Bob Dylan / Rough and Rowdy Ways

Bob Dylan / New album Rough and Rowdy Ways

New studio album of original songs coming in June

Bob Dylan will release a new album, Rough and Rowdy Ways, in June.

It’s Dylan’s 39th studio album and his first long-player of original material in eight years (the last being Tempest in 2012).

It’s a ten track album and includes the three new songs, issued recently. They are ‘Murder Most Foul‘, ‘I Contain Multitudes’ and a song called ‘False Prophet’ which was made available only yesterday.

The album is being released as a 2LP gatefold vinyl edition and a two-CD set. We don’t know all the song titles as this stage, but do know the song lengths!

The CD version will be available on 19 June, while the vinyl will follow on 17 July 2020.

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Bob Dylan

Rough and Rowdy Ways - 2CD edition


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Bob Dylan

Rough and Rowdy Ways - 2LP vinyl


1. “I Contain Multitudes” 4:36
2. “False Prophet” 6:00
3. “My Own Version of You” 6:41
4. “I’ve Made Up My Mind to Give Myself to You” 6:32
5. “Black Rider” 4:12
6. “Goodbye Jimmy Reed” 4:13
7. “Mother of Muses” 4:29
8. “Crossing the Rubicon” 7:22
9. “Key West (Philosopher Pirate)” 9:34
10. “Murder Most Foul” 16:54

82 responses to Bob Dylan / Rough and Rowdy Ways

  1. Neill says:

    I got the olive green double vinyl, and there was a big pop/skip problem on the first song (“I Contain Multitudes”) on the first record. I returned it to the store where I bought it and got it exchanged for a new copy (also olive green version), and the new one is worse than the first! Three big skips on the first song and two in the second (“False Prophet”).

    Has anyone else encountered this issue with the green vinyl version?

  2. Stephen Hance says:

    I ordered the gold vinyl from Dylan’s webstore. Looked beautiful. Arrived today. Not gold but yellow, less attractive than the indies olive green. Sleeve sticker confirms it is yellow. To add insult to injury I find that the gold edition is now indies only in USA. Very annoying. Emailed store, email bounced back. ‘No such email address’.

  3. Stephen Holland says:

    Hi Paul, I notice the US Bob Dylan store is offering a vinyl plus download deal but only limited to the US. Do you know of any plans for such a deal here once the vinyl is released?
    Thanks, Stephen Holland.

  4. Marcos says:

    1. “I Contain Multitudes” 4:36
    2. “False Prophet” 6:00
    3. “My Own Version of You” 6:41
    4. “I’ve Made Up My Mind to Give Myself to You” 6:32
    5. “Black Rider” 4:12
    6. “Goodbye Jimmy Reed” 4:13
    7. “Mother of Muses” 4:29
    8. “Crossing the Rubicon” 7:22
    9. “Key West (Philosopher Pirate)” 9:34
    10. “Murder Most Foul” 16:54

    • Paul Murphy says:

      I wonder if Bob got his Jimmy’s mixed up – Jimmy Rodgers [italic needed] being the ‘My Rough and Rowdy Ways’ man [1960, and one of the young Bob’s favourite albums]

      • HH says:

        From Harmonicas, Harps and Heavy Breathers:

        A Hibbing girlfriend recalls him raving about Jimmy Reed: “Bob thought he was fabulous, the best!”


  5. Tim Barton says:

    I thought Tempest was great, and hear a bit of the same musical style in the preview tracks. I am looking forward to this!

  6. Greg Sinclair says:

    Am I the only one who thinks the silhouetted hanging figure on the ‘False Prophet” artwork looks a lot like Donald Trump?

  7. Jim says:

    I’ve seen that there’s to be retail-only coloured vinyl of this one.

  8. Preetam says:

    I never really thought there will be another one from Bob; and I wished for one more I guess my prayers are answered after all! Unfortunately not yet available to purchase on Amazon’s Canadian website.

    • Brucester says:

      Amazon in Canada will soon be offering the new Bob Dylan album on CD {2 discs}….and
      a few weeks later, they will also be offering this album on a 2-LP “gatefold” vinyl edition.
      No worries !!! Meanwhile, wishing you good health and to stay safe.
      – Brucester

  9. MARK LEVY says:

    After hearing Murder Most Foul, i’m very tempted to get this album.

