David Bowie’s ‘No Plan’ EP to be issued on CD and special vinyl formats


CD fans rejoice as David Bowie‘s final three recordings, made during the sessions for ★ (Blackstar), are to be issued on a CD single (and vinyl) as the No Plan EP.

Issued digitally last month, the No Plan EP brings together the songs No Plan, Killing A Little Time and When I Met You (which were previously only available physically as part of the Lazarus Cast Album) and Bowie’s original version of Lazarus.


In addition to the CD, two vinyl versions will be available, including a limited edition white vinyl pressing with die-cut sleeve and special laser etching on the B-side. This comes bundled with a lithograph and is available exclusively via the official David Bowie store.

A black vinyl edition without the die-cut sleeve and lithograph (but with the laser etching) is significantly cheaper and should be more widely available.


So three editions of the No Plan EP and three different release dates. The CD will be issued on 24 February, the black vinyl on 21 April and the limited made-to-order white vinyl on 26 May 2017.

Compare prices and pre-order

Bowie, David

No Plan EP - CD Edition


Compare prices and pre-order

Bowie, David

No Plan EP - Black vinyl Edition


Order die-cut White Vinyl with Lithograph from the Official David Bowie Store


  • 1) Lazarus
  • 2) No Plan
  • 3) Killing a Little Time
  • 4) When I Met You

123 responses to David Bowie’s ‘No Plan’ EP to be issued on CD and special vinyl formats

  1. Andrew says:

    My 12″ version from Amazon (sorry I don’t like to order from them but this was a must have!) arrived with the RSD sticker stating it was on Clear vinyl but inside it was the standard black one. Not a problem for me but I wonder if any actual RSD versions were incorrectly inserted with the standard and NOT the clear version?

  2. Peter says:

    Bit of a frenzy this week as Amazon, various European sites had the Blue version up for £44 inc postage. Then on Tuesday fr a few hours it was up for £12.94 !. I ordered but not expecting it to be fulfilled. E-mail today from Amazon UK saying item dispatched, got White and black versions ordered from Bowie Store, happy bunny today !

  3. Shaun says:

    RSD UK website has a picture of a clear/blue 12″ here:

  4. Alan says:

    Interestingly, when I put the CD EP into my DVD player, Gracenote thinks it is the second CD of the Lazarus Soundtrack, so I think it is a total clone of that disc.

  5. Alan says:

    Seems like I have been waiting for this forever, especially considering the CD EP was released ages ago it feels like. I held out on the Lazarus album, I couldn’t justify the price for just three new Bowie tracks on vinyl, I just got it on CD. Then about a month ago I saw the EP on sale in Walmart and picked it up for just $5. Will be happy to get the vinyl this Friday. I have had it on pre-order since Feb, so will be getting it for around $25.

  6. David Van MusicMaster says:

    when the digital download was released on Jan 8th, no mention was made of physical products, so I thought “what the hell”, and made a fake promo cd single for myself.
    I showed it around quite a few people, and they all thought it was genuine.

    The tracks on mine are identical to those on the cd and 12″ that have just been released.

    What disappoints me is that the record company didn’t put the videos on the discs too – they’re on mine! – so it’s not lack of space.

    Never mind record companies, carry on, as you obviously know best, although I would say Opportunity missed!

    Feel free to contact me, perhaps I could sort out your next David Bowie release(s) for you?

  7. says:

    Hey Paul,
    Do you think they’ll ever add these three e.p. tracks as a “Special Edition” version of the ‘Blackstar’ album ?

  8. gwynogue says:

    Australian SDE-ers ‘might’ save money buying from JB HiFi:

    CD: $12 (incl. postage) –
    Black Vinyl: $40 (incl. postage) –

  9. Keith says:

    Black vinyl & cd for me .under £20 for both . The last thing I purchased from the bowie store Had to go back ,cover marked, white vinyl too many pops and it had two labels on top of each other with one peeling off.

  10. Mark says:

    22 April on their website. Would rather see the Lady Stardust picture disc that day to be honest. Going for ridiculous money on ebay. No chance though………

  11. Steve says:

    Blue vinyl version is going to be available from record stores, in store only, no reservations, on 21st April.

    Not sure if the date for RSD had been confirmed yet, but I guess it has been now.

