Bruce Cockburn / True North 50th anniversary vinyl box set

Limited 5LP vinyl box • coloured vinyl • signed

Canadian singer-songwriter Bruce Cockburn celebrates his 50 years in music with a limited edition vinyl box set – signed by the man himself.

The box set is being issued by independent label True North (who’ve released Cockburn’s albums from the very beginning). It contains just three albums (all remastered by Bruce’s long-time producer Colin Linden) and they are the self-titled debut Bruce Cockburn (1970), The Charity of Night (1997) and Breakfast in New Orleans, Dinner in Timbuktu (1999). The last two have never been issued on vinyl before.

The five records (two of the albums are doubles) are pressed on 180g coloured vinyl and come in original artwork sleeves adapted from the original designs by Michael Wrycraft.

The box is individually numbered box and signed and the label say “a limited number will be produced” although decline to say specify the exact number.

The set will be released on 25 September 2020. It’s a sizeable investment, even if the box itself is relatively small, in terms of the number of albums included. For those interested, do check out that Amazon France pre-order price!

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Bruce Cockburn

True North - A 50th Anniversary Box Set (5LP) [VINYL]


Bruce Cockburn (yellow vinyl)

1. Going to the Country
2. Thoughts on a Rainy Afternoon
3. Together Alone
4. The Bicycle Trip
5. The Thirteenth Mountain
6. Musical Friends
7. Change Your Mind
8. Man of a Thousand Faces
9. Spring Song
10. Keep It Open

The Charity of Night 2LP purple vinyl

LP 1
1. Night Train
2. Get Up Jonah
3. Pacing the Cage
4. Mistress of Storms
5. The Whole Night Sky
6. The Coming Rains

LP 2
1. Birmingham Shadows
2. The Mines of Mozambique
3. Live on My Mind
4. The Charity of Night
5. Strange Waters

Breakfast in New Orleans, Dinner in Timbuktu 2LP blue vinyl

LP 1
1. When You Give It Away
2. Mango
3. Last Night of the World
4. Isn’t That What Friends Are For?
5. Down to the Delta
6. The Embers of Eden

LP 2
1. Blueberry Hill
2. Let the Bad Air Out
3. Look How Far
4. Deep Lake
5. Use Me While You Can


48 responses to Bruce Cockburn / True North 50th anniversary vinyl box set

  1. Stephen Hance says:

    I had this ordered from the label website in Canada until I saw the deal on amazon fr on SDE. I had given up hope on it coming, but it arrived today. I’m delighted with it for this price. But given the price point everywhere else I don’t think it’s a great set, sadly. Leaving to one side the choice of the albums (Stealing Fire? Humans? Salt Sun Time?) they haven’t been beautifully done. The vinyl is nice. The sleeves much less so. There is no booklet, just a brief essay actually inside the box. Lovely to have the signature – although as a Bruce fan for 36 years I have that a number of times. Feels a bit of a miss.

    • David says:

      Just received my copy which was ordered fro Amazon France & surprisingly got it at the price originally stated woohoo

  2. SeanL says:

    Got mine today from France !!!! What a great set for 42 Euros !
    Thanks for the alert Paul :)

  3. Donal O'Connell says:

    Mine just landed in Ireland now. Placed the order when Paul published this article in June. Mine did not ship until last Saturday from Amazon France. #373/750. €52.50 incl postage. So nearly a month after release date before they honoured the order, and it had various messages attaached to it during the time. Looking forward to it. Hopefully everyone else gets theirs too.

  4. jean says:

    I got my copy from Amazon France yesterday at € 42. It worked.

  5. The avid collector says:

    Just noticed Amazon Germany now has a release date of October 16th, so perhaps it’ll materialise on that date? Strange it has had all these different release dates. Perhaps it just keeps getting put back?

    • David Barclay says:

      Ordered it on in June but never materialised poor show. Now no longer shown as available in France Rubbish

  6. The avid collector says:

    Did anyone receive one of these from Amazon France? Or anywhere else for that matter? My Amazon France order went straight to “we will email you when in stock” on release date, and on Amazon uk which had a later release date as 2nd October it’s gone straight to “usually despatched within one or two months”. I wonder if anyone got a copy?

  7. The avid collector says:

    Just wondered if anyone has had any luck with their order of this from Amazon France at €44.99? It was meant to be released today, and despite pre-ordering back in June, today my status has gone to “we will email when it’s available”. Has the release date been put back to 2nd October as per the Amazon Uk website? Or perhaps it’s going to end up not being honoured?

  8. Philippe says:

    On it goes as high as 306,42 € ! Really that’s quite odd !

  9. Philippe says:

    If it gets cancelled, you can preorder it for 43€ on the website.


  10. Joe Kelly says:

    Also just ordered from France, like other’s cane in at a shade under €50 inc. p&p !

  11. SimonP says:

    What an odd set. Presumably the contents were selected by throwing darts at a prit out of his discography?

    • Ripdan says:

      The True North website has it for $144 US dollars after converting from Canadian, but the shipping page is messed up. It will let you put in a different country but the provinces don’t change.

  12. Steven Roberts says:

    If the French pricing is/was a cock-up I would have expected them to have changed it by now.