  10. Paul Wren says:

    Bob is getting more like Tom Waits vocally wise on the “False Prophet” track. It sounds good and the UK has the cheapest vinyl price for a change!

  11. Jim says:

    Love it when people who don’t like an artist decide they need to barge into the comments to let us know. It adds so much value. Please keep it up.

    • Mark says:

      In a sense they’re no more or less relevant than people who leave comments merely saying that they love an artist. Comments sections by their nature attract comments that just don’t appeal to us – best move on and not let it bother you.

      • Paul Sinclair says:

        Yes, but to be honest I would encourage people to be a bit more expansive than saying they love/hate anyone because it doesn’t really mean much in the whole scheme of things.

        • Nathan Dodd says:

          I completely agree with you Paul, and for someone who loves Barbra Streisand, as does Bob Dylan, I get fed up to the back teeth of the “haters” and their stupid comments, especially when they are criticising great musicians. OK, Streisand isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, and neither is Dylan, but don’t knock their talents, or the many great things they have accomplished throughout their illustrious careers simply because you dislike them. Each and everyone to their own.

  12. Peter says:

    I’ve always admired Bob Dylan, and have a very large collection of his ‘stuff’ both on vinyl and cd. I admit that I lost interest with those American Recordings, which I thought were dire, but the 3 new songs just released have me real excited. The best I’ve heard form Mr Dylan in a long time!

  13. AndyB says:

    Bought. Cha-ching! It really is a no-brainer. Been onboard forever, but since 1992, he really hasn’t missed a beat. “Good As I’ve Been To You,” “World Gone Wrong,” “Time Out Of Mind,” “Love and Theft,” “Modern Times,” “Together Through Life,” “Tempest,” the Sinatra/American Standards trilogy. I even love the Christmas album – so perverse. The older I get, the more I think about time. 1992 was 28 years ago. 28 years before that was 1964. He hadn’t even gone electric yet (barring an experiment or two!) The man is a legend for good reason. Oh, and not to mention those Bootleg Series releases. Keep going, Bob. We need you more than ever!

  14. Dean says:

    Thanks everyone who has posted, some hilarious comments. I mean, we have some being critical of “Protest singers”, which in reference to one of the finest is laughable. Not to mention, Bob hasn’t been a protest singer since the 1960’s. He’s written odd songs, but if you watch interviews with him he’s clear – he’s just a singer songwriter.

    Then we have the issue of Bob having made a very decent living out of his craft. How dare he? LOL Bob has worked his craft for decades, giving his life to writing and performing. I guess that puts him in the same bracket as hedgefund bankers, oil conglomerates, and other rich parasites. You’d of thought Bib would have checked his bank balance before voicing his opinions, you really would.

    We even have that old chestnut – Bob can’t sing. Oh, the old ones are the best, aren’t they? I mean, setting aside the obvious fact that no-one is forced to listen of buy this stuff, it can’t of gone unnoticed that Bob has never been an Adele. The guys vocals are an acquired taste, but they have been since the 70’s at least. He’s approaching 80 years young, is and has been constantly touring, and has to deal with being Bob Dylan every day of his life. I think it’s time to give the guy a break. Street Legal was what, 1978?!?

    Finally, the cover. This is actually one of his better covers! Tempest was awful too. In fact, Dylan has given us a whole slew of poor covers. His albums also tend to not have gatefolds, lyrics, and the like. I think it’s safe to say, Bob doesn’t much care.

    Anyway – instant buy.

    • seikotsi says:

      I was once forced to listed to Bob Dylan. He appeared at a festival just before the Cure. The Cure was initially supposed to go first, with Bob Dylan headlining, but RObert Smith did not want to miss the football so they reversed them. A lot of bored teenagers were standing at the front to be in a good position for the cure and everyone was so bored. I haven’t been able to appreciate Bob DYlan in any way since then, but good for those who like him. He seems to be quite productive.

    • John McCann'. says:

      Great post Dean really enjoyed reading it,I have always thought that the infidels cover and street legal where great,,,live at budakan original l.p throws everything at you,gatefold,lyrics,even a poster,,,and its not as bad as some people would have you believe!not a fan of ian walleces drumming,or the flute that ruins a classic,but love minus zero to me sounds fantastic,his voice has aged and it suits that song better than when he originally recorded it,but for me I really like real live as a album, wot a great band Dylan with mick Taylor, fantastic!