  12. Kevin Allen says:

    If everybody is buying multiple copies of the white vinyl it will be the black vinyl one that becomes the rare, collectable item.

  13. Wesley says:

    Like many of you on here I was initially annoyed at the price of the deluxe edition but eventually relented and ordered one. However, the news of the clear/blue variant made me feel like a gullible idiot so I cancelled it. I’m all for multiple versions of things – it’s what collecting is about after all – but these prices are really taking the piss. I’d rather spend the money on completing my Bowie UK 7″ collection or buying something I don’t already have. Surely a ‘made to order’ limited edition is a contradiction in terms anyway.

    • Howie says:

      It’s a liberating feeling when you get to the point of enough is enough of this corporate fleecing bullshit. My spending on music has decreased rapidly and the only thing stopping me cancelling tomorrow’s preorder of the Bowie vinyl is the good price on Amazon and the 10 quid off code, otherwise I would stick to the Ryko CDs.

  14. Nick Preece says:

    Im still a bit confused as to how many White Copies are being pressed – and whether they will have enough to cover pre orders…. as as per email below from Warner Brothers…..they have already been pressed…… :

    Thanks for your message.

    We can confirm that we only have an allocated amount of pressings available to purchase, so the copies have already been pressed and we are distributing the available ones given to us.

    The pre-order will end either on the day of release or the day before, however this can depend on whether all the stock has been ordered and allocated to customers.

    We hope this helps and if you have any further questions, please contact us.

    Kind regards,
    Your Warner Music Customer Service Team

  15. Rob Deighton says:

    Ordered mt Black LP from Amazon FR. Chances are it will be shipped from Amazon UK anyway as some previous things i have ordered from France have shown up that way.

  16. Chris Lancaster says:

    I’m a huge Bowie fan, an I’ve had the white vinyl ready to check out three times now. However on each occasion logic has taken over when I’ve realised that £42 (including postage) is a lot of money for four tracks I already own – albeit in a nice format. And now I see that there will now be a blue vinyl version sold exclusively through “independent record stores”.

    I think I’ll save my money for the Berlin-era box set that will no doubt be coming later this year, the inevitable Blackstar super deluxe, and concentrate instead on increasing my collection of live bootlegs :-)

  17. Richard Robson says:

    For UK Buyers I worked it out alst night tis actually cheaper to buy from the US – around £7-£10 cheaper.

    (Providing your card company doesn’t charge a foreign purchase fee)

  18. RJSWinchester says:

    Does anyone intend listening to the music? There seems to be an awful fuss being made about the different formats and their availability but only a couple of people enthusing about the music. It’s very good EP. I bought the 320kbps mp3 from Google Play and I see no reason whatsoever to buy it again.

    • paolo says:

      Personally I don’t care about how many colours the 12″ will be available on. I didn’t listen to any of the three unreleased tracks online, and now I will enjoy them when I’ll get the CD in my hands. Old fashion.

    • Mic Smith says:

      That was partly the reason I didn’t bite – but I have plenty of vinyl that I play very rarely which was more reasonably priced so ultimately it must have been the cost that stopped me from ordering.

      If some can afford such luxury then fair play. I can’t and am not going to buy for the sake of maintaining a collection.

  19. Mark R says:

    I pre-ordered…and cancelled it the following day. I just can’t justify spending £46 on an EP. It’s a bit ridiculous. Sure it would be worth more in the future but I’d really want to keep it anyhow. So, I’m out.

  20. stephendking says:

    Would the indie release coloured EP turn out to be a Record Store Day release outside the USA given the date? Might be worth waiting to see rather than paying US postage, though at the current price it is at least below the VAT (plus £8 for the privilege of paying the VAT) threshold. Assuming the exchange rate doesn’t get even worse…

  21. edward says:

    a handful were sold yesterday at HUGE prices! that poor sod who paid £140 could have saved himself £100!

    • paolo says:

      People is stupid and has a lot of money to waste. I think that if you are up for buying a 12″ with 4 songs (you probably already have in digital form) for £140, well, you deserve to get ripped off in such way.

    • Kevin Allen says:

      Well, I suppose if it was listed as a Sold Out item the buyer could contact eBay to say that is not the case and get their money back. Those listings my have been correct and posted in good faith but they are no longer accurate.

