David Bowie / Who Can I Be Now? [1974-1976] full track listing and details


New mid-70s Bowie box adheres to ‘Five Years’ template

Parlophone’s follow-up to last year’s David Bowie Five Years box will be called Who Can I Be Now? 1974-1976 and will be issued as 12CD and 13LP vinyl box sets this September…

Content-wise, CD and LP sets are identical and the feature presentation is newly remastered versions of the three studio albums issued during this period (Diamond Dogs (1974), Young Americans (1975) and Station to Station (1976)) as well as the previously announced unreleased album, ‘The Gouster’.

Additionally, like Five YearsWho Can I Be Now? will include two live albums. They are David Live, which was issued in late 1974 and showcased the initial leg of David’s US Diamond Dogs Tour and Live Nassau Coliseum ’76 which was previously unreleased until its inclusion as part of the Station to Station reissue in 2010.

Who Can I Be Now? also features Re:Call 2another ‘rarities’ compilation (single disc this time) largely made up from rare or promotional single edits. As before, outtakes not issued commercially at the time, but which subsequently appeared on the Rykodisc reissues (e.g. Candidate demo, After Today), are considered out-of-scope by Parlophone.

This new box also does not include the 5.1 surround mixes of David Live, Young Americans or Station to Station all which have been commercially issued as part of past Bowie archival projects, although Harry Maslin’s 2010 stereo remix of Station to Station is included, as is Tony Visconti’s 2005 stereo remix of David Live.


The Gouster is an early version of the Young Americans album and three familiar tracks are featured in previously unreleased early alternative mixes: Somebody Up There Likes Me, Can You Hear Me and Right. It’s Gonna Be Me is the same version as appeared on the Ryko reissue back in 1991 and not the ‘With Strings’ alternate that was part of the Young Americans CD+DVD reissue in 2007.

The reason the vinyl box is 13LP compared to 12CD is that the remix of David Live runs to 3LPs but only two CDs.

The remastered original mix of David Live, The Gouster, the 2010 Harry Maslin mix of Station to Station and Re:Call 2 are all exclusive to this new Who Can I Be Now box. If you are thinking that the stereo remix of Station to Station was in the 2010 box set, well yes it was, but only on DVD. This is its CD and LP debut. Also, for this remix Parlophone are using the colour version of the album cover, first debuted by Rykodisc in 1991.

The vinyl is pressed on ‘audiophile’ quality 180g vinyl (Five Years was very good in this respect) and both boxes come with books (128-pages in the CD box and 84-pages in the vinyl set). The tomes contain all the usual rare photos as well as historical press reviews and technical notes about the albums from producers Tony Visconti and Harry Maslin.


The CD box set will include faithfully reproduced mini-vinyl versions of the original albums and the CDs will be gold coloured rather than the usual silver.

Who Can I Be Now? 1974-1976 is released on 23 September 2016. The CD box is very well priced on Amazon UK, if you’re quick. As is the vinyl box, come to that.

Compare prices and pre-order

David Bowie

Who Can I Be Now? 12CD box set


Compare prices and pre-order

David Bowie

Who Can I Be Now? 13LP vinyl box set



LP Box Set:

84 Page hardback book

  • Diamond Dogs (remastered) (1 LP)
  • David Live (original mix) (remastered) (2 LP) *
  • David Live (2005 mix) (remastered) (3 LP)
  • The Gouster (previously unreleased as an album) (1 LP) *
  • Young Americans (remastered) (1 LP)
  • Station To Station (remastered) (1 LP)
  • Station To Station (Harry Maslin 2010 mix) (1 LP) *
  • Live Nassau Coliseum ’76 (2 LP)
  • Re:Call 2 (Single versions and non-album B-sides) (remastered) (1 LP) *

* Exclusive to ‘Who Can I Be Now? (1974 – 1976)’

CD Box Set:

  • 128 Page hardback book
  • Diamond Dogs (remastered) (1 CD)
  • David Live (original mix) (remastered) (2 CD) *
  • David Live (2005 mix) (remastered) (2 CD)
  • The Gouster (previously unreleased as an album) (1 CD) *
  • Young Americans (remastered) (1 CD)
  • Station To Station (remastered) (1 CD)
  • Station To Station (Harry Maslin 2010 mix) (1 CD) *
  • Live Nassau Coliseum ’76 (2 CD)
  • Re:Call 2 (Single versions and non album B-sides) (remastered) (1 CD) *

* Exclusive to ‘Who Can I Be Now? (1974 – 1976)’


‘WHO CAN I BE NOW? (1974-1976)


Released on RCA APLI 0576 (U.K.) / CPLI 0576 (U.S.) on 31st May, 1974.

Side 1.

  • 1. Future Legend
  • 2. Diamond Dogs
  • 3. Sweet Thing
  • 4. Candidate
  • 5. Sweet Thing (Reprise)
  • 6. Rebel Rebel

Side 2.

  • 1. Rock ‘n’ Roll With Me
  • 2. We Are The Dead
  • 3. 1984
  • 4. Big Brother
  • 5. Chant Of The Ever Circling Skeletal Family


Released on RCA APL2 0771 (U.K.) / CPL2-0771 (U.S.) on 29th October, 1974.

David Live was culled from performances on the 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th of July, 1974 at the Tower Theater, Philadelphia.

Side 1

  • 1. 1984
  • 2. Rebel Rebel
  • 3. Moonage Daydream
  • 4. Sweet Thing/Candidate/Sweet Thing (reprise)

Side 2

  • 1. Changes
  • 2. Suffragette City
  • 3. Aladdin Sane
  • 4. All The Young Dudes
  • 5. Cracked Actor

Side 3

  • 1. Rock ‘n’ Roll With Me
  • 2. Watch That Man
  • 3. Knock On Wood
  • 4. Diamond Dogs

Side 4

  • 1. Big Brother
  • 2. The Width Of A Circle
  • 3. The Jean Genie
  • 4. Rock ‘n’ Roll Suicide


David Live was culled from performances on the 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th of July, 1974 at the Tower Theater, Philadelphia.

Released on EMI 874 3042 on CD and also in 5.1 on the DVD-Audio EMI 874 3049 on 14th November, 2005.

