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Let’s face it, things are just better when they’re in a box. So SDE notes with interest that our friends Blank & Jones have created a limited edition box set to house all of their various artists so80s remix compilations, including volume 10 which is out this week…

They are selling the box set with and without the CDs inside, so no need to buy everything all over again just to get the box. Obviously, when the boys get around to volume 11 we’ll have a problem, but let’s worry about that when the time comes!

This box is available now, exclusively from the Blank & Jones store. s80s 10 is out on Friday.

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Blank & Jones

So80's (So Eighties) 10





98 responses to Blank & Jones / so80s box set

  1. Neil Kelly says:

    No one has addressed this 81-90 minute CD issue. Obviously been aware of 90 minutes for years but no-one that i can remember has ever used these for official releases other than B&J

  2. Griffin says:

    @memoryboy, why have you kept asking the question over and over? Clearly no one knows. But I found & posted here before. If you have read it you will know the answer. B&J said they can finally ship out those new remastered vol 1-4 on their FB (05 Dec 2015)! So I assume the remasters were done in Oct/Nov 2015!

  3. Frank says:

    How many nuber of copies does this signed limited 10CD box contain ?

  4. memoryboy says:

    So, no one can tell me the release dates on the NEW remasters for Vol.’s 1 – 4 ???
    When were they re-released?
    This is important info that might help some of us located them somewhere online int he US

    • Larry Davis says:

      Also, is there much of a difference, soundwise, between the originals and remasters…aside from the Billy Idol mono track??

  5. Darren H says:

    Sorry if this has already been answered somewhere but does anybody know why the mix disc was dropped after vol 7?

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Popular (lack of) demand is probably the reason!

      • Darren H says:

        Personally speaking, the mixed CD’s are my favourite, it’s what makes them distinct from other 80’s compilations although the breadth of the material is also great, not just all the old chestnuts usually trotted out.

        • Paul Sinclair says:

          Putting aside whether people like the mix CDs or not, you are getting one CD less of remixes, so not having the mixed CD is better value really. I guess if everyone loved them, they’d have carried on because it’s easy for them to license less tracks.

          • Larry Davis says:

            I LIKE the mix CDs, but much prefer the unmixed ones because you are getting full tracks and the volumes with 3 unmixed CDs, you are getting more music and rare remastered 12″es from the 80s. The mixes are one-listen discs to be honest. I was hoping they would take the first 6 volumes and redo them, adding 3rd discs of more 12″es…I just wonder how they get more than 80 minutes per disc…some almost 90 minutes?? Why more artists are not enabling this to happen as well??

  6. Ruru says:

    Just got my box today, all volumes signed as well. Can’t wait to listen to them. It cost me a small fortune, though, with additional import and handling fees to be paid of around CHF35 (roughly EUR30) but well… it’s a long-term investment! ;-)

  7. Frank says:

    I ordered the last signed 10CD Box :-) , now sold out

  8. memoryboy says:

    Wow! That is so exciting if true, a Yello compilation? That would be awesome! I have all their albums they reissued and remastered from years ago, and the sound quality is excellent. Would love to see a Blank & Jones compilation.

  9. Soundstory says:

    piet blank,

    Did I read somewhere that you were planning a Yello compilation?

    btw keep up the good work !

  10. Darren H says:

    My box has arrived! Oh it’s beautiful. The box and each volume are signed. Nothing to add to what people have already said except vol 1-4 all had booklets loose and vol 1&3 are clearly marked on the disc remaster. On the playable side, close to the hole.

  11. it's me says:

    Being frustrated with this release.
    Two weeks or so before that release I ordered 7 of then 9 available volumes.
    If I would have known that this package would see the light of the day soon…:(
    So I feel quite a bit ripped off. Just a hint from the guys that this would pop up early would have been helpful. I won’t pay extra for the box only.

  12. Dean says:

    Just got my signed box set through this morning, and it has every volume signed too.

  13. Griffin says:

    On their FB page:

    Soeighties- The site for all 80s lovers
    December 5, 2015
    yeees…we can finally ship those remastered volumes 1-4 of the so8os series to selected european countries….through the last years we were able to dig better masters and exchanged them…exclusive in the shop (plus vinyls, stickers etc)…shipping of all four 3cd boxes only 7 euros within europe

    So80s (So Eighties)/Vol 2/Vol 3/Vol 4 & the others are also on itunes (US)!

