Dead Or Alive / 19-disc career box set: Sophisticated Boom Box MMXVI


Massive box set delivers hits, albums, rarities and more

Edsel are to release Sophisticated Boom Box MMXVI a giant career-spanning 19-disc box set featuring British pop group Dead or Alive.

Curated by frontman Pete Burns and drummer/keyboard player Steve Coy, the set comprises eight albums, three of which (Fan The Flame (Part 1), Nukleopatra and Fragile) receive their UK debut release via this set (with new cover art).

The first four albums issued in the 1980s all feature here as two-CD sets, except 1985’s Stock Aitken Waterman produced Youthquake (which spawned the mega-hit You Spin Me Round (Like A Record) – which is a three-disc package. So this box delivers the original album track listings for each long-player, plus plenty of rarities, live recordings, alternate mixes and instrumental versions. In fact, it also contains 12 previously unreleased remixes and tracks from the band’s vaults. 1987 greatest hits album Rip It Up is also present and correct (as a two-CD set)


In addition to these 17 CDs of audio, Sophisticated Boom Box MMXVI comes with two DVDs – one full of promo videos and the other featuring a 1987 concert (Rip It Up Live in Japan) and a selection of UK TV appearances (including Top of the Pops, The Kenny Everett Television Show and Blue Peter).

The set is packaged as a deluxe casebound book and features a 4,000 words of sleeve notes from Pete Burns himself. Sophisticated Boom Box MMXVI will also be available as a 10 LP vinyl box set (more detail on that soon) featuring the eight studio albums.

Amazon in the UK have an exclusive edition available (same price) which come with a SIGNED PRINT. These are limited to the first 750 units.

Sophisticated Boom Box MMXVI will be released on 28 October 2016.

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Dead Or Alive

Sophisticated Boom Box




In the box set:

‘Sophisticated Boom Boom’ (2CD)
‘Youthquake’ (3CD)
‘Mad, Bad And Dangerous To Know’ (2CD)
‘Rip It Up’ (2CD)
‘Nude’/‘Nude Remade Remodelled’ (2CD)
‘Fan The Flame, Part 1’ (1CD)
‘Nukleopatra’ (2CD)
‘Fragile’/’Unbreakable – The Fragile Remixes’ (3CD)
DVD1: Promotional videos
DVD2: ‘Rip It Up Live’ in Japan at the height of their international fame and a selection of UK TV appearances.



  • 1 I’d Do Anything
  • 2 That’s The Way (I Like It)
  • 3 Absolutely Nothing
  • 4 What I Want
  • 5 Far Too Hard
  • 6 You Make Me Wanna
  • 7 Sit On It
  • 8 Wish You Were Here
  • 9 Misty Circles
  • 10 Do It

Bonus Tracks

  • 11 Selfish Side
  • 12 Misty Circles [7″ Version]
  • 13 What I Want [7″ Version]
  • 14 I’d Do Anything [7″ Version]
  • 15 That’s The Way (I Like It) [7″ Version]


  • 1 Misty Circles [Dance Mix]
  • 2 What I Want [Original Dance Mix]
  • 3 I’d Do Anything [Megamix]
  • 4 That’s The Way (I Like It) [Extended Version]
  • 5 What I Want [1984 Dance Mix]
  • 6 What I Want [1984 7″ Remix]
  • 7 Give It To Me [BBC Session]
  • 8 Misty Circles [Dub Mix]
  • 9 That’s The Way (I Like It) [Dub] – previously unreleased
  • 10 Absolutely Nothing [Dub] – previously unreleased
  • 11 Misty Circles [Instrumental]
  • 12 Keep That Body Strong (That’s The Way)



  • 1 You Spin Me Round (Like A Record)
  • 2 I Wanna Be A Toy
  • 3 DJ Hit That Button
  • 4 In Too Deep
  • 5 Big Daddy Of The Rhythm
  • 6 Cake And Eat It
  • 7 Lover Come Back To Me
  • 8 My Heart Goes Bang
  • 9 It’s Been A Long Time

Bonus Tracks

  • 10 You Spin Me Round [Murder Mix]
  • 11 In Too Deep [7″ Remix]
  • 12 My Heart Goes Bang [7″ Version]
  • 13 Lover Come Back To Me [Extended Version]
  • 14 My Heart Goes Bang [Extended Version]


  • 1 In Too Deep [Off Yer Mong Mix]
  • 2 You Spin Me Round [Performance Mix]
  • 3 Lover Come Back To Me [Extended Remix]
  • 4 My Heart Goes Bang [American WIPE-OUT Mix]
  • 5 You Spin Me Round [Alt. Album CD Version with ‘Rock It’ intro]
  • 6 Cake And Eat It [Alt. Album CD Version with unfaded intro]
  • 7 It’s Been A Long Time [Alt. Album CD Version with ‘You Can Be The First…’ intro]
  • 8 You Spin Me Round [Big Ben Mix]
  • 9 Lover Come Back To Me [7″ Bonus Mix]
  • 10 I Wanna Be A Toy [Instrumental] – previously unreleased
  • 11 Lover Come Back To Me [Instrumental] – previously unreleased
  • 12 In Too Deep [Instrumental]
  • 13 My Heart Goes Bang [Instrumental]

CD3: The Youthquake Tour – Live At Hammersmith Odeon, 6th July 1985

  • 1 Cake And Eat It [Live]
  • 2 My Heart Goes Bang [Live] – previously unreleased
  • 3 In Too Deep [Live]
  • 4 Big Daddy Of The Rhythm [Live]
  • 5 Far Too Hard [Live] – previously unreleased
  • 6 Misty Circles [Live] – previously unreleased
  • 7 It’s Been A Long Time [Live] – previously unreleased
  • 8 Lover Come Back To Me [Live] – previously unreleased
  • 9 DJ Hit That Button [Live] – previously unreleased
  • 10 What I Want [Live] – previously unreleased
  • 11 You Spin Me Round [Live] – previously unreleased
  • 12 In Too Deep [Encore] [Live]  – previously unreleased
  • 13 My Heart Goes Bang [Encore] [Live]  – previously unreleased
  • 14 You Spin Me Round [Encore] [Live] – previously unreleased



  • 1 Brand New Lover
  • 2 I’ll Save You All My Kisses
  • 3 Son Of A Gun
  • 4 Then There Was You
  • 5 Come Inside
  • 6 Something In My House
  • 7 Hooked On Love
  • 8 I Want You
  • 9 Special Star

Bonus Tracks

  • 10 Come Inside [7″ Mix]
  • 11 I Want You [7″ Mix]
  • 12 Brand New Lover [Edit]
  • 13 Something In My House [7″ Remix]
  • 14 Hooked On Love [Edit]
  • 15 I’ll Save You All My Kisses [Remix]
  • 16 Something In My House [Flamenco Version]
  • 17 Hooked On Love [7″ Remix]


  • 1 Brand New Lover [The Dust Monkey’s Love Bubble Club Mix]
  • 2 Something In My House [Mortevicar Mix]
  • 3 Hooked On Love [The Big Revolver Mix]
  • 4 I’ll Save You All My Kisses [The Sonia Mezumbda Memorial Mix]
  • 5 Brand New Lover [Up Ducky Mix]
  • 6 Something In My House [7″ US Wipe-Out Mix]
  • 7 Something In My House [12″ US Wipe-Out Mix Part 2]
  • 8 I’ll Save You All My Kisses [The Long Wet Sloppy Kiss Mix]
  • 9 Hooked On Love [La Vie En Rose Mix]
  • 10 Brand New Lover [Instrumental]
  • 11 Something In My House [House Instrumental]
  • 12 Hooked On Love [Instrumental] – previously unreleased
  • 13 Something In My House [7″ Instru-MENTAL Mix]

1987 RIP IT UP


  • 1 Brand New Lover [continuously mixed]
  • 2 My Heart Goes Bang [continuously mixed]
  • 3 Something In My House [continuously mixed]
  • 4 Lover Come Back To Me [continuously mixed]
  • 5 You Spin Me Round (Like A Record) [continuously mixed]
  • 6 I’ll Save You All My Kisses [continuously mixed]
  • 7 In Too Deep [continuously mixed]
  • 8 Hooked On Love [continuously mixed]

