Can / The Singles

Mute will release Can: The Singles in June, a new collection of the German experimental rock band’s single releases

Crucially, all the tracks are the actual original single versions, many of which have been unavailable for years and in some cases only ever issued on the the original vinyl seven-inch!

This new release is available as a 23-track CD, but it’s the vinyl version that sounds particularly attractive, since it’s a triple vinyl set, packaged in a tri-fold sleeve with spot gloss lamination. Design for this release is handled by Julian House from London design agency Intro. The current UK price of just under £24 isn’t bad for a triple vinyl set.

Can: The Singles is released on 16 June 2017.

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Can: The Singles - 3LP vinyl


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Can: The Singles - CD Edition


Can: The Singles – CD Edition

1. Soul Desert
2. She Brings The Rain
3. Spoon
4. Shikako Maru Ten
5. Turtles Have Short Legs
6. Halleluwah (Edit)
7. Vitamin C
8. I’m So Green
9. Mushroom
10. Moonshake
11. Future Days (Edit)
12. Dizzy Dizzy (Edit)
13. Splash
14. Hunters And Collectors (Edit)
15. Vernal Equinox (Edit)
16. I Want More
17. ….And More
18. Silent Night
19. Cascade Waltz
20. Don’t Say No (Edit)
21. Return
22. Can Can
23. Hoolah Hoolah (Edit)

Can: The Singles – 3LP vinyl edition

LP 1
1. Soul Desert
2. She Brings The Rain
3. Spoon
4. Shikako Maru Ten
5. Turtles Have Short Legs
6. Halleluwah
7. Vitamin C
8. I’m So Green

LP 2
1. Mushroom
2. Moonshake
3. Future Days
4. Dizzy Dizzy
5. Splash
6. Hunters And Collectors
7. Vernal Equinox
8. I Want More

LP 3
1. ….And More
2. Silent Night
3. Cascade Waltz
4. Don’t Say No
5. Return
6. Can Can
7. Hoolah Hoolah


46 responses to Can / The Singles

  1. Truckmagnet says:

    Does the vinyl release also contain a code for MP3 download to listen on other devices once you buy? Of the vinyl will always be king, but hard to carry the record player on the train…

  2. Kevin MacNutt says:

    A lazy complilation taken from mostly needle drops on not great condition 7″ singles. One of these, “Shikaro Maru Ten”, I actually own the 1972 United Artists single and digitized and cleaned up the sound resulting significantly better sound than the one found here.

    As this is an official release I was hoping for tracks sourced from either the master tapes or if the master tapes were missing or degraded, lovingly restored needle drops taken from good condition singles. Not just a straight transfer from singles that sound as they lived in a jukebox for a decade.

    I transfer LPs and singles to digital reguarly and my goal is to get the best possible sound and would certainly hope the same care would be taken on a professional release. However this could be marketed to the hipster that believes that listening to vinyl is about pops, clicks and inner groove distortion and listening to these hamfisted single transfers could be every hipsters wet dream.

    Shame on you Can, you are better than this.

  3. Derek T. says:

    Bought this today. It’s a pretty good listen. The one little disappointment is that it has the album version of I’m So Green. The A-side version of that had a different intro, I think.

  4. Fjell says:

    “Shikako Maru Ten” was available in shortened form on “Cannibalism 2”. I hope (and presume) they are releasing the full 7″ version this time, because it’s a nice song.

  5. Shaun says:

    An interesting mix of “singles” and some random b-sides as well. I don’t think “Return” or “Silent Night” were ever officially released anywhere else other than the original 7″ singles.

  6. Dr Volume says:

    There’s another version of the ‘I Want More’ TOTP performance on the Can ‘Box’ DVD / CD set with Noel Edmonds introducing them saying “I wonder if Can will get into the Top Tin” – guffaw.

    This looks cool anyway. I’d no idea they did a all these singles and edits so it’ll be interesting to hear these all together and imagine Can as a singles act!
    I suspect some may buy it expecting to hear a ‘best of’ and be a bit baffled – without the lengthy extended tracks a casual may wonder what the fuss is about – (anyone wanting a good intro to Can should probably go for Cannibalism Vol.1) but nevertheless – I want one!

  7. hamicle says:

    I had ‘Tago Mago’ years ago, one of the remasters, and never took to it so sold it on. I’ll likely pick this up to stick a toe back in the water.

  8. Robert J. says:

    Fantastic news! Do you know if the vinyl version on Amazon UK will have MP3 like the German Amazon?

  9. David Mc says:

    Hey Jim, as you have probably picked up from other comments Can really need to be heard in their expansive exploratory glory, and for that you need the albums. That said this comp is a good primer.

  10. Ciaran Beattie says:

    Thank you for the information William K.

  11. Ciaran Beattie says:

    I didn’t know about the noel Edmonds TOTP appearance,
    was the DLT a repeat of this performance?

    • William K says:

      Yes it was. The first screening was on 26/8/76 when I Want More was at No. 50 in the charts. The repeat performance was on 30/9/76 when it had reached the dizzy heights of No. 29.

  12. alan hansen says:

    i sold a fair share of CAN over my years in independent retail shops. now it’s time for me to add a cd of theirs to my collection.

  13. Jim says:

    So. For someone who owns no Can, would this provide a good jumping on point?

