David Bowie & Marlene Dietrich / Just A Gigolo on limited blue vinyl

The soundtrack to David Hemmings’ (him from Antonioni’s sixties classic ‘Blow-Up’) 1978 film Just A Gigolo will be released on limited edition blue vinyl next month.

The film wasn’t a critical or commercial success, but is remembered for starring David Bowie and Marlene Dietrich and the soundtrack contains music from both of them.

Bowie’s contribution is ‘Revolutionary Song’ and apparently there were three different versions produced for the film, with two featuring Bowie on vocals (parts I & III). There are also three tracks from American vocal group The Manhattan Transfer, as well as music from The Pasadena Roof Orchestra, Sydne Rome, and The Gunther Fischer Quintet.

This edition is pressed on 180g transparent blue vinyl and is limited to 3,000 copies. It is released on 26 July 2019 and can be pre-ordered from the SDE shop using this link or the button below.

1. Marlene Dietrich – Just A Gigolo
2. The Pasadena Roof Orchestra – Salome
3. The Rebels – David Bowie’s Revolutionary Song (Part I)
4. The Manhattan Transfer – Johnny
5. The Gunther Fischer Orchestra – The Streets Of Berlin
6. The Pasadena Roof Orchestra – Charmaine
7. Marlene Dietrich – Just A Gigolo (Piano)
8. Sydne Rome – Don’t Let It Be Too Long

1. The Rebels – David Bowie’s Revolutionary Song (Part II)
2. The Manhattan Transfer – Jealous Eyes
3. The Manhattan Transfer – I Kiss Your Hand, Madame
4. Marlene Dietrich – Just A Gigolo (Outtake)
5. The Gunther Fischer Quintet – Kissing Time
6. The Pasadena Roof Orchestra – Black Bottom
7. The Rebels – David Bowie’s Revolutionary Song (Part III)
8. Marlene Dietrich – Farewell Gigolo


26 responses to David Bowie & Marlene Dietrich / Just A Gigolo on limited blue vinyl

  1. Cheryl Ladd says:

    Box Set vol 5 [ 1989 / 1993 ]
    01 – Tin Machine
    02 – Tin Machine II
    03 – Black Tie White Noise
    04 – Buddha of Suburbia
    05 – Sound + Vision Tour
    06 – Tin Machine It’s My Life Tour
    07 – Re Call 5
    *Black Tie White Noise Remix
    * Oy Vey Baby Tour
    * B-SIDE (Tin Machine, Indonesian version…) Real Cool World, Lucy Van Dance…

    Box Set vol 6 [ 1994 / 2000 ]
    01 – Outside
    02 – Earthling
    03 – Hours
    04 – Outside Tour
    05 – Earthling Tour
    06 – Hours Tour BBC Theatre London
    07 – Re Call 6 [ Live & Well, VH1 Storytellers… ]

    Box Set vol 7 [ 2001 – 2016 ]
    01 – Toy
    02 – Heathen
    03 – Reality
    04 – The Next Day
    05 – Blackstar
    06 – Heathen Tour
    07 – Reality Tour
    08 – Re Call 7 [ Extra E.P, Rebel Never Get Old, No Plan E.P ]

    Stay David Bowie The First Album No Box Anthology?!

    The Man To Feel to Earth Soundtrack Bowie Work

    Outside 2 Inside ?!?

    • J Ross says:

      I love how this descends into gibberish at the end… or becomes an homage to the cut-up technique (Nickerless Rogue’s “The Man To Feel to Earth” OST deserves a release, surely?).

  2. Randy Metro says:

    I only know “Just A Gigolo” from the Village People version on their 1978 Macho Man album.

  3. Wayne Olsen says:

    Still missing the rumored Marlene/Bowie di duet version of “V2 Schneider “

  4. MossGarden says:

    I find this release strange.
    I take it that most people buying this, is because of David Bowie, like I did when I got one of the original ones from 1979. On the original LP the Bowie song is 4:41 min. by splitting the song into pieces it looks like you get more, but the 3 parts, if they are the same as on the recent CD as listed on Discogs only adds up to a total of 4:16 min, the CD also adds an instrumental part lasting 0:53 min.
    The Revolutionary Song to me quiet inferior when it come to Bowie songs, it sounds like something scrapped from Ball, Bowie sings some La la La’s, somebody else sings the other short lasting vocals of the song.
    An original in mint can be bought for around the same amount, no cool blue though.

    • Auntie Sabrina says:

      The recent Cherry Red Expanded CD mentions that David Bowie composed and recorded the song between scenes, playing most of the instruments. Three different versions were produced for the film, parts 1 and 3 feature his vocals. Part 2 features lyrics by Jack Fishman, of whom Bowie was apparantky a fan of.

  5. Derek says:

    The original ’79 soundtrack had David Bowie’s Revolutionary Song as one track. Recent reissues like this all split it in to 3 parts. I wonder what prompted that?

  6. Steve W says:

    It’s an odd soundtrack (I’ve never seen the film) which I actually quite like. If I hadn’t got this on cd earlier this year I might have gone for it.

    Just a thought – will it have a download code?

  7. Michael says:

    It’d be wonderful if this release prompted a blu ray release. Always wanted to see it.

    • James says:

      No, it’s a truly terrible movie – not even worth it for camp value. Laughable acting, awfully uneven in tone and style, the Dietrich scene unforgiveable nonsense. Forgettable trash only noteworthy today due to Bowie and he’s truly awful here, as he was in nearly all his movies.

      Kim Novak is the only saving grace and you can tell she even wishes it to all end quickly. Just hope she got to keep her outfits.

      • Derek says:

        I’ve also had the misfortune to see Bowie in The Linguine Incident. That one’s so bad it actually made me look back on Gigolo rather fondly.

  8. Montague Terrace says:

    And in the “and we’ll dream, won’t we” category, maybe one day we’ll hear news of a DVD / Blu-Ray release of the film itself.

    • Ralph says:

      What are you talking about? The DVD is available in Germany and Spain, both with english language tracks. Check Amazon and you will find them under “Schoener Gigolo Armer Gigolo”.

  9. Brian Smith says:

    Eamonn, so you want new about when we will get news? hmmmmm.

    • Eamonn says:

      Yes! Usually we hear June sometime and I’m sure there’s someone posting here who lives next door to the cousin of a Warner’s scheduler.

  10. Catweazle says:

    Ordered. Thanks Paul!

  11. Eamonn says:

    Any news on when we should expect a press release for Bowie Box Set 5?

    • Wayne Olsen says:

      Hmmmm…into the Tin Machine, Black Tie, virgin era. Seems like Sony, Warner’s and Universal all own rights to some of the albums of the 90s and beyond or maybe they’ve reverted to Tintoretto.

      • Baba says:

        The only album Universal/Virgin own is ‘Toy’, which has never been officially released. The other 90’s albums were all re-issued on Bowie’s RZO label through Sony, apart from Black Tie White Noise & Buddha Of Suburbia (which are now with Parlophone). Tin Machine II & Oye Vey Baby are long out of print, so I don’t know who currently has the rights to them.

  12. Aaron says:

    I got the recently issued CD of this from Cherry Red earlier in the year. There are actually 4 versions of the Bowie track on the disc

  13. AlexKx says:

    Just tried to purchases this but PayPal says it is not available to do so because no shipping options are available to here in the U.S….will this change and be made available to those of us in the U.S.?

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