Carly Simon / Coming Around Again 30th anniversary 2CD deluxe

Curated by Carly • 17 bonus tracks, including “Let The River Run”

Hot Shot Records are to reissue Carly Simon‘s 1987 album Coming Around Again, as a two-CD, 30th anniversary deluxe edition in October.

The album was Simon’s first for Arista and was a success, with the seductive title track a major hit, reaching the top 20 in the USA and a top ten hit in the UK.

That single was featured in Mike Nichols’ 1986 film Heartburn and Simon had even greater film-related success with Let The River Run, her theme song for another Mike Nichols film, Working Girl (released in 1988). The song didn’t outperform Coming Around Again in the charts (actually, it was a relative flop) but it won Carly Simon the Best Original Song Oscar at the 1989 Academy Awards. It was the only one of the film’s six Oscar nominations that was converted to a win. The song also won a Grammy and a Golden Globe for good measure. Incidentally, this amazing award ‘treble’ – for a song written and performed by just one person – has only been achieved twice (the other was for Bruce Springsteen’s The Streets of Philadelphia).

This reissue has been curated by Carly Simon and Let The River Run is included as one of six bonus tracks appended to the album on this new deluxe edition. Other tracks include non-album B-side Sleight Of HandIf It Wasn’t Love (a Patrick Leonard produced song, originally included on the soundtrack to 1986 movie Nothing In Common) and an extended remix of Give Me All Night.

The bonus CD is the 1988 Greatest Hits Live album, which was derived from the 1987 HBO Concert Special, Live from Martha’s Vineyard. That was a very successful album in its own right at the time (Carly’s only live album to date), although they’ve retitled here, Carly in Concert – Coming Around Again. This reissue comes with a booklet that features an in-depth interview with Carly.

This 30th anniversary deluxe edition of Coming Around Again will be released on 27 October 2017.

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Carly Simon

Coming Around Again - 2CD deluxe edition


CD 1

Bonus tracks

14. IF IT WASN’T LOVE (From “œNothing In Common”)
15. LET THE RIVER RUN (From “œWorking Girl”)
17. GIVE ME ALL NIGHT (12″ Extended Remix)

CD 2
2. YOU’RE SO VAIN (Live Version)
4. ANTICIPATION (Live Version)
5. THE RIGHT THING TO DO (Live Version)
6. DO THE WALLS COME DOWN (Live Version)
7. YOU BELONG TO ME (Live Version)
9. ALL I WANT IS YOU (Live Version)
11. NEVER BEEN GONE (Live Version)

55 responses to Carly Simon / Coming Around Again 30th anniversary 2CD deluxe

  1. Stephen E Cohen says:

    When I received the deluxe edition, I, too, was puzzled by the inclusion of “The Wives Are In Connecticut” only because I was familiar with that track from “Spoiled Girl”. The liner notes suggest that Carly Simon played “Wives” and a couple of other tracks from “Spoiled Girl” to director Mike Nichols, and he was impressed enough to ask her to write a song for his film “Heartburn”. Voilà! She wrote “Coming Around Again” for the film, and then, the new tracks for the new album followed. However, there are also a couple of pictures of “Spoiled Girl” in this set, so I am sure that purchasing the remastered edition was on the mind of Hot Shot Records, too. Actually, I am glad because my original compact disc of “Spoiled Girl” is an awful, with half of the lyrics of the songs missing.

    I like the inclusion of “Raining” because it is such a Carly Simon personal song. As for the track, “If It Wasn’t Love” from the film “Nothing In Common”, it seems pretty basic, just like the title track from the same film by the Thompson Twins. The b-side “Sleight Of Hand” is a weird Simon track (sounding like a heavy synth track from “Spoiled Girl” segueing into a bit of Christmas music). I think it was an obvious choice to include “Let The River Run”, which won Best Original Song from the film “Working Girl”. I actually thought Phil Collins was screwed a second time from the Academy because I personally believe that “Two Hearts” was such a better song. (I felt the same way when “Against All Odds” lost to Stevie Wonder’s very basic “I Just Called To Say I Love You). Finally, there is the 12” Extended Mix of “Give Me All Night”, which I was glad to see because I thought it injected new life into this song. With an artist like Carly Simon, one is not really going to get too much in the “Extended Versions” department. I have the eight minute version of her 1982 Nile Rodgers track “Why?”, and actually told Nile Rodgers that I preferred the non-radio extended versions of his songs when I met him backstage this past June (sorry, I just had throw that in because I am still giddy over that occurrence).