  14. Jyo says:

    I’ll chime in as another US resident who would love to see an option to purchase the box set in my country. Please update if this ever becomes possible.

  15. memoryboy says:

    (2) ugh, I meant to add that I wondering about the Remastered Volumes 1 to 4. Anyone know when those new Remastered were released? This year?

  16. memoryboy says:

    Question: Can anyone tell me what year these new Remasters were reissued? Was it this year? 2015? 2014? I know I’ve asked this question already, won’t keep asking, but am hoping someone might have an answer. Thanks

  17. Phil Hale says:

    Hi, the booklets are loose in vol1,2,3,4 and in the pocket space in vol5,6,7. Vol 8 doesn’t have a pocket space for the booklet. In vol 9 and 10 the booklet is loose.
    Hopefully someone with the original releases can compare the CD disc IDs I posted earlier.

    • Kauwgompie says:

      Piet clearly stated somewhere else that the only way to know if the volumes are remastered is if the booklets are loose when you unwrap the cd. In the original volume the booklets are in the pocket. In the remastered volumes they are loose. Since you state that the booklets in volume 1 thru 4 from your box are loose, and Piet stated before that volume 1 thru 4 of th box are remastered, im sure its fine and we dont need to worry about this anymore.

      • Phil Hale says:

        If that’s the case then it certainly seems odd to have changed the CD Matrix ID on Volumes 1 and 3 to add the word REMASTER but not on Volumes 2 and 4.

        If someone with the original releases doesn’t mind using dBpoweramp to compare the Disc IDs and total runtime with the ones I posted we’ll know for sure if the CDs are indeed different.

        I can post the AccurateRip CRC checksum for a definitive comparison.

  18. Kauwgompie says:

    Yes that is true. I remember that as well. Phil, did you notice that the booklet was not in the pocket for Vol 1 thru 4?
    I have left Piet a message at the email listed on their website. It’s if anyone else wants to leave him a message.

  19. Glenn says:

    I recall Piet saying in a prior post that for the remastered the booklets are NOT inserted in the pocket as they had been for the original releases.

  20. Kauwgompie says:

    Paul, Is there any way that Piet can weigh in here? There are people, including myself, who have ordered the box set based on the info that vol 1 thru 4 were remastered but it appears vol 2 and 4 are NOT. I think that is essential information to all of us. Is there any way to verify this with Piet? Thanks!!

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Piet does comment here regularly. You could always go to their website and leave a message!

  21. Phil Hale says:

    I’ve now run each of the CD’s from the first 4 Volumes through dBpoweramp. The unique disc ID is shown below, as well as the total disc duration, for those able to compare their editions of the same CD sets.

    As I mentioned before the lack of the word REMASTER on each of the CD’s in Volumes 2 and 4 suggests these are the original CD pressings and not the remastered versions. Is there another objective way to check?

    Volume 1 – this CD set has the updated artwork as described on the Discogs page:

    CD1 Inner ID: so8os Vol.1 – CD1 – REMASTER –
    Total duration 77.00
    DiscID: 016-002b1098-020645a8-ee120c10

    CD2 Inner ID: so8os Vol.1 – CD2 – REMASTER –
    Total duration 82.58
    DiscID: 012-0024c61b-0159253f-af13720c

    CD3 Inner ID: so8os Vol.1 – CD3 – REMASTER –
    Total duration 89.49!!!
    DiscID: 013-002d2bfd-01bcc46a-c9150d0d

    Volume 2 – the front sleeve artwork has the added printed black circle “3CD Deluxe Box” just as the first edition of Volume 1 had

    CD1 Inner ID: / CD1
    Total duration 78.50
    DiscID: 017-002b8458-023988f5-f5127a11

    CD2 Inner ID: / CD2
    Total duration 88.40
    DiscID: 015-00317c2d-022eb4f4-ce14c80f

    CD3 Inner ID: / CD3
    Total duration 84.33
    DiscID: 012-0024d0f5-015a0f1d-bb13d10c

    Volume 3

    CD1 Inner ID: so8os Vol.3 – CD1 – REMASTER –
    Total duration 88.18
    DiscID: 018-00393ce0-02fd5ba7-0314b212

