Bryan Ferry confirms Roxy Music box

Another year, another promise…

Bryan Ferry has revealed that the long-awaited and much delayed box set of Roxy Musics 1972 eponymous debut will be released in November.

Speaking to the Santa Barbara Noozhawk website the 71-year old said “This November, we are releasing a new special edition box set of the first Roxy Music album, complete with the original demo recordings and loads of previously unpublished photographs”.

Before fans get their hopes up too much, it should be noted that Ferry had previously told another journalist that this would be delivered last year… “probably, July 2016”.

Steven Wilson has told his fans that he has remixed this album for 5.1 surround sound, but while Ferry mentioned the demos in his fairly casual comment, there was no mention of the 5.1 mix (he had previously made reference to a DVD). Let’s hope that content hasn’t been dropped.

More news on this when SDE gets it.

60 responses to Bryan Ferry confirms Roxy Music box

  1. mm says:

    Well Mr Ferry,as the tortoise said to the Hare,you’d better get your skates on with the Roxy Music super deluxe matey,or you could be permanently damaging your lineage of influence if the Uncut Guide to the 70s and the BBC guide to crooning is anything to judge by!Not once in this spurious linkage of Bing to Bowie did we get even a mensch of the Crown Prince of Croon;absolutely ridiculous.If anyone in the Seventies was responsible for the continuance of Croon as a sensibility it was Our Bry-Bowie adopted his croony voice around Diamond Dogs,which was well after the first three Roxy pearls-I’m sure the Beeb just looked at what footage they had that could link this to Bowie to appeal to the general public since his sad death,and do we really need to hear Tommy Viscounty reel of that jaded anecdote about his canoodling inspiring Heroes?Seriously this could have been a really good programme with the like of Lenny Kaye,Iggy,etc,but I even found the reference to his crooning style a bit much when Iggy didnt even mention HE was inspired by Jim Morrison ,who knew a bit about crooning himself!(”Love Street” anyone?).I’m convinced the BBC have a backlog of stock interviews they can randomly shuffle to create a new documentary ;and i’m pretty sure that the Crooners at the BBC prog was presented to us rather disengeniously as Easy listening at the BBC a few months back!I know whats next -a programme delving into the art of psychotic crooners like Joey of the ramones -”ALL I want is Shock Treatment!!” And dont get me started on that Friday Night abortion!TOTP-NOT!

  2. mm says:

    I will still be amazed if this manages to crawl out this year,even though we had a brief glimpse on ebay.I bet it gets delayed to tie in with Ferry’s tour next april. There was always something more to Roxy than just his songs.

  3. JF says:

    Hi Paul, any news on the (long overdue) Roxy Music deluxe release? I saw this for sale on Ebay……and wondered if you had any news regarding it’s release, exact content etc. Thank you.

  4. mm says:

    According to the new book ”Uncut history of Rock” Roxy Music have been expelled from history ,wonder how long it will be before we get a Ultimate Guide on Roxy-maybe when it can capitalistically tie in with the first album deluxe,or if somebody snuffs it! Cynical,ME? Probably the most influential band in Britain bar the Beatles,and they arent even mentioned!They even contemporaneously influenced Bowie on Drive in Saturday and the sound textures on Aladdin Sane.How they can be left out of this ”history” is beyond belief.

  5. Jan Spring says:

    Now it is September, any news? My guess is, it will never be released.

  6. Helene says:

    No not too old to hear and enjoy any such boxsets released. Roxy Music’s Avalon came out in the US and was hugely popular in the early 80’s. If a new fan who’d heard Avalon in high school dug into the band’s earlier music, such as myself, he or she would only be in their early to mid 50’s now. I’m with the majority here: Will believe it when I see/hear it.

  7. Mike says:

    Already have last years Roxy Music CD box, which is great btw, so NO 5.1 NO SALE

    • Michael says:

      Mike, I agree, this has to have the Steve Wilson 5.1 mix to make it worth having. Fans of RM have been teased about the Steve Wilson mix of this album for quite sometime. I still don’t understand why the delay.

  8. gwynogue says:

    LOLing at all these ‘age’ comments…I’ve now got a mental image of Edith’s mother from ‘Allo Allo’ sitting up in bed with her ear trumpet listening to a Roxy Music record.

    (whoops! I guess anyone old enough to get an ‘Allo Allo’ reference is probably dead too…)

    (btw, I’m 39 and love the Roxies…)

  9. Noel Fitzsimons says:

    Well Well Well !!!