  13. Sebastien says:

    I’ve ordered it from Amazon France (I’m french, so it’s very bargain at this price).
    The last time I saw such a huge price difference was for the Eagles box set. My order had been canceled by Amazon and I had received an email warning me that it was a price error.
    I hope this will not be the case this time.

  14. Arvind Mohindra says:

    Thanks Paul for confirming it is signed by Bruce himself. Just Ordered on / Shipment [euro 38.21] is more than the price of box [Euro 37.49] but in total it also beats amazon USA by 50%. Hope they uphold the order and not cancel it. does anyone have experience in orders getting honoured when there are price errors like this?

    • Chris Squires says:

      Hit and miss, Arvind. Some have been honoured. The Who Live in Leeds triple and I think a Prince re-issue a couple of years back spring to mind. But a couple have also been cancelled. I guess it depends on how much of a cock-up is it (and this seems to be a big one) and how many people will it affect.

    • Steven Roberts says:

      In my experience, Amazon UK have generally honoured their pricing errors – can’t vouch for, though!

  15. mjc says:

    the price discrepancy seems a bit – odd

  16. Jeremy says:

    Great choice of vinyl colour, strange choice of albums. These are not Bruce’s best selling albums. He hit his commercial peak from the mid 80’s to the mid 90’s. Of these three “The Charity of Night’ is probably the best known album. Hoping the next box will contain ‘Waiting for a Miracle’, ‘Big Circumstance’ and ‘Nothing But a Burning Light’. Still, it’s always good to get more Bruce on vinyl, especially in colours like these.

    • CJ Feeney says:

      I 5hink the 90s album last suffered from the tendency to fill a CD with over an hour of music rather than work on 40 – 50 mins of really good music. Having said that I put on Breakfast…. last week and really enjoyed it. It’s the last album of his I really enjoy start to finish – I don’t even have the last two.

  17. Karl says:

    Perhaps it’s the first release in a set of all recordings.

    • CJ Feeney says:

      It’ll be an expensive series if they charge the same for every 3 albums in a box. He’s released close to 40 studio albums.

      • Karl says:

        Good point but also he’s gonna retire soon…….. last cash grab for artist and record company…..perhaps at 5 albums each set otherwise this release makes no sense to me whatsoever.

  18. Arcweld says:

    Just had a look on his site and it is vague: The title refers to “Autographed” which clearly makes you think its him – then the description says: “The five180 gram discs are contained in original artwork sleeves adapted from the original designs by Michael Wrycraft, and housed in an individually numbered box signed personally by the artist.” – to me that is signed by Michael not Bruce. I agree for 200 Canadian is a lot to not be signed by Bruce….but 50 Euros shipped from France I would say looks better.

    Whoever its signed by it is misleading as its not clear at all….

  19. madman says:

    Wasn’t there a similar “signed by the artist” question recently with another reissue? I seem to recall that the prints in that set were signed by the graphic artist/designer, not the actual music artist. Can’t remember who it was though.

  20. Chris Squires says:

    Can’t see that being honoured at 25% of retail, although full price does seem to be horrendous for what is an odd collection of three disparate albums. There are at least 20 albums between the first and second of this set. In my world it would be like Mike Oldfield re-releasing “Boxed” and instead of it being Tubular Bells, Hergest Ridge and Ommadawn it now consisted of Tubular Bells, Voyager and Guitars.
    There have been a number or releases in the last few months that have questionably stated “Signed by the artist”. If Storm Thorgerson was still with us he could be doing a roaring trade if this is the new normal.
    Rhyme nor reason.

    • CJ Feeney says:

      25% of retail, but actually £40 for three albums on five discs – quite a reasonable price. £50-£60 would be justified for this package, I think.

      But, yes disparate albums. I’d understand having first and last albums with something from the middle, but this does seem bizarre. Maybe licensing outside Canada is an issue (some of his albums are on Sony, some are on Cooking Vinyl in the UK).

  21. CJ Feeney says:

    It’s an odd selection.
    BC doesn’t seem to know how to handle his back catalogue. There was a decent remaster/reissue campaign c. 2003/2004 with a smattering of bonus tracks, and the missed opportunity Rumours of Glory biography set a few years ago. I’m sure he must have a decent archive of stuff though.

    • CJ Feeney says:

      Anyway, I bit for the Am.Fr price of €45.
      I expect the crazy high prices will settle down at some point.

  22. horslips says:

    I bit at – though reading literally, are we sure this is signed by Cockburn?

    “The five 180 gram discs are contained in original artwork sleeves adapted from the original designs by Michael Wrycraft, and housed in an individually numbered box signed personally by the artist.”

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Surely it is Cockburn? It would be ridiculous if it wasn’t him, especially at the price.

      • WILLIAM ENGLAND says:

        Hmmm… but remember how Universal described the Iggy Pop box as “signed by the artist”.

      • Robert Claxton says:

        The description refers to BC as the ‘recording artist’ in the 1st sentence – seems then by implication that the artist signing the box [referred to in the last sentence] will be BC.

  23. JJH says:

    I have just pre-ordered from Amazon France for 44.99 euros. Will wait and see what happens to that !

  24. KevinK says:

    Came up as 45 Euros on for me :)
    Ordered, good chance it’ll be cancelled though!

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