David Gilmour / Live at Pompeii

4-disc deluxe box • 4LP vinyl set • CD, DVD and blu-ray options

In July 2016 David Gilmour performed two shows in the amphitheatre in Pompeii making him the only performer to play to an audience in the arena since the time of the gladiators, almost 2,000 years ago. As you might expect, a concert film Live At Pompeii was shot (in 4K, by Gavin Elder) and this is being released theatrically in September (“for one night only”) and more pertinently for SDE readers, the whole thing is being issued across five different formats – including as a 2CD+2x blu-ray deluxe box set – later the same month…

The 21-song performance is captured on audio and video and includes songs from throughout David’s career including the title tracks of Rattle That Lock and On An Island and other solo and Pink Floyd classics such as Wish You Were HereComfortably Numb and One Of These Days, the only song that was also performed by Pink Floyd in 1971 for Adrian Maben’s audience-free concert film.

Live at Pompeii deluxe box offers a bonus blu-ray

With the new Live At Pompeii, of the five formats being issued only one combines separate audio CDs with video, and that is the four disc (2CD, 2 x blu-ray) deluxe box set. This also offers an exclusive bonus blu-ray which delivers 65 extra minutes of performance from the same tour (from South America and Poland) and over two hours of documentaries (including the BBC’s 72-minute film David Gilmour: Wider Horizons). As you’d expect the blu-rays offer stereo and surround sound (96/24 PCM Stereo & 96/24 DTS Master Audio).

Live at Pompeii – 4LP vinyl box

Standalone DVD (two discs) and blu-rays (one-disc) are available if you’re not bothered about separate audio, but remember, you don’t get the bonus content on either set. If the opposite is true and you just want the audio, then 2CD and 4LP vinyl sets are available.

The physical editions of Live at Pompeii will be released on 29 September 2017. Below is a selection of pre-order links (only 2CD on Amazon UK right now!).

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Gilmour, David

Live At Pompeii - deluxe box set


Compare prices and pre-order

Gilmour, David

Live At Pompeii - 4LP vinyl box set


Compare prices and pre-order

David Gilmour

Live At Pompeii - 2CD edition



Live At Pompeii – 2CD Edition

CD 1:

  1. 5 A.M.  3.55
  2. Rattle That Lock  4.41
  3. Faces Of Stone  6.00
  4. What Do You Want From Me  4.30
  5. The Blue  6.33
  6. The Great Gig In The Sky  6.02
  7. A Boat Lies Waiting  4.55
  8. Wish You Were Here  5.18
  9. Money  8.13
  10. In Any Tongue  7.47
  11. High Hopes  9.31
  12. One Of These Days  6.32

CD 2:

  1. Shine On You Crazy Diamond  12.32
  2. Fat Old Sun  6.05
  3. Coming Back To Life  7.18
  4. On An Island  7.01
  5. Today  6.40
  6. Sorrow  10.50
  7. Run Like Hell  7.16
  8. Time / Breathe (In The Air) (reprise)  6.45
  9. Comfortably Numb   9.59

Live At Pompeii – 2 x DVD edition

DVD 1:

  1. 5 A.M.                                                                                                  3.54
  2. Rattle That Lock                                                                                     4.40
  3. Faces Of Stone                                                                                     6.01
  4. What Do You Want From Me                                                            4.34
  5. The Blue                                                                                                 6.30
  6. The Great Gig In The Sky                                                                        6.01
  7. A Boat Lies Waiting                                                                                     4.55
  8. Wish You Were Here                                                                         5.18
  9. Money                                                                                                 8.12
  10. In Any Tongue                                                                                     8.02
  11. High Hopes                                                                                             9.58

DVD 2:

  1. One Of These Days                                                                                     6.35
  2. Shine On You Crazy Diamond                                                                     12.37
  3. Fat Old Sun                                                                                                 5.58
  4. Coming Back To Life                                                                         7.16
  5. On An Island                                                                                                 7.08
  6. Today                                                                                                             6.34
  7. Sorrow                                                                                                         10.49
  8. Run Like Hell                                                                                                 7.15
  9. Time / Breathe (In The Air) (reprise)                                                 6.45
  10. Comfortably Numb                                                                                     9.41


