Bob Dylan / 50th Anniversary Collection: 1970 / new three-CD outtakes set

Wider release for the ‘copyright collection’ 3CD set

On 4 December this year, Sony ‘released’ 50th Anniversary Collection: 1970 a Bob Dylan collection that included all the outtakes from the ‘New Morning’ and ‘Self Portrait’ sessions that were not already available on The Bootleg Series Vol. 10: Another Self Portrait along with a legendary session with George Harrison.

This was put out in extremely limited quantities (in Europe only) and these kind of releases have happened for the last eight years and have become known as the ‘Copyright Collection’ series. Due to fan demand this 1970 set is being made available in February for a full commercial release (albeit it’s still limited to some degree).

These are all the unreleased recordings from 1970, effectively. There are 74 tracks in total and nine of those feature George Harrison. In fact this commercial version includes two extra tracks that were “inadvertently left off the original release”.

This three-CD set will be an eight-panel digi-pak and features notes by Michael Simmons. This is being released physically and for download only. It won’t be available via streaming.

50th Anniversary Collection: 1970 will be released on 26 February 2021.

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Dylan, Bob

50th anniversary collection 1970 - 3CD set


Bob Dylan – 1970 (50th Anniversary Collection)

CD 1:

March 3, 1970

1. I Can’t Help but Wonder Where I’m Bound
2. Universal Soldier – Take 1
3. Spanish Is the Loving Tongue – Take 1
4. Went to See the Gypsy – Take 2
5. Went to See the Gypsy – Take 3
6. Woogie Boogie

March 4, 1970
7. Went to See the Gypsy – Take 4
8. Thirsty Boots – Take 1

March 5, 1970
9. Little Moses – Take 1
10. Alberta – Take 2
11. Come All You Fair and Tender Ladies – Take 1
12. Things About Comin’ My Way – Takes 2 & 3
13. Went to See the Gypsy – Take 6
14. Untitled 1970 Instrumental #1
15. Come a Little Bit Closer – Take 2
16. Alberta ¬– Take 5

Bob Dylan – vocals, guitar, piano
David Bromberg – guitar, dobro, bass
Al Kooper – organ, piano
Emanuel Green – violin
Stu Woods – bass
Alvin Rogers – drums
Hilda Harris, Albertine Robinson, Maeretha Stewart – background vocals

May 1, 1970
17. Sign on the Window – Take 2
18. Sign on the Window – Takes 3, 4 & 5
19. If Not for You – Take 1
20. Time Passes Slowly – Rehearsal
21. If Not for You – Take 2
22. If Not for You – Take 3
23. Song to Woody – Take 1
24. Mama, You Been on My Mind – Take 1

25. Yesterday – Take 1

CD 2:

1. Just Like Tom Thumb’s Blues – Take 1
2. I Met Him on a Sunday (Ronde-Ronde) – Take 1
3. One Too Many Mornings – Take 1
4. Ghost Riders in the Sky – Take 1
5. Cupid – Take 1
6. All I Have to Do Is Dream – Take 1
7. Gates of Eden – Take 1
8. I Threw It All Away – Take 1
9. I Don’t Believe You (She Acts Like We Never Have Met) – Take 1
10. Matchbox – Take 1
11. Your True Love – Take 1
12. Telephone Wire – Take 1
13. Fishing Blues – Take 1
14. Honey, Just Allow Me One More Chance – Take 1
15. Rainy Day Women #12 & 35 – Take 1
16. It Ain’t Me Babe
17. If Not for You
18. Sign on the Window – Take 1
19. Sign on the Window – Take 2
20. Sign on the Window – Take 3

Bob Dylan – vocals, guitar, piano, harmonica
George Harrison – guitar, vocals (Disc 1, Tracks 20 & 24 and Disc 2, Tracks 2-3, 6-7, 10-11, & 16)
Bob Johnston – piano (Disc 1, Tracks 24-25 and Disc 2, Tracks 1-3)
Charlie Daniels – bass
Russ Kunkel – drums

June 1, 1970
21. Alligator Man
22. Alligator Man [rock version]
23. Alligator Man [country version]
24. Day of the Locusts – Take 2
25. Sarah Jane 1
26. Sign on the Window
27. Sarah Jane 2

CD 3:

June 2, 1970
1. If Not for You – Take 1
2. If Not for You – Take 2

June 3, 1970
3. Jamaica Farewell
4. Can’t Help Falling in Love
5. Long Black Veil
6. One More Weekend

June 4, 1970
7. Bring Me Little Water, Sylvie – Take 1
8. Three Angels
9. Tomorrow Is a Long Time – Take 1
10. Tomorrow Is a Long Time – Take 2
11. New Morning
12. Untitled 1970 Instrumental #2

June 5, 1970
13. Went to See the Gypsy
14. Sign on the Window – Stereo Mix
15. Winterlude
16. I Forgot to Remember to Forget 1
17. I Forgot to Remember to Forget 2
18. Lily of the West – Take 2
19. Father of Night – rehearsal
20. Lily of the West