    CD2 Inner ID: so8os Vol.3 – CD2 – REMASTER –
    Total duration 88.43
    DiscID: 014-002ccdfc-01dd272d-ab14cb0e

    CD3 Inner ID: so8os Vol.3 – CD3 – REMASTER –
    Total duration 86.42

    Volume 4

    CD1 Inner ID: / CD1
    Total duration 87.39
    DiscID: 019-003b7fb4-0335b05f-27148b13

    CD2 Inner ID: / CD2
    Total duration 88.40
    DiscID: 014-002f24f5-01f44b22-c214c80e

    CD3 Inner ID: / CD3
    Total duration 87.54
    DiscID: 011-0025f6c4-0142fd9f-96149a0b

  22. memoryboy says:

    Also should add… I might be interested in having someone on here purchase the box for me outside of the U.S. and I will pay them for everything to send it to me, so let me know if anyone would be interested, just an idea I am toying with at the moment. (I hope it’s ok to try and connect with someone from this website/post)

  23. memoryboy says:

    Phil thanks for your review on the packaging. I am also curious about the Volumes 2 and 4. I now have a question and don’t think it has been answered anywhere that I can see. What year did the original’s for Volume 1 to 4 come out? What year were they Originally Released? And then what year were the Remasters Released? Can anybody let me know? This might help me in locating these online here in the U.S., If the new Remasteres don’t all say “Remastered” on the packaging then maybe the release year might help.

    • Neil says:

      Why don’t you go to and search for So8os (Soeighties) and that will give you your answers.

    • Neil says:

      Actually just checking there myself i see they are listed but they appear to have the exact same catalogue number and release date as the originals which is going to be very confusing.

  24. Phil Hale says:

    My 10CD Box set arrived today. I thought I’d provide a mini review for those interested.

    It shipped via DHL from Germany in a shipping box 210x150x160mm barely bigger than the actual outer CD box.

    Thankfully the delivering Courier in the UK (Parcel Force) had been reasonably careful but others may not be so fortunate. Given the cost of the order (194 Euro to the UK) I’d have liked to have seen a slightly bigger shipping box and certainly better internal product protection. I can understand the fears of worldwide shipping unless better steps are taken to protect the goods.

    Each of the 10 CD sets are shrink wrapped and contained within a nice outer slip style card box measuring 205x130x140mm. The card used is same sort of thickness as a shoebox – something thicker would have perhaps been nice but given I’ve not paid anything for it over the cost of buying the 10 CD sets separately I’m not going to complain!

    Regarding the Remastered editions of Volumes 1-4 I’ve checked each of the CD’s received and for Volume 1 and 3 each of the CD’s has the word REMASTER on the inner ring. Volumes 2 and 4 don’t show this which suggests Volumes 2 and 4 in my set are the original releases – can someone else check their editions and advise. I was expecting these too to be the remastered editions.

    There is nothing on the outer CD package to indicate whether original or remaster version just the CD’s themselves.

    Each CD set is very nicely packaged.

    I’ll check each of the CD’s with dBPoweramp and update if I find anything untoward.

    • Kauwgompie says:

      Phil, did you listen to Volume 2 and 4 and were they remastered? I just bought the box as well but since I live in the USA I had it shipped to a friend who will visit me soon so he will physically bring it. Anyway, I already bought all the volume (except volume 10) and only b ought for the remastered sound. If vol 2 and 4 are not remastered I would be upset!! Did you find out anything when you played it?
      Thanks for the update!!

  25. malcy says:

    Finally managed to buy the boxset using Chrome, but with a second window open with Translate as it would only automatically translate the first and last pages.

    With IE it kept throwing me back to home page when you clicked to move on from page 1 of checkout process, whilst Safari would not even open the basket for me.

    Hopefully arrives okay as does not seem to be the most user friendly website.

  26. michelle says:

    so if I have understood it correctly, the big box set of all 10 volumes contains remastered versions of 1-4 ?

  27. Neil says:

    I would imagine not a lot of people would have bought these new remasters considering if they bought the originals they would be annoyed at having to buy them again and not even at a reduced price. That’s probably why nobody has came on here to offer information on these releases.