Bonus Tracks

  • 9 Mighty Mix [Part 1] – Wish You Were Here, What I Want, Do It, Misty Circles
  • 10 Mighty Mix [Part 2] Absolutely Nothing, Sit On It, You Make Me Wanna, That’s The Way (I Like It)
  • 11 Something In My House [Naughty XXX Mix]
  • 12 Baby Don’t Say Goodbye [The Powerful Club Twelve]
  • 13 Something In My House [Short Version]


  • 1 Baby Don’t Say Goodbye [Club Mix]
  • 2 Baby Don’t Say Goodbye [Instrumental]
  • 3 You Spin Me Round [Jail House Club Edit Remix]
  • 4 You Spin Me Round [Jail House Club Remix]
  • 5 You Spin Me Round [400 Hz – Kleopatra Remix]
  • 6 You Spin Me Round [400 Hz – Marc Antoine Remix]
  • 7 You Spin Me Round [Edouard’s Mix]
  • 8 You Spin Me Round [Kalk’s Underground Mix]
  • 9 You Spin Me Round [Blue Sky Mix]
  • 10 You Spin Me Round [The Yummi Extended Mix]
  • 11 You Spin Me Round [The Yummi 4am Mix]
  • 12 You Spin Me Round [The Vicious Mix]
  • 13 MEDLEY: Turn Around And Count 2 Ten/Blue Christmas /Your Sweetness [Accapella] (Live In Nagoya, Japan 29 November 1990)

1989 NUDE


  • 1 Turn Around And Count 2 Ten
  • 2 Give It Back (That Love Is Mine)
  • 3 Baby Don’t Say Goodbye
  • 4 Stop Kicking My Heart Around
  • 5 Come Home (With Me Baby)
  • 6 I Don’t Wanna Be Your Boyfriend
  • 7 Get Out Of My House
  • 8 I Cannot Carry On
  • 9 My Forbidden Lover

Bonus Tracks

  • 10 Give It Back (That Love Is Mine) [Instrumental]
  • 11 Baby Don’t Say Goodbye [Alternative Mix]
  • 12 Love Toy [inst. version]
  • 13 Turn Around And Count 2 Ten [7″ Version]
  • 14 Come Home (With Me Baby) [7″ Version]
  • 15 Baby Don’t Say Goodbye [Edited House Version]
  • 16 Love Toy [Full Vocal Version] – previously unreleased
  • 17 Come Home (With Me Baby) [The Deadhouse Dub 7″ Edit]
  • 18 Baby Don’t Say Goodbye [Radio Edit]

CD2: Nude: Remade Remodelled

  • 1 Come Home (With Me Baby) [Remade Remodelled]
  • 2 Baby Don’t Say Goodbye [Remade Remodelled]
  • 3 Stop Kicking My Heart Around [Remade Remodelled]
  • 4 I Don’t Wanna Be Your Boyfriend [Remade Remodelled]
  • 5 Give It Back (That Love Is Mine) [Remade Remodelled]
  • 6 Turn Around And Count 2 Ten [Remade Remodelled]
  • 7 Come Home (With Me Baby) [12″ Version]

Bonus Tracks

  • 8 Baby Don’t Say Goodbye [Extended Mix]
  • 9 Turn Around And Count 2 Ten [The Pearl And Dean “I Love” BPM Mix]
  • 10 Come Home (With Me Baby) [The Deadhouse Dub]
  • 11 Turn Around And Count 2 Ten [The Pearl And Dean “I Had A Disco Dream” Mix]
  • 12 Turn Around And Count 2 Ten [Instru-MENTAL]
  • 13 Come Home (With Me Baby) [Instru-MENTAL] – previously unreleased

1990 FAN THE FLAME (Part 1)


  • 1 Fan The Flame (feat. Gina X) – previously unreleased
  • 2 Unhappy Birthday
  • 3 Your Sweetness (Is Your Weakness)
  • 4 Total Stranger
  • 5 Gone 2 Long
  • 6 Lucky Day
  • 7 What Have U Done (2 Make Me Change)
  • 8 And Then I Met U
  • 9 Blue Christmas

Bonus Tracks

  • 10 Total Stranger [Remix]
  • 11 Unhappy Birthday [Heavy Metal Version]
  • 12 Your Sweetness (Is Your Weakness) [Instrumental]



  • 1 Nukleopatra
  • 2 Rebel Rebel
  • 3 Sleep With You
  • 4 The Right Stuff
  • 5 I’m A Star
  • 6 International Thing
  • 7 Picture This
  • 8 Spend The Night Together
  • 9 Gone Too Long
  • 10 Getting It On
  • 11 Sex Drive

Bonus Track

12 You Spin Me Round [Sugar Pumpers Radio Mix]


  • 1 Rebel Rebel [12″ Extended Mix]
  • 2 The Right Stuff [1994 Mix]
  • 3 You Spin Me Round [Sugar Pumpers Extended Mix]
  • 4 Sex Drive [Sugar Pumpers Extended Mix]
  • 5 International Thing [International 7″ Edit]
  • 6 Rebel Rebel [The Hole Mix]
  • 7 Sex Drive [Scream Driven Remix]
  • 8 International Thing [Nu-NRG 7″ Remix]
  • 9 Rebel Rebel [Safe Hands Remix]
  • 10 You Spin Me Round [Sugar Pumpers Pumpin’ Mix]
  • 11 Sex Drive [Peewee’s Extended Mix]
  • 12 International Thing [Nu-NRG 12″ Remix]



  • 1 Hit And Run Lover
  • 2 Something In My House [2000]
  • 3 Even Better Than The Real Thing [2000]
  • 4 Turn Around And Count 2 Ten [2000]
  • 5 I Paralyze
  • 6 Isn’t It A Pity?
  • 7 You Spin Me Round (Like A Record) [2000]
  • 8 Just What I Always Wanted
  • 9 My Heart Goes Bang [2000]
  • 10 Lover Come Back To Me [2000]
  • 11 I Promised Myself
  • 12 Blue Christmas 2000

CD2 – Unbreakable – The Fragile Remixes

  • 1 Turn Around And Count 2 Ten [Y&Co. “B” Mix]
  • 2 You Spin Me Round [Zi Zone Mix]
  • 3 My Heart Goes Bang [Love Machine Remix]
  • 4 Something In My House [Deadend Of Eurasia Mix]
  • 5 Hit And Run Lover [Ventura Mix]
  • 6 Isn’t It A Pity [Bustard Remix]
  • 7 I Paralyze [B4 ZA BEAT Remix]
  • 8 Blue Christmas [P.K.G. Remix]
  • 9 Lover Come Back To Me [Earthquake Mix]
  • 10 Just What I Always Wanted [R.M. Hyper Techno Mix]


  • 1 You Spin Me Round [Punx Soundcheck Vs Princess Julia]
  • 2 You Spin Me Round [Mark Moore & Mr Motion Remix]
  • 3 You Spin Me Round [D-Bop Club Mix]
  • 4 You Spin Me Round [Metro 7″ Edit]
  • 5 Hit And Run Lover [Bonus Hit Remix]
  • 6 You Spin Me Round [Metro 12″ Extended Mix]
  • 7 Pop Life
  • 8 Why’s It So Hard
  • 9 Jack & Jill Party – Pet Shop Boys Feat. Pete Burns
  • 10 Never Marry An Icon – Pete Burns vs The Dirty Disco
  • 11 The Art – Pete Burns vs The Dirty Disco – previously unreleased


