David Bowie / New box set: ‘Loving The Alien’ / 15LP or 11CD

80s albums remastered • 2018 version of ‘Never Let Me Down’ • Selection of key remixes • Two live albums • ‘Recall 4’ features singles/B-sides 

For the fourth year in succession, Parlophone Records will release a major box set that summarises an era in the musical life of David Bowie. This October, Loving The Alien (1983-1988) will feature Bowie’s three solo albums from the period in question, and offer fans plenty of extra content, including a ‘new production’ of 1987’s Never Let Me Down, the first audio release of the Serious Moonlight Tour and a remix album.

The new Loving The Alien box set comes as a weighty 15LP vinyl package or an 11CD set. It features newly remastered versions of Let’s Dance (1983), Tonight (1984) and Never Let Me Down (1987). The vinyl version of Never Let Me Down sees the original CD versions of the tracks used on the format for the first time, just don’t go looking for Too Dizzy – originally on the album, but removed shortly after release, at Bowie’s request – because it does not appear anywhere in this new box set.

The 15LP vinyl version of Loving The Alien (click image to enlarge)

Having successfully reworked the single Time Will Crawl from 1987’s Never Let Me Down for 2008’s iSelect compilation album, Bowie wrote in the sleeve notes for the latter, “Oh, to redo the rest of the album”. Sadly that never happened in his lifetime, but it was Mario McNulty who had recorded and mixed that new version of the song for David (it wasn’t called the ‘MM’ remix for nothing) and the same man has now created a brand new production of the whole album, with new instrumentation by Bowie collaborators Reeves Gabrels (guitar), David Torn (guitar), Sterling Campbell (drums), Tim Lefebvre (bass – he played on Blackstar) as well as string quartet with arrangements by Nico Muhly. This new version includes a guest cameo by Laurie Anderson (who takes the Mickey Rourke ‘role’ on Shining Star (Makin My Love)).  You can get a taster of what this new version sounds like, by previewing a ‘radio edit’ of Zeroes (2018) below.

Loving The Alien delivers this 2018 version of Never Let Me Down across 2LPs on the 15LP vinyl edition of the box and on one CD on the 11CD version.

Never Let Me Down 2018 is a 2LP set with newly ‘remixed’ artwork 

The new box set also includes the 1983 Serious Moonlight Tour live album, recorded in Vancouver in that same year. This was originally mixed at the time by Bob Clearmountain, but a live album was never released (although the video of the concert was issued on VHS, Laserdisc, and much later, on DVD). This is a double CD set in the 11CD version of Loving The Alien and a 3LP vinyl offering in the 15LP vinyl box set. The artwork features shots taken by photographer Denis O Regan (read about his Riochet book, here).

Talking of concert audio, the Glass Spider live album (recorded in Montreal in ’87) is also included in Loving The Alien. Unlike Serious Moonlight, this has been issued before, but not on vinyl, so it makes it’s debut as a 3LP set in the 15LP box (it’s 2CD in the 11CD box set).

‘Dance’ in the box set features a selection of original remixes – but not all of them.

Because the 1980s was the era of the remix – extended, dub, vocal, bonus beats, etc. – Bowie fans have probably been wondering whether all, some, or (gulp) none of the remixes from the time would be included in any box set that might be released.

Parlophone have decided to include remixes (thank goodness for that), although it’s a selection of a dozen remixes, covering most of the singles. Fans will be aware that there were no official remixes of any of the Let’s Dance 45s, but Parlophone have included the remix/long version of album track Shake It, which was hidden away on the B-side of the China Girl 12-inch single.

This remix set in the box is called Dance (a name pinched from an unreleased Bowie remix album that almost saw the light of day in late ’85) and the Estate and record label appear to have selected what they presumably consider to be the ‘best’ remix of each song. All other variants are regarded as surplus to requirements (see ya later Underground Dub Mix and Girls Japanese Version!). So, as an illustration, with Day-In Day-Out and Time Will Crawl, ‘they’ have opted in both cases to go with the second UK 12-inch remixes (‘Groucho’ and ‘Dance Crew’ mixes, respectively) and not the more common 12-inch versions. Not bad choices actually, although I’m not sure I’d have put the dub/acapella version of Never Let Me Down ahead of the standard 12-inch.

Re:Call 4 features single mixes, songs from soundtracks and more

So with studio albums, re-workings, live albums and remixes all dealt with, the new Loving The Alien (1983-1988) box ends with the now familiar Re:Call compilation – the ‘odds and sods’ gathering up exercise. Re:Call 4 is three vinyl records or two CDs and mainly focuses on delivering the original single versions of most of the 45s from this era. There are also a few B-sides (Julie, Girls), songs from soundtracks (Labyrinth, Absolute Beginners, When The Wind Blows etc.) and even the original vinyl edits of album tracks from Never Let Me Down.

One thing to consider is that this box set has more exclusive content than any of the previous three. Never Let Me Down 2018, remix album Dance and Re:Call 4 are all exclusive to Loving The Alien and won’t be released separately (Parlophone have honoured their commitment with the exclusives from previous sets). Additionally, the 2LP Serious Moonlight concert and the 3LP Glass Spider concert are exclusive to the vinyl box. So 12 out of the 15 vinyl records are exclusive to the vinyl box. With the CD box you get four CDs of exclusive content.

The 11CD vinyl version of Loving The Alien (click image to enlarge)

As before, both boxes come with an accompanying book (128 pages in the CD box and 84 in the vinyl set) which will feature rarely seen and previously unpublished photos by photographers including Denis O Regan, Greg Gorman, Herb Ritts and many others along with historical press reviews and technical notes about the albums from producers/engineers Nile Rodgers, Hugh Padgham, Mario McNulty and Justin Shirley-Smith.

The 11CD box set offers the always excellent Japanese-style ‘mini-LP CD’ vinyl replica versions of the original albums (the CDs will be gold coloured again). The 15LP set is pressed on 180g ‘audiophile quality’ vinyl.

Both editions of this Loving The Alien box set are released on 12 October 2018.

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David Bowie

Loving The Alien - 15LP vinyl box


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David Bowie

Loving The Alien - 11CD box set


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Loving The Alien 15LP Box Set


  • 88 Page hardback book
  • Let’s Dance (remastered) (1LP)
  • Serious Moonlight (Live ’83) (previously unreleased) (2LP)*
  • Tonight (remastered) (1LP)
  • Never Let Me Down (remastered) (1LP)
  • Never Let Me Down (2018) (previously unreleased) (2LP – side 4 is etched)*
  • Glass Spider (Live Montreal ’87) (previously unreleased on vinyl) (3LP)*
  • Dance (2LP)*
  • Re:Call 4 (non-album singles, edits, single versions, b-sides and soundtrack music) (remastered) (3LP)*

* Exclusive to ‘Loving The Alien (1983-1988) LP box’



Side 1

  1. Modern Love
  2. China Girl
  3. Let’s Dance
  4. Without You

Side 2

  1. Ricochet
  2. Criminal World
  3. Cat People (Putting Out Fire)
  4. Shake It


Side 1

  1. Look Back In Anger
  2. “Heroes”
  3. What In The World
  4. Golden Years
  5. Fashion
  6. Let’s Dance

Side 2

  1. Breaking Glass
  2. Life On Mars?
  3. Sorrow
  4. Cat People (Putting Out Fire)
  5. China Girl
  6. Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps)
  7. Rebel Rebel

Side 3

  1. White Light / White Heat
  2. Station To Station
  3. Cracked Actor
  4. Ashes To Ashes

Side 4

  1. Space Oddity/Band Introduction
  2. Young Americans
  3. Fame
  4. Modern Love


Side 1

  1. Loving The Alien
  2. Don’t Look Down
  3. God Only Knows
  4. Tonight

Side 2

  1. Neighborhood Threat
  2. Blue Jean
  3. Tumble And Twirl
  4. I Keep Forgettin’
  5. Dancing With The Big Boys


Side 1

  1. Day-In Day-Out
  2. Time Will Crawl
  3. Beat Of Your Drum
  4. Never Let Me Down
  5. Zeroes

Side 2

  1. Glass Spider
  2. Shining Star (Makin’ My Love)
  3. New York’s In Love
  4. ’87 And Cry
  5. Bang


Side 1

  1. Day-In Day-Out
  2. Time Will Crawl
  3. Beat Of Your Drum

Side 2

  1. Never Let Me Down
  2. Zeroes
  3. Glass Spider

Side 3

  1. Shining Star (Makin’ My Love) (ft Laurie Anderson)
  2. New York’s In Love
  3. 87 & Cry
  4. Bang Bang

Side 4

  • David Bowie 1987 logo etching


Side 1

  1. Up The Hill Backwards
  2. Glass Spider
  3. Day-In Day-Out
  4. Bang Bang

Side 2

  1. Absolute Beginners
  2. Loving The Alien
  3. China Girl
  4. Rebel Rebel

Side 3

  1. Fashion
  2. Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps)
  3. All The Mad Men
  4. Never Let Me Down

Side 4

  1. Big Brother
  2. ‘87 And Cry
  3. “Heroes”
  4. Sons Of The Silent Age
  5. Time Will Crawl / Band Introduction

Side 5

  1. Young Americans
  2. Beat Of Your Drum
  3. The Jean Genie
  4. Let’s Dance

Side 6

  1. Fame
  2. Time
  3. Blue Jean
  4. Modern Love


Side 1 

1 Shake It (Re-mix aka Long Version)
(Originally released on the B-side of the ‘China Girl’ 12” single on EMI America 12EA 157 (U.K.) and V-7809 (U.S.) in May, 1983.)

2 Blue Jean (Extended Dance Mix)
(Originally released on 12” single on EMI America 12EA 181 (U.K.) and V-7838 (U.S.) in September, 1984.)

3 Dancing With The Big Boys (Extended Dance Mix)
(Originally released on the B-side of the ‘Blue Jean’ 12” single alongside an Extended Dub Mix of the same, release details as above.)

Side 2 

1 Tonight (Vocal Dance Mix)

(Originally released on 12” single on EMI America 12EA 187 (U.K.) and V-7846 (U.S.) in November, 1984.)

2 Don’t Look Down (Extended Dance Mix)

(Originally released on the B-side of the ‘Loving The Alien’ (Extended Dance Mix) 12” single alongside the ‘Loving The Alien’ (Extended Dub Mix) on EMI America 12EA 195 (U.K.) and VG-7858 (U.S.) in May, 1985.)

3 Loving The Alien (Extended Dub Mix)

(Originally released on the B-side of the ‘Loving The Alien’ (Extended Dance Mix) 12” single, release details as above.)

Side 3 

1 Tumble And Twirl (Extended Dance Mix)
(Originally released on the B-side of the ‘Tonight’ 12” single alongside a ‘Tonight’ (Dub Mix), release details as above.)

2 Underground (Extended Dance Mix)
(Originally released on 12” single on EMI America 12EA 216 (U.K.) and V-19210 (U.S.) in June, 1986.)

3 Day-In Day-Out (Groucho Mix)
(Originally released on 12” single on EMI America 12EAX 230 (U.K.) and V-19239 (U.S.) in March, 1987.)

Side 4 

1 Time Will Crawl (Dance Crew Mix)
(Originally released on 12” single on EMI America 12EAX 237 (U.K.) in June, 1987.)

2 Shining Star (Makin’ My Love) (12” mix)
(Originally released on the ‘Never Let Me Down’ digital E.P. on EMI 0094639278954 in May, 2007.)

3. Never Let Me Down (Dub/Acapella)
(Originally released on the B-side of the ‘Never Let Me Down’ (Extended Dance Mix) 12” single on EMI America 12EA 239 (U.K.) and V-19255 (U.S.) in August, 1987.)


Side 1

  1. Let’s Dance (single version)
  2. China Girl (single version)
  3. Modern Love (single version)
  4. This Is Not America (The theme from ‘The Falcon And The Snowman’) – David Bowie / Pat Metheny Group
  5. Loving The Alien (re-mixed version)

Side 2

  1. Don’t Look Down (re-mixed version)
  2. Dancing In The Street (Clearmountain mix) – David Bowie and Mick Jagger
  3. Absolute Beginners (from Absolute Beginners)
  4. That’s Motivation (from Absolute Beginners)
  5. Volare (from Absolute Beginners)

Side 3 

  1. Labyrinth Opening Titles/Underground (from Labyrinth)
  2. Magic Dance (from Labyrinth)
  3. As The World Falls Down (from Labyrinth)
  4. Within You (from Labyrinth)
  5. Underground (from Labyrinth)

Side 4

  1. When The Wind Blows (single version) (from When The Wind Blows)
  2. Day-In Day-Out (single version)
  3. Julie
  4. Beat Of Your Drum (vinyl album edit)
  5. Glass Spider (vinyl album edit)

Side 5

  1. Shining Star (Makin’ My Love) (vinyl album edit)
  2. New York’s In Love (vinyl album edit)
  3. ‘87 And Cry (vinyl album edit)
  4. Bang Bang (vinyl album edit)
  5. Time Will Crawl (single version)

Side 6

  1. Girls (extended edit)
  2. Never Let Me Down (7” remix edit)
  3. Bang Bang (live – promotional mix)
  4. Tonight (live) Tina Turner with David Bowie
  5. Let’s Dance (live) Tina Turner with David Bowie

Loving The Alien 11CD box set


  • 128 Page hardback book
  • Let’s Dance (remastered) (1CD)
  • Serious Moonlight (Live ’83) (previously unreleased) (2CD)
  • Tonight (remastered) (1CD)
  • Never Let Me Down (remastered) (1CD)
  • Never Let Me Down 2018 (previously unreleased) (1CD)*
  • Glass Spider (Live Montreal ’87) (2CD)
  • Dance (1CD)*
  • Re:Call 4 (non-album singles, edits, single versions, b-sides and soundtrack music) (remastered) (2CD)*

