Chris Rea / The Rea-issues

Chris Rea / 2CD deluxe reissues

Cheery Yorkshire bluesman’s hit albums set for 2CD deluxe reissues

Chris Rea’s eighties and early nineties gear has been expanded and remastered for release this October.

The albums – Shamrock Diaries (1985), On the Beach (1986), Dancing With Strangers (1987), The Road to Hell (1989) and Auberge (1991) span Rea’s commercial peak and are to be reissued as deluxe double CD sets. They will also be accessorised with period appropriate ‘additional recordings’ such as remixes, non-album and live tracks, all newly remastered.

And that’s not all, Chris has also announced the release of a limited edition album. Entitled One Fine Day, the album was originally recorded in 1980 at Chipping Norton Studios and was produced by Rea himself. Never officially released as a single body of work, this limited run of 1000 on vinyl and CD brings together this collection of songs for the first time. Some of the tracks have never been released before whereas other re-recorded versions have appeared on various albums and as B-sides. Chris even did the art himself a few years back and selected it to be used as a sleeve on this occasion. One Fine Day is exclusively available via Rhino’s site (although you have to buy it as a CD+LP bundle).

One Fine Day is (at the moment) only available via Rhino’s store as a CD+LP bundle

Although a very well respected songwriter with such numbers as his 1978 top 30 debut ‘Fool (If You Think It’s Over)’ becoming bigger hits for the likes of lungsmith Elkie Brooks, Chris’ own career finally started happening with the release of 1985’s Top 26 smash ‘Stainsby Girls’, and in 1987 with the radio staple ‘Let’s Dance’ and the number two album Dancing With Strangers.

It was an unexpected turn that shot him into even bigger fame, when certain DJs were coming back from Ibiza in 1988 and claiming that his ‘On The Beach’ tune had gone down a (quiet) storm with the Balearic beat set, and suggested that his music was best heard while on lots of drugs watching a sunrise. Before you knew it, ‘On The Beach’ had been tastefully reswizzled and 1988’s round-up entitled ‘New Light Through Old Windows’ reminded people that Chris was actually amazing, spent over a year in the charts as well as bringing the festive classic ‘Driving Home For Christmas’ into being too.

Cars and general motorway blues were the continuing subject matter of his next two albums, 1989’s The Road to Hell and 1991’s Auberge – both topping the album charts and creating Rea’s peak of success as a bonus. While he would continue to be hugely successful with a few more chart successes, he was increasingly wary of playing the pop game and looking like someone who’d slept in his car among the shinier turns on Top of the Pops.

By the late nineties, he stepped back and followed his own blues muse and has carried on releasing and touring bar a brief spell of illness including a recent stroke in 2016, but no doubt gets a tidy PRS bonus with the annual airplay outings ‘Driving Home…’ becoming ever more popular after 30 years.

Each of the reissues come with new essays and exclusive artwork and imagery. Chris’ online presence will also be getting a reboot with updated videos and the like on YouTube.

Shamrock Diaries, On the Beach, Dancing With Strangers, The Road to Hell, Auberge and One Fine Day are all released on 18 October 2019.

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Chris Rea

Shamrock Diaries - remastered 2CD deluxe


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Chris Rea

On The Beach - remastered 2CD deluxe


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Chris Rea

Dancing With Strangers - remastered 2CD deluxe


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Chris Rea

The Road To Hell - remastered 2CD deluxe


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Chris Rea

Auberge - remastered 2CD deluxe


One Fine Day

Vinyl LP

Side One

  1. ‘Do You Still Dream’ – The original recording of the song. Re-recorded for the 1982 ‘Chris Rea’ LP
  2. ‘Loving You’ – The original recording of the song. Re-recorded for the 1982 ‘Chris Rea’ LP
  3. ‘One Fine Day’ – Released as the b-side on ‘Soft Top, Hard Shoulder’ single in 1993
  4. ‘One Sweet And Tender Touch’ – The original recording of the song later issued on the 1988 single Que Sera. It was re-recorded for the 1982 ‘Chris Rea’ LP

Side Two

  1. ‘If I Ever Break Free’ – A previously unreleased song
  2. ‘Sierra Sierra’ – Originally issued as a B side on 12” version of Let It Loose in 1983
  3. ‘Members Only’ – A previously unreleased song
  4. ‘Let Me Be The One’ – First appeared as a B side on the1981 single ‘Loving You’
  5. ‘One Night With You’ – A previously unreleased song


  1. ‘Do You Still Dream’
  2. ‘Loving You’
  3. ‘One Fine Day’
  4. ‘One Sweet And Tender Touch’
  5. ‘If I Ever Break Free’
  6. ‘Sierra Sierra’
  7. ‘Members Only’
  8. ‘Let Me Be The One’
  9. ‘One Night With You’

Shamrock Diaries / Remastered 2CD deluxe

CD 1   Original album

  1. Steel River (2019 Remaster)
  2. Stainsby Girls (2019 Remaster)
  3. Chisel Hill (2019 Remaster)
  4. Josephine (2019 Remaster)
  5. One Golden Rule (2019 Remaster)
  6. All Summer Long (2019 Remaster)
  7. Stone (2019 Remaster)
  8. Shamrock Diaries (2019 Remaster)
  9. Love Turns To Lies (2019 Remaster)
  10. Hired Gun (2019 Remaster)

CD 2  Shamrock Diaries Associated Recordings

  1. Dancing Shoes (2019 Remaster) – from Josephine 7″ single / 12″ single
  2. Stainsby Girls (Sax mix) [2019 Remaster] – from Stainsby Girls 12″ single
  3. Sunrise (2019 Remaster) – from Stainsby Girls EP
  4. And When She Smiles (2019 Remaster) – Stainsby Girls 7″ single
  5. Shamrock Diaries (2019 Remaster) – from New Light Through Old Windows
  6. September Blue (2019 Remaster) – from Stainsby Girls 12″ single
  7. Josephine (2019 Remaster) – from Josephine 12″ single
  8. Everytime It Rains (2019 Remaster) – from Josephine 12″ single
  9. Steel River (2019 Remaster) – from New Light Through Old Windows
  10. Stainsby Girls (2019 Remaster) – from New Light Through Old Windows
  11. Shamrock Diaries (Live at Montreux ’86) [2019 Remaster] – Previously unreleased (?)
  12. One Golden Rule (Live at Hammersmith Odeon, May ’86) [2019 Remaster] – from The Beach 2×7″ single
  13. Midnight Blue (Live at Hammersmith Odeon, May ’86) [2019 Remaster] – from On The Beach 2×7″ single

On The Beach / Remastered 2CD deluxe

CD 1  Original album

  1. On The Beach (2019 Remaster)
  2. Little Blonde Plaits (2019 Remaster)
  3. Giverny (2019 Remaster)
  4. Lucky Day (2019 Remaster)
  5. Just Passing Through (2019 Remaster)
  6. It’s All Gone (2019 Remaster)
  7. Hello Friend (2019 Remaster)
  8. Two Roads (2019 Remaster)
  9. Light Of Hope (2019 Remaster)
  10. Auf Immer Und Ewig (2019 Remaster)

