Blank & Jones / so80s 9 track listing


Blank & Jones have today confirmed the track listing to volume 9 of their so80s remix series.

The three-CD set is crammed full of original remixes of eighties’ classics. Everyone will have their own personal highlights, but I’m very pleased to see the full length extended version of John Waite‘s Missing You, the 12-inch of Fleetwood Mac‘s Little Lies, the Dance Mix of Debbie Harry‘s French Kissin’ in the USA, The Cure‘s Pictures of You (Extended Re-Mix), and the full length Final Story version of Paul Hardcastle‘s 19.

If you have any queries on the track selection be sure to ask a question in the comments section of this post – Piet Blank reads this blog and has told me that he will respond.

so80s volume 9 is out on 6 February 2015. Due to licensing issues you have to order it from Germany, although it may turn up on Amazon UK as an import soon.

Update 23 Jan: It is now on Amazon UK (see link below).


01 Missing You (Extended Version) – John Waite 7:02
02 Little Lies (12″ Version) – Fleetwood Mac 6:16
03 Wild Horses (Remix) – Gino Vannelli 6:22
04 Closest Thing To Heaven (Full Version) – The Kane Gang 5:03
05 Radio Africa (Extended Version) – Latin Quarter 6:32
06 Paradise (Extended Remix) – Sade 5:34
07 Money’s Too Tight (To Mention) (12″ Version) – Simply Red 6:13
08 Hello Again (Remix Version) – The Cars 5:55
09 Our House (Special Remix – Extended Dance Version) – Madness 4:59
10 Precious Little Diamond (Dub) – Fox The Fox 5:57
11 French Kissin’ In The USA (Dance Mix) – Debbie Harry 7:26


01 Pictures Of You (Extended Re-Mix) – The Cure 8:06
02 Mercy (Long Version) – Steve Jones 5:03
03 Big Bubbles, No Troubles (Final Mix) – Ellis, Beggs & Howard 9:04
04 Help The Man (Save Ya Mix) – Georgie Red 7:18
05 More To Lose (Extended Mix) – Seona Dancing 6:05
06 Obsession (Dance Mix) – Animotion 6:00
07 All She Wants Is (US Master Dub) – Duran Duran 6:45
08 Break My Stride (Remix/Club Version) – Matthew Wilder 5:04
09 You Can Leave Your Hat On (Extended Dressed Mix) – Joe Cocker 6:21
10 Moonlighting (Extended Remix) – Al Jarreau 4:17


01 Planet Rock (Long Version) – Afrika Bambaataa & Soulsonic Force 7:28
02 19 (The Final Story) – Paul Hardcastle 8:33
03 One Small Day (US Club Mix) – Ultravox 7:50
04 Treat The Youths Right (Special Mix) – Jimmy Cliff 6:50
05 Rainy Day In London (Full Length Version) – Boulevard 4:22
06 Call Me (Special Viva Mix) – Spagna 5:41
07 Dreaming (Extended Dance Mix) – Glen Goldsmith 6:07
08 Touched by The Hand Of Dub – New Order 5:33
09 Invitation (Full Length Version) – Saâda Bonaire 5:24
10 Live At The Roxy, N.Y. Dec.’83 – Yello 15:03

121 responses to Blank & Jones / so80s 9 track listing

  1. Paul MacDonald says:

    A few never on CD to my knowledge to consider:

    YELLO/Vicious Games (Vicious Remix)
    INXS/To Look At You (Extended Version)
    THE CURE/Primary (12″)
    WALL OF VOODOO/Mexican Radio (Special Dub Mix)
    KISSING THE PINK/Watching Their Eyes (Club Mix)
    LOU GRAMM/Ready Or Not (Extended Dance Mix)
    STEVE WINWOOD/Freedom Overspill (Liberty Mix and Dub)
    THE CARS/Hello Again (Dub)
    YELLO/No More Words (Extended)
    LINDSAY BUCKINGHAM/Go Insane (Extended Remix and/or Dub from UK Promo B-Side)
    STACEY Q/Music Out Of Bounds (Out Of Bounds Mix)
    IGNATOUS JONES/Like A Ghost (An M&M Mix)
    HAROLD FALTERNEYER/Axel F (London Mix)
    SUZY ANDREWS/Der Kommissar (12″)
    PINK PROJECT/B.Project (12″)
    BOYS DON’T CRY/Cities On Fire (Remix)
    WANG CHUNG/Don’t Let Go (Extended Remix) or other Wang Chung they deserve a 2CD Temix compilation
    ZZ TOP/Sleeping Bag or Velcro Fly mixes
    CHARLIE/It’s Inevitable (Maxi Version)
    RICK SPRINGFIELD/Dance This World Away (12″) only mix not on Japanese 12″ Collection
    OINGO BOINGO/Weird Science (Boingo Dance Version and Weird Dub from US Promo 12″)
    HALL & OATES/Adult Education (US Promo Club Mix)
    PETER WOLF/Oo-Ee-Diddley-Bop (Dance Mix) or others from this album

    Thanks and keep up the great work!

  2. Michael Pendlebury says:

    My copy has just arrived from Germany. Only just started playing it but really happy with my copy – John Waite’s “Missing You” is sounding so good! On Ellis Beggs & Howard now! Tune!

  3. Soren says:

    Hi Michael The Liebrand Mix of Need You Tonight is released on 12″/80/2

  4. Michael says:

    would also be nice:

    INXS: I Need You Tonight (Ben Liebrand Mix) 7:14
    Never released on CD

  5. Piffard says:


    Yes,you and G.Luca are right.

    The “Extended Version” is rarer,I want just mean that I find the “Cutback” version better,that’s all.

  6. Soren says:

    Hi The Cutback mix is on the album Picture Book (Collecters Edition) which should be easy to get.

  7. Paul Chapman says:

    mmmm so 80s Yello , now we are talking!!

  8. Piffard says:

    Wish they put the “Cutback Mix” of Money’s Too Tight instead of the original extended.

    • G.Luca says:

      Hi Piffard, the “Cutback mix” is very common, instead the original extended is quiet rare to find on CD, I know just one cd that includes it. Regards

      • Piffard says:

        Don’t know it,thak you.
        Hi G.Luca,
        I didn’t heard the original extended but I’ve read from comments on the web that “Cutback” is better.

