the lads: £40-£50) most music is ludicrously CHEAP considering how much pleasure you are likely to get from it over a number of years.

      Try licensing 30 odd tracks from various labels, remastering them, designing and manufacturing a three CD set, then marketing that same 3CD set and see how much profit you make from charging £7, £8 or £9 for the product. You’ll make nothing. If people make nothing then products like this simply won’t be sustainable and won’t be released.

      • gb says:

        totally agree with you Paul. I hate seeing those comments too. when a set is released I have been waiting for (deluxe reissue etc) I’m happy to have it REGARDLESS OF THE PRICE. and I’d quite happy pay double the asking price … to have 80’s b-sides/12″ mixes finally all on cd = priceless (and something years back – when you were buying the original vinyl – you never could have dreamed of)

      • xrey says:

        Well said, Paul!

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