Side 1

  • 1. 1984
  • 2. Rebel Rebel
  • 3. Moonage Daydream
  • 4. Sweet Thing/Candidate/Sweet Thing (reprise)

Side 2

  • 1. Changes
  • 2. Suffragette City
  • 3. Aladdin Sane
  • 4. All The Young Dudes

Side 3

  • 1. Cracked Actor
  • 2. Rock ‘n’ Roll With Me
  • 3. Watch That Man
  • 4. Knock On Wood

Side 4

  • 1. Here Today, Gone Tomorrow
  • 2. Space Oddity
  • 3. Diamond Dogs

Side 5

  • 1. Panic In Detroit
  • 2. Big Brother
  • 3. Time

Side 6

  • 1. The Width Of A Circle
  • 2. The Jean Genie
  • 3. Rock ‘n’ Roll Suicide


Previously unreleased as a complete album.

Side 1

  • 1. John, I’m Only Dancing (Again) – not on ‘Young Americans’, first released as a single in 1979.
  • 2. Somebody Up There Likes Me – alternative early previously unreleased mix
  • 3. It’s Gonna Be Me – not on ‘Young Americans’, first released as a bonus track on the EMI/Ryko edition of ‘Young Americans’ in 1990. An alternative mix with strings was released on the 2007 EMI edition of ‘Young Americans’.

Side 2

  • 1. Who Can I Be Now? – not on ‘Young Americans’, first released as a bonus track on the EMI/Ryko edition of ‘Young Americans’ in 1990.
  • 2. Can You Hear Me – alternative early previously unreleased version.
  • 3. Young Americans – same version that ended up on ‘Young Americans’.
  • 4. Right – alternative early previously unreleased version.


Released on RCA RS 1006 (U.K.) / AQL1-0998 (U.S.) on 7th March, 1975.

Side 1

  • 1. Young Americans
  • 2. Win
  • 3. Fascination
  • 4. Right

Side 2

  • 1. Somebody Up There Likes Me
  • 2. Across The Universe
  • 3. Can You Hear Me
  • 4. Fame


Released on RCA APL1 1327 on 23rd January, 1976.


First released on EMI BOWSTSD 2010 in 5.1 and in stereo at 48kHz/24bit on the DVD format within the Station To Station deluxe set on 20th September, 2010.

Side 1

  • 1. Station To Station
  • 2. Golden Years
  • 3. Word On A Wing

Side 2

  • 1. TVC 15
  • 2. Stay
  • 3. Wild Is The Wind


Recorded live at the Nassau Coliseum Uniondale, NY, U.S.A., 23rd March, 1976. Released on EMI BOWSTSD 2010 within the Station To Station deluxe set on 20th September, 2010.

Side 1

  • 1. Station To Station
  • 2. Suffragette City
  • 3. Fame
  • 4. Word On A Wing

Side 2

  • 1. Stay
  • 2. Waiting For The Man
  • 3. Queen Bitch

Side 3

  • 1. Life On Mars?
  • 2. Five Years
  • 3. Panic In Detroit
  • 4. Changes
  • 5. TVC 15

Side 4

  • 1. Diamond Dogs
  • 2. Rebel Rebel
  • 3. The Jean Genie


Non Album Singles, Single Versions and B-Sides.

Side 1:

  • 1. Rebel Rebel (original single mix)
  • 2. Diamond Dogs (Australian single edit)
  • 3. Rebel Rebel (U.S. single version)
  • 4. Rock ‘n’ Roll With Me (live – promotional single edit)
  • 5. Panic In Detroit (live)
  • 6. Young Americans (original single edit)

Side 2:

  • 1. Fame (original single edit)
  • 2. Golden Years (original single version)
  • 3. Station To Station (original single edit)
  • 4. TVC 15 (original single edit)
  • 5. Stay (original single edit)
  • 6. Word On A Wing (original single edit)
  • 7. John, I’m Only Dancing (Again) (1975) (single version)

176 responses to David Bowie / Who Can I Be Now? [1974-1976] full track listing and details

  1. Dean T says:

    It will be worth it in the end … Trust me …..I have never had a vinyl box set of this size and have every lp absolutely perfect ..I kid you not …I hope it’s is the case for everyone.Mine came from Amazon at the same price as yours and arrived in its own bespoke box .Better luck next time.

  2. So, my experience so far with this box set has been a bit disappointing, but not in the way you might imagine.

    I pre-ordered the vinyl from Amazon UK when they had it listed at £166 and was so looking forward to it arriving on the 23rd. It just so happened that I was off to see Gary Numan that night and also had the opportunity to snag backstage passes as my friends have been his support act throughout the tour, so I went early and missed the Amazon delivery. However, I got an email telling me it had been left with a neighbour, so I wasn’t too concerned.

    When I got home the next day, the driver had left his “We Missed You” card tucked in between the door and the door frame instead of posting it through my letterbox. On this card was the exact location of the box which wasn’t with my neighbour but actually sat on top of my household waste bin!!

    The outer cardboard box was about twice the size of the box set itself and seriously split on one corner. I feared the worst as I opened it up. And my fears were well and truly realised. There sat the box set, with a handful of brown paper stuffed in there, presumably to do the job (very badly) of protecting the item in transit. But as I lifted the box set out, the glaring compression injury to one corner of the box became apparent.

    So I called Amazon straight away, only to get their outsourced centre somewhere in India, and a lady who, whilst very helpful, could barely be understood. She arranged a collection and re-ordered a new box set for me. Despite me being an Amazon Prime member, she told me delivery wouldn’t be until Tuesday.

    So I grumbled all weekend as I had made time to sit down, with beer, and work my way through it, disc by shiny black disc. Anyway, last night I saw that it hadn’t been marked as dispatched and so wasn’t at all surprised when I woke up this morning to find an email delivered at 03:51 telling me the item had been delayed. A further call to Amazon had me being told that it would now definitely arrive on Wednesday, but I am not holding my breath. I also noticed that the vinyl version was now sporting the Autorip logo and I demanded that I be given that, which they did without question.

    Therefore I’ve not been able to listen to any of this yet and I’ve discovered that I’m not the only one to have had a damaged delivery. Any one else experienced this? I saw Paul’s picture the other day and, just like ‘Five Years’, his was packed in a bespoke fitted box with foam inserts, just as it should be.

  3. Mic Smith says:

    Played all of the original albums plus Gouster and Nassau 76. Pleased overall but comparing The Gouster with Young Americans it’s not hard to see why he went for YA. Despite my lack of appreciation for the latter, it was a wholly more successful record. Is it me or are the mini vinyl sleeves just a bit cheaper looking than the 5 Years Box?