        Plus,I’m not so sure is very common to find on CD.


  9. Rough-Diamond says:

    so8os presents Visage

  10. Jason says:

    I own all previous 8 volumes of “so80s” (in addition to a handful of other “so80s” artist editions and exclusive compilations like ZTT & Formel Eins) and will gladly add volume 9 to my collection. Piet, thank you for sharing information regarding the licensing of certain artists. It’s a shame that so many of these mixes will never see CD releases because of these licensing issues. Thank you for hunting down master tapes and giving us the best quality available. Thank you for listening to fan feedback. I will always support your releases. I’m looking forward to more volumes.

  11. Griffin says:

    @Piet, I pre-ordered a copy of it! Many thanks for Missing You (Extended Version) – John Waite 7:02 & 19 (The Final Story) – Paul Hardcastle 8:33 ;)

    Also thank you for the additional info’s on licensing and why some artists will or won’t allow for the release! It’s always interesting to know these kind of things :)

    How about So80s Presents Pepsi & Shirlie or Eighth Wonder (Cherry Pop left out so many of them unreleased)? Of course Alison Moyet or Dead Or Alive would be nice (but to be honest, it would probably be very difficult)! Although I have many of them already, I still would love to see So80s presents Nick Kamen :D

  12. DavidL says:

    I’m looking forward to this latest so80s release as I know the quality is always superb, thanks B&J!

    Here’s another vote for that… ‘So80s Presents Dead Or Alive’ release… please :)

    Just a quick question regarding the Nik Kershaw Radio Musicola 12″ versions (Radio Musicola and When A Heart Beats). Have these ever appeared on CD yet? Looking for the latter track especially.


  13. Ray says:

    Hey Piet, quick question. Have you guys thought about a Den Harrow artist release? None of your releases have any Den Harrow songs. The only one who has it is Blanco Y Negro in Spain. Are there licensing issues? Or issues because he didn’t sing himself (Tom Hooker did as everyone knows)?
    Thanks for including “Closest Thing To Heaven”. That is one of the most beautiful songs ever!!

  14. eoin hall says:

    heres a couple more unreleased 12” mixes on cd
    amazulu montego bay
    break machine are you ready
    this island earth see that glow
    malcolm mclaren double dutch

  15. Marc says:

    Hey Piet,

    i love the tracklist for the new release – especially the inclusion of Debbie harry’s “French Kissin’ In The USA” previous compilations only passed of the album version as “Extended Mix”.

    Are there plans to issue a dedicated release for Alison Moyet? 12″ Versions of her first 3 Albums are quite hard to find on CD. And her B-Sides also had many exclusive tracks. Would be heaven to get those on CD.

    Regards Marc

  16. Michael says:

    These mixes would also be nice on the next So80s:

    Duran Duran: A View To A Kill – Extended Version 00:07:30
    David Bowie: Cat People (Putting Out Fire) – 12″ Version 0:09:21
    Peter Wolf: Lights Out – Extended Dance Mix 00:06:17
    Al Corley: Square Rooms – Long Version 0:07:57
    Julian Lennon: Too Late For Goodbyes – Vocal Special Remix 0:05:50
    Karel Fialka: Hey Matthew – Extended Remix 0:06:57
    Rod Stewart: Love Touch – Exended Version 0:05:01
    Mick Jagger: Just Another Night – Extended Remix 0:06:42
    Kate Bush: Cloudbusting – The Organon Re-Mix 0:06:32
    A-ha: You Are The One – 12″ Remix 0:06:30
    The Jeremy Days: Brand New Toy – Dance Mix 0:06:05
    Nina Hagen: New York, N.Y. – New York Transformed Mix 0:06:57
    Bob Geldof:Love Like A Rocket: Extended 12″ Remix 0:07:44
    Bryan Adams: Heat Of The Night – Extended Version 0:06:24
    Genesis: Land Of Confusion – Extended Version 0:06:55

    Additionally, these mixes were missing from the otherwise brilliant So80s presents Falco compilation from 2012:

    Falco: Do It Again – 12″ Remix 00:08:27
    Falco: Der Kommissar – 12″ Version 00:06:00
    Falco: The Sound Of Musik – 12″ Version 00:07:12
    Falco: Vienna Calling – Midnight Train To Vienna Mix 00:05:20
    Falco & B. Nielsen: Body Next To Body Extended Other Version 00:06:22

  17. Kiefer2 says:

    Only 2 are on my wish list as I have never heard a good vinyl copies and have loved them forever-
    Chenko (Tenka-io) (No Reservations Mix) by Red Box and
    Band of Gold (Long Version)(remixed by Arthur Baker)-Bonnie Tyler.

    That’s all.

  18. Sal says:

    Those people requesting some Pet Shop Boys remixes, if you buy Ben Liebrand’s Grand series and buy into his update programme, you will receive the following wav files to download. Not sure how many of these have only been released on vinyl.

    West End + Sunglasses 7:35

    West End Girls (Dance Mix By PSB & Frank Roszak)
    Mixed By – Frank Roszak 6:40

    West End Girls (Disconet Mix) 6:44

    West End Girls (DJ Hell Remix)
    Remix – DJ Hell* 8:44

    West End Girls (Grum Remix)
    Remix – Grum 5:34

    West End Girls (Master Mix By Shep Pettibone)
    Mixed By – Shep Pettibone 8:12

    West End Girls (Sasha Remix)
    Remix – Sasha 7:46

    West End Girls (Shep Pettibone Remix)
    Remix – Shep Pettibone

  19. I'M SO 80s says:

    Hi Piet,
    thanks very much for your great work, I’m your fan since SO8OS Vol.1
    Some suggestions for the next volumes:

