Blondie box set coming in 2019 plus Heart of Glass 12-inch due in Oct

Box set a year away • ‘Heart of Glass’ 12-inch coming next month

Blondie will next year issue a comprehensive ‘Complete Studio Recordings’ box set that will gather albums, rarities and some unreleased material.

The Complete Studio Recordings 1975-1982 box set will be available on vinyl and CD and will feature the first six albums (remastered from the analogue tapes), along with two bonus discs of B-sides, rarities and “previously unreleased curiosities from deep in the Blondie vault.”

The good news emerged via a page on Blondie’s website promoting a new 12-inch vinyl single of their 1979 number one ‘Heart of Glass’. However, the bad news is that you will have to wait a year, since this box set is planned for “the fall of 2019”.

Quite why the band/label are issuing a 12-inch vinyl single linked to a box set which is a year away, remains to be seen. The maxi-single features four versions of ‘Heart of Glass’ and two of ‘Once I Had A Love’ and can be ordered via the Blondie website or using the links below.

You may agree that £20 for a 12-inch single is daylight robbery and it’s depressing to see the CD buying community ignored completely.

‘Heart Of Glass’ is released on 26 October and the box set will be out late next year.

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Heart Of Glass - EP [VINYL]


Heart of Glass 12-inch 

  1. Heart of Glass (Disco Long)
  2. Heart of Glass (Basic Track)
  3. Heart of Glass (A Shep Pettibone Mix)
  4. The Disco Song
  5. Once I Had A Love
  6. Heart of Glass (Disco Instrumental)


102 responses to Blondie box set coming in 2019 plus Heart of Glass 12-inch due in Oct

    • Steve says:

      That’s just for the song music/lyrics. Can’t see it’s anything to do with the ownership of the sound recordings.

  1. shaboo says:

    Has this been cancelled?

  2. Danny Stamper says:

    Hoping beyond hope there are more studio recordings with Mr. Robert Fripp from Parallel Lines sessions!

  3. Peter says:

    “COMING IN 2019”

    we are now near the end of 2019 with no word, no sneaky pictures, track listing or updates since the original post. come on Blondie, some of us are waiting in anticipation.

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  5. Tony O says:

    Any News Paul?

    • Brenton says:

      Looking for another label now Numero Uno are no longer releasing CD’s. Plus there are licensing issues for some rarities due to lost paperwork.

      Don’t expect it this year.

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  7. James Giraffe says:

    After months and months of hoping that the HOG 12″ would be available for download or streaming in the UK, I’ve just found it on Bandcamp.

    It shows the price in $$$, but you CAN buy it if you’re in the UK. (I did.)

    As has been mentioned, the Shep Pettibone mix is completely different from his mix on Once More Into The Bleach, and the Basic Track mix is great.

    As for the Box Set, people have mentioned that they hope for the single mix of Slow Motion and the Alternative mix of Denis. No thank you! They’ve both already been released on CD. No need to include them again. Let’s have stuff that’s not been on CD before. Like the long Italian mix of H.O.G. I didn’t know that existed until today. :-)

  8. Steve P says:

    I hope they get everything on this forthcoming box set. Yes, we want “Yuletide Throwdown” and “Little GTO” too! Also something other than appalling vinyl lifts of the Private Stock versions of “X Offender” and “In The Sun”. And then there’s the Italian very long “Heart Of Glass”, as mentioned elsewhere here.

  9. John says:

    Heart Of Glass (Italian Long Disco Version), Denis (Alternative Version) and Slow Motion (Single Version) please!!

  10. Joe says:

    The greatest band with the ultimate lead singer Debbie Harry!
    She defined music, style, fashion and Art , in the 70’s and 80’s
    Blondie was way ahead of their time!

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  12. Storia Eric says:


    The version’s of call 12INCH in the features box 2019 is includes?

  13. steph says:

    The Heart of Glass (A Shep Pettibone Mix) is completely different than the Once More Into The Bleach Version. Amazing ! What a lovely surprise. Closer to the original mix with Pettibone’s touch. Vinyl sound quality Top <3

  14. Stu Jordan says:

    I hope they find “Denis(Alternative version). It is far superior and” Slow Motion (Stripped Down Mix) on the upcoming set!

  15. Iva Ugewon says:

    i hope the artwork will be recreated to a high standard. The current Parallel Lines vinyl artwork looks terrible!