  • 1 I’d Do Anything [Promo Video]
  • 2 That’s The Way (I Like It) [Promo Video]
  • 3 You Spin Me Round (Like A Record) [Promo Video]
  • 4 Lover Come Back To Me [Promo Video]
  • 5 In Too Deep [Promo Video]
  • 6 My Heart Goes Bang [Promo Video]
  • 7 Something In My House [Promo Video]
  • 8 Hooked On Love [Promo Video]
  • 9 I’ll Save You All My Kisses [Promo Video]
  • 10 Brand New Lover [12″] [Promo Video]
  • 11 Something In My House [12″] [Promo Video]
  • 12 Come Home (With Me Baby) [Promo Video]
  • 13 Turn Around And Count 2 Ten [12″] [Promo Video]
  • 14 Come Home (With Me Baby) [12″] [Promo Video]
  • 15 Your Sweetness (Is Your Weakness) [Promo Video]
  • 16 Total Stranger [Ruff Promo Video]
  • 17 Rebel Rebel [Promo Video]
  • 18 Sex Drive [Promo Video]
  • 19 Hit And Run Lover [Promo Video]
  • 20 You Spin Me Round (Like A Record) [2003] [Promo Video]


CONCERT FEATURE: ‘Rip It Up Live’ – Japan, 1987

  • 1 Hooked On Love [Live]
  • 2 My Heart Goes Bang [Live]
  • 3 You Spin Me Round (Like A Record) [Live]
  • 4 Lover Come Back To Me [Live]
  • 5 Brand New Lover [Live]
  • 6 I’ll Save You All My Kisses [Live]
  • 7 In Too Deep [Live]
  • 8 Something In My House [Live]
  • 9 Come Inside [Live]
  • 10 Son Of A Gun [Live]
  • 11 I’ll Save You All My Kisses [Encore] [Live]


  • 12 That’s The Way (I Like It) [on ‘Top Of The Pops’] TX 12/04/1984
  • 13 You Spin Me Round (Like A Record) [on ‘Top Of The Pops’] TX 14/02/1985
  • 14 Lover Come Back To Me [on ‘Top Of The Pops’] TX 1985
  • 15 In Too Deep [on ‘Top Of The Pops’] TX 1985
  • 16 Lover Come Back To Me [on ‘The Kenny Everett Television Show’] TX 11/05/1985
  • 17 In Too Deep [on ‘Wogan’] TX 17/06/1985
  • 18 You Spin Me Round (Like A Record) [on ‘Christmas Top Of The Pops’] TX 25/12/1985
  • 19 Brand New Lover [on ‘Wogan’] TX 1986
  • 20 Brand New Lover [on ‘Roland Rat: The Series’] TX 1986
  • 21 Something In My House [on ‘Top Of The Pops’] TX 22/01/1987
  • 22 You Spin Me Round (Like A Record) [on ‘Blue Peter’] TX 10/01/2003


188 responses to Dead Or Alive / 19-disc career box set: Sophisticated Boom Box MMXVI

  1. loveboy lovetoy lovejoy says:

    i wished they finished “lovetoy”. i have the first 5 brilliant cds so i have all i need and don’t need this.

    • David A. says:

      through some extended research, I’ve discovered that the Nukleopatra version on this set is the Uk/USA edition!…the Japanese released version contained most (if not all) tracks in an extended format, which means they could have done an extra disc in this set….

  2. Steve says:

    Has it been noted yet that “Why it’s so hard” is not included. This was on a various artists cd that was a salute to Madonna.

  3. Jorge says:

    The 2003 “Evolution” DVD has many of the videos also included in this new box’ DVDs. The vast majority of those were in gorgeous 5.1 surround sound. Anybody around here knows if this would be the case with this new set?

  4. NM says:

    My copy of the box set is on its way. Unfortunately I hear that there are significant errors. Youthquake, discs 1 and 2 are in mono, My Heart Goes Bang 7″ version is a repeat of the album version and there are editing mistakes on the Mad Bad & Dangerous disc. It would be really sad if Edsel left this as Pete’s legacy. My comments are not a reflection of the admiration that I had for Pete and the rest of the band. I have contacted Demon/Edsel and Amazon. Paul any thoughts/news on whether corrected replacement discs will be issued. I appreciate that as today is release day that it may be a bit early to confirm.

  5. Pete says:

    Also disappointing, the 12″ Mix of Rebel Rebel on Nukleopatra Disc 2 is just an edit of ‘The Hole Mix’, and not the 12″ Mix that was on promo vinyl. Such a shame.

  6. Pete says:

    The Youthquake remaster in this set has the wrong version of My Heart Goes Bang on it – instead of the 7″ Mix, the album version is on twice!!

  7. Tiziano C. says:

    A champion of freedom died today. A hero of passion died today. You just embodied life and its many paradoxes. Your music was fun and passionate, nostalgic and meaningful.
    There will not be another Pete Burns. You challenged the world and you won. But it was a one-way ticket.
    Your spirit will live on. You have been a revolutionary soul. Your legend has just started to engulf our collective consciousness. This is not the end. This is the beginning.
    Fan the flame.
    I will always miss you, Pete. Thank you.

  8. Atlanta Fan says:

    I have seen them in concert several times .I live in the U.S. so I just heard of the news of his death and the new box set at the same time. I am very sad to hear about his death, bought the box set first thing and I can not wait to get it. I have everything already even the hard to get albums. I still can not believe he is gone.If there is any unreleased songs that have never been released similar to Prince, I hope there is a information given on that. R.I.P Pete Burns you will be missed .

  9. lovetoy loveboy lovejoy says:

    not even thinking about buying this . i have 6 out of 7 cds plus ‘rip it up’. i don’t need ‘fragile’. for fans of videos i recommend the perfect ‘evolution’ with all the videos plus ‘japan concert’ and some tv appearances of early singles not on this .
    doa made 3 perfectly excellent cds (every track from ‘mad,bad and dangerous to know’ and ‘nude’ and ‘fan the flame’ coulda been singles).’youthquake ‘ is really good but some abum filler.

    will i ever see a finished-full version of “lovetoy”?

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  11. Matthew says:

    I can’t believe it I’m a huge fan when I first heard misty circles I was forever a fan he came to Melbourne in 1995 and had a signing I ING at virgin records I was too scared to meet him just in case I would become overwhelmed. Bye Pete x

    Ps will the box set be sold in Australia

  12. Mike says:

    Can anyone advise if the CD covers are reproduced or are they just generic?

  13. memoryboy says:

    RIP, Pete, the world will be less interesting without you

  14. Philip says:

    I was never a fan, but this release is surely a fitting tribute to the man and his music. At least the record company can’t be accused of cashing in on his death like so many do.

  15. Colin Mitchell says:

    Been announced today Pete Burns has passed away. Thoughts with his family and friends rip Pete!

  16. Enrico says:

    Now RIP Pete….

  17. Pingback:Dead Or Alive Frontman Pete Burns Dead At 57 | Idolator

  18. OMAR says:

    Just heard of Pete’s death. RIP Pete. Very sad to hear!

  19. AnthonyC says:

    So shocked to hear about the death of Pete Burns.

    This is simply shocking news!

    Lost for words…


  20. colm47 says:

    RIP Pete Burns.

  21. Stevie B says:

    RIP Pete Burns. This release is a fitting tribute.

  22. OceanBlue says:

    It’s 109, now.

  23. Adam says:

    Amazon now saying edition with print is 1,000 copies. It must be doing respectable business I’m glad to say.

  24. Flex says:

    my swiss retailer is selling the box for CHF 205,90

  25. bruno dajin says:

    Unexpectedly, the Hi-NRG sound hasn’t aged a bit almost 30 years after its birth… And Dead Or Alive, who carried the Hi-NRG flame splendidly over the world, after Sylvester & Divine, have hardly recorded a single crap song in their whole career, being honestly constant in the quality of their output! This box-set is A MUST-BUY for me, definitively.

  26. Nwlman says:

    I would like to have seen the Performance of Thats the Way from the Saturday morning tv programme called No 73, but no matter I will definatley order this. mainly for Give it to me which is awsome. I love the Boom Boom Album, and this great track .