CD 2   On The Beach Additional Recordings

  1. Look Out For Me (2019 Remaster) – from It’s All Gone EP
  2. Let’s Dance (2019 Remaster) – from It’s All Gone EP
  3. Hello Friend (Re-record) [2019 Remaster] – from Hello Friend single
  4. On The Beach (Special Remix) [2019 Remaster] – from On The Beach 7″ single
  5. If Anybody Asks You (2019 Remaster) – from On The Beach 7″ & 12″ single
  6. Freeway (2019 Remaster) – from On The Beach (cd)
  7. Bless Them All (2019 Remaster) – from On The Beach (cd) / It’s All Gone EP
  8. Crack That Mould (2019 Remaster) – from On The Beach (cd) / It’s All Gone EP
  9. On the Beach (Special Extended Remix) [2019 Remaster] – from On The Beach 12″ single
  10. It’s All Gone (Live at Montreux, 1986) [2019 Remaster] – from Hello Friend 2×7″ single
  11. Steel River (Live at Montreux) [2019 Remaster] – from Hello Friend 2×7″ single
  12. It’s All Gone (From “New Light Through Old Windows”) [2019 Remaster] – from It’s All Gone EP
  13. Driving Home For Christmas (2019 Remaster) – from Joys Of Christmas cd-single

Dancing With Strangers / Remastered 2CD deluxe

CD 1  Original album

  1. Joys Of Christmas (2019 Remaster)
  2. I Can’t Dance To That (2019 Remaster)
  3. Windy Town (2019 Remaster)
  4. Gonna Buy A Hat (2019 Remaster)
  5. Curse Of The Traveller (2019 Remaster)
  6. Let’s Dance (2019 Remaster)
  7. Que Sera (2019 Remaster)
  8. Josie’s Tune (2019 Remaster)
  9. Loving You Again (2019 Remaster)
  10. That Girl Of Mine (2019 Remaster)
  11. September Blue (2019 Remaster)

CD 2   Dancing With Strangers Associated Recordings

  1. Yes I Do (2019 Remaster) – from Joys Of Christmas cd-single
  2. Que Sera (Single Version) [Re-Recorded ’88] [2019 Remaster] – from Que Sera cd-single (UK)
  3. Se Sequi (2019 Remaster) – from Que Sera cd-single
  4. I’m Taking The Day Out (2019 Remaster) – On The Beach (Summer ’88) cd-single
  5. I Can Hear Your Heartbeat (Extended Mix) [2019 Remaster] – from I Can Hear Your Heartbeat cd-single
  6. Loving You Again (Live Version) [2019 Remaster] – from I Can Hear Your Heartbeat cd-single
  7. Danielle’s Breakfast (2019 Remaster) – from Loving You Again single
  8. On The Beach (Summer ’88) [2019 Remaster] – from On The Beach (Summer ’88) cd-single
  9. Rudolphs Rotor Arm – Previously unreleased
  10. Smile (2019 Remaster) – from Love’s Strange Ways single (July 1983) / Ace Of Hearts 12″ (1984)
  11. I Don’t Care Anymore (2019 Remaster) – from Let’s Dance single
  12. Que Sera (Down Under Mix) [2019 Remaster] – from Que Sera cd-single (Germany)
  13. Donahue’s Broken Wheel (2019 Remaster) – from Dancing with Strangers (cd) / Loving You Again single
  14. Let’s Dance (Remix) [2019 Remaster] – Let’s Dance cd-single
  15. Josephine (2019 Remaster) – from Let’s Dance cd-single
  16. Footsteps In The Snow (2019 Remaster) – from Driving Home For Christmas – The Christmas EP
  17. Driving Home For Christmas (2019 Remaster) – from New Light Through Old Windows

The Road To Hell / Remastered 2CD deluxe

CD 1  Original Album

  1. The Road to Hell, Part I (2019 Remaster)
  2. The Road to Hell, Part II (2019 Remaster)
  3. You Must Be Evil (2019 Remaster)
  4. Texas (2019 Remaster)
  5. Looking For A Rainbow (2019 Remaster)
  6. Your Warm And Tender Love (2019 Remaster)
  7. Daytona (2019 Remaster)
  8. That’s What They Always Say (2019 Remaster)
  9. I Just Wanna Be With You (2019 Remaster)
  10. Tell Me There’s A Heaven (2019 Remaster)

CD 2   The Road To Hell Associated Recordings

  1. He Should Know Better (2019 Remaster) – from The Road To Hell cd-single
  2. That’s What They Always Say (Rainbow mix) [2019 Remaster] – from That’s What They Always Say cd-single
  3. 1975 (2019 Remaster) – That’s What They Always Say cd-single
  4. The Road To Hell The Road to Hell (Parts I & II) [Live at Wembley Arena, March 1990] [2019 Remaster] – from Texas 12″
  5. Working on It (Live at Wembley Arena, March 1990) [2019 Remaster] – from Texas cd-single
  6. Let’s Dance (Live at Wembley Arena, March 1990) [2019 Remaster] – from Texas cd-single
  7. Daytona (Live at the NEC, Birmingham, November 1991) [2019 Remaster] – from Nothing To Fear CD1
  8. Working on It (Michael Brauer Extended Mix) [2019 Remaster] – from Working On It cd-single
  9. Josephine (2019 Remaster) – from New Light Through Old Windows
  10. Let’s Dance (2019 Remaster) – from New Light Through Old Windows
  11. You Must Be Evil (Live at Stuttgart, 1991) [2019 Remaster] – from God’s Great Banana Skin CD2
  12. I Can Hear Your Heartbeat (2019 Remaster) – from New Light Through Old Windows
  13. Working On It (2019 Remaster) – from Working On It cd-single

Auberge / Remastered 2CD deluxe

CD1   Original Album

  1. Auberge (2019 Remaster)
  2. Gone Fishing (2019 Remaster)
  3. You’re Not A Number (2019 Remaster)
  4. Heaven (2019 Remaster)
  5. Set Me Free (2019 Remaster)
  6. Red Shoes (2019 Remaster)
  7. Sing A Song Of Love to Me (2019 Remaster)
  8. Every Second Counts (2019 Remaster)
  9. Looking For The summer (2019 Remaster)
  10. And You My Love (2019 Remaster)
  11. The Mention Of Your Name (2019 Remaster)

CD 2  Auberge Associated Recordings

  1. Winter Song (2019 Remaster) – from Winter Song EP
  2. Footprints In The Snow (2019 Remaster) – from Winter Song EP
  3. Looking For Summer (12″ Remix) [2019 Remaster] – from Looking For The Summer cd-single
  4. Teach Me To Dance (2019 Remaster) – from Heaven 12″
  5. True To You (2019 Remaster) – from Winter Song EP
  6. Josephine  (2019 Remaster) – from Fool (If You Think It’s Over) – The Definitive Greatest Hits (Germany 2008)
  7. Six Up (B Side) [2019 Remaster] – from Looking For The Summer cd-single
  8. Working On It (Live at NEC Birmingham 1991) [2019 Remaster] – from Nothing To Fear CD2
  9. The Road To Hell (Live at NEC Birmingham 1991) [2019 Remaster] – from Nothing To Fear CD2
  10. Theme From The Pantile Journal (2019 Remaster) – from Heaven single
  11. Footprints In The Snow (Live at Paris, 1991) [2019 Remaster] – from God’s Great Banana Skin CD1
  12. On The Beach (Live in Paris 1991) [2019 Remaster] – from Nothing To Fear CD1
  13. Just Passing Through (Live in Paris 1991) [2019 Remaster] – from God’s Great Banana Skin CD1
  14. Hudson’s Dream (2019 Remaster) – from Auberge 12″
  15. Auberge (Single Version) [2019 Remaster] – from Auberge single

129 responses to Chris Rea / The Rea-issues

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  3. Gerbrand says:

    Quick review

    + perfect sound, perfect remasters
    + new interesting liner notes based on recent interview(s) with Chris
    + liner notes include pictures of single artwork
    + lyrics of original album tracks
    + all single versions, b-sides and extended mixes are included, with only a few minor omissions
    + about 20 tracks first time released on cd
    + cd’s replicate original lp labels

    +- no frills packaging, jewel cases not digipaks or something (keeps the price down I guess)

    – little to no information about the additional recordings,
    – source only indicated by label code which requires you to use discogs to find the relevant single/12-inch
    – no lyrics of additional recordings
    – no previously unreleased tracks (except for 1 rejected b-side and one live recording)

    Let’s hope the other albums get the same treatment, especially the early ones.

