David Bowie / The Mercury Demos

More ’69 demos. Single LP not a 7″ box • Sordid price details, following

Parlophone will issue some more David Bowie unreleased demos at the end of June. The Mercury Demos features ten demo recordings from spring 1969, nine of which are previously unreleased.

Bowie is accompanied by John “Hutch” Hutchinson on guitar and vocals and this features the demo of ‘Space Oddity’ that was originally included on the 1990 Sound + Vision box set. It turns out that that was edited (hmm) and here without the edits and is “presented here in its true context for the first time.”

The other nine recordings include Bowie originals such as ‘Janine,’ ‘An Occasional Dream’ and ‘Conversation Piece’ and the Roger Bunn composition ‘Life Is A Circus’ (an earlier version of which is also on the not-yet-released Clareville Grove Demos set) and the Lesley Duncan composition ‘Love Song,’ (later recorded by Elton John for his Tumbleweed Connection album).

The Mercury Demos runs for 41 minutes and this isn’t a seven-inch box set but a single black vinyl LP packaged in a replica of the original tape box. It includes a print, two photo contact sheets, and sleeve notes by Mark Adams. The labels of the LP feature the same EMIDISC acetate styling the other two box sets with the song titles in Bowie’s own handwriting. All this sounds great, but take a look at the frankly extortionate retail price. Time will tell how many people want to pay £80 for one vinyl record with ten demos on it!

The Mercury Demos is released on 28 June 2019.

Compare prices and pre-order

David Bowie

The 'Mercury' Demos (with John 'Hutch' Hutchinson) [VINYL]


Side One
“Space Oddity”
“An Occasional Dream”
“Conversation Piece”
“I’m Not Quite (aka Letter To Hermione)”

Side Two
“Lover To The Dawn”
“Love Song”
“When I’m Five”
“Life Is A Circus”

David Bowie – vocals, guitar and Stylophone
John ‘Hutch’ Hutchinson – vocals and guitar

The LP is mono and plays at 33 1/3 r.p.m.

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  3. Carlos says:

    HMV have this priced at £91.99 in stores here in the UK.

  4. Billy D says:

    Mr Bowie and Prince never wanted their demos released (except for the edited Space Oddity demo) in their lifetimes. Someone at Warners must be very persuasive to the Estates to release this material. Neither of them need the money, but it’s always nice to have more I suppose.
    I’d like to see the 2 disc All Saints made commercial cause it seems like
    I always miss out on discogs. And perhaps the RCA cash-in compilation cds from the 80s that Virgin passed on.
    As for Prince, doesn’t he have like 7,069 finished albums in the vault? Why with the demos? Cause people are familiar with the songs? + I’d love to have new reissues of Vanity/Apollnia 6, Madhouse and the first Mazarati

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  6. Adey says:

    Who needs ebay scalpers when you can get ripped off directly by the record company?

  7. jai emmett says:

    Will wait for Parlophone to release a definitive CD compilation (Boxset)’ of Bowie demos, all these overpriced novelty items are a total waste of money

  8. Wayne Olsen says:

    Oh no. Don’t say it’s true!

  9. Paul Taylor says:

    I’m going to stick a scratched copy of Young Americans in a pizza box with a Dominos menu & beer bottle tops, call it the “Boys Night In” Edition and charge £110 for it

  10. thewildeyedboyfromfreecloud says:

    I have bought the vast majority of archive vinyl Bowie releases over the past few years but have the draw the line somewhere – and this is it! £86 for one mono album is crazy. I don’t actually think they want to sell many copies, it’s just a copyright extension move. I’m a little concerned this will disappear quickly though and I’ll regret not buying it – but at £86 that just isn’t going to happen.
    A major disappointment…

  11. Janice Pugh says:

    I love David Bowie – I pre-ordered the 2 x 7″ box sets. Then we had RSD. Now this overpriced demo LP box set….with only 1 LP and a few other bits. Come on…..please! Who is churning out this stuff? Do they think David’s fans are millionaires? Not only that, but if I am paying £86 I expect something decent in return. So sorry, but this box set is not for me…..not at this price. Someone, somewhere is taking the urine out of us! (The only polite way to describe it!)

  12. reuvein says:

    Love Bowie, but will not pay anywhere near that price for this release.

    Am certain this will drop to less than half within 6 months, if not sooner.

