David Bowie’s CHANGESONEBOWIE to be reissued on vinyl and CD


In May it will be 40 years since David Bowies first ever ‘best of’ compilation, CHANGESONEBOWIE was released and to ‘celebrate’ Parlophone are reissuing it on what they are calling ‘random’ vinyl…

What that means is that half the supply of the 180g heavyweight vinyl will be pressed on black vinyl and half on clear vinyl. It will be “completely random” as to which one you end up with. Great idea, eh? No, I didn’t think so either.

The only positive is that you can pre-order the vinyl very cheaply on Amazon UK at the moment. This is being described as ‘limited’ but no numbers have been given.

This will also be issued on CD which is quite a big deal, since it was never part of the original Rykodisc/EMI reissue programme and so the original RCA pressings of the early 1980s are the last time it was available on the format.

CHANGESONEBOWIE will be reissued on 20 May 2016.

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David Bowie

ChangesOneBowie [VINYL]


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David Bowie

changesonebowie - CD



Side 1
Space Oddity
John, I’m Only Dancing
Ziggy Stardust
Suffragette City
The Jean Genie

Side 2
Diamond Dogs
Rebel Rebel
Young Americans
Golden Years

65 responses to David Bowie’s CHANGESONEBOWIE to be reissued on vinyl and CD

  1. Oeter says:

    I ordered 2 from Amazon, arrived today and bought one in Tesco’s at the week-end.

    I am now the dazed and confused owner if 3 x Clear versions.

    Seen the clear one On eBay @ £28, can’t do that tbh, anyone up for a swap

    Peter (in Kent)

  2. Mark says:

    Go to a record store and then you can get a clear one :)

  3. Johnny T. says:

    Got it on clear vinyl. Some songs sound better than others. Must be from various sources?

  4. Neil says:

    Doe’s it matter which pressing you get????
    Not like the clear is way more limited than black, or vice versa. There will be 10s of thousands pressed of each. Not really a Ltd collectors piece.
    And, just open it and play it, don’t leave it sealed. Unless you don’t have a deck! Which, to be honest, is probably 50% of you that buy it.
    And, another nugget of info, is the black version will ALWAYS sound better than a coloured/clear version. But I suppose that don’t matter if you buy it, and shelve it, unopened, to impress ya mates that you own some Bowie….on VINYL!!!!

  5. Jan Burnett says:

    are they actually clear initially ? Amazon order appeared, and I bought in Fopp, both clear.

  6. Ailsa says:

    I have a ‘spare’ clear that I would be happy to swap for a black vinyl copy of ChangesOneBowie… anyone?

  7. Andrew Mogford says:

    Seems to be an awful lot of the clear around. I got one too.

  8. stephen davison says:

    Clear copy arrived today from the Bowie shop :) Always loved the cover photo too.

  9. Jim Edwards says:

    20th May 2016. Amazon have just delivered a beautiful clear vinyl print of CHANGESONEBOWIE to me. Happiness. Now to hunt down that elusive black vinyl. Paul, what you do here is remarkable. You make my life a little sweeter and slightly actually, a lot more expensive. Thank you. Here’s to that final instalment of your beautifully written Bowie piece. X

  10. scotty_G says:

    Hope they do CHANGESTWO on different coloured vinyl also. These two compilations are my favourite David Bowie albums and they both have great cover pics.

  11. scotty_G says:

    Bought today in Melbourne Australia, I got a clear one !. I’m HAPPY!

  12. David says:

    Ordered 4 from Amazon when announced and got 2 clear and 2 black!

  13. Darren Briscoe says:

    I got a clear one!

  14. fredpostman says:

    They could have at least produced some with the different versions of ‘John’ on echoing the original vinyl, though i will buy,i will buy,i will buy…….

  15. Derek Murray says:

    I’ve been growing my thumbnail and it’s got a nice sharp edge now. Wink wink

  16. Adey says:

    Has anybody else noticed how record companies are now treating “vinyl fans” as modern day stamp collectors?
    Its laughable, and the record companies are the ones laughing, all the way to the bank!

  17. peter chrisp says:

    And to all of you David Bowie fans a rare concert featuring the late great Stevie Ray Vaughan will be available in the UK on the 8th April entitled “Space Oddity” the selection of tracks are as follows Star,Heroes, What In The World, Look Back In Anger,Joe The Lion,Wild Is The Wind,
    Golden Years,Fashion,Let’s Dance,Red Sails,Breaking Glass,Life on Mars,Sorrow,Cat People,China Girl,Scary Monsters & Rebel Rebel, a rare Dallas Moonlight session get ready!!