  22. edward says:

    I have ordered it, I actually am impressed they re-opened the order up. can you imagine if you had panic bought one on ebay how annoyed you would be now? I do think its pretty outrageous charging £40 for an EP. however compared to the normal vinyl version it does look amazing and will be nice to add to the collection. I simply cannot resist.

  23. Scott G says:

    The white vinyl is currently “In Stock” @11:00 AM

  24. edward says:

    does anyone know if pre order money is taken immediately or after shipping?

  25. Steve Edwards says:

    The “out of stock scenario” reads more like “create an online buzz by the white vinyl selling out immediately”.
    Then create another online buzz by correcting said “error” and hoovering up as many sales as possible.

    Its a similar situation with Ryan Adams, Prisoner.
    Register before a certain date so you can order the mega bucks “End of World edition” of the new album.
    RA forum goes nuts for weeks.
    Then we get an email so we can order, which we do, thinking this is an exclusive.
    Fast forward a couple of weeks……and its still available for sale on Paxam.

    What was “Ltd Edition” has now morphed into “Ltd Time”.
    Ltd Time meaning “lets max out the pre sale orders with some hype”
    Two artists that I truly revere, both tainted by the dead hand of commerce & opportunism IMHO.

    • Richard Robson says:

      You echo my sentiments.

      I recently purchased the Brett Anderson Vinyl Box Set (Thanks to Paul on here for the tip).

      Four full vinyl albums, signed lithogrpah and in a box – £49.99

      One David Bowie EP and lithograph – £42.00

      Its not the product its the price thats getting out of hand.

  26. François says:

    Are those 33rpm or 45rpm ? Does anyone know if there are the exact same mixes/versions as those available on the Lazarus cast album ? I remember buying the 45rpm ep of “Sue or in a season of crime” when it was released, and was disapointed to find the songs on the Blackstar tracklisting, only to find out the songs had been completely remixed and be delighted..

  27. Richard Robson says:

    When they say clear/blue/white…is it multi coloured? Or are there three different random colours?

    Ugh IF I was to order the white one and the Indie one its close to £80 …. Makes me wonder if the Indie one will come to the UK.

    • Domingo says:


      I’ve asked about the indie copy and this is the answer from plaid room récords:

      I’m not sure. I contacted Sony regarding this yesterday, but haven’t heard back yet. I’ll let you know if they get back with me. Since it was just announced, information is pretty sparse at this point, but I’d expect some product shots/more detailed descriptions in the coming weeks.

  28. patjoller says:

    for those who want to try to buy the indie store copies, and are not US residents (thanks bull moose) you can do it here.
    just so you know, shipping is around 30$ for Europe.

    • Heinz says:

      Hi and thank you for this information!
      D o you perhaps know if that means that when you order a copy
      you will get either a clear or a blue or a white record by random?

  29. paolo says:

    If there is more material left from the ‘Blackstar’ sessions I believe it won’t come out that soon. I doubt there are many other finished songs, maybe one or two, so a ‘Blackstar’ deluxe is unlikely at this point, given they choose to market the biggest part of those unreleased cuts in the form of this EP. The perfect timing would have been now, cause the second half of 2016 was focused on WCIBN? and the second half of 2017 will be dedicated to the next box set. My bet is that we’ll get the remaining unreleased stuff on a future archive/rarities compilation.

    I wonder how the packaging for this CD EP will be. From the promo picture looks like a standard cardsleeve like those used for CD singles back in the 90s/00s, but it’d be kind of simple for a Bowie release, so maybe a two panel digipack? February will be a busy month for me with ‘No Plan’ and all the individual releases from WCIBN?, I’m quite excited!

  30. Richard Bristow says:

    It reads to me that the white vinyl copy isn’t limited as such;

    ”This is a made to order one-time-run of a numbered die-cut package”

    Whoever orders before the one and only pressing takes place will get a copy.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      It’s limited by time-period. So there will be a window of opportunity to order the white vinyl (don’t know how long – a few weeks maybe) and once that window closes they manufacture that quantity and that’s it. They might make 20,000 for all we know, but how ever many orders they get in that period, all will be fulfilled. The ‘out of stock’ thing the other day was just an error that they corrected.

