Bronski Beat / The Age of Consent CD and vinyl reissues

2CD deluxe • Vinyl picture disc • PINK gatefold vinyl • exclusives

London Records have announced a remastered and expanded reissue of Bronski Beats 1984 album The Age Of Consent and will issue the album on three physical formats.

A two-CD deluxe edition offers the original ten-track album appended with four bonus 12-inch remixes. A second CD features material from the London Records’ archive including radio sessions and unreleased material such as the unheard demo ‘The Other Side Of The Tracks’. This disc is completed with some new remixes.

A 12-inch picture disc of the album is also being made available and limited to just 1000 units, along with a gatefold PINK vinyl edition. The latter comes with both CDs from the deluxe (packaged in simply wallets) while the former includes an MP3 download of the same audio.

The artwork for the album has been fully restored. With the original files long since lost, the record label London turned to Bruce Gill, whose father created the original designs, and along with his Dad redrew the album text and worked on a new layout for CD, vinyl and picture disc. Also, Jimmy Somerville, producer Mike Thorne and Paul Flynn all contribute to new sleeve notes.

Most excitingly, London Records have collaborated with SDE and produced a extremely limited CD single edition of the original 12-inch single of ‘Smalltown Boy’! This 2-track single features the original near nine-minute mix of the song and the ‘Infatuation/Memories’ B-side (which isn’t on the new deluxe edition of The Age Of Consent).

A FREE CD single of the Smalltown Boy 12-inch while stocks last

Only 200 of these are being made available and anyone who pre-orders any edition of the new The Age Of Consent from the SDE shop, gets a FREE copy. Obviously, all Bronski Beat pre-orders on the SDE shop are only available only while stocks last!! Sorry, THIS HAS NOW SOLD OUT!

The Age Of Consent is reissued on 26 October 2018.

Although the SDE shop has sadly sold out of its allocation – and the exclusive ‘Smalltown Boy’ CD single – fear not, because you can still buy all of these physical formats of The Age Of Consent (2CD deluxe, PINK vinyl and vinyl picture disc) from the official Bronski Beat shop.In fact they have another great CD single offer- Why?, available free with all orders.

Shop for The Age Of Consent reissue at the official Bronski Beat shop

CD1: Remastered Album and Bonus Tracks

  1. Why? (Remastered)
  2. It Ain’t Necessarily So (Remastered)
  3. Screaming (Remastered)
  4. No More War (Remastered)
  5. Love & Money (Remastered)
  6. Smalltown Boy (Remastered)
  7. Heatwave (Remastered)
  8. Junk (Remastered)
  9. Need A Man Blues (Remastered)
  10. I Feel Love/Johnny Remember Me (Remastered)

Bonus Tracks

  1. Why? (12” Version)
  2. Smalltown Boy (12” Version)
  3. It Ain’t Necessarily So (12” Version)
  4. I Feel Love/Johnny Remember Me (12” Version)

CD2: Rare And Unreleased Tracks

  1. It Ain’t Necessarily So (Kid Jensen BBC Session)
  2. Memories (Kid Jensen BBC Session)
  3. Crazy Maraquitta (Kid Jensen BBC Session)
  4. Why? (Kid Jensen BBC Session)
  5. No More War (Demo)
  6. Up and Down (Instrumental demo)
  7. Heatwave (Demo)
  8. Ultra Clone (Instrumental Demo)
  9. Junk (Demo)
  10. The Other Side Of The Tracks (Demo)
  11. I Feel Love/Johnny Remember Me (Rough Mix) 

Bonus Tracks

  1. Smalltown Boy (Reprise 2014)
  2. Why? (Live at Stella Polaris)
  3. Smalltown Boy (Arnaud Rebotini Remix)
  4. Why? (Wax Wings Remix)
  5. Smalltown Boy (KDA Pink Triangle Remix)

EXCLUSIVE Smalltown Boy CD single

  1. Smalltown Boy (12” Version)
  2. Infatuation / Memories

The Age of Consent / PINK vinyl LP or Vinyl picture disc

Side one

  1. Why? (Remastered)
  2. It Ain’t Necessarily So (Remastered)
  3. Screaming (Remastered)
  4. No More War (Remastered)
  5. Love & Money (Remastered)

Side two

  1. Smalltown Boy (Remastered)
  2. Heatwave (Remastered)
  3. Junk (Remastered)
  4. Need A Man Blues (Remastered)
  5. I Feel Love/Johnny Remember Me (Remastered)

117 responses to Bronski Beat / The Age of Consent CD and vinyl reissues

  1. alex says:

    Jimmy Somerville: Home Again, 3CD Expanded Edition
    Released December 4, 2020.