  28. Griffin says:

    Since there are no differences in the barcode, compilation year, etc You cannot really rely on the the release date grooves-inc stated. Because that was the release date. But they kept re-stock them. Perhaps the new ones are among them. There are enough people from US & OZ who wants them. If person #1 gets vol 1, person #2 gets vol 2, person #3 gets vol 3 & person #4 gets vol 4! And all of them report back here so they will all know whether they are indeed the new ones.

    Perhaps any idea, if a unfolded/flat box (only if it is a soft one, of course hard box won’t do) is included with volume 10 or perhaps volume 11 people will be able to get it with the CD.

    Various So80s (So Eighties)-Presented By Blank & Jones 21,49 EUR CD Soundcolours Gmbh & Co Kg Release date: 10/30/2009 in stock 2-6 workdays (in stock)

    Various So80s (So Eighties) 2-Presented By Blank & Jones 21,49 EUR CD Soundcolours Release date: 03/26/2010 in stock 2-6 workdays (in stock)

    Blank & Jones So80s (So Eighties) 3 21,49 EUR CD Soundcolours Gmbh & Co Kg Release date: 09/03/2010 in stock 2-6 workdays (in stock)

    Blank & Jones So80s (So Eighties) 4 21,49 EUR CD Soundcolours Gmbh & Co Kg Release date: 01/07/2011 in stock 2-6 workdays (in stock)

  29. memoryboy says:

    note: When I say looking for this anywhere in the U.S. I mean looking for the Reissued and Remastered first four volumes. Possibly looking for used copies on e-bay, Amazon etc

  30. memoryboy says:

    Now my question is WHY go through all the trouble of Remastering the first four Volumes but not state on the packaging if it was Remastered or not. Is it the year on the packaging that reflects that it’s the new version? Or is it the Barcode? Does it state anywhere on the packaging that it is the newly Remastered version? I just don’t see the point in going through the trouble of Remastering the first four Volumes but not putting that information anywhere. This information would help a great deal in looking for these anywhere in the U.S. I guess this Question goes to Piet.

  31. Griffin says:

    You might can ask them if the first volumes are in stock when they ordered them (before they got remastered then the first batch, if after the remastered date then new ones)! Or if you have to wait because they have to order for you: new ones.

    • Neil says:

      Well considering volumes 1 to 4 are not available on grooves-inc com this really is a pointless conversation and if they were the chances of them being the remasters would be zilch. Another thing if you look at the descriptions of items on there it actually states release dates.

      • Adam says:

        Just to follow up on this:

        I decided to take a chance and I ordered the first four volumes from Grooves right after I posted my “caveat emptor” post above. (I live in the US.) I just received my box with 1 and 3, and I should get 2 and 4 next week.

        The ones I got ARE the remasters. You can tell because the inner rings on the underside of the CD clearly say “REMASTER” on them.

        Saved a bundle with that coupon, too. Overall I paid less than US$20 for each set, including shipping from Germany.

        Still think the chances of getting the remasters from Grooves are “zilch?” :-)

  32. Griffin says:

    Don’t know who or what is blocking my comment, still awaiting moderation. I believe all US & OZ fans wanted to know:
    grooves-inc com search for blank jones so80s! volumes 1/2/3/4 (not sure whether they are first batch or the newly remastered ones) 6/7/8/9/10 still available, free worldwide shipping on order more than euro20, less than euro20 only euro2! 10% discount count on your next order with PUEG724

    • Neil says:

      The remasters are only available on blank and jones store on their website which has been stated numerous times. You are not going to find them anywhere else unless they are second hand.

      • Adam says:

        That’s not what he wrote. He wrote that was the only place to *guarantee* that it was the remaster, not the only place it might be available.

        Grooves might very well have the remasters, or they might not. Someone will have to try it and find out. But don’t be surprised if they’re not. Caveat emptor and all that.

  33. KLL says:

    Dear Piet

    Can I telephone a number of customer service. To place the order for the European delivery ?

    Even firefox does not work, I enter everything then get returned to the checkout !

    Kindest Thanks..

  34. Griffin says:

    grooves-inc DOT com (keywords=blank jones so80s) volumes 1/2/3/4 (not sure whether they are first batch or the newly remastered ones) 6/7/8/9/10 still available, free worldwide shipping on order more than €20, less than €20 only €2! 10% discount count on your next order PUEG724

  35. Nubben says:

    Hi Piet,

    I have the four first volumes but do not know if these are the remastered versions.

