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This is the first picture of the forthcoming deluxe Blondie set we told you about on Friday. Dubbed Blondie 4(0) Ever this three-disc collection contains Ghosts of Download (the new studio album), a CD of re-recorded hits and a DVD of Blondie Live at CBGB 1977.

This is STILL only £13 as a French Amazon pre-order almost £8 cheaper than the UK price!! Don’t hang around if you want to grab this while it’s cheap.

Blondie 4(0) Ever will be issued on 19 May 2014.

Blondie 4(0)-Ever 2CD+DVD Deluxe

Blondie 4(0)-Ever 2CD Edition

Blondie 4(0)-Ever 3LP Vinyl Edition

Track listing

CD 1:  Greatest Hits Redux (newly re-recorded)

  • 1. Heart of Glass
  • 2. Dreaming
  • 3. The Tide is High
  • 4. Maria
  • 5. Sunday Girl
  • 6. Hanging on the Telephone
  • 7. Rapture
  • 8. One Way or Another
  • 9. Call Me
  • 10. Atomic
  • 11. Rip Her To Shreds

CD 2: Ghosts Of Download (new studio album)

  • 1. Sugar on the side
  • 2. Rave
  • 3. A rose by any name
  • 4. Winter
  • 5. I want to drag you around
  • 6. I screwed up
  • 7. Relax
  • 8. Take me in the night
  • 9. Make a way
  • 10. Mile high
  • 11. Euphoria
  • 12. Take it back
  • 13. Backroom
  • 14. Put some color on you
  • 15. Can’t stop wanting
  • 16. Prism

DVD: Live at CBGB 1977

  • 1. Kung Fu Girls
  • 2. In The Sun
  • 3. Little Girl Lies
  • 4. Look Good In Blue
  • 5. Man Overboard
  • 6. A Shark In Jets Clothing
  • 7. Rifle Range
  • 8. In The Flesh
  • 9. X-Offender
  • 10. Youth Nabbed As A Sniper
  • 11. Rip Her To Shreds
  • 12. Heart Full Of Soul
  • 13. I Love Playing With Fire
  • 14. Palisades Park
  • 15. Denis (rehearsal)

12 responses to Blondie / Greatest Hits Redux / Ghosts of Download deluxe set

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  2. Joey d'Entremont says:

    There is some confusion regarding the 3LP vinyl edition listed. It’s currently unavailable from some sites while lists it as a 2LP + DVD set and simply lists it as a 2LP set. Are there different vinyl versions?

  3. claudio says:

    …yeah! the new cd (french version) has 3 bonus tracks: it’s listed on Amazon France!

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  5. James says:

    Down to £14.06 at UK Amazon now

  6. rare glam says:

    Although the unit price is cheaper on French Amazon, all European Amazon orders via UK Amazon site have always sent everything international registered post, so I suspect it will still cost around £21 in total anyway to UK. has anyone pre-ordered it from France yet, what’s the postage charge? I haven’t ordered from French Amazon in a number of years, maybe they have changed their international postage policy more recently?

  7. Thomas Williams says:

    I notice only the French version has 3 bonus tracks on the “Ghosts Of Download” disc, the rest of the world only gets the standard 13…

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      I”m not totally convinced that that is the case, but if it is then even more reason to pre-order from the French Amazon where it’s at the cheapest price.

  8. Malc says:

    I’m in New Zealand and if you factor in the delivery and VAT savings on UK Amazon then the item is about 2GBP cheaper from UK Amazon…

  9. Justin Isbell says:

    It’s not really £13 but £16 by the time that postage to the UK is factored in. Still cheaper than the UK though.

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