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  3. William says:

    Hello Paul, received the picture disc from the SDE shop today. Is the download included with the PD only thru the TM store? Thx. Picked up the CD version from you as well so DL not necessary.

  4. Stefano Dalmonte says:

    Hi Paul, hi everybody,
    First of all, apologies for my bad English.
    When I have seen the SDE mail with this announcement I tried to buy the vinyls, but every single format was already sold out. So I bought both the picture disc and the pink vinyl from the shop (under Paul suggestion) and now I have TWO copies of the numbered CD single “Why”.
    So I thought: is there anyone who bought the same two vinyls from SDE store and subsequently have two copies of the CD single “Smalltown Boy”? In this case we may trade our advanced copy in order to collect both CDs….
    Paul, if you have one copy that you can give away, you’re welcome to exchange it with me…
    Please let me know
    Cheers, and thanks to Paul for your great work

  5. Phil Hale says:

    The 2CD and Why single arrived today.

    The Why single is a CDR rather than a normal pressed CD.

    An Audacity comparison of the Why single tracks shows that:

    Track 1 (7.44) looks identical to track 11 on CD 1
    Track 2 (3.54) looks identical to track 15 on CD2 of the 2012 Remaster release
    Track 3 (5.30) looks identical to track 15 on CD2
    Track 4 (4.17)

    I’ve uploaded scans of the disc and sleeve:

    Note the SDE logo on the CD and rear!

  6. David Allardice says:

    Not only does the CD sleeve credit the “Kid Jenson BBC Session”, it also twice refers to “European laws regarding minimum age for lawful homesexual relationships…”

    Doesn’t anyone proofread sleeves these days?

  7. Neil Kelly says:

    OK so i found out about this on afternoon one which was 12/09 but missed out like many on the SDE ‘Smalltown boy’ CD single edtion now i find out about the ‘Why’ CD single edition on the 21/09/18 and again it seems to be sold out (can’t see any mention on the official page ordering of the deluxe). Great! Obviously due to my disappointment i won’t be ordering this now.
    Can anyone confirm the ‘Why’ edition is sold out? Also what was on it?

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Yes, looks like Why? is sold out. Can’t remember what was on it, although I’m sure someone here can enlighten you. There was a modern remix, I think and the original 12-inch mix

      • Walter says:

        Tracklist “Why” CD Single:
        1. Why (Extended Version),
        2. Cadillac Car,
        3. Why? (Wax Wings Remix),
        4. Smalltown Boy (KDA Pink Triangle Remix Edit)

        It seems “Cadillac Car” and track 4 aren’t on the 2CD re-re-re-release; however it looks like track 4 is an edit of track 16 of CD 2. Also assuming “Why (Extended Version)” is the same as track 11 on CD 1 (12″ Version)

  8. kasper says:

    Look’s like “why” limited cd single from the official Bronski Beat site has been sold out now.

  9. Danny King says:

    I have ordered the ‘pink vinyl’ format from the official website – it was sold-out here by the time I found out about it. However, if I’m correct, the two CD’s that come in a ’simple wallet’ with the ’pink vinyl’ format are the same as the 2 CD Deluxe version that is available separately. This seems strange, but, I can only assume that the inclusion of the CD’s with the vinyl format is for those who only wish to purchase this vinyl format, and not the CD, and likewise with the separate release of the CD is for those who only wish too purchase the CD, and not the vinyl format – correct. So, unless someone wants to, there is no point buying the 2 CD Deluxe edition when it comes with the two CD’s that come with the album. Their have been so many of these releases involving electronic acts/artists this year, it gets a bit confusing with all the various formats and bundles, that are available : )

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      That’s basically correct, although you don’t get any CD packaging with the vinyl, so I wouldn’t say there was ‘no point’ in buying the deluxe 2CD edition.

    • Danny King says:

      Hello Paul
      Thank you for your reply, and clearing-up the confusion regarding the CD with the album.

      Yes, I am aware, that the separate CD will have a proper cover and so forth in comparison to the CD that will be available with the album. However, I am more than happy in getting the two CD’s included with the album itself, that’s fine with me, especially with so many of these releases currently available, its impossible too buy every one of them.

