Brett Anderson / Collected Solo Work / CD and SIGNED vinyl box sets


A new box set celebrates the period in the late ‘noughties’ when Suede were disbanded and frontman Brett Anderson quietly delivered four solo albums. Brett Anderson, Collected Solo Work will be available as a 5CD+DVD collection (with 23 bonus tracks) and a four-LP vinyl set that is available in limited quantities with a SIGNED print.

The albums in question are Brett Anderson (2007), Wilderness (2008), Slow Attack (2009) and Black Rainbows (2011). The CD box comes as a ‘media book’ with bonus audio for every album, including rare B-sides and two previously unreleased songs (Forest Lullaby on Slow Attack, and Isolation on Black Rainbows). The fifth CD is made of of live recordings at London’s Koko and Lido in Berlin. The DVD features an interview with Brett where he talks about the albums (Brett has also written notes for each album which along with lyrics and photos are included as part of the bookset.

The four-LP box set marks the debut of all of these albums on vinyl. An Amazon UK exclusive limited edition (500 only) comes with a print signed by Brett (note there are two listing on Amazon, one with print, one without). The records are gathered together in a rigid slipcase and the inner sleeves feature all the lyrics.

Both box sets are due on 17 March 2017. UPDATE: Signed editions now SOLD OUT.

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Brett Anderson

Collected Solo Work


Compare prices and pre-order

Brett Anderson

Collected Solo Work - 4LP vinyl box

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Amazon usa   284.98
Amazon jp   49911.00
JPC de   69.99




  • 1. Love Is Dead
  • 2. One Lazy Morning
  • 3. Dust And Rain
  • 4. Intimacy
  • 5. To The Winter
  • 6. Scorpio Rising
  • 7. The Infinite Kiss
  • 8. Colour Of The Night
  • 9. The More We Possess The Less We Own Of Ourselves
  • 10. Ebony
  • 11. Song For My Father

Bonus tracks:

  • 12. Clowns [first version]
  • 13. We Can Be Anyone
  • 14. Mother Night
  • 15. Elegant
  • 16. Love Is Dead [live at Bush Hall]
    17. Clowns [live at Bush Hall]



  • 1. A Different Place
  • 2. The Empress
  • 3. Clowns
  • 4. Chinese Whispers
  • 5. Blessed
  • 6. Funeral Mantra
  • 7. Back To You
  • 8. Knife Edge
  • 9. P. Marius
  • 10. Symmetry

Bonus tracks:

  • 11. Love Is Dead [acoustic]
  • 12. Song For My Father [acoustic]
  • 13. Back To You [acoustic]
  • 14. Ebony [acoustic]
  • 15. The Infinite Kiss [acoustic] Live at the Union Chapel, July 2007
  • 16. Love Is Dead
  • 17. Song For My Father
  • 18. Clowns
  • 19. To The Winter
  • 20. Back To You



  • 1. Hymn
  • 2. Wheatfields
  • 3. The Hunted
  • 4. Frozen Roads
  • 5. Summer
  • 6. Pretty Widows
  • 7. The Swans
  • 8. Ashes Of Us
  • 9. Scarecrows And Lilacs
  • 10. Julian’s Eyes
  • 11. Leave Me Sleeping

Bonus tracks:

  • 12. With You Within You
  • 13. Forest Lullaby*



  • 1. Unsung
  • 2. Brittle Heart
  • 3. Crash About To Happen
  • 4. I Count The Times
  • 5. The Exiles
  • 6. This Must Be Where It Ends
  • 7. Actors
  • 8. In The House Of Numbers
  • 9. Thin Men Dancing
  • 10. Possession

Bonus tracks:

  • 11. Unstoppable
  • 12. Savage Dance
  • 13. Isolation*
  • 13. Brittle Heart [radio edit]
  • 14. Brittle Heart [instrumental]