    How can I check which versions they are? Is there a a different catalogue number of each?

    Many thanks!

    • Neil says:

      Well considering they were only remastered in the last couple of months and the only way to get them was from web store then i think you can safely say they are the original non remastered versions and i’m pretty sure if they were the new versions they would mention the word remastered on the package or the year 2016.

    • Larry Davis says:

      The only thing I know is with Volume 1, the original is just called “So80s” and the remaster is “So80s 1″…not sure about 2,3 & 4…I have the originals and don’t want to rebuy, just replace for as little as possible…or not at all…

  36. Cindy says:

    I’d love to get just the box as I have all of the CD’s, but I’m in the US :(. Too bad it’s not a collapsible box where it could be shipped flat and then put together when it gets to the destination.

  37. Dean says:

    I had trouble with the website too – I was using Safari on my Mac. It would only let me add the box set to my cart and then when I tried to go further it would send me back to the start. I downloaded Firefox on my Mac, and that worked fine, so I would suggest trying a different browser if you’re having the same problem.

  38. PAC says:

    Another Englishman who can’t get the website to work / translate.

    It’s a shame.

  39. Geoff C. says:

    Another U.S. fan who would love to get this set. Someone who lives in the EU who doesn’t mind shipping around the world would be wise to buy a few sets and offer them here. I know the shipping will be expensive but clearly the fans are willing to pay. Any takers?

  40. Carl P says:

    I still can’t get the website to work no matter what I do.

  41. Shane says:

    Come on guys he made it very clear why they won’t ship overseas like that. As a customer who regularly makes mail order, I have very little faith in getting this from Germany to Switzerland, imagine the bloody US or Oz!

  42. Mark Dynamix says:

    Another would-be purchaser sitting here wanting to buy the complete collection with CDs, but no shipping to Australia!?!? what! in this day and age? Piet, come man, support your dj mates outside of EU!
    I remixed a track for you guys “Miracle Cure” which got released, remember!? :)

  43. Tadmor says:

    Add me to the list of people in the US who would like to purchase the box without the CDs.

  44. Chris Squires says:

    ^^^^This, in Vinyl Please. Great big box 10 x triple LP 400Euro – Deal in a heartbeat.

  45. Soren says:

    The box has only space for 10 albums….hope there will be further releases (-:

  46. Paul Niedernhofer says:

    I, too, would love to purchase from your shop but live in the USA.

  47. Carl P says:

    Well I’ve been trying to order this from their website this morning with my google translate to hand.
    I cannot get past the shopping cart stage. the website send me all the way back to the beginning. So I don’t know what I’m doing wrong.

  48. Darren H says:

    Trying to buy this just now, I get it into my basket but then when I press Nachster Schritt [next steps] it just takes me back to the sales page and I can’t get any further. Anyone else having issues?

  49. Liam Bastick says:

    I understand licensing issues may prohibit shipment of the CDs outside of the EU (it’s ok, we have Amazon for that), but why can’t I get the box?? Can Blank & Jones at least sell it through Amazon if it’s a website logistics issue?

    • piet blank says:

      well…we would love to make to box available in more territories and shops. but as you can imagine, this emty box is a nightmare to ship, stock or sell in shops…nobody want to handle that to be honest…so we decided to it ourselves…because we wanted one ; )
      i am really sorry, but we just can’t handle shipping to the us with those customs regulations etc…also: what will happen if this box gets damaged on the way to the us? we are not a big company and can not refund and send one again etc….really sorry…i am so overwhelmed by your comments on the box…it was a long back & forth if we do, as it is very expensive to produce such a box (they need to make an extra tool etc)…but we wanted it to happen…maybe you can try to hook up here on the site and see if you find anyone in germany or uk who can order it for you and forward it?

      • Larry Davis says:

        Totally understand about trouble shipping blank boxes to the US without any damage…I did order the almost-blank Phil Collins “Take A Look At Me Now” box from Amazon UK and it had a little damage but not too much that it had to be returned, just some creases on the top and bottom…you can put a thick cardboard box-piece inside and then wrapped for shipping to take up the space and keep its shape and to be removed when it arrives??