  31. PC says:

    I had to google Blu-spec CD2. Never heard of that before. Sounds like the (latest) emperor’s new clothes of CD technology.

  32. Richard Banham says:

    This EP does not represent the final clearing of the vaults from the Blackstar sessions. At least one other song was completed – a track called Blaze which is referred to in glowing terms in the new edition of “The Complete David Bowie”. I am sure other tracks were also mentioned in an Uncut article that predated the Lazarus soundtrack album being announced. The musicians on the sessions never differentiated between “Blackstar” & “Lazarus” – they were recording Bowie songs.


    Speculation and abuse are other faces of fascism. Its victims: the unwary. I like vinyls, I have no problem with cds, but the overpriced of the Deluxe Edition is a complete rip off. Is the content or format more important? Rest in peace David Bowie.

  34. Alan Jones says:

    Saw your posting at lunchtime and was gutted the limited was sold out. When I got home tonight the first thing I did was check the Bowie site and managed to place an order. It’s been an expensive start to the year what with managing to get a Paul Smith signed red vinyl copy of The Next Day, the Japan Blackstar red vinyl 12″ and the Japan yellow vinyl of The Next Day. And RSD is coming over the hill….

  35. Kevin Allen says:

    They are still selling them. Just ordered one.

  36. stephendking says:

    Thanks for posting that more available. Perhaps they read this site and realised the extra orders they could get??

  37. eric slangen says:

    Wow, almost 60 euro for the white vinyl to ship to the Netherlands.
    But I ordered one.

  38. juerie says:

    yes, its back online. maybe they press more. Hahaha

  39. Pete says:

    The white vinyl is available again now.

  40. Tony C says:

    It’s up for pre order at the David Bowie store as at 15.52. Just ordered one for myself

  41. Chris A says:

    Deluxe edition back up for pre order on the UK site.

  42. Kevin says:

    Guys, not unlike Next Day, I’d wager on an eventual “deluxe” version of Blackstar with this ep included, labeled the ‘Complete Sessions’ (plus some sort of DVD about the making of Lazarus? Maybe?). I wouldn’t put it past the powers that be.

  43. Jim Edwards says:

    By the way, elliott buckingham you couldn’t be any more wrong if you tried. I don’t know what you’re listening to that betters ★.

  44. Robert says:

    Any plans for Super Deluxe Edition starting up a whole separate web site devoted to Bowie releases, since they seem to be weekly?

  45. Jim Edwards says:

    This is getting bloody ridiculous. Nearly £50 for a vinyl ep, £10+ for a cd ep? I wouldn’t mind if the vinyl played at 45rpm and had two tracks per side but this is a just a print of Lazarus side 5. If it’s made to order then why has it sold out? I’m a massive MASSIVE BowieBoy but my bank is almost empty they need to slow down and realise fans simply cannot afford they’re inflated prices. I bought Sound and Vision picture disc from the BowieStore and it cost my nearly £20. Gotta feeling I’m gonna have to be more selective when it comes to future releases, after all these are the record company’s limited editions and prices not David’s.

  46. Andy Vizor says:

    I got the direct email shot from the Bowie Website last nite. Having been lucky enough to get Blackstar on clear vinyl I did rush in. Thou I’m now receiving mails from Record Store & Banquet offering the normal vinyl & CD for HALF THE PRICE of the Bowie Store – i.e. CD £10.99 but now £6.99 ish. Vinyl I think £22.99 but elsewhere £13.99 ish. There is much confusion over 10″ & 12″ but as Paul states I understand it is 12″

  47. Mic Smith says:

    I bought the Lazarus cast album for the new material and given the Bowie material is on a second disc by itself that’s enough for me. The multi-formats are diminishing the value of these final recordings, turning them into just another 3 Bowie tracks. Like others have said, this will go on endlessly. It’s all quite depressing.

  48. HalloweenJack says:

    Now, who didn’t see this coming? Something that should have been done from the very beginning – as stand-alone release, not to be associated with that horrific Cast Recording of “Lazarus” (it really is that awful).
    I couldn’t care less about any “limited” Bowie pressings after his death (Parlophone’s celebrity death cash-grab). Black vinyl it is!