* Exclusive to ‘Loving The Alien (1983-1988)’




  1. Modern Love
  2. China Girl
  3. Let’s Dance
  4. Without You
  5. Ricochet
  6. Criminal World
  7. Cat People (Putting Out Fire)
  8. Shake It



  1. Look Back In Anger
  2. “Heroes”
  3. What In The World
  4. Golden Years
  5. Fashion
  6. Let’s Dance
  7. Breaking Glass
  8. Life On Mars?
  9. Sorrow
  10. Cat People (Putting Out Fire)
  11. China Girl
  12. Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps)
  13. Rebel Rebel


  1. White Light / White Heat
  2. Station To Station
  3. Cracked Actor
  4. Ashes To Ashes
  5. Space Oddity/Band Introduction
  6. Young Americans
  7. Fame
  8. Modern Love


  1. Loving The Alien
  2. Don’t Look Down
  3. God Only Knows
  4. Tonight
  5. Neighborhood Threat
  6. Blue Jean
  7. Tumble And Twirl
  8. I Keep Forgettin’
  9. Dancing With The Big Boys


  1. Day-In Day-Out
  2. Time Will Crawl
  3. Beat Of Your Drum
  4. Never Let Me Down
  5. Zeroes
  6. Glass Spider
  7. Shining Star (Makin’ My Love)
  8. New York’s In Love
  9. ’87 And Cry
  10. Bang Bang


  1. Day-In Day-Out
  2. Time Will Crawl
  3. Beat Of Your Drum
  4. Never Let Me Down
  5. Zeroes
  6. Glass Spider
  7. Shining Star (Makin’ My Love) (ft Laurie Anderson)
  8. New York’s In Love
  9. ’87 And Cry
  10. Bang Bang


CD 1

  1. Up The Hill Backwards
  2. Glass Spider
  3. Day-In Day-Out
  4. Bang Bang
  5. Absolute Beginners
  6. Loving The Alien
  7. China Girl
  8. Rebel Rebel
  9. Fashion
  10. Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps)
  11. All The Mad Men
  12. Never Let Me Down

CD 2

  1. Big Brother
  2. ‘87 And Cry
  3. “Heroes”
  4. Sons Of The Silent Age
  5. Time Will Crawl / Band Introduction
  6. Young Americans
  7. Beat Of Your Drum
  8. The Jean Genie
  9. Let’s Dance
  10. Fame
  11. Time
  12. Blue Jean
  13. Modern Love


  1. Shake It (Re-mix aka Long Version)
  2. Blue Jean (Extended Dance Mix)
  3. Dancing With The Big Boys (Extended Dance Mix)
  4. Tonight (Vocal Dance Mix)
  5. Don’t Look Down (Extended Dance Mix)
  6. Loving The Alien (Extended Dub Mix)
  7. Tumble And Twirl (Extended Dance Mix)
  8. Underground (Extended Dance Mix)
  9. Day-In Day-Out (Groucho Mix)
  10. Time Will Crawl (Dance Crew Mix)
  11. Shining Star (Makin’ My Love) (12” mix)
  12. Never Let Me Down (Dub/Acapella)


CD 1

  1. Let’s Dance (single version)
  2. China Girl (single version)
  3. Modern Love (single version)
  4. This Is Not America (The theme from ‘The Falcon And The Snowman’) – David Bowie / Pat Metheny Group
  5. Loving The Alien (re-mixed version)
  6. Don’t Look Down (re-mixed version)
  7. Dancing In The Street (Clearmountain mix) – David Bowie and Mick Jagger
  8. Absolute Beginners (from Absolute Beginners)
  9. That’s Motivation (from Absolute Beginners)
  10. Volare (from Absolute Beginners)
  11. Labyrinth Opening Titles/Underground (from Labyrinth)
  12. Magic Dance (from Labyrinth)
  13. As The World Falls Down (from Labyrinth)
  14. Within You (from Labyrinth)
  15. Underground (from Labyrinth)

CD 2

  1. When The Wind Blows (single version) (from When The Wind Blows)
  2. Day-In Day-Out (single version)
  3. Julie
  4. Beat Of Your Drum (vinyl album edit)
  5. Glass Spider (vinyl album edit)
  6. Shining Star (Makin’ My Love) (vinyl album edit)
  7. New York’s In Love (vinyl album edit)
  8. ‘87 And Cry (vinyl album edit)
  9. Bang Bang (vinyl album edit)
  10. Time Will Crawl (single version)
  11. Girls (extended edit)
  12. Never Let Me Down (7” remix edit)
  13. Bang Bang (live – promotional mix)
  14. Tonight (live) Tina Turner with David Bowie
  15. Let’s Dance (live) Tina Turner with David Bowie

316 responses to David Bowie / New box set: ‘Loving The Alien’ / 15LP or 11CD

  1. Guill says:

    A missing opportunity to have released the australian only 12″ of Cat People (Putting Out Fire) (Extended Version) of 9:21 minutes.
    I wonder why this version was totally ignored anywhere else???
    It is superb!!!!

  2. Pete Fodor says:

    Got my Vinyl from Amazon expecting the AutoRip as per the other Bowie Box Sets but not included this time which is a bit of a shame – can’t add to my iTunes etc.

  3. Robert Paglia says:

    2018 version of Never Let Me Down is transformative. Turned an album that I listened to maybe once several years ago into one of my favorite Bowie albums

  4. Andrew b in the place to b says:

    Lovely remastering on this box set.

  5. Carl Smukall says:

    OMG I ordered the 11 CD version and it is absolutely fantastic – they even put the CDs in plastic sleeves!! Packaging is great and the book is amazing!! Overall I give it 9.5 out of 10. Only very minor complaint is that the outer insert is not attached to the back and does not fit in the box so you have to leave it loose. Otherwise a first class box set release deserving of a prominent place in the Super Deluxe Edition legacy.

  6. Otto Wolf Rüdiger von Wolfenstein says:

    After to have head heard the box, nothing really to complaint.

    Love the sound of the whole box

    Only thing what I’d wished (like other people stated in other postings), more Remixes and less I don’t see the need of the Vinly Edits!

    What’s missing for me are these Remixe, I ‘d wished also in that 2018 remaster-sound:

    from: Never Let Me Down EP [Digital download 2007] [MP3]
    -03 – Never Let Me Down (Extended Dance Mix)

    from: Time Will Crawl EP [Digital download 2007] [MP3]
    03 – Time Will Crawl [Extended Dance Mix]
    04 – Time Will Crawl [Dub]

    • Adolfo Herrera II says:

      The NLMD extended dance mix really isn’t that good, but I agree it should’ve been included if only to show how decadent & polished music was in that era. Love the song, especially the video.

    • Andreas says:

      Forget the remixes – the 2018 re-recording is fantastic. Glass Spider (amazing), Shining Star . . what an album! Cant believe these tracks were so strong.

  7. Alan Blevin says:

    Back here in have just sent an email saying they will not be shipping the cd box until after 16 November.This is despite them specifically replying to people last week after not fulfilling the Imagine box preorders that they had enough copies of Loving The Alien to fill preorders.
    I am done with these clowns.It took 9 days and repeated emails to get them to ship the Petty box when they had it in stock.
    Three strikes and they’re out.

  8. Bostonnnn says:

    Box arrived. Gold CDs. Looks great. Will listen over the weekend.

  9. Le Baron says:

    Paul, will you do an unboxing video of this new box set? :)

  10. Mark says:

    Had the vinyl set on pre-order until last week but cancelled as I think the price will go down in a few months and it’s not (to me) his most essential material. Still want it though.

  11. Bulldog says:

    Honestly, for me, this set is all primarily about the long versions of “Blue Jean” and “Tonight” (very pricey cd wish fulfillment) , but I also thought it was giving us the dance mix of “Dancing In the Street”, which I forgot was the Steve Thompson mix. Now I see the Clearmountain Mix is THE shortest version of the song possible! #collectorwoes

  12. Juan Antonio says:

    Dear Paul
    Do you know what is the criteria to discard songs like Too Dizzy on the album Never Let Me Down ?. I reiterate that the work of a true artist is built by his successes and failures. Equally neither in the previous Box Set nor in this they included the song Abdulmajid. Since they are already intentionally budgeting for the future a box with all the scraps and leftovers ?. I always appreciate your contributions to help us clarify every detail of the new reissues. Thanks!!!

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Too Dizzy is an easy one. Bowie realised he disliked the song almost as soon as the album was released in 1987 and gave instruction for it to be removed from all subsequent pressings. The Estate and the record label are hardly going to go against such a clear statement from the artist for this box.

  13. Adrian says:

    I am certain there is an alternative version of Cat People (Putting Out The Fire)
    Not shown here in this new box?

  14. James says:

    To be honest I haven’t been thrilled with any of the box sets. I own them but some of the albums sound better the last time they were released. The bonus disc is a joke if you own other releases. Only thing interesting is having Lodger and NLMD remixed and the live album. Maybe it’s me but I’ve been collecting Bowie for a long time.

  15. andrew R says:

    For the first time in this series i am considering either passing or just the
    cd box set . There don’t seem to be any deals as there were for the other 3
    and £200 for the vinyl content seems to be too much . As a side issue i see
    5 years vinyl commanding vast sums used but who shall i be ? is still available new, plentifully
    Any idea why anybody?

  16. Johan says:

    Paul, you wrote: “Serious Moonlight 2LP and Glass Spider 3LP are exclusive to the vinyl box.” Are you sure about this? The only indication about the Serious Moonlight 2lp being exclusive to the box is an asterix in the press release.

    In the text they specifically mention that 1987 Live is exclusive to the box: “Also included is the 2CD / 3LP GLASS SPIDER (LIVE MONTREAL ’87) album, making its debut on vinyl (which is exclusive to the LP box).”

    But the text about 1983 Live does have a similar disclaimer: “Also in each box is the never before released ‘SERIOUS MOONLIGHT’ live album recorded in Vancouver, in 1983. Originally mixed at the time by Bob Clearmountain, the double album captures Bowie on what at that time was his most successful tour. The artwork features shots taken by photographer Denis O’Regan.”

    Why would Serious Moonlight be exclusive to the vinyl box only? This would be a first in this reissue program: for the past three boxes there were no differences in terms of exclusivity between the vinyl and cd versions. I assume someone unintentionally put an asterix behind Serious Moonlight in the contents of the vinyl box.

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  18. Rob Kirby says:

    When we were discussing the possibilities for this box-set last year, I seem to ‘recall’ (ha!) that a few people suggested Loving the Alien as a title, even though previous sets had plumped for titles not used by any previous single or other compilations. I’m more than happy they went for Loving the Alien after all, as – frankly – having tried to find one myself, there was no appropriate title among the few original Bowie tracks on these albums that weren’t covers or re-visits of work such as Cat People and his songs with Iggy Pop. Loving the Alien is by far the best title for this set. Shake It – the only title that vaguely seemed to suit the change of emphasis during this era – would have sounded rather like a Cliff Richard collection, methinks :)

    Anyway, I’m generally happy with what’s here – and a lot of it new to CD, of course – most of it expected (the extra live albums), including the selection of 12″s rather than including every single one. I presume this was working from what Bowie had decided upon, rather than being a posthumous choice, but it’s still disappointing that Dance wasn’t made a double CD, as I’d hoped it might be, to mop up as many as possible.

    Recall isn’t entirely complete either, alas, as they’ve chosen – as I’d long feared – not to feature the instrumental B-side version of This is Not America, which is also the same remix of the song as on the A-side. I can understand why it wasn’t included as David’s only involvement, I’d guess, was singing on it, but annoying, as it was never featured on the original soundtrack. One for any specialist soundtrack release company, I guess, but it wasn’t a big, smash movie release so I won’t hold my breath on this…

    Time for me to look out the Chic organisation CD with the Let’s Dance 12″ on, I guess…

  19. motte says:

    To all those who think ALL remixes should be included:
    think this idea further and Black Tie White Noise must be a box of its own.
    I have 14 versions of Jump They Say (album version not counted), 14 of Black Tie White Noise, 6 of Miracle Goodnight plus the remixes of other tracks from that album(and I’m not sure if my collection is even complete…). Not only would that make JTS and BTWN a double CD or tripple vinyl each but it would be very hard to listen to it (believe me, I once listened to all the remixes/edits in one go).

    • Michael says:

      Yes, if we look at the 90s, BTWN already had a second disc 10th anniversary edition, which I have, with a whole cd of remix and bonus tracks, which does not even include all mixes from the eps. The deluxe editions of Outside and Earthling each have a full extra cd of remixes included, which again is not exhaustive of all official releases. And, for me, that bonus disc of remixes from Outside is just exhausting. I cannot listen to 8 industrial remixes of Hallo Spaceboy in a row, as much as I love the song. And a dozen new jack swing remixes of BTWN? Does anyone love listening to the Fame ’90 ep in full? Not me. Some editing is needed, and I like the approach of curating an album of mixes without all the redundancies of the same song over and over.

  20. wayne klein says:

    Not his best music but I will buy it. Here’s hoping the mastering is better and more consistent than the last set.

  21. Graham says:

    Apologies if someone has already posted this but why hasn’t ‘Under Pressure’ been included. It’s tagged onto my copy of Let’s Dance. Had been considering this box set but ‘Under Pressure’ missing would make me think twice.

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  23. Aaron Van Wyk says:

    Excellent. Great to see Never Let Me Down receiving a 2018 treatment.

    So far, the only options for pre-ordering in Australia are:
    Discrepancy Records – $349.99 (Free Standard Delivery)
    Amazon Australia – $455 (Free Standard Delivery)
    JB Hifi – $540 +$9 Delivery

    • Ken Gillespie says:

      Discrepancy can do a little better in store too, still the best price for the vinyl set in Australia. Great people too!