LIVE 2010/2011

Koko, 12 October 2011

  • 1. Unsung
  • 2. Wheatfields
  • 3. The Exiles
  • 4. Actors
  • 5. Ashes Of Us
  • 6. The Hunted
  • 7. Julian’s Eyes
  • 8. Thin Men Dancing
  • 9. Possession
  • 10. In The House Of Numbers
  • 11. The Swans
  • 12. Brittle Heart

Encore: Lido, Berlin, 1 February 2010

  • 13. Scarecrows & Lilacs
  • 14. Frozen Roads
  • 15. Leave Me Sleeping
  • 16. Chinese Whispers
  • 17. A Different Place
  • 18. Funeral Mantra


Brett Anderson talks to Luke Turner about the writing and recording of the albums

42 responses to Brett Anderson / Collected Solo Work / CD and SIGNED vinyl box sets

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  2. Sami says:

    It seems that AmazonUK has still the signed vinyl-box in stock, there’s currently 9 of them available from Amazon itself and the price is £77.98 here:

    Would you say that this is good boxset for the given price?
    Are the vinyl good pressings and how do they sound?
    I never bought those BA-albums on any format before, but as I found this release mentioned at Superdeluxe-edition I got interested. I love Suede but also his solo albums are really nice..

  3. James says:

    Do you know if this is a UK-only release, Paul? I can’t see any preorder details on any Amazon site except for

  4. Javier says:

    Intrigued about “Slow attack” after reading all the praise here!

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  6. Javier says:

    I might be wrong, but my guess is that Brett feels his solo albums were underated because of the sad and mediocre ending of Suede with “A New Morning”. People just didn’t take him seriously during the noughties. Now that Suede are praised with, for many, their best album since “Dog Man Star”, perhaps he feels that his solo career may also be revalued. And perhaps it is also his way of saying goodbye to his solo period in order to concentrate totally in Suede.

    Anyway, I see on this site that “Night Thoughts” has led many people to go back to Suede and even to discover his solo career. That’s my case. Actually, today I have listened to “Wilderness”, which I own but hadn’t listened yet, and I find it a very good album. Not all the songs are strong, but at least half of the album is really worthy. “Clowns” in particular is really brilliant. Looking forward to discover the other three with this box set!

  7. DJ Salinger says:

    I once found myself sitting next to Brett on a Circle Line train in London. Despite this being at some point in those ‘wilderness years’ he had rather nice shoes on, which first caught my attention as I sat there slumped in a commuter fugue. He was also wearing a fur-trapper’s hat on what was the hottest day of the year, which gave me renewed sympathy for the measures our pop stars take to avoid being recognized on their day off.

    So no, I didn’t bother him with a gush about ‘Killing Of A Flashboy’ being one of the finest-ever examples of the art of the quality b-side, and why “You’ll suffer for your sex by the caravanettes” is possibly their best, most Suede-y lyric ever. Almost a mission statement, in fact. I doubt he needed to hear any of that.

    It was good to have the band back and on such good form last year. I think I’ll be buying this set and acquainting myself with those solo albums for the first time after all.

  8. Mark says:

    Thanks Paul; for the amount in pounds is about $50.00 Canadian, a pretty good deal for what you get.Ordered the CD/DVD box; too bad about the print, but I’m not changing back to vinyl after changing to CDs way back.

  9. James says:

    I too have been on a big Suede kick since ‘Night Thoughts’, and don’t have ANY of the Brett Anderson solo records, so this box set practically buys itself!

  10. Ant says:

    Totally agree with the posters here citing “Slow Attack” as an under-rated gem. It’s a beautiful album, definitely my favourite of his solo works. And Paolo, I also noted that this almost sounds like a “full-stop” on his solo career…interesting!

    Great set, will pick up. Thanks Paul!

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  12. paolo says:

    Would have liked better the first four CDs to be the original albums, a fifth disc gathering together all the B-sides and extra studio tracks, and then the live disc to be a ‘best of’ of the 2007 live albums plus Berlin and Koko.

