Bob Dylan is back with a brand new studio album, ‘Fallen Angels’


Bob Dylan returns with Fallen Angels, his 37th studio album, next month.

Like last year’s Shadows in the Night, Fallen Angels puts the spotlight on Dylan’s skills as an arranger and interpreter of other people’s material since it features tunes written by acclaimed and influential songwriters, including Johnny Mercer, Harold Arlen, Sammy Cahn and Carolyn Leigh. You can preview Melancholy Mood below.

The standard vinyl record comes with a CD as well (nice), although the CD is available on its own, of course. A four-track vinyl EP (featuring Melancholy Mood) will be issued for Record Store Day.

Produced by ‘Jack Frost’, Fallen Angels will be issued on 20 May 2016.





1. Young At Heart
2. Maybe You’ll Be There
3. Polka Dots And Moonbeams
4. All The Way
5. Skylark
6. Nevertheless
7. All Or Nothing At All
8. A Little Street In Singapore
9. It Had To Be You
10. Melancholy Mood
11. That Old Black Magic
12. Come Rain Or Come Shine

12 responses to Bob Dylan is back with a brand new studio album, ‘Fallen Angels’

  1. phantomengineer says:

    No CD with my vinyl version! Just a digital download. Anybody else find the same??

  2. O(+> Peter B says:

    37th? Still not as many as Prince ;0)

  3. Guillaume Bougard says:

    I would love for Bob Dylan to step outside his comfort zone and record a Roots Reggae album that Sly & Robbie would produce the old school Channel One style.

    Sly Dunbar = drums
    Robbie Shakespeare = bass
    Robbie Lyn = keyboards
    Mikey Chung, Chinna Smith, Dalton Browne = guitars
    Nambo Robinson = trombone
    Stepper Briard + Dean Fraser = sax
    Count Ossie’s son + friends = nyahbinghi percussion

    Now wouldn’t that be something

  4. Jim says:

    I’ll be getting this. Of course I’d rather it was new songs and not more covers. But new Dylan is new Dylan. I’m also pleased that, like the last album, there’s a CD with the vinyl.

  5. Fat Old Bloke says:

    Shadows in the night was awful
    If this is the same I’ll avoid

    • Steve Reid says:

      Could not agree more. I never thought there could be a bad version of “Autumn Leaves” but Bob proved this to be incorrect. The thing is that all time dick Greil Marcus slammed “Self Portrait” which is great but gave a rave review to “Shadows in the Night”. It makes “Dylan” look great. An awful hideous album given the Emperor’s New Clothes treatment.

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  7. Paul Murphy says:

    Well, we’ve known it was coming for several weeks now, but it still has the melancholy mood of disappointment on it. Tried out mostly at the Shadows In The Night sessions, there is the feel of ‘not good enough first time around’ on it, and although most things Bob produces have a level of interest, whether this will carry that interest through to a second listen will be doubtful. When the title appeared, it seemed to indicate that this might be the album of religious songs Bob had mentioned he intended to release before switching horses and issuing ‘Tempest’, but instead of God it’s all gone a bit Rod, more songbook ‘classics’ where a deal can be done on the publishing. With the meter running on Bob’s voice, it’s a shame that the opportunity to plant some more originals in his stunning catalogue has not been taken [and some songs which he has produced remarkable versions of in concert already – ‘Moon River’ and ‘Let’s Learn To Live And Love Again’ spring to mind – have not made the cut]. On the future plus side, Bob’s contract is [or was a few years back], a schedule of an original, a compilation, and a Bootleg Series, so if the Japan-only [so far] ‘Bob Dylan Revisited’ fulfils the middle, we can hopefully see the next BS [err, unfortunate abbreviation, no reflection on their awesomeness] in the run-up to Xmas [should be either ‘Blood On The Tracks’ or the Rolling Thunder Review documentary and soundtrack].

  8. Gary says:

    Richie: the “long time” wait for the vocals to come in is part of the song, not an artistic decision by Dylan. I have a 1939 Frank Sinatra recording of the song, and the long instrumental introduction is also present in that version.

  9. PeterJH says:

    It sounds good to me! Initially Shadows In The Night had me scratching my head, but eventually I was quite taken with it. Another album to look forward to.

  10. Roger Mills says:

    Bravo, Mr Dylan, Bravo…

  11. Richie says:

    I heard ‘Melancholy Mood’ on 6Music this morning. At first I thought it was an instrumental, Bob takes a long time to burst well not burst, more stumble into a relaxed rendition of the song. I quite liked it, Bob looks to be enjoying himself and even the wife enjoyed it.

    I hope his next album will feature some Dylan songs but at least he is still recording and sounding good.

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