  24. CJ says:

    So, where does this series go after this? Will Tin Machine be a box all on it’s own, continuing the more-or-less view of the band as something separate from Bowie’s main catalog (aside from the reissue of their first CD)? What will be done with the 90s albums, since they’ve been pretty well-expanded already? Will we delve into more un-released material, like some of the Outside volumes that would have followed the first CD? There is some soundtrack work to round up, but of the commercially released material, is there much that isn’t already out on deluxe editions?

    Will they end the 90s box with Hours, as he ended the 90s, or will they add Heathen as well, breaking the series right before the long hiatus before The Next Day? Surely we’ll get TOY in whatever box Heathen appears in, hopefully?

    • GentleRabbit says:

      My best guess would be this… I half assumed that the Tin Machine albums would be included in this set – and now that they haven’t been, they will either be skipped altogether (as with his Deram debut
      From 1967) or included in the next set. That will most likely go up to Hours, with the final box covering Heathen through Blackstar.

      That means boxes 5 and 6 will likely cover (either 4 or) 7 and 4 official albums each respectively, plus extras. I just can’t see them splitting the 90’s albums or starting the final set with Hours, for some reason.

      Also, unless I’m mistaken, there is far more unreleased/rare material from the 90’s era than the 21st century – which adds to my suspicion that they may not include Tin Machine after all (perhaps just due to lack of space).

      Who knows? We’ll find out soon enough. I do fully expect the series to continue all the way through to Bowie’s final releases, though.

      Off-the-cuff guess:

      BOX 5
      Black Tie White Noise
      The Buddha Of Suburbia
      1. Outside
      The Leon Tapes (I hope not wishful thinking)
      Live album from Outside or Earthling tours, or 50th Birthday concert (this might be too long)
      Glastonbury, VH1 or BBC Radio Theatre
      Re:Call 5

      BOX 6
      A Reality Tour live album
      The Next Day
      The Next Day Extra
      Re:Call 6

      This still doesn’t feel quite right – Box 5 is seriously bloated and would cost s fortune – and due to the large amount of extras in the latest box, I can’t help but wonder if they could even stretch it all the way out to an eighth edition.

      And then we have those 50th Anniversary Editions, likely to begin next year… let’s hope this is where we’ll finally get more outtakes etc. It’s gonna be a long wait, I do hope that we get an ‘Anthology’-type rarities box in due course.

      • GentleRabbit says:

        Correction: stretch to a seventh edition, not an eighth.

      • Kari says:

        Aren’t last 4 albums released by Sony (ISO/Columbia)? Is it likely that Warner (Parlophone) would make s box out if them?

      • Michael says:

        The next box should be:
        BTWN (2lp), Buddha, Outside (2lp), Leon (1 lp) Earthling, (2 lp), Dance 2 (or whatever they want to call it, with remix selections) (2 lp), Re:Call 5 (2lp)

        I can see Leon coming out, if only because like Toy, Bowie seemed himself to have leaded the thing online in his last years.

        Box 6:
        Toy, Hours, Heathen, Reality, A Reality Tour (3lp), The Next Day (2lp), Next Day Extra, Blackstar, No Plan, Re:Call 6

        I am sure I will be wrong, though.

        • GentleRabbit says:

          Sounds good as well – I can’t remember if Toy was set for release before ir after Hours? I thought it was after, as Bowie’s first record of the new century, but was scrapped at the last minute in favour of completing Heathen (wasn’t the decision made in the wake of the September 11 attacks?)… but I could be wrong on that.

          Would hope for a full live gig (at least the Bowie portion of the set) rather than the just the condensed from (perhaps) the Outside tour – when his band was particularly huge-sounding (a real recommendation is the Outside Tour Rehearsals or Outside Mix bootlegs, which collect soundboard recordings of rehearsals with this band, there are some career-best versions of certain tracks on there – and the band sounds like a big, juddering (and eater scary) monster behind Bowie.

          I also wonder with regard to remixes… perhaps they’re not quite as identifiable with the era as on Loving The Alien, but they were still integral to his single and soundtrack releases and at the time, many are fantastic and they deserve inclusion… but how much space will be available?

          It’s a juggling act for whoever has the privilege of putting these boxes together… but what a job to have! Have taken out my small loan and am paying it off already in anticipation… can’t wait for this now.

      • Bart says:

        Yeah lets Hope for more rarities and outtakes because these recall discs are frankly dissapointment

    • Heinz says:

      After HEATHEN there was REALITY in 2003.

    • Marc F says:

      I Think a boxset covering the 88-92 période could mare sense.
      Here is my proposition :

      David Bowie Boxset 5 (1988-1992)
      Titre: Heaven’s is here/You belong in Rock’roll

      CD1: Tin Machine (1 disc)
      CD2: Tin Machine tour recorded live at La Cigale (16 titres) (1 or 2 disc)
      CD3: Sound & vision 1990 tour (2 discs)
      CD4: Rykodisc bonus tracks 1969-1987 (2 discs for +/- 30 tracks)
      CD5: Tin Machine II (1 disc)
      CD6: Tin Machine Live: Oy vey baby (1 disc)
      CD7: It’s my life tour recorded in Hamburg on 24 october 1991 (2 discs)
      Or Use your wallet unreleased album (1 disc)
      CD8: Re:Call 5 (7 singles from TM & 1 from DB)
      + the unreleased sessions of Tin Machine

  25. -SG- says:

    Despite all of the goodies, I think ths box set completely misses the point of the original intention of this series: to present everything released commercially at the time. No unreleased albums no rerecordings, every remix should be here, all original album track listings should be present, the original Cat Peolpe should be on re:call. This is just a prime example of a post-death estate groupthink track listing. The whole thing reeks of record company politics. What is next, Tin Machine with strings, the Black Tie White Noise duets album?

    • MHP says:

      Cat People (the original) WAS on the former Re:Call on the boxed set! And the intention has never bern to include everything. If so, then they goofed already on the first box by excluding the Ziggy re-recording of ‘The Supermen” and leaving out the 1979 remix of “John I’m Only Dancing”. The first box also included a Ziggy remix, so there was something unreleased on that as well… There are bits and pieces missing from all the boxed sets. And by the way, how do we know that Bowie didn’t approve this release before his passing? Certainly, the new Never Let Me Down was in the works before he passed. Fine if you want to criticize, but at least get your facts right first.

      • Nigel d Day says:

        I thought the remix of JIOD was on the last boxset ? The 12” version on The Gouster, and the single edit on Re:Call 3

    • Jakob says:

      The original Cat People was on the previous Re:Call. And there’s lots of stuff left off the other boxes that has technically been commercially available (just not at the time of release) and should’ve been in the boxes. So, par for the course, really.

      I think this is a special case with Never Let Me Down, it’s very existence being a point against many fans finding enough value in the set to justify purchase. It’s that much of an albatross. It’s kind of a genius move to give us something intriguing, to draw us reticent fans in. I’m not sure the songs themselves are that strong, so it’ll probably be a case of polishing a turd, but I want to hear this polished turd (the MM version on Nothing Has Changed at least sounded really good to my ears).

    • Dean says:

      The original Cat People was in the last set.

      That aside, if you’re right, then it’s only partially. Bowie signed with Parlophone long before his death. The EMI deal was ending, and Bowie sold the rights to Parlephone moving forward. It will have been decided right at the start, likely as part of the bidding process, what would be released, and how.

      In other words, this series of boxes were planned long ago, before anyone knew Bowie was nearing his death. As EMI had, Parlophone wanted to refresh the catalog to ensure they made money on the deal.

      The question is – has the content of the boxes changed post death? I guess we can never know. Either way however, these would have come out.

    • wayne klein says:

      I don’t think that the intention of this box was ever to not include material that hadn’t been released previously (after all, they need something exclusive to rope us in and the last set had the remix of “Lodger” as well) but to present the various albums without bonus tracks and kind of back to basics.

  26. Jon says:

    I grew up in the eighties (I was 6 in 1980) and Bowie’s 80’s period will always have a special place in my heart. Was it his “best” period? No, but it’ll always be first for me as a David fan. I know some fans like to bash those of us who like his 80’s work, but it’s all about everyone’s personal tastes. Let’s Dance is brilliant (except the forgettable “Shake It”)…but you have Modern Love, the title track, Ricochet, Criminal World…David wanted a hit and he got one. I loved Tonight growing up. I would listen to the LP on repeat. These days I feel it is one of his worst records. Don’t Look Down in fantastic and I just can’t get into Blue Jean. Loving the Alien is epic but David said he didn’t like the production. It’s a shame they didn’t re-record and rework the entire album. I’m still confused why Tina Turner was never mentioned in the booklet nor on the single of “Tonight”, strange given the Capitol owned EMI at the time. NLMDA is just a mess and I’m loving the new Zeroes version, can’t wait to hear the entire album. I bought the other three and will continue to buy all of these boxsets. Shame tho they didn’t include all the remixes.

    • -SG- says:

      Ok you guys got me on the “Cat People.” So yeah it is not complete, less so than the first three, despite that it does look impressive with it’s contents. It seems as though the compilers have taken more liberties with each progressive set. So here there is a massive gap where his singles are concerned, the 80’s and the 12″ single being a very important piece of the whole picture. It seems dismissive to set many versions aside now and create a revised version of reality, as well as omitting the hated “Too Dizzy,”which should have been given a final airing for the set for the sake of completeness. Likewise in the first set the remix of Ziggy had been released previously in the vinyl set and was a remix not a complete overhaul. I am not against the idea, while I am actually really interested to hear what they have done, but it seems a bit anachronistic. And our version of revised now may be the laughing stock of rock journalism in 30 years. Likewise Bowie had mentioned how great the demos were for Tonight, perhaps they would have fit better in the timeline? Perhaps a different set.
      Complaints or critiques aside I am still getting this set. But I question the revisionist quality…. it just sets bad precedent re-writing history. As physical media becomes more sparse and as sets like this over time become the last word, I think an unbiased picture of what really happened is essential. So up for next year Tin Machine with an orchestra, maybe it is an improvement, but just for the sake of decency, no posthumous Miley Cyrus duet.

      • Dean says:

        I for one hope these sets aren’t the last word in a physical release. I’m in for one last effort.

        I’d like to see the albums get the full on ‘Jethro Tull’ treatment. Give us book editions of each album, including Surround mixes. Many of the albums have surrounds already done, so it wouldn’t be as costly as it first seems. Give us a book(let) that ties everything together historically. Give us a sympathetic mastering.

        Bowie’s catalog has been released rather slipshod over the years. We now have a situation where the Ryko extras just hang out there, for example. With them, and other tracks, missing – the book has yet to be written. Bowie’s catalog deserves it, and his fan deserve it.

        I’ll buy all of these boxes – but I live in the hope that eventually we will see extravagant SDE’s that indeed become the final word for physical releases.

  27. Bob Reid says:

    what is the single version of modern love? I had that 45 back in the day and I don’t remember it being any different from the album version. Perhaps this is a mistake and they really meant the live B side version?

    • Chris Brown says:

      The 7″ version of Modern Love is a slightly shorter edit of the album version: there’s an instrumental section cut out between the first chorus and the last verse and some of the repeats are cut out. I think the 12″ is the same as the album version but I haven’t got that.

      • Bob Reid says:

        Thank you for your reply. I have long since forgotten. Shame we don’t get that live version though.

    • Annabel Lecter says:


      I was pretty sure my copy of Modern Love was an edit, so I’ve done a little digging on Discogs. It looks like there were 7” singles pressed with both the 4.49 album version and the 3.56 single edit.

      This is the one I own.

      • Bob Reid says:

        Sounds like my copy had the album version.

        • AndyB says:

          I am pretty sure that the single version of Modern Love is on every hits/singles compilation starting with ChangesBowie on Ryko. The album version is the one on Let’s Dance, of course. I am so accustomed to the album version that the edit always seems jarring when I hear it with just one bar of SRV’s guitar before the drums kick in.

  28. Marco says:

    Bets are officially open for the title of next box set: my choice is “Strangers When We Meet”.

  29. James says:

    Can’t help but feel this should have been called ‘Dancing With The Big Boys’.

    • Tippy W says:

      Or ‘Shining Star’…

    • Michael McA says:

      Good one. Better than ‘Loving The Alien’.

      80’s Bowie was very ‘ordinary’ and ‘normal’ in comparison to 70’s Bowie. He turned commercial and mainstream.

  30. Francois says:

    This one is nice, a total buy (CD version) for me.
    I would like them to release a “surround” box with all the more (Heathen, Reality, Station to Station) or less (Ziggy, Young American) hard to find surround mixes. I have had the opportunity to hear Heathen in 5.1 and it was nothing short of amazing, but the SACD goes for crazy money.
    Would anyone know if these mixes are available for legal download (except for Ziggy and Young Americans which I alreday own)?

  31. dankerbankerton says:

    the re:call concept now expanded to include “dance” – a remixes set. another re-working of an album without bowie involvement? clearly the only consistent aspect of these box sets is the price tag … “we’ve got this great new concept – we’re going to do a cd box set for about £100 and a vinyl for about £200 and then we are going to sculpt a bunch of material to fit within that well thought out concept of the mighty dollar bill”
    we’ll say it’s got exclusive material – well, it’ll be exclusive for the next few years until we finish these £100 & £200 concept box sets – after that, well well welly well …..

  32. Charles says:

    I scored a CD of NLMD with Too Dizzy this weekend at a flea market. I agree the song should have been put on Recall. And Dance should have been two CDs, but I’m still preordering. Can’t wait for the 10 – 12 disc Tin Machine box set next year! :)

  33. Dan says:

    “One thing to consider is that this box set has more exclusive content than any of the previous three. Never Let Me Down 2018, remix album Dance and Re:Call 4 are all exclusive to Loving The Alien and won’t be released separately”

    – unless you buy them digitally, I presume? While previous boxes have not been split up for physical sale, it’s always been possible to cherrypick tracks or specific discs for purchase as his-res downloads.