    As for the inclusion of any live compact disc, it is no big deal for me. I could have just lived with one disc, and been satisfied. Pretty good edition of an excellent album, though.

  2. Stephen E Cohen says:

    About time! I can finally dump that old cassette version that I have.

  3. Jerry says:

    No single version of The Stuff That Dreams Are Made Of?! Easy pass.

  4. william mckinley says:

    Glad I waited to get this album/cd. I had a feeling they would be giving this the deluxe treatment sooner or later. This is one of my favorites and practically worn out my cassette back in the day.

  5. Saar Freedman says:

    I’m definitely going to get this. Can only echo what other people have said about there being more obscure soundtrack tracks they could have offered
    incidentally the single versions of “the Stuff that dreams are made of” and “Give Me all night” were recently used in the Arista “Reflections: Carly Simon’s Greatest Hits” compilation so why not offer these here as well for a more comprehensive edition.

    the Live DVD (live from Martha’s Vineyard)by the way has been reissued by Carly Herself and was available via her webstore a couple of years back.

  6. Marc Stockweather says:

    Such a missed opportunity…..heck even her latest songs from boys gave us 2 new songs to our ears but not even ONE OUTAKE ? Beyond sad….heck..go sit n pluck out a new sing form one if the many books if music from the past 30 yrs and play it on guitar with Ben n David n sally n jimmy hit record n put in deluxe n BAM!! Something new at least..

  7. Daniel ( from Berlin ) says:

    this is one of my favourite albums of all time!
    and as i read “curated by Carly Simon” i thought: “wow” – this could be fantastic.
    but now and i’m so disappointed about the selection of the bonus tracks!
    where is “it’s hard to be tender ( 1986 ) ?
    where is “two looking at one” ( 1986 ) ?
    where is ( my all time favourite Carly Simon song ) “all the love in the world” ( 1985 )
    from the film “torchlight” ??
    – the song was never officially released ( as far as i know ) and it’s absolute brilliant !

    • Marc Stockweather says:

      Agreed Daniel…I too was so excited to read headline only to see basically the same songs that most Carly fans already have in one form or least put ‘all the love in the world’s or check even ‘something more’ since that’s a little more obscure but to add ‘wife’s from SG which is one song I actually could live without but a deluxe version to only add a live cd that we all have probably 3 or 4 copies of already as I always pick it up when I see it for a buck at thrift stores but to add it n call it ‘deluxe’…very disappointed like you

  8. Paul Murphy says:

    Something of a shame that Disc 2 isn’t the DVD, or at the least the full concert.

  9. Jon says:

    I’m guessing they put “Wives” on this reissue because: 1. Carly has stated she loves this song 2. As an enticement to get people to buy their reissue of Spoiled Girl.

  10. David says:

    Although anything new from Carly is a treat as she seems to have ceased recording anything new these days….I like that this reissue has some bonus songs. But including the Greatest Hits Live as the 2nd CD is a disappointment mainly due to it being so readily available. Perhaps it is paired as it was also a hit selling record, also selling platinum and came out right after Coming Around Again, a major comeback both critically and overall good sales. Also puzzled by the inclusion of The Wives Are In Connecticut as there was a re-issue of Spoiled Girl that came out a couple of years ago and there were bonus songs on it…..they could have included….Two Looking At One, off of the soundtrack to The Karate Kid II….or outtakes, etc. from any of the sessions for the CAG album. Anyway, I’ll probably purchase it, as Carly could sing the yellow pages and I’d get it.

  11. Billy Dojcak says:

    I was working in a record store when this was released. Carly came by for an instore. She also carried with her a portable pharmacy.
    Couldn’t stand and slurred speach made for an amusing hour.
    It was an embarrassment for all. (Except for me and some other employees. We were laughing our asses off) In all the mirth I forgot to get that copy for my mom signed.
    I’ve heard this album way too many times. And not by choice. Don’t like it. Don’t like her.
    Probably scarred by my mom playing her music in my younger years. I preferred that Carole King album.

