Daft Punk: Alive 1997 / 2007 box


A box set containing new vinyl pressings of Daft Punk‘s two live albums Alive 1997 and Alive 2007 will be released in December.

The limited deluxe collection will include Alive 2007 on two solid white vinyl records along with a bonus vinyl with the show’s encore on one side and an etched pyramid logo on the other. This box comes with a 52-page book of photos taken during the 2007 tour, replica VIP pass, a slipmat and a download card, as well as a silver vinyl edition of the Alive 1997 album.

Both albums will also be released on vinyl separately as well as featuring   in this box and everything is released on 23 December 2014.


Box Set


Alive 2007 2LP Vinyl



Alive 1997 LP

2 responses to Daft Punk: Alive 1997 / 2007 box

  1. Bertielego says:

    Alive 2007 for the first time on vinyl… that’s great news!
    And the box set looks like it’s gonna be beautiful…

  2. Blade Runner says:

    sorry, but that is not Daft Punk but it is a “Daft Price”!

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