    Another pointless release – demos are quite frequently disappointing and rubbish quality – I’m thinking of the Cure’s re-issue programme a while back featuring awful demos that I’ve listened to once – if at all the complete way through. The 1999 Roxy Music re-issues are my point of contact – excellent. The recent Roxy CD box set was a pretty poor offering – except for those rock hard sleeves – brilliant.

    The only Roxy release on my wishlist is the complete BBC sessions from 1972/73. This should be the Mr Ferry’s current focus. C’mon Bryan!!

  10. steve says:

    Why beat yourself up about extra tracks/photos/ 5.1/in a box?
    This is that rare beast, the perfect debut album in the most brilliant sleeve.
    Cant be improved, only diluted.
    Just go & buy a copy of the album as it was released at the time.
    Its all you need.

    Roxy blew my musical world out of the water at Northwich Memorial Hall, 15 July 72.

    • DAVID BURROWS says:

      The only question here is will they include “Virginia Plain” .. the American LP did but not the UK one as Bryan didn’t want singles to feature on UK albums back then .. hope they do though ..

  11. Yuri says:

    Hope they get the cover right this time, the covergirl looks sunburned with the last remaster…

  12. Colin Harper says:

    Boxy Music?

  13. Joe Souza says:

    Abbey Road in 5.1, fine, but let’s leave Beatles remixes to the inner circle and very capable Giles Martin, please.

  14. Mike B says:

    I wonder what else Steve Wilson has prepared for a 5.1 mix release.
    My top 10 5.1 wish list is as follows:

    1. The Beatles – Abbey Road
    2. The Rolling Stones – Let It Bleed
    3. Pink Floyd – Meddle (created but not if it was ever released with that recent Floyd box)
    4. The Who – Who’s Next
    5. Love – Forever Changes
    6. The Pretty Things – SF Sorrow
    7. David Bowie – Hunky Dory
    8. Led Zeppelin – Physical Graffiti
    9. Spirit – The 12 Dreams od Dr Sardonicus
    10. Primal Scream – Screamadelica

    • Lakesdweller says:

      Mike B – a 5.1 24/96 mix of Meddle is indeed included in the Early Years box-set. It sounds fantastic :)

    • Robert says:

      Nice wish list. I like to add to this list a 5.1 mix of Roxy Music “Avalon” and Genesis “Wind And Wuthering”.

  15. Have the original BBC John Peel sessions featuring Davy O’List ever been released? I recall being blown away by them. I pestered local record shops for months asking for an album but no-one had ever heard of them. When the album came out I was so disappointed with the awful mix/production.

    • Mike B says:

      I don’t think this was ever a legit release, was it? I have a bootleg with all the demos and BBC sessions and they are far better than the officially recorded versions.

  16. Bryan Ferry is no expert on marketing or public relations when it comes managing his own music.

  17. Rik K says:

    No 5.1, no sale to me.

  18. eric slangen says:

    about time.

  19. David McCallum says:

    He’s touring right now with an all Roxy Music set list so that might suggest a Roxy release.

    • Ollie Carlisle says:

      He’s doing about 60% Roxy stuff live at the moment but still a good slice of solo tracks, like Slave To Love, Can’t Let Go etc, but I don’t think this is out of the ordinary (or should I say Out Of The Blue).

      • David McCallum says:

        Good to hear about current set list. (Unreliable internet!) I should have doubted the list I saw due to the praise that Avonmore received.

  20. Will says:

    Don’t record labels understand that interest in this stuff wanes when it takes them a couple of years to actually release it! The record industry have shot off their own feet. It also never helped that artists decided people should get their music for free and started to give it away.

  21. Michael says:

    Just SDE of Avalon & Flesh + Blood for me…

  22. -SG- says:

    Age should not diminish the brilliance of this record, but I will have to agree, this should have been boxed and sold 15 – 20 years ago back when Roxy did their tour. To put things in perspective, when I discovered this record, it was old, older than me, and the woman on the cover looked like an older woman wearing too much makeup, and now she looks young and a lot sexier, albeit, still a bit tragic. Time my frinds, time. To put things in perspective, a 45 year old record reissued back in 1972 would have been released in 1927.

  23. James says:

    35-year-old here, big Roxy fan, not 70 years old. I’ll buy it.

  24. Kauwgompie says:

    Demo’s and photographs? I hope there is more than that??!!

  25. Steven says:

    While I am nowhere near 70, I can confirm that I will be buying the 5.1 of this if it is at last released. :)

  26. Carl says:

    I’m still hoping that a ‘Bryan Ferry Complete Recordinsgs’ appears before one of us croaks it, there’s a lot of extraneous stuff not on albums or compilations. I’m thinking the brilliant 1970s Bsides and there must be lots of outtakes…

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  28. sylvian says:

    I do not feel this release find a proper place on the market. Since the release of YES m-ch classic albums the CD/DVDAs combos doing very poory thus they sell off for 9.99 GBP ea.