  13. Andrea says:

    Well, these demos spread across a number of unnecessary 7″ was extortion just as well, and I said so, but I don’t remember you complaining then…

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Because £26 or £35 for 3 or 4 seven-inch singles in a box isn’t bad compared to £86 for one vinyl record. So I disagree with your point.

      • Paul Taylor says:

        Exactly, Paul, there’s no comparison
        I bought the 4-single box when it dropped to £27 on Amazon. When regular 7″ singles cost between £9 & £14 these days that wasn’t a bad price. There’s no logical reason for a single LP with 10 tracks costing that amount
        I’ll probably buy the other 3-single box if the price similarly drops

      • Andrea says:

        “isn’t bad”?!? A bunch of unissued, debatable quality demos, preposterously released as singles instead of a budget Lp/CD for over £30, “isn’t bad”? – it’s total madness if you ask me. The fact someone may think it’s okay means we’ve completely lost any sense of proportion…

        • Paul Sinclair says:

          You said “I don’t remember you complaining then…” about the 7″ box sets and I’ve explained why I didn’t react the way I did about an £86 vinyl record. We are comparing two things, not only are the seven-inch box sets MUCH better value when compared with the new ‘Mercury Demos’ even without the comparison they’re okay. It’s irrelevant what you think of the demos, we are talking about physical product. So four seven-inch singles in a lift-off lid box for £27 (as they were for a while) isn’t outrageous even though you seem determined to tell everyone that it is.

          • Andrea says:

            Yes, I didn’t say it but you nailed it, outrageous is the word, if you consider both the manufacturing cost of the “physical product” and the included music. Outrageous. And an insult to the value of money…

          • Paul Sinclair says:

            Right, we get it. You are outraged. Others are a bit peeved. Let’s please move on…

        • Paul Taylor says:

          The quality of the demos on the 7″ singles is actually pretty good when you take all factors into account

  14. Gorecki says:

    There’s definitely something a touch bitter-tasting about the rolling out of this particular selection of work (the demos) – it’s taking a ridiculously long time for what is not going to be more than an interesting diversion. The work will almost inevitably be bundled up as a CD set some time later this year (run up to Christmas presumably). In the whole 5 second of thought I’ve given it I can’t think of any other archive release where all/ nearly all the tracks will have been released in awkward vinyl sets throughout the preceding year in the same way as this seems to be be. It doesn’t seem to be something done to whip up staggering levels of hysteria previously unseen by humanity, and it does seem to be causing nothing but frustration and resentment both from CD buyers – who are being made to wait without confirmation of a CD release – and vinyl buyers who are being cajoled and prodded into buying 7″ box sets and overpriced LPs which they may well prefer not to: especially if, alongside any CD release, there comes a ‘normal’ 2-3 LP issue for a reasonable price.

  15. David Regan says:

    Your GBP conversion from £54 quid it’s a No..No

  16. Dr Volume says:

    The ‘Nobody is holding a gun’ to yr head argument is as inevitable (and in the top 10 SDE comments cliches along with ‘Cash Cow’ and ‘wot No 5.1?’)
    However while it’s true nobody is forced to buy this, it’s another depressing example of Elitist pricing which suggests buying physical product should be the preserve of the privileged rather than grass roots music lovers and diehard fans who don’t have limitless spare cash.

  17. fredpostman says:

    Ha ha sheiling the rubes indeed…

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  19. Peter Ratcliffe says:

    Personally cannot see the point of the box and the prints incorporate into a lavish gatefold sleeve surely would be the best option (or will that happen as another edition) and another special addition with the Boxset as a bundle for £100+? £25-£30 maximum would be a realistic price surely. Alternatively they coul have collected all the demos recently up for sale as a box set with these and cd versions for around that price or a little more.

  20. -SG- says:

    Just a few years ago we collectively moaned at the extortionate pricing of the Human League Very British Synthesizer Group. Then, Howard Jones, and now David Jones himself. Overcharging superfans is nothing new, but the greed displayed here considering there is no hardbound book with pretty pictures or a DVD of Love You Till Tuesday or hits for that matter is a bit much for this montage of heck, or rather, A blatant ripoff, that necessitated a release at the 50 year mark to keep it under copyright, with product that would have at best been a limited promo freebie back in the day sent to 50 “special” people in the industry. But now it is a top dollar “let’s see if they bite” experiment for what is the epitome of scraping the bottom of the barrel.