    • Arlene Essex says:

      Does anyone know Chris’s current health status since his collapse on stage two years ago in Dec 2017?

    • Larry Davis says:

      Agree…and the omissions are 5 from “New Light Through Old Windows”…the US remix of “Let’s Dance” (boost the guitars & drums & synths, add echo, bury the piano, made it sound more arena rock, this version also added to US Geffen “The Road To Hell”, but not anywhere on these remasters), “Windy Town”, “Fool If You Think It’s Over”, “Ace Of Hearts” & “Candles”…hope this reissue campaign continues in 2 other parts…Early Years (1974-1984, first 6 albums) & Later Years (final years on Magnet, 1992-2000, up to “King Of The Beach”, ending at the dawn of his blues period & launch of his label Jazzee Blue…hope get it done before it’s too late and Chris is not involved)…

      • Gerbrand says:

        @Larry Davis

        Pity most people comment on what is missing instead of what’s included. Yes, Windy Town (NLTOW re-recording) was somehow forgotten. Fool, Ace & Candles belong to other (earlier) albums so should appear on future reissues, if they happen.

        Let’s Dance : No US remix exists. The 12” Remix is on Dancing With Strangers (DeLuxe). The added track to US Geffen “The Road To Hell” is the 1988 NLTOW re-recording. Which is on The Road To Hell (DeLuxe).

        Personally, I don’t think Chris isn’t involved in this, other than the interview on which the liner notes are based, which may be from some years ago.

    • Larry Davis says:

      Forgot…yes it does tell you the original sources of the extra material…at least the original catalogue numbers on each single/EP, with pictures and catalogue numbers of each single in the booklets…if the numbers pertain to other singles from different albums (like some pertain to singles lifted from 1992’s “God’s Great Banana Skin”), you can go to Google Image & type in these catalogue numbers, and the correct single & picture will pop up, pretty painless…it also is a sign that more deluxe reissues are forthcoming…at least to me it is…

  4. Michael Wright says:

    Happy to see more work from Chris, and I must confess his first ten albums/CD’s are some of the best.
    I seem to be in a minority here as my absolute favorites include ‘Wired to the Moon’, ‘Whatever happened to Benny Santini?’ & ‘Deltics’
    Overall his amazing lyrics and the accompanying music, driven by his guitar and a plethora of of talented musicians places him up there with the all time greats.
    It’s good to have him back on my play list, especially his ‘Best Of’

  5. Julia says:

    All this talk about Josephine reminded me – anybody been back to the ’82 album and listened to “Do It For Your Love” recently? : D

  6. Tim South says:

    Great remasters . Can’t fault the sound . Very pleased that the original Stainsby Girls and Josephine are back where they belong on the Shamrock Diaries album . There have been changes made in the past by replacing them with the New Light Through Old Windows versions which i am not so keen on.

  7. Chris AA says:

    Great news! Have waited for rea-issues with rare tracks for at least 20 years! Crossing fingers for 2CD-versions for the rest of his discography, hoping GGBS is up next. Makes sence to spread versions around the discs (I love Josephine, but better to have one version on each disc than all one one). I really miss one of my top 5 Rea-tracks from these 5 CDs: the full NLTOW-version of On The Beach (also on he Best of from 94), only the summer 88-edit in included. Hopefully this is included as a bonus in one of the other rea-issues!

  8. Jan says:

    If anyone is interested, I can confirm the ‘French Re-mixed’ version of ‘Josephine’ on the reissued ‘Dancing With Strangers’ is the classic Ibiza favourite La Version Francaise.

  9. Brad Williams says:

    I am a new fan…what are the best overall two records here?

    • blink says:

      Highly subjective, I’d say definitely Road to Hell and then either the album before that, or the one after. Personally I’d probably say Auberge.

      • Lee Realgone says:

        I’d argue that Auberge is far too downbeat for a new fan.

        Brad, I’d go with The Road To Hell first and if you like that then try On The Beach and Shamrock Diaries.

  10. Paul Corser says:

    If there is anyone who hasn’t received the One Fine Day album yet, I can confirm that Siera Sierra is the samba version rather than the 80’s disco version….Thank god!

    Also the ‘never released before song’ One Night With You, is actually an early version of the track that appears on the Blue Guitars project.

  11. Paul Corser says:

    Looking forward to the One Fine Day release.

    I really only wanted the CD so will be looking to sell the LP at some point.

  12. Paul Corser says:

    I have a feeling that if the earlier Rea albums are re issued, they will only be bog standard 2019/20 remasters with no extra cd. Otherwise, Smile, taken from Love’s Strange Ways single, would not have been included in the current batch of re issues but would have fitted perfectly on Water Sign.

    • Gerbrand says:

      @Paul Corser
      An unfounded feeling, methinks. For the first 4 albums there is not enough material for a bonus disc, but the b-sides can be added on the same disc as the original albums. For “Water Sign” and “Wired To The Moon” there is enough for a bonus disc.

      Also, maybe they decide to include One Fine Day as bonus disc, or the also unreleased 1982/1983 Smile album. Fingers crossed.

      But Smile is indeed a strange choice to add to “Dancing With Strangers”, probably only because it was also included on the Driving Home For Christmas – The Christmas EP in 1988.

  13. Mark Munson says:

    Have all Chris’ CDs (& most vinyls) but really keen to get these too. However, are there plans to release via Apple Music/Amazon Music as well?

  14. Wayne Klein says:

    Cool. Been waiting for ages for expanded editions of his albums. He was never more than a 9ne hit wonder in the U.S. More is the pity. Well one could argue he was a two hit wonder I guess because he had a #44 as well as his #12 hit with Fool Do You Think It’s Over.

  15. Norbert says:

    I asked Warner what version of Josephine will be included on Shamrock Diaries and they answered yesterday:

    “It is the original 1985 version.”

    • Gerbrand says:

      @Norbert : Except there are 3 original 1985 versions (LP, 7″, 12″) HA HA HA. Not to mention the versions on the other DeLuxe’s.

      But the original LP version is the best, imo. I’m sure Warner meant that’s the version on disc 1 of Shamrock Diaries.

      • Norbert says:

        @Gerbrand: I am happy, that you are sure, guy!

        I strongly assume that the LP version of 1985 on disc 1 is meant, as I asked them specifically whether the 1985 or the 1991 remix will be included in the original album and the full answer was as stated.

      • Road2Hell says:

        In my opinion, the best version is from the 1985 single/video clip.

        The versions are:

        1985 Single/video version: 3:35 /3:56
        1985 Original album version: 4:30
        1985 Album latter pressing version: 3:58
        1987 Snow single version (Extended French) (same album latter pressing but extended): 5:39
        1988 New Light Through Old Windows version (USA): 4:18
        1988 New Light Through Old Windows version (Worldwide): 4:34
        2008 Fool If You Think It’s Over – The Definitive Greatest Hits version: 3:58

        Some of this have edited versions.