  27. Lloyd says:

    I’m very excited about this. Long overdue. Pete apparently isn’t the nicest person but I sure do love his music. His first album is my favourite but all of them have wonderful moments although fragile was a low spot. Looking forward to the essay too. Not sure if I can handle that many versions of spin but I’m not going to complain this is amazing. BTW definitely not one hit wonders. To Joe public yes but they were massive in Japan to the point where Michael Jackson had to postpone his tour and also had a number of impressive chart entries in the UK and on the dance charts in America

  28. Kiki says:

    Waow : This looks fantastic !
    I ‘m not sure wether the expansion of “mad bad and dangerous to know” will be complete with “only” 2 Cds, but this collection just sounds amazing : I’m IN !!!

  29. Pingback:Spun Round: Dead Or Alive are releasing a 19-disc (yes, 19) box set collection - Vanyaland

  30. Sam Matheson says:

    Another punter here wondering where the early indie singles are. Is Burns embarrassed by that stuff or something?

  31. Cal M says:

    Love the boxset but i know if i brought it i would only listen to 2 of the albums, i paid top money for Japanese cd`s of the other albums a while back and have never listened to them, The later mixes and the live stuff doesnt` do it for me, so fingers crossed they release the albums especially Youthquake and Mad Bad as deluxe versions.

  32. M Wayne says:

    Pleased about this Dead Or Alive box. Musically speaking, DOA are top of their class within electronic pop. Chart placings do not necessarily correlate with musical credibility. A good musician is good no matter the instrument. To box sets and reissues tho, what would put me over the moon would be similar treatment of the Sony era Alison Moyet titles. Also Prefab Sprout.

  33. Ted says:

    The arguing few that complain about sets like this clearly believe that the universe only allows a certain number of catalogue releases.

    What a bizarre theory? By releasing this DOA set, the world will never experience a …. I dunno, a Deep Purple rarities set…..

  34. Tracey says:

    Not a HUGE fan…but would certainly like to have this for all of the ’83 – ’87 period remixes. Based on the comments above, I’ll definitely check out the early “indie period” for the band. Sounds like it might be worthwhile. Hoping for an SDE Deal Alert on this at some point after its released.

  35. arnaud says:

    i would love a singles box set including their firsts records like “stranger” “flowers”…

  36. HalloweenJack says:

    Grew up with this band from their inception to the Nukleopatra period.
    The Nightmares In Wax/DoA ’79-’82 is something of its own.
    DoA ’83-’84 had a progressive healthy lifestyle image, mentally, physically, and sexually.
    DoA ’85-’87 were the ultimate self indulgent, pop years with SAW.
    DoA ’88-’92 were Coy and Burns alone. This period is especially underrated by most outside of Japan. I sometimes wonder what the result would have been had the band submitted some of the songs from this period to Dusty Springfield (something along the lines of her association with the Pet Shop Boys). I think the prospect could have been quite lucrative for both parties. Potential hits for her could have possibly been…
    “Turn Around And Count 2 Ten”
    “Give it Back (That Love Is Mine)”
    “Baby Don’t Say Goodbye”
    “Stop Kicking My Heart Around”
    “Get Out Of My House”
    “I Cannot Carry On”
    “My Forbidden Lover”
    …and the entire “Fan The Flame, Part 1 and 2” albums (“I Don’t Care About Your Heart”!!!).
    Unfortunately, the band lost me around the Fragile era. I had enough of the regurgitated remixes, covers, and subpar originals. In my iTunes playlist, “Nukleopatra” and “Fragile” are combined into one album (“Unbreakable” was unbearable!).
    1) Sex Drive [Extended Version]
    2) The Right Stuff
    3) Sleep With You
    4) Spend The Night Together [12″ Remix]
    5) International Thing [12″ Remix]
    6) I’m A Star
    7) Nukleopatra [12″ Remix]
    8) Just What I Always Wanted
    9) Hit And Run Lover
    10) Isn’t It A Pity
    11) I Paralyze
    Really couldn’t stand the addition of fake members Jason Alburey and Dean Bright. Absolutely pathetic, actually. After this period, Pete went for an intriguing reclusive artist to a UK reality television personality you couldn’t escape. Considering a collaboration between Pete Burns and the Pet Shop Boys, you would maybe expect some really fantastic pop but I was beyond underwhelmed with the release of “Jack And Jill Party”. A complete disappointment from both ends.
    “Never Marry An Icon” is another terrible song. Surprised “Honeysuckle Rose” isn’t released on the box… but really, let’s not forget the Kid Jensen Session ( –
    What I Want [Kid Jensen Session, May 26, 1983]
    Give It To Me [Kid Jensen Session, May 26, 1983]
    Far Too Hard [Kid Jensen Session, May 26, 1983]
    The pre-production version of “Far Too Hard” is simply gorgeous here!

  37. Steve Calvert says:

    Ordered! This will be amazing.
    Cheers Paul

  38. Griffin says:

    Oh wow, finally some good news on SDE for a CD buyer & 80’s remixes lover like me. All I read about recently were the vinyl reissues here.

    There are too many posts/comments. So I haven’t read all of them thoroughly. Remixes: yes, Live (on CD): nah, Promo videos on DVD: yes, concert on DVD: nah. I like to buy it. But I’m afraid I might going to bang my head on the wall when the price come down again within a few months (X’mas or deal alert) or the many errors on the first batch (wrong tracks/mixes used, or youtube rips or instr/backing track instead of vocal track is used, early fades, jump/glitch in the song/mix due to the mastering software, vinyl rip is being used while master is untraceable but no prior notice to the fans, etc)! I like to see a singles box like Bananarama’s/Belinda Carlisle’s. And also the 2/3-CD sets of omitted Remixes from this expanded album reissue boxset.

    Also not a fan of the later “you spin me around” remixes. Just the original period mixes/instr/dub would be okay for me!

    Itunes/Spotify: no, unless songs/mixes are made only available for digital download (and I really want them)!

    One Hit Wonder or/not, others are worth more to get a treatment like this? Maybe those don’t have so much more unreleased mixes in their vaults/possesion! Then what you’ll get from those “worth more to get a treatment like this”-acts/bands/artists are demo’s or live, live, live tracks like Phil Collins did. So the ones who have enough to be released then in a boxset like this. Those others with less then maybe album/7″/(12″)/b-sides/demo/instr/promo videos (no live nor concert stuff, at least not for me, I won’t buy those)!

  39. Ally says:

    Why are people saying that the recordings have been remastered?

  40. Donald says:

    As an American Super Fan I was just wondering on the region code of the Dvd’s. Are they going to be non-regional so I might enjoy them on TV rather than only my computer?
    I also feel October will take forever to get here now!!!!!

  41. Yani P says:

    Not a fan really but again interested in the depth of some of these recent releases

    Not sure I will live long enough to see this kind of treatment of say Japan/David Sylvian’s lifes work (sadly)

  42. Daran says:

    Just out of interest Paul, I know it will vary box to box but on a big £120ish retail box set what are the margins for the artists? Would they see £40 – 50 per sale, or a lot less? Manufacture of the CD’s and book / box etc can’t be too much (are music CD’s not <£1 each per disc even on low volume runs I though read somewhere…)

    With no new recording costs to pay (except new mastering) and perhaps a much sweeter deal on an independent label surely there is quite a decent income from something like this?

  43. Alan. says:

    Have to agree with Halloween Jack’s post from yesterday – early DOA, especially those Peel Sessions, was tremendous. I have a Doors of Perception CD collection with the Peel Sessions and the early singles on which is all the DOA I’ll ever need!

    • HalloweenJack says:

      Pete Burns pre-’83 grew up in a tipi and was the goth love child of Nico and Jim Morrison with a flair of his own, all the while displaying operatic vocal capabilities. Truly a “freak unique”.
      Speaking of the Peel Sessions (, it’s interesting to hear how Misty Circles Part 1 became the backing track for “Far Too Hard”.

      … and my previous post should’ve read…
      Sophisticated Boom Boom –
      1) I’d Do Anything
      2) That’s The Way (I Like It)
      3) Absolutely Nothing
      4) What I Want
      5) Far Too Hard
      6) You Make Me Wanna
      7) Sit On It
      8) Wish You Were Here
      9) Misty Circles
      10) Do It
      11) Selfish Side
      12 The Stranger [re-recording]
      13) Give It To Me

      I really hope Pete is taking care of himself and looking after his health. I would love to see him back in action with a healthy body and mind. I’m glad this set is coming out… “it should be very nice!” ;-)

  44. Patrick says:

    Just a quick point on ‘one hit wonder’ status. DOA maybe remembered by most people for one hit (and I think we all know the one I’m referring to) but they clocked up 9 top 40 hits (2 of them remixes of ‘You Spin Me’) and 3 top 40 albums in the UK .