  • Pompeii Then And Now Doc                                                              7.17

Live At Pompeii – blu-ray edition

Part 1:

  • 5 A.M.                                                                                                  3.54
  • Rattle That Lock                                                                                     4.40
  • Faces Of Stone                                                                                     6.01
  • What Do You Want From Me                                                             4.34
  • The Blue                                                                                                 6.30
  • The Great Gig In The Sky                                                                         6.01
  • A Boat Lies Waiting                                                                                     4.55
  • Wish You Were Here                                                                         5.18
  • Money                                                                                                8.12
  • In Any Tongue                                                                                     8.02
  • High Hopes                                                                                               9.58

Part 2:

  • One Of These Days                                                                                     6.35
  • Shine On You Crazy Diamond                                                                     12.37
  • Fat Old Sun                                                                                                 5.58
  • Coming Back To Life                                                                         7.16
  • On An Island                                                                                                 7.08
  • Today                                                                                                             6.34
  • Sorrow                                                                                                         10.49
  • Run Like Hell                                                                                                7.15
  • Time / Breathe (In The Air) (reprise)                                                 6.45
  • Comfortably Numb                                                                                     9.41


  • Pompeii Then And Now Doc                                                              7.17

96/24 PCM Stereo & 96/24 DTS Master Audio

Directed by Gavin Elder. Produced by Dione Orrom. Audio produced by David Gilmour. Mixed by Andy Jackson & David Gilmour, assisted by Damon Iddins. Live Recording by Damon Iddins


  • CD 1 (same as CD in wallet)
  • CD 2 (same as CD2 in wallet)
  • BD 1 (Concert Pts 1 & 2 – same as standard BD in wallet)

Bonus BD (Music – 65 mins; Documentaries 132 mins in wallet)

Bonus BD

South America December 2015

  • Astronomy Domine                                                                          5.14
  • Us And Them                                                                                    7.51
  • Today                                                                                                             6.53
  • Time / Breathe (In The Air) (reprise)                                                 6.41
  • Comfortably Numb  (Jon Carin – vocal)                                                 9.00

Directed by Aubrey Powell

Wroclaw, Poland June 2016 – with Orchestra

  • 5 A.M.                                                                                             3.01
  • Rattle That Lock                                                                                      5.25
  • Dancing Right In Front Of Me                                                              6.18
  • The Girl In The Yellow Dress (with Leszek Możdżer)                          7.08
  • In Any Tongue                                                                                      7.56

Directed by Aubrey Powell


  • Gavin Elder: Europe 2015                                                               12.45
  • Gavin Elder: South America 2015   15.00
  • Gavin Elder: North America 2016  15.25
  • Gavin Elder: Europe 2016  17.00
  • BBC documentary ‘David Gilmour: Wider Horizons’ 72.00

Technical specs

  • Blu-ray 96/24 PCM Stereo & 96/24 DTS MAA
  • DVD Stereo PCM, 5.1 Dolby Digital, 5.1 DTS

75 responses to David Gilmour / Live at Pompeii

  1. Mark says:

    So, i only found out about this today (yes i know). Box set and the bluray disc seem to be sold out everywhere. Paul, do you know if there any plans for them to release more stock?

  2. Gisabun says:

    From Paul’s text about solo material, looks to me that he ignored the first 2 solo albums. Prefer About Face over the mostly boring On An Island.

  3. Phil says:

    Seen it last night unbelievable fantastic visually stunning just a terrific show

  4. Barney says:

    Will there be a hi rez ,flac 96/24 audio release via digital,download? Thanks!

  5. Andy Haines says:

    I would like to think the vinyl set would have a download code, especially at the price they are asking! Why can Amazon Germany offer the same package at nearly £25 less than UK Amazon?

  6. Ade Swatridge says:

    My immediate reaction was to buy the 4k UHD bluray with Dolby Atmos, but it’s not available? Crazy! What’s the point of going to the bother of filming in 4k and Atmos just for one night in the cinema? Come on – get with it guys…it’s 2017…give the punters the best experience possible!

  7. Pingback:Show de David Gilmour en Pompeya será editado en múltiples formatos

  8. Auntie Sabrina says: make no mention of the region coding,’s listing for the 2BD set has it region free

  9. Dave says:

    A great price for this vinyl set.
    Many thanks, Paul.

