Cheapo Cheapo Records at Demon store


Our friends at Demon Records are having a bit of a VINYL CLEAROUT and there’s some great titles on offer starting at just £8.99 from the likes of Suede, The Jesus and Mary Chain, SDE’s new favourite The Comsat Angels and Ian Dury (to name a few).

Other titles include The Wedding Present‘s George Best, the 20th anniversary vinyl edition of Gene‘s Olympian, The Pretenders‘ 1980 debut and there is also a decent selection of some previously issued vinyl box sets, the pick of which is probably Matthew Sweet and Susanna HoffsCompletely Under The Covers coloured vinyl 6LP extravaganza.

As always, not everything is available everywhere, due to licensing restrictions, so you may not ‘see’ all these deals (depending on geographical location), but if you’re tired of paying £20+ for vinyl, this should provide some respite.


17 responses to Cheapo Cheapo Records at Demon store

  1. Big Steve says:

    Been tempted by the Gene reissue for ages, at £12.99 it’s a bargain.

  2. Gary C says:

    Yes BBC shop. Any Tabu fans, or general carpetbaggers, should head over there now

    • Simon F says:

      Six Doctor Who 50th anniversary t-shirts for £23 from BBC Shop. They should close down more often!

  3. Colin says:

    Hi Paul.

    As a man in the know, is there any news on the re-release of Land and 7 Day Weekend by the Comsat Angels?

    Last I heard they were delayed due to licensing issues but they were still hoping for a resolution.

  4. Rob Wilcock says:

    BBC shop is closing down. They have the Suede CD/DVD for £7.50.

    Demon are owned by the BBC?

  5. elliott buckingham says:

    the cast sounds great even for a single demon do very good sounding pressings

  6. Ooh, Endless Flight £8.99! That’d get you about 18 copies in your local charity shops :)

  7. probablyrustin says:

    almost nothing available for US customers. these restrictions make so little sense to me in 2016’s global economy!

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      If you owned the rights to Suede in America, and someone else started selling them in your territory, you wouldn’t be very happy. This stuff is all down to agreements from years/decades ago.

      • probablyrustin says:

        Totally, I see why they exist, my comments more out of frustration than actually not understanding. Just seems like such a relic of a pre-Internet world where sites weren’t offering their wares to customers abroad.

  8. Mike the Fish says:

    Do be aware that the Cast album is single disc, unlike the original which had three tracks per side across two records.

  9. Matt says:

    Amazed at how many of those I own having bought them many years ago before I had a CD player! Finally got a new turntable so will go and play them again :)

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