      Keep-up the excellent work with the website itself : )

      For Now

  10. Stevie B says:

    Just ordered the Picture Disc and Pink Vinyl from the official site (didn’t want to be greedy on the SDE shop and deny anyone else the chance of the exclusive CD single but realised it’s one per order anyway so got the vinyl. Do we know if it’s the same deal as SDE site (simple wallet CD’s, and mp3 files)… hope so! Doesn’t say on

  11. The Innes says:

    Hi, has anyone got any links where you can buy Bronski Beat’s 1987 album? This was released last year as Out & About but under Steve Bronski’s name (digital only). It was on website but this has now ceased, possibly due to Steve’s health issues. Thought emusic and amazon but no success. Would love all their singles to be collected on CD also, some cracking singles that were neglected after Hit That Perfect Beat.

  12. Ausmonty says:

    I’ve always wanted this on vinyl – ordered from Bronski Beat shop with bonus “Why” CD single. Not cheap, but what the hell – great album!

  13. kasper says:

    Hi paul.
    Is the exclusive cd single numbered?

  14. Lorenzo says:

    OMG. It seems London Records and Bronski Beat are covering all the bases here providing everyone with the formats of their choice. As a minor concern maybe the MP3 could have been FLAC or something like that. Providing the CD single is like a cherry on a cake, especially making it available to Super Deluxe Edition.This work elevates Bronski Beat Status in 2018. The only remaining concern here is the use of “mostly excitingly” in a sentence. .Thanks to Paul for his work on this release!

  15. Dave H says:

    All 200 copies of the limited single sold out in a few hours, it must tell you how highly regarded this album is among SDE readers.

    Hope you can secure some interviews or write an article about the making of the album Paul, I’m sure it’ll be an interesting read.

    • Andrew B in the place to B says:

      or the scalpers on Ebay/Amazon/Discogs

      • Chris Squires says:

        The limited single of 200 was exclusive to SDE, and as Paul has quite a strict “only one per person” policy, it’s unlikely that anyone did get more than one copy of it.

        I missed out as didn’t check in fast enough (arranging a funeral – so a decent enough excuse) but well done to those that got in quickly enough.

  16. Gary Anderko says:

    Is Why? Extended Version same as Why? 12″ Version?

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      No, they’ve added some extra bits. I wanted to keep Smalltown Boy the same as the original 12-inch, even though that means only two tracks.

      • steven says:

        Hi Paul Sinclair
        what are the differences on Why Extended Compared to why 12″

        • Paul Sinclair says:

          There isn’t an ‘extended’ and a 12″ on this release.

          • steven says:

            Re why?

            sorry I meant on the cdr single that came with the first orders after smalltown boy exclusive ran out
            the 12″ is a bonus on the 1st disc but you stated that they ‘added’ something to it for the extended version on the exclusive cdr see below

            “””Gary Anderko says:
            September 13, 2018 at 01:25
            Is Why? Extended Version same as Why? 12″ Version?

            Paul Sinclair says:
            September 13, 2018 at 09:26
            No, they’ve added some extra bits. I wanted to keep Smalltown Boy the same as the original 12-inch, even though that means only two tracks.”””””

          • Paul Sinclair says:

            It’s just some modern remix. We didn’t sell that Why CD single, so not really much to do with me!

    • Jan says:

      There were two 12″ versions, same sleeve, the 2nd 12″ had a sticker.
      London records did that with Fine Young Cannibals and Blancmange too.

      • steven says:

        oh cheers just thought you may know !!!
        I’ll put it out to anyone else out here that may know….

        • Walter says:

          The 2018 “Why?” cd single contains:
          Why? (extended) 7.47 minutes / Why? (Wax Wings Remix) 5.33 minutes
          Full info

          Other “Why?” versions by Bronski Beat (with Jimmy as member) released on CD:
          Why? Single Edit 3.56 – on Jimmy/Bronski compilations like The Singles Collection and The Very Best Of…
          Why? Album Version 4.04 – on album The Age Of Consent
          Why? Remix 5.10 – on 2012 edition The Age Of Consent
          Why? Goldberg Remix 6.18 – on 2012 edition The Age Of Consent or CD Hundreds & Thousands
          Why? Pascal Gabriel Remix 8.23 – on CD Single Jimmy: To Love Somebody and on 2012 edition of Jimmy’s album Read My Lips

          • Steven says:

            Thanks for the reply.. what I would like to know is what the differences are in the extended version as it is supposed to be different than the 12″ original, same length so they have probably, someone asked:

            “Is Why? Extended Version same as Why? 12″ Version?”