  45. JohnR says:

    I’ve got all the Japanese & Australian versions of the albums so there’s not much in this box I don’t have but I still want it. It’s sad that so many commenters here just want to criticise, though. If you only know You Spin Me Round then that’s a shame but do some research before pronouncing DOA as “one hit wonders”. I read about lots of reissues on this website which I’m not interested in but I don’t begrudge others a little bit of pleasure!

  46. Neil says:

    It certainly puts that Erasure box set to shame big style. Imagine the PSB or DM releasing a box set like this would be excellent but it’s never going to happen.

    • HS says:

      A PSB box like this would be absolutely amazing! As for Erasure I may pass on their upcoming box. I had every intention of getting it before the content was revealed. I already have all their albums and taking up several discs for singles and album tracks while not including all the b-sides is not a good move. I would have much preferred that they had continued with the deluxe versions of their studio albums and released a complete b-sides CD. It’s cool that they have been releasing all their albums on vinyl recently but don’t start with the deluxe CD’s and then just stop!

  47. JPD says:

    Why do so many jump I and write silly posts. You don’t like DOA who cares. Loads of us do so jog on and go campaign for those other 99 artists you feel deserve this kind of treatment.

    I for one am super excited. All the albums remastered with most of the remixes and single edits plus the full live album. AMAZING!

    The packaging looks fantastic too. Cannot wait to own this.

    • gb says:

      “so jog on and go campaign for those other 99 artists you feel deserve this kind of treatment”

      haha. well said. those kind of replies do my head in (also people moaning about vinyl re-issues etc etc) if I ever don’t agree with something/am not a fan of the artist – I never feel like I have to leave a reply about it. I just go on with my day …

    • Gregg P. says:

      Great comment, JPD. There’s too many of us fans that are pleased as punch for this one….and we’ve been waiting for years for something even close to this. Not a one hit wonder, in my book!

  48. mintoncard says:

    Oh, and I love the inclusion of the “Mickey Ears” pic of Burns on the back of the set. That was originally used on the Japanese CD cover of Nukleopatra! (I’ve heard tale that Disney found out about it and wasn’t very happy.)

  49. mintoncard says:

    WOW! Seriously. I had all but given up on Dead or Alive ever releasing anything else.
    Nude (& Nude Remade Remodeled), Fan the Flame & Fragile (despite the flack it gets) are some of my favorite albums. I also consider Mad, Bad & Dangerous to Know a perfect album (and some of the best S.A.W. production). This gives me hope that we’ll get a new Dead or Alive album in the not too distant future!

  50. RikTheHib says:

    I’m not even a die-hard D&A fan but I know I’d be crazy not to order this one!
    I’m not crazy so I got one of the 750.
    Now I just need to wait as patiently as possible.

  51. memoryboy says:

    “Brand New Lover” was quite a hit if I remember. “Lover Come Back To Me”, “Something In My House”, “My Heart Goes Bang”, “Baby Don’t Say Goodbye”… and other hits. But some only remember “You Spin Me Round (Like A Record)” I guess. Dead Or Alive were most definitely not a one-hit wonder. They are right up there with the likes of ABC, Berlin and Culture Club. They had more than one hit. Dead Or Alive are not in the same line-up as other 80’s bands who have decades long careers that keep turning out hits, such as U2, Depeche Mode, Erase, Pet Shop Boys, Madonna etc… When I think of one-hit wonder’s from the 80’s, I think of bands or artists like Nena (99 Red Balloons) although some may argue she had more going on. I also think of Toni Basil (Mickey), After The Fire (Der Kommissar), M (Pop Musik), Murray Head (One Night In Bangkok), I might be wrong aboiut some of those artists, but Dead Or Alive had a string of popular albums and more than one noticeable hit. And they continued well after the 80’s releasing albums. a-ha, Soft Cell, Alphaville, ABC, Berlin, Frankie Goes To Hollywood, Information Society… etc… they all were not one-hit wonders. Some people just don’t want to take the time to do their research. Also, all these remixes of “You Spin Me Round”, they had a number released back in 1985/1986 when the single was released. But because the song is so famous, iconic and popular of course the band released updated remixes of the song in decades to follow. And I for one am excited to get all of these versions all in one package.

  52. Daran says:

    :) You’ve got a retweet on Pete Burns’ twitter Paul! Nosing around on his twitter looks like this is going to be a big seller. Already #1 in Amazon boxset charts. Kerching for Pete B….£

  53. Richard the Big Bunny says:

    Test. Hello?

  54. Jon says:

    I wonder if the individual albums will be in there own sleeves.

  55. Ronald says:

    I would love to have the first 9 discs. But not giving s**t for the other 10. So I wait for seperate re-re-issues if they never come so be it. Or if the price would drop by 50% that would be OK too.

  56. Eightiesaddict says:

    DOA has always been one of my favorite groups, and a club mainstay for LGBTQ clubs in the U.S. The same “one hit wonder” comments were made for Bananarama and those re-released seem to have sold very well. Ditto the S.A.W. singles.

  57. Jan Andersson says:

    Any news if its remasteted?

  58. Paul E. says:

    In a similar fashion to The Clash’s “Sound System” Box- less one eye patch and a slightly different genre. Can’t say this will ever make my display and sit next to that 2013 release, but it is a very generous offering. It’s always great to see the educated SDE fans note missing tracks even on a comprehensive release like this. Mr. Sinclair you’ve stirred up the proverbial bees nest yet again!

    • Stan Butler says:

      Not a Dead or Alive fan at all, but it’s good to see people genuinely excited by a release. It’s the reason we come to SDE every day. Hope you all enjoy the set.

  59. Simon F says:

    I was at that Hammersmith Odeon gig, so therefore I’m on the live album, Yeah!!! A fine evening but Pete never liked playing live and spent the entire set wandering from one side of the stage to the other, barely acknowledging the audience at all and probably bored to tears with the whole thing. Terrific box set but with both Steve Hillage and Pink Floyd on pre-order this will have to wait although I’d snap up the three disc Youthquake set if that was issued separately. Still got my original vinyl copy with limited edition gatefold sleeve!

  60. Newmusicmark says:

    It’s an interesting idea… I would like to see more of these for other artists, but I’d say, add a online/digital component of it so they could later add/share the things that they inevitable missed. 19 discs and people here are still posting that they missed a mix or video! :)

  61. memoryboy says:

    omg, I saw this post and about crapped my pants! THIS is a dream come true. You have no idea. The Digital Remastering better be Excellent. I have been disappointed by all past “best” of collections. So this news is very Exciting indeed. It just made my day.

  62. negative1 says:

    glad you got my tip paul,

    enjoy seeing all the comments on this.

    i’m a huge dead or alive fan, for their early albums, so it will be cool hearing their later material.

    at some point they really should split the albums, and issue them as deluxe versions along with a pure singles boxset.

    to all those that think this was a one hit wonder, you couldn’t be more wrong.
    not too many bands, have the chart hits they did, and the album impact they had.

    so, please go back to banarama, and belinda carlisle if you prefer.


  63. Mark Dynamix says:

    looks pretty comprehensive to me! even the rare Australian remixes are on there. Only thing I could see that was missing was the instrumental version of Jack And Jill party which is on the Ol’ English CD single.
    This is exactly the kind of box the Pet’s should be doing. How long is it going to take for Christ’s sake?

  64. Gianluca De Caro says:

    Incredible but true: the original Brand New Lover promo video has been omitted (I mean to say the 3’33” video edit). The box includes only the 12″ video version already exhisting on the Evolution 2003 DVD release….

  65. Robert Lett says:

    Whoaaa! Who would have thought we’d see something on this scale? I’m in.