  16. Detroit442 says:

    I really liked the 1994 remasters that were released on CD (Best of Blondie wasn’t included in that series unfortunately). I recall reading many years ago following the release of Blonde and Beyond that Chris Stein said there wasn’t much left unreleased. I guess we’ll see. I’m not really interested in proto-versions of previously released songs but if there are unreleased tracks (like Blonde and Beyond’s Underground Girl) I’ll likely buy.

  17. Chuck says:

    I did not buy the last album reissue box because Best Of was not included or issued separately when so many of those single mixes were exclusive to that album, a Blondie collection doesn’t seem complete without it- especially the promo mix (12” edit) of Rapture that is so superior to the AutoAmerican album version. The covers did not look so great either.
    I’m hope with this set, at least the promo Rapture makes it in. And both the single as well as the full-length Call Me which are both essential IMO.
    I’d also love to see a companion box reissuing the second phase albums from No Exit onward, and separate Ghost of Downloads from the abysmal Hits Redux with an album or two of bonus material of all the various bonus album tracks that didn’t make onto the vinyl pressings, key tracks left off (Relax) and other oddities and mixes (Rapture Riders) from the last 20 yrs like their excellent Don’t Stop Til You Get Enough cover I’ve been hoping would show up on a physical release ever since it hit YouTube.

    • Neil says:

      I agree. I’d love Ghosts of Download as a standalone album completely separate from being annexed to the Redux greatest hits re recorded. Totally spoilt the brilliant artwork for Ghosts of Download. And I’d like this Ghosts of Download CD and Vinyl to include the excellent Put Some Colour On You, Can’t Stop Wanting and Prism. There were some very bad management decisions being made around this release vis-a-vis presentation of the album artworks and which tracks to include.

  18. Jeremy Skinner says:

    Capitol Recods (US) and UMC (UK) need to take note regarding this future release. If they want long term fans to part with our money (again), they need to stop using the current washed out images for the LP covers. Whomever destroyed the original images by washing out the Eat To The Beat sleeve in its entirety; darkening the image on Parallel Lines making it look nothing like the original; making the Hunter cover even worse by putting a ridiculous super bleached effect on Debbie’s hair and using the wrong tone altogether on Autoamerican and Plastic Letters, the design team need to go through the Chrysalis Records archive and use the classic images exactly as they were originally produced.

    With the exception of The Hunter, all the early Blondie album covers are worthy of the term ‘artworks’, let them be celebrated as such! And also can we have a box that all the albums fit into please, as the last one was ludicrously small and once the records can out, there was barely a chance of getting them back in without damage.

  19. Disney Mike says:

    As a very casual Blondie fan, I only have bits and pieces of their catalogue, so a comprehensive “complete studio recordings” set is very intriguing to me. However, my ultimate interest will depend on both the sound quality and the price. Brickwalled CDs just don’t appeal to me, and eight discs of material — if the individual albums are given a disc each — for more than about $100 will definitely put me off.

    Guess we’ll just have to wait and see. I hope the producers of this set are listening to the fans here (and elsewhere).

    • They’ve left off some significant HOG mixes:

    • atoxique says:

      If you’re just a casual fan you might like The Platinum Collection which came out in 1994 and has all of their A sides and B sides (except “In The Sun” and instrumentals) in chronological order plus 5 of the 1975 demos and 2 (rather unnecessary) remixes.

      If you want their albums you might want to hunt down some original CD releases or the 1994 remasters. If you don’t mind loudness, go for the 2001 remasters. Be aware that Eat To The Beat was not remastered in 1994 and Parallel Lines’s 1994 remaster was a Digital Compact Classic rather than a standard CD so it fetches extremely high prices! It may or not be worth it to you because that CD was remastered by Steve Hoffman, in other words guaranteed to be the absolute best remaster; and it’s true, nothing comes close to it.

  20. Steve J says:

    If the so-called remastering sounds anything like their ‘Sight & Sound’ best of (CD+DVD) that was released in 2005, it’ll be absolutely dreadful. No longer did the music have a crisp/clear disco sound but instead had the bass pumped up to the max making it sonically alien to what I expected, which probably worked fine on cheap portable devices and low cost ‘hifi’ but on a decent sound system / high quality headphones it was nauseating and difficult to listen to, and almost sounded like you were hearing it through a wall due to how deep/muffled it was.

  21. Stephen Dc says:

    The 9 minute Heart Of Glass ‘Italian Mix’ must be a fan made mix as some of the edits between the original 12″ / 12″ Instrumental / 1981 Mike Chapman Remix are crunchingly poor.