  18. george says:

    This is clearly playing into the hands of avid collectors, who need to buy everything, I know I am a collector and when is £13 a great price, if it was great it would be under a tenner. This reissue should be boycotted.

  19. Mick says:

    I do n̲o̲t̲ like this “random” business. Fantasy Records did that with The Vince Guaraldi Trio “A Charlie Brown Christmas” LP. You had a 50/50 chance of getting a green vinyl one or a black vinyl one. I passed.
    If I knew I would get a clear one, I’d jump on this. But 50/50 are not good enough odds for me, so I’ll probably pass on this one too.

  20. AlexKx says:

    There should be a huge “ChangesBowie” box set that includes extended double c.d. sets of both “ChangesOneBowie” and “ChangesTwoBowie” and create new two c.d. sets of “ChangesThreeBowie” and “ChangesFourBowie”. They should feature greatest hits (their original track listings) plus tons of “best of” bonus tracks AND three previously unreleased songs on each set. BUT I don’t think this should be done for some years…and a couple of other things should be done first…

  21. Stu says:

    Sad days when £14 is considered a ‘bargain’ for a single vinyl LP. We’ve been brainwashed into accepting £20+ as standard LP pricing (and £7/8 for 7″s).

  22. Metal Mickey says:

    As a “souvenir” I guess this is fair enough, but blimey, surely it’s been superceded by a dozen other compilations of the same material, and seems spectacularly pointless… mind you, I like the above-mentioned idea of combining it with CHANGESTWOBOWIE as a double album, and if they really wanted to go to town, creating a new CHANGESTHREEBOWIE to take the series up to the Tin Machine era (and including those 80s one-offs like Under Pressure, the original Cat People, This Is Not America, Dancing in the Street, Absolute Beginners, Underground and When the Wind Blows) might have been a cute idea…

  23. Jay1 says:

    Love this being reissued – i wish more classic greatest hits were reissued as remasters along with the studio albums

  24. Graham says:

    If it is a genuine half – half split on the colour than there in theory will be an awful lot of clears out there, realistically they will pull the clear after a 1000 or so and sit back and watch the hype (pun intended) and ebay aftermarket

  25. Jake says:

    Amazon tracklist confirms John I’m Only Dancing is the sax version, and side 2 is all 2016 remasters

  26. TopCat says:

    Paul, CD now available to order on Amazon UK –

  27. Joseph says:

    Lost my cool about this the other day. I dunno…

    Speaking selfishly, a moratorium until next holiday season would’ve been nice is all. They wouldn’t make it if people weren’t buying. I guess it’s worth saying David’s passing has brought him some new fans, and I don’t mean anything bad by that. Selling to them is not a crime. This looks like a forthright quality reissue and has long been the best way to begin one’s enjoyment of the music.

    The conspiracy theory potential here is enticingly huge. How random can the dispersal of clear v black truly be (location and/or timing)? It will be truly random?? Come on!! : )

  28. concerned listener says:

    wouldn’t you be pissed off if you ordered two copies and got two black ones.
    seriously, this is no rare album so just buy a used original.
    cheap and almost certain to sound better.

  29. Dean says:

    £14 is considered “cheap”, for a compilation that is well passed its sell-by-date. WTF?

    Of all the Bowie material I was hoping for, this one wasn’t even on the list. I could put this together in an MP3 version is…. oh, 30 seconds or so.


  30. Paulo says:

    I just shelled out $450 on eBay for the red next day though they a!lowed 6 payments. I’m always a sucker for an attractive package :+)

  31. William M says:

    It’s Bowie…..I’ll buy it, I’ll love it, don’t matter if it’s black or clear :-p

  32. Peter Yarrow says:

    Think I’ll be waiting for the next vinyl box set

  33. AlexKx says:

    Wow, what a bunch of fucking bull shit. I fell for it but damn there’s AWFULLY good chance I am sending it back if it is not the clear one. Heavy levels of bull shit going on here. Meaning you should know what you are getting and therefore be able to choose at least on SOME level without this crap.

  34. Martin says:

    I will risk the black/clear conundrum for the very cheap price which is my first Bowie lp years ago – looking forward to the reaquaintance. However cannot for the life of me see the purpose of the cd release?

  35. Ben Williams says:

    I’ve always loved the artwork for this album. Shame Life On Mars was never included originally but I think it got bumped for the latest hit Golden Years.

    Worth buying for less than £14 on vinyl, and I suppose on CD if you collect collectables on CD too, like myself. I think Kanye West said the other day that the compact disc is dead. He obviously doesn’t visit SDE!