  4. Dean T says:

    Just want to add again …the mastering and quilaty of vinyl pressing on offer here is about as good as it gets….listening again at the moment …(the gouster) ..sounds completely analogue ,Tony Visconti has a good ear.

  5. Dean T says:

    Have to agree with Ray ….another box set I an proud to own .Can not wait for the next set and then what a collection to own.The sound quality from the vinyl is just fantastic ,cut on the quiet side like the recent Floyd reissuses and very quite vinyl too.Just brilliant ..

  6. Mic Smith says:

    The CD box arrived yesterday – free postage option from Amazon and it arrived on the day of release – so those that pay to have it delivered on day of release take note.

    Thus far have played DD and DL 2005 remix (part the way through disc one) and will plough my way through them this week. I consider this period of his career to be a bit patchy if I’m honest – Young Americans the album is propped up by the 2 singles IMO which I know plenty will disagree with so The Gouster is of collector interest to me. Then again STS is probably my favourite Bowie record and I fully respect his right to try different styles and put out what he wanted when he was around.
    Is there any official word on how far these sets will go? It would be nice to have the full catalogue in this series (a shame they didn’t include the Deram album which I think is a lot better than its reputation suggests. Silly Boy Blue would make any career spanning retrospective if I ever decided to compile such a thing.

    • Michael says:

      I strongly assume there’ll be a third box that will cover 1977-80. Probably covering the Berlin trilogy and Scary Monsters. And if there is plan for one more, it’ll include Bowie’s more “poppy” period.

  7. Daniel Wylie says:

    OK, so I’m now ranting. Some of these albums are remastered and sound really good and some are not remastered and don’t sound very good. The original version of Station To Station plus Diamond Dogs and Recall 2 are definitely inferior masters. Even the volume level on these is lower than the ones that have been remastered. My copy is going back to Amazon.

  8. Daniel Wylie says:

    Another thing I’ve noticed is that the Recall CD does not sound remastered. Actually, this box set is getting more disappointing by the minute. The CD version is definitely shabbier than the Five Years box set.

  9. Daniel Wylie says:

    I bought the CD version and plan to buy the three studio albums when they are issued separately in a couple of months. One thing I did notice while copying the CDs into my computer was that Diamond Dogs is a 1999 remaster and not a 2016 one.

  10. I just downloaded the HDTracks release of this box and I miss the “Young Americans” track from the “Young Americans” album. The album starts with “Win” in the HDTrack Release. Or is the “Glouster” album version exactly the same as the “Young Americans” album version and therefore not included twice? The track-length of the two “Young Americans” tracks on the “Glouster” and the “Young Americans” version is not the same on the CD-Box, so I’m a bit confused.

    • Roman Lüönd says:

      Hdtracks just wrote me that there are issues with the files (1 track missing, tracks mislabelled). They are waiting for new files from the label

  11. Tino Stabile says:

    Well, another box set that I will not be able to say no to. Don’t have some albums like Young Americans.. will finally be able to discover that one as well as the never released The Gouster Always liked Diamond Dogs and well Station to Station happens to be my all time favorite in his catalog.
    Just hope they don’t release too many more…. I will go broke. Ha ha.
    But for a legend like Bowie this was necessary. His passing is making us appreciate his legacy, his incredible music and incredible all around recording artist/chameleon even more.
    Long live Ziggy, Aladdin Sane, Thin White Duke, Major Tom
    He will live on forever

  12. Ray says:

    My Bowie, Who Can I be Now ? Vinyl box set arrived today. I had to have the Five Years Box Set on both Vinyl and CD, and at first I wasn’t to sure about this one. So it took my a while to get round to ordering it, but WOW ! I have to say this one is stunning presentation wise. They really have done an amazing job. I just have to start spinning the Vinyl now can’t wait, I may even get the CD version Now, you know what it’s like once bitten by the bug.

    • John T. says:

      I also bought Five Years box on both formats, so I had to order this new one on both aswell.
      Looking forward to receiving mine in the next few days or so.
      How does the new set sound? Is it good? Especially are the Station To Station and Live In Nassau-albums in good sound quality?

  13. Trevor says:

    Anyone know what the next 7″ picture disc is in the 40th Anniversary rerelease series? Things have gone quiet with those.

  14. Dean T says:

    Bagged this at £166 with free delivery ..can’t go wrong at that price and I don’t have any of this on vinyl or cd for that matter ,so a good deal for me .Very much looking forward to this .when the next set comes out that’s all the Bowie I need and a good collection it will be.

  15. Robert Fitzpatrick says:

    wow it has shot up at amazon uk to 120 now ! glad I pulled the trigger at 75

  16. Mr x says:

    My older brother was into bowie from the earliest stuff but YA was his jumping off point – which became my jumping on point!

    Naturally over time I worked backward and enjoy the earlier stuff as well.

    This release? Hmmm, got the STS deluxe vinyl box so not interested in Nassau, STS again, (apart from colour vinyl sleeve).

    As most have said recall 2 is very poor and 2 DL?

    Unless it drops in price considerably or last minute changes r made to content, I’m passing.

    PS: anyone have a rough idea was UK individual prices might be for the vinyl when released?

  17. Thom Lieb says:

    On sale until noon Tuesday (US EST) at Use code PMLOVE to get the vinyl set for about $150!

  18. ed knob says:

    Argh, so disappointed not to see any of the extra material from the long unavailable Diamond Dogs Deluxe. What do I have to do to get my hand on Alternative Candidate?? These sets should be a perfect opportunity to capture everything from every period, instead there’s so much repeating.

    • El Barto says:

      Totally agree. Only explanation that comes to mind is they’re holding stuff off for another even more deluxe edition, which is sad. Can’t believe that there is one person who prefers two alternative mixes of the same stuff instead of big fat Recall 2 set with lot’s of extras and rarities. Never seen before photo on the cover? Gimme a break.

  19. Trash says:

    Currently reading Strange Fascination by David Buckley.
    Just finished Buckley’s recounting of the Gouster/Thin White Duke period and the mention of the Isolar/White Light tour, which incidentally Buckley rates as being Bowie’s best live tour and mentions that the Nasau Coliseum dates are a great representation (never having heard it I can’t comment).
    One thing that did catch my attention is that Paul Buckmaster (who worked with Bowie on what was to be The Man Who Fell to Earth soundtrack) supposedly has a DAT of the work they put together and submitted (ultimately only to have it rejected).
    Wouldn’t it be a real coup if they managed to license/buy/steal the rights to include that in the next box set… One can dream!