    We Can Be Anyone
    Mother Night
    Back to You
    Ebony (acoustic)
    The Infinite Kiss (acoustic)
    Love is Dead (acoustic)
    Song for My Father (acoustic)
    Forest Lullaby
    With You, Within You
    Savage Dance

  13. Larry Davis says:

    Pretty thrilled about this set as I too have been on a Suede revival lately since I heard “night thoughts” kinda late at the end of 2016 and was blown away…will also get that “coming up” set eventually…knew about the solo records and the tears but never heard em…now with this reasonably priced set on preorder I will…but for sure Brett coulda signed some smaller prints for the CD boxsets ya think?? It’s all good tho.

  14. Mark Reed says:

    Shame they haven’t included the 5 live albums from London Shepards Bush, Union Chapel, Festival Hall + the full sets from Berlin and Koko. Especially as Berlin was only released on a USB stick!

  15. Richard Bambet says:

    Lovely box set though not much that’s not already available ( have the German live show on a memory stick and bought the Koko one at the gig. Saw each album live and these are a wonderful collection of songs – as said shame no extra vinyl LPs.

  16. paolo says:

    First three are a bit acoustic/minimal, not everyone’s cup of tea, but ‘Black Rainbows’ is as good as the last two Suede albums. I actually prefer it to ‘Bloodsports’ and ‘Night Thoughts’, and I think that are both great records.

    I was reflecting and speculating on the title of this collection, it is ‘Collected Solo Work’ and not ‘Collected Solo Work (2007-2011)’, this might imply that Brett’s not willing anymore to make solo records and will keep up exclusively Suede’s career instead?

  17. Robert says:

    This is great. I’m a bit in the dark on his solo material so I’m looking
    forward to this. Even without using the code the price was 49 –
    good deal

  18. Gareth says:

    Some really good music on these albums. ‘Brittle Heart’ is as good as anything he’s done with Suede.

    I saw Brett touring ‘Slow Attack’ at Shepherds Bush Empire. It was barely half-full and was as flat a show as i’ve seen. Even Brett seemed to sense the audience weren’t with him. He was really in the wilderness (excuse the pun) during the solo years so it’s great to see him back with Suede. He’s a terrific front-man.

  19. Now when is the deluxe edition of The Tears coming out?

  20. auteur55 says:

    Can I put a plug in for Slow Attacks. Just an achingly gorgeous, sorrowful record. One of the best things he’s ever done. Completely ignored upon release. There’s lots of great stuff to discover here as well as the hit single that never was Back to You. I bought all the albums upon release on CD but would like to have in a box set with the bonus tracks so I will be purchasing. Guess I’ll chuck my old copies on Ebay. Hopefully his solo stuff can entertain a little rediscovery, kind of amazed how completely ignored all these were when we was releasing them.

    • Stan Butler says:

      There are so many great songs spread over these albums. Gorgeous melodies, beautiful understated arrangements and mature lyrics. As good as anything I’ve heard in the last decade. Deserve a much bigger audience.

  21. paolo says:

    Correct me if I’m wrong: the CD version comes in a book set format, so no single album packages but a collective artwork for all discs, while the LP version comes with all 4 records in their individual sleeves reproducing original artworks, gathered together in a rigid slipcase?

  22. Roberto says:

    Great heads up, Paul, as always! Ordered both boxes as I never got around to buy the original CD releases back in the day, as they were very expensive as imports, and it’s nice to have the vinyl box too, of course from my favorite frontman in pop.

  23. Javier says:

    Wonderful. This comes at the right moment for me, when I’ve finally listened to a Suede album that I enjoy as much as the Bernard Butler ones, “Night Thoughts”. I’m on a full Suede revival! And I only own one of Anderson’s solo albums, so this is the ideal box set for me! Grrrreat!!!

  24. paolo says:

    Exactly, where are those two unreleased songs?