  21. Ryk says:

    This price makes the recent Prince announcement seem reasonable by comparison. Still, both well exceed my rule of NZ$20/£10 per disc for regular black vinyl. Blancmange’s forthcoming box set is 6 discs and I got it for £35.

  22. Tony O says:

    You can imagine the meeting where they try and decide the retail price. “How much will the idiots be prepared to stand”. This will continue until people stop buying them. look at the macca recent special editions for £175 and £350 and they are selling out.

  23. Silica says:

    I think we have all had a few shocks recently, McCartney’s umpteenth reissue of his last album and this! I mean, nobody believed me until i showed them the price for one piece of vinyl! Seems like it’s a sort of test, will the public actually bite on this and pay that much for one LP?! Let’s hope we all stick together and go, actually no! Still can’t believe the initial price …

    • Janice Pugh says:

      I’m with you! And NOT buying at this ridiculous price. They must think we are all rich…..or just stupid mugs! Love David but this is beyond even my devotion to the Main Man

  24. Andrew says:

    Genuinely, has anyone purchased at this price? I can see from the comments that it’s an overwhelming disgust towards Parlophone, but if anyone is paying this price then surely it becomes a case of supply and demand?
    I could never pay this money for a single vinyl unless I knew it was a very limited run or an extremely rare release. £25-£30 seems okay, £20 more accurate!

    • EdwinM says:

      I put of on purchase on the American Amazon just in case. If the price drops before release and it runs out of stock I am still in. Otherwise I cancel just before release.

      • Adey says:

        Somehow i can’t see it running out of stock anytime soon. I fell for that trick with the bowpromo set on rsd

  25. Marc says:

    I am a new happy member of “Vinyl Me, Please”. For that money I get 4 beautifully crafted LPs like for example the newly remastered LP by Ann Peebles “Straight From The Heart” on yellow vinyl. Just 300 made. Cutted from the analog tapes. 23$.
    Sorry. That price asked here is just ridiculous. 35$ ok – but 86£?!

    • Shawn C. says:

      Hi Marc. I as thinking about joining Vinyl Me Please but looking over the albums of the month for the past year or so, I really only saw a few that I’d be interested in. How’s your experience been?

      • Marc says:

        I am new there so I can’t tell you much. If you only saw a few LPs you like than it is maybe nothing for you. I am very much into soul mucis at the moment. Therefor “VMP” is a great place I think. And you can’t just choose between the 3 records every month. You can also buy other records which are just available for members, pressed very carfully by VME in a limited edition – often colored vinyls. Every week they have new products.

  26. Phil says:

    Mental price. Hope it comes down. If it does come down on Amazon prior to release and you’ve ordered at the higher price on Amazon, you will get the lower price!

  27. DB says:

    David will be travelling the universe in that tesla car that was shot off into space a while back, laughing at us all.
    Sorry man but £80 jesus I could buy half his music for that no thax

  28. David says:

    OMG. How Much?!
    Now we know why it’s not coming out on CD: no one will ever see a single CD as being worth £80 regardless of what its contents.
    Whilst Record Companies can get away with rip off vinyl prices, they will continue to extort.

    I hope this doesn’t sell: that might teach them a lesson.
    God help us if it does sell though and Queen Productions take notice… :-(

  29. Tippy says:

    Judging by the picture, the replica tape spool would be the actual sleeve for the vinyl? I hope it’s not some gimmicky ‘cut to shape’ thing, but perhaps it will be – and perhaps the die-cutting process costs about £70 per unit?!

  30. Tcf says:

    “Oh no, don’t say it’s true….”

  31. Aleks says:

    To the major company : Parlophone, putting such a prohibitive price on a single vinyl (and a few pieces of cardboard) is the best way to encourage people to buy bootlegs.

    • BowieBuyer says:

      Which is exactly what I did when the price of this was announced. I can’t imagine the official release sounding Better than the boot edition of Beckenham Oddity available for about £18.

  32. The Laughing Gnome says:

    The pricing of this release on Amazon in my opinion is nothing to do Warner Music. I think they would be equally as horrified. Not least because it will ultimately affect their sales. i think it is an Amazon related issue.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Warner set the dealer price, do they not? And it’s the same price or higher on other online retailer sites, so this isn’t some weird anomaly on Amazon.

