Culture Club signed CDs and vinyl

Culture Club‘s new album Life was issued last week, and the band have today made available some signed CDs and vinyl albums for the first time…

Originally, the only signed item amongst the various bundles and exclusives in the Culture Club official store was a test pressing but there has been a volte-face and now you can order a signed deluxe CD (for £12) or a signed black vinyl LP (for £18). If you want both signed items, go for the bundle option. Just 500 of each format are available.

Life is the band’s first album in almost 20 years and features the original line-up of Boy George, Roy Hay, Mikey Craig and Jon Moss, although the very latest news appears to be that Jon Moss is currently not touring with – and not ‘in’ the band. This might account for only three signatures being visible on the pack-shot above!

These signed editions will ship worldwide (except, for some reason, Germany).


1. God & Love
2. Bad Blood
3. Human Zoo
4. Let Somebody Love You
5. What Does Sorry Mean
6. Runaway Train
7. Resting Bitch Face
8. Different Man
9. Oil & Water
10. More Than Silence
11. Life

44 responses to Culture Club signed CDs and vinyl

  1. James says:

    Having finally got the album, I did enjoy it. I think it’s a good album but not a great one and not as good as their 80s material. I think the best songs are the newer ones like Bad Blood, God and Love, and What Does Sorry Mean. However, I don’t like how they changed More than Silence and Runaway Train. They were much better in their original versions. And it was a crime to leave off Hard Times and Solid Ground from Tribes. Those two songs are better than anything on this album.

  2. Michel Banen says:

    “This page is unavailable in your territory” so Culture Club doesn’t want their music to be sold here ? Well…. don’t bother then.

  3. Teresa Benson says:

    Gutted I missed the signed copies!

  4. David H Richards says:

    What happened to his voice? I Know we all grow older, but yikes…

  5. BillyD says:

    Germany said “Nein” to Culture Club.

  6. Andreas says:

    ‘This is what I do’ 2013 was a great album . . .

    • Marc says:

      It is. We discovered it only last year, and have been playing it regularly since then. A good production and some very good lyrics.

  7. Brian says:

    All gone.

  8. Jon says:

    I have the CD and it’s one of their worst efforts…bland and boring and I hate what they did to More Than Silence.

  9. CJ says:

    I’m aware the band has a history that would cause many people to leap to sacked/left/etc. for Jon Moss not being present, but itsn’t it also possible that it may just be a personal issue? none of us is getting younger. He might have a family crisis or a health issue. They seemed to have fine chemistry when I saw them over the summer at Verona, NY.

    • James says:

      If Jon had a personal or health issue, why the secrecy? They would just issue a statement on explaining that.
      George never mentioned his absence in the second leg of the US tour. Also Jon is rehearsing and doing gigs with another band currently so he couldn’t be sick!

  10. Ann says:

    Sold out of vinyl too. :/

  11. Stevie B says:

    Jon Moss sacking smacks of a publicity stunt to shift units #cynical.

    • James says:

      Don’t think Jon Moss is that famous among the general public to make much of a difference. The people that know him are big fans who would have bought the album anyway.

    • Neil Kelly says:

      Of course it is, during the final 2 days of the chart. It was 9 midweek. I bet it ends up about 20 meaning zero difference. By the way i say this without any idea on publicity for this album Tuesday-Friday it could hold a little higher. And i mean a little! Could even be lower. One things for sure Jon Moss’ barely-mentioned departure won’t be making more than 100 copies difference

    • Neil Kelly says:

      Scrub that just realised it’s after chart-time. If my previous comment and this get added in order it’ll make sense. The album charted at a highly respectable UK number 12! Tronced their last effort from 1999

  12. JohnToll says:

    68 signed vinyl left

  13. Frank Bruce says:

    Life has some new classic songs on there, there is also a few songs the have a really good funky vibe and I know in time they will become classic Culture Club songs. There are also a few songs on here that will take time to grow on me. George’s voice is different now but this album is still very much worth buying. Where can you buy a signed CD signed by a living legend? On the link above. Not sure what the story is with Jon Moss but if he has gone then that is a shame, as for the name change to Boy George & Culture Club, probably a bit to do with his ego and partly because he’s more high profile these days

    • Neil Kelly says:

      Official line is they replaced him a few years back. I thought like you and agreed with Paul on this topic but i have to say BG has a point… The new band name may shift more copies. UK number 12 would surely seem to confirm this. Culture Club’s 1999 effort reached the dizzy heights on UK number 64…

  14. Darren Howard says:

    Now sold out on their website.

  15. CW says:

    No Jon signatures on this recent lot I see ! Guess it shifts some units though. Voice sounds a bit shot sadly

  16. Chris says:

    Anyone have any idea why they albums now by Boy George & Culture Club ? ego thing or marketing? was it ever addressed?

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      I think we can all have a good guess at that one :)

      • gb says:

        I was confused too – then read in the recent classic pop interview he said it was because people kept on asking ‘is it boy George singing with the band … the unsurity from when they got a new singer a few years back

    • emmanuel says:

      According to Boy George, his name is on it just because Culture Club used different singers on stage years before and he wanted to make sure for fans that the original singer was really present on this record

  17. Stevie B says:

    I think Boy George has a solo album up his sleeve and those excellent tracks ‘missing’ from this new album will appear on that. This release smacks of ‘contractual obligations’. Once this release has been flogged to death it’ll be sayonara (Boy George &) Culture Club.

  18. Michael says:

    Had a listen on Amazon. I can hear that some of the songs good. But the voice is not unfortunately. So I am gonna pass.

  19. Matt S says:

    I purchased, although the news of Jon not signing being in the band is a bit disappointing. Shipping to the US was ~$10.

  20. JackC says:

    Anyone who has heard Tribes will find Life to be a missed opportunity. Superior Tribes tracks like Hard Times, Moody Monday and Solid Ground are omitted for tuneless drivel like God and Love, Life and Resting Bitch Face.

  21. Neil Kelly says:

    Purchased. Literally just heard the news on Moss myself. ‘Pushed’ / ‘left’ / ‘sacked’ but which is correct? This band are a nightmare. The new album is OK. Number 9 midweek will tronce the number 64 placing of 1999’s ‘Don’t mind if i do’ which actually had the hit single. Shows how much times have changed! I predict number chart placing of about 20 come Friday. BTW all, this CD is 15 of your quids here in the UK as delivery is £3

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      When SDE talks about prices, delivery is never part of the equation, because it varies depending on where you live in the world.

      • Neil Kelly says:

        Lol i can gaurantee Paul, it wasn’t a dig or aimed at you i merely thought i’d give everyone the heads up on UK price.
        Number 12 is it then.
        And yes i see others have commented on the name which originally i agreed with you on. I saw a live video with BG via some media (Twitter possibly?) and the band name question was asked via a member of public and put to him by the interviewer (i’m sure the question was green-lit before the stream started). His reply was indeed relating to the replacement from some years back. I also agree with your new stance that it’s very understandable. Happy to admit i was wrong and judging by the chart position, the new name suits!

  22. george glazener says:

    Ewww… you’ve gone too far Paul….LOL

  23. Frank says:

    Instant purchase! I was holding off for a yellow copy for the longest time, but this is even better! Thanks for the heads up Paul!

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