  34. Dan says:

    I haven’t listened to NLMD since 1987 – I hated it with a vengeance and gave away my copy. BUT – the new remix of ‘Zeroes’ sounds fantastic: it finally sounds like a David Bowie track (in fact it almost sounds like it belongs on ‘Buddha of Suburbia’), rather than a piece of bland, generic 80’s rawwwwk. I never thought I’d utter these words, but I’m seriously excited about hearing this version of NLMD (but I won’t be buying the box). Great choice of Bowie alumnus musicians on the new NLMD – including Sterling Campbell, Reeves Gabrels, David Torn and Tim Lefebvre.

    • Klaus says:

      So there might still be hope for you. ;-)

      • Trash says:

        I’m hoping that this will make me reassess NLMD too.

        I’ve never liked it apart from the title track although I do have an original CD with Too Dizzy on it (and I don’t think it is that bad a track – he’s definitely done worse especially on the same album…. e.g. Glass Spider).

        Contrary to a lot of other opinions I rather like Tonight. The production sounds weird too my ears but some of the songs are great (Ive never liked Blue Jean though)

  35. MusicFan says:

    Hi @Eamonn, @Tim Abbott, @LeeJay

    Thank you very much for your insight as it is very interesting to see how Bowie’s legacy is being managed.

    @LeeJay – while you are getting into Prince’s awesome soundboard recordings there are also numerous unreleased albums our there with tracks that have still never been released – hundreds in fact!

    (I’m sure you know this).

    • ELJAY says:

      yes I’ve heard this, such a prolific artist wasn’t he. I guess we will see more in the future. purple rain deluxe was a good start and piano and a microphone is on its way.
      I’ve just ordered a double set unofficial of sign of the times outtakes, some great things on there.
      maybe an expanded version including dream factory will get the green light next.

  36. Richard Harris says:

    In terms of content this looks a pretty good set for the period in question and covers all the material from that era that I’d want. It does surprise me a little that, in terms of the cover and the “re-imagining” of NLMD, they’re focussing on the least successful and most derided phase of 83-88, not least by Bowie himself. I thought a Serious Moonlight shot might grace the cover. And I don’t think all of NLMD’s problems can be fixed just by re-recording and re-arranging: in terms of the songs the album nose-dives dramatically past the halfway point. Not even substituting the great Laurie Anderson for Mickey Rourke is likely to make Shining Star a neglected gem. And why stop at leaving Too Dizzy off when you can take off New York’s In Love as well?

    Will be interested to see whether it’s a full Station to Station including intro on Serious Moonlight, rather than the shortened version on the VHS/DVD. And at least Glass Spider is represented here by a version that better represents the earlier stages of the tour, with All The Madmen and a wider selection of NLMD material than the Sydney VHS/DVD. So a decent effort Parlophone – have pre-ordered it from Amazon UK.

  37. Javier says:

    This is my least favourite Bowie era, and therefore this is the only box set so far that I’m going to buy. Of the three previous ones, I owned all the material. But here, I don’t own neither the Labyrinth songs, nor the two live albums, and I’m really intrigued with the new “Never let me down” (on the contrary, I could do without the remix of “Lodger”, being perfectly happy with the original album, and “The gouster” was a bit shilling the rubes, in my opinion…)

    Oh, and the cover photo is fantastic, far better than the other three…

  38. Kauwgompie says:

    A few more thoughts. The cover of this box is all wrong. It’s a nice pic and absolutely beautiful but it has nothing to do with 80’s Bowie. Check the cover from “Welcome To The Blackout”. It’s the same hair and shirt. That look is Bowie’s late 70’s look, certainly not his 80’s look.
    Also, there are no less than 5 versions of Bang Bang (album, 2018, live, vinyl edit and live again) and 4 of Loving The Alien (album, live, dub and remix edit (7″) on this box. ABang Bang is a very mediocre song to begin with. We do not need another vinyl edit that’s 15 seconds shorter than the album version but more period remixes!! Put the extended version of When The Wind Blows instead! Or any of the other missing 80’s mixes. Those vinyl edits and 7″ versions are a waste of space.

  39. Mick says:

    We knew this was coming…
    Aside from the omission of “Too Dizzy” (which really should have been included on Re:Call 4), this is a superb summary of that era of Bowie’s career.
    As with the previous sets, I hesitate to buy the LP version of the box because of Parlophone’s nasty habit of later re-releasing titles on coloured vinyl (my preference).

  40. Jim says:

    By all means, if you feel the need to buy this, do so. BUT….as a huge Bowie fan from day one this seems excessive, bloated and HUGELY expensive even for obsessives. These album tracks (AND single edits AND extended versions AND remixes) are already readily available. And I’m fairly sure we can all agree that the only decent Bowie album from the 1980’s is ‘Let’s Dance’ – the ONLY thing I see here that I don’t already have is the ‘Extended Version’ of “Shake It” (a B-side which in its original form was already on side two of an album with only 8 tracks on it.) The live show I’ve seen and heard. I hate to use the phrase “Going Through the Motions” but that’s what I heard and saw twice in the US during that tour. Other than “Loving the Alien,” the ‘Tonight’ album is an overproduced basket of filler. If a remake of an Iggy Pop leftover from the 1970’s and a fluffy lite-reggae duet with Tina Turner (the Queen of Soulful Rock) are the only worthy mentions of an album, it’s a cause for concern. I won’t even mention ‘Never Let Me Down,’ as David himself disowned it immediately after its release. I don’t care who remixed, re-recorded or re-produced it. The songs are shite and no amount of gloss or grit (I’m not quite sure what sound they’re going for here) will salvage this pile. And the ‘Glass Spider’ concert (yes, I shelled out WAY too much for great seats for that one as well, and as blasphemous as this sounds, the openers Duran Duran were the highlight of that night) was visually exciting but another musical rote I regret paying well over 3 grand for (accounting for, of course, the transportation, the tickets, the meals, the hotels, etc.) Call me a cynic, but this REEKS of cash-in.

  41. Daniel says:

    Listening to thew new version of Zeroes now. Shut up and take my money!!! I’ve always said that NLMD was a brilliant album, just bad production and overcooked. This will be magnificent! The Bowie estate shoots and scores again.

    I, for one, am leaping out of my skin about this set. This was my era of Bowie. I grew up in the ’70s, but came of age (clubbing etc etc) in the early ’80s. Let’s Dance and Tonight were big parts of that soundtrack.

    There is a Bowie for everyone!

  42. Geoff G. says:

    Wow the Bang Bang live version single is included. That one was one of the hardest CD’s to find back in the day. I never found one for under a hundred dollars, so I never owned it. Glad to see the two Tina Turner duets appearing too. And thrilled to see never Let Me Down redone, as David wanted it, as we all did. And, so far Zeroes sounds good!

    Anyway, this box set definitely has the most to offer out of the four box sets. They did a very good job with this one!

  43. Darren Briscoe says:

    USA price surprisingly steep….hope it comes down a bit!

  44. voxstarstream says:

    I suspect the reason for all the bonus content is Parlophone is well aware that this far from being Bowie’s best period, so in order to entice people to buy it they made certain to include a lot of extras and exclusives. I’m stopping with the first 3.

  45. Rotem says:

    BEST period of Bowie!

    I’m surprised that so many people don’t really like it – it is usually those who got stuck in earlier musical period and expected their idols to keep making 70’s music in the 80’s or later.
    I also wonder if they ever bothered to listen to his later work too.

    • Dan says:

      Bowie hated that period too (he frequently said so) and felt he had lost his way – hence Tin Machine.

      No one expected him to “keep making 70’s music” (though in Bowie’s case, does that mean Ziggy Stardust, Young Americans or Low? All completely different), but he made great music later on – Buddha of Suburbia, Outside, Heathen, The Next Day, Blackstar. Bowie set the bar high and 1982-1992 is just a very weak aberration in an otherwise superlative oeuvre.

      • Klaus says:


        One last time for the record: There are obviously lots of people who really like what Bowie did in the 80s (including me) and constantly telling them that what they like is an aberration won’t make them think otherwise.
        Btw, how comes you think that Ziggy Stardust, Young Americans and Low are all completely different (certainly true, i guess that also fits for Buddha, Heathen and Blackstar e.g.) but are not able to accept Let’s Dance, Never Let Me Down or Tin Machine which are all very different, too?

        And that old “Bowie loathed that period himself” point: Who says that an artist is infallible when it comes to appreciate his or her own work?

        Rant over.

    • Dean says:

      Well, it’s all about opinions. But the best Bowie period? Far far from it. Easily the worst. His earlier work was magnificent, and his work from Tin Machine on was far better. IMO.

      Hell, even Bowie didn’t rate much of what’s here…..

      • Paul Sinclair says:

        Yes, everyone is entitled to their own opinions. For what it’s worth, my view is that Bowie’s output from 1969-1980, including collaborations with Iggy, Lou Reed etc. is one of THE great achievements in pop/rock. Up there with The Beatles, Prince etc.

        • Klaus says:

          Now i’m curious what “etc.” might be. ;-)

          But nice turn Paul: Tell us what you like, not what you don’t.

  46. MüllerMüller says:

    I canˋt find „Shining Star 12inch Mix“ in my vinyl collection??

    • christian says:

      It was not released at the time and this will be it’s first physical release.
      It was added to a Never Let Me Down digital EP in May 2007.
      By adding that track, other non-contemporary digital only releases such as Al Alba could now be considered as omissions from this set.

      • Klaus says:

        “It was added to a Never Let Me Down digital EP in May 2007”.

        As Paul wrote in the track listing. Sometimes to thoroughly read an article before commenting is really helpful.

  47. L says:

    When we get into the hundreds for these box sets, no matter who they are, I switch off. I can’t afford two week’s rent on that.

    However, I’m waiting for them to tap into this prince-like archive Bowie supposedly had of unreleased songs. That’s more interesting to me like the 14 min version of Blackstar or the material that would have made up Volumes 2, 3, 4 etc of Outside. I’m sure Eno could have a go at polishing those up as he worked as collaborator and co-writer with him

  48. Rajiv says:

    There is a 1983 vinyl radio show “Supergroups – D.I.R. Broadcasting Corp.”, I am surprised they did not use this (soundboard) concert material for this box. It is a great radio show.

  49. Kauwgompie says:

    I absolutely love this Bowie period. I know that conventional wisdom says that the 70’s were better but I love Bowie 80’s. That is when I discovered Bowie. I’m only slightly disappointed. The “Dance” album should have clearly been a 2 or 3 cd. Everything else I can live with. Missing remixes that could have been:

    1. Tonight Dub
    2. Dancing With The Big Boys Extended Dub Mix
    3. Dancing In The Street Extended
    4. Dancing In The Street Dub
    5. When The Wind Blows Extended
    6. When The Wind Blows Instrumental
    7. Underground Dub
    8. Underground Instrumental
    9. Magic Dance Dance Mix
    10. Magic Dance Dub
    11. Bang Bang Live
    12. Never Let Me Down Extended
    13. Never Let Me Down Dub
    14. Never Let Me Down Instrumental
    15. Time Will Crawl Extended
    16. Time Will Crawl Dub
    17. Day In Day Out Extended
    18. Day In Day Out Dub

    We get 4 versions of Loving The Alien (Album, Live, Extended Dub, Re-mix edit) but only one from When The Wind Blows? Why not include the Extended Version? As far as I know there is no Dub/Acapella of Never Let me Down. There is a dub version and there is an acapella version, which one is on the box set?
    And why do they give us these vinyl album edits on re:call and not more remixes? These Vinyl album edits are only marginally different whereas the missing remixes are much more different and therefore more worthwhile (in my book anyway).

    • Danny says:

      I m totally agreed Kouwgompie!

    • Daniel ( from Berlin ) says:

      thank you kauwgompie!
      good to see that we are more than only 10 people worldwide ( like tim said )
      who likes the 80’s period and all these dub mixes and instrumentals.
      they did a good job with the 70’s box ( as far as i know )
      but this here is a big disappointment!
      and most people that i know like only the “pop years” of bowie from the 80’s.

      • Kauwgompie says:

        Thank you Danny and Daniel. I hope that Piet Blank reads this and that Blank & Jones can perhaps include some of the missing remixes on their next So80’s releases. Really too bad the Bowie estate and record label didn’t want to make the “Dance” album a double or triple cd. Could have been so beautiful. Why hide these remixes? But we are getting an overkill of 7″ versions and 45 and vinyl edits that are mostly uninteresting. They really missed the mark there.

        • Klaus says:

          I’m quite certain that Piet Blank reads this thread but i would really be surprised if the Bowie estate would license anything to outsiders (sorry to put it that way Piet, but i think you know how it’s meant).

          • Kauwgompie says:

            Klaus, China Girl was on So80s 3 and Let’s Dance was on So80s 4. Perhaps things have changed now Bowie has passed away but if they don’t even release these remixes on a very comprehensive Bowie 80’s box, I think Blank & Jones may have a chance to get a remix or two cleared for So80’s.

    • TOM RICHARDSON says:

      Yep I agree about the missing mixes too Kauwgompie

    • Derek says:

      @Kauwgompie The dub and acapella of Never Let Me Down have always been segued together and are presented as one track on digital downloads of the NLMD single. So the way they’ve done it here isn’t new. And the box is missing TWO Underground Instrumentals – the 7″ and 12″ instrumentals are different. The 7″ instrumental still has some gospel choir, while the 12″ instrumental does not. The 7″ one is a little shorter too. We’re also missing the Dancing In The Street instrumental and the edit of that track from the 12″ (not the same as the 7″ version). So, yeah, a 2 or 3 disc version of Dance would have been nice.

  50. Carl says:

    Can’t wait to get this, especially with the 2 live CDs each for the Serious Moonlight and Glass Spider tours. Fantastic!!

  51. Annabel Lecter says:

    I adored the MM remix of Time Will Crawl on iSelect and was equally impressed with the new instrumentation and production on Zeroes.

