Camouflage / Voices and Images 30th anniversary deluxe editions

Camouflage / Voices and Images 30th anniversary reissue

2CD deluxe • Very limited 3LP signed vinyl

Voices and Images, the 1988 of debut of German new wave band Camouflage will be reissued as an expanded 30th anniversary deluxe edition in October.

Founded in Bietigheim-Bissingen by Heiko Maile, Oliver Kreyssig and Marcus Meyn in 1984, Camouflage had a top 20 hit with their debut single ‘The Great Commandment’, released in the autumn of 1987. A remix became an unlikely Billboard Dance Club chart hit in the USA.

Voices & Images was issued in March of 1988 and this new 30th anniversary deluxe edition is issued as a two CD set and on very limited (500 copies only) 3LP vinyl. Both include remixes, rare versions and B-sides.

German label Tapete Records are putting this out. The triple vinyl is exclusive to their webstore and comes with a SIGNED cover print. The 2CD set (there isn’t a signed version) should be more widely available, although it’s still limited to 1500 copies.

This 30th anniversary edition of Voices and Images will be released on 12 October 2018.

Order 3LP or 2CD via Tapete Records’ web shop.

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Voices and Images - 2CD deluxe

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Amazon de   399.99
Amazon usa   95
JPC de   26.99


01) That Smiling Face
02) Helpless Helpless
03) Neighbours
04) The Great Commandment
05) Winner Takes Nothing
06) Stranger’s Thoughts
07) From Ay to Bee
08) Where Has the Childhood Gone
09) Music for Ballerinas
10) I Once Had a Dream
11) They Catch Secrets
12) Pompeji

01) The Great Commandment – Extended Dance Mix
02) The Great Commandment – Extended Radio Mix
03) Pompeji
04) Stranger’s Thoughts Longer
05) They Catch More Secrets
06) Zwischenspiel
07) Neighbours – Extended Version
08) Every Now and Then
09) That Smiling Face – German Band Version
10) The Great Commandment – US 12″ Mix
11) The Great Commandment – US Dub Mix (2018 Edit)
12) The Great Commandment – Justin Strauss Remix
13) The Great Commandment – Acid Commandment (2018 Edit)
14) That Smiling Face – Justin Strauss Radio Version
15) That Smiling Face – Justin Strauss Remix


A1 That Smiling Face
A2 Helpless Helpless
A3 Neighbours
A4 The Great Commandment
A5 Winner Takes Nothing

B1 Stranger’s Thoughts
B2 From Ay To Bee
B3 Where Has the Childhood Gone
B4 Music for Ballerinas
B5 I Once Had a Dream

C1 They Catch More Secrets
C2 Pompeji
C3 Stranger’s Thoughts Longer
C4 Zwischenspiel
C5 Every Now and Then

D1 Neighbours – Extended Version
D2 That Smiling Face – German Band Version
D3 The Great Commandment – Extended Dance Mix
D4 The Great Commandment – Extended Radio Mix

E1 The Great Commandment – US 12″ Mix
E2 The Great Commandment – US Dub Mix
E3 The Great Commandment – Justin Strauss Remix

F1 That Smiling Face – Justin Strauss Remix
F2 That Smiling Face – Tech A Pella (2018 Edit)
F3 The Great Commandment – Acid Commandment
F4 The Great Commandment – Deep Commandment (2018 Edit)

61 responses to Camouflage / Voices and Images 30th anniversary deluxe editions

  1. Glenn says:

    Justin Strauss has several of his remixes available for free download on SoundCloud including the full Acid Commandment remix of ‘The Great Commandment’. Also includes the Acid Commandment Dub and Just Rite Dub remixes which were left off of this reissue.

  2. Thomas Spangenberg says:

    Received my 3LP vinyl copy. Absolutely beautifully presented and sound quality is incredible. Better than the original vinyl I own. I know it is expensive but well worth it. Thanks Paul for bringing this to my attention. I would have missed it otherwise.

  3. Glenn says:

    Received my copy of the 2CD. Sounds great however at least one of the US 12″ TGC mixes was ripped from vinyl. Think it was track 13 which had a needle pop during the track. Overall it still sounds good but that was disappointing. Still great to get this release.