    RICK JAMES “Sweet And Sexy Thing”
    SIMPLY RED ”Come To My Aid”
    DEAD OR ALIVE ”I’ll Save You All My Kisses”, “In Too Deep”, “Hooked On Love”
    FIONA FRANKLYN ”Busted Up on Love”
    FIRFLY ”Stay (No Time)”
    ALISON MOYET ”Invisible”, “Love Resurrection”, ”Is This Love”
    OINGO BOINGO ”Weird Science”
    DANNY ELFMAN “Gratitude”
    TINA TURNER ”One Of The Living”
    SADE “Hang On To Your Love”, “Never As Good As The First Time”, “Sweetest Taboo”
    EURYTHMICS ”There Must Be An Angel”, “Would I Lie To You”, “Beethoven”, “You Have Placed A Chill In My Heart”
    PRINCE “Mountains”
    HOWARD JONES ”Look Mama”
    JULIAN LENNON ”Too Late For Good-Bye”
    PETER GABRIEL ”Sledgehammer”
    KATE BUSH “Cloudbusting”
    STEVE WINWOOD “Freedom Overspill” (Liberty Mix)
    WAX “Ball And Chain” (Chainsaw Mix)
    STATE OF PLAY “Natural Colour”
    BRILLIANT “Love Is War”
    NICK HEYWARD ”Warning Sign” (US Remix)
    NIK KERSHAW “Dancing Girls” (Special Hi-Energy Remix)
    SHEILA E. ”A Love Bizarre”
    HIPSAWY ”Ask The Lord”
    BOOGIE BOX HIGH ”Jive Talkin”
    ALBA “Jum And Do It”
    MICHAEL CRETU “Samurai” (Long Version 7:01)
    JILL JONES “Mia Bocca”
    THE CULT “Rain”
    GRACE JONES “I’m Not Perfect”
    TRANCE DANCE “Hoodoo Wanna Voodoo”
    INTIMATE STRANGER “Raise The Dragon”
    TRACY SPENCER “Love Is Like A Game”
    MATT BIANCO “Whose Side Are You On”, “Sneaking Out The Back Door”, “More Than I Can Bear” Etc…

  20. Eurovision says:

    It would be great to collect all Alison Moyet remixes and 12″ versions on a special compilation, nothing official has ever been issued on CD.

  21. M Foster says:

    I can just add to the last comment here… The True Faith Shep Pettibone Dub would be amazing on Vol. 10!

  22. Gerry says:

    Thanks for the New Order Touched By The Hand Of Dub mix, a first on CD. I can see you guys are overwhelmed with requests, however one last must have track from New Order is the Shep Pettibone dub mix of True Faith (arguably their best known song). It was originally released by Factory on the b side of the remix 12, and also in the US (on Qwest records) re titled as ” alternate Faith dub”. Has never appeared on CD, and coming up for 28 years of age! Would be a crackers for your volume ten. I hope your sales keep you going for a long time, there’s still so much stuff out there….

  23. Orig80'saddict says:

    Would also love to see a release for Dead or Alive, Seccession, Eurythmics, and Boy George. For the life of me, I cannot understand why Dead or Alive (who is one of the biggest high energy groups of the eighties) doesn’t already have a release? I know Pete Burns can be extremely difficult, but wouldn’t he want the money?

  24. Tracey says:

    I want to provide a second vote for a collection of Secession 12″s and b-sides. I have read that this has been considered/discussed/attempted previously, but ran into a variety of issues (licensing and Peter Thomson’s death in 2001) that kept it from getting any momentum. In fact, a 3 disc set w/ a remastered version of ” A Dark Enchantment” along with all of the band’s 12″ tracks and b-sides would be absolutely fantastic!

  25. Gerald says:

    I was mistaken. The Wang Chung track is available on a compilation CD issued in the Netherlands in 2012: “Dance Classics, Pop Edition Vol. 7” (

  26. Gerald says:

    Great news: The full 15 minute version of Yello’s “Live at the Roxy” has only been released on CD once, on the German CD Single (of the same name). Thanks for digging that one up!

    And since this appears to be a wishlist thread: I wish for the Jellybean Benitez remix of “Everybody Have Fun Tonight” (known as “12 inches of fun”) to finally become available on CD.

    • AudioDile says:


      It’s on Dance Classics: Pop Edition Vol. 7. The Dance Classics series also features pretty excellent sound quality, they’re pretty much the only other ongoing remix comp that contains 80s mixes besides Blank & Jones so80s.

  27. David says:

    Piet, are you also going to continue releasing more so90s compilations? I liked the first release and i play it a lot.

    • piet blank says:

      david, to be honest, it was much more difficult to find a tracklist which is fun to listen to…the 90s were more diverted…you either loved rap or grunge, brit pop or euro dance…but the classic pop music was pretty hard to find..also, as it was the digital age, most mixes were available on cd single…that’s also a reason why we decided to go for the main versions…plus many remixes of that time were made for the danceflorrs in the 90s and sound terrible out of time today….not so with the 80s 12″ mixes where it was more about polishing a song and not totally deconstruct it….don’t get me wrong, i love remixes that only take a small part of the original and create something new, but most of these mixes are functional…and the dancefloor sounds from 15 years plus ago sound a bit “cheap” today….anyway…all in all the idea was also not too well received when we released it…probably mainly for the reason that all songs are available in all formats…maybe we were also too early…it seems that the 90s theme collections picked up in the past 2 years…

  28. chris old says:

    Many thanks to both of you for your contribution to avid 80’s collectors. With so few 12″ or rare titles being released in this day and age, it sure is fantastic to keep the dream alive.
    I, like many others would cherish an opportunity to own a Dead or Alive collection. Please consider this a top priority, if anyone can, you two will find a way. If I could dare to dream, a Secession collection would also be priceless.
    One last rare track I would love to own someday is the Extended Mix of Flesh Under Skin by National Velvet.
    Love the track listing of So8os 9. Amazing Dubs as well. Keep up the incredible work boys!

  29. eoin hall says:

    hi guys great new cd.just some suggestions of 12” mixes unreleased on cd.chaka khan eye to eye,jimmy nail love dont live hear anymore,shelia e the belle of st mark,phil lynott yellow pearl ,mick karn and midge ure after a fashion,feargal sharkey you little thief.thanks

  30. Ronald says:

    As a BIG fan of Phil Harding, I too think a So80’S presents Dead Or Alive edition would be great.
    I have a lot of them transfered from vinyl myself and have some on CD. It needs to be at least a 2 CDset though there are so much and such long mixes.
    Perhaps some of you missed Phil Harding Club Mixes of the 80’s well worth checking out.