            Paul Sinclair said
            “September 13, 2018 at 09:26
            No, they’ve added some extra bits. ….”It’s just some modern remix”!

            not heard it so just wanted to know …upload anyone?

          • Walter says:

            The “Extended Version” and “12” Version” are the same, I just played them together and I couldn’t hear any difference.

          • Steven says:

            Thanks for clearing that up Walter ,
            Having re-read Pauls reply to someone I think he was comparing the Smalltown Boy “Freebie” which was kept as the Original 12″ tracks, but then saying Why? had extra bits
            so my confusion ..I can rest easy now!!

  17. Andy Page says:

    It’s good that the 12″ Smalltown Boy is on here (and the CD single) as it really is the definitive version and was missing from several other versions. The Dance and Desire release (mentioned above) had it too and is a really great 2CD + DVD package.

  18. MARK says:

    Ordered mine using the link to the bronski beat website..i think the postage with Paul SDE was cheaper..but hey ho

  19. Marc says:

    It’s annoying when you read this news in the evening and it’s sold out, normal people do have a day time job you know, you just can’t be online all day long and order at once when it’s posted

  20. Kittens69 says:

    The Arnaud Rebotini mix of ‘Smalltime Boy’ is all sorts of awesome. From the French film ‘BPM’.

  21. Leo says:

    How come everyone thinks its sold out?

    In the link to the official store there’s still plenty to order.

    • Jakob Rehlinger says:

      The exclusive CS single.

    • kasper says:

      You are right.
      But the limited 2 track cd single is no longer available.(Only 200)

    • Marco says:

      The SDE edition with the exclusive ‘Smalltown Boy’ cd-single is sold out, it was only 200 copies.

    • Rickjapan says:

      Don’t know how much the article was amended from the original, but when I first read it I had no recollection of direction to the official store, just the SDE info. So, I just gave up after reading “sold out” on all the comments.
      What a relief to come back and find that I could still get the CD, thought it was gone forever…

      • Paul Sinclair says:

        Once SDE had sold out of our allocation, then the post was amended so that fans could still get the various formats via the official shop. However as is probably very clear to everyone, the official store doesn’t have the Smalltown Boy CD single. That is an SDE exclusive.

        • Rickjapan says:

          Paul, thanks for the clarification!

          I have the audio for the Smalltown Boy 12″ so no bid deal for me, although I would have rather ordered from the SDE shop just for support! Not particularly bothered about the Why? single either!

          I’m just happy to get more music (the 2nd cd) from the Jimmy Somerville era Bronski Beat!!

  22. Wayne Olsen says:

    Darn darn darn darn

  23. Paul Foster says:

    Where was my email about this. You email me about loads of other eighties reissues . Disappointing that I I have only just been able to read this only to be told the cds have all gone .

  24. Zet says:

    No chance to get a copy… I will wait to see the cd single show off on Ebay or Discogs…

  25. Kasper says:

    Yes!.So happy.Got the 2 cd with limited cd single.

  26. mattmatty says:

    Sadly ALL sold out 46 minutes after receiving email. Obviously, a big demand. Would be interested to read stats regarding sales today following email. How many items total on sale? Guessing with only 200 cd singles – twenty plus of each choice. Was everything snapped up in minutes? Happy your store is a success Paul.

  27. Stevie B says:

    Managed to get the double CD and CD single.
    Well chuffed, Great Price and no rip off P&P like most sites. Cheers :)

  28. Peter Bates says:

    My SDE email only turned up just now …. pah. Absolutely no chance of a re-press on the pink vinyl? Ah well. Back to the crate, it’s a quid somewhere…

  29. Rick Marino says:

    So there’s no other way to get the cd single B-side “Infatuation/Memories”? And no repressings (due to popular demand)?

  30. Joe says:

    Glad I ordered when I did.

  31. Saar Freedman says:

    appears to be sold out, and I am guessing still no shipping to Israel :(

  32. Christian says:

    BTW it’s “Kid Jensen” – not “… Jenson”!