  20. Adey says:

    Anybody know of any pre-order freebies on offer (like the pinups radio show with the last boxset)?

  21. bob says:

    The Bowie estate doesn’t own the the rights to the Baal EP so it is unlikely that it will be included in the box sets.

    • Matteo Leoni says:

      Thanks bob, I didn’t know about the Baal EP rights… I’ve always wondered why it has never been reissued in CD… :-/

      • stephendking says:

        2 of the Baal tracks have been included on previous compilation CDs and all are available for downloads online so hopefully there’s no reason why they can’t be included at some point. Less likely are the original TV movie recording versions.

  22. Adey says:

    I bet the third boxset will have 2 versions of “stage” just like the 2 versions of “david live” in the “who will i fleece now?” Boxset

  23. Matteo Leoni says:

    And if we add the ‘Visconti mix’ of Lodger we have another 12-cd/13-vinyl box, like the first two…
    Who knows? Let’s wait until next year! :)

  24. HalloweenJack says:

    So maybe we can expect the next set as…

    A NEW CAREER IN A NEW TOWN 1977-1981 (13 LPs)
    1977 – Low (Remastered 1LP)
    1977 – “Heroes” (Remastered 1LP)
    1978 – Stage (Original Mix, Remastered 2LP) *
    1978 – Stage (2005 Mix, Remastered 3LP)
    1979 – Lodger (Remastered 1LP)
    1980 – Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps) (Remastered 1LP)
    1981 – Christiane F. (Remastered 1LP)
    New Music Night And Day (Previously Unreleased as an Album) (Remastered 1LP) *
    Isolar II – The 1978 World Tour – Live at Earls Court (Previously Unreleased as an Album) (Remastered 1LP) *
    Re:Call 3 – Single versions and non-album B-sides (Remastered 1LP) *

    * are all exclusive to this new box… with a hardback magazine of unseen photos that everyone’s seen!!

    • Matteo Leoni says:

      I don’t think that the “Christiane F.” soundtrack will be included in the next box, but more likely the 1982 “Baal” EP.
      I don’t think that any previously unreleased live album will be included, also (even if I hope for it!), while probably there will be “New music night and day” with slightly different mixes of some Low track.
      We’ll see.

      • HalloweenJack says:

        You’re absolutely right. The 1982 “Baal” EP should be included.
        It could be one side of the Re:Call3 package but will probably be a stand-alone release.

  25. Aleks Spectre says:

    Very sad to see the tracklist from Recall 2.
    Hope for the future that Parlophone & Mr Visconti won’t forget to create a boxset with all the Ryko bonus tracks remasered.

  26. Neil says:

    This box has no interest to me at all and i seriously can’t be the only one who thinks that Young Americans is a terrible album with Station To Station not that much better. I’m just thankful that he followed those with Low and Heroes and redeemed himself.

    • probablyrustin says:

      I will agree with you that I find Young Americans as an album to be rather dated and uninteresting. Station to Station, on the other hand, is a masterpiece by comparison.

    • Heinz says:

      Well, if you think “Young Americans” and “STATIONTOSTATION” are terrible albums,
      I suggest you better listen to other artists…..

      • Neil says:

        I listen to hundred of other artists so i don’t see the point in your statement. I have tried for 30 years to like those two albums but apart from the singles from both i find them shockingly bad as well as Lodger i may add but the rest of his 70’s output was excellent.

        • Paul Sinclair says:

          If you enjoy most of Bowie’s 70s output but think Young Americans and Station to Station stand out as being ‘shockingly bad’ then I’d suggest you’re very much in the minority! Nothing wrong with that, but that opinion is bound to get a reaction, since it’s so far from what is generally accepted – that Bowie had a close to flawless run of studio albums between The Man Who Sold The World and Scary Monsters. That’s one of the big reasons Bowie is so revered, he hardly put a foot wrong in a decade.

          • Neil says:

            I don’t mind artists trying out different styles of music but the Soul and R&B influence on Young Americans leaves me cold and too many songs go nowhere on that album and i have yet to hear a worse Bowie track than that terrible cover of Across The Universe.

          • Paul Sinclair says:

            Across the Universe isn’t great, it has to be said…

  27. Andrew says:

    Showing £189 on vinyl. Looks like I missed out at the cheaper price, I wonder if it will drop. Seemed okay at that previous price but suddenly looks very expensive compared to Five Years!

  28. El Barto says:

    UK Amazon prices are going slightly up already.

  29. alan says:

    Now priced at £99.99 on Amazon UK

  30. Paolo says:

    My guess for the next box, 1977-1979 era:

    Low – 2017 remaster
    Heroes – 2017 remaster
    Stage (2CD) – original mix remastered
    Stage (2CD) – 2005 mix remastered
    Lodger – 2017 remaster
    Lodger – Tony Visconti remixed version
    Re:call 3 (2CD)

    ‘A New Career in a New Town’ could be the right title if the box covers the Berlin trilogy, in case it strectches out to ‘Scary Monsters’ as someone suggests, a more fitting title would be ‘Art Decade’.

  31. Nigel says:

    Will Peter and the Wolf feature on the next box?

  32. Shaun says:

    Wow, these are actually great prices for UK. In Australia a major local retailer has this listed at $585, which converts to 335 pound. I think i will be buying from the UK :)

  33. RJSWinchester says:

    I reckon the third installment will be Low, Heroes, Stage, Lodger, Scary Monsters and maybe even the Christiane F. soundtrack. Scary Monsters would sound totally out of place on a box set featuring Let’s Dance, Tonight and Never Let Me Down. I don’t even think they should continue the series after the third installment. Bar a couple of decent tracks, Tonight and Never Let Me Down are appalling albums.

  34. Michael Fortin says:

    I’ll wait for the individual releases of Diamond Dogs and Young Americans since those aren’t in my collection. I already have the 3CD Station to Station set. The rest seems a bit much for a “casual” fan like me. On the other hand, I only have Low from the Berlin era, so that box might be a “buy” for me…

  35. Jay Kranz says:

    even if five years set a precedent for having multiple mixes of a album I think it is a lot different to have one duplicated LP of your most well known album versus 4 LPs of duplication (3 if you count gouster as totally different I don’t although accept that LP way more than the other 3) just screams of trying to get to the same LP count as the first set.

  36. Richie says:

    Only way I’m buying this is if it drops below £45, otherwise I’m happy with what I’ve got.

  37. baward says:

    As someone who doesn’t have the Five Years box yet, does the book in the CD have the same content as the book in the LP box, even though they have different page counts? I’m assuming that this boxes book will be broadly similar to Five Years.