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Don’t share you views on the Cast Album. Absolutely love it… although admittedly it really helps to have seen the musical. Lazarus “Heroes” is deeply moving.

  49. paolo says:

    I knew it would happen. Now I’m glad I didn’t buy the ‘Lazarus’ soundtrack, I’d rather have a proper Bowie EP for 10 € than a double album with an entire CD of stuff I don’t need for about 15 €. This collector frenzy for colour vinyl is ridicolous though, the standard black version is very cheap so I don’t see the problem at all for those who want this record on 12″. Curious how they choose Record Store Day as release date for the vinyl, without it being a RSD release.

  50. Steve W says:

    I’ve pre-ordered the standard vinyl. Nice as it is there is no point me ordering cd too as I have the Lazarus soundtrack already on vinyl & cd!

  51. Shaun says:

    I was really turned off by the price for the white edition. Ridiculous. For US residents the “Indie Exclusive” edition is available for pre-order at Bull Moose.

  52. elliott buckingham says:

    as a small bowie fan these new tracks and even half of the blackstar album are poor songs. if this wasn’t his last album and he was still alive it would have been slated. the next day album is a far better album made better with the next day extra release

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Blackstar was getting good reviews when he was still alive. The No Plan songs work better as part of the Lazarus musical for me, although I do like the Bowie versions.

    • RJSWinchester says:

      Dead or alive, I think Blackstar is a classic. Up there with his very best work.

    • Trash says:

      Honestly speaking, I think the Next Day was underwhelming on release and perhaps even more so listening to it now. It is very much a standard Rock/Pop album with very little to distinguish it (yes it does have some decent songs on it but it also has a lot of filler I think).

      Blackstar shows Bowie doing what he does so well – pushing the boundaries, experimenting and mixing various genres to great effect.

      As Paul points out – the reviews were good even before Bowie passed away – with critics lauding the fact that someone of his longevity in the music business was still brave enough to take the road less travelled.

  53. stephendking says:

    Considering how easy it was to order the clear vinyl Blackstar when that was announced does this suggest that there were a lot less copies of the white 12″, that there are many more fans in the last year or that the auction vultures are better organised? Why bother with such an edition if there are so few that they go in 12 hours or so, it’s not as if the hype will help sales of the other formats.

    • Rich Robson says:

      I mentioned earlier I think the clear Blackstar vinyl sold slow because nobody knew David was ill and it would become a geunine collectors edition.

      Everybody now will have seen this and just thought profit!

      My theory anyway…

  54. Pim says:

    I will buy the regular 12″ and the cd-single from Amazon. Was planning on getting the white vinyl as well, but as they were “made-to-order” and they won’t be dispatched until late May I didn’t see the need to immediately place an order yesterday evening. Bizarre to see that they are now ‘sold out’ on an item which probably hasn’t been manufactured yet.

    • Rich Robson says:

      I still wouldn’t rule them out putting it back on sale.

      By clearly stating there was no set number and they were made to order it leaves it open for them to just print more and more – why wouldn’t they? They may aswell be selling them at £36 as opposed to watching everybody make money on eBay.

  55. Nick Preece says:

    Ridiculous – looks like one seller on eBay bought most of them! And now on eBay at £200!

    This should be stopped! One copy per Real Fan! Not loads sold to a few unscrupulous Dealers!
    Fans will be sad enough to be ripped off and buy them!

  56. Daryl says:

    I ordered the CD. It will be a nice little addition to Blackstar. I was waiting to get Lazarus on Cd once the price dropped to bargain-basement level, but I’d rather have a Bowie-only release anyway!

    Will burn this onto the end of Blackstar on a CD for the car. Thanks to whoever made this happen! And thanks Paul for the heads-up!

  57. Jim says:

    I’m just going to make my own copy by scratching a picture with a compass on the blank side 6 of my Lazarus album.

  58. edward says:

    gutted the limited edition sold out :( its also misleading saying ‘made to order’ so if its sold out then that means they had a limited amount. made to order they would at least wait to see what demand was and then stop. oh well that price is ridiculous for 4 tracks so perhaps its good they wont be getting my money. I’ll try and get the indie version

  59. Rich Robson says:

    The print looks very similar to the red vinyl Blackstar released in Japan recently – I would have liked that one but the only plausible way getting it is via eBay.