      • Jarmo Keranen says:

        Not a fan of Ian Wallace’s drumming? He was one of the all time greatest rock drummers. Have you ever heard recordings he made with David Lindley or seen they live videos? Couldn’t get much better!

        • John McCann'. says:

          No im not and neither was bass player and band leader on that tour and others Rob stoner,,,he said he had the beat of a policeman,!and who are all Thea’s people that know bob cant sing?hes a great singer, just as say james Taylor is a great singer, just a unique voice,wots your thoughts on neil young?I presume every body knows he can’t sing aswell?

    • Jarmo Keranen says:

      Everyone knows that Bob can’t sing if you ever listened him. It’s totally different thing that he has lost his voice almost totally. I have a aching throat everytime i listened his latest recordings!

  15. Hedley says:

    And in the time of the pandemic the never ending tour has finally stopped, Bob dropped clues and songs all over Instagram for the last few weeks. A reflection on the assassination, a song ? An album ? What ? You just never know

    The album is announced and it stands as the number 1 best seller on amazon in the USA, 6 weeks before issue

    We want to know what Dylan as to say.

  16. NEWSJUSTIN says:

    The amazing, incomparable genius Little Richard has passed away. A musical icon has departed the planet

  17. Ken Evans says:

    Triplicate could have fit on 2 cds but Bob designed it as 3 thematic groups of 32 minutes each and if you split the middle one in half it would be a different listening experience. If there’s not a significant upcharge then it’s a valid artistic decision.

    Blonde on Blonde could have fit a few more songs on it too but Sad Eyed Lady was alone on side four at 11:19, and who would have it any other way?

    • tommie says:

      The same happened with Kate Bush’s ‘Aerial’. I never understood it until now. It’s two different works like ‘Hounds Of Love’ and ‘The Ninth Wave’.

  18. David Bly says:

    Paul – quick ‘technical’ question – how is its you know the lengths of some of the songs without knowing the titles? You did this at least once before.
    Who is it that only releases just song lengths?

  19. Dave Richards says:

    wonder why the typography on so many releases today seems so… flat? I like the photo well enough (recycled or not) but the typography is all wrong. Coupled with the atrocious Weller cover for his new one and I am losing faith in graphics design (lol).

    • Ben Williams says:

      The days of incredible artwork is over sadly. Sometimes we get some great artwork but it’s so rare.. I like the photo of the Dylan album but much prefer the I Contain Multitudes single cover!

  20. John McCann'. says:

    Your absolutely right mate,i wonder if CBS are aware of this,?,,cover could be changed sharply, could be very collectable?

  21. RJS says:

    CD ordered. Just listening to Murder Most Foul. It’s sounds very similar to Lou Reed and John Cale’s Style it Takes from their 1990 Warhol tribute, Songs for Drella.

    • Gavin Hellyer says:

      RJS – Style It Takes was pretty well exclusively written by John Cale, and yes, I too can hear certain similarities with Murder Most Foul.

  22. JohnG says:

    The strange thing about the cover artwork is that it has seemingly been used before … on a MOJO compilation CD of all things!

    • graeme ewan says:

      classic spot mate!! love it when someone spots these things!honestly has made my day,no BS, no sarcasm it really shows whatever artist is right up!

    • bruce kelso says:

      how come no one at sony knew this. bet the cover will be different when released.

    • Jenna A says:

      ha, must be a stock photo.
      tbh the Rough And Rowdy Ways cover looks like somebody (possibly Bob? or somebody’s (grand)kid doing it for free) has just discovered the joys of rubbish photo tinting /digital colouring in via layer blends and plonking floating text on images in Photoshop etc. (been there, done that, realised it actually looked a bit crap and not worth showing anyone and def not good enough to be the cover of a major album soon after I stoped being @17 over 20 years ago).

  23. Never was a Dylan Fan (not my age group methinks) – though this sounds promising. But i am most delighted by the cover – it looks real nice. (And who listens to his record collection anyway :-). )

    • Dave says:

      Ha martin . Should never judge an album by its cover ! I Myself probably more donovan than dylan ! Be alert !!!!