    • emstini says:

      Jim, I would perhaps try “Cannibalism” as a bite-sized introduction to Can. It’s currently out of print, but I spotted a pre-loved copy in Amazon for a fiver. Alternately, you might want to try Anthology. It’s twice as long and double the price, therefore, but you can still pick up a new copy.

    • Mad Earwig says:

      Hi Jim

      I would jump in and buy ‘future days’ or ‘soon over babaluma’ for some mellow chilled out masterpieces and the most amazing drumming ( RIP Jaki)

      If you’re totally new, then these are less challenging than ‘tago mago’ or ‘ege bamyasi’

  14. William K says:

    Noel Edmonds first introduced Can on TOTP. He said that they had come a very very long way from Germany where they were an absolute wow and a sensation!
    After the performance he said that they were going to have them on as the first act on the show but were unable to have a Can opener on TOTP.
    Can opened the show 5 weeks later with a repeat of I Want More. Dave Lee Travis was the host for that one.

  15. Ciaran Beattie says:

    Re the Can TOTP appearance, it was DLT was on that show and he never introduced them and when the song was finished, he never told you who they were.
    However the BBC in recent times have made a big deal about this appearance.
    P.S. doesn’t the guitarist look like Lou Reed.
    He is in fact a roadie and not the Can guitarist Michael Karoli.

  16. Chris Squires says:

    Hey that isn’t bad. the only reason I have heard of Can, was being a massive Japan / Sylvian fan and Secrets of the Beehive (1988) being the most beautiful of all albums I thought I would buy Flux and Mutability, a 1989 David Sylvian / Holger Czukay effort. Oh my Lord. That put me right off. If I recall correctly the NME reviewer was very scathing saying something along the lines of “The only way this music could raise a smile would be if it were by Sid Flux and Eddie Mutability” (a joke about the “popular” UK “comedians” Sid Little and Eddie Large). I would love to see that quote properly again but Google isn’t being helpful.
    Anyway that abomination of an album (IMHO) put me off Can, “if one of their members can pollute the beauty of Secrets of the Beehive era Sylvian then anything he touches must be a stinker”…

    But do you know what I think I will investigate further…..

    • This a decent primer for the uninitiated but to fully appreciate Can you’ve got to listen to the full length versions of the likes of ‘Halleluwah’ instead of 4 minute long edits.

    • Trash says:

      “One mans nirvana is another man’s nap” as a journalist wrote about Eno’s Music for Airports.

      I love Flux and Mutability (not quite as much as Plight and Premonition their previous work together) but those albums are not representative of either artists main work at that time (and certainly they sound nothing like Can).

  17. Auntie Sabrina says:

    Andrew R

    I think it was Noel Edmunds who introduced Can…

  18. andrew r says:

    Can released singles? Really? I would love to have seen them sandwiched between
    ELO and The bay city rollers on TOTP, plus introduced by Tony Blackburn.

    • Klaus says:

      Believe it or not: Every artist released singles back then to get the attention to the album from where the track was taken.
      You can find their one and only performance at TOTP on YouTube
      playing their No. 26 “hit”-single “I Want More” , and may burn your own DVD sandwiching them between “Livin’ Thing” and “Bye Bye Baby” if you like ;-)

      • Yeah, there’s even Tangerine Dream has 3 minute single edits for albums like Rubicon. So unintuitive a format for the music, it’s kind of cool.

      • WILLIAM ENGLAND says:

        good job they weren’t introduced by Jimmy Savile, Jonathan King or Dave Lee Travis then we’d never see it again..

    • adam shaw says:

      There is footage of them doing I Want More on TOTP .
      Nice set , cd for me ta .

  19. eMSig says:

    I just ordered the triple vinyl from Amazon Germany. It’s almost the same price as in the UK but without postage.

    “Can Can” seems to be included on the vinyl version. The Mute store lists it:

  20. Real Dizzy says:

    Yeah….because when I think of Can, I don’t want all that long, pointless noodling – I just want the edited down versions….

    (Just in case….that was sarcasm there, folks.)

    • Yeah, my initial thought was “As I completist will I need to buy this? So I can have an edit of ‘Halleluwah’ I’ll never want to listen to over the full version?”

    • Caroline says:

      The humour is appreciated!

      There’s a few rarities scattered around here and it’ll be a decent primer for anyone coming to the band fresh. The only surprise is that this hasn’t happened sooner, especially given Mute’s long relationship with Can.

  21. Shaun says:

    Why is ‘Can Can’ missing from the vinyl version?

  22. MiG says:

    “Mushroom” was a single? No worries: time to crank up the system and introduce a whole new set of neighbors to the joys of “Moonshake.”

  23. Miguel Rocha says:

    Does the cd design replicate the vinyl, but in paper sleeve miniature? Or is it some generic booklet stuffed into an ugly jewel case?

  24. Simon F says:

    This will go very nicely alongside my Can LP box set which I managed to nab a couple of years back at it’s original price after an awful lot of internet searching. Seek and you shall find as someone once said.

  25. JamesM says:

    I was at the first Can show in Cologne.

  26. Paolo Meccano says:

    I’m a little confused…

    Are the edits on the CD shorter in duration than the same tracks on the vinyl?

  27. Auntie Sabrina says:

    CD is £9.99 plus £1.95 UK postage from

    Saving a few bob…

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