Bowie ‘Who Can I Be Now’ vinyl available separately and competitively priced

Update: prices have changed since this was first posted.

As with Five Years before it, the remastered vinyl within last year’s David Bowie Who Can I Be Now? box set is being made available separately (next month) and if you act quickly, you can take advantage of some pleasingly low pre-order prices in the UK…

Diamond Dogs, Young Americans, David Live (2015 mix), Station To Station and the Live at Nassau Coliseum ’76 will all be issued on 10 February 2017 and at the time of writing single LPs are £13, doubles just over £15 and the 3LP David Live is £19. Total cost if you buy ‘everything’ is about £75, compared to £190 for the box set.

Remember that what remains exclusive to the box is The Gouster, David Live (2LP original mix), the 2010 Harry Maslin mix of Station to Station and the Re:Call 2 compilation.


Diamond Dogs vinyl LP (2016 remaster) – £13


CD version of Diamond Dogs also available


David Live vinyl 3LP (2005 mix, remastered) – £19


CD version of David Live also available


Young Americans vinyl LP (2016 remaster) – £13


CD version of Young Americans also available


Station To Station vinyl LP (2016 remaster) – £13


CD version of Station to Station also available


Live at Nassau Coliseum ’76 vinyl 2LP (2016 remaster) – £15


CD version of Live at Nassau also available

93 responses to Bowie ‘Who Can I Be Now’ vinyl available separately and competitively priced

  1. Francis Mariani says:

    Unfortunately, despite these being 180 gram, the quality isn’t great. I purchased Diamond Dogs, Young Americans and Station to Station. Station to Station has a horrible sound for about a minute at the end of side one – it appears the grooves are too close to the run off groove. Diamond Dogs has a couple of seconds of a harsh sound at the end of side one.

    These records are $24.95 in Canada. I was hoping for perfect copies.

  2. Paul Lewis says:

    David Live vinyl currently down to £15.99 on Amazon UK (midnight, Monday 23rd)

    • ArrGee says:

      The price fall ended up costing me as it took the order below £50 making it ineligible for the £10 BIGTHANKS discount (sigh).
      I only ordered a £1.25 Ricky Gervais DVD just to get it over £50 which is in transit, so I can’t cancel that.
      Other LPs have got more expensive on Amazon with Diamond Dogs now £24.99.

      • ArrGee says:

        Fair play to Amazon, they gave me a £10 credit when I raised it with them, so got David Live discounted and the £10 off the order.

  3. Ciaran Beattie says:

    Has Anyone Considered The Possibility That The Next Bowie Box Set could Contain Three Copies Of The “Heroes” Album,
    U.K., German And French.
    As After All, They Do Like To Repeat Albums As The Last Box Proved.

  4. Rory says:

    Already got the CD box but as with the Five Years box, It’s nice to have the individual releases to prevent excessive wear and tear from getting the box contents out again and again.
    Will be picking them all up on CD and vinyl then. Wasn’t expecting (but was hoping for) Nassau 76 as a separate CD so that’s nice.
    Also noticed that David Live is getting another CD reissue. Don’t know why as I think the original 2005 mix is still in print? Anyone know?

  5. Steven Moors says:

    Just cancelled at preordered at the same price with the Amazon BIGTHANKS discount, even better!

  6. Brian says:

    I’m sure the next one will be called “The Speed of Life”

  7. Andrew says:

    I am also hopeful there is a set for the Outside:1 and Earthling albums period. That rumoured Trent Reznor and Bowie album could make an appearance that Mike Garson mentioned somewhere! Wow!!

  8. Andrew says:

    I am only speculating, however, I can foresee there being a huge amount of alternatives from this period everyone mocks Bowie for.
    I have read about different mixes of the album, alternative versions and I can picture Let’s Dance for example having a ton of tracks in the vault. Would all of these make it to a box set in the series or even a few- not sure. It could make the recall 4 and the extra vinyl/ discs standout and become a worthy purchase.

  9. Russell says:

    The prices here seem to be those expected. Available at What Records for 12.99 etc but you do pay for postage. Amazon adding extra 70p on for some reason?

  10. Eric W says:

    I ordered Nassau and Young Americans. I had to order the Nassau with the hopes it sounds better than the copy I have that came with the Station to Station box ….Is the stand alone Station to Station the AAA that came in the box or the most recent digital master?

