Deal Alert / Oasis box set


We’re not changing our now semi-infamous ‘bag of shite‘ stance when it comes to this Oasis box, and so it still doesn’t come recommended by SDE, however a £31 price drop is pretty significant, so for those who feel that this needs to be on their shelf, and haven’t yet taken the plunge, we’d like to at least highlight an opportunity to save some cash. But just remember you’ll save even more by not buying it :) At the time of writing it’s £79 on Amazon UK which we’re confident is the cheapest price anywhere in the world (correct us if we’re wrong!).

6 responses to Deal Alert / Oasis box set

  1. says:

    Still too expensive for a bag of shite. I will get one once they drop to around £30

  2. C Feeney says:

    Of course, given the extra music included, it’s still better value than the Division Bell deluxe box ;)

  3. Tommy says:


    Definitely Not.

  4. Justin says:

    You can’t polish a bag of shite!!

  5. Jack says:

    In cases such as this where the initial price was extortionate and the subsequent reduced price is also too high, I don’t think that ‘deal alert’ accurately describes the improved price situation.

    ‘Price drop alert’ is probably more fitting.

  6. Alan Fenwick says:

    I’ve just picked up this comment from an Oasis Forum.

    “So I opened my DM box set and the large colour print is backwards! Really ? You’d have thought they’d have spent some getting it right….”

    Anyone else confirm this error in their print?

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