    The 1981 Mike Chapman Mix [made for The Best Of Blondie Comp] is my favourite by far.

  22. Charlie Waffles says:

    Come on! Let’s have the cd version released, Debbie!

  23. Robert Lett says:

    I am very exited about this!

  24. negative1 says:

    i like blondie.
    but not their albums.

    although this has 2 discs of extra stuff so
    that might make it worth.

    heart of glass is a classic.

    i don’t care what format its on,
    vinyl cd digital , all of them work for me.

    vinyl works just fine.


  25. RikTheHib says:

    Massive long-term Blondie fan here.
    Over the years I have obtained many, many of their items on CD and Vinyl and I really don’t think I need to buy this package on either of those formats – again.
    However…… a decent 24/96 (or 24/192) digital copy would go down well (with me).
    Anyone feel the same?

  26. Lorenzo says:

    After readings so many listings and comments on this amazing website I’ve made a decision.
    No CD No Sale. By the way, I spend a lot of money on on the music on SDE so as a devoted fan I’m sure these corporations and independent entities will take that seriously. For the record I buy all formats if available up till now.

  27. Bridge says:

    Why do I need another 6LP box set that I already bought in 2014?!
    Unless these are spectacularly remastered…pass.

  28. Andrew b says:

    Just hope they return the original heart of glass to the original running order every reissue since uses the disco mix.

  29. Paul RP says:

    Numero Group does have a Bandcamp page, so as long as they put it up there (which they did with their recent Husker Du compilation), it will be available to download in a lossless format, and available for streaming.

  30. Dan says:

    It would have been nice to see No Exit included in this box set, I’d love that one. Their back catalogue seems very much divided between the late 70s/early80s and then 1999 onwards, it’d be great to break that barrier down and have them all put together.

  31. Craig Hedges says:

    They should’ve put out the unreleased single version of Slow motion which got cancelled when they rush released Call Me. One of great lost singles. I’d have bought the Heart of glass e.p if it was Cd,
    I’ve gone back to Cd as the charity shops are now awash with great titles. its like in the 90s when everyone ditch their vinyl at car boot sales.
    Has the digital format been announced? Why isn’t Flac being embraced generally, why is MP3 still dominant. A flac or high res file can easily be converted if required but not the other way round.

    • Gregg P. says:

      Craig, fingers crossed for me. If there’s any hope, that Slow Motion Remix is what’s on that Unreleased bonus disc.

  32. CJ says:

    I love Blondie, but I may have a bit of reissue fatigue with them. I’ve bought so many compilations and reissues for one or two tracks I didn’t have already–which is fairly normal for me with many acts, but it seems like this has been going on for over 20 years with Blondie. I’m going to wait to see what the price is on this, and what the track listing is, before I get too excited.

  33. Terry Duckworth says:

    Good to see Frank and Nigel on the cover. Nice to know someone still acknowledges their part in Blondie…

    • Phil Cohen says:

      When the group first reunited, Nigel was invited to join, but he declined. As for Frank Infante, there’s long-term bitterness towards him. It turns out that Infante didn’t really write “I Know, But I Don’t Know” and there was a plagarism lawsuit against not only Infante, but the entire group. By the way, despite the fact that Chris Stein is portrayed playing lead guitar in Blondie’s 1970’s promo videos, Frank Infante was the actual lead guitarist. The second performance (1978) on Germany’s Musikladen T.V. show (the performance where the group plays many of the “Parallel Lines” songs and which was never released on DVD) shows conclusively that Infante was the lead guitarist.
      At least, Nigel and Frank are included in the artwork for the package. They could have digitally removed them from the photo, like The Moody Blues did to Patrick Moraz on the cover of “The Polydor Years” boxed set, or like The Rolling Stones did to Bill Wyman on the packaging for the “Rarities” CD.