    I’m hoping that Five Years will be available cheaper soon…

  38. Craig Hedges says:

    Looking ahead Parlophone have the rights of Bowie up to the first Tin Machine album. But even before then it’s starts to get messy as Bowie did lots of soundtrack work on other labels so tracks like absolute beginners and my fav When the wind blows won’t appear unless Warners can licence them from Universal.

    • Chris Brown says:

      Parlophone do have the licenses for Absolute Beginners and When The Wind Blows – they’re currently available as digital EPs, as are the two Labyrinth singles and Real Cool World. The single version of Cat People was successfully licensed for Platinum Collection, so it possibly can be again.

      Parlophone have the licence for the 90s solo albums too now. It was presumably Bowie’s choice not to license Tin Machine II to anyone after the original one expired.

    • Paolo says:

      Parlophone reprinted ‘Black Tie White Noise’ and more recently ‘Outside’, ‘Earthling’ and ‘Hours’ as standard CDs, guess they have the rights to the 90s stuff too.

  39. Bill says:

    Thanks for your opinion on David Live but still confused as to specifications. I read that the current available version is remastered by Tony and remixed so not sure what is different about the version in the new box set. Can u clarify?

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      There are two versions of David Live in the box. A newly remastered version of the original mix, which was issued back in 1974 AND the Tony Visconti REMIX which was first issued in 2005. Again this is newly remastered. So there is no ‘new’ version of David Live in this box set, just two NEWLY REMASTERED versions that have been out before.

    • Paolo says:

      David Live:
      1974 original version
      2005 remix by Tony Visconti, probably remastered too
      2016 remaster for both 1974 original version and 2005 remix

    • Heinz says:

      For someone who knows the original vinyl version from 1974
      it’s a shock when you hear the remix from 2005,
      especially at the beginning of 1984, where in the original Earl Slick’s guitar
      starts and sounds so great.
      In the 2005 version the guitar is so horrible mixed in the background,
      that you can barely hear it…..

    • Julian H says:

      The confusion probably stems from the assumption that Tony remastered anything, which he didn’t. He only oversees the remastering, which was done by Ray Staff for the first set.

  40. Dean says:

    Adey: Sad to read you’re happy the 5.1 mixes aren’t there. Definitive sets are far more important than your collection retaining its value. We’re all Bowie fans, and we deserve to have access to this material without paying over the odds for it. In fact, Bowie’s legacy deserves more than these boxes are serving up, imo. Music has no value unless it’s heard.

    • Paolo says:

      How many versions of an album you want to own? I personally don’t care for 5.1 mixes or remasters in general, I only have deluxe sets from the last decade for the three studio albums in this box and will buy the three standalone releases as I’ve done with the albums from the first box, just to have a standard Bowie discography with standard albums, keeping the deluxe sets as a bonus. But if I had the 1999 EMI CD editions I wouldn’t care for this upcoming release at all, if you know what I mean.

  41. Robert Fitzpatrick says:

    thanks for the heads up! its 100 dollers cheaper on the amazon uk site than it currently is in on Australian cd retailer ! this is pre-ordering over here at $250 Australian dollers !

  42. rob says:

    As someone who missed out getting the Station to Station deluxe set a few years back – holding out too long for a reasonable price on that – I’m more than happy with this, especially to finally have the single edit of John (I’m only Dancing) (Again) on CD.

    Yes, I noticed that the Wild is the Wind edit wasn’t included, but never having heard the vinyl single from the 8os, I’d always presumed that the edit had been created for the video, which can be heard on various DVD compilations from the past yew years, of course.

    I had a feeling that they’d want to keep the ‘Berlin'(ish) period to a separate box, but also wonder about Scary Monster’s placing there. As it was designed to cap his work up to that point, it could be argued that it belongs there. But, then again, as it was his first more mainstream popular album in terms of hit singles, it wouldn’t sit out of place before Let’s Dance. I guess DB had a preference, as he must have mapped this all out a year or two back.

    Oh, and I’d hope for a subsequent rarities set too, obviously.


  43. John Dotters says:

    Gonna have to be a lottery win job :(

  44. Nigel says:

    Kevin Cann wrote the best book on Bowie – Any Day Now -the London years. I wish he would do the LA years then the Berlin years.

  45. Paolo says:

    I have the 3CD box set of 2010 ‘Station to Station’ reissue, if the Harry Maslin mix was only on the DVD in the bigger deluxe box what version is featured in the standard 3CD edition? I see it says “original analogue mix”, but what does it mean? Is that remastered too?

  46. Ollie Carlisle says:

    Given that they’ve strung out 3 studio albums covering three years to one 12 disc box this time I’m not so sure Scary Monsters will be included with the next set. Call it ‘A New Career In A New Town’ as someone else wisely suggested and, in addition to the three albums, two versions of Stage, the long-rumoured Visconti remix of Lodger, possibly the Man Who Fell To Earth soundtrack stuff if it exists and a disc or two of Re:Call stuff and we’re already in double figures.

  47. RJSWinchester says:

    This is one for the obsessives and completists only. A waste of money especially if you now the Ryko CDs. And why would anyone want a “rarities” disc featuring mostly edited tracks? The single edit of Young Americans rips the heart and soul out of the song and an edit of Diamond Dogs is unimaginable. And two different mixes of a live album – they’re havin’ a laugh!

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      They started this format with Five Years. This isn’t really any different. Re:Call is for commercially released rarities – what others would you choose in place of the single edits?

      • RJSWinchester says:

        Shilling The Rubes, I Am a Lazer, demo recordings. Single edits is just a cop-out. They know their market though – (mostly) blokes aged upwards of 40 who should know better but will buy this regardless of the contents! I can ( and will) instead spend £90 discovering lots of music from the past that I missed out on first time around. I bought two of Roy Ayers’ early seventies albums and Terry Callier’s ‘What Colour is Love’ from HMV today and got change from 12 quid!

        • Paul Sinclair says:

          They aren’t commercially released tracks. Once you accept their self-imposed ‘rules’ (even if you don’t agree with them) there is nothing else they could have put on that Re:Call CD other than single edits…

          • Joseph says:

            I don’t recall (no pun intended) at what point David went tax exile, but it’s unfortunate there’s apparently no Beeb material to even consider from this period.