    As for So80S 9. You guys did a great job, AGAIN, glad you stepped of of the mixed CDs. Not that they were not good. They were very good mixed but I prefer the original 12-Inch versions.

  31. Jeff P says:

    Dear OR Alive. oops

  32. Jeff P says:

    I would add another vote for Dead of Alive. SO overdue for a comprehensive collection.

  33. mike says:

    Piet, can I ask why you went for the Us Master dub of All She Wants Is and not the unreleased House Dub 2 please? That probably would have ensured another 100 sales from Duranies?

    • piet blank says:

      we love the dubs from shep pettibone and think that this one is one of his finest works. we also got it from master tape without the little skip which was on the original release…

  34. piet blank says:

    thank you all for the great suggesntions here. we always have a big pool of wish lists and these tracks will certainly find their way into it, if not already listed.
    once again: it is not possible to clear tracks from depeche mode or pet shop boys for compilation which carry the name “80s” in their name…the artists don’t want to accociated with that decade…or not only…
    others like the rolling stones, bruce springsteen, eurythmics don’t approve thrird party comps at all…as artists we respect that decision, as fans, we really hope that the mixes will find inclusion on deluxe editions at least…but as you might remember from the nik kershaw releases sometimes the artists never liked their club mixes and are happy not listen to them anymore ; )
    but there are many other great tracks out there for which we hope to find the master tapes someday…so anyone who has connections to tape archives, please contact us anytime….

    • SimonP says:

      As you rightly say, some artists aren’t so enamoured with some of their eighties output thirty years later. I notice a few requests above for Alison Moyet tracks, but she doesn’t appear to be a big fan of her first 2 or 3 albums if you read her thoughts on them on her website.

  35. Gazelle says:

    Very pleased to see the extended dance mix of Madness’s ‘Our House’ from the Geffin 12″ single finally released on CD.

  36. Soren says:

    Hi Piet Great job please continue to track down rare mixes from the 80’s as you can see at this forum there is a demand for this.

  37. Sal says:

    Ben Liebrand has his own set of CD’s of remixes. Look at his website for the Grand 12 Inches. I’m sure there’s more chance of him releasing a Wham megamix if he put it together though I guess it also involves the record company.

  38. Russell says:

    Great! Thanks for the reply, Piet.

  39. Gary Clarke says:

    Can I put in a shout for The Associates?

  40. PAC says:

    Hi Piet

    I’d like to echo the suggestion of a SO CHRISTMAS extensions !

    That could be very very special.. as the eighties was cram full of some wonderful all-time greats and left field seasonal gems.

    Thank You.

  41. Craig Jacks says:

    Thanks for all the hard work on these!

    Some “requests” for future issues:

    Berlin – Masquerade, The Metro, No More Words, Dancing in Berlin
    Sparks – Music That You Can Dance To (US 12″)
    Wham Megamix by Ben Liebrand
    Dead or Alive – Brand New Lover
    Style – Telephone
    + 1 – Nevermore
    Depeche Mode – No Disco (Razormaid Mix), Master And Servant (US Black and Blue Mix)
    ABC – How To Be A Millionaire (US 12″)

    Looking forward to the release!

  42. peter pyser says:

    Many thanks AudioDile and Robbert for your great suggestions!

  43. Rough-Diamond says:

    After Falco, Sandra, Hubert Kah, Alphaville…. so8os présents “Yello”…

  44. Ian says:

    I will be getting this.
    Just a note to Piet – compilations require a lot of negotiation with the companies to get permissions/masters for these compilations – have you yet tried to get Rare Eurythmics tracks like the Dance Mix of “You have placed a chill i my heart?” I’m pretty certain I would pay big money for a remastered copy of this track (along with many others). However the powers that be seem to have no interest in releasing these. Have you experienced something similar in your compilation journey? And what can we do to change their minds?

    • piet blank says:

      well eurythmics…not only we tried hard to license anything from them i guess…as far a i know even sony won’t get permission for inhouse compilations for special mixes…they have fantastic 12″ mixes still sitting somewhere unreleased on cd…i was really a bit sad when that box was released and so many 12″ mixes were negleted…i guess only dave and annie know why….

      • Ian says:

        Well maybe. Maybe not, but either way I think I will be an old man before these finally surface and by then I doubt I will be able to enjoy them through my ear horn.

  45. Stefano says:

    The excellent 1984 dance mix of ‘You Don’t Love Me’ by Marilyn never saw a digital release. It should have been included on the Cherry Pop album reissue ‘Despite Straight Lines’, but it didn’t. Kinda unbelievable, because it was his best 12 inch he produced in his career at Phonogram. Hope you will consider to add this one on a future volume Piet. That would be really awesome.

  46. Russell says:

    Just in case Piet is still checking the comments, Will the mastering be along the same lines as So80s 8? The best sounding volume for me!

  47. Baward says:

    Bryan ‘Chuck’ New, there’s a name from my dim and distant past! I used to work with him back when he was recording and mixing for Jive Records for the likes of Billy Ocean, Ruby Turner, Jonathan Butler and MC Jazzy Jeff (no relation to Jazzy Jeff of DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince, aka Will Smith) whose track Rock It was ‘Chuck’s best mix I think. I wonder what became of him? :-)

  48. Sal says:

    There’s a few Talk Talk US remixes, some of which have been released on CD.

    It’s My Life (US 12″ Mix) can be found on 12″/80s

    Such A Shame (US Remix) can be found on German issue Pop & Wave not released in the UK .

    Life’s What You Make It (US Remix)
    Living In Another World (US Remix)
    Why Is It So Hard? (US Remix)
    To my knowledge have only been released on vinyl or cassette.

    • piet blank says:

      yeah…we tried to re-issue the italian album “it’s my mix” together with emi some years ago…forget it…talk talk give no permission to such things after the disaster with that unapproved remix album in the 90s….as an artist i can understand this….as a fan i would love to see this album on cd….

      • Sal says:

        Yes, that damn remix CD.

        It probably explains why It’s My Life (US Remix) got the okay because it’s a better remix than the UK Remix which was half instrumental completely missing the first verse of the song.

        The other US remixes are subtle and of it’s time in the 80’s where it’s extended with no added instrumentation and not sped up just rearranged rather than remixed.