    I’m keen to hear the remainder of the tracks from the revised Never Let Me Down and might actually enjoy the album, as the original just isn’t for me. Let’s Dance aside, the other two solo albums from that decade were underwhelming.

    His eighties output did, however, feature two cracking singles in Absolute Beginners and This Is Not America. Those stand alongside the brilliance of the ’70s output.

    • Rotem says:

      “This Is Not America” – is Pat Matheny’s song and film score, appears on several versions in the sound track..
      Bowie was only performing the main title song.

      • Annabel Lecter says:

        Yes, Rotem, I’m aware of the history of the track. Most of the fans on here will know that info too.

        Speaking of soundtracks, I dug out my 12” of Underground tonight and, my goodness, that dance mix drags on a bit. I think the 7” mix is much more listenable.

  52. Danny says:

    Very Nice, but i have to say…why not put a 2cd set on it with all the long/12 inch versions in that decade……there is enough material for it.

  53. Tippy W says:

    I’m very interested in NLMD. I always thought the songs were great (the original production is another matter entirely – though it’s not always that bad). I do wonder if the new version of the album will contain the version of Time Will Crawl previously referred to as the MM Remix (available on iSelect)… It’s got to, hasn’t it? And, I’ve already read comments by people complaining about this project being done posthumously – but, to my mind, is it so much different to Visconti remixing Lodger after David’s death? It goes some way to being the ‘correction’ Bowie himself spoke of…

    • Dan says:

      Reeves Gabrels recently did a BBC radio interview where he mentioned that Bowie had left “lots of plans” behind, so perhaps one of them was to ask MM to remix the whole of MM? I get the sense that everything that’s coming out is part of these “plans” he left, so although it’s being done posthumously it’s still being done to db’s plan/agenda.

  54. AndyB says:

    Aw, man. Just noticed that the 12″ version of Absolute Beginners is not included. I prefer that to the single version. Nor is the dub version, but I expected that omission.

  55. Daniel ( from Berlin ) says:

    my head is spinning.
    they release in each month minimum 1 or 2 new david bowie cd’s or vinyl’s since his death,
    but it is not possible to make a complete 12” collection of the 80’s ?
    there is enough space in a 11 cd set.
    it’s unbelievable !
    that incapacity / indignation makes me really angry.

    • LeeJay says:

      could easily have been 2 discs.
      no extended when the wind blows is particularly annoying.
      one of his most underrated so he and the extended mix is far superior to the single version
      also they used the wrong mix of never let me down should have been the extended dance mix.

    • Tim Abbott says:

      The market for a complete set of 80s Bowie remixes is basically about ten people.

      That’s because they are, without exception, absolutely dreadful.

  56. Mark McKendrick says:

    These boxes have been ideal for me, never having had that much Bowie on the shelf. I’m not bothered by the lack of fan-boy rarities such as that contained on the Ryko releases, I’m happy with the catalogue and the extras furnished on these. Will pre-order nearer or just shortly after the release date whan, as per the previous boxes, the price will be a little lower.

  57. 70s Guy says:

    Once again getting the pre-order in quickly was a boon. £78.32, £81 shipped to the US. Never touch that price in the states for day 1 ship.

  58. Eamonn says:

    The fact that Rodgers has been in the studio working on at least one old Let’s Dance demo in recent months and that the most recent two boxes have now starred the ”runts of the litter” (Lodger – my fave(!) and Never Let Me Clown) suggests that the more lauded albums may well get further enhanced versions in the medium future with demos/outtakes/video elements that are missing from the current sets – possibly to chime with 40th/50th anniversaries as some of us have previously speculated (Hunky Dory’s 50th in 2022, Let’s Dance’s 40th in 2023 etc.).

  59. Gorecki says:

    Any news yet from Parlophone as to what the fan-forum-melting mistake will be???

    • Martin Kilroy says:

      In my view missing the 12″ mixes is a fan-forum-melting mistake. This box set including only some of the commercially available output is a travesty! I bought the other box sets as a Bowie completist – it looks like a lot of mixes will remain unissued on CD. Ps Too Dizzy should have been on recall. That respects bowie’s wish not to be included on the album and the fans to actually hear it for themselves. As you said Paul, the artists themselves are not necessarily the best archivists of their own work

  60. Andrew says:

    Wow. £206.99???

  61. Sami says:

    Paul, thanks for making my day great by alerting about the upcoming releases here. I have now preordered the boxsets. Looking forward to them..

  62. This box set looks like a class act. I love 80’s Bowie, with only a few tracks from Tonight and Never Let Me Down being duffers in my book – everything else here is cracking, its only sin being that it’s not as good as 70’s Bowie. Then again, not much was.

  63. MusicFan says:

    Hi @chdx, @christian, @Peter Muscutt, @GentleRabbit and @Marc

    Thank you very much indeed for your answers to my question.

    I can see collecting Bowie is just as complex as collecting Prince.

    It is interesting to see with Bowie that the releases are about quality rather than quantity of vault material – as you’ve suggested Bowie wasn’t about quantity.

    On another note, you probably know Prince never left a will. As such his business affairs are a mess and very slowly being reorganised. With each release Prince fans go into a hyperdrive of negative craziness!!

    However, in comparison I read Bowie agreed a release schedule before his very sad passing.

    So, does anyone know where you are in the release schedule that Bowie personally agreed? Is it now finished and these new releases are the Estate cashing in or is the release plan that Bowie agreed still in progress?


    • Eamonn says:

      There was a quote from one of the EMI guys in a MusicWeek article in Jan that they were about half-way through the programme as at the end of last year so I reckon there will be at least one more big box next year covering the 90’s and a couple more RSD live releases (although less scope for that with two live releases from the 80’s in the current box) and picture disc single-anniversary vinyls. Don’t know what happens after that in terms of future reissues, whether the Bowie estate put a new deal out to tender etc.

      • Eamonn says:

        EMI?! Sorry, I meant Warners.

      • Tim Abbott says:

        ‘One more big box set next year’. This is not correct. The box set press release’s very first line confirms the series is career spanning set from 1969, so we can expect two or three at least.

        Just because there’s a Bowie campaign with an end date doesn’t mean the series will end when the campaign does.

        • Eamonn says:

          No, it doesn’t but it would be odd for them to consider the first 75% approx of his career as part of a campaign but not the final part.

    • LeeJay says:

      far as we know bowie had a schedule so agreed to these.
      he seemed a very organised hands on guy. not as certain about the new mix of nlmd but we have to think he approved a new version of it even though he wasn’t around to hear the end results.
      funnily enough I’m a fan of prince too, really quite similar artists in my opinion in many ways. i have quite recently started to collect his unofficial recordings particularly his live stuff, some remarkable soundboard recordings out there.

    • LeeJay says:

      see my comment a couple below. ‘re prince etc. should have been here.

  64. Henrik Kirkegaard says:

    I must say this series of Bowie boxset is surely looking Great.
    I hope for a boxset of just the albums like the Bob Dylan box.
    Also good if rem and Leonard Cohen World Would do the same
    Its must be Great to have these boxset AS a fan.
    I hope for a tin macihne box, it was Fresh at that time
    The remaking of album without bowie present makes for me no sense. I Think Its wrong, to be honest

  65. Juan Antonio Agudelo V says:

    “Too Dizzy” (David Bowie, Erdal Kızılçay): So it was Bowie’s least favorite song for the album Never Let Me Down, it must have been in this box at least as a Bonus Track. The story of an artist are his successes and his mistakes.

    • Noel Fitzsimons says:

      Totally agree – never be ashamed of ones mistakes – its a learning curve.

      Listened to it on a US CD version I have – loved it – glaringly 80’s – it has an Absolute Beginner-ish feel to it – particularly the backimg vocals.

      • Kevin M says:

        @Noel and Juan

        I thought it was the lyrics of Too Dizzy that were the problem. The music is no better or worse than a load of other 80s stuff by Bowie or others. I can’t recall why I have the lyrics reason in my head, anyone got any evidence? IIRC he was ashamed of the lyrics and their aggressive, macho and violent aspects?

    • David Perry says:

      I couldn’t agree more.

      This and the super long Aussie 12″ mix of Cat People are the clear omissions on this set.

  66. Electric Sydney says:

    The Vinyl Store is offering pre-order for the vinyl box at £230.

    • Noel Fitzsimons says:

      Amazon currently at £206.99 for the vinyl set & £93.99 for the CD set.

      This inevitably will drop.

  67. Noel Fitzsimons says:

    Currently there is a Bowie double set CD available on Amazon for £11.23 – Montreal 1983 – recorded at the Montreal Forum on 13 July 1983. On it there are 27 tracks – identical to an old Swingin’ Pig bootleg from way back in the day.

    Is this the same concert as what is offered in this box set?

    The CD on offer in the box appears to be missing 6 Tracks that are on MONTREAL 1983 -RED SAILS / TVC 15 / STAR / STAY / JEAN GENIE / & I CAN’T EXPLAIN. What is going on – an incomplete concert – surely not.

    Also the GLASS SPIDER 2xCD + DVD set issued by EMI in 2007 will be hard to follow – again currently on offer via Amazon for as little as £6.31.

    Still saying that – I’ve just ordered both sets on Amazon – although I do sincerely hope that there is a price drop.

    Too Dizzy? Not at all.

    • LeeJay says:

      no its a different show to that.
      this is Vancouver it’s the same show as per the official old vhs and dvd minus the encores so identical to the DVD.
      it’s ashame the encores weren’t included just modern love which is the live official bside taken from Montreal. which to me is a poor decision. that should be on recall.

  68. Juan Antonio Agudelo V says:

    Dear Paul and friends. I still miss the song “Abdulmajid” (Previously unreleased track, recorded 1976-79; composed by Bowie and Eno), which supposedly could arrive in this box, since in the previous one it was not. What happened???. You have knowledge of why this absence.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      “Previously unreleased tracks” from the Rykodisc reissues haven’t been included in any of the box sets, unfortunately.

    • SANDY COWAN says:

      ABDULMAJID featured on Bowie’s ALL SAINTS cd so it’s not a big loss not being included here. Wouldn’t sit next to this collection anyway.

    • christian says:

      It’s probably worth noting for the record that Abdulmajid should probably not be considered a period outtake, it shares the same status as Zeroes 2018 and Time Will Crawl MM remix.

      To quote Tony Visconti, “I recall working on this on Heroes but it was abandoned. This is a heavily remixed, worked on nineties creation.”

      I personally would not include it in that form on any genuine Anthology style collection, although there seems to be an unwillingness for this to be generally accepted. If the unfinished source material is still available then yes, but otherwise it’s essentially Free As A Bird and shouldn’t be presented as an outtake.

  69. Jaime Grimes says:

    I already pre-ordered but I’m not real fond of this era of Bowie’s career so I’ll probably just throw the boxset in the trash when it arrives.

    • Klaus says:

      If you don’t change your mind until the mailman arrives would you mind sending it to me instead of trashing it? ;-))

  70. soundstory says:

    It looks like an impressive package

    One question anyone know if it’s the extended version of Absolute Beginners?

  71. Adam Shaw says:

    Just heard a good interview with Reeves Gabrels on BBC 6 music (Radcliffe and Marconi show ) about the re recording on NLMD .
    Try and listen on BBC iPlayer if you all can .

  72. fan says:

    smart commercial move, but bad move for the loyal fans who already got all of this,

    if you want to get the live albums only, you are obliged to fork out 200+€…

    they should have done the same as the previous box sets (with David Live and Stage available separately)

    • Steve says:

      They probably will be available later. The only things you can’t get later from these sets is the re-done albums.

  73. Colin says:

    Really don’t know whether to pre-order this or wait until the inevitable price drop.

    Have picked up all three of the previous box sets within the last six months or so and managed to snag boxes 2 and 3 during the discounted periods (thanks SuperDeluxe!). Only had to pay top price for the ‘jam-packed with lots of goodness’ box 1.

    £95 seems a lot. I know there’s 11 CDs and, luckily, I don’t have any of this material apart from the singles, so it ain’t too bad.

    I guess I’m a little hesitant due to most knowledgeable fans not being too enamoured by the period covered in the set. I’m a bit of a newbie on Bowie’s LP materials so tend to listen to people who know the material much better than I.

    I’ll definitely get it but am contemplating not pulling the trigger straight away.

    • Dean says:

      You know, you’re right, many Bowie fans don’t like this period (and personally, for good reason). That said, it’s EXACTLY the period that would suit the kind of people who frequent SDE. My reading of the audience here is mainly 80’s/90’s pop – and that’s exactly what’s in here. That might be worth keeping in mind.

  74. Great news, I love the previous 3 box sets and I was waiting for this one since they announced Who Can I Be Now?. The newly produced NLMD especially is an awesome idea. I’m sure he would have loved it.

  75. Nico says:

    No crazy low pre-order price this time…

  76. stephen king says:

    Have just ordered on Amazon UK for £206.99 and £93.99. Not yet in his own store. Did enjoy the remixed Lodger in the last box so not going to pre-judge the re-recorded NLMD yet but it seems an odd idea. There are jewels within the period’s catalogue, though Tonight was more lacking in decent songs than NLMD. Perhaps the remastering might make things sound a little less brash?? Looking forward to a complete Tin Machine box set before the 90s solo years box…

    • daveid76 says:

      I prefer Never Let me Down to Tonight. Despite its crass production it does have a few decent songs. Tonight is largely throwaway dross, but it has three excellent songs – Loving the Alien, Don’t Look Down and Blue Jean.

      • David Perry says:

        I think the version of Neighborhood Threat is pretty thrilling – along with your picks it adds up to a half decent album.