  4. Ken says:

    Oh WTF… Which idiot chose to edit the US Dub mix of the Great Commandment?! Can’t they just leave it at 7:52min ? I ordered 2 pieces of this sh*t and I just received them. This really spoils my day. I have been looking for a clean/remastered version of the US Dub Mix of TGC for many years now and I was so looking forward to receiving this… Oh dam…

    • Derek Langsford says:

      They could have put a few tracks on the end of CD 1 to free up room on Disc 2 which comes in at 80:40.

      I have a CD, with printing on the CD (doesn’t look like CDR) but what looks like photocopied inserts, of a 13 track US Promo which has a 7:52 Dub Mix. I assume this is the same as the US Dub Mix that appears as an edited version here. They have cut off the original beginning for starters. Discogs has a different looking black US Promo with 13 tracks but the Dub Mix is only 5:52.

      Also curious that with the previous remaster they put the extended Pompeji at the end of the album and here they put the original CD bonus track on CD 2.

    • Karl K. says:

      The unedited versions included Samples they had no rights to use, so Heiko Maile had to edit them.
      And by the way, most of the extended remixes were taken from vinyl, since the master tapes weren’t available anymore.

  5. musicoloog says:

    To make sure the Deluxe Anniversary Edition of the next album, Methods Of Silence, will contain all versions, we’d better start presenting tracklist(s) before its announcement…

    So here my thoughts on the tracklist of:
    Methods Of Silence (Deluxe Edition)

    CD1: Original album (39:21)
    1. One Fine Day 4:35
    2. Love Is A Shield 4:42
    3. Anyone 3:45
    4. Your Skinhead Is The Dream 4:56
    5. On Islands 4:48
    6. Feeling Down 4:10
    7. Sooner Than We Think 3:50
    8. A Picture Of Life 3:40
    9. Les Rues 3:30
    10. Rue De Moorslede (Instrumental) 0:35

    CD2: The singles & b-sides (68:27)
    1. Love Is A Shield (Single Version) 3:59
    2. The Story Of The Falling Fighters 3:58
    3. One Fine Day (Single Version) 4:01
    4. Love Is A Shield (12″ Orbit Mix) 8:09
    5. Xenophobia / My Finger Makes Waves In You 4:53
    6. Love Is A Shield (Synsound Mix) 4:00
    7. The Story Of The Falling Fighters (Extended Version) 5:36
    8. Love Is A Shield (Extended Version) 5:20
    9. One Fine Day (Daylight Mix) 6:03
    10. Love Is A Shield (Ambient Orbit Mix) 5:00
    11. Kling Klang 3:49
    12. Love Is A Shield (Lexy & K-Paul Remix) 6:04
    13. Love Is A Shield (Orbit Dub) 7:35

    There is even some space left for demos and/or previously unreleased mixes, live versions…

  6. angeliczg says:

    I believe I am the only person here happy because I am not Camouflage fan – I am Justin Strauss fan, and I want those remixes on cd finally.

  7. roboter says:

    the 2 cd is a REMASTERED edition ?

  8. Gareth says:

    Was hoping this was a Stan Ridgway best of! Must confess, I’ve never heard of them. They’ve lived up to their name and remained hidden from me for all these years!

  9. wesley mc dowell says:

    Thanks paul, for letting us know about this release . I bought their greyscale album a few years back and loved it.Always meant to check out their early albums,so this re-issue will suit me fine.Yes they do sound like depeche mode but I also think they have a hint of A-HA and a spoonful of Blancmange as well (sorry !! could,nt resist that}.All good influences anyway.

  10. Adris says:

    The Great Commandment – Deep Commandment (2018 Edit)
    is only on the 3LP-edition, but not on the 2CD-edition ?????

  11. Torchomatic says:

    Without being too controversial are Camouflage the band who desperately wanted to be DM, complete with sound-a-like lead vocalist?

  12. Gerd says:

    For beginners: there’s a nice “Singles” cd from 2014 which covers all their Singles until then -in its original singles versions.
    There is also Archive Vol. 1 which includes 12″ mixes and B-Sides but which is far from complete. We wait for vol. 2 (I think it’s out of print now).
    When “The Great Commandment” was released in 1987 it was in that gap between “Strangelove” and “Never Let Me Down Again” and I was pretty sure this is the new DM single. :-)

    • Derek Langsford says:

      Wish they had included ‘Handsome” instead of “Great Commandment 2.0” but the single version of “Handsome” is the same as the album version on “Bodega Bohemia” which was on the remastered album in the Boxed Set at the time.