  66. Craig says:

    By the way, if DOA gets 19 discs, how many would, if they would ever consent to it, Depeche Mode get?

    It might take up a whole bookshelf!

    • Chris Squires says:

      Quite, and as someone else said it amazing how the “smaller” (apologies to DOA fans) bands can come up with something spectacular like this whilst much bigger and more successful entities don’t bother or make such a half arsed attempt they needn’t have bothered.

      I know some people like Phil Collins, have been doing it one album at a time, ditto Macca (although his are *quite* good) rather than in one ginormous hit like this but really some of them are so frustratingly dull they need hardly have bothered.

      You say Depeche Mode, I say Kate Bush, we all have our wish list don’t we. DoA fans just got theirs. Lucky sods. Free tube of silicon in every box?

  67. Craig says:

    Always happy when these things come out for the hardcore fans of the band.

    Gives everyone hope it will happen for “their” band.

    That being said, I can only hope there are individual releases; especially for the Boom/Youthquake/Dangerous/Rip albums.

    Or individual singles/boxes will all the individual mixes of each song so we can really pick and choose what we want. LOL

  68. RJSWinchester says:

    Including You Spin Me Round 34 times is kicking the arse out of it. Not remotely interested in this but always interesting to read about the things that get released.

  69. DTS says:

    All I can say is that I’m glad it isn’t April 1st!

  70. FG says:


  71. Daniel ( from Berlin ) says:

    This is a little bit too much of “You spin me…” ( the later remixes ). I like the Dead or Alive albums “Youthquake”, “Mad, Bad…” and “Nude”. I’m not interesting in the later releases of the band. And from “Mad, Bad…” only 1 previously unreleased version.
    Not good. Better I wait for a single 2CD album re-release ( hoping this will come ). The 3rd disc of “Youthquake” should be have not the live tracks, better more remixes and alternate versions of the singles and album tracks. I’m 100% sure there are much more SAW mixes in the vaults. In my opinion live tracks work only / better on a DVD.
    This box is not for me but i think for a fanatic fan this is heaven. Enjoy.

    • Straker says:

      From what I can see there are no Razormaid remixes either. They tend not to licence their stuff on so it’s not really a surprise but it would’ve been some luxury icing on the cake if they’d managed to get them.

  72. HalloweenJack says:

    As thrilled as I am that this material is all coming together and soon to be released on vinyl! (especially “Fan The Flame, pt. 1” and “Nukleopatra”), I have to point out the missed opportunities within the collection.

    Sort of a botched job regarding the early years and first album. If they wanted to really dig deep into the archives, there are demos, rehearsals and other live shows (like actually LIVE… 1984 tour) that would be of more interest than the overkill of “Spin Me” mixes. Edsel could have produced a 4CD box set on “Spin Me” alone and save space on this collection for something special.

    The DVD set is missing the bonus early TV performances from their “Evolution” DVD release…
    Lover Come Back (Razzmatazz 10:04:85)
    Misty Circles (Razzmatazz 21:06:83)
    Flowers (Celebration 20:11:80)
    It’s Been Hours Now (Exchange Flags 1982)

    I was hoping the acoustic “Love, Pete” would have been given a release along with the recorded but never released, “Fan The Flame (Part 2). There should also be an entire disc for their BBC Sessions.

    The first disc should really be –
    1) Black Leather
    2) Girl Song
    3) Shangri-La
    4) I’m Falling
    5) Flowers
    6) Number Eleven
    7) Name Game
    8) It’s Been Hours Now
    9) Whirlpool
    10) Nowhere To Nowhere
    11) It’s Been Hours Now 2
    12) The Stranger
    13) Some Of That

    BBC Sessions –
    1) Nowhere To Nowhere [Peel Sessions 04/02/1981]
    2) Running Wild [Peel Sessions 04/02/1981]
    3) Flowers [Peel Sessions 04/02/1981]
    4) Number 11 [Peel Sessions 04/02/1981]
    5) Misty Circles (Part 1) [Peel Sessions 01/03/1982]
    6) Misty Circles (Part 2) [Peel Sessions 01/03/1982]
    7) Number 12 [Peel Sessions 01/03/1982]
    8) Untitled [Peel Sessions 01/03/1982]

    Sophisticated Boom Boom –
    1) I’d Do Anything
    2) That’s The Way (I Like It)
    3) Absolutely Nothing
    4) What I Want
    5) Far Too Hard
    6) You Make Me Wanna
    7) Sit On It
    8) Wish You Were Here
    9) Misty Circles
    10) Do It
    11) Selfish Side [re-recording]
    13) Give It To Me

    Really interested to hear…
    Fan The Flame (feat. Gina X) – previously unreleased
    Love Toy [Full Vocal Version] – previously unreleased
    … but why wasn’t “Beats Too Long” released?

    Hoping that the “The Youthquake Tour – Live At Hammersmith Odeon, 6th July 1985” gets a vinyl release! Either way, I’m getting this 19DISC and 10LP set.

  73. omar says:

    I’m sure this boxset will sell like fire in Japan. I noticed The Stranger (1982) was missing from the SBB era.

  74. Tyler Williams says:

    … “Edsel are to release Sophisticated Boom Boom MMXVI …” should be, Edsel are to release Sophisticated Boom BOX MMXVI …”

  75. Neil says:

    Certainly not my cup of tea each to their own i guess but for a group who were a one hit wonder basically this is a bizarre release and as already mentioned in previous posts they are loads more bands deserving this attention but keep getting ignored. I’m not surprised they never put a recent picture of him on the cover that would be enough to give people nightmares for years to come.

    • gb says:

      think they were a bit more than a one hit wonder. (six top 40 hits) … they only had one number one though yes. did have 3 hit albums and were very successful in japan after that. a true “one hit wonder” would be say, Bardo. no2 song and then nothing. but what a song (“John Peel stated in an interview that “One Step Further” was his favourite Eurovision song of all time”) – good taste John ;)

      I know from comments last year a lot of people were hoping for some kind of DOA re-issue.
      I really don’t know if certain acts are “more deserving” … I’m just happy to see physical releases esp deluxe ones. I see many by artists I’m not really into. like I said as long as it keeps physical product alive it’s all good.

    • Straker says:

      Do many “one hit wonders” have SEVEN top 40 singles, THREE top 30 albums and TWO USA top 20 singles?

      I’d like to have seen a “kitchen-sink” approach to this with ALL remixes included as that’s where SAW were doing their best work for DoA. Live tracks are always a poor substitute when more interesting material is left off. Being a curated set I wonder if that’s PB’s ego getting in the way a little – Not wanting to cede all ground to SAW?

      Most of my painstakingly acquired DoA vinyl 12″s are now obsolete with this release! Oh, the humanity!

      • Dennis says:

        Ah, this one hit wonder thing… lame media invention because they just remember (or want to) one song of an artist. In Germany Real Life are seen by some as one hit wonder even though besides ‘Send Me An Angel’ they had a Top Ten hit with ‘Catch Me I’m Falling’. A Flock Of Seagulls are mentioned as one hit wonder in the USA even though they had 2 further Top 30 hits. A-Ha are quite often seen as one hit wonder by American journalists and tv stations, even though ‘The Sun Always Shines On TV’ was a Top 20 hit for them as well + they obviously had massive success in Europe. I better stop here not to bore anyone and let journalists continue to belief this one hit wonder crap…

  76. gwynogue says:

    There is something in my house…..but it will have to make room for this! :)

    WOW, this is absolutely amazing…..come home with me baby!

    It’s not gonna be cheap, but with Christmas around the corner (well, by the time of release anyway) this can be my major-splash-out-treat-for-the-year! Or at least a group present from the family. Plus for 19 discs (including 2 DVDs) it’s not exactly a rip-off.

    All we have to worry about now are the concerns about remastering and the usual “why not blu-ray?” grumbles.

    DJ hit that button!

    Were they really on ‘Blue Peter’ in 2003? Geez…..Pete’s 2003 face must have frightened some of the littlies, LOL. Maybe they thought it was an arts-and-crafts “make-it-at-home” project…..
    (I know that was harsh but before you ‘fan the flame’, I can say that because I too have a face that can frighten small children. :))

  77. Rob says:

    Waited a long time for this, only complaint is I want some of the stuff before Sophisticated Boom Boom.