  77. Kevin M says:

    Has anyone mentioned the Bowie / Gabrels 1988 remake of Look Back in Anger? Found on the 1991 Lodger bonus tracks, it was released at the time, in the sense that it was broadcast on Channel 4 TV, and is a bit “historically important” as it was the link between the end of the Dance/Tonight/Never era, and the beginning of Tin Machine. Shame it’s not on here, but I guess as it was only released in 1988 on TV, as opposed to disc, it doesn’t count, but it’s a shame.

  78. MusicFan says:

    In all honesty I don’t know much about David Bowie and I’m not a Bowie collection, however, I have noticed since his passing there has been a MASSIVE and CONSTANT amount of releases.

    So as a collector of the likes of Prince I’d be interested to know is the Bowie community getting what they want from these releases? Such as unreleased tracks, demos, outtakes and previously unreleased live concerts? Or does the fan community feel let down and ripped off?

    • Marc says:

      @Music Fan
      I am (or was) not a Bowie Fan as well. I had 0 LPs. But now I have all 3 boxsets. And I have to say Bowie is a great artist – i just dig it now, after all this years. So what I am trying to say is. If this releases make the Bowie hardcore fans not happy, there are other people which are very happy with the releases.

    • GentleRabbit says:

      If you’re a Prince fan, then you’ve got so much to discover with Bowie – what a universe to get lost in, much like with our beloved Purple One. They have much in common, I think…

      And re the release schedule, I’m personally loving it and have got as much as I’ve been able to afford (and a little bit more on top of that!), I’m even convinced that it’s helped with the grieving process (which I’m sure suits the record company just fine, as well)!

      It’s funny though and perhaps a little bit of a difficult comparison as Bowie and Prince’s (known) unreleased catalogs are rather different beasts… for one, there are a great many more known unrleleased Prince tracks than Bowie ones – that along with Prince’s habit of recording constantly, and Bowie being thought of as perhaps more of the perfectionist (and more cautious about leaking unused material)… so it’s hard to answer in regard to the Prince release schedule – but I’m happy.

      Can’t wait for this box. I love all of his work, each period for different reasons. It brings such joy. Hope it isn’t completely unaffordable as I may need to take out a loan to secure this one to go with the others. Can’t wait, though. Never want this series to end!

    • Peter Muscutt says:

      Good question, this. It’s the balance between keeping Bowie current and fresh, allowing new generations to discover him, but also the ‘oh God, not this being re-released AGAIN!’ I think there will always be collectors who want everything released by an artist, but for some people who perhaps bought everything “the first time around” it may be too much. Personally, I seem to have amassed many CDs/vinyls over the years and then either sold them to make space in my home, and so box sets represent good opportunities to have all the content in a convenient format (I guess I’m talking about CDs rather than having huge LP box sets everywhere!) even if I have bought the material before. Of course, unreleased/bonus/live stuff is a sweetener that almost inevitably makes me give in and hand over my money. Call me a mug, but I do love a good box set.

      • Peter Muscutt says:

        I say “all” the content, obviously there are bound to be a few remixes/B-sides that I miss out on, but hey-ho, if the set is done well having been compiled by someone’s estate (or the leader of this great website!) I’m happy to leave it in their hands.

    • christian says:

      It’s a contentious question. It’s fair to say that audiophiles are not getting what they want, but those issues may not bother the everyday listene,r or those not so familiar with the original releases.

      The sound quality of the 7 inch picture disc series is pretty poor and the boxed sets started out well for the most part, in some cases virtually replicating the original releases. But latterly there have been concerns of intrusive mastering with the bass ramped up too high, but again that is a really a matter of taste.

      Errors have crept into all of the boxed sets, most famously the Heroes volume issue, but there are other errors such as a small chunk chopped from Memory Of A Free Festival, some issues with Lodger and an odd buzz on Neukoln to name the move obvious.

      The worst example was actually a limited RSD release that reversed the channels of the original and ran very slow.

      Initially the box sets were pure and promised (and delivered) only songs released at the time. That shifted though with the inclusion of (admittedly contemporary) alternate takes of Young Americans’ tracks, and then the anachronistic remixes of Lodger and now Never Let Me Down. They also started missing various edits by box 3 (while still advertised as complete) and now have perhaps understandably given up the pretence because this box would need another 6 lps, and the 90s iterations would need a box per album for the re:call discs.

      The new live sets are certainly welcome and have been widely praised so far.

      As far as rare tracks go, these sets never claimed to meet that market, and aside from odds and sods across the pictures discs and RSD / Bowie Is releases, there has not been much since Ryko’s welcome and revealing dip into the vaults.

      It’s assumed by most that there will be some sort of Anthology style release one day, and in fact it’s been youtube and Radio 2 that have done most of the work since his death. Some lovely things popped up in the days and weeks afterwards including the Absolute Beginners impersonations outtake and the Chilly Down alternate version only previously heard briefly in a Labyrinth making of documentary. More recently the Radio 2 Life On Mars? documentary featured tantalising extracts of many previously undocumented studio outtakes unearthed by archivist Tris Penna.

      Audio gripes and the eternal desire for unreleased tracks aside, the most disappointing thing for collectors has been the seeming lack of a strategy for the back catalogue. The boxed sets started out with a reasonably clear mandate but have become increasingly gimmicky and revisionist.

      For purists like myself it’s been a pretty frustrating few years, but for those that like quirky picture disc releases and very high-quality packaging in their boxed sets, it’s been rewarding and expensive.

    • chdx says:

      Hi MusicFan,

      I’m not getting what I want from these releases:

      1) what as been made available so far (from the Ryko bonus tracks to the 5.1 mixes of Ziggy & Young Americans…)
      2) with more material not heard before, instead of tracks removed and a bunch of mixes choosen by someone from The Estate ending up filling a CD to half capacity (Hello ‘Re:Call 2″).

      There is more available, this is not the best they could do: I’ll pass again, head to the library to give it a listen down the line but won’t sanction it with a purchase.

  79. Nigel Bevan says:

    If there’s a drop in audio on any track on “Tonight” will we all demand a recall and replacement disc!

  80. Bart says:

    Well its another Bowie box that ill not buy. Tracks on recall are not worth buying and i dont need remixes too. Im gonna wait for another box which will contain albums from 90s. I Hope the box will contain something interesting from Outside era. I Hope for live album or more demos from Outside era…

    • GentleRabbit says:

      The ‘Leon’ tapes truly would be amazing, and a real eye-opener for many with regard to Bowie’s more ‘out there’ and experimental tendencies. I really hope they include them in some capacity, as Outside has a special place in my heart – it’s perfect, and I consider it one of his greatest achievements (Eno confirmed that Bowie wanted to revisit it for their next collaboration, in their last ever correspondence via email)…

      • Bart says:

        Yeah i know that Bowie wanted to revisit Outside era. There are about 24 hours of music/jam sessions from Outside recording and yeah i wish to see some part included on next box.

  81. Bobbyjean says:

    There is also a Ltd 7inc picture disc vinyl of zeroes 2018 .beat on your drum 2018 out in September

  82. Brian says:

    Shame there’s no 1988 version of Look Back in Anger. That would have been a good one to close with.

  83. Nass Khan says:

    Bowie used to refer to this period as the Phil Collins years.

    Lets be honest there are only a handful of songs 83 to 89 that are good or ok . None of them reach the heights of 1969 to 1980.

    Tin Machine was very good & underrated but he irritated folk by saying” I am just a band member you know”

    • Brian says:

      I think the whole Phil Collins thing was taken out of context. My understanding is that he was referring to the size and demographic of his audience i.e that he went from moderate sales and being liked by outsiders to being a huge mainstream star. I don’t think he was putting Phil down or comparing their music to each other.

      • Kevin M says:

        Yeah, he didn’t say the era was his Phil Collins era, he said that during Serious Moonlight he realised, looking at his audience, that they were Phil’s audience too . He said it on the Jonathan Ross BBC TV Show. He didn’t say the music was bad, but he said on the same TV show he wasn’t fully engaged with the making of either Tonight or Never Let Me Down. But, as with Tin Machine, his 1997 onwards live reworkings / performances of Absolute Beginners, Let’s Dance, This is Not America, Loving the Alien, and his inclusion of a Labyrinth song on a CD he compiled for Iman in 2000, show that he rightly wasn’t ashamed of the best bits of the era. “I liked the money” he said about 1983 onwards, but he also knew he did some good songs in the period too. He wouldn’t have had time or probably the inclination to rework ALL the good ones, hence the above handful which he did.

  84. Michael C says:

    Given that last years boxset was announced on my birthday, I was wondering if the same would happen this year.
    Not so. But a week on and it has!
    Can’t wait to place my order. I love Bowie and I love all the box sets so far, but the 1980’s were when I was a teenager and this was when I got to discover him.

  85. Elizabeth Hirst says:

    A relief that they have included the Labyrinth songs, even if only as part of the Recall discs. The set as a whole is once again a thorough look at this period without, on this occasion, too many repeated discs. It’s not my favourite period of Bowie, but there is enough in here, especially a recording of the Glass Spider tour, which was the first tour I got to see, to make me shake the money box.

  86. LeeJay says:

    I love this period bowie, I’ve been waiting for this set more than any of the others, potentially it always had a great chance to be the most interesting and the best yet and even with it’s faults it is.
    now the negatives, some things have been done not correctly.

    it should be 83 to 87. 1988 just for the 2 Tina Turner tracks? in place of those I would have rather seen the 2 instrumental bsides of when the wind blows and this is not America.

    dance should and could have easily been 2 discs.
    no extended when the wind blows, magic dance, the first extended mixes of dido & Twc, the superior dub of dancing inn the street, foreign language versions of girls and dido, worst of all they used the short acapella as opposed to the excellent dance extended of never me down presumably to lack of space.

    underground tracks would have been cool issued as a bonus ep.

    too dizzy is very catchy, it was lyrically bowie had problems with it, it could have at least featured on recall.
    the point with these boxes was to release and round up everything previously released and more, that hasn’t happened.

    serious moonlight live taken from the DVD is awesome, a great show and superior to the well known Montreal broadcast, but its incomplete no encores but worse of all it appears they have tagged modern love on the end from a completely different show, that’s unforgivable. if using the live b-side put it on recall.

    rant over, like I say there’s why it’s not perfect but its still essential and the best one yet.

    btw I still prefer the original zeroes, but this new version will make a nice comparison.

  87. andrew R says:

    Just a thought DB has been dead over 2years as i write
    Who is making these decisions ref his back catalogue?
    The first two collections i believe were sanctioned before his death
    The third and fourth ?? Would that be the reason they are “stretched”
    compared to the first two? One hesitates to use the term cash grab
    but Is Bowie becoming the Elvis of this century release wise?

  88. Dean says:

    It’s David Bowie, so I’m buying. That said, the box is a bit of a disaster, imo. Let’s Dance is a poor album, and the idea of having an extended version of Shake It is enough to make me want to throw up. Tonight is a disaster. Never Let Me Down I actually enjoy though. The remix will be interesting, although I’d feel more comfortable with remix than having new performances recorded.

    Dance? Unlike many (most) on this site, I’m not really interested. The vast majority of remixes from the 80’s were needlessly making track more “danceable”, than being a real creative exercise.

    Both the Glass Spider and Serious Moonlight tours are low points as well, from poor set lists to poor performances. This era truly was “Bowie by numbers”.

    They clearly chose to ignore Tin Machine right now, and that would have helped a lot.

    Still, it is what it is. I’m in, but this will be my least played box, I’m sure.

    • Mike says:

      The problem is not with the real albums…the problem is that in-order to be complete chronologically half the set is filled with live or repeat albums (‘Serious Moonlight (Live ’83)’ (2LP), ‘Never Let Me Down’ (2LP), and ‘Glass Spider (Live Montreal ’87)’ (3LP)), so it feels bloated.

  89. poptones says:

    It’s a nice box but I thought they would go all the way to “Black Tie White Noise” and basically it would cover 1983-1993. It would have made sense because “Black Tie White Noise” was produced by Nile Rodgers and supposed to be “Let’s Dance II”. I always felt “Black Tie White Noise” was the end of Bowie’s 80s era. Not to mention it’s probably his best album of that period.

    Anyway, I guess it also makes sense to argue that “Black Tie White Noise” was also the beginning of a new creative era for Bowie. Don’t care much for this 80s box set but now that we know they will make a 90s box, I can’t wait to see how they will configure it with “Black Tie White Noise”, “The Buddha of Suburbia”, “Outside”, “Earthling” and “Hours”.

    • Kevin says:

      My hope is that the “90’s” box will essentially be Outside, Earthling and Hours and include all the remixes. (Yes, I’d like to see that ultra-expensive-because-its-out-of-print box put out to pasture.) I mean, they could make the next one be Tim Machine – The Buddah of Suburbia, but I would be surprised if Tin Machine is included since Bowie never considered it part of “his canon”.

  90. Bobbyjean says:

    Bowie said he wanted to be a big star with let’s dance and it is what it is big poppy radio friendly.the albums that followed in this boxset was what he said a poor and lost creative we get a 15 vinyl set of stuff that even the artist didn’t like.I have the 1st 3 boxsets but for me there isn’t enough quality of song in this set .you can polish a turd but it’s still a turd as they say

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      except they don’t say that… the saying is ‘you can’t polish a turd’ :)

      • Bobbyjean says:

        I don’t know thou.this turd looks fabulously polished lol

      • gary oliver says:

        ….but you CAN roll it in glitter

      • Ben Williams says:

        The music in this box set is not a ‘turd’… if the artist doesn’t like the work, the audience may do, and in this case, does. I doubt McCartney holds Press To Play deeply in his heart but a lot of people love that album. Same with the likes of Infidels by Bob Dylan or Steel Wheels by the Stones. The 80s may be a divisive period for Bowie, but a ‘turd’ it ain’t!

        Let’s Dance is still a much loved album! And Absolute Beginners is one of the best ever tracks, it’s so epic.