        I’ll have to stick with my digital cassette transfer.

  49. David says:

    Simply Red’s single was called “Come To My Aid” instead “Come To My Head”.

  50. Robbert says:

    Peter Peyser check out this site:

  51. Robbert says:

    SIMPLY RED – Come To My Head? LOL

  52. Paul English says:

    Great tracklist/ A definite buy.

    And thank you for keeping the duration on each CD to UNDER 80 minutes.

  53. Alan says:

    Hi Piet, I’m so glad that there are people like you willing to make the effort to pull out some of the more obscure mixes. I’d echo the pleas for Dead Or Alive and some great suggestions by Audiodile. I’d add the When She Moves In Close mix of Limahl’s Only For Love, oddly missed off the recent Don’t Suppose reissue. And more Space Monkey (One More Shot?), it was great to see Can’t Stop Running on volume 8. As for volume 9, really pleased to see Debbie Harry, John Waite and Ellis Beggs & Howard on there, looking forward to it!

  54. peter pyser says:

    @Stefano: can you please tell me where to find all the other Fleetwood Mac Tango In The Night Remixed/Extended Versions on cd format?

    Many thanks, peter

    • AudioDile says:


      You can find Everywhere (Extended Mix) on Pop & Rock Klub80 Volume 2. Big Love, Seven Wonders and Family Man mixes have not been on CD with the exception of the House on the Hill Mix of Big Love, which was on an Arthur Baker remix compilation.

  55. Dave says:

    I have to second doing something with the Dead Or Alive archive. Something similar to the Frankie Goes To Hollywood / ZTT set issued last year would be a dream. There are still unreleased DOA tracks in the vaults that need to be issued one way or another.

  56. Rob says:


    I live in the US and just want to thank you for introducing me to remixes Ive never heard before.

    Ive managed to get just about all your so80’s and theres always something new for me.

    Would LOVE a Dead or Alive compilation by you guys.

    Keep up the great work!

  57. AudioDile says:


    Would love to see any of the follow which have yet to appear on CD:

    Eurythmics – Would I Lie To You (ET Mix)
    B-52’s – Girl From Ipanema Goes To Greenland (Extended Mix)
    ABC – Be Near Me (Ecstasy Mix)
    ABC – Vanity Kills (Mendelsohn Mix)
    Dead Or Alive – Something In My House (US Wipe Out Mix Pt 2 or Flamenco Mix)
    Hall & Oates – Adult Education (Special Club Mix)
    The Cars – Hello Again (Dub Version)
    Lindsey Buckingham – Go Insane (Extended Mix)
    Fleetwood Mac – Big Love (Extended Mix)
    Art of Noise – Legs (Inside Leg Mix or Last Leg Mix)
    Artists United Against Apartheid – Not So Far Away (The 11-minute Dub Version)
    The Fixx – Secret Separation (Extended Version)
    Lene Lovich – It’s You (Only You) (Extended Remix)
    Toto – Stranger In Town (Dance Mix)
    Harold Faltermeyer – Axel F (Re-edit or Detroit Mix)
    Dan Hartman – Fletch (Get Outta Town) (Extended Mix)
    Michael McDonald – Sweet Freedom (Freedom Club Mix)
    P.P. Arnold – Electric Dreams (Esperanto Mix or International Dateline Mix)
    Revenge – They’re So Incredible (Special Version)
    Information Society – Walking Away (Space Age Mix)
    Human League – Heart Like A Wheel (Extended Mix)
    Human League – Human (5:42 Extended Remix)
    Huey Lewis & The News – Hip To Be Square (Extended Mix)

    • Rough-Diamond says:

      -“DanceHall Days” – Wang Chung
      -“I’ll Save You All My Kisses” – Daed Or Alive
      -“Boogie Down” – Al Jarreau
      -“L Is For Lover” – AL Jarreau
      -“Work Me Over”, “Boogie Woogie Dancin’ Shoes” [new version] – Claudja Barry
      -“One More Chance” – Pet Shop Boys (Bobby ‘O’ version)
      -“We Don’t Talk Anymore” – Cliff Richard
      -“In Too Deep” – Dead Or Alive
      -“Caroline Was A Drop Out”, “The Lifeboat Party” – Kid Creole & The Coconuts
      -“Musique Non-Stop” – Kraftwerk
      -“Spiderman” – Peter Griffin
      -“Passion”, “Da Ya Think, I’m Sexy” – Rod Stewart
      -“Why It Is So Hard” – Talk Talk
      -“Get Ready” – Traks
      -“Love In Motion” – 1000 Ohm
      -“One Of The Living”, “Break Every Rule” – Tina Turner
      -“Breakdance” (long version) – Irene Cara
      -“Manhunt” – Karen Kamon
      -“Physical” – Olivia Newton-John
      -“Sweetest Taboo”, “Never As Good As The First Time”, “Smooth Operator/Snake Bite” – Sade
      -“Invisible”, “Love Resurrection” – Alison Moyet
      -“Stop The World” – Captain Sensible’s
      -“The Anvil” – Visage
      -“Oops Oh No” Cerrone & LaToya Jackson
      -“109” – Chaz Jankel
      -“One Way Ticket” – Eruption
      -“20/20” – George Benson (jellybean remix)
      -“There Must Be An Angel”, “Ministry Of Love”, “This Is The House”, “The Walk”, – Eurythmics
      -“Draw Of The Cards” – Kim Carnes
      -“Xanadu” – Olivia Newton-John & E.L.O.
      -“Mountains”, “Anotherloverholeinyourhead”, “Paysley Park”, “Pop Life” – Prince
      -“Breaking My Heart” – Roni Griffith
      -“Tell Me” – Fun Fun
      -“Look Mama” (u.k. 12″ version) – Howard Jones
      -“Too Late For Good-Bye” – Julian Lennon
      -“Moonlight & Muzak”, “Cowboys & Indians”, “That’s The Way The Money Goes” – M (Robin Scott)
      -“Dancing Girls” [special hi-energy remix] – Nick Kershaw
      -“Delirio Mind/Disco Band” (remix) – Scotch
      -“Love Bizarre” (12″ version) – Sheila E.
      -“Get Up Rock Your Body” – The 202 Machine
      -“Electricity” – Ashaye
      -“The Collector” – Cerrone
      -“Born Again” (remix) – The Christians
      -“Not The Boy Next Door” – Peter Allen
      -“Ask The Lord” – Hipsway
      -“The Telephone Call” – Kraftwerk
      -“The Blue Millionnaire” – Marianne Faithfull
      -“Leave Me Alone” – Michael Jackson
      -“Everybody Salsa/Salsa Rappsody [discomix]” – Modern Romance
      -“The Boy In The Bubble [12″ extented version]” – Paul Simon
      -“In Your Eyes [special mix]” – Peter Gabriel
      -“Hold On, I’m Coming [12″ version]” – Precious Wilson
      -“One Vision [extended version], Staying Power [extended version], Back Chat [extended version] – Queen
      -“This Girl’s Back In Town [extended vocal remix]” – Raquel
      -“Glow/Glow reprise [12″ version]” – Rick James
      -“Lança Perfume [12″ version]” – Rita Lee
      -“Locomotion [12″ version]” – Ritz
      -“Peeping Tom [12″ version]” – Rockwell
      -“Rockin’ Rollin’ Disco King [12″ version]” – Sabu
      -“White Storm In The Jungle [dance version]” – Sandy Marton
      -“Macchina Nera [12″ version]” – Scala
      -“Boom! There She Was [sonic property mix][8,58mn]” – Scritti Politti
      -“Night City [remix]” – Secret Service
      -“Sex Dwarf [razormaid mix]” – Soft Cell
      -“Magic Fly [’85 extented remix]” – Space
      -“Harmony [hot tracks remix]” – Suzy Lane
      -“Don’t Believe In Love [12″ version]” – Tabu D’Apache
      -“Not Me Girl [12″ version]” – Taxxi
      -“Soul Waves [disco version], L’Amour Toujours [special dance mix], Brainwash [long version]” – Telex
      -“Power [12″ version]” – The Temptations
      -“Ha Chica [extended mix]” – Tony McKenzie
      -“Fou, Fou, C’Est Fou [12″ version]” – Turbulent Blues
      -“Misa Criolla [12″ version]” – Usted Del Fuego
      -“Que Me Pasa? [12″ version]” – Vicio Latino
      -“Don’t Be My Enemy [extented dance remix], Wait [extented dance remix]” – Wang Chung
      -“Bad Boys [remix],
      -“Vicious Games [12″ version], Let Me Cry [12” version] – Yello
      -“Lover Of My Dreams [12″ version]” – Yvonne Cage
      -“All She Wants To Do Is Dance [extented dance remix]” – Don Henley
      -“Warning Sign [u.s. remix]” – Nick Heyward
      -“The Heat Is On [special maxi version]” – Agnetha Falstkog
      -“Face To Face [long version]” – Al Corley
      -“Synergy [12″ version]” – Alec R. Costandinos
      -“World X [12″ version]” – Angela Dean
      -“Girl From Ipanema Goes To Greenland [latin rascals 12″ mix]” – The B-52’s
      -“He’s A Liar [12″ version]” – Bee Gees
      -“World Domination [shep pettibone mix]” – The Belle Stars
      -“A Man Like Me [latin rascals remix]” – Bobby ‘O’
      -“I Can’t Help Myself [12″ version]” – Bonnie Pointer
      -“Here She Comes [u.k. 12″ version]” – Bonnie Tyler
      -“Jive Talkin’ [u.s. remix], Jive Talkin’ [fever pitch mix acapella]” – Boogie Box High
      -“Sing Sing Sing [mega-be-bop mix]” – The Broads
      -“Mercy [12″ version], Mercy [extended remix]” – Carol Jiani
      -“Freak Connection [12″ version]” – Cerrone
      -“Murphy’s Law [original mix], Come And Get These Memories [12” version] – Chéri
      -“Rock The Casbah [ultimix]” – The Clash
      -“Substitute [12″ version]” – Clout
      -“If I Only Had A Brain [extended version]” – The Coconuts
      -“Animal Instinct [club-dub mix]” – The Commodores
      -“Full Circle [12″ version], Perfect Lover [12″ version]” – Company B
      -“Dreamtime [extented remix]” – daryl Hall
      -“Disco Dancer [12″ version]” – Devo
      -“What People Do For Money? [12″ version]” – Divine Sounds
      -“Crazy Family/Talk about [ben liebrand 12″ version]” – Doctor’s Cat/Phaeax
      -“What A Fool Believes [a jim burgess disco mix]” – The Doobie Brothers
      -“I Love Men [12” version][7,02mn] – Eartha Kitt
      -“Big Bubbles, No Troubles [rubble mix] – Ellis, Beggs & Howard
      -“Leave A Light (i’ll keep a light in my window) [12″ version]” – Eruption
      -“Passion [12″ version] [6,44 mn]” – The Flirts
      -“Sing Another Song [12” version] – Fun Fun
      -“Human Nature [remix]” – Gino soccio
      -“Another Life [remix]” – Kano
      -“There’s Something Wrong In Paradise [12” mix] – Kid Creole & The Coconuts
      -“You Can’t Get What You Want [12″ ‘jellybean’ dance mix], T. V. Age [long disco mix]” – Joe Jackson

  58. Mike the Fish says:

    Thanks Piet for the info about the Ultravox 12″ mix – and nice upselling to vol. 8 too!

  59. BE.D 12'' says:

    Piet, I am a great fan of the 80s sound and of the great remixes done by the american DJ/Producer of that time like Jellybean, Kevorkian, Pettibone, Arthur Baker, Larry Levan, C & C etc. (especially for their dub versions); why don’t you realize a collection of volumes like ”so80s … Shep Pettibone” (my favourite remixer) or ”so80s… John Jellybean Benitez” etc.?
    it would be a pleasure for me if you answer me, thanks (you are great)

    • piet blank says:

      we thought about this already many times…we wanted to start with mark kamins, when he was still alive…he was such a kind and gentle person…unfortunately he did not have any of his own mixes stored somewhere and it was almost impossible to find his mixes as masters….also, all plans were cancelled when he died…then we thought about arthur baker…but he was not able to clear the rolling stones mix for too much blood for himself…so if the diamonds are missing it is very tough to sell such collections…but i agree, i would love to have such collections in my cd rack as well…sometimes you just have to patient…we waited for the ok of the monogamy mix of george michael for 5 years ; )

  60. Stephen K. says:

    Also very happy with the Pictures of You remix.