  16. Larry Davis says:

    One thing I’ve noticed is no upgrade to the popular rerecordings compilation “New Light Through Old Windows”, understandably so, but like the 5 New Order 2CD upgrades from 2008, the tracks from “Substance” were spread across those 5…the 13 “New Light” tracks are mostly spread out across these new 5 upgrades…so I wonder if it’s soon to be obsolete?? The only tracks I noticed NOT included were the rerecordings of “Windy Town”, “Candles”, “Ace Of Hearts” & “Fool If You Think It’s Over”…I hope the originals and it’s parent albums & the rest of the Magnet/Warner-era albums will be done in the future…in 2 other installments as I suggest/predict…

  17. Tim South says:

    Just by the number of responses I expect these to sell very well. Shamrock Diaries is a favourite of mine . I remember watching the Montreux 1986 performance on bbc2 and being impressed by it then. It probably lacks enough hit material to make it to a bluray release , unfortunately but a CD of that show would be very welcome if the full recording is available…….

  18. Guy says:

    Thanks for the info Paul.

    As a separate note, have overseas buyers who order from the UK site noticed a massive increase in shipping costs ? For the 5 CD albums to Canada, they want 19 GBP and 9 GBP for duties. A few months ago it would have been about 6 GBP and thats it. If this is a sign for Brexit, it doesn’t boad well. It was previously a no brainer to order from the UK, not anymore.

  19. Tom m hans says:

    Is the French version of Josephine also included? I browsed the updated songlist but can’t find it. Thank you.

  20. Paul Sinclair says:

    Massive thanks to Gerbrand van der Vooren who has supplied details of where all the bonus tracks come from. The track listings have been updated appropriately.

    • Gerbrand says:

      Disclaimer : It’s a best guess. Especially regarding the various Josephine versions.

      • Paul Sinclair says:

        Great work, nonetheless…

      • Daniel says:

        Thanks Gerbrand!

        Correct me if I’m wrong, the following ‘versions/edits’ will be ommitted:
        – Shamrock Diaries: Josephine (Edit Remix Version, Remix Version, 7″ Version) and Hello Friend (Remix),
        – On the Beach: It’s All Gone (7″ Edit and 12″ Version) and Hello Friend (Full Version),
        – Dancing With Strangers: Let’s Dance (Single Version and 12″ Special Remix), Loving You Again (Single Version), One Sweet Tender Touch (4:41 minutes), Gonna Buy a Hat (Edit), Que Sera (7″ Down Under Mix) and Josephine (French Version),
        – The Road to Hell: The Road to Hell Part 2 (Single Edit and 7″ Edit), That’s What They Always Say (Remix and Extended Remix), Texas (Edit), The Road to Hell Pt. 1 & 2 (Edit),
        – Auberge: Set Me Free (5:38 minute edit)
        Presumably only interesting for the completionists?

        • Gerbrand says:

          @Daniel : Yes, it looks like they have a) excluded all/most single edits and in other cases b) chosen the 12″ versions above 7″ version. A good decision, imo.

          For example, Hello Friend (Full Version) is the longer version of Hello Friend (Remix aka Re-Record). They only include one of them, my guess is the longest version.

          From your list the following ARE included :
          – Josephine (7″ or 12″) on Shamrock Diaries
          – Hello Friend (Re-Record) (7″ or 12″) on On The Beach
          – It’s All Gone (7″ or 12″/EP) on On The Beach (the one mysteriously listed as “From – – New Light Through Old Windows” on which it does not appear)
          – Josephine (La Version Francaise) (7″ or 12″) on Dancing With Strangers
          – Let’s Dance (12″ Special Remix) on Dancing With Strangers

          Finally, I expect One Sweet Tender Touch (recorded in 1980) will be on the rea-issue of the “Chris Rea” album.

          • Neil says:

            I was hoping the vocal version of the remix of Let’s Dance which appeared on the 12 inch of Que Sera and lasts 6 mins 30 secs would be on this instead of the instrumental. I suppose we will just have to wait and see the track timings for conformation.

          • Daniel says:

            Thanks for the info! Gives a proper indication what to expect from a future second batch (1978-1984 or 1992-2000).

        • daveid76 says:

          Windy Town from New Light Through Old Windows missing…

    • daveid76 says:

      If this is true then they’ve made a right mess of it. Smile dates from several years prior and Windy Town 88 has been forgotten about. Also the version of Josephine from Auberge Disc 2 won’t be the 2008 version as that was released on the Edel label together with several other new re-recordings. It will be the version from the US version of New Light.

  21. Tim Schroeder says:

    The lost album from 1980/1981 is missing one song , “Fascination” . I am very excited to see this long neglected upgrade to Chris’s back catalogue. Hopefully they will keep it going .

  22. daveid76 says:

    I’ll try and make this my last post on this subject. I’ve been looking into these tracklistings and matching them up with my 26 year knowledge of CR’s output. There are indeed five versions of Josephine spread across 4 of these albums. I suppose it makes sense to restrict one to each bonus disc regardless of chronology. I sincerely hope though that the album version is the original from 1985 and that they haven’t stuck on the French edit mix. I see also that I Can Hear Your Heartbeat 88 version is on here which one would have thought would be on a re-release of Water Sign. Maybe it’s because the 88 version was released as a single..?

    This leaves four anomalies:

    It’s All Gone (From NLTOW). This song was never on that album so what is this?

    Smile. Recorded in 1982. I believe this was put on to several later singles but it shouldn’t be here.

    Rudolph’s Rotor Arm. WTF? No idea.

    Windy Town 88. This song is missing completely. Possibly overlooked because it was a re-recorded album track and not a re-recorded single?

    I hope these are just mistakes in the advertised tracklisting and are not on the albums themselves but based on experience I’m not hopeful.

  23. Vincent says:

    Really interested in the ‘On The Beach’ rea-issue. I’m guessing the extra tracks will be from the single releases at the time, so ‘Driving Home For Christmas’ will be the slower version from the ‘Hello Friend’ single (hopefully).

    Likewise ‘Let’s Dance’ is all being well the original b-side version from the 1986 ‘It’s All Gone’ single.

    ‘One Golden Rule’ and ‘Midnight Blue’ from the ‘On The Beach’ 12 inch seem to be excluded though.

    With only 13 tracks per CD it’s a shame they couldn’t find a few more extras, but looking forward none the less

    • Gerbrand says:

      @Vincent : ‘One Golden Rule’ and ‘Midnight Blue’ from the ‘On The Beach’ 7″ double pack are on Shamrock Diaries (DeLuxe). Not sure why, as Midnight Blue is originally from Water Sign, not Shamrock Diaries.

  24. Christian bland says:

    Montreux 86 on Blu-ray please and cd one of my favourite still got it in betamax

  25. Ian Burgess says:

    re Kenny and Neil’s comments on “Driving Home For Christmas, there are three versions, I have just noticed. The commonly known hit version, if I can call it that, with the tinkling piano. The original version appears on the Japanese release “Snow”, timed at 4min 36 seconds. I have never heard that version to my knowledge. There is also a version on the German made “That’s What They Always Say” (Remix) CD single released in 1989. I thought it I had bought it as a UK release, WEA were producing most singles in Germany for European release including the UK at this time I believe, but discogs lists it as a German release, no other CD releases anywhere, I will not argue. This version is the slower mix but timed at 3min 59 seconds.

    To me the two versions were two different looks at the journey. The original, more bluesy was thinking about a long hard drive, delays, traffic etc. The second the joy at the end of the drive, being home for Christmas. Anyone else see them that way?

    • Gerbrand says:

      @Ian Burgess : There are only two versions:

      Original 1986 version (4:35) : Hello Friend 7″/12″, Joys Of Christmas cd-single, Snow EP. Now on On The Beach (DeLuxe).

      1988 re-recording “hit” version (4:00) : New Light Through Old Windows, Driving Home For Christmas – The Christmas EP, That’s What They Always Say (Remix) cd-single, The Very Best Of Chris Rea & all Christmas compilations. Now on Dancing With Strangers (DeLuxe).