    – bonus tracks on ‘Brett Anderson’ are the B-sides for the various formats of ‘Love is Dead’ single.
    – bonus tracks on ‘Wilderness’ are the ‘Back to You’ EP (with the song ‘Back to You’ not included as a studio version but as an acoustic take) plus five live tracks from one of his 2007 live albums.
    – bonus tracks on ‘Slow Attack’ are the iTunes bonus plus the B-side to ‘The Hunted’, both originally released as digital exclusives.
    – bonus tracks on ‘Black Rainbows’ are again B-sides from the two singles lifted from the album, with the two versions of ‘Brittle Heart’ from the promotional CD single.

    Having all the CD singles I only miss a handful of songs which were digital exclusives, I guess 3 or 4, don’t know if actually worths picking up this box…

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      The label tell me that the bonus unreleased tracks are “Forest Lullaby” on ‘Slow Attack’, and “Isolation” on ‘Black Rainbows’. It’s possible they mean previously unreleased on a commercial CD.

      • paolo says:

        Yeah, both were digital exclusives. But also ‘With You, Within You’ was only released in digital format, if I recall correctly.

        Checked back and actually the tracks I don’t have on CD here are 7 (I mean proper songs, don’t count live recordings), so all in all this box probably worths the purchase considering there’s also a full live CD and an interview DVD. Plus it all comes in a neat box set, which I hope will be better designed than the recent 20th anniversary ‘Coming Up’ set.

        Looking forward for a video review or some pictures of yours Paul.

  25. Andrea says:

    Actually, no-one understands what the two “unreleased” songs should be…
    And a pity that the DVD doesn’t contain at least his two official videoclips (Love Is Dead and The Hunted) or some live performance.
    But a nice box of course!

  26. Phil WIlson says:

    I think on Disc 2 – Wilderness, that the Live at Union Chapel 2007 bit should be after track 15, and relates to tracks 16-20. What I can’t see is the actual EP version of Back To You. The 4 acoustic tracks on the Wilderness disc made up the rest of the 5 track EP, but I think the acoustic Back To You was an exclusive, possibly from concertlive who made the Union Chapel 2007 CD, where the live bonus tracks come from. The version of Back To You on Wilderness was a different version, and had a female singer (Emanuelle Seigner) on there also. It seems strange to miss it off an otherwise comprehensive set. I think the 2 unreleased tracks are the 2 alt versions of Brittle Heart, which are a bit of a let down since I was hoping they would be two completely unreleased tracks. However, am much looking forward to this set.

  27. Roland Wessel says:

    It’s just a pity that the dvd and bonus tracks (e.g. gathered on a single cd) are not included in the vinyl box.

    • Chris Squires says:

      Roland, that is something I have been banging on about for a while now. One of the things about This Woman’s Work by Kate Bush (long out of print) is that they bothered to include all of the bonus material in the vinyl set as well. The three extra LPs are what make that set so special. This set should be 6 or 7 LPs with a double / triple of the bonus material. I might have bought it with the extras, I probably won’t for the straight LPs.

      • Larry Davis says:

        That’s exactly why I primarily buy CDs and cd boxsets over vinyls…bonus tracks left off vinyls…this one is a perfect example…only preordered the cd box…why tho is the signed print only in the vinyl box and not the cd box?? They coulda made smaller ones for Brett to sign and stick in…ya think??

    • Urs says:

      Yes, indeed. Really missing the DVD and bonus tracks in the vinyl version! (Even if it was not included on vinyl but on CD/DVD.)
      But anyways great to see this stuff bundled, as I really love his solo work (Wilderness is my favourite).

  28. Roland Wessel says:

    Thanks Paul, especially for mentioning the £10 discount. Ordered!

  29. Le Baron says:

    Thanks Paul!
    Is the BIGTHANKS code only working for the vinyl set?

  30. HS says:

    Cool! I love his solo albums (although I somehow never got around to buying “Black Rainbows”). I’ll get the CD box.

  31. Andy Swallow says:

    Thanks Paul, signed vinyl box set ordered…!

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