  34. mick tormey says:

    yea i can see Paul geeing a lambasting about the cd vibe..awful really

  35. Kevin Wollenweber says:

    I think CD singles are still cool! In fact, I was hoping that the Beatles’ singles and e.p.’s would have been released in similar fashion to the Rolling Stones Abco singles boxes, perhaps with a CD version of the Christmas messages slipped in there to make it doubly desireable to fans, but still no word on that. Hey, I realize that MAGICAL MYSTERY TOUR had a super deluxe on that, but that was vinyl only with DVD and blu-ray of the movie…now, on to the BLONDIE box. I’m looking forward to this eclipsing the CD copies of the albums proper, along with the PLATINUM COLLECTION double disk set. Perhaps the original vinyl covers were replicated, but I don’t recall there being much in the way of booklets and all that, and I’m sure these will be vinyl replications, perhaps even with replicas of paper sleeves. I, too, don’t buy vinyl because of lack of a turntable, so I’ll just keep myself “tuned” to this site for further news as to exactly when this set will be available. First Dire Straits and now this. Right now, I’m more interested in what else might be coming this year.

  36. Chris Squires says:

    I am massively conflicted.

    It seems, on the face of it, to be quite expensive for a 12″. But it is a bit more than that as it has 6 tracks and I am sure it will be beautiful. Then there is the issue run of 10,000, which for these times seems to be a staggeringly high number for a “Limited Edition” I guess they have done the decent thing and actually given a number (take note other companies) it’s just that, to me, that number is a whopper.

    It feels like double dipping. I don’t mind paying a premium for something that has some feeling of exclusivity / rarity (1,000 – 2,000). But to pay a premium for something that will be around for quite along time…unless I have completely underestimated the pull of Blondie in 2018 with a £25 twelve inch. What do I know? Maybe all 10,000 will be gone by launch date.

    They must have faith in the number crunchers, who generally know these things inside out.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      I reckon they will never shift 10k and will have to flog these off via the normal channels, like Amazon and then they will be cheaper to buy and much cheaper to post (free for many, I’d imagine). Blondie did a gig in Hackney a while back and the capacity was about 300. Tickets were £150 each and they took DAYS to sell out, such *wasn’t* the demand :)

      • HS says:

        I saw them at Brixton last year. Great gig and as far as I could see completely sold out.

        10.000 still seems like a large number and I’m sure that means the 12″ will be available via all the usual places. I´ll get it from one of those, unless they offer signed copies on their website.

  37. mick tormey says:

    naught that cant be got in a charity shop minus a few dub mixes…

  38. Martin Teller says:

    This is the track listing for the 12″:

    Side A:

    Heart of Glass (Disco Long)
    Heart of Glass (Scratch Track)
    Heart of Glass (Shep Pettibone Mix)

    Side B:

    Once I Had a Love (1975)
    Once I Had a Love (1978)
    Heart of Glass (Disco Version)

  39. BSR says:

    Numero Group is a class act. I’m sure this will be a well-produced set. Although “pricey”, I’m happy to pay a few extra bucks to support their reissues. No, I don’t work for them! Also, please keep in mind that direct purchases through Numero Group also provide free mp3 download of the tracks. I have all the Blondie that I could ever listen to but am hopeful the sound and rarities make it worthwhile to buy.

  40. HS says:

    I too would have loved to see a CD single of Heart Of Glass! I have no interest in streaming/downloads.

    I’ll buy the 12″ and of course the box set on CD next year, even though I have all the albums on CD already. I wonder if the 12″ will be available via Amazon?

  41. madman says:

    I’m a big fan, but I’ll wait and see what the final track listing is going to be. Hopefully, everything that’s on the CD set will be available on the vinyl version.

    If it’s true that the Numero Group is going to release this, then I have high hopes for this set. I have a few of their regular releases and the artwork, detail, etc, are amazing. But as RJS noted, their box sets tend to be on the pricey side.

  42. RobS says:

    Hopefully the vinyls fit back in the outer envelope sleeve this time rather than the somewhat tight fit of the UMC release a couple of years back…

  43. peter walker says:

    Are any of the versions on the 12″ the ‘Italian’ version (which – for me (and others) – is the best version there is)?

    • AdamW says:

      The first version on this new 12″, the “Disco Long” version, could possibly be the same as the Italian “Long Disco” version, which is the 9-minute mix you’re linking to. It’s from this 12″:

      My guess is that at this price it won’t sell out (I’m not buying one), so you can wait to sample a streaming version when it emerges and make your decision then.