  26. Sandy says:

    Will definitely pick these up , all fine albums . On the beach was my first ever CD purchase back in 1987 , $A30 from Brashs ( older readers in Oz will remember ) . Quite an investment at the time…

  27. Gerbrand says:

    The last track on One Fine Day – ‘One Night With You’ – A previously unreleased song – was actually re-recorded for Blue Guitars CD3 in 2005, also released on Blue Guitars – A Collection Of Songs in 2007.

  28. John Moore says:

    These releases are from the Warner period do even though his first three albums are much
    loved they won’t be appearing in this new campaign-The early albums were out on the magnet label which is owned by another label now. Yes his back catalogue has been neglected for way too long!

    • Gerbrand says:

      @John : a quick check at wikipedia would have told you all his albums up to Road To Hell were released on Magnet, which was then sold to Warner Music Group (his current label including sublabels Rhino and EastWest).

      • daveid76 says:

        Sorry but it was all the albums up to Dancing with Strangers. He moved to WEA in 1988. Wikipedia is wrong (for now!)

  29. dominic says:

    Back in the 90’s there was a hifi/AV store on Deansgate in Manchester, which I think is a travel agents now, that sold hifi separates and laser discs (Star Wars on laser disc, we’re living in the future!).

    There was a handwritten sign on the wall very similar to the ‘No Stairway To Heaven’ sign in Wayne’s World, that said ‘No Road To Hell’!

    I never had a problem with Road To Hell myself, in fact I’m very fond of it as it reminds me of family holidays in France, but it still made me chuckle.

    • Gary Hunter says:

      I remember that place Dominic, I bought a Techniks Amp, Record Deck and Tape To Tape Recorder there, it was called Laskys, brilliant shop.

  30. Bill says:

    I am also a huge fan, have lot of his music on vinyl and CD. That being said, I must admit that I find the sound on the current CDs very good as is. I will wait for a review of one or two of these new releases before purchasing any. All in all, this is still very good news.

  31. Tim says:

    Interesting! I have an old CR bootleg called “The Lost Tape 1981” that is the same track listing as One Fine Day, but includes an extra track called “Fascination” (it would be track two on side 1). The song sounds a bit like Springsteen, and features saxophone and backup singers. I wonder why it was left off the album? These songs are decent, will be great to hear them in original quality.

  32. After searching for years for a live version of “Working On It” …. sigh… Getting into Chris Rea’s work (by accident) in 1988 ment that US listeners were left trying to make NEW LIGHT THROUGH OLD WINDOWS (complete with a different album jacket) into an album of its own. Let the chaos of the discography continue…. at least now we can just look at this list and go – “thanks for fixing that”


  33. Paul English says:

    Suggested track lists for the other album remasters

    Whatever Happened To Benny Santini? (1978)
    One CD with these bonus tracks
    11 Fool If You Think It’s Over (Single Version) 3:29
    12 Midnight Love 3:07
    13 Voy A Volerme Loco 4:19
    14 So Much Love 2:45
    15 Born To Lose 4:45

    Deltics (1979)
    One CD with these bonus tracks
    12 Diamonds (Single Version) 3:49
    13 Cleveland Calling 3:41
    There’s also a German 7″ of Diamonds which is timed at 2:47. I don’t have it so am not sure if it’s another (even shorter) edit or the same as the regular single mix.
    Any clarification would be appreciated. If it does exist then it should be the third bonus track.

    Tennis (1980)
    One CD with these bonus tracks
    13 Tennis (Single Version) 3:59
    14 If You Really Love Me 3:09
    15 Dancing Girls (Single Version) 3:44
    16 Ya No Te Veo Nunca Mas 3:40

    Chris Rea (1982)
    One CD with these bonus tracks
    12 Let Me Be The One 3:42
    13 Don’t Look Back 3:44
    14 Goodbye Little Columbus (Single Version) 3:34

    Water Sign (1983)
    Disc 2: Bonus tracks
    01 I Can Hear Your Heartbeat (Special Extended Mix) 5:50
    02 Urban Samurai 4:31
    03 Sierra Sierra 5:38
    04 From Love To Love 3:31
    05 Smile 3:27
    06 Hey You (Edit Version) 3:23
    07 Let It Loose (Special Extended Remix) 5:45
    08 I Can Hear Your Heartbeat (New Re-edited Club Mix) 8:15

    Wired To The Moon (1984)
    Disc 2: Bonus tracks
    01 Touché D’Amour (Special Remix) 3:20
    02 Mystery Man 3:22
    03 True Love 3:40
    04 Bombollini (Excerpts From) 4:20
    05 Ace Of Hearts (7″ Special Remix) 3:49
    06 Touché D’Amour (Instrumental) 3:40
    07 Bitter Sweet 1:13
    08 Auf Immer 4:41
    09 I Don’t Know What It Is But I Love It (Extended) 5:25
    10 Ace Of Hearts (12″ Special Remix) 6:34
    11 Touché D’Amour (Extended) 6:07
    12 Special Edition Twelve Inch Medley 7:25
    13 Excerpts From I Can Hear Your Heartbeat (Live At Montreux Jazz Festival) 7:00

    God’s Great Banana Skin (1992)
    Disc 2: Bonus tracks
    01 Nothing To Fear (Single Version) 4:28
    02 Strange Dance 4:14
    03 God’s Great Banana Skin (Remix) 4:16
    04 I Saw You Coming 4:30
    05 She’s Gonna Change Everything 4:46
    06 Soft Top, Hard Shoulder (Half-Time Version) 2:25
    07 One Fine Day 4:04
    08 Sierra Sierra 4:13
    09 Melancholy 1:40
    10 The Van Stomp / Glasgow Horizon 2:50
    11 Too Much Pride (New Version) 4:10
    12 Nothing To Fear (Edit) 6:45
    Disc 3: Bonus tracks
    01 On The Beach (Live in Paris 1991) 4:30
    02 Just Passing Through (Live in Paris 1991) 6:09
    03 Footprints In The Snow (Live in Paris 1991) 4:32
    04 You Must Be Evil (Live in Stuttgart 1991) 4:47
    05 The Road To Hell (NEC Live 1991) 6:44
    06 Working On It (NEC Live 1991) 6:31
    07 Daytona (NEC Live 1991) 6:36
    08 On The Beach (NEC Live 1991) 4:30
    09 Munich 1993 Improvised Introduction (Live) 3:00
    10 Nothing To Fear (Live in Munich 1993) 7:13
    11 Soft Top, Hard Shoulder (Live in Munich 1993) 8:20
    12 Gone Fishing (Live In Munich 1993) 4:00
    13 On The Beach (Live In Munich 1993) 9:40

    Espresso Logic (1993)
    Disc 2: Bonus tracks
    01 If You Were Me 4:20
    02 I Thought I Was Going To Lose You 5:00
    03 Jordan 191 4:02
    04 Espresso Logic (Single Version) 3:56
    05 We Don’t Have A Problem 3:55
    06 That’s The Way It Goes 4:18
    07 You Can Go Your Own Way 3:32
    08 Johnny Needs A Fast Car (Edit) 3:37
    Disc 3: Bonus tracks
    01 Espresso Logic (Club 4 Life Mix) 8:50
    02 Espresso Logic (Double Safe Dub) 6:50
    03 Espresso Logic (Dream On) 8:45
    04 Espresso Logic (S’not On) 8:50
    05 Espresso Logic (On Song) 8:05
    06 Espresso Logic (Global Freeze Dried) 7:55

    • daveid76 says:

      He also released a track circa 1993 called Don’t Turn Away which was on some kind of compilation album

      • Paul English says:

        @daveid76 – good call. Forgot about that. It’s on a German compilation Bravo Hits 6 which is easy pick up for pence.