  48. Bill says:

    Can you tell me your general opinion of “David Live” (I’ve read mixed reviews) and what is the difference between the version in this new box and the 2005 version separately available now. Thanks.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      I LOVE David Live. I think it’s by far his best live album. Stage is a bit earnest if you ask me. David Live benefits enormously from the talents of a young Michael Kamen who created some really interesting arrangements of the songs. Fairly theatrical in places, but really great. The band were amazing too. This album does get ‘mixed’ reviews and I can never understand why. Bowie’s voice is amazing too. The versions in the box have both been available before, but these are remastered versions.

  49. John Able says:

    Musical content aside. That artwork is horrible !!

    • Joseph says:

      Typefacing uninspired, but the photo is period correct and one we’ve not seen too much if at all?

      • moog_man says:

        Just looking through the 2010 deluxe box-set of Station and a similar portrait appeared there. This image, cropped for this new box-set, seems to be part of a press set taken by Steve Schapiro from what I can tell.

  50. Paul English says:

    Thanks for the info Paul

    Just a suggestion – is it possible for you to explicitly state the bargain prices when you mention them? The price for the CD set is currently £89.58 – not sure if that’s the “very well priced” amount or not.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      See what you mean, although via the price comparison widget it’s clearly the cheapest…

  51. N Fitz says:

    What I’m really disappointed with is that there are two versions of David Live included – the Tony Visconti 2005 remix (on red CD’s) has been by far the best that has ever been released – why again?

    What I thought those clever box set re-issue people would have done is plunder the RCA archives and came up with one of the later concerts on the 1974 tour when tracks from Young Americans were being debuted or tested out on the audience. Now that would have been very very clever!! I have some bootlegs but is quality is well below par. A missed opportunity.

    Again the Live Nassau Coliseum ’76 (2 CD) which was exclusive to the 2010 Station to Station box set is a unnecessary release. Mind you by that stage Bowie’s concert set lists rarely changed so what alternative could have been offered. The Harry Maslin 2010 remix on both CD & vinyl is much appreciated. I just am not a fan of music on the DVD format.

    I’m slightly confused as to why the same version of Young Americans on the Gouster set is the one that appeared on Young Americans – eh!

    Still the single edits will be fun – although again all the 76 edits were on the StS box. However – it’ll be the first time I’ll have the single edit of Fame. I’ve only ever seen it on a obscure US CD compilation years ago.

    Any how…glad tidings pop pickers.

  52. tom says:

    Was the first volume priced the same initially? $150 at is a little steep for now.

  53. Michael Pendlebury says:

    I don’t actually own any “physical” copies of these albums so I’ve happily made my purchase! The CD set costs around £77 from Amazon UK to send to the States which seems reasonable to me (although I will be following SDE alerts over the next several months to see if a better offer comes along!).

  54. I’m wondering what they’re going to do with Scary Monsters. Is it going to get tacked onto the end of the “Berlin Years” set or get lumped in with the 80s years albums?

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      If they have any sense, it will be part of ‘The Berlin Years’. Can’t see it not being, to be honest. That would be like putting Abbey Road in a Wings box set…

      • My thoughts exactly. I’m hoping they don’t use it as bait to get people to actually buy the (unfairly maligned?) “MTV years” box…

      • Le Baron says:

        So funny, Paul !!! :D :D :D

      • Paolo says:

        What potential would have a box of 80s Bowie without ‘Scary Monsters’? If the series is going further than the 70s stuff I think ‘Scary Monsters’ will be part of a 1980-1987 era box.

        • Paul Sinclair says:

          For me, Scary Monsters is the end of an era, not the start of a new one. I know technically it belongs in a 1980s set but Let’s Dance is the album that kicked off his ‘commercial’ years.

          • Randy Metro says:

            I agree with you, Paul. My cousin (& best friend) was 3 weeks and one day older than me and she never let me forget! She was a bit of an alpha male in our younger kid years. 22 days older – it was just a number.

            I wouldn’t get hung up on 1979 vs 1980. The back of the album references the trilogy albums.

        • Michael says:

          Lets dance, tonight, nlmd, glass spider live in montreal, serious moonlight tour audio for first time, plenty of remixes and soundtrack songs. That should be box 4 i reckon.

    • Mikael says:

      Well, as I’ve said before, I like Scary Monsters, but it wasn’t ‘his last good album before he sold out’, it was, IMHO, the beginning of his more commercial period, leading the way for Let’s Dance, so for me it would make sense to group it with the other albums from the 80s. It is, in fact, from he 80s, and doesn’t have much to do the the Berlin trilogy.
      That would keep the Berlin box to three studio albums and one live, and I can’t wait to see what might end up on reCall 3.

  55. Robert says:

    I bought both last time out but this time Ill get the vinyl box and we’ll see
    Im really happy to see this out if for no other reason it gets us closer to the next box which has the potential to be my favorite.

  56. Troy S says:

    The content seems pretty underwhelming, especially the Re:call disc – nothing but a batch of unimportant single edits. And am I the only one who hates the 2010 Harry Maslin mix of Station to Station? I much prefer the 1985 RCA CD mix.

  57. JOHN McCARTHY¥ says:

    As an owner of both the DIAMOND DOGS (2CD) and YOUNG AMERICANS (CD+DVD) Anniversary sets, the 3CD STATION TO STATION mini-box set and the previous EMI digipak double-CD remaster of DAVID LIVE, this fan will skip this stinkaroo. You’d be better of tracking down the releases I mention even if it would cost you more money, you’d be more satisfied, believe me. I always thought the 1976 Nassau Coliseum show was terribly disappointing, btw…I guess you “had to be there.” John, I’m only passing……

    • Michael says:

      I have every live Bowie set ever officially released and the Nassau 1976 set is actually one of the best, I think. Maybe my favorite, but the cd and Santa Monica ’72 are also great. I think Nassau 76 is a bit better than David Live or Stage, though they are all good… but I love Bowie, don’t I?

  58. Dan H says:

    This was posted on – kind of sums it all up nicely:

    • Ben Williams says:

      That video is amazing!! And so true. Expect that clip to be used a lot for future deluxe editions..

      I just realised that the The Gouster is just the Ryko/EMI CD of Young Americans with tracks missing.. That had alt. mixes on it anyway! So actually, think I’ll miss this box and await a separate release of the Nassau ’76 on disc and a vinyl copy of Station to Station.

    • Dave Gilmour's Cat says:

      This made me laugh a lot – at work, too. Thanks. It’s hilarious.