    I do not want to spoil the party, but I feel that most of the people that witnessed the first releases of the albums from first half of the 70’s has passed away already or not paying any attention to “definitive” editions. How many geeks are here aged tween 70 – 80?

    I feel that Crimson sets are fine, since the music of King Crimson is timeless, but can we say the same for a glam? I doubt it! BTW I am a huge fan of Ferry & Roxies too!

    • Daran says:

      What? So you think most young or near teens at the time who would now be the grand old age of around 61-70 would have died?

      • Randy Metro says:

        I’m 61 and spent a very enjoyable evening last night listening to Tyrannosaurus Rex’s Unicorn from 1969. Of their four albums, Beard of Stars is my favorite. One of the transition albums.

        Roxy music is all about choice cuts from their albums. I am more fond of Ferry’s solo work. His first, These Foolish Things, is my favorite.

    • Anthony says:

      Are you from planet earth

    • EW99 says:

      Time for me to book the funeral and get fitted for a coffin then. I wonder if I’ll live to see this released. Good job I’m too old to want to hear it. Not that I can hear properly either at my advanced age.

    • ChristopherM says:

      sylvian – I’m 57 years old and I bought my first Roxy Music record (Street Life) in late 1973, when I was 14. That “70-80” age range you mentioned would include my mother!

      For the record, I have rebought many classic 70s albums by Yes, Tull, Floyd, Oldfield, ELP, BJH, BTO etc purely to hear the surround mixes, and would happily do the same for Roxy or Ferry.

      You mentioned the Yes surround-sound albums being sold off cheaply on DVD-A, but you rather missed the reason. Most of us who can play DVD-As also have Blu Ray players, and the Blu Ray versions of those albums had more content than the DVD-A versions. People did buy the Yes 5.1 mixes, just not on the DVD-A format.

    • wayne klein says:

      Mmmmm not quite. My brothers are both alive (65) and I’m still here (57). Now there might be those folks who came late to the party with “Avalon” and discovered the music late (which means they could have been teens when they discovered the band) so…I don’t think so. As to KC’s music being more “timeless” I think that’s just based on your preference. Roxy’s music and the art rock movement (Glam rock, etc.) continue to have resonance.

    • professormouse says:

      dINOSAUR aLERT !
      Who do you think they made all these Todd Terje [etc etc] Current ‘Dance Mixes’ for ?
      Possibly ‘younger people’ who Dance to Surgically Altered ‘Roxy’ but to them, that is there sort of intro to this band, no ?
      Oh & btw, Yes…didn’t Trevor Horn… “how do I give a bunch of Prog Dinosaurs a ‘Dance Hit’ ?…”
      I’m sure you will hate that one too but that record was an intro to them for some less long term fans.
      I thought Glam was the same old thing in a brand new drag ?
      Would you like a drink or will your ego fit in the room with everyone else At The Party ?
      “Ferry & Roxies” = Huge Fan ?
      Pull the other one !

    • Graham Thomas says:

      Your arithmetic seems slightly adrift! I’m only a 61 year old ‘geek’, witnessed the release of this epic debut album and will no doubt be buying this super deluxe release.
      Far from being passed away, my young work colleagues say I’d pass for 45 -50 years old.
      Personally I love the Chris Wood box ‘Evening Blue’ related at the beginning of this year.

  29. HiDefBear says:

    I’ll believe this when I see AND hear it…

  30. David Dean says:

    I thought he’d tried this but couldn’t find a way. Looking back all I did was look away. Possibly next time is the best time. But I suppose we all know.

  31. Paul Nolan says:

    Look forward to this. depends on Price though… Any News Paul on R.E.M Automatic for the People 25th Anniversary Reissue,

  32. Ed says:

    Will believe this when I see it but fingers crossed nonetheless. If it happens what are the chances of For Your Pleasure within the same decade?

  33. Chris Squires says:

    How many times have I bought this stuff. A big crimson box with a 7 on the side, another big crimson box with an 8 on the side. The original LPs, the single re-issues….. I Hope that they create a vinyl package that has all the bonus material (Joshua Tree / TQID) rather than the extra material being all digital and the vinyl version is just another re-issue of the single LP (Like Phil Collins).

    No complaints really though Bryan and the boys are worth every penny. A Very solid canon of work.

  34. pinkfloyd says:

    Avalon SDE, next?

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