      • AdamW says:

        I had a nice chat with the Numero folks, and I’m sorry to say that the 9:00 Italian “Long Disco” version is NOT on this 12″. Here’s what is on it:

        A1. Disco Long (Original 5:50 12″ version)
        A2. Scratch Track (Previously unreleased “scratch/backing track” based on “Once I Had A Love 1978″)
        A3: Shep Pettibone Mix (from the 1988 remix album)
        B1: Once I Had A Love 1975 (previously released on Plastic Letters reissue CD)
        B2: Once I Had A Love 1978 (previously released on Parallel Lines reissue CD)
        B3: Disco Instrumental (Original 5:17 12” instrumental version)

        • Paul Sinclair says:

          Great info Adam, thanks. Although this does confirm that the claim of ““never before heard dub and instrumental versions” is inaccurate. Only A2 hasn’t been issued before.

  44. hamicle says:

    I see it’s Numero Group that are doing the box set, in which case I expect it to be more than worth the wait. Very happy with the releases I have from them.

  45. CAB says:

    Excellent news. I only have one request of the master studio.
    Please, please, please make a good job of remastering Parallel Lines and Eat To The Beat.
    The CD versions have never sounded as rich, warm and fat as the original vinyl (and it is possible as proven by many CD re-releases).

    • greg says:

      The Chrysalis originals and Capitol remasters never sounded as good as the original vinyl, but the DCC gold of ‘Parallel Lines’ was all kinds of sonic awesomeness.

      • CAB says:

        Just went to check out the current prices on what you recommended.

        Think I’ll wait for the re-release.

  46. Michael says:

    For me, whether to buy the new set be the usual decision balancing price versus the new content. As others have observed the previous cd editions had bonus tracks which mopped up most of the non-album b-sides (the overwhelming majority of UK b-sides were album tracks anyway) and other versions (Disco mixes etc), then there was the Singles collection which filled in a few gaps and other compilations. Of course for anyone without this stuff it will be excellent, depending on price because the previous editions are still available for £5 or less in some cases.

  47. elliott buckingham says:

    BLONDIE: Heart of Glass will be available as deluxe 12” EP and on all digital formats October 26, 2018. what classes as all digital formats is a cd classed as a digital format the blondie site isn’t very clear

  48. Caroline says:

    Heck of a lead-in. Place your bets now for what the price-gouged Record Store Day 2019 Blondie item will be. One of the “previously unreleased” outtakes?

  49. Murray says:

    In the meantime, can we have a Super Deluxe of Parallel Lines to keep us going. It is the 40th anniversaries after all!

  50. Phil Cohen says:

    If it really is one year away, then we don’t really need to think about this any time soon. I’ve got all of the Chrysalis recordings (including the CD singles box, and compilations such as “Blonde and Beyond” which featured vault material), so I’m pretty much set. I’m thinking more about the artists whose boxed sets will appear this November and December

  51. Cris says:

    Hi Paul, you know how much I respect your site but may I say that I would not “victimize” CD buyers too much… Observations on the “neglection” of CD fans are becoming a bit frequent and I do not think it is true. I mean, madmen like me who literally refused to buy CDs since exaggerately priced and not worth the money as an object compared to the vinyl experience apart from few extreme cases when I was absolutely sure no vinyl existed (i. e.: some Italian artist, the second and third Dubstar albums…) have had to suffer this situation in reverse for… what, something like twenty years (1995 – 2015)??? I mean in 2003 out of principle I was capable of resisting against buying and especially listening to the CD of “Seal IV” with only a feeble hope and faith in me that the vinyl would come out (no information in this sense from the press and sites like SDE didn’ t exist) for a whole YEAR, to then emotionally see by pure chance the EU 2LP version released… And the same happened with Duran’ s “Red Carpet” in 2007, released through their webshop only one YEAR later… I rest my case

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Just pointing out that they are choosing to ignore a still popular format. Also, you think CDs have an “exaggerated price” just as Blondie announced a £20 12-inch single?! Not sure what your ‘case’ is but it is still very active and not resting :)

      • Cris says:

        Sorry Paul thank you for your reply, you are right the comment turned out too long and I missed a piece… I was referring to prices at the time when CD became the predominant “music container”. Don’ t ask me to “actualize” it for you in current 2018 money because it is beyond my knowledge, but what I forgot to say is that, at least in Italy, when CDs invaded the market I was able to buy at what I call the “cusp moment” (i. e. before vinyl almost disappeared, especially in Italy, and the last records were being pressed in reduced amounts) Queen’ s Made in Heaven, 2LP, cream colour with posters (so that should be around 1995) for 22.000 Italian Lire against the CD (and all other CDs for that matter) which cost 40.000 Italian Lire. This last price was what was asked for a CD and kept being asked in the future, even with the Euro. Now we are around 15 Euro for a new one, which to me is still about 30.000 old It. Lire. In one word: prices DOUBLED with respect to what had been the market price for an album up to that moment.
        Of course wanting to milk customers as quickly as possible, for the last few years the industry has shamefully done the reverse now with vinyls increasing their prices for no real reason, a subject I have often pointed out.