  59. Arnaldo says:

    do you happen to know if the original uncensored artwork of Diamond Dogs will be used? Also, the live version of Panic In Detroit on the S2S 2010 Digital boxset was an extended version not on the physical format. Any indication if that version will be included? Thanks!

  60. Dan H says:

    Also very amusing that Tony Visconti is suddenly able to recall ‘The Gouster’ in great detail, when previously he’s professed to be unable to remember the project at all. The idea that this is a “lost” Bowie album is misleading at best and exploitative at worst.

    • Ian Ryder says:

      Without ‘Shilling The Rubes’ and ‘I Am a Lazer’ it’s not ‘The Gouster’ in my opinion. Those two tracks would’ve silenced much of the criticism of the whole box. Will I buy it, yes I will.

  61. Paolo Meccano says:

    Thanks for the heads-up. I don’t own any of these albums, so the box is a good deal for me, at least.

  62. bertielego says:

    And on Bowie’s web store, the incentive for the vinyl box set this time is…

    “Be one of the first 50 customers to pre-order now and receive a free vinyl slipmat.”


    • stephendking says:

      Exactly: the official webstore had free 10″/CD single for 5 Years but not this time, which is why I went for the considerably cheaper Amazon order, thank you. Why do record company/artist stores charge so much when they could undercut the retailers who purchase stock from the record company considerably cheaper than the retail price we pay?

  63. Dan H says:

    Except it’s NOT actually ‘The Gouster’ since it doesn’t contain either the track ‘The Gouster’ or the track ‘Shilling The Rubes’. What they’re calling ‘The Gouster’ is just some alternate mixes from ‘Young Americans’ put in a different order. Disgraceful.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      DB’s site have put forward master tape boxes etc. to ‘prove’ that this was sequenced as they are releasing it. Obviously those other tracks exist, but apart from bootlegs, where is your evidence that ‘Shilling The Rubes’ was ever going to be part of The Gouster album?

      • Dan H says:

        Because of what a “gouster” is and what “shilling the rubes” actually means (and where specifically they are both referenced by one of db’s heroes). You seriously think an album called ‘The Gouster’ was NOT going to have a track of the same name even though one was recorded at sessions for that album…?

        • Paul Sinclair says:

          But those tracks wouldn’t all fit on one vinyl record, would they?

        • Paolo says:

          The Smashing Pumpkins recorded a track called ‘Siamese Dream’ back in 92-93, which ended up being only a B-side to the 7″ release of ‘Disarm’, 3rd single from the ‘Siamese Dream’ album.

        • frattonlad says:

          Sheer Heart Attack? Title track for the album is not released until News Of The World three years later.

          I share your Gouster-related frustrations but you cannot second guess Bowie’s whims. He may well have decided to pull the song from the album…

        • Randy Metro says:

          >> a newcomer to Bowie would want two of the same albums any long time fans would have both (of).<<

          I think it is a matter of Sophie's Choice as to which of my children I love least. I'd prefer to have both versions, if there are different versions of albums.

          The Gouster is what we'd have had in an alternate world where John Lennon didn't exist in December 1974.

        • Randy Metro says:

          You seriously think an album called ‘Living My Life’ was NOT going to have a track of the same name even though one was recorded at sessions for that album…?

          • Randy Metro says:

            T.Rex / Bolan’s Zip Gun. The title song, Bolan’s Zip Gun, was stripped of it’s vocal, re-titled Theme for a Dragon, and used on the next T.Rex album, Futuristic Dragon. Those in the Bolan T.Rex camp are probably aware that there is a song/demo/lyric snippet called Electric Warrior.

  64. CJ Feeney says:

    I had the Station to Station box but found it poor value, the Nassau album wasn’t that great compared to the older live albums. But I got my money back when I sold it on ebay.

    The lack of 5.1 mixes is consistent with the Five Years box, so no surprise there.

    This set is well padded out (12 discs for a period covering 3 studio albums), but the CD edition costs less than I paid for S2S deluxe, and includes all the stereo material in that set so I may well get it. I don’t have that many “proper” Bowie albums in my collection – I have bought more of his singles collections over the years. These boxes are a great one stop shop for the collection. The mini lp sleeves are a big attraction.

  65. Dean T says:

    Would just like to add that for myself I have none of the contents of this set ,not a note of it ,once had station to station but that’s gone awol.I have the stage double live album which may feature in the next box I guess ,so this is a good buy at the price if the remixed albums are good.

    Ps… Looks like there’s going to be a pink Floyd early years box set … A image has leaked onto the Steve Hoffman site….will this never end …lol.

    • Michael says:

      I hope it doesn’t end yet. I want that stuff. Plus new generations will want stuff too, not just old used copies of releases.

  66. Jay Kranz says:

    I like Stage more than David Live but I will be just as annoyed when they put it on 5LPs next year too I imagine. but I will be more likely to buy that set straight up cause I have less of the albums on vinyl or nice cds than this one, and I prefer those albums.

    • Michael says:

      I’m guessing they’ll put out two versions of Stage next year, too. I can’t think of any other way they’ll approach the size of box set they want to have, considering it will probably run from Low to Baal.

  67. Don D. says:

    What was the initial price today?
    I just preordered so I was thinking have the prices already changed?

  68. PJ says:

    The 3 studio & 2 Live albums are the only ones I’m interested in, the rest seem to be filler, play once & file away. It would need to be a good deal for me to buy the boxset.

  69. nathaniel says:

    Surely one version of STS and David Live is considered better than the other, so why include two of each?

    Whoever compiled this set is demented. Why would a newcomer to Bowie need two of the same album and any long time fans will have both anyway.

    Gouster is a feeble marketing ploy and clearly they are stretching these sets to the extreme.


    • Trash says:

      Actually I am a long-term fan of Bowie (if you count since 1977 as Long-term) and only have one version of David Live and of Station to Station. As much as I love the latter I didn’t have the money to buy the deluxe set at the time. So I, for one, am glad that I will have the chance to hear it (although – I still have not had anyone say how different it is).

  70. Wayne says:

    Will be a HiRes download purchase at this point. Unfortunate that the rarities disc(s) are not part of the download but whatever.

  71. Dave Gilmour's Cat says:

    @AdamShaw; for those of us unable to catch the People’s History of Pop, can you summarise? Would love to know what sort of rarities/unreleased tracks are still out there.

    • Adam shaw says:

      Danny Baker said on his radio show a few weeks ago that he had filmed a guy who had tons of rare Bowie stuff and that the guy was compiling a book about it . Baker is a mad Bowie fan like most of us and said he heard stuff he had never thought existed like the Space Odity mix mentioned above and also a Laughing Gnome mix with swear words for lyrics !