      • Gerd says:

        “Handsome” was on the B-side of “This Day” (maybe Double A-Side) and you’re right, that’s the one missing. Released also as a remix on its own. You can find at least the Mosaic Mix on Archive No. 1. Original Version is on “Meanwhile”.

        • Derek Langsford says:

          Indeed. I have been an avid collector since Bodega Bohemia blew me away. I have all of their albums and CD singles and remix singles, the boxed set, plus the Dresden DVD. I think the only thing I don’t have on CD is the Poland-only CD single of The Pleasure Remains. Shame they have not had more success outside of Germany.

  13. Mikey-D says:

    Love this album and Methods of Silence but i calculated the cost to the US. The CD with shopping and an extra fee for PayPal it came out to over $40. I’ll have to wait for another option for this one.

    Based on other comments I’ll have to listen to recent albums and side projects. Thanks!

  14. Glenn says:

    Nice to see this coming out. Pre-ordered the 2 CD set on their site. They charged VAT for a US purchase which I then emailed them about. There are several CD singles I have been trying to track down for years that I no longer need.

    Hope they also reissue the second album.

  15. TimRiz says:

    Not a big fan of this particular piece, but I definitely wouldn’t mind getting a nice copy of their “Methods of Silence” album. Also, “Bodega Bohemia” that followed it is not to be missed.

    Both IMO are more interesting albums.

    • Derek Langsford says:

      I lost interest with Methods of Silence, but picked up Bodega Bohemia 9 years after release and regretted having missed 9 years of listening to it. One of my all time synthpop favorities, along with And One’s Bodypop. Have enjoyed all subsequent Camouflage albums as well.

  16. Neil says:

    Not a band i’m familiar with at all though the suggestion that they sound like early DM sounds promising but for £22 they can forget it.

  17. Matt Thurston says:

    One of several bands to come out in the late 80s that sounded like Depeche Mode. See also Cetu Javu and Red Flag. The Great Commandment was a pretty great track tho, big hit in the USA, and I loved the way they pronounced this lyric… “Between the world and their emBARRassing pavement…”

  18. mike says:

    Must admit, the new edits stop me from buying this and they are the better mixes imho.

  19. Murmi says:

    Should be a 3CD with complete Versions all the gems. What about “That smiing face” (Techno Pop Mix)?

    • Derek Langsford says:

      The US Promo CDR of The Great Commandment is virtually unlistenable straight through because of it being 13 versions of the song in a row. Not sure they all need to be compiled on this. It has the key mixes including That Smiling Face – German Band Version which is superb.

      A full remaster of the non-album racks would be welcome as the 2014 remaster of the album is excellent.

      • negative1 says:

        that promo seems to be a bootleg according to discogs. the normal promo cdr only had 2 mixes. so that hardly seems to be a problem. i have several promos and singles by other groups that have more mixes than that.

        the more the better for variety. no ones forcing you to listen to them all in a row.


  20. negative1 says:

    glad to see you posted this information,
    hope to have more tips on releases in the future.

    as i mentioned, this is missing some mixes,
    but it’s still a great collection.

    The Great Commandment (Single Version) 3:10
    The Great Commandment (Pop Mix) 6:02
    The Great Commandment (7″ Edit) 3:50
    The Great Commandment (Just Right Dub Mix) 5:35
    The Great Commandment (Deep Commandment Dub Mix) 6:41
    The Great Commandment (Extended Radio Mix Edit) 3:33

    That Smiling Face (Just Right Dub) 4:56
    That Smiling Face (Techno Pop Mix) 6:18
    That Smiling Face (Tech A Pella) 4:57


    • musicoloog says:

      And a few more versions/mixes are missing on the 2CD set (besides the ones negative1 had already mentioned):

      Stranger’s Thoughts (7″ Version) 3:32
      Neighbours (Re-recorded 7″ Version) 3:47
      That Smiling Face (7″ Edit of LP Version) 3:51
      That Smiling Face (7″ Edit of Radio Version) 4:07
      The Great Commandment (US Dub Mix) [full length] 7:52
      The Great Commandment (Acid Commandment) [full length] 6:32

  21. Ronen says:

    Their most recent album “Greyscale” from 2015 is fantastic and well worth checking. In my opinion they have found success adapting their sound to modern times in a greater way than Dave and co… They are an excellent live band as well, check their “Live In Dresden” DVD. I’m very pleased to see that the debut is getting the super deluxe treatment. I do have the original vinyl still, still sounds great, so I’ll go for the 2CD option… Hope their other albums will follow.