    • Dean says:

      Cris: You come across as though you still have a chip ony our shoulder about it. LOL

      Paul mentions CD because it’s the dominant format, it outsells Vinyl just about 10-1. So ignoring it is ridiculous. They claim sales falls, but the decrease in no way accounts for it, since it’s didn’t even fall 5% last year.

      Instead – here is what’s going on. They know they can make a 12″ Vinyl and sell it for £20. If they issue it on CD for £5, then it’ll eat into those higher margin sales – so they don’t bother. It is pure market manipulation, with fake exclusivity to drive the bottom line. It’s a disgrace, and disrespectful to music lovers. And that’s to ALL music lovers. I hope you’re able to able to buy whatever you want in the format you prefer – but it must always go both ways.

      • Cris says:

        Hi Dean, I guess I still do!
        I agree on all you say. Put in this perspective now I see that rather than “victimizing” Paul intends that it is real nonsense not to consider a CD format. That’ s OK with me, no problem against CDs as long as also the vinyl is still released.
        Even though, I must still repeat, please remember that at a certain moment us vinylists were really literally almost deprived of our preferred format, which for me is crazy in itself (a bit like what happened with TV sets, actually).
        Your explanation of why CDs are not released in certain cases is very true, and in line with my complaints towards the industry raising the vinyl prices once they noted how many people wanted to buy them.
        Cheers and thank you for your comment and insight!

  52. Graham says:

    Sounds good. Needs to incorporate everything already on previous remasters. They have 21 extra tracks in all so presumably that will take up roughly one cd leaving the other cd for any missing b-sides, mixes & rarities.

  53. RJS says:

    It’s being released by Numero Group. A lot of their releases are prohibitively expensive.

  54. cdmaniac says:

    I dont get the purpose of the 12″, I believe all the tracks are available elsewhere. Maybe just to pre-promote the box!? I thought I read somewhere that a CD single was going to be released later. Doesn’t matter, as a Blondie fan I’ll buy it all! I hope they’ve uncovered a few more vault tracks to add to the set.

  55. Shane says:

    It doesnt seem to have an actual preorder button Paul? I hope the versions will be on cd too, though it does say they will be on all digital formats, whatever that means. I hope they will sign some boxes. Ill probably buy both cd and vinyl boxes and do nothibd for the cd cause

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      There’s an ADD button, top right. It’s £5 p&p so that’s £25 for a 12-inch single!!

    • GHB says:

      Fingers crossed for some signed cd sets in 2019 …. they did signed bundles for the last studio album, so guess there is a good chance ….. Chris Stein’s new book of NYC photos is also out next month (October 2018!) which should be interesting too; signed (not sure if this is just him, or him and Debbie – his previous book was often signed by both) and unsigned copies available from the website if you can’t wait until 2019 ….

  56. Edwin Muller says:

    The current reissues contain lots of bonus material. Enough already for 2 bonus cd’s. I wonder if this will be a case of keeping the old cd’s for not included bonus tracks.

  57. John says:

    Proper excited about this!! Love the artwork too. I’m in.

  58. hendry doran says:

    £20 for a 12″ single. Should be autographed at that price!!!!!!!!!!!!

  59. Auntie Sabrina says:

    40th Anniversary of Heart Of Glass..?

  60. Shane says:

    Oh wow this is fantastic news! If that is the artwork I’ll be happy too! Hope the price is reasonable but it’s a must-buy for me. Both!

  61. Ron de Joode says:

    Who will still buy CD-singles in these days of streaming and the vinyl ‘revival’?

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Presume you are being ironic…

    • stephen king says:

      I would if I could

    • Francis says:

      I would buy a CD single because I DO NOT stream music (what an awful way to listen to it) and I do not buy new vinyl, only old if I do and only 12inch singles.

      • CJ says:

        I stream music at work, only because I don’t like bringing my precious CDs to the office with me where the inevitably get “borrowed” when I’m in class. Other than that, I want physical media, not downloads.

        I think CD singles would still sell if the record companies hadn’t done their absolute best to kill them for the sake of trying to drive everyone to buy the full-length albums.

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