  72. Neil says:

    The content is pathetic.

  73. Ollie Carlisle says:

    Nice for those ‘new’ to Bowie, if such a thing can be imaginable, but really the choice of this box for £90 or re-mastered Diamond Dogs & Young Americans for a fiver each is only going to go the way of the latter option. I’ve got the 3cd S2S and the 2cd David Live which can’t be that unusual so not much incentive to ‘go large’. I suspect my perspective will be quite different when the Berlin box comes out though so could the likelihood to spend be down to which bit of the Bowie timeline is your favourite?

    • Dan H says:

      It’s Kevin Cann – he played a snippet from the original acetate of ‘Space Oddity’ (apparently only one was ever cut) and it was implied that he has many more such rarities, but they weren’t mentioned.

  74. Jim says:

    So it looks like Nassau will get a stand alone release eventually. Wonder if it’ll be on CD or vinyl only like the live albums from the Five Years box.

  75. Adey says:

    Im so glad it hasn’t got the 5.1 mixes of station to station, david live and young americans in it. It will mean the sets I already own will hold their value and i won’t have to fork out for this box unless the price drops considerably.

  76. fredpostman says:

    [I am being sarcastic]a rather missed opportunity;’TVC 15′ was released with different edits for the UK and overseas.Which version do we get here?Also this is the cd debut for the single edit of ‘Word On A Wing’;i can remember listening to my import single of ‘Stay’ and then flipping the single over and being amazed when ‘Word’ bizarrely just faded 3 and a half minutes in.This really is a pointless release…..

  77. Gavin Kendall says:

    What are people’s thoughts on the album duplications?

    I find it somewhat irritating that they are they at all. I’d of preferred the estate to of just chosen their definitive version and that’s that. Subsequent versions could be sold individually and maybe keep the more desired version for the boxset to keep the deluxe/exclusive element.

    A little sad to see Recall 2 is only a single disc affair…are there really that few tracks from this period?

    Will the 80’s and 90’s boxsets see an extra disc just to collect some of the remixes together?

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Duplication is consistent with Five Years (which had two versions of Ziggy) if nothing else…

    • O(+> Peter B says:

      I don’t like it either, you don’t get many actual albums in this box. With the Five Years box, I can’t tell the difference between the original and the 2003 mix of the Ziggy Stardust album, so the duplication seems pointless to me. I was expecting this new box to include the Berlin trilogy, but I guess that will be in the next Bowie box.

  78. Dean T says:

    Yes not to bad a price for the vinyl set so just ordered .was not to sure about this yesterday as
    I’m not sure about the remix albums,has anyone have any thoughts on them? Are they worth having ? Dean .

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Tony Visconti says the remix of David Live is far superior… although he mixed it, so I guess he would say that :)

  79. Eamonn says:

    Someone on the Steve Hoffman forum reckons there will be a separate release for all the outtake/unreleased materials after these sets are done.

  80. Dean says:

    Man, I don’t know. This is pretty horrible, imo. Very disappointing. They’re just plain out of ideas, and keep shipping the same old same old – missing things like the 5.1 mixes.

    I don’t have any hope for the rest of this series at this point.

  81. moog_man says:

    Initially a very appealing package – although it would have earned bonus points by including the 5.1 mixes for anyone that didn’t get to snag them first time around. I have the Visconti live 5.1s and Station deluxe box – was unaware that Young Americans was also mixed for multi-channel. Thanks for the intel, SDE

    • William says:

      The young Americans surround cd pops up on for a decent price occasionally I got it for just under £10

  82. George says:

    Thanks for the heads up on that cheaper Amazon UK price. Pre-ordered just in case that’s the cheapest it’ll be before release.

  83. Jay Kranz says:

    I imagine I am not the only one to find this to be a massive step down compared with five years. half as many unique studio albums but same number of discs and price. I can’t imagine anyone who really needs 2 copies of david live and if they do they could surely just find a original copy.

    feels like they were stuck between not wanting to go bigger than five years by including the berlin trilogy but also not wanting it to be smaller. wish they could have just gone for smaller.

    if they would include blu rays they could include every single mix ever like king crimson does on their box sets.

    as it stands will wait till I get a good deal alert from super deluxe edition before I think of getting this one.

    • Cameron Cook says:

      Yeah, I was really looking forward to this one after Five Years, but the final product is disappointing. I’m not much for live material as a general rule, and the amount of it was even a minor issues when I bought Five Years, but that box had enough studio albums to be worth it; I definitely don’t need two mixes of a live album (or even Station to Station), and it looks like Re:Call 2 doesn’t even offer enough unique goodies to pick up the slack. I (and my bank account) would be better off just getting the studio albums on their own.

  84. Edu says:

    The david live remix is the edition with the “bonus tracks” added. Strange if the ideia was to delivered this time only the material originally released at the time. And the panic in detroit live version of the recall 2 (b-side of knock on wood) is the same of the one added to the remixed david live. And where is the single version of knock on wood?

    All the edits of recall 2 are the ones in the ep that came with station to station deluxe box. But not again the wild is the wind edit…


  85. Adam shaw says:

    Did anyone see the People’s History of Pop on BBC 4 the other night ?
    Catch it if you can as Danny Baker interviews a guy who’s got the real Bowie rarerities.

    • William says:

      I saw it, that 7″ vinyl of space oddity was a sight to behold, really enjoyed hearing it….except for the ‘Blast off!!’ Bit

  86. Adam shaw says:

    The mix on the original David Live is better IMO so I’m glad it has been remastered.
    But I like a lot of others bought the Station to Station box which had the Nassau concert in it , have the Ryko issues and also have most of the anniversary sets that’s came out , so as a box set there’s not a lot in it that I haven’t already got .
    I really don’t understand who these boxes are aimed at .

    • Michael says:

      aimed at people who are new to collecting everything Bowie, I presume… not us who bought all of the last rounds of deluxe reissues… also the people who want the records on new vinyl.

  87. David B says:

    Hi . .is there any news of individual cd releases . .as there was with last year’s set?

    • Michael says:

      They’ll all come out individually, except for the pieces marked as exclusive to the box.

      • David B says:

        thanks .. just want “Diamond dogs” newly remastered so i’ll be very happy with individual releases ..

  88. Dave Gilmour's Cat says:

    Does all this suggest there’s little left in the archives in terms of real outtakes and alternative versions?

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