  24. KB says:

    Really fantastic production on what i’ve heard so far, just brilliant. Love Bobs stuff since the early naughties, Modern Times, Together Through Life & Tempest are all superb. Looking forward to this one. I reckon another will be out soon after as the mans suddenly not touring!

  25. Magoo says:

    Showing Tats for tic tok……love that.
    When’s he’s gone the TicTok will all be rating him.

    A&R hav’nt got a Flipin clue.

    2 cds is crazy ……more plastic for the future.

    Carry on the good work everyone.

    • Matthew Smith says:

      Maybe Cd packaging will be mini Lp replica, hope so.
      As for the first part I’ve no literally no idea what those sentences mean!

  26. anthony wolkowski says:

    Hero of mine but stopped doing Dylan many years ago. Voice completely shattered and sounds like hes gargling marbles. Awful. Street legal was the height of his powers for me and I don’t need to look much further.

    • John McCann'. says:

      Street legal is one of his best,,but look up the original review in rolling stone,,i never go with reviews,most of theas guys dont have a clue!

    • Ben Williams says:

      Street Legal was 1978, you’ve missed some stunning stuff since then, namely Oh Mercy and Infidels (plus Blind Willie McTell, Every Grain Of Sand, Series Of Dreams to name a few)

  27. John Orr says:

    Excellent news, got all his albums on vinyl. Thanks for the news!

  28. Danielz says:

    Still the most prolific songwriting genius of our time.

    • ant says:

      nope, that so far (and unlikely to change) has been Joni Mitchell

      • David says:

        Danielz said the most prolific. I think Joni Mitchell is the best, but I don’t think she’s one of the most prolific at all!

  29. johnnyv says:

    Only three new songs? And isn’t it too much? And what is the rest? American standards as usual?

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      At the top it does say “New studio album of original songs coming in June”. Not sure how much clearer I can be…

  30. Bruce Marsh says:

    Excited about this. Thankfully he’s stopped doing the American Songbook and gone back to what he does best. Murder Most Foul is up there with his best and at 78 he’s released his longest song!

  31. Edward Bates says:

    Unless I’m wrong, it adds up to around 70 minutes. 2 CDs?

  32. Mark S says:

    Badlands is offering a version with an A5 art print if anyone is interested in that type of thing.

  33. Ronnie says:

    why 2cds? it all fits on 1. cd2 supposedly only has Murder most Foul on it

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Probably because that’s what Dylan wanted

    • Mike Ruggieri says:

      Amazon (U.S.) shows Murder Most Foul as the only song on Disc 2.

    • Mark Willis says:

      I think it’s because Murder Most Foul was written and recorded prior to the other songs and therefore stands outside of the tracks on CD1 that might hang together thematically or something.

  34. andrew R says:

    The man’s a genius 78 and still finding inspiration in dark times.
    Whither the new young protest singers ? Too busy showing their tats on tik tok?

    • Paul says:

      Very good

    • fan says:

      a+r guys at Columbia/Warner/Universal will now most likely sign a fart from tiktok than a protest singer, they go where the money is,simple as that

      • Peter says:

        I am sick of protest singers, Celebrities who know everything better, all this preachers which sit in their $ 100 million homes.

        • Steven Roberts says:

          Edwyn Collins might agree with you:-

          “too many protest singers/not enough protest songs”

          (from “I Never Met a Girl Like You Before”)

        • Thank you Peter, for telling it like it is. For the record (pardon the pun) I preferred Bob Dylan in the early 60’s when he recorded “The Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan” + “The Times They Are A-Changin” – 2 absolutely fantastic records. And long before Bob lived in his $100 million mansion !!! BUT – admittedly, Bob Dylan’s recent song “Murder Most Foul” about the JFK assassination {Nov 22, 1963} is a masterpiece. ps: I am from Montreal, Canada – the land of Leonard Cohen – and I can tell you Leonard lived very humbly and following a concert, you never heard these words over a loudspeaker:
          “Leonard Cohen has left the building.” He loved and appreciated his fans.
          RIP: LC (1934-2016) – Brucester

    • daveid76 says:

      Rebellion and protest are just marketing ploys these days. Can you imagine any genuine musical revolution from this generation of consumer-saturated, mind-washed, mollycoddled muppets.

      To quote Bill Bailey: “How can I feel PAIN!? How can I feel PAIN!? When you’re being so supportive…?”

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