    This would never have seen the light of day if it were left to the (remaining) majors to deal with – i’d imagine that this won’t get reissued either so, i’m totally with Paul’s comments about independent labels, and, if you think about it, remember how much “new” cds used to cost in the late 80s…

  23. Wayne says:

    What great news, I love this album! Any word on remastering? The original is a bit soft and dull.

    • Derek Langsford says:

      Their albums were remastered for the 9-CD boxed set back in 2014. I suspect they’d use that as it was very good and really brought the album to life.

  24. chad says:

    Camouflage have been popular in Germany since their inception, and had sizable sales in the US through their 3rd album.
    I wish there was a way to get this in the US without having to import, but I will just stick to my original vinyl for now.

  25. Koen Kroeze says:

    Yes, finally a re-release of a Camouflage album… Hope the other albums will follow soon as well…

    This classic debut album could’ve been easily a 3CD edition, including:
    + the full length mixes instead of the 2018 edits;
    + some (single) versions and vinyl-only mixes that are left out;
    + perhaps some demos/sessions/live as well??

    I guess the tracklists are final already, if not….

  26. Steve Marine says:

    This is great news. I love this album so much. The current price points listed above, however, seem far too expensive. (For a simple 2-disc CD, at least. Vinyl price points have been ridiculous for years now.)

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      I know it’s pricey, but I have sympathy for independent labels trying to do small projects like this. A release like this only has a small market… if this is your (not you Steve, I mean anyone) DREAM release then I think we need to be prepared to pay a bit more. Then more things like this will happen.

      • Chris Squires says:

        Tapete are a great little outfit and the 7th (seventh) label to support the Lilac Time in the UK.

        It’s looking like 500 to a 1,000 is all any halfway decent supported band can shift, you can see that many of these 500 limited edition runs are taking ages to shift. I don’t even think it’s because they are bad editions it’s just that the market is diminishing. I can think of three albums I have bought in the last few months that have been limited to 300 copies only. 300 is the new normal.

        • Paul Sinclair says:

          They issued Lloyd Cole’s excellent “Cleaning Out the Ashtrays” box set, too, I think.

          • Klaus says:

            True, just like the latest two albums by LC and several acoustic concert recordings by him. If you’re more into LC than into Camouflage (or DM; when i first heard “The Great Commandment” i was sure that this was DMs new single) you should also note that Pete Astor (former frontman and songwriter of The Weather Prophets) was also signed by Tapete (which is the German word for wallpaper, should anyone be interested ;-) ) and released a new album there recently.

  27. Ann says:

    Oh yeah, it’s the band that sounded exactly like Depeche Mode!

    • Rosie says:

      Yes I Agree this band does sound like depeche mode, especially the song the great commandment. But these deluxe releases is only limited to 500 copies. It will sell out quickly. Unfortunately can’t buy from amazon international.

    • Peter says:

      Yes, they always desperately tried to sound like Depeche Mode, but they’re miles away from the originals.

    • Ralph says:

      DM on a bad day :)

  28. jason spaceman says:

    Anybody going for the vinyl is it worth it or over kill? 65 to the UK “ish”

  29. maplemaple says:

    Ordered right away! Thanks, Paul.

    • Derek Langsford says:

      OMG. I can’t believe anyone would pay that sort of money for a CD. I have a professionally made and printed CDR that I got back in the 90s.

  30. anthony orwell says:

    can they make money from such limited runs? I personally had never heard of them although playing a clip they obviously were clinging onto the coat tails of our basildon band who sound very similar. The numbers involved here would suggest that they probably would be delighted to sell out, maybe they are bigger band abroad?

    • Michael says:

      All their Music is great and they are still making new music!
      The new project M.I.N.E of their singer has just released a great album.

    • Richard says:

      Camouflage is one of the popular German 80s bands. I suggest getting all their alums especially relocated. Also, mi.n.e is also great band. They are related.

    • Klaus says:

      @anthony orwell:

      Their first two albums and the Love Is A Shield-single all were top twenty successes in Germany and that was before mp3 took over, so basically: Yes, i’m quite sure that there are 500 people alone in Germany that will buy this.

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