      • The Laughing Gnome says:

        What is the dealer price out of interest..?

        • Paul Sinclair says:

          I don’t know to be honest…

          • Jamie Anderson says:

            It’s “only” $69 from, so I would assume Amazon has it priced high right now. Still too much at that price even, but hopefully that means might drop it down to a more reasonable price before the end of June.

  33. Jan says:

    As an aside, the Lesley Duncan ‘Sing Children Sing’ desperately needs a reissue.
    Such a great album. Elton John plays piano all over it.

    • DaveM says:

      Jan, it was in 2017 on CD as part of Sing Lesley Sing: The RCA & CBS Recordings. Got it and it’s great.

  34. says:

    I just seen the sordid price that’s about $170 Aussie I will have to think about it. Bowie will be frowning from somewhere. Love onya

  35. voxtarstream says:

    I’ll stick with my “Beckenham Oddity” vinyl bootleg, purchased new at a swap meet in 1989 for 20 USD.

  36. Michael John says:

    I agree with most here that the price doesn’t match what’s being offered. I personally think it’s way outta whack. However, I can’t completely fault Parlophone or the estate. It’s currently the #3 bestseller on Amazon. The market’s willing to pay. Until that changes, I suspect we’ll see more outrageously priced Bowie releases.

    Admittedly this really stings, being a life long Bowie collector. I’ve bought all formats, have all albums and singles from multiple countries, the countless reissues and anniversary releases, RSD and David Is limited editions. I concede to forking out very large sums for rare items. This is the first time I can’t justify the investment. It’s not limited nor numbered. The packaging isn’t extravagant by any means. Most importantly, the demos aren’t anything new that can’t be found elsewhere. Sad day for me as this is the proverbial final straw.

    • Chris Squires says:

      The Bestseller lists are always a bit of an anomaly with Amazon’s business model.

      It’s so easy to cancel, that until the day before release they have no real idea how many have sold. I must have ordered and cancelled dozens (hundreds) of items over the year, even if the opening price is silly on most occasions the price will drop and bounce around a bit and the only way to guarantee that you get that lowest price is to order early and cancel late if it doesn’t go where you want it to. I cancelled Heaven 17 Vinyl a couple of days before launch and would have saved the best part of £40 by buying it less than a week later. Amazon is a game best played with experience and nerve. Like “Chicken”.

      If this stays at £86 I would suggest that a great percentage of those orders will be cancelled on or about the 26th June. The warehouse will remain full…. then we await a deal alert for £35 (still too much IMHO).
      It would be a shame to have to wait for such an awful occurrence to get hold of the “Phoenix demos” of Kate Bush’s mid 1970s early takes and teenage work. I’ve got them, like most Bowie fans will have these, but there’s nothing like “Official”. Prince too, of course.

      • Gorecki says:

        Re: Kate Bush Phoenix Demos – not so much waiting for anything awful to occur, more the 50 year rule to kick in – which would be about 5 years time!

  37. Myndforest says:

    Back in the early 70’s artists toured to promote an album (where the money was) rather than releasing an album to promote a tour (as they do now). It cost about £2.50 for the latest LP and to see Bowie perform Ziggy Stardust LIVE in 1972 cost 95p in advance or £1.10 on the night. Most artists released an album a year and probably 2 or 3 singles so for under a tenner you could buy the all the latest releases and see it performed live… I always used to collect everything my favourite artists produced (when it was an album and a couple of singles a year) but realised a while ago it was no longer possible to afford everything, especially in the case of Bowie… and as they say on the gambling sites ‘When the fun stops – STOP!’ (Like it’s that easy!) Best way is to just filter out the ones you want and forget about the rest…

  38. Eric says:

    must be a mistake on price, or Amazon tries to cash in on die hard fans who order it first

  39. DON COOPER says:

    How did you miss the ‘Stylophone features on Bowie release’ headline, to complement your ‘Stylotone correct Marnie image error’ of a few days ago,Paul.

    Keep up! ;-)

  40. Hugh Hall says:

    How utterly disgusting. His corpse is barely cold and already those who would never have tried this on while he was still alive are besmirching his reputation by ripping off his fans, the people who enabled his career in the first place. There is absolutely NO JUSTIFICATION for this shocking rip-off. The Bowie Estate and Parlophone certainly don’t need the money so much that they should treat the fans like this.