  33. Christian says:

    Looking forward to my 4th version of this CD ;-)

  34. Neil Kelly says:

    Story only just broke yet EVERYTHING sold out? I was going to order the CD with the free CD single. Too bad i guess…

  35. Robert Lett says:

    This post has only been up a short while and it’s sold out, ugh.

  36. RadioactiveKiddie says:

    Sold Out already, gutted.. :(

  37. Callage says:

    Are they really all sold out so soon?
    Am beginning to think more people know about SDE than the usual posters. . .

  38. carsten hansen says:

    sold out before i received the mail

    strange why bother sending out the mail

  39. Big city girl says:

    Is there a difference between the small town boy 12” on the cd single and on cd1

  40. Marc says:

    I must be the unluckiest person alive; lost internet for 1 hr…now sold out…#gutted

  41. Marcel N. says:

    Unfortunately …Too late !

  42. Paul E. says:

    The 2 CD deluxe is sold out…a great opportunity missed. My hourly SDE check in intervals need to be adjusted (every 30 minutes perhaps).

  43. Sean says:

    All editions sold out on the SDE store already? :(

  44. Tony O says:

    went out for an hour and missed the lot :-(

  45. Normand says:

    Well, all gone in less than an hour… Is there a chance for a repress?

  46. JohnInEly says:


    All sold out in SDE store.


  47. Marc Bijlsma says:

    Already sold out?!

  48. Cyrille says:

    I ordered it right away. I’m delighted to get some unreleased stuff on the second disc. Thank you Paul for the great deal with the bonus CD Single !

  49. Robert says:

    Didn’t see this one coming. Very nice and better value than the upcoming Howard Jones sets, which put the real rarities and BBC sessions in a very expensive bundle.

    Shame that the limited CD single is now SOLD OUT. Not fast enough.

    I wonder if Steve Bronski had any input on this especially since he remade the album last year.

    Who wants to see a deluxe Truthdare Doubledare with the 1986 Janice Long sessions, remixes and tracks from the unreleased 1987 album Out & About. Could also stick the 1989 Eartha Kitt collaborations on there to round everything up.

  50. Jan V says:

    Ordered. Well done, Paul!

  51. Graeme Black says:

    Ordered.Cheers Paul.

  52. Kauwgompie says:

    Great work Paul. I’m going to hold on to my Edsel 2cd/dvd and not buy this album again but this is a great offer for SDE readers. That cd single B-side “Infatuation/Memories” is not on the Edsel version either.

    • Marco says:

      The Esdel release didn’t come with a DVD, did it?

    • Walter says:

      “Infatuation/Memories” is/was available on
      Bronski Beat: CD Hundreds & Thousands (7.09 minutes version)
      Jimmy Somerville, Bronski Beat, Communards: 2CD Dance & Desire (7.41 minutes version) on Edsel label
      while Memories (2.57 minute version) is/was available on
      Bronski Beat: CD The Age Of Consent (1996 Remaster)

  53. Carsten says:

    Ordered. I would have liked to have ordered vinyl, too, but it’s just too steep a price IMHO.

  54. JP says:

    On it! Dead or Alive now Bronski Beat. Great stuff.

  55. Eduardo says:

    Hi, Paul. Dont you send to Brazil?

  56. Karl Todd says:

    would have ordered but still no shipping to Thailand :-(

  57. Francis says:

    I prefer and will stick to the 2012 Deluxe 2CD Edition which consisted of “The Age Of Consent” and “Hundreds And Thousands”, both albums in one package with bonus tracks. I am not really interested or worried about having Instrumental Demos, Sessions and Live tracks.

  58. Dave Pattison says:

    Also ordered, so looking forward to receiving this classic

  59. Marco says:

    On another website you get an exclusive ‘Why’ cd-single instead of ‘Smalltown Boy’. Time to empty the wallet once more I guess…

  60. Jan says:

    Well done Paul.

  61. Robert Moon says:

    Great news, but once again, the long 12″ b-side version of Cadillac Car is missing.

    • Robert Lett says:

      If you click on the video and follow thru the links the Bronski Beat store is offering a different limited edition “Why” CD single that has a version of Cadillac Car. I doesn’t say it’s a long version though.

  62. Mike Morton says:

    Great news! A true ‘classic’ album but a real shame the vinyl edition isn’t a double including the rare and unreleased tracks :-(

  63. Steven Robertson says:

    Ordered :)

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