Bob Dylan – vocals, guitar, piano, harmonica
David Bromberg – guitar, dobro, mandolin
Ron Cornelius – guitar
Al Kooper – organ
Charlie Daniels – bass, guitar
Russ Kunkel – drums
Background vocalists unknown

August 12, 1970
21. If Not for You – Take 1
22. If Not for You – Take 2

Bob Dylan – vocals, guitar, harmonica
Buzzy Feiten – guitar
Other musicians unknown

March 3-5 and May 1, 1970 sessions took place at Studio B, Columbia Recording Studios, New York City, New York
June 1-5 and August 12, 1970 sessions took place at Studio E, Columbia Recording Studios, New York City, New York

53 responses to Bob Dylan / 50th Anniversary Collection: 1970 / new three-CD outtakes set

  1. André says:

    what makes you say that it’s still a limited release to some degree? how many copies are expected to be pressed, will it become collectible?

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      What makes me say it is that that’s what the record label said. I don’t know how many are being pressed and I don’t know if it will become collectible.

  2. Richard fisher says:

    Slipped down to £19.99 at Amazon UK.

  3. Harald says:

    The set sounds nice. I am not a Dylan expert but I think that some of the liner notes concerning George’s involvement aren’t completely correct. I think he is heard on more songs than listed on the booklet.

  4. Emanuele says:

    Looks like do not ships this one to Italy… Any other try from Europe?

  5. Arthur O'Brien says:

    Thanks. I didn’t even know this existed! Ordered immediately.

  6. The Golden Age Of Bob Dylan says:

    I tried to order the very limited release on December 4th, it was available from Badlands in the U.K. for less than a minute after 3pm when it went on sale. I set everything up, I had another item in my basket, card registered but still wasn’t fast/lucky enough.

    So I’ve taken another route and got a nice 3CD copy with nice artwork from other sources which cost me the price of 3CDrs, some ink and card.

    However being a Dylan fan or should it be fanatic I’ve ordered the official release.

    Why Sony carry out the practice of limited very releases is anybody’s guess. They can easily still sell in the age of streaming, a method I abhor due to artists being ripped off, 15,000-20,000 copies of these type of releases. Surely Sony have made money from the Bootleg Series releases.

    I can say this, this release will be enjoyed by Dylan fans having heard them myself. They are every bit as good if not better than the last Bootleg Series with Johnny Cash which I really enjoyed.

  7. phantomengineer says:

    Simple comment: ordered, without any reservation, or need for further comment!

  8. Dean says:

    I just love what they’re doing with Dylan’s music. He’s a living legend, and we’re getting just about everything in beautiful box sets. When you compare it to, say, Bowie – where we get Station to Station again… Dylan and Tull are the masters of managing their legacy, and allowing fans to hear it all. Amazing!

  9. Sascha H. says:

    I was one lucky person to get one of the 3 CD set of the copyright collection 1970 for 25 Euro. And I got all the others too. So here we go again, I will order it cause of the 2 ( ? ) more tracks. Really good stuff. And Harrison is on board on a few tracks.

  10. Stevie T says:

    Fantastic! Wish there had been a similar Bowie 1970 release for 20 quid.

  11. Kim Porter says:

    Agree, Steve Reid!
    Self Portrait has always been my favorite Dylan album.
    Favorite Dylan song? ‘Love Minus Zero/No Limit’, (specially the version by Turley Richards).

  12. Simonp2 says:

    Rough Trade website is advertising as “Limited to 500 copies”! Sounds unlikely surely?….

  13. Brian says:

    Paul, I must correct your statement that Dylan’s copyright collections “have happened for the last eight years.” In fact, there were no 50th Anniversary Collections for 1966, 1967 or 1968. (Which makes sense, because all of the ’66 recordings were widely released on the “Cutting Edge” box set (Bootleg Series #12), all of the ’67 recordings were widely released on the “Complete Basement Tapes” box (Bootleg Series #11), and Dylan did not record or tour in ’68.)

    I don’t anticipate there will be one next year either, since ’71 was a very quiet year for Dylan, with very little to my knowledge still unreleased.

    • Jim says:

      It could probably be argued that the big Cutting Edge box and the Basement Tapes Bootleg Series were Copyright Collections in all but name.

    • AndyB says:

      Paul didn’t say that the copyright collections were all Dylan’s, just that these types of releases have been happening for 8 years in general. What pops to mind is The Beatles did it for 1963 in 2013. And Dylan did it in 2016 for the 1966 live recordings, by the way. That was my interpretation, anyway.

      • Brian says:

        AndyB, I believe you are thinking of the 2015 collection of the 1965 live recordings:
        If not, can you post a link to the 1966 set you’re thinking of?

        Also, you are reacting to a subsequent edit of Paul’s post, not the original.

        • AndyB says:

          Sorry for any confusion. (Now I’m confused!) I always just assumed that some of the Bootleg Series and the Live 1966 box which saw wide release were in part meant to be copyright extension collections. That’s what I thought Paul meant. I didn’t realize that you were referring only to those under-the-radar releases that appeared for all of 5 seconds and sell for ridiculous prices. Now your comment makes much more sense!