  78. Darren says:

    Could think of 99 other artists more worthy of this treatment!

  79. Brian says:

    Dvd compatibility?- I live in the U.S.

  80. Cindy says:

    Ordered the box with the print in the US this morning – came out to $135 USD!

    • Ray judson says:

      $135?? How did you get that price? I am on the fence but would jump at that price!!!

      • Paul Sinclair says:

        Don’t forget you don’t pay the 20% VAT which is included, so if you’re outside the EU it’s £98 + shipping (approximately).

        • gwynogue says:

          For me (Australia) it was a smidge over £101 (including postage), Amazon didn’t show currency converter (don’t think they have it for pre-orders) but going by Google, it’s about $170-$180 AUD right now.

          Of course, by the time of actual release/dispatch/charge, it could be quite different.

      • Cindy says:

        Yes, they take off the VAT if you are ordering from the US.

  81. Gord says:

    Fantastic news and long overdue!

    DOA’s output has been consistently excellent (with exception of ‘Fragile’ era perhaps which has some gems but is overall a messy affair). Burns is a fantastic pop star and excellent songwriter with an ability to craft perfect hook-laden pop music which all too often gets overlooked in favour of tedious jabs at his personal life / appearance etc. Of the albums that either didn’t chart or weren’t released in the U.K. ‘Nude’; ‘Fan The Flame (Part One)’ and ‘Nukleopatra’ are brilliant albums that more than match up to the three that charted.

    The set looks stunning and is clearly a labour of love; comprehensive with a few notable omissions, though Steve Coy has confirmed there is more to come from Dead Or Alive.

    Anything (Dub)
    You Spin Me Round (Short Mix)
    My Heart Goes Bang (7” American Wipe Out Mix)
    Unhappy Birthday (Radio Edit)
    Nukleopatra (whichever mix is not included)
    Spend The Night Together (as above)
    Rebel Rebel (7” Mix)
    The Right Stuff (International Chrysis Version)
    Even Better Than The Real Thing (Original Mix)

    I’d hope to see these (among other omissions) on any future singles box or rarities collection, but to have a ‘DOA: Live’ album and all those unreleased tracks as well as some of their fantastic remixes of all the hits (they did indeed have more than one) in this collection is a dream come true. As a DOA fan of 30+ years I had no hesitation in purchasing this and can only hope the mastering matches up to the music.

    As already mentioned, here’s hoping all this leads to the long rumoured new Dead Or Alive album.

  82. Francis says:

    I have always thought some music company should release some sort of compilation by Dead Or Alive featuring many of their 12inch mixes…etc and Edsel are doing it. I bought loads of their 12inch vinyl singles at the time so it will be great to hear them in CD quality rather than downloaded mp3/mp4 formats that most seem to like these days despite the inferior quality.

    • HS says:

      When a set like this is announced and people immediately mention itunes and spotify I can’t help but shake my head…

      • jsd says:

        I’m not a Spotify subscriber but I do use iTunes and Apple Music a lot. What’s wrong with their sound quality? Have you actually done a blind comparison test against a CD? I have, on professional studio monitor speakers. I was unable to spot the difference in any statistically meaningful way.

        • Francis says:

          Well you keep to your inferior downloaded files (which is all they are, a file). I will stick to buying lovely box sets of CDs with nice packaging to go with them. Proper music lovers and collectors buy music in solid formats (CDs and Vinyl). Spotify and iTunes are the cheap nasty version of music.

        • Billy Dojcak says:

          Downloaded files sound flat. A proper physical version sounds full.

      • Neil Kelly says:


      • Francis says:

        That is because iTunes and Spotify are crap. Real music lovers collect CDs, Vinyl and even Cassettes, NOT downloaded files. Get off your fat arses and go and buy a CD or Record instead of sitting on them and just downloading music.

      • Stevie B says:

        I mentioned iTunes & Spotify… but I’ve also ordered the box set. Don’t assume laziness is the reason for wanting it digitally. It’s on Amazon so where’s the effort in ordering from there? It’s good to have downloads for my iPhone so I can listen to my music out and about (like a Sony Walkman!). As for Spotify it brings new fans in, and hopefully they will buy the albums and/or downloads. If this Boxset were released on Hi-Res Blu Ray with download codes I’d have bought that as my first choice… but it’s not. I’m looking forward to the music.

  83. DjPaulT says:

    Does anyone know if these tracks are taken from the original master tapes? The hypes sticker does not say. I hope they do a nice job on the mastering.

    • negative1 says:

      i hope so. by the way, love all the remastering you’ve done on your versions. especially the japanese singles.

  84. fred says:

    … and nothing to compare with the rotten tracklisting of the Earsure’s anthology

  85. HS says:

    About time! I have been hoping for a box set like this since I only have the Evolution CD+DVD. Their latter albums have always been a bit hard to get so this set is a dream come true for fans.

    I am also very pleased that some acts other than Beatles, Pink Floyd, Deep Purple etc are getting lavish box sets like that. That said I would lose myself if something like this set would be released for, say, Madonna…

  86. bertielego says:

    OMG! OMG!
    It took me aout 0.5 second to decide to order this AMAZING box set…
    A dream come true!

  87. fred says:

    “Far Too Hard” … the BEST song ever !!!
    Now i want the same box for “Army Of Lovers” :-)))

    • HS says:

      You know, I would actually trip over myself if an Army Of Lovers anthology would ever be released…

      • gwynogue says:

        Me too! Oddly enough, the first time I saw AoL (the ‘Crucified’ video) I thought Pete Burns was one of the members!

    • Andy says:

      Oh yes an Army Of Lovers anthology box would be FAN-TA-STIC !!!
      What would you want the most if it would be release one day ?

  88. Steve Marine says:

    I really, really hope these albums get individual releases. (Well, at least YOUTHQUAKE and MAD, BAD AND DANGEROUS TO KNOW.)

  89. Kauwgompie says:

    Holy crap, 19 discs, that’s a bit overkill. I was kinda hoping for a 3cd Remix Album. This contains 28 versions of “You Spin Me Round” on cd and 6 on DVD. On the flip side, this is what DoA fans have been waiting for so long. At least the Flamenco Version of “There Is Sth In My House is now finally on cd which is the best remix of this song IMHO. As an 80’s remix aficionado, I might just buy this, despite Pete’s latest face.

  90. David Morgan says:

    19 disc boxset for a one hit wonder? These Super Deluxe Editions have finally jumped the shark.

    • Anthony says:

      “One hit wonder”? I think you meant to say, “I only know the one song”. Dead Or Alive had 16 single entries in the official UK chart and 3 charting studio albums. They also have singles and albums that didn’t chart here or were released in different territories only, rare remixes and so on. Their back catalogue fills 19 discs, and then some. They aren’t a “one hit wonder”, obviously, and have global appeal. Japan are going crazy for this, they’re huge over there. This will do well for Edsel, and there’s more DOA product on the way…

  91. Daran says:

    Good to see this released, so well done to them for making this so plush. Price is too plush for me at the moment. Maybe the price will drop…

    I remember DoL very fondly from my teen days being interested in electronic music making and synthesizers. How I longed for Steve Coys’ Oscar synth! One of the very best bassline synths ever…

  92. Peter Nicholas says:

    What a surprise, long overdue in my book, ordered who cares about the price, its a fantastic treat. Lets hope the rest follow soon and Vinyl as well, Christmas has come early!

  93. Gregory Daniels says:

    ONLY bummer to me is the lack of the Glam mixes of Sex Drive, which have yet to be remastered anywhere, and IMO are FAR superior to the DOA mixes, and the lack of the amazing Buzzing Bees Mix of You Spin Me Round (Like A Record). I am so thankful they are FINALLY remastering DOA stuff and hope a singles box is yet to come, but if not, I will be satisfied with this amazing collection. I was starting to wonder if we would EVER get remastered DOA material. I almost fell off my chair when I saw the news this morning! :-)

  94. Stantoiler says:

    The best tracks don’t come with this box? There was no place left for the “Number Eleven” 7″ and the “It’s Been Hours Now” 12″ EP? My interest stopped when Dead Or Alive gone mainstream. No thanks, i stay with these two vinyl copies and ignore this release.