    Whoever is responsible for this outrageous rip-off campaign should be named and shamed. Come on, own up you lousy money grabbing scumbag. I truly hope this is the moment the Bowie Estate/Parlophone jumps the shark and get their ass bitten for their trouble. But I know it won’t be.

    • eric says:

      Copyright expires after 50 years, this is a way to renew the copyright to protect the songs.
      As I often say nobody is pointing a gun ay you to oblige you to buy them.

      Then DB left a series of instructions before he died. maybe that’s part of it as a “gift” to his fans?

    • Richard says:

      You probably are not aware but Bowie entrusted his entire legacy of recordings to a very unassiming lawyer whose name I forget. Anyway Bowie gave his complete discretion over output after his death. It is not up to the family or others.

      • Hugh Hall says:

        Who knows the finer details? Very few. However at the end of the day this situation only damages the reputation of one person because whoever’s decision it is this product is sold with his name on it.

      • Nicky Edwards Tudor says:

        Billy Zyblast?

    • Wolfgang says:

      100% agree!!
      How Parlophone handles the old Bowie stuff
      is disgusting.
      Whoever buys these throwaway demos will
      spark more stupid releases like this, the demo 7″ box and the seemingly weekly releases of 7″es that are useless, too.
      Plus Bowie RSD releases that noone needs.
      I hardly can believe that Bowie would have okayed these formats as nothing shabby gets released on his own ISO/Sony Music label.

  41. Brendan says:

    Every day is Record Store Day, if you’re Warners, I guess.

  42. Wayne C says:

    This is nearly as expensive at the MFSL “one step” pressings !!, but at least your getting quality pressings that are done to exacting standards. This just beggars belief, how they can even try to justify this amount for one vinyl pressing of demos with a few bits of cardboard is quite frankly shocking. If it was £29.99 I could have understood it at a pinch !!!. A real kick in the chops for the fans and their wallets. Truly astounded by that price.

    Is it limited to 20 pressings?, must be for that amount!!.

  43. Dennis says:

    “Home taping is killing music—and it’s illegal”
    Seems the only choice for scraps, i have bought more than enough.
    I will wait for a £25 full demo collection. I may also want to listen to it first before buying even at £25.
    It could end up sounding like Anthony Newley in a cupboard.

  44. Ben Williams says:

    When I saw the word “sordid” I knew it would be high pricing but when I saw £80 my eyes burst out of my head like a cartoon! That must be a mistake?!
    I was hoping it would just be a good old 12” 33rpm vinyl at around £18-£22 but hey-ho, not to be.
    Shame this set can’t just be like the Prince demo album announced today.

  45. Jim says:

    Oh. It’s gone up to £85.99! I bet you all regret not jumping on it at a bargain basement £80.

  46. Jim says:

    Using the Bowie pricing model, the new Dylan Rolling Thunder box set should cost about £900.

    • Stuart Ansell says:

      The forthcoming King Crimson and Tangerine Dream sets have been repriced to (respectively) 3 Camels, and your first born son.

      It is QUITE a lot of money, isn’t it? Good luck to them as wants to pay it, I wish them nothing but fun times.

  47. DogFacedBoy says:

    Beckenham Oddity Redux is all you need.

    • Matthew says:

      Didn’t know about this restored version, be interesting to compare it to the official release especially as it’s less than £20!
      I want to buy the genuine article but can’t at that price so what’s a boy to do?

  48. Gary Hunter says:

    I thought I was seeing things with the price quoted!!!!!!!

    Surely it has to be a mistake??

  49. Chris Lancaster says:

    I’m a massive Bowie fan and for several decades have happily bought every official release on the day it’s out (and literally hundreds of bootlegs), but at this price I think this has to come to an end. It’s a nice little set, but the emphasis is on the word ‘little’. I can only think that they are trying to maximise revenue before all of this goes out of copyright under the 50-year rule.

    I’m sure it will come down in price at some point after release — and, if not, then all these are on the recent updated Beckenham Oddity bootleg. It really is hard to stomach the fact that buying the Mercury Demos, Spying Through the Keyhole and the Clareville Road Demos involves almost a £150 outlay. That would buy you the fifth box set on CD when it appears later this year, with change for a slap-up meal for two. Crazy.