  14. KB says:

    I wonder why they didn’t just re issue the Copyright Series calling them just that… and release everything from the start again but obviously in more quantities? Pretty cool this stuff is becoming available all the same, no complaints. It cold have all been scooped up as a complete Bootleg Series 10 though?

    Anyhow, record companies are strange, they always have been. There’ll be a time when everything is available. Wish they’d release far more live Blu-Ray footage…was hoping for complete concert outakes of both Scorsese Dylan movies….

  15. Ex-Oligarch says:

    Anybody know if these are complete takes?

  16. Steve Matteo says:

    What do you mean by limited?

  17. Revan says:

    I wish they would stop marketing this as ‘The George Harrison’ sessions. While those performances are important, they aren’t essential. These recordings, for the most part, are largely the Al Kooper sessions, as Al had a large role in the sessions and was credited at the time as co-producer.

    What makes this collection imperative is that Dylan’s vocals during this period are the best of his career. It would be nice if they could have extended the range to 1972 that would include the sessions that produced the tracks that appeared on Greatest Hits Vol II, as well as including one of his finest vocal performances,’ Spanish Is the Loving Tongue’ that was only released as a B-Side to ‘Watching the River Flow’ (it also appeared on the import compilation, ‘Masterpieces’).

    • Bill Z says:

      Revan: Agreed and agreed.

    • Nathan Thomas says:

      Are they ? All I can see is “with special guest George Harrison” in very small text under Dylan’s huge name & mention in the marketing that 9 of the 74 tracks are from the session with Harrison – not exactly a marketing blitz selling it as “the George Harrison sessions” – unless you’re seeing something I’m not ?

    • Stephen says:

      Those tracks have been released already, so are covered by copyright. Therefore no need for them to be added in here.

    • David Fisher says:

      That’s a controversial opinion you have there Revan but I have to say I agree with you! I’ve always really enjoyed the “unauthorised” DYLAN album. As well as “Spanish Is the Loving Tongue” I love “Lily of the West” and Bob’s versions of “Mr Bojangles” and “The Ballad of Ira Hayes” always make me tear up. I’m a total Beatle nut so I’ve had the Harrison material for years but always felt it was rather underwhelming and unfocussed.

  18. Giovanni says:

    Pre ordered- Any news on this coming out on vinyl ?

  19. Gino says:

    Technically speaking, the 2 missing tracks when released next year will be in the public domain in the UK! Just pre-ordered via Amazon US. Very happy for more of these low-key/no frills copyright releases.

  20. Jason T says:

    I just pre-ordered it on Amazon US, but the price was $19.97. Hopefully the price will drop before it ships.

  21. Simonf says:

    Fantastic news! I only recently learnt of the Dylan/Harrison sessions and I believe that just one track ended up on George’s triple album set All Things Must Pass (which incidentally will get a 50th anniversary release next year according to the Harrison family/estate; I read that on some other reliable music website…), so great to see the whole lot being made available. Despite the fact that I have now run out of storage space for any more records, CD’s, boxsets etc, I am certainly gonna squeeze this delightful release in somewhere, somehow…
    Merry Christmas to Paul and all SDE-er’s.

  22. P Chang says:

    Paul, any idea if this will be released on vinyl?

  23. KP says:

    Wow. Any news for a US release?

  24. Tim Abbott says:

    Pity the poor bugger that paid $2,440.44 on eBay for the limited edition…

  25. Mark S says:

    Unlucky for those that spent about £1000 buying it on eBay or discogs. Most unfortunate

  26. Terry Poole says:

    Happy Christmas to anyone who paid £1500 for the recent 50th anniversary collection on Ebay .

  27. Frederik says:

    One can only wish they do this as well for the previous copyright collections… Even happy to pay for an empty box ;-)

  28. Peter Stanton says:

    Great news. Something to look forward to. That Canadian price is pretty amazing.

  29. Ronnie says:

    the one time I was lucky enough to get one of the original copies (though it still has to arrive from the UK), they release it commercially. :-)
    On the original two takes of If not for you are apparently duplicated, so the new extra tracks will very likely be the right ones for august 12 1970

  30. Stephen says:

    On the recent release the first two and last two tracks on disc 3 are exact duplications (an error). Hoping that will be fixed for this version, effectively giving us two all-new tracks.

    • Nathan Thomas says:

      It does mention that this release contains ‘ two extra tracks that were “inadvertently left off the original release”.’, so would assume those would be those missing tracks.

  31. Ben Williams says:

    Awesome news. Have preordered it! One of my favourite Dylan periods.

    • Steve Reid says:

      Fully concur…Always thought Greil Marcus a total idiot following his review of “Self Portrait” (even more so after he gave “Shadows in the Night” something like 4 1/2 out of 5). “Self Portrait” has always been unfairly criticised and a lot due to the Marcus review…sadly some see critics as demi-gods

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