Brian Eno / Half-speed mastered vinyl

Universal/Virgin EMI are to issue audiophile two-LP half-speed vinyl mastered editions of four classic Brian Eno albums.

The long-players in question are Here Come The Warm Jets (1973), Taking Tiger Mountain (By Strategy) (1974), Another Green World (1975) and Before and after Science (1977).

These continue Universal Music’s occasional ‘Half Speed Mastering’ series. Not only have all four albums been mastered at half-speed (by Miles Showell at Abbey Road Studios) but these vinyl pressings will play at 45 RPM for optimum sound quality.

Each gatefold package comes with OBI strip (nice), download voucher (good, although probably only MP3) and Abbey Road Half Speed Master certificate (really?).

These two-LP, half-speed mastered editions will be reissued on 4 August 2017.

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Brian Eno

Here Come The Warm Jets [VINYL]


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Brian Eno

Taking Tiger Mountain (By Strategy) [VINYL]


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Brian Eno

Another Green World [VINYL]

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Brian Eno

Before And After Science [VINYL]


Here Comes The Warm Jets

Side 1:
1 Needles In The Camel’s Eye
2 The Paw Paw Negro Blowtorch
3 Baby’s On Fire

Side 2:
1 Cindy Tells Me
2 Driving Me Backwards

Side 3:
1 On Some Far Away Beach
2 Blank Frank
3 Dead Finks Don’t Talk

Side 4:
1 Some Of Them Are Old
2 Here Come The Warm Jets

Taking Tiger Mountain (By Strategy)

1. Burning Airlines Give You So Much More
2. Back in Judy’s Jungle
3. The Fat Lady of Limbourg
4. Mother Whale Eyeless
5. The Great Pretender
6 Third Uncle
7. Put a Straw Under Baby
8. The True Wheel
9. China My China
10. Taking Tiger Mountain

Another Green World

Side 1:
1 Sky Saw
2 Over Fire Island
3 St. Elmo’s Fire
4 In Dark Trees

Side 2:
1 The Big Ship
2 I’ll Come Running (To Tie Your Shoes)
3 Another Green World

Side 3:
1 Sombre Reptiles
2 Little Fishes
3 Golden Hours
4 Becalmed

Side 4:
1 Zawinul / Lava
2 Everything Merges With The Night
3 Spirits Drifting

Before And After Science

Side 1:
1 No One Receiving
2 Backwater

Side 2:
1 Kurt’s Rejoinder
2 Energy Fools The Magician
3 Kings Lead Hat

Side 3:
1 Here He Comes
2 Julie With……

Side 4:
1 By This River
2 Through Hollow Lands (for Harold Budd)
3 Spider And I

44 responses to Brian Eno / Half-speed mastered vinyl

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  2. mm says:

    This is absurd!Dont know if i just have a rogue copy of ”TTM”,but the first disc is riddled with channel distortions;on ”Judy” the volume in the left channel comes in and out with loudness issues,the beginning of ”Limbourg” sounds like it was mastered from a musty 78 that a cat has inadvertently relieved itself upon!If you are not listening on headphones these things may not be apparent,but it makes a mockery of all the guff about better stereo seperation and the ostentatious mastering certificate inside .This is going back;not at all” what THEYRE paid for” and as we know ”the weak spots will show”!A shame,because what I hear on the second disc sounds well brizzhot!Whoever mastered this must surely have listened and heard these faults?!

    • Darreng says:

      Just sent my batch of four back for the same reason. Particularly bad on taking tiger and green world.

    • Philip Kret says:

      My understanding is that they went from tape directly to the lathe. Can you point out where on another green world you find issues? I didn’t buy TTMBS because I have an original very clean copy.

  3. mitchell feldstein says:

    i might get TTM and AGW.but mainly for the downloads if the sound is that much better.i have quality vinyl of all 4 and the remastered CD’s that came out a while back not sure i need them again.but TTM is one of my favorite records of all time so it is tempting!

  4. Leemer says:

    I hope that these are issued as single LP 33 and a third versions. I keep hating to turn vinyl every 9 minutes.

    Peter Gabriel’s vinyl reissues were excellent. PG did his obsessive fans right.

  5. Eat Me says:

    I’m so torn.

    For instance, Before and After Science is clearly split in Side A (hi-energy proto-new wave pop songs, most with vocals) and Side B (calm, longer ambient pieces, mostly without vocals) much like Bowie’s Low. Splitting sides into entire discs is not the end of the world but flipping sides more quickly sort of is.