  12. Randy Metro says:

    The main thing wrong with the cover art is it appears as if the photo was stretched vertically for some reason making her face look like something from a fun house mirror. The colors also seem to be washed out & dull.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      I agree about it looking a bit washed out. Hopefully the ‘stretching’ (which I noticed too) is just a listing thing on Amazon and not how it will actually look. The original design was very poor in terms of typography. Also, Carly was still young and very beautiful in 1987 but the cover image isn’t that great. The single cover of Coming Around Again and the cover of Greatest Hits Live were both much better.

    • Marc Stockweather says:

      Correct..her jaw in this pic here is like a caricature…wish the back was used as the original cover shot…idk who was doing the promo for Carly back then but the pics for this n the dreadful spoiled girl cover..I mean half if it so dark you can’t see anything n the other half is what? Worst cover ever…no way Carly approved SG cover

  13. Eric says:

    Such a wasted opportunity. Pairing two albums easily found for pennies second-hand (Greatest Hits Live is almost a staple of charity shops here), whilst not including actual material from the 1986-88 period that might actually make a reissue of the CMA album worthwhile. This could have been a 1CD effort, with the relevant bonus tracks from films and B-sides. Put it out at 9.99, job done.

    The complaints about the artwork are just bizarre. It’s the original album sleeve!

  14. Sam Lowry says:

    Darn was hoping for some of the variations of Coming Around Again as used in Heartburn.

  15. Michael says:

    Loved her since No Secrets (she’s an outstanding songwriter and producer) and this is a Day 1 purchase but I’m a little puzzled about what The Wives Are In Connecticut is doing on it.

    And the powerful Turn Of The Tide (the B-side to Let The River Run) would’ve been welcome…

    • Randy Metro says:

      Yeah, The Wives Are in Connecticut is puzzling as it was the B-side to her 1985 single My New Boyfriend as well as a track on the 1985 album Spoiled Girl. Maybe it is a re-do as the album Spoiled Girl is ruined by the “80’s production” sound and a real ear bleeder. I had hopes that the new expanded version of Spoiled Girl would have corrected that problem; sadly, not.

  16. j says:

    Hey JohnC
    This was not outsourced to a Photo Slop Night Class. It is actually a weekend class & these are the same students gave us the Beatles Hollywood Bowl cover, the upcoming Doors singles cover & the last Stones box with the really horrid photo. HA!

    It could be worse

  17. gogandmagog says:

    real bad artwok….although Carly photo makes her look mmmmhhh…

  18. Auntie Sabrina says:

    As the re-release is curated by Ms Simon herself then there should be no problems regarding vinyl rips hopefully.

  19. Johnny B says:

    Glad to see the album finally released as a deluxe edition, but I expected more. A bonus disc of demos, outtakes, etc would have been preferable to the greatest hits live cd, which is nothing new. Also glad to see If It Wasn’t Love and Sleight of Hand included, plus the 12″ of Give Me All Night. I am happy to accept whatever Carly is willing to give us, so we’ll just have to live with it as is.

    • Marc Stockweather says:

      I’m with Johnny..nothing new here which is sad. I guess to have remastered sound n to have the few soundtracks songs on one cd is convenient but I already have every single song n movie song etc so to me its a waste. N to add the cd as the 2nd disc to b the live cd is a waste…hell let me just go tape my live cd to the back of my CAA cd n basically I already have this deluxe…was hoping for unreleased tracks or at least ONE NEW SONG TO OUR EARS…oh well..disappointed yet again

  20. Marty says:

    Personally, I want any reissue to replicate the original artwork, I don’t like retro-messing. And come on, there have been awful album covers from the very beginning, just go have a look!

  21. gwynogue says:

    Update the cover art – people complain…
    Keep the original cover art – people complain…

    *sigh* Some people, eh?

    • CJ says:

      Yup. It’s truly impossible to get anything “right” among a fan base.

    • Billy Dojcak says:

      I don’t play the cover art.

      • Chris Squires says:

        To me it makes a massive difference. I think the age thing comes down to whether you were bought up on vinyl with a glorious 12″ by 12″ space to work with instead of a CD cover being 4.75 inches. Now it’s down to a 100 x 100 pixel image on a phone.

        I can’t think of an album that I didn’t buy specifically because the artwork was rubbish *BUT* when the artwork is good it can really add to the enjoyment of the whole experience. Yes, the music is the same but the overall experience isn’t (to me anyway).