  11. Mark Reed says:

    ‘the rules’ are whatever Bowie decided they were.

    I think its fairly well known he had prepared a full and entire set of box sets that represented his back catalogue the way he wanted it – don’t be surprised to see similar themed sets for the rest of his career in the following years such as :

    “A New Career In A New Town” – 1977-1980
    “The Bad Dye Job And Suit years” – 1981-1987
    “Stadium Rock Sludge” – 1989-1994

    etc. etc.

    (provisional titles not 100% sincere)

    • paolo says:

      ‘A New Career in a New Town’ might be right actually. I still wonder how the series will continue after the next though.

      • RJSWinchester says:

        “I still wonder how the series will continue after the next though”

        I don’t think it will. Even the usual suspects won’t be queueing around the block for a box set containing Let’s Dance, Tonight, Never Let Me Down, etc.

    • Chris Squires says:

      This seems like a game we can all play for our favourite artists….

      1973 – 1976 “The Pissed, Reclusive Genius Years”
      1977 to 1980 – “Exegesis works”
      1981 to 1985 – “I’m writing singles now, see”
      1987 to 1991 – “Eff you Richard”
      1993 onwards – “Let’s Go ’round again”

      Should be easy to guess

      • paolo says:

        Would love like this instead:

        Five Years [1969-1973]
        Who Can I Be Now? [1974-1976]
        A New Career in a New Town [1977-1980]
        Loving the Alien [1983-1987]
        Telling Lies [1993-1999]
        I Can’t Give Everything Away [2002-2016]

  12. barry gibb says:

    Why is Live at Nassau Coliseum now being considered as an official album? Not very consistent with that. If you are going to break your own rules at least do it with the one album everyone wants from the box set – The Gouster

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Where are these ‘rules’ you speak of? ;)

      • barry gibb says:

        Santa Monica 72 didn’t come out seperately when they released the albums from Five Years (although they did release it on vinyl recently – breaking their rule of it being exclusive to the box set). Ziggy Stardust: The Motion Picture, and the alternative mix of Ther Rise And Fall, were also not released seperately as they are all archival rather than official releases. They are available outside the box set elsewhere, but were not part of the release schedule for those run of albums in that first box set. I’d like to see the press release for the Station To Station box set of some years ago, most likely stating that Live at Nassau is exclusive to that box set.

        I don’t have a problem with Nassau being released, I have a problem with The Gouster not being released based on the notion that, so far, everything that’s not an official release has supposedly been exclusive to the box sets. I’d see that thinking as a rule, all be it one they’ve already broken.

    • paolo says:

      Much like Santa Monica, which wasn’t an official album for decades until it was released in 2008. It’s fine to have Nassau as an album on its own, it completes a nice series of 70s Bowie live recordings:

      Bowie at the Beeb
      Santa Monica ’72
      Ziggy Stardust Motion Picture Soundtrack
      David Live
      Nassau Coliseum ’76

      That’s all live Bowie you need, in my book.

      • WBK says:

        Oh no!
        You also need the Live BBC-Set (2000), third disc from Bowie at the beeb box.
        The 50th Birthday Bash
        and the Outside set with NIN from 1995 are essential live recordings.

  13. Toni Hernandez says:

    I buy and still have the complete bowie discography until when Emi and Ryko reissued all the albums until “Lodger” on double clear vinyl with bonus track,in 1990-91 I´m only interested in Live at Nassau Coliseum.

  14. Mark Reed says:

    I’m well aware The Gouster isn’t seperately released, but it’s fairly abusive and hostile to customers to expect us to buy the whole box set for one missing album. Companies should feel themselves lucky people are even buying physical product anymore.

    • paolo says:

      To be fair you were supposed to buy the box for the remasters too. And also for the overall presentation and the book that is included. I’m not a fan of this type of things anymore (and I don’t appreciate how Bowie’s back catalogue is being treated) but there’s still a market for it, and luckily for those who don’t want to buy the box sets there are standalone releases. Maybe ‘The Gouster’ and other exclusives from this series will be available on thier own sometime in the future, as of now, as a huge Bowie fan, I’m happy to get the separete albums. You can live without an alternative mix of Ziggy or a redux version of ‘Young Americans’, or simply get them in digital formats, for what they worth.