        • daveid76 says:

          And also Saudade recorded in 1994 when Ayrton Senna died.

          • Gerbrand says:

            @Paul English :
            Agree with most of your excellent overview.

            I believe “Auf Immer” is only 1:31 and there is no “On The Beach (NEC Live 1991) 4:30” (probably confused with the also mentioned Paris version).

            One Fine Day, Sierra Sierra ánd One Sweet And Better Touch fit better on Chris Rea (DeLuxe) iso God’s Great Banana Skin.

            Missing on Espresso Logic are Ruby Blue, Three Little Green Candles, Do You Believe In Love (with Vargas Blues Band) and the already mentioned Don’t Turn Away and Saudade.

            Let’s hope these releases are really planned in this series.

    • Carst says:

      So these will also come out? I’m SO waiting for “Wired To The Moon”

  34. Paul C says:

    This is great news. Does anyone know which versions of Josephine and Heartbeat are going to be featured on the Dancing with Strangers cd?

  35. Ronald says:

    That’s strange Josephine is on every second CD. Although I have every CD and love this periode, don’t know if I get these.

  36. Paul Corser says:

    Do we have any idea what the versions of Josephine and I can hear your heartbeat are likely to be on Dancing with Strangers?

  37. Bern says:

    Has there been any news about his health? Hopefully on the mend after collapsing that time.

  38. Kenny says:

    Surprised nobody has mentioned “Driving Home For Christmas” Is the version that’s on the bonus “On The Beach” cd the original version? This is far superior to the later re-recorded version and has never been released on cd (I may be wrong). The albums look to be part of an ongoing re-issue series but a la Van Morrison we’ll see.

  39. Darren Linklater says:

    Looking forward to these expanded sets even though I have many of the extra tracks on the singles. It will be great to have them all in one place with a shiny new remaster of the album.

    Lots of love for Deltics,Tennis and Wired to the Moon here and hope they feature in a phase 2 batch. There really are some great tracks buried in those early albums. May not be as many b sides, so let’s have a couple of live shows from the era please.

    My dream live album would be from Montreal, same show that the ‘its All Gone’ version came from.

  40. daveid76 says:

    I sincerely hope – but am not optimistic – that the correct original album version of Josephine will be restored. For those who don’t know, when the CD version of Shamrock came out in 1987 a new version – an edit of La version Francaise – replaced the original and to this day has never been rectified.

    • John P says:

      Listening now, and I think the original version of :Josephine” can be heard on the “Auberge” 2nd CD Deluxe Edition. The Japanese release “Snow”, which I also have, has the extended French re-recorded version *which I also have as an EP).

  41. Kai Karkkainen says:

    Brilliant! Chris Rea is one of my favourite artists ever and these are all fantastic albums. Ordered the whole lot ( including the limited edition album ) as soon as I read your article. Many thanks for bringing us the news!

  42. Jamie Crampton says:

    These are also available as a “bundle” from Rhino @ £55, free UK shipping too. Cheaper than Shamazon :).

  43. Jason Brown says:

    …and after the Six SDE from earlier this year (and bought from this very site, thanks Paul) – my reissue news of the year. Long, long, awaited.

    Looks like they are going with the Imperial Period first (though as others have mentioned, GGBS & Espresso Logic belong in that group too), which makes sense. Looking at the track listings – a really good mix of single edits, B-sides, remixes, as well as a few reworks from New Light….it looks like a really well thought-out approach, and well spread out, too.

    So phase 1 : Shamrock Diaries, On The Beach, Dancing With Strangers, The Road To Hell, Auberge (the big hitters)

    I reckon phase 2 will be …Benny Santini, Deltics, Tennis, Chris Rea, Water Sign & Wired To The Moon (the early years, for the long-time fans; will we see a 2019 remaster of So Much Love appended to …Benny Santini)

    And finally phase 3… GGBS, Espresso Logic, The Blue Cafe, The Road To Hell Part 2, King Of The Beach

    As someone else said, La Passione got its own SDE a couple of years back.

    I wonder if his long- gestating autobiography will come out around October, too?

    Agree with the love shown for Deltics. A really good album. And Tennis? That lead track is a strange, dark – but really excellent – piece of work.

  44. GlennRoger says:

    I am a huge Chris area fan and was excited to read about the 2-cd reissues coming up. I am looking forward not only to the b-sides and unreleased material but improved quality of sound. One side note, I am here in the US and I noticed that the US was not listed to pre-order but yet Canada was and I am curious why that is? I have always thought Chris area was up there with someone like Eric Clapton and such but just never got the accolades as he should of. I will def be getting all these and it’s my hope to see other albums in the future.

    • Gary says:

      Not sure about this as my memory is somewhat hazy but seem to recall a Clapton gig at Birmingham’s NEC during the early eighties which had Chris Rea opening in the support slot…

      • Kevin says:

        Hi Gary… you’re absolutely right. First time I ever saw Chris, and yes, i went to see him rather than Eric. In fact, I almost left at the end of Chris’s set…didn’t really rate Eric!

  45. Warren says:

    I really want to like Chris Rea – I just sort of want to get involved with anyone who has a big body of work that feels like it needs investigating, although what I heard Road To Hell onwards bored me a bit. Quite light New Light back in the day, maybe I’ll start with the Shamrock Diaries deluxe and go from there.

  46. Alastair says:

    I collected a lot of the CD singles from these albums back in the day, and many of them stood up really well as separate entities from the albums, almost like a well curated EP. One of my favourites was:
    “On the Beach Summer ’88” – 3:44
    “I’m Taking the Day Out” – 3:23
    “It’s All Gone (Live in Montreux)” – 8:11
    “September Blue” – 3:06
    People’s recollections of favourite CD singles might be a fruitful subject for a Saturday Deluxe some time. A good CD single might have the plug track, a cover version, a live version and a killer remix, for example. Oh, I feel a need to go up into the loft to check out my stored CD singles!

  47. Fogarrach says:

    I like the idea that Chris could get a three section career retrospective.

    Can anyone explain or theorise for me why deltics tracks have been so underrepresented in his greatest hits history.

    It’s an incredible album and you’ll find lord lucan before you find a bad track.

  48. Stefano says:

    Yesterday I was just thinking: when will we finally get the Chris Rea catalogue remasters? My prayers have been heard :)
    Excellent news Paul, thanks for a nice start of the weekend.

    I really really hope that track 13 on CD 2 of ‘On The Beach’ is the original 1987 version of ‘Driving Home for Christmas’. This first version (completely different from the Christmas version we all know) has never been remastered and never used for a (Christmas) compilation.

    • daveid76 says:

      I often dream of this and only a couple of days ago too. I never imagined it would ever happen and still can’t believe this news.

      I am quite cautious though as I suspect there will be lots of errors with these sets. The fact that Josephine exists in 5 or 6 studio versions doesn’t help. Already I see that Freeway is one of the bonus tracks on OTB and yet this was always the final track on the vinyl album. Smile was recorded around 1982 and should not be with the bonus tracks of Dancing with Strangers unless it was some kind of re-recording. Worth mentioning too that the original version of Sierra Sierra was released as a b side on one of the Soft Top Hard Shoulder singles whereas the version on the Let it Loose single was a dance remix. Also Driving Home for Christmas actually dates originally from 1986 and was simply called Driving Home.