    All that being said, it’s Eno, so even the first two albums have sonic elements that deserve a 45rpm treatment. I would normally not feel this way for most albums/artists. I think I’ll go in on all four and sell my second-hand copies of B&AS and AGW.

  6. Julian Hancock says:

    Another vote here in favour of 33 over 45. Yes, I know 45s can sound better, but as someone said earlier changing the record every 10 minutes is a pain. It also breaks the flow of an album that was, after all, sequenced for 2 sides. Anyway, if some people prefer 45s then great, but I suspect that many would prefer the more ‘orthodox’ format.

  7. blackpage says:

    Also available at Enoshop for £25.99/pp each. I didn’t see a bundle there either. Also, hats off to everyone that contibuted info re: 45rpm vs 33rpm. Good stuff.

  8. Mark S says:

    £32 for an album is just wrong. Unrelated, the new Liam Gallagher single, one track 7″ is £14.99. Insane. That’s not including postage.

    • Steven Roberts says:

      Yes, the pricing is obscene compared to the Peter Gabriel titles, for example.

      Fingers crossed they’ll get discounted on Amazon or somewhere at some point – that’s how I picked up my Who/Oldfield/ABBA half-speed masters (still waiting for the Free to drop to a decent price)….

  9. Bridge says:

    Note: Just for comparison, has all 4 on for $38.88CAN/per. Which of course works great for me living in Canada, free shipping et al, as opposed to $50CAN/per. Just sayin.


    I shall continue to sit and wait with bated breath for expanded cd’s of these four titles (and the rest) – Seven Deadly Fins is one of those “should-have-been-a-huge-hit-but-wasn’t-even-close” titles….

  11. Scott G says:

    Most of Eno’s albums were re-released on CD after the master tapes were archived onto DSD. Those CD prints came from the DSD masters – would have been nice to have had them as Hybrid SACD.
    There is absolutely no reason these days for the downloads being MP3. Frankly at these prices they should be available as 24bit 96/192 kHz FLAC (or WAV).

    Why MP3? Probably so that the vinyl sounds even better than the download for those who wish to do a side by side comparison of vinyl vs MP3. Or am I being to cynical?

    This makes me think the artist does not care about their fans. Or does the artist not have a say?

    I am a big Eno fan but will not purchase these with such a lousy quality download. I hope they rethink the MP3 download and up the quality of the download.

    • PHILIP KRET says:

      They are WAV files but 16-bit. So must’ve been downsampled from the original tapes. Vinyl does sound superb though so I believe this is supposed to be an original analogue experience – with a digital set for the people who just want to hear on their phones. As far as it being two discs and lots of record flipping – more focus on the actual tracks than the album flow – sure, but it’s a new experience really listening to each of these “new” lead tracks (hats!).

  12. Mylene says:

    Here Come the Warm Jets sounds like it was recorded underwater. No matter how you cut it up or what speed you play it at it ain’t never going to sound like an audiophile recording.

  13. Steve F says:

    I have a few of these including Abba’s Arrival on 2x45rpm (to answer the question, it didn’t come out as a 33rpm and I doubt these will). The downloads are 128kbps MP3, which is very poor for an audiophile product.
    The Peter Gabriel half-speed masters were not done at Abbey Road by Miles Showell, neither were they part of the Universal Half Speed Master series. The downloads were 24-96 WAV, and they were half the price of the Universal series.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Yes, the Gabriel reissues were incredible value, with the hi-res downloads. By the way the downloads on these have been confirmed with me as MP3, so if you’re hoping for FLAC, WAV etc. you’ll be disappointed.

    • Mike the Fish says:

      To be fair one of the downloads was only up to 24/44.1 but all the same better than mp3!

  14. Steven Roberts says:

    I don’t recall Another Green World being a particularly long album – are the other titles really long enough to merit being spread over four sides at 45rpm, or is that simply an excuse to charge more money?

  15. madman says:

    I agree with Ken; issue them as 33/13 LP’s. Can someone please explain (or share a link that explains) the advantage of mastering at 45 rpm is? I’m guessing improved sound quality, but it just seems silly to me.

    • Simon says:

      It’s basic physics. Think of it like this – in the space of say 10 seconds the needle will cover much more distance in the groove at 45 as it is going faster. The more ‘distance’ means more space for information. Imagine the opposite – a record going really really slow will have all the information crammed in and won’t sound as good.