      • RJSWinchester says:

        I’m quite happy with my Ryko set of Bowie CDs. Buying the same CDs again just because they’ve been remastered would just be a waste of money.

  15. PeterJH says:

    Station To Station ordered. By far the best Bowie album (arguably) !!

  16. Steve W says:

    Thanks, I’ve been after the live albums for a while. :)

  17. Michael says:

    Thanks. The Nassau concert vinyl comes to about $12 cheaper from the UK than the US even with shipping included.

  18. Matthew Langhorn says:

    I’ve ordered both live albums before Amazon double the price, these prices make a mockery of the stupidly priced Reality Tour vinyl set!

    I think they will release boxes for every album, you know what record companies are like! But it might mean we can get the albums at decent prices, eventually

  19. Ciaran Beattie says:

    I Can’t Help But Notice That The Last Batch Of CDS Issued In 2015 when Bowie Was Still Alive [And I’m Assuming In Control Of His Output] Where Mid-Priced,
    So How Come These Are Full Priced?
    Of Course I Already Know The Answer, But I’m Just Saying.
    Ciaran Beattie

  20. JueRie says:

    very high prices on amazon germany. from 33 -48€.

  21. Michael says:

    Paul, do you know if the remastered vinyl version of “Diamond Dogs” will feature the original uncensored artwork by pop artist, Guy Peellaert? It would feel historically correct, and of great interest to fans, to finally have the back of the album cover restored, as well as having the rendering of ‘Bowie wearing a black sombrero while holding onto an attack dog’ as the artwork on the inside of the gate-fold album jacket as David Bowie had intended back in 1974.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      The short answer is no, it’s not. Standard gatefold with ‘normal’ design.

      • Michael says:

        Thanks, Paul. I will still be getting “Diamond Dogs” and “Station to Station” remastered vinyl editions. Please know, what peeked my interest about “Diamond Dogs”, was a Japanese SHM mini-LP version I obtained some years ago that had the alternate album jacket artwork included as a bi-fold glossy cardboard insert. Thank you for letting all of us know about the great pricing on the separate offerings from the ‘Who Can I Be Now’ vinyl set!

  22. Kevin says:

    Of course, now the combined total of all 5 CDs at their pre-order prices is now nearly the same as the price of the box set itself right now.

    Yes, pre-orders will go down, but then there’s the Re:Call stuff…

  23. Kevin says:

    CD and vinyl links for Amazon US are up.

  24. Sam says:

    I echo the request for a Who Can I Be Now unboxing video if you’re up for it, Paul. Thanks for all you do–excellent deals here!

  25. ArrGee says:

    All 5 ordered. So up next it will be Low, Heroes, Lodger and Scary Monsters. I guess they should stop at that point. I have Let’s Dance, and after that I’m not sure I would be interested enough to spend £14 per LP. Well except Blackstar which never dips below £17 anywhere.

  26. martin farnworth says:

    i know there’s a couple of extra tracks on david live but is the remaster much better than the original version?

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      It’s Tony Visconti’s preferred version, if that means anything. He reckons it’s considerably better, although he mixed it, so he would say that :)

  27. Brian says:

    I reckon all the albums will eventually be available from the box sets.

  28. Howie says:

    Thank you. Ordered the individual LPs, not bothered about the boxset exclusives as I have a full set of the Ryko CDs with all the bonus tracks.

  29. Mark Reed says:



    I’m not paying £100-£200 just to own an album when I already have several versions of the other releases.

    • Dogfacedboy says:

      You’ll have to shout louder than that for him to hear you.

      The Gouster was always going to be a one off to get people to buy the box

  30. Thanks Paul. Got Diamond Dogs and Young Americans ordered. Already have the Station to Station SDE box so it’ll just be David Live to get, and then the Who Can I Be Now cd box. Saved me a bunch!

  31. JueRie says:

    The complete Boxset is now down on 171€ on . Good price, i think.

    I just saw on Bestbuy, that they had listed the first Boxset Five years as “not in Stock, back on 14.04.2017”. Does anyone know if this is true? I missed the first one…..