    The Duran Duran – All She Wants Is (US Master Dub) has been around on CD and digital downloads before, but All She Wants Is (Eurohouse Dub II – 5:43) was only on the U.S. promo 12″.

  61. piet blank says:

    thank you all for encouraging us on this journey. i know a lot of you are dedicated collectors and it is not easy to compile 30 or more songs where you are happy with every song. beside all the “looking for the ultra rare track” action, we also love to compile a collection which you actually like to listen to in one go…i know, it’s quite unusual in times of playlists and spotify, but we still love to listen to the music on cd and not only collect it ; )
    it is so hard to find master tapes these days, and don’t think that we get the transfer for free…beside paying very high royalties/license fees we have to finance everything else. we pay for production of cds plus BPI/ASCAP/GEMA money on top… the numbers you sell these days are so low, we used to sell with our vinyl releases back in the 90s easily so much in one week..that’s a fact and we are not complaining, we love doing this. i just try to explain, that this is a long process to realise such a release.
    if anyone of you has access to any master tapes or knows where to find some rare ones, please contact us anytime, as the major record companies don’t care too much about the leftfield 12″ versions of 30 year old tracks…
    after all you pay around 70 cent per song …so i guess it is ok if you already have 10 songs on the one or the other collection…maybe we even used a different source and were able to improve the quality….
    thank you for the support!

  62. Simon says:

    I’m happy. Good to see a Sade 12″ there. Perhaps a future volume will bring some of the excellent Diamond Life era 12″s. If we’re vaguely looking at future wishlists, I’d also be happy to see some 12″ singles from the first two Matt Bianco albums appear if possible. And maybe one disc of a future volume dedicated to Christmas.

    Thanks guys and thanks Paul for bringing us the news.

  63. Michael says:

    best inclusion is the cure’s “pictures of you”. i also like john waites, the cars and, not to be forgotten, paul hardcastle’s “19” in the ‘final story’ mix (for the first time on cd).

  64. omar says:

    Don’t really care for the track listing. There’s too much Italo Disco on there. After the excellent so80s 8 I had high hopes for this one.

    • renioc says:

      Does 1 track (by Spagna) out of 31 make this compilation “too much Italo Disco”??

      A S080s retrospective on this style curated by B&J would be more than welcome, by the way…

  65. Ray says:

    Piet, thank you for the amazing tracklist! Pls know you are making so many people happy with this. I’m delighted to see dub versions on So80’s 9. I loved the B-sides of my 12 inches. I hope you will continue with these dub versions on So80’s 10. My wish list (not withstanding licensing issues):

    1. Al Corley – Square Rooms + Cold Dresses 12″es
    2. Den Harrow – Bad Boy Remix (9 minute version)
    3. Loz Netto – Fadeaway 12″
    4. OMD – Enola Gay (Razormaid Remix)
    5. Marilyn – You Don’t Love Me 12″
    6. Dead or Alive – There is Something In My House (Flamengo Remix)
    7. Earth Wind & Fire – Magnetic 12″
    8. Limahl – Inside to Outside 12″
    9. A-ha – I’ve Been Losing You Dub
    10. Alisha – All Night Passion 12″ (album sounds aweful, needs to be cleaned up)

    And hopefully many, many more dub versions.
    Thanks for ALL you do!!

  66. gary C says:

    Quite the tracklist, a bit soft rock, and loungey too
    I imagine a lot of these were huge on the continent. Should be interesting.

  67. Daveyman19 says:

    Ultravox ‘One Small Day’ US Club Mix is a unique remix of the track, not same as the many UK mixes released at the time.

    Wish they could get licensing for Jean Michel Jarre’s remixes from the 80’s, as these were classic era remixes too and not easy to get hold of (or indeed ever released on CD for some of them):

    ZOOLOOK (Extended Remix)
    ZOOLOOKOLOGIE (Extended Remix)
    RENDEZVOUS 4 (Special Remix)
    REVOLUTION (Extended Mix)

    • Rough-Diamond says:

      Zoolook available in “100 tubes maxi 80’s”
      Zoolookologie available in “Maxi Singles 80 – Rare 80’s 12″ Versions, Extented & Remixes”
      Rendez-Vous 4 available in “100 tubes maxi 80’s”
      Revolution available in Maxi CD

      Only Equinoxe 4 “nouveau mixage” is still unavailable in CD!

  68. dominic says:

    Touched by the hand of dub, fantastic!

    I can stop considering buying massively overpriced Japanese CD singles on Discogs now :-)

  69. Gian Luca says:

    Great track listings, so many favourites, I will buy as soon as published. Thanks so much Piet.

    These are some of my desideratas:

    FIONA FRANKLYN – Busted Up On Love
    STEVE WINWOOD – Freedom Overspill (Liberty Mix)
    WAX – Ball And Chain
    STATE OF PLAY – Natural Colour
    BRILLIANT – Love Is War
    ALISON MOYET – Love Resurrection
    ALISON MOYET – Invisible
    SIMPLY RED – Come To My Head
    DEAD OR ALIVE – In Too Deep
    DEAD OR ALIVE – Hooked On Love
    EURYTHMICS – There Must Be An Angel…
    EURYTHMICS – Would I Lie To You
    KATE BUSH – Cloudbusting

  70. David says:

    Is this the first time that The Cure’s Pictures Of You (Extended Re-Mix) has been released on CD?

    I know that the two CD singles released back in 1990 both had the 7″ remix on them, whilst the Mixed Up album released later the same year had the alternative ‘Strange Mix’ (but listed as ‘Extended Dub Mix for some reason), but I don’t believe the full 8:07 Extended Version has been available on anything other than the original 12″ vinyl up ’til now.

    • piet blank says:

      i can only ever say “to our knowledge” as we try to check everything, but can never be 100% sure: to our knowledge, this cure mix was not released on cd before. not on the original cd singles or later on any deluxe editions or compilations. it is the mix which was done brian chuck new.