      The best sounding records I have are all those 45rpm 12″ singles from the 80’s. Bass in particular is improved.

      • Mike the Fish says:

        It’s the analogue equivalent of increased sample and bit rate. Greater resolution as more vinyl passing the stylus per revolution, greater dynamics possible due to less audio time allowing a wider groove wiggle (or just a louder cut which improves signal to noise ratio providing the side’s not too long).

        • Steven Roberts says:

          Yes, I understand the argument re greater fidelity – but that has to be balanced against the additional expense and the fact that you are out of your seat after every other song.

          Plus sometimes albums are intended to work as a single LP, with ‘themed’ sides.

          I’m not against the use of the double album format per se, but I think a better solution would be to spread an album over three sides, and use the fourth as an excuse to include additional material (such as period b-sides and/or single edits).

          You know, give the buyers something extra :)

          • Mike the Fish says:

            That’s counter intuitive to the themed sides even more, though, as then part of the original side 1 and 2 are mixed together. That said U2’s Songs of Innocence works brilliantly as a three sided album.

          • Andrew says:

            Absolutely agree. Lots of bands seem to ignore the non album stuff of the period, which some people missed at the time. A remastered disc and a further disc of additional stuff (sessions, demos, single remixes/ edits).

  16. ken says:

    I wish they would issue them in single album 33 1/3 as well. I tend to never listen to these 10 min per-side records.

    • probablyrustin says:

      Same… if an album is going to be spread over 4 sides I’d at least like for it to warrant it! Hard to keep the flow when it has to be changed so often. I get the appeal of maximum sound quality, but for me it crosses into impractical.

    • Trash says:

      Have to agree with this.
      I bought Gabriel 4 as a half speed master since I have to manually change speed to play 45 amp vinyl it is am immediate faff. Then having to change sides so often makes it even more off-putting.

      I still have my original copies of all these albums (including Before and After Science with the original lovely watercolours by Peter Schmidt) but it would be nice to have pristine versions.
      If they come out on 33rpm I’m in.

  17. elliott buckingham says:

    never understand why they go to all this trouble to have it ruined by using an awful pressing plant

  18. Alan Boyd says:

    Yes would have loved these on CD also any news on the Roxy Music extended versions of the first 2 albums?

    • mitchell feldstein says:

      i too have been looking for extended versions of the first two roxy music albums.they have been rumoured for ages!

  19. BRENEZ Alain says:

    These LP’s were issued years ago as Japanese mini lp’s (cardboard sleeves) but are probably out of print now. Have to check this but I think I have all 4 mini lp’s.

  20. David Bourgoin says:

    Lovely items, crazy price.

  21. Tattybobo says:

    Does anyone think they will eventually release these as single albums at 331/3 rpm like the Peter Gabriel reissues ?
    My turntable does not play 45rpm

  22. Emsquared says:

    I’ll take Before & after Science and Another Green World. Not sure about the absolute sonic fidelity of some of the earlier Eno recordings (lo-fi via Hi-Fi?) in terms of a 45rpm half speed master option but not knocking the offerings nonetheless

  23. Paul Martin says:

    Also issue them as a clam boxed, card sleeved CD set and I’m in. I assume the inclusion of download codes with these vinyls means that’s not likely to happen though, shame.

  24. Brian says:

    nice. I’d like to think they will continue this with the ambient recordings as well.

  25. Dogfacedboy says:

    Recordstore doing the 4 in a bundle for 85 notes

    I’m thrilled as have only just discovered solo Eno and was hoping for vinyl reissues

  26. Chris Squires says:

    Ordered through “The sound of vinyl”, which have a (probably limited) bundle of all 4 albums for £84.99 but with £6.95 postage bumps that to £92 and they take their money upfront. (swings and roundabouts). Hopefully these will be beautiful.*/*/Brian-Eno-Half-Speed-Master-Bundle/5KL70000000

    • hans altena says:

      I have been waiting for years, my own copies from the seventies had some pops in them already when I bought them, and I never found a replacement. But I wil let this pass, I want an album not two Ep’s, which breaks up the continuity and the sense of two sides, so vital to the concept of the elpee, which I still cherish. And my experience with 45 records is not too good, so I guess I have to stick to my analogue originals. THank you hipsters for ruining the vinyl market with your craze for splitting up an album in four sides, your idea of excersise, getting up every eight minutes to turn over the record? A shame…

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