  32. Le Baron says:

    I had ordered the japanse version of the first six standalone CD’s (Space Oditty > Pin ups): complete with OBI and lyric booklet in each. They are great releases !!
    I hope these next five standalone albums will get a Japanese release.
    And thanks for the information, of course ! ;)

  33. Robert says:

    I asume that all the cd’s are also remastered in 2016. I think I am going to buy “Diamond Dogs”, “Station To Station” and “David Live”. Are you going to make a video about these releases ? This would be nice …

  34. Eamonn says:

    That nice-looking deluxe book is also exclusive to the boxset.

  35. David M says:

    The prices are up to a pound higher, 15.96 is not “15 pounds”. Still decent deals though

    • ArrGee says:

      Arguably if you take the snail delivery option and get the £1 credit it is less than £15 :-)

      I did check for these and the price difference isn’t as much as I expected. £16 for single LPs, £20 for Nassau and £24 for David Live. The Five Years single LPa are all £21 on the site.

      Diamond Dogs should be the best with the gatefold sleeve. I trust it is the gatefold sleeve, I got stung buying a non-gatefold Lodger a few years ago.

  36. Michael Fortin says:

    I’m picking up Diamond Dogs and Young Americans on CD to continue building my collection. The older 1999 remasters are still available at my local music store but I’ve been holding out for these new remasters. I already have the 3-CD Station to Station set so I’m skipping that one. Thanks for the info Paul.

  37. Jim says:

    Thanks for this – Ordered Nassau. First time this has been available in its own, isn’t it?

  38. Trash says:

    Many many thanks Paul.
    Ordered Diamond Dogs and Young Americans to round off my Bowie vinyl collection.
    Now if only they would reissue Black Tie White Noise (silly prices on vinyl).

  39. paolo says:

    Finally! Will get the three albums on CD and vinyl.

    Didn’t expect Nassau to get a standalone release, considering that I’ll have Station to Station remastered I might just get this one on CD too and then sell my 2010 STS 3CD box set. Hope Nassau CD will come in a jewelcase, to keep it coherent with the other Bowie live albums I have (Santa Monica, David Live, Stage).

    Do you plan to review those CDs in comparison with older pressings, like you did with the albums from the first box?

  40. Steven Adamson says:

    Amazing!! Pre-ordered the lot! Thanks for the tip!!

  41. Mark W says:

    Great prices! Ordered the three studio albums; many thanks for the alert!

  42. Mr X says:

    Have always loved David Live – apart from the drummer hitting the tin-soundalike piece of kit.

    Every bloody track!

    (Apologies for not knowing what the piece of drum kit actual name is!)

  43. elliott buckingham says:

    great pricing but ultimately not that interested if the unreleased album had been available id of been in but these are bargain basement prices and sure to jump in the next few days

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  45. patrick says:

    January blues lifted!

  46. Tony sandell says:

    Which is the best live LP to buy in terms of sound quality?

  47. Simon Thornhill says:

    Grabbed the vinyl + CD boxes
    But these are bargain prices
    Got the Heathen Reality Reality Live + Next Day Japanese vinyl pressings for approx £50 each exclusively released in Japan at the moment
    I’ll message Paul @SDE when they arrive with pix + full review

    • P.E. says:

      Hi Simon, you do know those recent Japanese releases aren’t actually Japanese pressings. They’re Friday Music pressings with added obi strips. I’m not knocking your purchase, I want them myself, but I wanted to make sure you and others knew they aren’t Japanese pressings. :)

  48. Michael says:

    Hi Paul,

    What about individual CD’s? Any idea when these will be available?

  49. Steven Moors says:

    Marvellous the three studio albums ordered for £41.

  50. moog_man says:

    Sweeet! The news I’ve been waiting for all year… SDE, ftw

  51. Trevor says:


    David Live includes additional tracks not included on the original 2 LP set, so not just a different mix.

  52. Bruno says:

    Hi Paul, I believe that RE:CALL 2 is also exclusive to the box set?

  53. Jesper says:

    Ordered. Thanks for the tip.

  54. Darren Briscoe says:

    Any news on a US release for us over the pond?

  55. Rob Deighton says:

    Thanks for this info Paul, Btw the link for ‘station to station’ goes to ‘Young Amercans’ LP ;-)

  56. Ben Williams says:

    Thanks Paul! Station to Station & Live 1976 pre-ordered, what great pricing!!

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