      • Larry Davis says:

        Or if I or someone I know makes the trip to Germany record shopping…cough cough Paul…can stop by and buy some boxes and bring em back to the US or UK and save the shipping customs headaches?? ;)

  50. Karl says:

    Looks like they only ship to the EU, so not only the US is missing out. I’d be interested to get it shipped here to Thailand too. I guess the weight is the issue? It says 2kg for the set with cd’s which may make the shipping costs too high?

    I couldn’t see any option in the shop to change the language to English either and the usual Chrome translation couldn’t work.

    • wolf says:

      Hi Karl and Guy,
      you could use “” for translation of the site. Unfortunately the check-out process does not work with google translation as https connections are not supported, but there is actually shipping to the UK (for 14 Euros). Just select “Vereinigtes Königreich” at “Land” and proceed to the next step (pay with PayPal).
      “The final EU shipping costs will be shown at the final confirmation stage during checkout”.
      Shipment is possible to these European countries:
      Luxembourg, Italy, Ireland, Netherlands, Poland, Slovakia, Sweden, Portugal, Greece, United Kingdom, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Belgium, Germany, Denmark, France, Spain, Austria

      Hope that helps.

  51. JP says:

    Another vote for USA shipping!!!

  52. alan hansen says:


  53. Guy says:

    No US shipping, and I can’t even see an option to ship to my address in the UK.

  54. memoryboy says:

    I saw this and got so excited, and then realized no shipping to the U.S., I was ready to buy the box sex in a heartbeat just as Frank has also said. The fact that you are including the newly remastered versions also got me excited, now your just teasing me, hahaha, I do hope you guys might consider finding a way to ship to the few of us on here that request it? That would be wonderful if possible.

  55. Tracey says:

    I would definitely order the box if there was shipping to the US.

  56. Rob C says:

    Would love this but doesn’t appear to offer Australia shipping…

  57. frank says:

    US ship please! I would order the whole set in a heartbeat!

  58. USA Shipping? says:

    No US shipping? I would love to order the box set if a US shipping option was made.

  59. Darren H says:

    Really interested in this but I can’t get the web page to translate and I can’t speak any German.

  60. Roelant van Zevenbergen says:

    I could start about no extra’s, no lower price for each volume or 14 euro shipping costs or indeed which versions are included…
    But hey, I was the first to pop the question to Piet here on SDE so I’m just extremely delighted the guys decided to put those marvellous compilations together in a boxset
    I bought mine instantly :)

  61. Kiki says:

    Well David, only 1 to 4 have been remastered, so you can suppose that only these 4 ones will be included in the box set, the others will be the “older” versions…

  62. Stan C says:

    Oh… they know us too well… The completist maniac who dwells inside me… This is not good.

  63. Ben in Colorado says:

    Doesn’t appear to be available for shipping to the US of A. Unless I missed something. More’s the pity.

  64. Lee Taylor says:

    They don’t ship to the U.S., do they?

  65. David says:

    Will this box also features the remastered first 4 volumes? Also 5, 6 and 7 were way too loud. If these would get a remastered treatment i would buy it.

    • piet blank says:

      sorry, but i can not agree with you on this one. 5,6,7 sound fine to us. they will stay the way they are…btw licences for 5 and 6 will expire by the end of the year anyway…
      i am always here to discuss all questions, as good as i can. 1-4 are the repressings in the box.

      • Ziv Barber says:

        Thanks for the info that vol 1-4 will be remastered.
        Any plan for re-releasing the Sandra collection, but this time with better mastering?
        Some songs are vynil rip… some other not in good quality.
        It’ll be nice to hear the story about this release (Sandra) and why the quality is so different between the tracks.

        • Larry Davis says:

          What’s up with the Sandra collection?? Sounds fine to me!! As for the So80s Vol’s 1-4, I have the originals and they sound fine, I will rebuy only if I can replace for free haha…I have 5-8 as well, those are going nowhere…all I need are 9 & 10 and I may order the, um, Blank box (?? haha)…I wonder how the discs are made to go between 80 and 90 minutes each when most have to go below 80…and I wish the liner notes were in English as well as Deutsch…save from all the translating, haha…I don’t know any German. Cheers!!

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