  50. Guy says:

    Bowie fans – don’t succumb! The price will come down in the end or they’ll cancel it citing ‘production/legal issues’ or some other BS excuse.

    They are of course out to make as much money as they can. So putting out a single LP of demos with a few cheap trinkets for £80 is testing the water. If enough Bowie completists are willing to throw money at it, they’ve won. They think they can get away with it after fans were prepared to pay £45 a couple of RSDs ago for a similar package with fewer bags of marbles.

    Don’t keep feeding this particular capitalist fat cat venture!

  51. Kauwgompie says:

    Prince estate releases 15 demos for $16 on CD and $35 on viny. The Bowie estate releases 10 demos for $100 on vinyl and didn’t even bother with a CD. Pretty clear what I will be buying.

  52. Matthew says:

    Ouch! Especially compared to that Prince release.
    I like the Bowie/ Hutch era and would like to see all the tracks packaged that way with maybe an interview as an insert. So yes really want this but not at the price of a decent box set

  53. Wayne Olsen says:

    Makes the New Order set seem like midline. Harrumph!

  54. Paul H says:

    Absolute rip off
    I’m a mega fan and buy virtually everything,Inc the 2 boxset demos,every book which I have over 200, pinups etc record store Day last week, diamond dogs red vinyl next month,I contributed to the Bowie Statue,but £80 one vinyl NO CHANCE

  55. Gary Fowles says:

    Funny to think that ten years back this would have been disc two on a reissue of Bowie’s second album. I’d like to hear this, I’m a huge fan, but at the end of the day these are versions that I doubt I’d listen to all that much. Curios at best.

  56. Ian McJannet says:


  57. Zongadude says:

    “Sordid price details following” ! Nice one, Paul, on topic and accurate ;)
    I love Bowie and I’m a serious collector (in that sense that I will buy anything that contents unrealeased material).
    But at THESE prices (the price of this announced Lp and the 2 acetates box sets), I’m not buying. I think they are blinded by the name Bowie and do not understand that the average consumer will NOT necesserily buy a collection of demos, and will certainly NOT put that sum of money for such a “small” value. As for the collector, more inclined to spend ridiculous money, his wallet is not bottomless. So choices are to be made, and it is obivous to me that the first releases to be left in the shops unbought will be those high-priced demo collections.

    I know that one day I will get the two boxes, and this new Lp. But it won’t be until I find them for £25 each MAXIMUM. (and I know it will happen). :)

  58. Dean says:

    Would it really kill them to make a CD too?

    Oh, I forgot, too many people would buy the cheaper option.

    Cynical, and a horrible way to treat Bowie’s legacy and the fans.

  59. Bart says:

    Yeah record company wants to milk vinyl fans for sure. No CD release? So im not buying

  60. noyoucmon says:

    Preposterous pricing. I’m done buying Bowie scraps, unless this comes out on a normally priced CD. And you can keep the toys that I’d look at twice at most.

  61. Michel D. says:

    The only thing I like about all this is your Ashes to Ashes reference Paul!!

  62. James Giraffe says:


  63. Markyp says:

    I’m not sure either on the formula for the price.
    Compared with the other demo boxes this is cheaper to produce. Less records and less materials should be cheaper to produce and easier as is just the one disc.
    Really puzzled…

  64. gwynogue says:

    “Ching-a-ling” indeed…

  65. Alan says:

    I was so excited about this when I woke up this morning to the press release. However when the price was starting to be quoted I was shocked.
    One LP, should not cost that much. I love these recordings, have had copies since the mid 80s, and have always clamoured for an official release. They could have been put on a 3rd disc 10 years ago for the 30th anniversary edition of the 2nd LP, this is too much though, I hope the price falls.

  66. poptones says:

    It’s getting ridiculous !

    Demos are great when they’re bonus tracks on an expanded, deluxe or super deluxe edition of an album. Or as a bonus disc in an anthology or complete albums box set.

    IMO there’s no need to release an album or a box set with only demos. Even though I love Bowie’s music, I didn’t buy the 7” box sets and won’t buy this album either.

    • Shane says:

      Get. Out. It’s just ridiculous. We should deag out whoever decided the price and publucly shame them! This is an indult to the public. Has there ever been a more expensive one-format single-disc release?
      They should be ashamed of this.

  67. Darren Briscoe says:

    Are they taking the piss or what? Being a Bowie fan used to be a joy…… Now we’re just seen as Muppets who will buy any old crap with his name on it. Not me.