  10. Peter says:

    Does the BluRay have the Dolby Atmos mix as the Cinema preview? Please!!!!

  11. Ejner says:

    I’m gonna see it in the cinema before buying it.
    I saw Gilmour about 10 concerts later in Belgium after Pompeii.

  12. Danny says:

    Just double-checking this. Amazon in the U.S. is showing a listing price of around $68. Are the Blu-ray discs going to be region free?

  13. Manus Mc Guirk says:

    The Deluxe Edition says its a 4CD set . I hope that its actually 2CD+2BD as Ive just ordered anyway at that price .


  14. Pingback:Deal alert / David Gilmour: Live in Pompeii four-disc deluxe box | superdeluxeedition

  15. Dean T says:

    Just ordered the vinyl and deluxe set ..£75 with postage from Italy …would be rude not too..
    May cancel one or the other at some point but worth an early order at these prices.
    Thanks for heads up.

  16. Robert says:

    September is going to be a very expensive month. David Bowie’s new boxset and this Deluxe boxset of David Gilmour. Once again the release date is my birthday !

    Paul, earlier this year you had a “preview” of expected releases for this year, maybe you should create one for the releases of last months of this year.

  17. Ralf says:

    Thanks for the heads up. Got it.

  18. steve edwards says:

    German site jpc sent an email offering 20% off.
    Well they did begger up my OK Computer blue vinyl order.
    48 quid shipped thank you very much.

  19. Chris Squires says:

    SDE does it again.

    I had never listened to a note of DG’s solo work and only a cursory, passing knowledge of Floyd. But due to this post I listened to Rattle that Lock on Spotify last night and loved it.
    Having been a massive Kate Bush fan I had always known of him in passing but not got as far as listening. So much more to explore if it is as good as last night’s listening.
    Thanks SDE!

    • Carl Homes says:

      Chris you can get the Deluxe box Rattle That Lock CD+Blu-ray for just over £6 on Amazon which is a beauty. I got it a while back. Well worth it

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Yes, I’m not that au fait with DG solo output either, but similarly, really enjoyed Rattle That Lock.

  20. Johnny Feathers says:

    I suppose I should pick this up for the high-def video, if nothing else. But this particular album and tour didn’t do a lot for me. At the moment, I’m more excited about what Roger’s doing.

  21. Alan Wilson says:

    Good price in Italy for the Deluxe set this morning, only €32

  22. Paul Hoyle says:

    Hi Paul,

    Just spotted the deluxe set for 32.19 EUR plus 3.80 p&p EUR on Amazon it site and ordered.


  23. Brian says:

    And you don’t see one single phone camera in the audience.hmmmm

  24. Rasputin says:

    By the way, the width and height of the box-set Pompeii is likely to be the same as that of the releases Pink Floyd The Endless River and David Gilmour Rattle That Lock

  25. Pete Muscutt says:

    @ Highlander – I guess when Gilmour toured ‘On An Island’ in 2006 he was promoting that LP and played some of the old Floyd as well – you have to edit the set list somehow to keep everyone happy! Likewise with ‘Rattle That Lock’ – more people are going to know those songs, but I agree, the odd ‘deep cut’ performed live would have been cool…

    Incidentally, here on the Isle of Man we have recently had a mini-tour of charity gigs by Pigs on the Wing – an excellent Floyd tribute act who play a few solo Gilmour tracks. Top stuff! Even our local cinema is showing the live concert film…

  26. Giovanni says:

    Can’t you buy LPs and deluxe set from amazon UK ?

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Not at the moment, no. Amazon UK have been very slow in getting these up, although I imagine that’s Sony’s fault, not the retailer.

  27. Highlander says:

    I’ll definitely get the Deluxe Blu-ray version, but I wonder why Gilmour never seems to resurrect songs from his debut in 1978, like the wonderful “There’s No Way Out of Here” and “Mihalis”, or songs from his About Face LP, like the incredible “Murder” or “Blue Light”. Perhaps some Gilmour aficionado that frequents here knows the answer?

    • Carlos Pinto says:

      Totally agree.