        • BDY says:

          @Chris Squires – me too.
          If it wasn’t for artwork, I wouldn’t have discovered The Sound (Heads And Hearts), The Call (Reconciled) or The Church (Remote Luxury).
          99p bargain bin at HMV, took a risk because of the artwork. Bingo.
          Two of those are still two of my favourite bands. Anything the 23 Envelope designers did had a mystery to them that made you want to buy them – Cocteaus, This Mortal Coil.
          And of course the original 12″ design of New Order’s Blue Monday. I worked in an independent record shop at the time it was released and it really was an enigma both musically and aesthetically. It sold like hot cakes – we had a stack behind the counter : swipe, bag, till………

    • Jonathan says:

      Yep – people: you can’t live with ’em, and you can’t live with ’em.

  22. GeoffC says:

    Very excited for this but a bit disappointed with the bonus track selection. There were quite a few single edits and alternate mixes that could have been included over some of the other bonus tracks. The Wives Are In Connecticut is from Spoiled Girl and not really appropriate here. Meadowmeal is correct – It’s Hard To Be Tender would be a better inclusion, especially given it’s obscurity. And as much as I love Let The River Run, it’s easily available elsewhere and really doesn’t fit here either. Better to do a deluxe edition of the Working Girl soundtrack. Coming Around Again was such a huge comeback album for her this really could/should have been a 3-CD deluxe set. But I’m excited to finally have If It Wasn’t Love included on a Carly album.

    • Dave T says:

      Why are people so obsessed with single edits? Single remixes, I can understand, but just an edit?

      • Chris Squires says:

        It’s interesting isn’t it. To me some “Single Remix” cuts can vastly change the feel of a song and indeed something like (top of my head) “The Reflex” by Duran Duran can send an otherwise lacklustre song into Pop History.
        I can’t think of a “Single Edit” that has done something similar although I guess there might be some 7 minute song, unchanged but for 3 missing minutes, that went on to be a hit *specifically* because of the edit.
        Speculation of course but The Reflex would have been a run-of-the-mill top 10 hit (still quite good) but for the remix, which changed it’s personality completely.

        Must be others…just can’t think right now. In The Air Tonight?

        • Paul Sinclair says:

          Arguably, Crowded House’s Weather With You might not have been the hit it was if they hadn’t got the scissors out and edited it to bring the chorus in earlier. Although bizarrely, despite this the single version is longer than the album cut…

        • Randy Metro says:

          Bowie’s single edits of Rebel Rebel & Young Americans are both very different from their album versions. Rebel in concert was always performed similar to the single edit version. Young Americans – not sure how much of a hit it was here or in the UK. In concert, he seemed to fly thru YA just to get it out of the way.

    • Jonathan says:

      All of the single edits from “Coming Around Again” are also already available, on the Rhino double disc “Anthology” and on the BMG “Reflections: Carly Simon’s Greatest Hits”, so repeating them here to make a 3 CD set would make people think twice about plunking down their money yet again. It’s a safe bet that the sound will be clipped, the original CD sounded great, but in these loudness wars days, I shudder to think what a sonic mess this will be anyway – and as a fan, I already have the live album and most all of the bonus cuts – the extended “Give Me All Night” is not enough to make me want to be bothered.

  23. D.Harris says:

    A very welcome reissue with some great bonus material! However, I must agree with JonC regarding the cover art. It would have been nice to have done something a bit more creative. The recent k.d. lang “Ingenue” reissue cover art is a fine example of taking it up a notch.

  24. Meadowmeal says:

    Isn’t “It’s hard to be tender” from this same era?

    • Jon says:

      “Its Hard To Be Tender” is from 1989 and released before Let The River Run so it wouldn’t be too out of place here, however that song is owned by Universal so it’s possible it was a licensing issue.

  25. Howiet1971 says:

    COMING AROUND AGAIN – one of my favourite songs of all time. And live – she mixes it with Itsy Bitsy Fricking Spider…

  26. JonC says:

    Is cover art getting outsourced to Photoshop night classes these days?

  27. don cooper says:

    Always wish I had been one of Carly’s Boys’.Tree optional.

    • Tom of FIN says:

      Yes, I have always convinced to myself whole my adult life; I had got her, if ever met… He has had so many lousy so called A-list so called men. I would have been her top pick from B-list of the common man, if having any look on us! – Everybody has a right to imagination.

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