Culture Club announce new album, ‘Life’

After the debacle of Tribes, the previous-album-that-never-came-out (see the PledgeMusic campaign page that was cancelled, with customers refunded) Culture Club (I can’t be doing with this ‘Boy George and Culture Club’ business) have finally got their act together and have repurposed the album as Life, with the release scheduled for October.

Beyond the track listing below, there aren’t too many details about producers and how Tribes became Life, but I assume we’ll learn about that soon and in the meantime, pre-orders are up on the official Culture Club store which exclusively offers the Life on CD in special die-cut packaging, coloured vinyl with 12-inch art print, signed testing pressings and various bundles.

Life CD with special die-cut packaging is exclusive to the official Culture Club store.

The artwork print is limited to 1000 units (and is numbered). A deluxe CD edition – in DVD-style packaging – is offered, but the die-cut edition looks like the one to go for, especially since it seems there is no bonus audio with the deluxe CD edition. Disappointingly, the only signed item in the shop, is the test pressing, which isn’t cheap.

Life will be released on 26 October 2018 (at least, that’s the plan!)

Pre-order your format/bundle of choice at the official Culture Club store (other pre-order options will follow, when available)

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Boy George & Culture Club

Life deluxe CD


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Boy George & Culture Club

Life vinyl LP



1. God & Love
2. Bad Blood
3. Human Zoo
4. Let Somebody Love You
5. What Does Sorry Mean
6. Runaway Train
7. Resting Bitch Face
8. Different Man
9. Oil & Water
10. More Than Silence
11. Life

65 responses to Culture Club announce new album, ‘Life’

  1. Stevie B says:

    I was one of the suckers who waited well over a year having pledged my money for Culture Club to record THIS album… in my mind I helped fund its recording. CC/Pledge Music then cancelled the release and after a convoluted process finally refunded me my costs. No ‘Sorry’ from CC! Now the album is out (it’s pretty average IMO). I pre-ordered the colour vinyl with limited unsigned artwork, Deluxe CD with postcards and the cassette. NOW (as of 12.20 31.10.18) they have made available 500 SIGNED copies of the album on black vinyl and ‘standard’ deluxe CD. So fans yet again who have loyally backed this band have been shafted by it as these signed editions are cheaper than or the same price as the pre-orders. I get that this is to generate sales but give fans the heads up and stop taking the p!ss CC and Boy George!

  2. Anita says:

    How can it be Like I used to did not make it on to the new Life album…when it was one of the best songs on the unreleased Tribes album.

  3. Tony says:

    the track list provided by Nova site would be the ideal..
    the track listing presented by Rolling Stone seems short considering the amount of time that has gone by . i.e. .. why would they not showcase their fuller range –

    the songs seem very pop .. thought culture club were going to unchartered territory – Lrt somebody love you is a nice song but it sounds a lot like stuff we heard before .. i.e. I just want to be loved

    I agree George’s baritone voice is very attractive .. some songs like church of the poison mind suffer when delivered live

  4. JackC says:

    I really will miss a version of Moody Monday. Lyrically it’s so good I don’t believe it’s a band original. Maybe that’s why they left it off.

  5. I had produced a track with Sly & Robbie for David Gilmour to lay down his guitar parts.

    When David went into the studio, the engineer played the track and Boy George, who was recording in another room, came in, heard the track and demanded to record a song on it.

    Thinking it would take a couple of minutes, David agreed to wait a bit for BG to do his thing. That idiot took forever, and David had to leave. But the song was OK-ish, so I figure, let’s work on this, and we’ll have David do another one.

    Since then, that stupid a$$h)le BG has been incommunicado when it comes to signing contracts, etc… and as a result, we can’t use his tune.

    Meanwhile, David has been busy, I’ve been busy, S&R been busy and the planets have not aligned again.

    What a waste of talent because of this wanker

  6. AI says:

    Whilst he’s in the mood for releasing music please can we have those Marilyn tracks from 2016. There must have been a good albums’ worth.

    • Cher Fernando says:

      You kidding right?? Love and Money was terrible, tuneless with a ridiculous video, I guess Marilyn may have recorded some better tracks, but if this was the strongest song he could release with that comeback, I don’t hold much hope on the rest being an improvement, better for Marilyn to leave music alone!!

  7. Annabel Lecter says:

    I had to smile yesterday, when various online sites were referring to the first Culture Club single release in twenty years.