  91. Thilo says:

    I love David Bowie and I have lots of stuff to listen to, but I think I will not give to much money for a handful of tracks that would be new to my collection. I didn’ t buy the first three boxes, I’ m still alive. In my opinion a “Let’s Dance” Superdeluxeedition would have been a better choice for more fans outside the Bowie-Universe would have been attracted.

    • Klaus says:

      They’ll do an SDE of “Let’s Dance” on its 40th anniversary in 2023 after they finish this current series of box sets.

  92. Matthew Langhorn says:

    I’ve been tempted with the others boxes but I’m definitely getting this one!
    Has anybody pointed out how amazing the picture on the box is?
    I’ll have to get the CD version unless anybody wants to buy a kidney?

  93. Adam Shaw says:

    I’ll buy it as I have the others in the series even though like most people I’ve got most of it already.
    What I don’t understand is why a duff album ( and at the time of release it was considered a duff album ) why has Never Let Me Down has been given so much room in this box . Personally I never liked it and apart from a couple tracks I never play it .

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      I think it’s because Bowie felt like the album was better than it appeared (whether you agree with that or not). Certainly by listening to the old MM remix of Time Will Crawl and now this new Zeroes, you have to conclude that it’s a worthwhile exercise – they are both infinitely better.

      • Adam Shaw says:

        Hi , yes they are better and I’m sure DB wanted to improve it but it seems to me this looks a bit like filling up a box because they didn’t have anything left in vault to include.
        Just to much for me , I’d like a bit more from Let’s Dance sessions or even the latest mix released by Nile Rogers .

  94. Ern says:

    I know it defeats the purpose of the vinyl and cd collection but it would be nice if they included a download card with the rest of the remixes.

  95. Kevin Galliford says:

    Easily his worst decade but for me, it’s essential as that’s when I 1 got into his music. Now bring on the 90’s box set. I lied most of his output then.

  96. fredpostman says:

    Where’s ‘Girls’ [Japanese Version] which was after all release on the Japanese cd version of ‘NLMD’?..[no doubt it will be on the Japan version]

  97. David says:

    is it a 12 cd (as mentioned in the title) or 11 cd boxset?

  98. Bender says:

    Another boxset covering only 3 actual albums. Hope it won’t feel such big stretch as Who Can I Be Now.

  99. Michael says:

    Hello Paul! Thanks for the good news. I have all three box sets and along with The Beatles Mono, Free and The Pretty Things, they are my favourites! So now, let’s wait for those prices… Shouldn’t be much different from the other ones.

  100. Rob says:

    Great job Paul. I’ve been expecting this news for a few weeks and was on the verge of contacting you for any information and then lo and behold…!

    I’ve umm’d and aah’d over buying each of these box sets, mostly because of the cost but in the end always relented and never regretted it. It’s more than just a collection of nice records and a glossy book. I’ll be adding this to the collection.

    Just waiting for the pre order link….

  101. Ben Williams says:

    Fantastic, can’t wait.

    The content is pretty much as a few people guessed on this site’s comments. Very much looking forward to getting this one – the live albums, Dance, Never let me Down 2018 and ReCall 4 being of great interest too.

    Love the cover photo; they could’ve gone with a glaringly obvious 1983 photo with super bright colours but very hally they went with a cool, subtle David photo.

  102. michael59 says:

    the moaning about missing promo/dub/capela etc remixes and “too dizzy” was to be expected…

    personally i think this is quite a good selection for the box which covers bowie’s difficult years where the music output was not up to his normal quality level.

    two live albums and a newly produced NLMD album are good enough and i also think that the remix album and the re:call discs have enough nice stuff on it – if you want all the remixes in their various versions/edits/remixes you can download them for years everywhere.

    laurie anderson replacing Mickey rourke on NLMD 2018 is a great idea and you also have all the soundtrack/collaborations tracks in the box.

    regarding the tin machine albums: we have to wait another year to know if they will have a place in bowie’s official body of work… ;-)

    • Kevin M says:

      “..regarding the tin machine albums: we have to wait another year to know if they will have a place in bowie’s official body of work..”

      The first tin machine album has been packaged as a David Bowie album for the past 19 years, via the 1999 remaster which is still in print via Parlophone. It says David Bowie: Tin Machine on the spine and disc. The disc also cuts out the rest of Tin Machine from the cover artwork and just has Bowie.

      The whole Tin Machine era was covered on the later versions of the career-spanning Sound and Vision box set which was compiled years before Bowie died and is still in print via Parlophone.

      As for Bowie himself, he used to have a bit of a laugh about Tin Machine if it suited him, but the fact he beautifully performed Tin Machine’s Shopping For Girls during the high profile BBC Radio 1 Bowie 50th Birthday Special in 1997, and re-recorded Tin Machine’s I Can’t Read the same year. Both are superb, as were several other Tin Machine songs.

      What will happen to Tin Machine in the future reissues who knows, but it’s not some “disappeared” , hated, censored Bowie thing, and never was, unlike Too Dizzy! :)

      • michael59 says:

        @kevin m:

        i know :-) the first album is available, and i know about the selection of songs on the sound and vision box.

        i fully agree with you, it’s not a hated, censored thing and i personally have a weak spot for many tin machine songs – i remember i saw the tin machine phase of bowie as a good thing back then: getting back to a harder sound after the 80s popstar years.

        i was just wondering if the “disappeard” second and the live album will be included in next year’s bowie box. i would like them to be included (well, maybe not the live album) ;-) as i think there are really a bunch of good songs on them.

        in case you are interested – this would be my personal tin machine best of album ;-)

        01 tin machine
        02 heaven’s in here
        03 prisoner of love
        04 crack city
        05 i can’t read
        06 under the god
        07 working class hero
        08 baby universal
        09 you belong in rock n roll
        10 shopping for girls
        11 one shot

        • Dean says:

          Come on – Goodbye Mr. Ed!

        • Kevin M says:

          Good list! I don’t like the live album, and the show I saw on that tour was an IMO miserable cock rock type event, but I guess Oy Vey will reappear if Tin Machine II does, as they were IIRC on the same label at the time, unlike TMI. Not sure if Parlophone have to licence TMII and Oy Vey or not, presumably EMI had to for the TM II tracks on Sound and Vision? The main problem for TM studio stuff for me is some of the lyrics. The music was often overcooked and messy on the debut but that’s OK, just the way it was. But I find the poorer lyrics tougher going than any of the music that Bowie wrote or co wrote for TM :) :(

        • Gis Bun says:

          I would guess maybe a separate Tin Machine box set with the 2 albums, the live album a “Re:CALL” album and whatever else.

          • Kevin M says:

            That’s a good idea Gis, I’d not thought of that possibility. A good way to let people who endlessly debate Tin Machine to just leave it alone, and let the rest of us just take it as it is, and ignore the bits we don’t like, as with any other era or artist. It’s ancient history now. Bowie did what he did, and was so important to so many people. Let the debates lie in peace, just present the material in the best possible way, error free, with adequate respect and care. It feels like this set will do that for its era, and future ones, Tin Machine et al, will hopefully do the same :)

  103. CJ says:

    I’m all in on this. I haven’t bought the other boxes, not for lack of interest, but because they were so expensive and they were eras that I enjoyed, but didn’t have the connection to that I have with this era.

    Will we get a 90s box? That era seems like it’s been pretty well-covered by previous reissues. Is there much missing that hasn’t already been put out on the previous expanded versions?

  104. Steve Marine says:

    Although I really don’t like these mega boxed sets and would prefer super deluxe editions of each album separately (as Bowie was doing with his catalog a decade or so ago), this box set is so very welcome. This is one of my favorite periods of Bowie’s career and I’m very excited to finally get all those remixes on CD.
    One complaint: Why is the cover black & white? I hate it. None of the previous boxes were black & white. At least 5 YEARS has a colored font. It makes the box look boring. It’s about as unrepresentative as can be of the gloriously flashy 80’s.

    • Klaus says:

      As it all comes down to personal taste i must say that is the cover design i like best so far of the boxes available.

      • Kevin M says:

        I agree Klaus, it’s a really nice design. I prefer it to A New Career or Who Can I Be Now, both of which lacked a certain something, visually. Five Years looked great though.

    • DJ Salinger says:

      Agreed. Nothing says ’80s Bowie’ better than a technicolor, perma-tanned Bowie.

      Disastrously, NLMD was the first Bowie elpee I ever bought. It took a friend’s battered old cassette copies of ‘Hunky Dory’ and ”Heroes” three years later to make me finally understand what all the fuss was really about.

      And yet now I’ve got a soft spot for NLMD. Nostalgia’s a seductive liar, as someone once said.

  105. Steve says:

    Come on i need a preorder link!!

    • Steve says:

      Yay! I’ve pre-ordered the cd set to go with the other 3 :-)

      It comes out just after my birthday too.

  106. eMSig says:

    Let’s Dance was the first song I danced to (or what I called dancing at the time, ahem). That song and the whole album have a special place in my heart. Although I’m not entirely sold on the idea of the rerecorded Never Let me Down the rest is convincing enough. I’m in. :)

  107. Paul Fraser says:

    Bang Bang was more embarrassing than Too Dizzy, but I guess it’s money for Iggy. I am very excited about the reimagining of NLMD. Everything else I bought at the time.

  108. Ian Skelton says:

    Absolutely pointless to starts sniping at the quality of the three central albums on offer here. They are what they are and clearly for some folk this is their favourite Bowie era. Looks like this does a good job of mopping up most of the stuff from this era.
    However …
    A remix of ‘Never Let Me Down’! A remix with Reeves Gabrels of all people! Who on earth thought this was a good idea? Remixing/overdubbing an album sort of implies there was a problem with the mix/performance if the original. Now NLMD has problems. Personally I loathe it, but surely the problem (if you believe there is one) is with the actual songs? This strikes me as the token bait to lure people in.
    Ironically there exists an alternate version of NLMD already available … the vinyl version saw many/most of the tracks edited to fit on one LP. I would have been a better inclusion?
    Interestingly when Bowie fans commune no one can agree what is the worst or indeed best track off tge album. For instance many hate Day In, Day Out. I think it’s one of the better efforts, whereas the title track, which some like … not for me.

  109. Glenn says:

    Disappointed but not surprised that all of the remixes weren’t rounded up here.
    Interesting that the box doesn’t include the recent demo and live versions from the RSD Let’s Dance 12″.

    • Gareth Pugh says:

      I was thinking exactly that, I’d assumed the RSD 12” was a taster for this box when it surfaced.

  110. Nigel d Day says:

    Thanks but no thanks. I’m not a fan of this period. I’ll buy the stand-alone Let’s Dance (maybe) and the rest can move on. Got enough live Bowie now to open my own exhibition, and I won’t lose sleep if I don’t hear Tonight of the dreadful follow-up again. The re
    Remixes etc I’ve already got so that’s money in my pocket. Hopefully there won’t be any “Heroes” -esque issues on this one for those who do buy it.

    Not very nice cover either, especially on the Dance album, but I guess it was the decade of questionable design.

  111. eric Slangen says:

    As I have the first 3 boxes I also will buy this one. There is enough new material for me to listen to. I love these boxes.

  112. EPM says:

    Has “Loving the Alien (extended dance mix) been issued on CD? Myself, I would have preferred the original “Never Let Me Down” be included here, with the new version made available separately at a later date. Being fond of remixes and extended versions from the eighties, I lament the exclusion of some relevant mixes.

  113. Phil says:

    That’s my birthday present to myself sorted!! I’ve got a version with Too Dizzy on it. Not a bad track tbh. Interesting sounding set. Two more live albums sound interesting

  114. Ken.e says:

    Definitely getting this one. It’s almost everything I thought it could be.just a few more 12″ mixes and it would have been perfect. However I will not complain based on the new version on NLMD and Recall 3 being a tripple album.

    Too many expensive sets coming out!

  115. AndyB says:

    I just don’t know if I’ll take the plunge with this one. I like LD, but think ‘Tonight’ was actually worse than NLMD. Never cared for the Serious Moonlight concert on DVD, and the Glass Spider concert is cringeworthy, IMO. I can still hear in my head the backing dancers (?) lip sync the ‘Up The Hill Backwards’ lyrics as a kind of rapped chant. And yet, the completist collector in me wants it!

  116. Sean Hewitt says:

    The “2018” version of Zeroes from NLMD is already available as a digital single. Sounds very different to and much better than the original. Never rated the song, really, but this version reveals it to be a good song indeed.

  117. PC says:

    I thought the great demo version of Let’s Dance that was released earlier this year would have been on it. It would have been nice to have it on CD.

  118. kevin millen says:

    will probably get this, even though it’d my least fave bowie era.
    ( only have ” a new career… “…3ill probably go back and get first two– my completist addiction kicking in ! )
    the next one— with Buddha of Suburbia & Outside will really be the one I look forward to, as I think it marked bowie’s return to experimentation.

  119. TOM RICHARDSON says:

    I see your point about not including ‘Too Dizzy’ Paul but in all fairness we will never know whether Bowie, Prince etc would want a lot of the posthumous stuff out there at all. Granted we can assume with a great deal of certainty that he disliked ‘Too Dizzy’ but sadly can’t ever know whether he would have ever sanctioned a lot of the other releases, so for completist purposes would it have been such a bad thing to include that (much maligned but actually not so bad) track?
    That point aside I think this is a mainly excellent set as I think his 80’s output is seriously underrated artistically. However I do think that another disc of the 80’s remixes to make it more complete wouldn’t have been much trouble and would have been perfect.
    Great article as ever too Paul. Thanks!

  120. Eric says:

    I think the remaster of Let’s Dance is completely unnecessary. Probably the greatest talent in album mastering, Robert Ludwig, mastered it. Look for RL in the deadwax. Otherwise a fantastic set …. easy purchase.