  49. Larry Davis says:

    Looks to me CRs back catalogue in full (his pre-blues records up to King of the Beach) might be redone in 3 parts…with 1985 thru 1991 as part 1 coming up, then 1974 to 1984 as part 2 & 1992 to 2000 as part 3, nice organized program…I believe La Passione got the deluxe box treatment a few years ago and interesting that One Fine Day album as CD/LP combo package only & too bad only 1000 copies….is Rhino doing these, or did BMG get the rights to the catalogue?? And as for Josephine, yep lots of versions, all different, not remixes, versions with different arrangements and yes I want them all…my fave the full 7 minute French edit…

  50. StanC says:

    I’m hopeful that some sanity might creep in, with regards to availability, and I don’t end up ordering these from three or four different countries/lol. Still, so very thrilled to see these!

  51. Chomes says:

    I’ll be in for the Auberge “Rea-Issue”. Love the artwork and think Looking for the Summer is a fantastic track.
    I must admit i forgot all about this album is and not listened to it for over 20 years. How time flies….

  52. Rickjapan says:

    Love myself a bit of Chris Rea, I think he should get more recognition, though I’m happy with what I have now of his work.

    I still think his pinnacle is Nothing to Fear, 9 minutes of awesomeness

  53. Nigel M says:

    Any news on High Res downloads being made available?

    • Chomes says:

      “the box set and reissue music site for fans who love holding the music in their hands”

      I’m guessing this is the wrong place to be asking this question.

  54. GTR says:

    These look very good. He has a really strong back catalogue which has aged well.

    One question. There is a track listed as: ‘It’s All Gone (From “New Light Through Old Windows”)’. This isn’t on my ‘New Light…’ CD (one of the first CD’s I ever bought). Should it be?

    • Jamie Crampton says:

      Mine doesn’t have it on either, not sure why. These do look really good, especially Dancing with Strangers although some of the extra tracks are a bit of a pick & mix, On The Beach and Heartbeat on the DWS should surely be with their respective original albums. Just a minor quibble though :).

      • Paul C says:

        I gues those tracks were taken from the New Light sessions in 87/88 so it makes sense for them to be added on DWS.

    • daveid76 says:

      This is interesting! I suspect it’s an error and should say It’s all gone single edit but who knows? Maybe he re recorded it for NLTOW but it was left off…?

  55. emdee says:

    Re an earlier comment – if I recall On The Beach (Special Extended Remix) appeared on CD on Mighty Real: Morning Music but agree La Version Francaise of Josephine would be very welcome. His third chillout track I can think of is Touché d’Amour – but can’t see this in the tracklists above?

    • Larry Davis says:

      Excited about these…I do wonder if CRs earlier albums from Benny Santini from 1978 thru Wired To The Moon from 1984 will get the same deluxe treatment?? I love his whole catalogue really…as for It’s All Gone I think it was redone for New Light but never on the album so it was a Bside…as for Josephine, each one here is not distinguished so I hope 2 are used…the 1989 version from the US Geffen New Light CD and the full 7 minute French Edit from a 1989 12″…that version is almost impossible to find on CD…most have a 5:25 edit of this La Version Franchise…I found the full version on the 3CD Classic Pop collection of 12″s…but yes excited about these…wonder if post Auberge titles are being done as well??

      • BE.D12'' says:

        Hi Larry, where is the Full 7 minute of Josephine – La Version Franchise – ?
        I’ve not found it anywhere on Discogs (or on the tracklist of the 3CD Classic Pop 12″). I love that version too (but I think that there is only the edit 5:25).

        • Gerbrand says:

          Larry, the 7:02 Josephine (French Edit) is a remix digitally released by Groove Armada in 2008 on the album. The cd version is 3:22.

          Chris Rea’s Josephine (La Version Francaise), a 1987 disco remix of the 1985 original was released on a 1987 12” (5:35) and 7” (3:56). The latter replaced the original song on the Shamrock Diaries cd from 1988 onwards.

          More on all other versions of Josephine on

          • Larry Davis says:

            Yes I follow you Gerbrand…why CR and Warner had to make his catalogue so confusing is beyond me…why not keep it simple and easy to follow dammitt??!!?? Haha!! As for that 7:09 Groove Armada extended mix of the French version, it feels complete, not extended or even a remix but an original version…everything else, the 5:25 version & 3:56 single edit just feel shortened and incomplete…usually those are the complete ones and the 7:09 one stretched or padded, nope…it feels like it’s the only one that should exist, just perfect and worth the trouble tracking down in physical form!! As for the US Geffen versions of “Josephine”, wait, there were TWO?? To me, until I heard the French edit/Groove Armada mix, the US Geffen CD mix was the best, a hybrid of the French version with his bluesy guitar, never heard the vinyl one!! The reggae-ish one on the international/US Atco “New Light” is nowhere near as good, it IS good sure, but pales next to the others…and the 2008 rerecording is just weird with that verse about Josephine all grown up… Also, with “Let’s Dance”, there was a remix on the US Geffen CD that is superior too…what CD that will be on, I have no idea…it is much rockier with louder drums & guitars & keys & bottom end than on the international/US Atco version where you hear the tinkling piano more upfront in the mix where on the Geffen one, it’s totally buried under the guitars & drums…it was also repeated on the US Geffen CD of “The Road To Hell”…much better than the original on “Dancing With Strangers”, which is kinda weird…in a strange reference to a lyric in “Steel River” on “Shamrock Diaries”…”dancing to Motown/making love with a Carole King record playing”…”Dancing With Strangers” had a US release on??? Motown!! But it tanked and went out of print really quickly and with the Warner record deal distributing Magnet, in 1988, CR got picked up by Geffen for the US & Canada, as the label had Warner distribution at the time…and don’t get me started with “Working On It”, the song that got me permanently hooked on CR’s music for life…I even have the 3″ CD single with the killer 12″ mix, which is on one of these Rea-iissues…I love that fun reworking of the word!!

        • Larry Davis says:

          Oh no, the version on the 3CD Classic Pop 12″s (on Rhino UK) IS the full 7 minute plus version…I know this for a fact because I bought it…I originally bought the 3CD comp “12”/80s/Chilled” (on UMC) because it looked to be the only place to have it on CD, but it’s the 5:25 edit of the French edit, so I was upset…I originally originally bought the 2CD Rea comp “The Journey: 1978-2009” as that was the only Rea title to have anything to do with the French Edit of “Josephine”, but it’s a 3:44 single edit of it without that great guitar intro…I really hope the Full 7 plus minute version is on any of these Rea-issues…I also hope, perhaps, Blank & Jones can put it on a future So80s volume!!! On the various 12″ vinyls of it, from 1989 or so, none of them have the full version either…I almost shelled out for them!! Woulda been seriously disappointed…that track owned my brain forever, trying to track it down…it’s so good, so sublime…BUT that 1989 version on the US Geffen CD is a close second…

          • Gerbrand says:

            @Larry Davis: Oh yes, it’s the Groove Armada remix, an extended version of the 1987 12” La Version Francaise (5:35), the latter version I expect to be on Dancing With Strangers DeLuxe, previously released on the Let’s Dance cd-single. The 7:09 version has never actually appeared on a 12”. It also appears on the digital version of Chris Rea – The Works, but the The Works 3CD has the 1987 7” La Version Francaise (edit) (3:56). Classic Pop 12-Inch 3CD is the only physical release of the 7:09 version, I think.

            Road To Hell DeLuxe will have the re-recorded New Light version, but apparently not the CD version (4:33) but the alternate faster version (4:17) which only appeared on the US Geffen vinyl version of New Light. Are you still with me, HA HA HA.

            Shamrock Diaries DeLuxe will have the 1985 12” version (4:15) I hope, previously unreleased on cd.