    Looks like the source of their information neglected to recall the 2014 single release of More Than Silence.

    After George popped a number of the Tribes session tracks on his Soundcloud account, they’re readily out there online. I’m disappointed that Hard Times hasn’t made the cut for this record, but I can still listen to it or pop it onto my own playlist when the proper album lands.

    I’m also comfortable with George appearing on the front sleeve. The majority of Culture Club singles featured George in isolation on the front sleeves. Mikey, Roy and Jon were integral to the group’s success, but George was the ‘star’, as much as that grated on the other three.

  8. Tracy says:

    Isn’ t the tracklisting the same on the Deluxe CD and the Die Cut CD Paul?

  9. Manuel says:

    No problem ordering from Spain :)
    Viva Culture Club

  10. Ole says:

    Page not available in Germany! Aaargh!

  11. David says:

    His voice is better than it ever has been, from a technical point of view. It’s evolved into something very different from where he was in the eighties, but haven’t we all? He hits the notes more accurately without warbling around them (some called that style bluesy, others say it’s lazy) and he can hold them longer, which my own feeble attempts at singing along can prove- he never held a note longer than I could before, but he’s doing it all the time now without blinking an eye. (Not that I sound good, but *CAN* hold notes) If someone doesn’t like it, fine. They have tons of old albums to play. But to say his voice is rough or bad when all it is is DIFFERENT just shows a lack of knowledge or a desire to stay in one place forever.

    • Steve says:

      Maybe your hearing has deteriorated with age.
      It sound strained and awful to me

      • CJ says:

        I’ll back David up on this. I was at the show in Verona, NY about two weeks ago, and he sounded excellent. His voice was very powerful, and he was note-perfect throughout the entire show. He doesn’t have the upper range that he used to, but he’s in his 50s and also smoked heroin for how many years? Neither of those is going to help you stay a tenor forever.

        That said, he has a wonderful, warm baritone now, and I was surprised how great it sounded after hearing the leaked tribes tracks, where he did sound very strained and “warbly.” I kept thinking throughout the concert that part of the “break” after cancelling the last set of gigs must have involved some good vocal therapy to keep him from injuring his throat again.

        And his demeanor throughout the concert was open, friendly, and hilarious. I enjoyed it so much that I wish I could see another show at some point soon.

  12. Michel Banen says:

    Either everything already sold out or it’s all only available in the UK as in Germany I get the note “This page is unavailable in your territory”….

    I can’t order ANYTHING from the page…. bummer !!!

  13. Larry Davis says:

    I saw a free show Culture Club did in Coney Island 2 years ago and they sounded awesome, George was hilarious and quite entertaining and the Tribes songs they were previewing were fantastic with a nice hard punky edge…was excited to buy Tribes…but nothing…now I know why…sucks but I hope Life retains that hard edge that fit the band so well that I saw live that night…

  14. Huw says:

    I can’t be the only one who gets a little annoyed when I see Boy George nowadays. He assaulted and falsely imprisoned someone, never apologised but he’s still all over TV and magazines.

    • Stan Butler says:

      Valid point. A sordid and unpleasant incident which has been brushed under the carpet.

    • Mijacmad says:

      Compared to what a lot of these other musicians get up to it’s nothing, he served his time and turned his life around that should be enough and no more than you’d expect for yourself.

    • CJ says:

      He did his prison sentence, and I don’t understand why he would owe any of us an apology. That would be, as far as I’m concerned, between him and the person he held captive. I don’t pretend to know what amends celebrities have made in their personal lives, but I don’t expect them to keep me up to date on all of them

  15. Phil Fogel says:

    I was their biggest fan, my first concert ever was their show in 1984. I have all of their albums as well as Boy George’s complete catalogue. But after Boy George blocked me on Twitter and them promising an album on Pledge music and never delivering it, I can’t help feeling that my idolizing has curbed a bit. It didn’t help that after acquiring front rows seats for their show in Victoria 2 years ago they canceled the show and never returned. I will still buy the album when it comes out but pre-order I won’t. I really don’t like the name change either, why aren’t Roy, Mikey and Jon on the cover? I don’t care how much more recognizable George is it doesn’t feel like a group pictured this way.

  16. Paul says:

    Resting Bitch Face… love that title, I wonder who that’s about lol

  17. Jason R says:

    I just ordered one of the bundles. It is exciting to have new music from BG and Culture Club. George has name recognition with the current generation, whereas Culture Club does not. I do not like the name change (though the media have been referring to them this was for 30 years) but it makes sense in 2018.