  68. Mark Davey says:

    Seems to be a competition between those releasing Bowie and McCartney material as to who can fleece the fans the most.

    Even if I won the lottery I don’t think I could justify £80 for a single album.

  69. paul wren says:

    OK, people, lets calm down about the pricing of this. If it is too expensive (which it is) then there will be an awful lot of unsold stock that will be heavily discounted towards the end of this year. So make a mental note and hopefully pick it up for a much lower price then……………….

  70. Jonathan says:

    Even if this were a double album with ALL available outtakes on it, it’d be too much at £80. This should be no more than £25 – having said that I personally wouldn’t pay £25 for this and I’ll stick to the demos already available until a cd / vinyl (not fussed over format) compilation comes along.

  71. Lee Carson says:

    Is this the most expensive vinyl issued – either £ per song or per vinyl?

  72. Richard says:

    This is the Beckenham Oddity, which has been widely available for many years as a bootleg with variable speed issues.
    Earlier this year, a much higher quality version was released by bootleggers for a 1/4 of the price of this. Lovely pressing too. I am a Bowie fanatic but I’ll hold out on this at that price.

  73. Wesley says:

    I await the justification for that price tag with interest.

  74. Kevin says:

    The inflation of prices for these vinyl edition – across the board for music genres – is getting worse imo

  75. Joe says:

    Remember the BOWPROMO box set that came out on RSD a couple of years ago? The content (LP, photos in a brown envelope, recording bored) was almost identical to this one. BOWPROMO can be had on Discogs for about £15 nowadays. Save your money and wait, folks.

    • Joe says:

      That should have said recording notes, not recording bored!

      • Christian says:

        Plus remember the shoddy job that was done with that release.
        Incorrect speed, channels reversed.
        Any sign of an acknowledgment, explanation, apology or reissue from Parlophone?
        I for one would like my copy replaced but suspect I’ll die waiting.

        I recognise the ‘nobody is making you buy it’ argument and to some extent agree with it.
        I personally, even as a Bowie collector, can’t see £85 worth of value in here and won’t go near it.
        This tape is well known to Bowie fans who have had it since the 80s, and just this month a significant upgrade became available.
        That upgrade is presumably from the same source as this release and will most likely be almost identical.
        But there will be plenty of people that do buy it not knowing all this background, and they should be able to do so in the knowledge that it is technically ‘correct’.

        The technical errors that litter recent Bowie releases, with BOWPROMO being the worst example, suggest they should wait and see what they are getting.

  76. David Perry says:

    I’m a mega fan, but I am fully not into this pricing.

    I’ll stick to the readily available if slightly squiffy bootleg versions thanks.

  77. AdamW says:

    That is… silly money. Compare to the similar Prince announcement – much more reasonably priced for many more demos.

  78. Eric Slangen says:

    Woehaaaaaaaaaa. Way and way too expensive. Milk cow for the company.
    No way I’m gonna pay this for a single album. They dig their own grave (again), they never learn.

  79. RJS says:

    They could put all these demos on a £10 CD but that doesn’t make financial sense for Bowie’s estate or the label. It’s a mug’s game for anyone splashing out on this junk!

  80. Caroline says:

    At least Dick Turpin wore a mask…

  81. Mark S says:

    Is this limited in qty?

  82. Ian Ryder says:

    Looks great, and though I finally relented and got STAK when it came down to 27 quid and I think I’ve ordered TCGD, if this don’t hit 40 quid max then I’ll make do with someones youtube rip. David might well have approved some of these releases before his death but I seriously doubt he’d of approved a £80+ price tag.

  83. Gareth Jones says:

    Now I know why the gnome was laughing (all the way to the bank).

  84. Mr X says:

    This is just pure exploitation.
    I hope people don’t flock to this and it has to reduce in price – considerably!

  85. Robert van Dam says:

    These demos of David Bowie are very interesting. But £80 / €90 for one vinyl record is too much. I also would like to say, that these demos also should be released on CD.

  86. motte says:

    Let’s wait and see if that prices are the last word.
    But if so, I’m out…

    • eric saxon says:

      who will be releasing bowie rarities and products once parlophone`s
      reissue campaign ends by the end of this year? according to the rep
      in charge of the program it concludes by this year, 2019.

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