  95. Ian Harris says:

    Sorry to be the moaner but it’s annoying a 19 disc set has no room for the pre-Epic indie label singles. Has Pete disowned them?

  96. Martin says:

    No inevitable singles or BBC sessions ? Best stuff they did imho .

  97. edward says:

    great if u like this band! I had no idea they had released that many albums!! I thought they had only released a couple!!

  98. MontanaMossop says:

    Wow! What a great set for fans, I’m not one by the way but always nice to see a set as big as this at such a good price.

  99. fred says:

    My God … I can’t believe it … I preordered now !!!

  100. mike says:

    amazing, I assume they will also be coming out individually after. at first sight seem to be a lot of missing remixes from the 1989 Nude album, but that may be a blessing :)

  101. Chris Squires says:

    As Philip says at the top, one would imagine that 19 discs for the short career DOA had is a push, HOWEVER if Mr. Stephen Duffy did this for his first two albums as variously named TinTin, Stephen “TinTin” Duffy, Stephen A.J. Duffy and so on I would be there like a shot. So I guess it depends not on the number of albums or the length of time at the pinnacle, but the affection in which these bands are still held after all of these years. IF I were a mad DOA fan I am sure this would be heaven in a box. Hope it makes you happy :-) I mean I have just paid a fortune for a FGTH box of a single album. so 19 discs for £100 is a bargain.

    • Matt Thurston says:

      Yes!! Me too. But I’d be happy if they re-released Stephen Duffy’s three 90’s solo albums on vinyl.

  102. gary says:

    I was working in a record shop called Music Mania, Glasgow back in 1995. The owner loved this band and he did a tidy business selling Japanese imports of Dead Or Alive stuff by mail order.
    Fair enough, but my god did he play that Nukleopatra album way too many times. Liked the 80’s output, lot’s of fun and I’d be interested in those tracks

    • James says:

      Yes! Music Mania was thee place to buy Nukleopatra and all the other Dead or Alive albums (although I’m sure I had to get ‘Fan the Flame’ in Tower).
      Remember the limited run of Nukleopatra t-shirts and album covers signed by Pete?

  103. Adam says:

    All over this. They have been one of my fave bands since I saw them on ‘Celebration’ a North West arts programme when they were an indie band.Before I saw them on that, I’d actually been glared out by Pete and Lynn when I dared to poke my head round the door of the clothes shop they used to have at the back of Probe Records! I love personality in pop and Pete has it in spades. I have most of this already, but plunged in right away. For 19 discs, the price isn’t bad either. My only niggle, instead of ‘Rip it Up’ would have been nice to have seen an official release of ‘Disco in Dream’ in its place. I hope this is a sign of Pete doing something new musically in the future.

  104. Stevie B says:

    Fantastic Boxset but nearly £120!!!!
    The prices of these things make it impossible for fans to afford. I’ll wait for it on iTunes or better still Spotify!

  105. Sean says:

    My head really is spinning ! 19 discs !!!

  106. Paul Edwards says:

    Dead or Alive not my cup of tea but this looks good for fans.

    What amazes me is how (sorry for being snobby) lesser acts like this seem to regularly get fantastic sets whilst some acts, who were far bigger, get comparatively ignored.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      So many variables in these things. ‘Bigger’ acts can also be much harder to work with and/or less interested in the past…

      • Rob says:

        Look at Madonna, she would make an absolute fortune with remastered re-releases and she could care less. I don’t count the remasters of her first 3 albums anything because the bonus content wasn’t there.

      • Gianluca De Caro says:

        Hi Paul
        How is it possible that the original Brand New Lover promo video has been omitted? Only the 12″ video version already exhisting on the Evolution 2003 DVD release….

      • Dave H says:

        The U2 reissues were pretty good if you subscribe them to being a ‘bigger’ act culminating in a couple of super deluxe versions of Achtung Baby!

  107. Andy says:

    Clocked this last night via Pete Burns’ twitter feed & no hesitation ordering. OK, only 3 UK albums but the band were huge in Japan & further releases were usually difficult to get hold of which makes this a mammoth set, just a shame the earlier singles were not included, No.11, I’m Falling & Black Leather would have been welcome.

  108. elliott buckingham says:

    a dbl cd remaster of youthquake would be enough for me

  109. baward says:

    As much as we used to enjoy gyrating to You Spin Me way back when, I think I’ll resist this one, and let a true DOA fan have a better chance of getting one with a signed print (how magnanimous of me, I know ;-)

  110. Touch1980 says:

    34 Versions of You Spin Me Round, phew!

    If you’re a die-hard fan this looks great, I am definitely not.

    I see they haven’t used a recent shot of Pete on the front…

  111. Karl Siniak says:

    This is AMAZING! What I Want – What I Need INDEED! Despite a few odd tracklisting choices (Live in Nagoya at the end of Rip It Up instead of Fan The Flame… No “International Chrysis” 7inch of Rebel Rebel… No “Buzzing Bees Mix” of Spin Me… And no “The Stranger”) it will finally be the first time the Dead Or Alive catalogue has received the treatment it deserves! I don’t think I have ever place a pre-order so quickly for a collection in my life and not even given a second thought to the cost… Which has to be said is a bargain! I feared the set would cost a lot more than it does.

    Steve Coy has also hinted that there is more to come… So knowing Edsel/DMG I’m guessing a CD Singles Box Set… A new 2CD Hits compilation from Music Club Deluxe… Perhaps even a “Megarama” style 3CD album containing previously unreleased remixes and maybe even that long awaited “New” Dead Or Alive album that has been spoken about existing for years now! I simply cannot wait!

    • JP says:

      While I’d buy any and all of those things, I’m not sure a singles box is even warranted after this? Perhaps yes a Megarama style mop-up box, something for rarities…
      What I’d love is a compilation of everything pre-Sophisticated Boom Boom. I have all the vinyl, but would still like to see that get the reissue attention it merits.

      • gb says:

        I just like a cd singles box set where you get all the mixes on 1 disc (like bananarama) I guess if there’s not many more mixes left it might not be worth producing. hope they do though. I’d definitely get it. this looks great. dead or alive were mentioned a lot after the bananarama releases last year. would like to think someone took note of all the love expressed on here ;)

    • Jason Buchanan says:

      The Buzzing Bees version of You Spin Me Round (Like A Record) was officially released on the Into Deep CD Single on the STOCK AITKEN WATERMAN Box Set last year

    • Larry Davis says:

      This set looks killer…wasn’t there a bootleg Fan The Flame Part Two…with torchy ballads out there?? Thought that would be included…coulda sworn something like that existed…could be wrong…

      • Mark says:

        It did it was called love pete a very good cover album.It would have been a nice touch to include it but it might see the light of day

    • Steve says:

      Awesome! About time. DOA deserves to have their stuff released in heaps of deluxe versions. For a band that’s been around since 1977 and always made music, there’s a lot of material to keep us fans happy for a while!

  112. Philip says:

    I’d have thought that 19 discs was pushing it for a band with 3 chart albums, but I’m sure the marketers feel it’ll sell!!!

    • Michael says:

      I’ve always thought of them as a One-Hit Wonder

    • Steve says:

      What you mean? They had a lot of success with their 4th Album ‘Nude’ especially in Japan and USA. ‘Turn Around and Count 2 Ten’ from this album was number 1 for 17 weeks in Japan and ‘Come Home With Me’and ‘Baby Don’t Say Goodbye’ were number 1 on the USA dace charts as well.

      They have a lot of material the is on CD for the first time here and there is still a hardcore fan base that will buy it.

    • Jack Heatt says:

      Pete Burns was totally truly unique in Liverpool (or anywhere else) in 1975/76. Check out ‘Flowers’ from tv show Celebration in 1980 on Youtube. Totally different band. Incredible.

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