    I like that some of the Tribes tracks have been re-recorded or re-worked. George’s vocals sound more crisp in the new version of Let Somebody Love You. He was not at his best, vocally, when Tribes was recorded. Remember, the tour was cancelled and it was due to his doctor’s orders. I did see BG in concert solo and CC as well, and he sounds amazing. The rest and therapy paid off.

    I am disappointed that the track Hard Times did not make the tracklisting for Life. My ears and pop sensibility hear that track as a winner! Nonetheless, ordered this album without any hesitation whatsoever!

  18. Michael says:

    Well, they are on the “Life” tour now, which I just went to a couple nights ago to see Tom Bailey. I left before Culture Club though, as I have no interest and came with 3 year old who just wanted to hear Thompson Twins. It looks like Culture Club still have lots of devotees, though.

  19. Tom says:

    Great to see them back with a new album and tour – although I do wonder why it’s now Boy George and Culture Club too! Normally that sort of name amendment is because of a lineup change and there being more than one version of a band doing the rounds but this is and has always been the same four members! Strange…

    • Nigel D Day says:

      I wondered that too. I’m interpreting it (Hopefully incorrectly) that George sees the other 3 as his backing band and he is the principle focus. CC to me will always be George, Roy, Mikey and Jon.

      What next ? Dave Gahan and Depeche Mode ? Chris Martin and Coldplay ?

      • CJ says:

        Well, for about a year or so at one point — it might have been longer — they atoured with a different singer. Plus Boy was solo for such a long time. It might be that they wanted to stress that this is the full original lineup, including Boy George. ( At one point, I remember them announcing pans for a new album with different people doing vocals on it.)

      • Dianne says:

        I sa an interview where he stated he didnt understand it but the mansgement teams an the fact hes a separate entity it would be more marketable. He said they ARE Culture Club.

      • Peter Muscutt says:

        How about a retrospective bit of editing so it becomes (Sir) Paul McCartney & The Beatles???

    • Mijacmad says:

      Have they changed label for this release? Maybe Virgin own the rights to the name and they have to fiddle a bit with it for another label?

      • Paul Sinclair says:

        Don’t think it’s that, to be honest. More likely Boy George just sees himself as some kind of global brand that can benefit the group. I do think not putting the rest of the band on the cover is a bit sad. It’s not like CC are Texas or Simply Red, the other members do have quite strong identities.

  20. Michael says:

    “Let Somebody Love You” from the new album, “Life” can be sampled at

    The song has a relaxed Jamaican swagger. Yes, Boy George’s voice is now more baritone, but his deeper, warmer voice caresses this melody, giving it a more mature quality. I hope the rest of the new album is this good.

  21. Kevin M says:

    George is a funny, talented guy whose music inspired several friends of mine when they were kids, and I hope this does well.

  22. Gary Smith says:

    Culture club never done anything much for me in the 80s let alone now but then again what is being offered by new artists these days.
    London Grammar aside not much to get excited about the past couple of years.
    Just my two penny’s worth

  23. poptones says:

    I don’t have much interest in Culture Club’s new album but I recently bought very cheap the Greatest Hits DVD with all the promo videos, the live at Hammersmith Odeon in december 1983 (“A Kiss Across The Ocean”) and an interview with the band at the time of their first reunion in the late 90s. I highly recommend that DVD. The Hammersmith Odeon live set alone is worth the money so if you include the promo videos and the interview, it’s a bargain and a very nice DVD for people who like Culture Club.

  24. Fred says:


  25. Mijacmad says:

    Anybody have an idea what this track list is that this site gives out?

    01. The Truth Is A Runaway Train
    02. Let Somebody Love You
    03. Like I Used To
    04. It Can’t Be Easy (Different Man)
    05. More Than Silence
    06. Solid Ground
    07. Hard Times
    08. Human Zoo
    09. Moody Monday
    10. It’s Written In the Stars (I Close My Eyes)
    11. Oil & Water
    12. Rested Bitch Face
    13. Getting Old
    14. What Does Sorry Mean?
    15. You Give Me Life

  26. Sim says:

    Have you heard the song “Solid Ground” ? The demo they did a few years ago was like a timeless classic. They should have put that one on this record, in my opinion.