  36. BritinDetroit says:

    The Dave-A-Day continues, Reality Tour, lottery for ChangesOne, at the BBC Vinyl – rushed, ghoulish and thoroughly unpleasant

    I will sit quietly waiting and hoping for considered SD reissues, the trilogy, DD, YA or heck even Pin Ups.

  37. darren says:

    50-50 chance of getting the clear vinyl. Therefore 50-50 chance of tripling your money (wink wink).

  38. Rhinojack says:

    I put in my pre-order for a black one. Wink wink. Never have been lucky to get what I really want.

  39. Paolo Meccano says:

    I’m struggling to understand the purpose of this being released on CD when ‘ChangesBowie’ is still readily available.

    Now, if it was ‘ChangesOne…’ AND ‘ChangesTwo…’ released together in a slipcase or box…

  40. Catweazle says:

    This is getting extremely annoying. As a serious Bowie collector I tried to keep up and buy as many of the new coloured vinyl/picture disc releases as possible over the past few years but it was impossible to get some – just look at those ridiculous prices asked for the Groninger museum or, even worse, Australian ‘Bowie is’ releases. Now if I can buy an album or single I’ve already bought many times as a special limited edition AND at a reasonable price I will continue to do so. But this lottery thing is just ridiculous. I’m out.

  41. patjoller says:

    so do we get one bowie release a day now ?

  42. Sith says:

    I hope they will use an original RCA master for both format.

  43. Ravi says:

    Have entered the lottery!

  44. tonysp says:

    Hello, ordered just the one…. Feeling lucky.

    Also Daveyman19 , I think the stickers look different as one is laying behind the clear vinyl so looks a different colour.

  45. johnny says:

    I noticed the different colour stickers, too, but I think it’s just the black sticker seen through clear vinyl, giving a ‘grey’ appearance…

  46. Simon F says:

    This was the first David Bowie album I ever owned way back in 1976. The original pressing only contained the ‘sax version’ of John I’m Only Dancing which can now be found on the excellent Sound + Vision box set. Later pressings contained the original single version. I wonder which version this reissue will feature?

    • Ravi says:

      This was my first Bowie album as well and I played it to death. My issue was the later one with the single version of John – so for sentimental reasons alone this is what I’m hoping for here!

    • Trash says:

      I was wondering the same thing.
      I recently bought an original copy on eBay but it turned out to be one of the second pressing.
      Still my favourite Bowie compilation and one of my favourite Bowie album covers…

  47. Daveyman19 says:

    unless its a mistake, maybe the grey or black stickers seen on the covers are indication of what vinyl you’ll get!

    • Ravi says:

      I think both stickers are black – the one looks grey because it’s supposed to show a level of opacity resulting from the clear vinyl supposedly overlaying it. My theory anyway!

    • Craigy says:

      The sticker only looks grey because you’re looking at it through the clear vinyl.

  48. Stuart says:

    Surely people will just buy on Amazon, and return it if they get a black one? I can imagine there may be a very high percentage of “faulty” returns among the black vinyl copies.

  49. Andrew Mogford says:

    That is pretty poor – just press it on clear vinyl!

    Either way it’s a great price so preordered.

  50. Chris says:

    Great spot Paul

    Great price too

  51. Rare Glam says:

    It would be a pleasent change I feel if the labels just stated the obvious. That they are ‘exploiting’ (that is an actual industry word) Bowie’s back catalogue to the max for themsleves, never mind ‘celebrating’ it. It would be nicer still if half the profits if not more from all these and future ‘celabratory’ releases found their way into some worthy cause or arts foundation that Bowie supported in his life time or would have approved of, or would be approved by his family.

    That would be justification, for what otherwsie feels like the usual snouts to the trough and the devil take the hindmost exercise that besets the sad occasions when an artists dies. Perhaps they are donating some profits, but I think they’d be falling over themselves to say so if they were for the very reason above, as a marketing tool.

    So, how soon can we expect a ‘in celebration of 50 years of Sir George Martin productions’ box set I wonder now he has passed? Even as I write, I suspect.

  52. Rob Wilcock says:

    The Cd issue is £9.99 at

    Not sure what the postage and packing charges are though…

  53. Rob Wilcock says:

    £13.36 at the moment. The clear vinyl is going to be hard to get then, wonder if HMV will stock this. Might have to get the CD then…

  54. edward says:

    Its a no brainer at that price on vinyl, however its annoying and perhaps a good thing its on random vinyl in the words of forrest gump ‘ you never know what your gonna get’ ( praying for clear vinyl!!)

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