    • nodisco says:

      AFAIK the extended re-mix of “Pictures of you” is unreleased on cd, and I’m very happy for its inclusion on so80s #9 because is a far better mix than the one on Mixed Up! :)
      It’s a shame that The Cure didn’t release the 12″ mixes of their songs in the DeLuxe editions of the albums, or in the “Join the dots” box: the extended versions of ‘Primary’, ‘Just one kiss’, ‘Let’s go to bed’ and maybe others are still missing in digital format, and many are very hard to find.

  71. Mike Pendlebury says:

    That’s a great track list! My personal highlights are John Waite, Gino Vanelli, Cars and Sade! Never heard these in remix form and can’t wait to have them in my collection! Looking forward – Id love to hear you guys work your magic on something by Laura Branigan! Great job!

  72. piet blank says:

    Fleetwood Mac – here is the story: only tracks which are written by chrtine mcvie can be cleared…welcome to the crazy world of licensing…. ; )

  73. Baward says:

    These sets + the Grand 12 Inches albums = perfection :-)

  74. piet blank says:

    yes, the US Club Mix of “One Small Day” is the mix which was done by Francois Kevorkian back in 1984 for this US 12″ Single:

    originally we requested the a side mix (by steve thompson “dancing with tears…”) and the b-side for our so8os artists edition with emi back in 2011.
    but emi usa could not find them at the time. one year later it was found in the new york archive and we transfered both mixes from the masters. the a side is featured on so8os8 by the way….
    to our knowledge it is on cd for the first time.

  75. Stefano says:

    Hi Piet, the only 12 inch of Fleetwood Macs ‘Tango In The Night’ that has never been released on CD is the Shep Pettibone remix of ‘Seven Wonders’. Why did you choose for ‘Little Lies’, which has been released several times on CD before?

    Looking forward to hear the dub of ‘Precious Little Diamond’.

    And for volume 10: please try to add the first version of Spagna’s ‘Easy Lady’, called the Move On Up Remix (1986).

    • AudioDile says:


      To my knowledge the Extended Remix of Big Love has not appeared on CD – if it has I’d love to know about it. Really been wanting this for a long time.

    • Chris says:

      Actually, the 12″ remixes of Fleetwood Mac’s “Seven Wonders” was done by John “Jellybean” Benitez, who also did 12″ remixes for “Little Lies.” Shep Pettibone never remixed any Fleetwood Mac tracks. Just pointing that out.

    • Foxee says:

      Well it is of course time to note yet again the criminal absence of a deluxe version of Fleetwood Mac’s ‘Tango in the Night’ (enough material for 3 discs surely) and of ‘Mirage’.
      The fact that there hasn’t been one deluxe version of any Stevie Nicks multi-million selling solo album is beyond baffling too – I dream of a complete ‘Rock a Little/ Mirror Mirror’ sessions release for a start!

      Finally, didn’t Shep Pettibone remix ‘Family Man’ for Fleetwood Mac? I seem to recall an interview at the time (in Q or Mojo) where he said that Lindsey Buckingham wasn’t keen to emphasise Nicks’ vocals in the remix…..? Or did I dream it?!

  76. Marko Rost says:

    I would like to see B&J work on a Pet Shop Boys re-issue of the first 3 Albums as Expanded Editions. There are so many Vinyl only mixes left.
    My 1st choice for the next So80s is the Pet Shop Boys PANINARO – IAN LEVINE MIX.

    • Sal says:


      I have the Expanded Editions of the first five Pet Shop Boys releases but not being an expert on the band am unaware of the missing material.

      Folks on this board have written about wanting a reissue of the bands debut album to mark the 30th anniversary. Do you know what mixes are missing from the Expanded Edition to make a reissue worthwhile compiling?

      • Mike the Fish says:

        The 10″ version of West End Girls. The undcredited 12″ mix of Opportunites, and the Dub, from the 2nd UK release. Opportunites Dub For Money (I may have the title wrong, but it’s the b-side of the 2nd edition) from the 1st UK release. And to be pedantic, I believe – but don’t know for certain, that the Latino Bros remix of Opportunities has a brief chord/drone edited onto the end of the remix on Disco, so there’s the unaltered version of that. Also the version of Opportunites that exists on a white label 7″, but also made it to NOW 7 (UK).

        I think there’s two Arthur Baker remixes of Suburbia as well. I’ve think I read about years ago, but have never seen nor heard, or a 7 min or so mix of Was That Was It Was.

        There was also a long remix (Levine?) of Paninaro that didn’t make it. I’m not sure if the 7″ was on there.

        I didn’t buy the 2CD of Please, but I’m pretty sure those were missing. Maybe Surburbia 7″ and Part 2 (but both just extracts from the 12″ I think.)

        Others will know more than me!

        • Brian Mowery says:

          Re: the Pet Shop Boys Please thing…

          if they really wanted to be completist, they could include the Ian Levine Dub of Paninaro, and the two Arthur Baker dubs of In The Night. These were not released officially, but I have found copies of them on the internet and they were clearly taken from the master tapes. You can find these tracks on youtube.

      • Carlton says:

        While I don’t have the listing o all the individual mixes that are missing, I remember very clearly when the Further Listening projects were being released that Neil and Chris both said the additional material was meant to focus (almost, because there are a very few exclusions) on the remixes they did of their own work, not on outside remixers. So, essentially, anything done within the period by a remixer other than PSB is likely absent from any of the Further Listening compilations.

    • Ronald says:

      Pet shop boys – Paninaro (Ian Levine Mix) on CD

  77. Mike the Fish says:

    Is the US Club Mix of One Small Day a unique mix, or is it one of the three UK ones under a different name?

    An aside – I’m not sure how well known this is, but there are at least two different extended mixes of Radio Africa that were released under the same catalogue number – and mix title.

    • Sal says:

      This is a unique Mix. Released on the b side of Dancing With Tears in My Eyes US 12″remixed by Francois Kevorkian and John Potoker.

      It isn’t on the So80s Ultravox remix CD as they used the already released on CD Special Remix. A pity because there was already the ‘Extended’ CD before the So80s compilation came out and a unique mix would have been a better selling point to purchase the CD.

      I don’t have this mix on CD so I’ll be glad that it’s on volume 9.

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