    The Test-Pressings, they were like, black vinyl ?

  27. kevin says:

    Boy George’s voice is not shot, he’s just dropped an octave or two. Hardly surprising now he’s what mid-fifties rather than mid-twenties. I saw them a couple of years ago and they were great, but he clearly began with songs that didn’t extend his upper range and stayed like that for 30 minutes or so till he was properly warmed up.

    I must confess to being a fair bit excited. “resting bitch face” is a contender for song title of the year. And Don’t mind if I do was a reasonable comeback album. This could be too.

    Love the website, Paul. Even if it is financially ruinous at times.

  28. vikerii says:

    I was one of the Pledge Music “victims” (pun intended) for Tribes. Glad to see something is finally getting released! Yes, I’ll get Life.

  29. Cindy says:

    Just saw the Culture Club (yes Paul I’m with you about this Boy George & Culture Club nonsense), B-52’s and Tom Bailey show in Queens NY this past Saturday outdoors in the searing heat. Honestly I only went for Tom Bailey, who was great. A few years ago I was *so* looking forward to the Culture Club reunion but I saw a Boy George solo show in NYC and he was so nasty to the fans he ruined it for me. I wanted to leave early but my friend wanted to stay. I was so turned off that I figured if that’s the way he treats people who come to his shows, he doesn’t need my $$. After that I skipped the Culture Club shows that came to NYC, except this one. The show was good live but only 12 songs (because there were 2 other acts) and although there is plenty of Culture Club material to pick from they (he) chose to do a couple of covers (which were enjoyable but it’s a Culture Club show, not a covers show), and a couple of songs I didn’t even know. If they are playing so few songs, not sure if that was the way to go. I saw one of his fits coming on when he hit a bad note at one point but he managed to control himself. He might be able to finish this tour without canceling it after all, who knows! Don’t think I’ll be getting this new album.

    BTW, Tom Bailey is doing two intimate shows in NYC tomorrow & Wednesday. I’m definitely going to be there Wednesday & looking forward to it!

  30. colin says:

    My initial impression on seeing your post with just Boy George on the front cover would be:- Oh, a new Boy George album! Then I see it is branded as Boy George and Culture Club ‘Life’. On a new 2018 release from an artist theat has been around as long as CC surely they should all be on the front cover? Most artist website stores (except McCartney) offer signed item bundles, but not BG&CC. Thinking recently of Rick Astley, Gilbert O Sullivan (out in August) and Tom Bailey (ordered from Pledge). Not sure this is for me, undecided as yet!

  31. Francis says:

    Yes, I am! At least Culture Club’s music is better than a lot of crap in the chart that all sounds the same and Boy George does not cheat by using ‘auto-tune’ on his voice like so many do these days.

  32. Steve says:

    Is anyone going to risk a pre-order of this after the last debacle. Don’t get burnt twice and all that. Maybe if I saw it in a shop I’d show some interest but still doubt it. George’s voice isn’t what it used to be unfortunately. Let’s hope technology has worked its magic on it

  33. Auntie Sabrina says:

    Let Somebody Love You was played on the Sara Cox/Chris Evans radio show this morning. Boy George’s vocals aren’t the best and I don’t think it will be bothering the upper reaches of the Charts….

  34. Gary Fowles says:

    Seems like the test pressing has already gone. How much was it Paul?

    • Paul Sinclair says:


      • Gary Fowles says:


      • Alan B says:

        I remember the good old days when test pressings were your ultimate collectable. Very few were made (usually single figures because the object was to well test the quality of the pressing). Nowadays its just a marketing tool to charge a fortune for a “limited” edition of 50 odd or (in the case of Morrissey) up to 200 copies. In the old days you had to search the ads in Record Collector for those elusive gems.

  35. Darren Briscoe says:

    Is anybody really still interested in Culture Club? I loved the 80s but feel their music has not aged well so personally not bothered about new material.

    • richard says:

      plenty still interested…..much better than all today’s radio music

      • Michael Chapman says:

        With ya Richard…ffs what can you differentiate between (new) songs on the radio 2018?

    • Michael Khalsa says:

      Colour By Numbers is a brilliant record. All 10 songs are strong which is rare. And some of their other songs are timeless. Maytr Mantras is good as well. I am buying this on an act of faith. Just hoping that they have got it together & everything is right.

      Thanks Paul. Love your site & the work you do. Respectffel which is important.

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