    • Julian H says:

      DG says that he’s not crazy about those first two records. A shame, since I think there are some great tracks such as the ones you mentioned. “Blue Light” doesn’t seem to be loved a lot though and would be hard to play without the horns…

      But yes, “Murder” or “Near the End”… “No Way”…

  28. Louise says:

    4LP version is £75 on the official David Gilmore site, plus shipping. Not good when you consider others recent similar vinyl boxes. Probably sell out though!

  29. Rasputin says:

    Pink Floyd in Pompeii should also be released on blu – ray

    New version of Adrian Maben

    But when will it be? Maybe this fall…

  30. Rasputin says:

    Pompeii Manifesto

    Money first to David Gilmour

    Do not have time to increase budget after shopping in the Victoria and Albert Museum as again strikes lightning…

    Although we knew that this would happen…

  31. Ralph says:

    “making him the only performer to play to an audience in the arena since the time of the gladiators, almost 2,000 years ago” So David was confronted with hungry lions who wanted to eat him alive, too? ;)

    • Rasputin says:

      In Pompeii David Gilmour confronted with Mary Beard (researcher of antiquity)

      In the box-set will be Pompeii guide with her interview

  32. Jonathan says:

    Paul, it seems that the DVDs are only available in Blu-Ray format. Is this correct?

  33. reed says:

    So. Many. Versions. Gah….

    I second the Live In Gdansk comment from earlier. I do love his rendition of High Hopes, so I will probably empty my wallet for this too…

  34. Andy says:

    Of course I’m still buying it. All of it. Bring it to me. But… filmed in 4K but no 4K blu-ray makes no sense other than a double dip at a later date.

  35. Dan T. says:

    I sure hope the editing isn’t following this fad of endless 0.25 second clips that flash back and forth so quickly it can cause seizures…

    Glad to see that Dave still has it in him. He’s a living legend.

  36. Dean says:

    That trailer is a bit heavy on classic Floyd. Good move, Dave!

  37. Keith says:

    Good shout keeping the vinyl separate.

  38. adam shaw says:

    Seen the man many times and he is a legend .
    All his DVD /Blu Rays are incredible quality so will be buying this ASAP .

  39. MINO says:

    Pompei has only 1 i probably it’s for the 2 concerts…II

  40. Mark says:

    Paul, if this was shot in 4K is there going to be version of this on Ultra HD Blu-ray with Dolby Atmos ?

  41. French Eric says:

    Got my ticket to watch the live movie in a theatre near my home in september !
    Special price of 16 euros instead of the regular 10 euros entrance.
    The movie will be of course showed in 4K…
    So happy !

  42. Marco says:

    Paul, I’ve heard rumours that the film was shot in 4K: can you confirm it? This will make me decide if to buy the audio only or the super deluxe bundle.

  43. CJ Feeney says:

    This may go on my Christmas list, September onwards always sees a deluge of releases that I will want. The 4 disc deluxe look likes an excellent package.

  44. Fish says:

    so excited to add this to the collection. glad someone still releases live cd’s! will look great next to my 5 disc live in gdansk deluxe edition.

  45. Babis says:

    The price for the 4lp is ridiculous

  46. Danilo says:

    Paul, do you know if the DVDs and Blurays are all region discs?

  47. Gisabun says:

    I’m surprised there was just 5 editions. With Gdansk there were too many variations.
    Interesting that the concert was spread over 2 DVDs. I think the combined concert isn’t much over 2 hours – easily it can fit on a single DVD.
    Good to see him since he didn’t bother to tour in my neck of the woods [odd since PF is/was big here].
    Now if only some of the older video releases including Gdansk be released on BR.

  48. Seb says:

    I saw my God live last year in France. It was fantastic.
    I’m happy to see him again on HD, crying in front of my TV.
    Ordered of course ! :-)

  49. fan says:

    60€ for 4LP, pre scalpers’ prices on ebay/discogs price : PREORDERED !!!!

  50. Marc says:

    Ordered, and I have tickets for the screening on Sept. 13 as well.

  51. Marco says:

    Very nice, I will get it even if I have the Super Deluxe “Live In Gdansk”…it’s a pity he didn’t play “On The Turning Away”, ma favourite Gilmour-written song.

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