  121. blink says:

    Hoped for more Labyrinth, and definitely the Cat People version from the soundtrack. I like that way better than the album version…

  122. David says:

    … and, Paul, as a footnote to my previous query, I realize that in 2007 a DVD / 2-CD set was released on EMI entitled “Glass Spider,” described in Discogs as “DVD filmed at Sydney Entertainment Centre, Australia, November 7th & 9th, 1987 / 2CD recorded live at The Olympic Stadium, Montreal, August 30th, 1987,” so labelling the 1987 live performance in the new box set as being from Montreal makes sense… it’s the 1983 performance that leaves me unsure.

  123. Eric M. says:

    Skimping on the remixes from NLMD-era is understandable, given that this is an album-centric series as opposed to an encyclopedic collection of singles. Good to see the remix/edit of “Day In Day Out” and some other single-length variations on the re:call disc. All in all, not bad. I am, however, going to complete my purchasing of the digital remix EPs and singles currently available in case they are deleted when the new box comes out.

    • Eric M. says:

      Yikes. Misread the track listing, didn’t I? It’s the remix/edit version of “Never Let Me Down” includes as opposed to “Day In…”. Also a good choice but now I’m slightly disappointed thanks to my own mistake.

  124. David says:

    Paul – something is bugging me, now having read both the press release and your posting… specifically in regards to the 1983 live album. You have written “The new box set also includes the 1983 Serious Moonlight Tour live album, recorded in Montreal in that same year. This was originally mixed at the time by Bob Clearmountain, but a live album was never released (although the video of the concert was issued on VHS, Laserdisc, and much later, on DVD).” To the best of my knowledge, the video (VHS, Laserdisc and DVD) was from the performance in Vancouver, not Montreal. I also find it odd that whereas the titling for the 1987 live album makes specific reference to it being recorded in Montreal, the 1983 titling does not (“Serious Moonlight Live ’83”). leading me to wonder if that 1983 recording is really from Montreal or, in fact, Vancouver. Maybe something to investigate… I have a personal interest in this, as I am a Montrealer and attended one of the two 1983 concerts in Montreal at the Montreal Forum and the 1987 concert at Montreal’s Olympic Stadium.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Will see what I can find out. Maybe the live album that was mixed is indeed different from the show that was filmed. Not sure.

      • Gerbrand says:

        The official press release mentions it’s from Vancouver (according to

        (another late nite typo: the header reads 12cd iso 11cd… ;-)

        • Paul Sinclair says:

          It seems that Serious Moonlight Tour is definitely Vancouver and Glass Spider is Montreal. Apologies for confusion, but now amended.

  125. Darren Briscoe says:

    Yes! Yes! Yes!! The one I have been waiting for!!!!
    Now hurry up with those price links!!!!

  126. Mike Pendlebury says:

    Got the other three box sets – this is a MUST!!! Been wondering for the last year what this set would include and I’m not disappointed. The year-long wait starts to see if there will be another box set in the series and what it would include…

  127. Matthew Legg says:

    Will be ordering but why isn’t Too Dizzy on here. It should be as it was on the original release. Also if it goes to 1988, where’s Look Back In Anger with La La Steps?

  128. Will says:

    Ok, from the detail-minded fans of BowieForum, someone has noticed that the live Serious Moonlight concert recording could have been expanded to include the few songs that were omitted from the concert video – Red Sails, Star, Stay and Jean Genie. But, aside from that, this looks really comprehensive (aside from the omission of Too Dizzy).

    I’m in for the remade NLMD album. Just have to decide between the CD box or the HD download box.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      They weren’t mixed at the time by Bob Clearmountain and the decision was made to stick with what was prepared at the time and not muck around with new bits. But yes, I agree it would have been nice.

      • Gerbrand says:

        The only addition being Modern Love which was one of the encores of the Vancouver concert omitted from the video/DVD. Therefore I suspect this song is NOT from Vancouver like the rest of the set but is the Montreal 1983 version previously released as b-side of Modern Love. And thus explaining why the cd’s are titled (Live ’83) and not (Live Vancouver ’83).

  129. Carl says:

    WOW this is AWESOME!! Serious Moonlight and Glass Spider tours each on 2 CDs. This is what a Super Deluxe Edition release should be – I can’t wait to get it an absolute must have for my collection!!

  130. R.naud says:

    In an interview with Jonathan Ross (I think, although that may have been in a magazine instead) Bowie mentioned that the best version of the track Loving the Alien was the demo he’d made. I know these Bowie boxed set do not feature any demos but I do hope at some point this particular demo of Loving the Alien will get a release. Maybe for a future RSD, the same way the demo of Let’s Dance was released this year?

  131. Aaron says:

    Really really excited about this one. Looks pretty good to me. Would have wanted the complete remixes but maybe they will do a roundup cd separately.., doubt it but you never know.

    This and the new Phil Collins box set should round out the year nicely for me… unless macca gets his act together with speedway and wildlife!!

  132. johninely says:

    Stylish 80’s Bowie was the best Bowie.

    Essential purchase.

    • Nigel d Day says:

      Really ????? Fair enough. Whatever floats your boat.

    • Wolfgang Mintrop says:

      Electronic 70’s Bowie was the best Bowie.

      Good news, regarding this 3rd box. But again, same to the previous two ones: content, just additional stuff, could be much more better!!

    • Michael McA says:

      ‘80’s Bowie was the best Bowie’


      • seikotsi says:

        Yes seriously. It’s the most enjoyable era. 90’s is great as well. I guess people are usually biased to the era when they were teenagers and had a stronger connection with the music. I can listen to 70s bowie, and think it’s well made, but ir leaves me cold. I just don’t get the same feeling as listening to Let’s Dance, Tonight or Buddha of Suburbia.

        • Klaus says:

          I assist this. I didn’t get into Bowie before “Let’s Dance” even if i’d already been 18 when it was released. The previous stuff at the time when it was released was too complicated to my ears but starting with the 80s recordings i discovered (and liked) much of it later on.
          The original release of “Never Let Me Down” was the first cd i’ve ever bought (already had “Brothers In Arms” at the time on vinyl and saw no reason to purchase it twice, a mistake i corrected later on ;-) ), so i’m a bit less grumpy about it than most of the Bowie-fans though i can agree now that this surely wasn’t his best effort. I really love the “Let’s Dance”-album and lots of the soundtrack stuff from the time though i would’ve liked to have the original “Putting Out Fire” recording for the “Cat People”-soundtrack here too (I know it was on Re:Call 3, but in my opinion it would’ve fitted better in here).
          So all in all i’m really excited about this release and hope that i can get it at less than EUR 100 (cd-version) , as that’s my budget for any of these Bowie-boxes and it worked out with the previous three (Take note, Wolfgang, as you might’ve missed out one).

          • Kevin M says:

            Good for you Klaus. I used to have a good friend who discovered Bowie through Labyrinth, he was younger than me, but Bowie meant the world to him, as much as any vintage fan or fart like me. He was also emotionally vulnerable, had a tough life, Bowie was his cultural rock.

            We all have favourites, and can slate the poor stuff, for me it’s Tonight, which is IMO an appallingly hollow thing, as an album, more so than the dated, overproduced, but not bad Never Let Me Down. etc etc. But with Bowie, like Elvis Presley, there’s a huge power and magnetism that sets them apart, and while one gets accused of being an apologist for poor material, like 1983-92 Bowie, or movie era or late era Presley, the fact is these artist’s are special enough to… not be failure proof, too prolific for that, but the effect even their “lesser” stuff sometimes had on people, especially young people, can’t be dismissed or trashed too hard IMO, unless it’s among friends or in obscure places!

  133. RJS says:

    I always assumed that the “MM” after the new “Time Will Crawl” mix stood for the year 2000. I’m sure this collection will delight a lot of fans but I own the three albums and have a few of the non-albums single A-sides on compilations and that’s more than enough for me.

  134. Bryan says:

    Even though he just wrote and didn’t sing on Chilly Down from Labyrinth, I still miss it on the compilation.

  135. Craig says:

    What a load of money-spinning bollocks!

  136. Kenna says:

    I’ve honestly been looking forward to this one. I grew up with 80’s Bowie as a kid so this era holds a special place in my heart. Thrilled!

  137. Michael Chapman says:

    Quite the eye opener first thing in the morning. This could be the first one of these box sets I shell out for as I have never heard anything off NLMD plus some of the film soundtrack stuff I like.

  138. Tom M Hans says:

    Finally. This will be my second box after “5 Years”. Still mad that I missed Glass Spider in Rome, Italy. Two days after Peter Gabriel So live. Vacation was over, needed to be in Cologne for Joshua Tree live…..
    I dig the 12 inch versions but don’t tell anyone. Lol.

  139. Chris Marsh says:

    “…..and won’t be released separately (Parlophone have honoured their commitment with the exclusives from previous sets).”

    This is written in a way that suggests that it’s a good thing. Why? There are many who would dearly love to be able to buy the ‘new’ stuff but could never afford these box sets and who may have collected a lot of the previously available material . There will be many who simply refuse to pay for the same stuff over and over again – with or without the sometimes dubious sheen of remastering (“stick a limiter on and crank up the volume please, Bob”).

    Of course, the bait that the record companies use to haul in more and more sales is that ‘exclusive’ material. That exclusive material is the sound of the Pavlovian bell which gets people running to pay over and over again for stuff they already have. Thankfully, we CD-only buyers don’t have to contend with the pog-collecting scenario of (gosh!) DIFFERENT-COLOURED vinyl.

    But still, I suppose it could be worse; it could be one of those mixed-media rip-offs.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      It’s a good thing because you don’t want to pay £200 for a vinyl box set to get an exclusive, only to find out six months later that it isn’t exclusive. Of course, I understand the wider point about it seeming unfair to deny those with more modest budgets the chance to own this stuff… but that’s a different (albeit related) argument.

      • RJS says:

        It’s not necessarily about budgets, it’s about the fact, as Chris Marsh also mentioned, that you have to re-purchase a whole load of material you already own if you want to own the “exclusive” content. I’ll just check it out on Spotify.

      • Mikael says:

        So is the Serious Moonlight live exclusive or not, or is it just the vinyl that is? They are labeled differently on the official news page. If the CD will be available separate, the only remaining really interesting thing for me in this set is the 2018 NLMD. (I assume the GS live are the same CDs as were included in the previous DVD set, right?)

        • Paul Sinclair says:

          Serious Moonlight 2LP and Glass Spider 3LP are exclusive to the vinyl box. Basically, EVERYTHING in the vinyl box is exclusive except the three original remastered studio albums. In the CD box the concerts aren’t exclusive, but Dance, Never Let Me Down 2018 and Re:Call 4 are.

          • David M says:

            With the other boxes you can get the exclusive content on download sites or indeed Spotify I believe.

  140. e says:

    Where is When The Wind Blows (Extended Mix) ? Also not including Too Dizzy on Never Let Me Down yet again is just a piece of nonsense granted it’s not that great a song but even so.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Considering Bowie made EMI REMOVE that track from the future pressings of the album – and therefore we have a cast-iron indication that he hated the song – why is it ‘nonsense’ to not include it in the box set? He never relented even decades later, so it’s clearly the artists’ wish to not have it available.

      • Jeff D says:

        Rarely remember Too Dizzy…..though it cant be as horrible as Glass Spider….his worst song of the 80’s IMHO!!!

        • Michael says:

          I totally get his decision to kill Too Dizzy. It would be wrong for the company to go against his wishes, and for whose benefit anyhow? It can still be heard on old copies for the morbidly curious.

        • AndyB says:

          Totally agree with Jeff D. Glass Spider was sort of like Diamond Dogs with that spoken intro, but only one of the two gets repeated listening in this household.

      • Neil says:

        To be fair he must have liked it in the first place to include it on the original pressings of the album. So it’s kinda weird that one day he must have woke up and came to the conclusion that he hated it.

        • Paul Sinclair says:

          Weird, but that is what happened. You’re sort of on a hiding to nothing with this argument…

      • Dean says:

        No Paul, it should be here. Bowie dind’t like it, I get that, but these boxes have sold themselves on being a summation of Bowie Cannon, and without it, it’s clearly failed in this regard.

        They’re recording new performances for Never Let Me Down, which Bowie won’t have sanctioned as far as I can tell. They should have put it on Recall.

        • Gorecki says:

          It’s not that weird at all: anyone who has embarked on a creative endeavour will know that horrible gnawing nagging feeling when you know that something you’ve created is not up to standard and you ‘probably’ should dump it, yet you’ve put so much effort into it that this would make it feel like a waste of time…. then at the last minute you make the cut… and realise you should have done it about 6 months earlier! And you didn’t really need or miss the wretched thing anyway!

          As for the ‘Bowie Canon’ – Canon doesn’t mean complete or encyclopaedic: it can mean works accepted as ‘authentic’ or ‘authorised’ or ‘considered representative of the pinnacle’. For example, while Mahler’s 9 symphonies are considered part of the Western Canon of classical music, the 10th having been completed by musicologists is disputed (though rightly gaining its place as the old guard pass), but the early String Quartet movement isn’t. Artistic Canom is often a very subjective matter.

    • Alastair says:

      e – totally agree with you on the When The Wind Blows (extended mix), from a personal, nostalgic reason. I bought it on cassette in Virgin’s Darling Harbour branch in Sydney, and it soundtracked a memorable drive through Queensland. Still have the tape, but have had to make do with downloaded copy. I think it still stacks up musically too.
      However, totally disagree with you re Too Dizzy. I’m sure I’ve read a quote from someone at Parlophone to the effect that Bowie approved the reissue campaign, including this box, and other stuff still to come. He was so disappointed with NLMD, as Paul reminds us in his post – we should allow him the privilege of ditching Too Dizzy, especially when he had it removed so early in the life of the original album.
      Excited by the box overall. I can’t stand the original NLMD, so hoping the new version fixes at least some of the problems. The rest of the content looks great, and the presentation will be superb if it’s up to the previous boxes’ standards.

  141. pinkfloyd says:

    i’m in! let’s dance,

  142. Bob peel says:


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