    Given how publicised the clear vinyl of Blackstar was with its eBay prices its no surprise all the copies are gone…everybody who saw it will have bought it or multiple copes.

    I thought the “made to order” status was to combat this.

  60. Daz says:

    36.99 ……… you have to be kidding. Even if it is was available a lot of fans would not be able to afford this ridiculous . We recently had a release called Legacy did we not , it will be tarnished with much more of this nonsense.

  61. Vladimir says:

    Japan will release No Plan EP as Blu-spec CD2 –

  62. Daveyman says:

    Nice but too limited to get hold of – will get the CD instead.

    Probably sure there’s more ‘last tracks that Bowie recorded’ being held back by the record company… oh skeptic old me!

    • Michael says:

      There is 1 song at least mentioned in interviews by the band, named “Blaze” and said to be very good from the same sessions.

  63. Alastair says:

    As a cd buyer I’m pleased I waited until now before getting a hard copy of these tracks. I’m happy they are on a separately available cd single in what looks like an attractive pack, and at a pretty fair price.

  64. Rich Robson says:

    Hold onto your hats for the Blackstar Ultimate Edition this Christmas…

  65. juerie says:

    And the first are already on ebay for 230.

  66. Neil says:

    £7 for a CD single no thanks.

  67. patjoller says:

    A contact who’s a record shop owner told me that he should get copies of the white vinyl for RSD. So there’s still hope for us. Still wondering about the US indie shop edition

  68. elliott buckingham says:

    is it 10″ or 12″

  69. Rich Robson says:

    It was up for pre-rder from around 7pm GMT last night.

    I had the white vinyl in my basket to order – got through to payment then once shipping was added on it was nearly £42.00.

    Common sense came over me and I cancelled at the last minute. Big fan but these final 4 tracks have been milked for all their worth in my honest opinion.

    First of all was the LE Lazarus OST with the additional white vinyl and the tracks could not be bought sperately in any way and now this white version, black version, CD and also a clear/blue vinyl exclusive to indie stores – its a little much.

    I did see a note on my email saying the white vinyl would be numbered but they are being “made to order” so don’t be surprised if they go back on sale.

    • RJSWinchester says:

      Don’t forget the digital release from last month too.

      • Paul Sinclair says:

        Unless a label specifically says something will only ever be issued on a certain format, then you should always work on the assumption that stuff can turn up in the future on other releases. Is anyone really surprised that these tracks are now available separately?

    • Andrew says:

      Good thinking, I would have done the same. To pay that kind of money is pretty crazy, you do however get a lithograph included. The rise of vinyl really is turning into a money spinner for labels but I would imagine the production costs are still high. If I had some investment money I’d build a record plant!!

      • Rich Robson says:

        I had no doubt it would get released again and again – however I just think regardless of vinyl colour £42 for an EP is getting a little out of hand.

        £20 – £25 at the very most would have been reasonable.

  70. Steve says:

    I bought this as part of the Original cast album thinking there would be no separate release. Silly me.

  71. Mark says:

    Odd. From reading the description last night it said the white vinyl would be ‘made to order’. I was under the impression that they were going to make as many as would be ordered by a certain time. Hope this is the case or I’ll be cursing myself for not pulling the trigger last night.

  72. patjoller says:

    Is there someone who can help me to order an indie US copy, I’m trying to a store but can only sell to Us residents. If someone has a link, that would be appreciated

  73. Catweazle says:

    Limited white viny already sold out. Pathetic. How many did they produce, like, 200? It’s really not easy to be a Bowie collector these days. I mean who can keep up with all these limited colour vinyl album reissues and picture discs? Who can afford all those different ‘Bowie is’ special editions that are being sold at ridiculous prices on ebay?

  74. Ian Hicks says:

    White vinyl version already sold out

  75. juerie says:

    just checked the Bowie Onlinestore , looks like the white pressing is sold out. That was fast!

  76. Alan Wilson says:

    There is also another Vinyl edition marked as an Indies only edition, this is been advertised as:

    Indie Store Exclusive Clear/White/Blue Vinyl 12″ EP
    Side-B Etching | Die Cut Jacket

    Only seen it in USA so far, no mention of this appearing in UK Indie stores yet.

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