            I can’t find a version linked somehow to Auberge, that’s why I guess it will be yet another re-recording, from 2007/2008.

          • Gerbrand says:

            @Larry Davis : Recap

            – Josephine 1988 re-recording from New Light (4:33) – (reggae-ish in your words) : appears to be missing from this reissue series.
            – Josephine alternate faster 1988 re-recording from New Light (4:17) – (I thought only on Geffen vinyl, but as you say also on Geffen cd; both with different artwork) : now on The Road To Hell (DeLuxe)
            – Let’s Dance 1988 re-recording from New Light (4:14) – (“superior remix” as you say previously also included on the US Geffen cd of Road To Hell) : now on The Road To Hell (DeLuxe)
            – Working On It (4:25) and Working On It (Extended Remix) (5:55) : only one of these is included on The Road To Hell (DeLuxe), we will see which one.

    • Saar Freedman says:

      emdee – Touché D’Amour (Special Extended Remix) as on So 80’s Vol 10.

  56. paulg says:

    I am really looking forward to these releases.

    I have very fond memories of seeing Chris Rea live on two occasions. The first was a Christmas show at Wembley Arena in the 80’s when ‘Driving home for Christmas’ was popular and when he played that song they released thousands of balloons from the ceiling. Everyone was in real Christmas spirit punching the balloons around.

    The second time was during the ‘Road To Hell’ tour which I saw him perform in Berlin at the ICC. The acoustics at this venue are absolutely superb. Whilst everyone was taking their seats they played a continuous loop tape of the opening of the album version of the track with all the radio reports in surround and then the lights dimmed, their was a strum of the guitar, the lights rose and their was Chris on stage….This is the road to hell.

    Superb. If you get a chance listen to Chris’s firs two albums as well – ‘Whatever Happened to Bennie Santini’ and ‘Deltics’.

    • Larry Davis says:

      Agreed…but also his 3rd album Tennis…really cool, unique and innovative and no one talks about it…really needs a second look and reevaluation…it proves that Chris is kind of a genius…I believe he was a 1 man band on Tennis too…do you like tennis????? Who would ever think that question would be so menacing??

  57. Harry Williams says:

    I just have one question… “Whatever Happened to Benny Santini?” ;) I’m another who wonders why ‘Water Sign’ and ‘Wired To The Moon’ were excluded in this reissue series… and as for poor old ‘Tennis’…

    • Gary says:

      Just been in the car listening to Wired To The Moon and thought its about time there was a deluxe set from Mr Rea then open the iPad to this. Great news…not complete by any means but Shamrock Diaries is awesome…

    • Stephen Leigh says:

      My thoughts as well. Thrilled with this, all great news, but I would dearly love the same treatment for Wired To The Moon.

  58. Shane says:

    Does the ShirleyBassey collab Disco La Passione fit anywhere here?

    • Daniel says:

      Hopefully a future 2CD ‘La Passione’ remaster.
      The Shirley Bassey tracks were ommitted/scrapped from the 2015 earbook (re-)release.

  59. Terence Holmes says:

    At last, the Special Extended Remix of the `On the Beach` single is available on CD – no longer do I have to dig out the original 12″ single for the Balaeric blast!

  60. RobC says:

    I wonder which one of these releases has the absolutely brilliant Balearic remix (French remix) of Josephine? What an absolutely corker of a track.

  61. Tony Smith says:

    Frustrating that ‘One Fine Day’ is only available as vinyl/CD package and why only 1000? Seems a very small amount.

  62. Jon. Slocombe says:

    Nice. But isn’t he from the North-East, not Yorkshire?

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      He’s from North Riding of Yorkshire

      • Steven Roberts says:

        Well, Chris Rea hails from Middlesbrough – and when Middlesbrough were in the premiership, Match of the Day always referred to the Newcastle-Middlesbrough game as a “North-East derby”.

        So I’m with Jon on this ;)

        • Paul Sinclair says:

          He lived in Scarborough for ages because my step mother used to know him.

          • Quante says:

            I was surprised to see Middlesborough is classed as North Yorkshire, as it is most definitely in the North East of England, which of course is a region rather than a county.

            Here’s what Wikipedia says: In 1968 Middlesbrough became part of the County Borough of Teesside, and in 1974 it became part of the non-metropolitan county of Cleveland until the county’s abolition in 1996, when Middlesbrough became a unitary authority. The town now forms part of North Yorkshire for ceremonial purposes only.

            Boring, but hey, I guess Jon and Paul are both technically right (even though Jon is ‘more right’!). Chris Rea’s accent is the real identifier – he’s from Middlesborough.

  63. Marxisn't says:

    About time with these reissues. I actually would have liked to have seen Water Sign and Wired To The Moon in this reissue program too. Chris’ golden period for me was 83-87 some stellar b sides there which were as good as the a sides. Although I make special mention for The Blue Cafe afterwards… I think this guy did THE BEST music to stick on headphones to listen to somewhere abroad on a sun lounger (for which I made my own compilation). I think his pessimistic and somewhat Dire Straits infused music (Road to Hell) onward took away what he was fabulous at… Still you can’t argue with sales or talent!

  64. Brian Smith says:

    Rea-issues – ha very clever. Did you make that up?

  65. Gareth Jones says:

    While I can’t really say I’ve ever been a Chris Rea fan, I am v impressed by the bumper crop of bonus tracks on these 2-CD reissues. I was looking forward to the deluxe reissue of the B-52’s ‘Cosmic Thing’, but it just came with a couple of remixes and a disc of live tracks. B-sides, rarities, remixes, etc. are far more desirable to me than live tracks. Hopefully Chris fans will snap these up and be diving in for Christmas.

  66. Dean says:

    Huh, this is a pleasant surprise. I’m not a huge Rea fan by any means, but Shamrock Diaries and Dancing with Strangers found their way into my collection back in the day, and I enjoyed them a lot.

    Yeah, think I’ll grab those two for sure.

  67. Ronnie says:

    Can I say I am a bit confused about the bonus tracks? For example the song Josephine is featured on CD1 from Shamrock Diaries but also on CD2 of Shamrock diaries, on cd2 of Dancing with Strangers, on cd2 of Road to Hell, and on cd 2 of Auberge ? Are these the same versions?

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Don’t know. Could be a mistake… these track listings were supplied by the label.

      • Alan Baldock says:

        There could have been a whole CD of versions of Josephine, in fact I wish there was, I have lost track of how many are out there.

        • Phil says:

          For me, the best version is the one with the ukulele, think it’s the original version but as you say there’s so many versions of Josephine

    • daveid76 says:

      Original vinyl album version 1985
      Original single version 1985
      La version Francais 1987
      La version Francais – edit 1987 which replaced original album version on CD
      New Light through Old Windows version 1988
      New Light through Old Windows U.S. version 1988
      German greatest hits version based on new live version 2008

      I think that’s the lot.

  68. horslips says:

    Clever title!

    Would have thought that “Water Sign” and “Wired to the Moon” would have gone naturally with that set of reissues. He was hugely popular in Ireland during that period and into the 90s. “I can hear your heartbeat” was where it really took off for him notwithstanding that he had already some earlier hits.

  69. fan says:

    A bit disappointed to have only fragments of live shows, but these remasters are long overdue
    (even though the originals sound pristine both on LP and CD,a tiny bass and volume boost will give it more punch) ,fingers crossed for a non brickwalled remaster ! Also fingers crossed for the full live shows in the future.

  70. Daniel says:

    Hopefully ‘God’s Great Banana Skin’, ‘Espresso Logic’, ‘La Passione’ and ‘The Blue Cafe’ get the same treatment in 2020.

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